Sunday, March 14, 2010

Huddle Days and Comfort Reads

by Tawny

Did you ever have a huddle day? The not-sick-but-don't-feel-good kind of day that makes you want to curl up under a blanket with the pillows high. The kind of day that it's easy to ignore food (except maybe comfort food) and if possible, blow off responsibilities and just let your brain chill.

The first question is always why huddle in? Being sick doesn't count as huddle in time, because that's sick time. Huddle time is more... melancholy. I find myself needing to huddle in when I've been stressed for too long. Or when I'm bumming over something out of my control and just have to process and release the worries. It's like a stasis time - no thinking, no worrying, no doing. Just being. I'd say its meditative, but its really not - its more indulgent and lazy.

Next is where to huddle in. Over the years, I've narrowed it to two places. Oh, sure, in the summer huddle in time might take place on a hammock or out by the pool - but really, thats not huddling, its more mellowing, right? So I've eliminated those options *g* Which leaves me with the bed, with a high pile of pillows, cool sheets and a down comforter. Or the couch. Again, with a pile of pillows and a comfy blanket.

Then there's the entertainment portion of huddling in, which requires two parts (requires, mind you). Comfort food. And Comfort Reads.

Comfort food is that stuff that mom made when you were sick, right? Or that perfectly indulgent but not too over-the-top treat. Soups, potatoes and anything chocolate always counts for me. For huddle in days, its a food you don't have to cook yourself. Or if you do, you can make it in less than 10 minutes.

Comfort reads... oh, we all know those, don't we? The most worn books on our keeper shelf. The ones that have tape holding the spines together, that we can anticipate the words on the page, hear the author's voice in our heads. The ones that make us smile and sigh, and that always trigger that comfortable, cozy feeling of contentment when we close the cover.

Ooooh yeah, the perfect ingredients to a perfect huddle in day!!!

I had a huddle in and comfort read kind of day yesterday. I also had no commitments, a kid in the same mood and nobody else in the house. We curled up on the loveseats in the family room, we read, we watched mindless TV, we ate apples and popcorn (a healthy alternative to comfort junk food LOL). And by the end of the evening, we were both giggling and feeling rejuvenated. I wasn't as stressed or as overwhelmed as I'd been when I woke up. I was inspired by the magical story of The Belgariad and ready to write again. And I'd discovered that I really REALLY need to buy a new couch - because huddling just isn't comfy on a love seat... it just isn't!!!

So how about you? Do you huddle in? If so, do you prefer the couch or the bed? What's your favorite comfort food? And your favorite comfort read?


limecello said...


limecello said...

I have huddle days for sure - and mental health days are something different, but I think they're important to take every once in a while as well.
I like to huddle in bed - the couches aren't as comfy.
Unfortunately, I'm in a major reading slump. It's been like this since last year - and I got an indication of how bad it was today. I was so bored, I decided to work out. Instead of read, be on the computer, or watch tv. *Instead of reading!*
Sadness abounds.

Helen said...

Well done lime


I love those huddle days although I don't get them very much at all and when I do have the luxury of one I sit in my recliner with a packet of Tim Tams a coffee or two and a good book I have a can of pepsi max on hand as well and packets of chips but as for comfort reads I have so many on my TBR pile that I feel guilty if I pick up something I have already read I keep all of my wonderful books and I know that one day when I don't have a TBR pile I will re read all that I have but at the moment I love to start a book that I have not read and just read the day away and then I feel awesome and ready to get going again.

Have Fun

Virginia said...

I don't get many huddle days but sometimes I will take one! I like to huddle on the couch myself and I have what we call a napping quilt thats about twin size made from scrap fabrics, cut in a square in a square block! Confort foods would be Cambells soup, egg drop soup brought in and we can't forget the chocolate! That would be a total chill day for me!

Tawny said...

Congrats on the rooster nabbing, Lime :) I'll bet he'd love a huddle day!!!

I hear you on the difference between mental health days and huddle days - they really do provide a different energy, don't they.

UGH on the reading slump. I'd love to give you a high five on getting in the exercise, but I hear your frustration loud and clear (and swear, I'm not laughing *g*). Its so hard when the reading just doesn't click and you have to search for something to replace that fab feeling a good book should bring.

Tawny said...

So Helen, do you not have an actual comfort read? That is so cool that you just keep on reading :-) I have my faves for sure, and I think writing has definitely put a crimp in my TBR new reading.

Isn't it great how reading a book can totally re-energize you and help you get ready to just kick the next day's butt!!

Jane said...

I like to huddle on the couch with cheap fleece blanket and a few throw pillows. Pizza, Coke and Cheetos are a few of my favorite comfort foods.

Tawny said...

Oooh, Jane, that sounds like my daughter's fave huddle in menu, too. She isn't allowed soda, but she's a Slurpee addict, and loves her well-plucked fleece blanket, pizza, cola slurpee and cheetos. The perfect comfort foods!!

Helen said...


I have lots of books that I could re read any time and still love them but I also have so many books on my TBR pile and everyone of them I am soo looking forward to reading that I would feel guilty if I didn't read them when I could LOL. Every chance I get I read and yes it is my way of turning off to all that is happening chilling out relaxing and re vitalizing.

Have Fun

Laurie said...

My huddle days are in bed with my ultra soft blanket with the silky binding. I like to spend about 24 hours just sleeping, dreaming, and reading with the occasional trip to the bathroom and to get a snack. For food, fresh fruit, thick grainy bread, cheese, and raw veggies because I don't have to cook and can easily eat them in bed.

Reading material: my Georgette Heyers, old Linda Howards, Amelia Peabody (Elizabeth Peters), Suzanne Brockmann, and Christine Feehan - or a fun mystery.

Between the work day I had yesterday, reading this blog, and commenting, I have a strong urge to take a "huddle" day!

Minna said...

I prefer bed. Comfort food. Um, some bread with some good toppings, flavored tea and chocolate in one form or another. The Belgariad and The Redemption of Althalus and other series by Eddings are definiyrly on my comfort read list.

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Deb said...
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Deb said...

Oh, my goodness! Shary and I had a huddle day last Saturday. I had started reading ANNE OF GREEN GABLES to her because she found it and asked. I thought it would be too hard for her, but when I read the part where Anne talks nonstop from the train station to Green Gables, Shary giggled and giggled. SO, I found my AOGG videos and we watched the first 3 hours amongst pillows, sleeping bags, and popcorn. LOVE that movie.

One day last summer, we set up a pup tent in the living room. We watched t.v., read books, colored pictures, played some games. There had been several rainy days in a row....

On other huddle days, I read or sometimes find a movie to watch. Comfort foods can be anything from Oreos to chips to popcorn.

P.S. When I was growing up, my mom would make popcorn and slice up apples and we always had them together.

PJ said...

Congrats Lime!

Tawny, I had one of those days this past week. It was a dark, gloomy and rainy day and I just had no energy to do anything productive. I have an 8 ft. couch that's perfect for huddling so both dogs and I cuddled there, under my favorite plush, micro-fleece blanket. With light jazz playing in the background, I sipped Cinnamon Apple Spice hot tea, ate instant mashed potatoes with gravy and savored my favorite comfort read - Julie Garwood's Saving Grace - while rain pattered on the skylights and thunder rolled in the distance.

Virginia C said...

Comfort food from Gran herself : )

Gran's Mac & Cheese

Boil 16oz elbow macaroni in large pan of salted water until slightly undercooked. Drain pasta quickly so that it will not continue to cook in hot water. Butter a 13in by 9in baking pan. Layer pasta with at least 16oz grated sharp cheddar cheese (sharper the better). Feel free to be very cheesey! Pour one pint of half-and-half or heavy cream over pasta and cheese. Add some whole milk if needed to bring liquid to top of pasta and cheese. Dot with slices of real butter and a very light sprinkle of coarsely ground black pepper. Liberally top off with grated Parmesan cheese. Cover pan with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let Mac & Cheese set in covered pan for 10 minutes before serving.

Christie Kelley said...

Tawny, I've been feeling the same way. Yesterday, I got my housework done early and sat around watched some TV and read. My husband and oldest went out so by 8pm, my 12 yr old and I went upstairs to watch the Disney channel. By 9:30, he was snoozing in my bed.

Today, my husband is taking the kids to a production at the high school and I'm planning on huddling on the couch with a book. I'm hoping that taking the weekend off will get me back into the spirit of editing.

My favorite place to huddle in the large sectional sofa. It's so comfortable and then I can turn on the gas fireplace if I get cold. Considering it's supposed to be another rainy day here, I'm assuming the fireplace will be on by 2pm. Food? Well, there are brownies on the counter. They may not be there later.

Kirsten said...

Hi Tawny! I love your creation of the huddle day. Not a sick day, not a mellow day...a huddle day. That's perfect. My huddle days occur about every 28 days. *g*

I tend to huddle in bed. I'm way too work obsessed, and once I get up, it's hard to stop cleaning, doing laundry, etc. So I've just got to stay in bed. Besides that, there are small creatures in my house that make it impossible to relax in plain sight. I've got to hide behind a closed door. :-)

I ADORE David Eddings. I'm dying for my son to start reading him. I don't tend to re-read books, but David Eddings and Anne McCaffrey are definitely on the keeper shelf. And lately, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I just keep asking myself -- how does she DO that? How does she write like that?

Good luck getting a new couch -- that's a whole other blog, right?

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

My name is Dianna and I am a starch-aholic. My comfort foods include starch, always. An occasional addition of chocolate is acceptable on huddle days.

Like Helen, I keep most of the books I read and also have a tbr pile that is threatening to avalanche at any given moment. If I just can't get into a new book though I usually re-read some of Mary Balogh's anthologies. It took me a couple of years but I have gotten every anthology she had a part in. I like the shorter stories when I am having a huddle day, my attention span is not the greatest on those days and I can intersperse other activities (Colin Firth version of P&P anyone?) in with my comfort reads. As far as the comfort food, I usually have to cook it myself, I lover mac and cheese, potatoes in any form work as well. If I just can't force myself into cooking then just a very large bag of plain Lays will work.

Lime, my condolences on your slump, I have been there and it is not pleasant at all for a reader. It is actually kind of scary to me when I can't get into any of my books. Are you sure the GR hasn't implanted something in your brain while you sleep? He is a wily devil that one.

jo robertson said...

Perfect post for me today, Tawny. I need a really good huddle in day, which I seem to need more and more as I get older.

We spent yesterday at Six Flags (Marine World) in Vallejo. Honestly, I'm no longer sure what the real name of the theme park is, but it's a perfect family place to take kids and the weather was sublime, a sunny 58 degrees with only a slight wind from the Bay.

But -- and here's the catch -- when I got home my feet and ankles were like SAUSAGES! I'm so exhausted from all that fun.

So, a nice huddle in day for me will be (a) no cooking dinner -- takeout or nothing! (b) Kate Atkinson's WHEN WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS? and warm pudding (yummy).

I prefer the couch because it's so, so comfy, but will probably squirrel away in the bedroom for some quiet.

Nancy said...

Tawny, I tend to huddle in the bed more than on the couch. When the sofa in my study is clear of stacks, however, I may curl up there.

Comfort books--hard to choose. LOTR is a ready pick. I've been to Middle Earth so often now that it feels like my neighborhood, but I can't read the trilogy in a day.

I tend to pop Antonio Banderas' The Thirteenth Warrior into the DVD player when I want an escape. The character's growth always intriguies me, and I admire the world Michael Crichton created (though I've never read the book). It has lots of action and a satisfying resolution.

Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigans and Laura Anne Gillman's Retrievers are always good for an escape. Anything by Patricia Rice works, as do the host of bandita books and anything by J.D. Robb or Dorothy L. Sayers. I tend to reach for Frederica more often than any other Georgette Heyer. I recently noticed that my edition is so old it cost $1.25 and the clothes on the cover are more Victorian than Regency.

For comfort reading, I want something I've read before. Is that weird?

Limecello, congrats on the rooster.

Nancy said...

Helen, you actually envision NOT having a TBR pile? Wow. I can't imagine.

I used to not own more than 2 or 3 books I hadn't read at any given time. This wasn't because I didn't buy books but because I read voraciously. Now other things in my life take more time.

How was the Lindt Cafe?

Joan said...

Huddle Day!!! What a great name for it!!

It actually is a recent revelation to me that on occasion I NEED to not DO anything. I don't need to get on Facebook, don't need to write/do laundry/clean/go anyplace/do anything.

Just sit under my Brookstone fleece on my comfy new recliner and veg. I might read and old, comfort reads for me are Nora's Irish trilogy I did last night....just watch a simple, down to earth movie. My choice? "Pollyanna".

Escapism. Sigh...I loved it!

As to food...cheese puffs or bologna...I know. Weird.

Or in keepping with the spirit of the season, stale PEEPS :D

Louisa Cornell said...

Lime !! Looks like he wants to huddle with you today!

LOVE a huddle day ! I spend them on the couch with six dogs and four cats. The dogs each have their own security blanket and I have a big comfy quilt so warmth is NOT a problem. Big pile of pillows, big pile of DVDs, Milo's tea or Earl Gray (depending on the weather) and Reese's cups, barbecue chips, shortbread cookies, pizza. (I'm all about healthy eating when I huddle. VBEG!)

And yes a stack of my comfort reads.

Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh

Simply Love by Mary Balogh

Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie by Jennifer Ashley

The Mysterious Miss M by Diane Gaston

Untouched by Anna Campbell

To Sir Phillip with Love by Julia Quinn

Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas

Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Viscount by Lyn Stone

I could go on and on. If I huddle day turns into a huddle weekend I can read all of those and more!

Anna Campbell said...

Tawny, what a lovely post! I've started to incorporate huddle time into my timetable because I've discovered it's great for my subconscious and in turn, that's great for my writing. Had a huddle day yesterday, actually - well, sadly I was the victim of a long blackout so I didn't have much choice. Not that I fight the urge to have a huddle day with that much fervor! These days, thought, I pull a romance I know I won't be able to put down off the TBR pile and curl up with that. Because I'm working, I can't really read something that I know is going to keep me up all night. But on a huddle day, something that keeps me turning the pages is absolutely ideal. Hope you're feeling raring to go again, my friend!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Louisa, that's some seriously good company you've got me in.

I forgot to say where I huddle. Generally the bed. Although I have a lovely long couch in the lounge room that occasionally gets a look-in. Love huddle days.

Nancy said...

Tawny, I forgot comfort foods. All of them are currently off my eating plan, but they're mac and cheese, spaghetti, chocolate chip cookies, and hot tea. I can still have the tea, at least. I like chai or orange ginger this winter.

Tawny said...

Helen, thats so cool that you have the discipline to keep moving through your TBR pile *g*

Mine is teetering on my nightstand, but I still grabbed for books I've had since I was 17 for my huddle in day!

Tawny said...

Laurie, I hope you take a huddle day :-D It sounds like you could use it!!

I love the idea of 24 hours of just chilling with books and wow, your comfort foods sound so delish. Especially the bread - I'm craving a good, thick wheat bread!

Tawny said...

Minna, I've read Eddings The Malloreon (reading it now, actually) but didn't find that his other series clicked with me as much. Which do you recommend?

And bread seems to be the winning comfort food of choice here today :-) Well, that and chocolate. But chocolate almost goes without saying LOL

Tawny said...

Deb, I want to join your huddle days!! They sound so much more fun than just couch huddle days LOL.

My oldest loved AOGG - the youngest hasn't clicked yet, but we did read a lot of Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters in our day. There's something just so soothing about reading aloud and cuddling :-)

That is so cool, btw, that your childhood treat is one of our new fave comfort foods!

Tawny said...

Saving Grace... PJ that is such a great book! I can so totally get into how great it would be for a comfort read.

Your day sounds fab. My loveseat is way too short for even the kid, let alone two big ole dogs, but an 8 foot couch? Must have been awesome :-)

Tawny said...


Recipes - Thanks, Virginia *g*

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Tawny, lovely post!

I love huddle days. Every so often I have a regency day. I curl up on the couch with a warm afghan and watch the A&E version of Pride and prejudice followed by Perusasion. Sigh. Those are such sweet romances! And if I'm in a huddle in the bed mood, then like PJ, I reach for my all time favorite book...SAVING GRACE!

Comfort food? Homemade stuffing!

Tawny said...

Christie, I hope your huddle day reignites your writing mojo and you sweep through your edits :-)

Isn't that the great thing about huddle days, too? Unlike when we're sick and curled up in bed wanting to be left alone in our misery *g* (or maybe that's just me?) huddle days are even better shared.

I hope you're curled up on the sectional with the fire going right now, enjoying a great book :-)

Minna said...

Well, I do like the series about Sparhawk. And also I really like the entire series about Garion and others. I intend to get the rest of the books in the series I don't have yet. I didn't like quite so much his last series, but that was mostly because of the way the story ended.

Tawny said...

Kirsten, isn't it good to know you can escape every 28 days and huddle ;-) And even better to be able to close the door and hide LOL.

My oldest has read Eddings and loves this series, but like yours, my youngest is still a little too young. I'm thinking about finding it in audio, though, for her. She'd love it!

Like you, I don't tend to reread many books (although all my friends ARE on my keeper shelf *g*) Other than Eddings, my comfort author is Nora. I can always sink into one of her stories and just relax. And, of course, the Harry Potter books. I'm always inspired to go write after reading those!

Tawny said...

Kirsten, I forgot to say thank you on the new couch luck *g*

I sooo want something cushy and curvy and sassy. Like a modern fainting couch, maybe.

Tawny said...

Dianna... you just might be on to something with that wily bird's intentions. I do wonder what he's up to when he visits all of our awesome Bandita buddies.

Like you and Lime, I've definitely gone through reading slumps. In hindsight, I realize its usually just where I'm at in life that I can't seem to lose myself in fiction because my mind won't relax enough to let the story in. Those are the times that I turn to non-fiction, or start genre hopping, trying to respark something. It doesn't always work, of course, but it's still fun *g*

Tawny said...

Ooooooh potatoes. My absolute favorite food EVER. Dianna, I could give up chocolate before I could give up the potato. Seriously!!!

Isn't that interesting that you tend to turn to novellas and shorter stories during your huddle days. My serious huddles require series. One of Nora's 3 book series, Harry Potter, or like this weekend, the Belgariad and the Malloreon (10 books in all). I know I'm not focusing too well, like you mentioned, but I think thats why the comfort reads read over and over are good now - they don't require as much focus to get right back into... maybe?

Tawny said...

Jo, what a fun day!!! I think last time I was there, it was called something like Discovery Kingdom *g* I swear, the name changes every time we visit. Yesterday was so lovely, I actually had a brief moment of debate, thinking of giving up my huddle day to go outside and enjoy it. But then I turned the page and curled tighter into the pillow :-D

I hope you have a great huddle day today--keep those swollen feet elevated and relax!!!

Helen said...


I have 3 books shelves in my family room absolutley chocka block filled with books to read and I have 4 bookshelves in my "library" with my read books and as I said everyone of the books on the TBR pile I am so looking forward to reading it scares me sometimes I often think I will never get the time to read them all LOL but it is great getting thru them.

As for the lunch yesterday it was a fantastic day there were 9 of us us 3 of them authors a couple of reviewers and we talked books all day I had chocolate cheescake and and iced milk chocolate at The Lindt Cafe so lovely then we went to a great bookstore here in Sydney (you would love it Nancy) called Galaxy and they have everything si fi and paranormal DVDs books stuffed toys statues everything and of course I bought 3 more mooks to add to the ever growing TBR pile LOL I can't help myself I am so addicted.

Have Fun

Tawny said...

For comfort reading, I want something I've read before. Is that weird?

I don't think thats too weird, Nancy. I think when we're looking for comfort, its easier to find it if we know what we're getting. The same cozy spot to curl up. The favorite foods we know make us feel good. And the same books that have given us that sense of peace or enjoyment or happiness in the past.

If you know you're gonna feel good in Middle Earth, then you know it's comfy, right? ;-)

Minna said...

Of course I have other comfort reads too, like books by Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, Sharon Sala, Merline Lovelace etc.

Tawny said...

Nancy, I think one of the more frustrating elements of writing fiction is that we find so much less time to curl up and enjoy it ourselves. Our time gets so limited and, at least for me, I have to be careful about the images I put in my head while I'm writing, that I tend to not read new stuff except between my own books.

Which means my TBR pile is scary *g*

Minna said...

And yeah, all those books are the ones I've read many times before, so no nasty surprises. Even Nora Roberts has some books I haven't liked.
If I'm feeling vengeful some of my comfort reads are First Wives Club by Olivia Goldsmith (?), and "Sweet Poison Cook" by Arto Paasilinna.

Nancy said...

Helen, that sounds like a marvelous day. If I ever get down there, I'm going to hound you for directions to that bookstore!

Tawny said...

JoanieT, I think thats such a fabulous and empowering revelation, don't you?!

We're so hardwired to "DO" stuff, that giving ourselves permission to just be is a huge leap. And when we do it... yeah, it feels gooooood *g*

I've gotta ask, though - are peeps actually stale already? *ggg*

Tawny said...

Louisa, your dedication to healthy eating on huddle days is inspiring *ggg*

What a great list :-) I see a definite theme there.

And yeah, isn't it wonderful when the day turns into a weekend of just reading and relaxing? I swear, after a huddle day or weekend, I feel better than as if I just had a week-long vacation somewhere.

Tawny said...

Anna!!! Enforced Hudddle Day!!! *g* We had a power outage a couple weeks ago to the same result, forced reading and relaxing. Well, to a degree - reading by candlelight was killing my eyes, but still...

I hear you on not being able to really enjoy the full effect of reading new stories when you're enmeshed in your own. With so many hours devoted to the writing and trying to keep your mind in your world, its difficult not to be pulled out of it by an excellent book. So, yeah, save up all those excellent books for between times. Or, you know, read the shorter ones *g*

Tawny said...

So many bed-huddlers here :-)

I'm trying to figure out why it is that when I'm on the couch reading, the family leaves me be. but if I'm in bed, they think its family huddle and all show up.

hmm... maybe there is an upside to a short love seat?

Tawny said...

Nancy, I'm with you on having to find healthier, low-fat comfort foods. Its not quite the same, but I'm trying to convince my sub-conscious that I'm not only being comforted, but I'm doing it in a healthy way. So far, my sub-conscious is arguing with me and wanting the potato chips, but I'm working on it LOL

Tawny said...

Suz, a themed huddle day? I love it :-D

And I'm having a major urge to pull Saving Grace off my shelf and re-read it *g*

Do you do homemade stuffing year 'round?

Tawny said...

Minna, I did try the Sparhawk series but it just didn't click for me. Maybe I should try again?

Tawny said...

Oh Helen, what an incredible day!!! The Lindt Cafe sounds so awesome and the day...well, any day surrounded by all things books is a great one, right?

And go you on keeping that TBR pile healthy *g*

Tawny said...

LOL Minna, I love that you have reads for your vengeful feeling days!

I do love First Wives Club, too!

Joan said...

I've gotta ask, though - are peeps actually stale already? *ggg*

Not generally, darn it.

No, you have to "cure" your Peeps. Open the pkg and then forget about them for 3 days minimum. Nirvana is forgetting them for at least SEVEN days....yum, yum.

Tawny said...

ROFLMAO - this is the first I've ever heard a 'recipe' for making stale peeps. Love it!!!

WriterGirl said...

Definitely have those kinds of days....for me, I like lounging on the big couch with a big glass of iced tea, lipton chicken soup with shells and gallo salami. Reading old school Harlequin romances by Roz Denny Fox, Catherine George and Barbara McMahon. Maybe that's on the menu tomorrow! LOL!!

Tawny said...

Ooooh, revisiting the oldies and hanging out with a salami, huh, Laura? *g*

What a perfectly decadent day. Although I'll admit, I've never heard of Lipton chicken soup and shells... is it one of those instant ones?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh yes, Tawny, I have several themed huddle days...

Regency England
Clive Owen...(King Author, International and Elizabeth, The Golden Years)

American Historical (Tombstone, Patriot, Last Of The Mohicans)

LOTR day

And Action Hero day...(Die Hard or Terminator or anything that goes boom!)

Suzanne Welsh said...

OH, and yes, I make homemade stuffing throughout the year. I only make Oyster stuffing on Thanksgiving...but I have a hubby that has decided to not eat anything processed, or as little as possible, so no Stove Top here.

The advantage is I know what's in the stuffing (lots of onions, celery, parsley and quality chicken stock)...and I can bake extra to eat when I want to huddle!

Tawny said...

LOL Suz- I love your theme days!!! I'm in awe of your organization there ;-) do you have comfort foods that go with each theme, too? Or is the stuffing themeless?

Tawny said...

Oh yeah, unprocessed food rocks. I'm with you on the KNOWING what's on the plate, and I'd always rather be cooking it myself than finding it in a box. I love that you do the stuffing year round, too. I adore stuffing, but think my problem is that in my mind, its a sidedish to meat and I really only plan meat dishes on the holidays.

I'll have to think up some vegetarian excuses for stuffing :-D

Christine Wells said...

Tawny, that sounds like an absolutely divine day! I can't remember the last huddle day I had, but I can dream! My comfort reads are SEP, Jenny Crusie and Georgette Heyer and my comfort food is creamed rice with nutmeg and cinnamon that the local fruit shop/deli stocks freshly made. Mmm! Favourite place to huddle would have to be bed.

Nancy said...

Suz, I love your action hero day. Just finished watching The Punisher with cute Thomas Jane. :-)

Suzanne Welsh said...

With the historicals and boom movies I tend to make nachos. :) But then I usually have a male member of the family hanging out for those movies!

Nancy said...

WriterGirl, I love iced tea. No one else here does, though, so I seldom bother to make it. It's perfect in the summer.

Tawny said...

Mmmm, Christine, that sounds delish! And now that you've mentioned Jenny Crusie,I'm dying to read her. I can't though because as soon as I finish reading this series, I HAVE to get to writing. Have to...


Tawny said...

YAY Suz *g* I knew you'd even have the food organized by theme. Gotta love it :-D

Tawny said...

Nancy, all I drink is iced tea (as opposed to Vrai Anna's hot tea *g* we have finally agreed to disagree on the best tea format). I'm the only one in the family who does, but thats okay... at least nobody drinks the last of it except me LOL.