Friday, March 26, 2010

Obsession in the Air

by Nancy

Obsession is not just a perfume to me. It's more like a hobby. A lifelong hobby, in fact, though I haven't been actively obsessed by any one thing all this time. I've engaged more in something like serial obsessions. The dh noticed this not long after we were married and commented, "When you get into something, you really get into it, don't you?"

He said this with remarkable good humor, considering that the obsession of the time was Richard III and that it caused him to visit way more battlefields and castles than he cared anything about (which would be next nothing, the level of his caring about such things, especially battlefields). But he bore it with the best of good will, just as he carted home from London the many books I'd purchased as fuel. Pictured at left is the statue of Richard III in Castle Gardens, Leicester. Just finding it was a bit of an adventure, but that's a blog for another day.

Eventually, however, I'd read everything I could find that seemed to add anything new and not support the traditional wicked uncle image. The Richard III Society offered a number of primary source documents for sale, some of which would've been useful for general medieval research though many were outside my price range. I particularly liked Bertram Fields' Royal Blood, which lays out a compelling case for the king's good reputation--as well it should, considering that Fields is a prominent attorney. At that point, the Richard III obsession dropped back to the more normal level of an ongoing interest. However, I do still keep an eye out for any novels not espousing the traditional view. I have a small collection of them.

I also have a collection of Arthuriana, having gone through a similar period of fanaticism about the Arthurian legends. The movie Camelot came out as I hit an idealistic phase. I loved it--the costumes, the ideas like might for right and the highly unrealistic but still inspiring view of chivalry and knightly honor. Regardless of its level of accuracy or lack thereof, it ignited my imagination. I visited Tintagel as a college student and was disappointed, though not entirely surprised, to find that there was no evidence of its having been any sort of warlord's stronghold. When the dh and I went back with the boy (himself in the midst of an Arthurian binge) some years later, though, we learned lightning had caused a big peat fire on the promontory, burning away several layers of soil and exposing--oh, yes!--ruins consistent with a warlord's stronghold of the Arthurian age.

Just as an aside, I think most of us here would agree that Clive Owen made a pretty rockin' King Arthur. Richard Harris, in his day, was a pretty decent one, too. So was Nigel Terry in John Boorman's lavish Excalibur.

The first of these serial obsessions hit when I was in second grade, though I didn't realize what was happening at the time. When I was seven, I discovered Superman and his astounding universe, including the Legion of Super-Heroes. The four-color world totally captivated me and ignited my imagination. I read everything I could get my hands on, and I'm convinced my engagement with comic books fed directly into my love of science fiction and fantasy. I was active in fandom for almost 20 years and did write a fair bit of fan fiction, some of which the dh claims would be book-length if it were in real manuscript format.

One of the earliest stories I remember was one in which Saturn Girl, the telepath, discovered that one Legionnaire was fated to die protecting Earth from invasion, so she stole the election for Leader, kicked out everyone else, and went out to meet the foe alone. However, Lightning Lad (whose power is what you might think from the name) disobeyed orders, went after her, and died protecting her. The Legion vowed to revive him, eventually succeeding, and Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad became the great love affair of the Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes.

At one time, I could list the code names, real names, planets of origin, powers, and weaknesses of all the Legionnaires AND all their enemies. Really. I happened to think of this when the boy went through his Pokemon phase and could name all the stages of the various dozens of pokemon, the means by which they evolved, their powers at each stage, and which pokemon could effectively battle which others. I know nothing about pokemon, but I could probably still make a fair stab at the trivia for the Legion I loved.

I got older, which I refuse to call growing up, and my interests broadened, but I still love those heroes of my childhood and the ideals they inspired. The comic books have changed, re-doing the characters from Superman on down, including my beloved Legion, and the new versions don't grab me the way the old ones did--maybe because I'm no longer seven years old? I don't totally love the Legion's incarnation on Smallville, but I'm now totally hooked on Smallville itself, as some of you may remember from last summer.

The current obsession, even now winding down to a mild level of interest, is a movie I happened to see on HBO. I'm not going to say which movie it is because, much as I enjoy some parts of it and much as they intrigue me, I think it has serious problems with story and I don't want to diss it. It fits my pattern, though--intense interest that eventually settles into something more casual. I did like this movie enough to buy it.

So what about you? Do you have obsessions with particular subjects--time periods, musicians, books, movies? Do you have longstanding obsessions or are you, too, given to serial obsession? Or do you content yourself with more normal levels of interest?


Virginia said...

Come to me dear golden one!

Virginia said...

Oh yes I do have obsessions and when I get started on them I don't want to stop! A few years ago I was obsessed on making quilts, now my closets is full of them and I haven't made one for about a year now. Now I am into books really bad. I have them everywhere and lately its been western romances. I have read every one I've got my hands on and looking for more. Keep in mind I don't get rid of many books I want to keep them all. I just can't seem to part with them. What must a person do.

Helen said...

Well done Virginia he is probably very tired today after helping to look after Jake today.


I too obsess over things I have been obsessed with Rod Stewart and his music since I was about 14 and still go out buy every CD that he releases and I go to every concert he does here in Sydney LOL. I have always been a reader and they to get me obsessed when I was a teenager I had to have everyone of of Agatha Christie's books and then I found romance (historical) and started buying them and that obsession has never stopped it has only gotten bigger with the fact that I know read so many genres in romance where once it was only historical LOL

I admit I am totally obsessed with my books.

Have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I am apparently a serial obsessor as you are Kirsten. It comes in the form of hobbies most times but right now I have devoloped an obsession with the food network. Don't ask why because I don't know, it has been there for some time but I just got hooked on it recently. I wouldn't eat even half of what those people cook (can we say boring palate?) but I am fascinated with watching them create.

Gillian Layne said...

I'm pretty obsessed with any research about Egypt. I have about thirty research books on my shelves. I read them for fun and relaxation.

I also obsess over home decorating blogs, the ones run by real ladies on tight budgets. Our house is a never ending work in progress (money pit) and I'm constantly impressed by how some of these ladies decorate a lovely home on a shoestring budget. It makes me think there's hope for my 1970's blue laminate counter-top kitchen. :)

Nancy said...

Virginia, congrats on the rooster!

I admire quilters. Making such a thing seems to require so much patience, not to mention a bit of planning.

As for the book thing, you know you have plenty of company here. I keep lots of my books, too, but I do weed the shelves from time to time. The problem is, I've weeded the science fiction and fantasy to the bone.

I haven't weeded the romance shelves in about 10 years, though, and I need to. They're in my study, and they have photos, knick-knacks, and super-hero action figures sitting in front of them. That's going to be a bit of a job.

Nancy said...

Helen, I think musician obsessions are pretty common. I have a friend who's still obsessed with the Beatles, even though half of them are gone now.

Yeah, the book thing. I read contemporary romance, but I've always preferred historical.

Nancy said...

Dianna, I had to laugh at your comment about not eating half of what they cook on the Food Network. I wouldn't either! If I don't recognize something or don't know what goes in it, I'm not eating it. The dh, on the other hand, seeks out new foods.

Nancy said...

Gillian, Egypt was pretty amazing. I occasionally revisit Arthurian England, so I know what you mean about reading research books for relaxation.

Some people are incredibly clever with decorating, aren't they? They can do so much with inexpensive materials.

I'm not one of them. *sigh*

Susan Sey said...

Good morning, Nancy!

I was just talking yesterday about how my husband and I watched all eight seasons of the Sopranos in the six or seven weeks between July 4 & Labor Day one year.

Obsessed. We were completely obsessed. And sleep deprived, as this is a house with small children in it and the Sopranos isn't kid-friendly fare. To say the least. :-)

But it's such a pleasure to devour something you've just discovered like that. I enjoy my obsessions.

Nancy said...

Hi, Susan--I have other friends with Sopranos obsessions. As you say, it's not kid-friendly. I like True Blood on HBO, and I keep The Weather Channel on the flip-back button of the remote in case I hear the boy coming.

How much longer to Money, Honey?

EilisFlynn said...

Richard, Arthurian legends, the Legion ... heh. We have many faves in common even after all these years! (Mike still hasn't seen the Legion episode of Smallville ... we're about two episodes from it, but it's like the proverbial pulling teeth to make him watch. The Kreuk lack of acting ability put him off the show, and I've had to cajole him into watching at all!)

and don't forget the Lymond books!

Nancy said...

Eilis, you're right. We mustn't forget Lymond. :-) Did I ever tell you I know someone who knew someone who phoned Dunnett while visiting Edinburgh and actually was invited to tea? She went, and Dunnett showed her a portrait of Lymond! Wow!

That was a fairly short-lived obsession, seeing as how there are only six books and I blew through them pretty fast. But I went fast because it was so intense.

At one time, there was an apa (amateur press alliance, or fan group, for those not into fandom) devoted to Dunnett?

I'm hoping for Smallville Season 8 for my birthday.

Barbara Monajem said...

Nancy, I don't know if you remember, but the first time we met, we discussed Richard III. I had read (and loved) The Daughter of Time, and it was extremely cool to meet a member of the Richard III Society.

When I was young, I seemed to be able to hold onto an obsession longer, whether it was learning how to blow gum bubbles or reading all the books of a given author while hardly stopping to sleep and eat. These days, my obsession attention-span is pretty short. So much to obsess about, so little time!

Nancy said...

Barbara wrote: So much to obsess about, so little time!

Too true! I do vaguely remember that conversation. I let my membership in the Richard III Society lapse when my mom was dying, and I keep meaning to renew it. But in October, since the Society's year runs from October to October in honor or RIII's birthday.

Christie Kelley said...

Fun post, Nancy!

I have to admit, I'm not much of an obsessive type. I leave that to my mother :)

The only obsession I had recently was watching the Tudors on Showtime. I was totally into watching the it and then my husband switched our cable plan and we lost Showtime!

I found a way around him by joining Netflix and getting the episodes through them.

Louisa Cornell said...

Yay Virginia! He is coming back to your house! What are you feeding him?

Cool obsessions, Nancy !! I have tended towards obsession most of my life. My earliest one, other than writing, was ornithology. In fact it has remained a hobby of mine to this day. And I have an entire floor to ceiling bookshelf of books on the subject. I took the Cornell course in Ornithology as well.

My current obsession is Regency research books (big surprise there)and I am going to have to import more bookshelves to hold them.

Half of my kitchen is a sewing room as I am an avid quilter (when I have the time)cross-stitcher and tatter.

Like you, when I get into something I tend to research it to the nth degree. I have a small research library on - Jack the Ripper, King Arthur, Native American history and literature, herpetology, zoology and those are only the ones I can see from my desk!

And certain actors, if I like their performances, I will collect all of their movies on DVD - another library that is quite large!

Nancy said...

Christie, The Tudors seems to have an intensely devoted following. I hear this is going to be its last year, though. Are you planning to acquire the episodes, or are you content with watching them once?

My Plantagenet fixation doesn't leave much room for the Tudors, other than Elizabeth. I glommed onto her when I was little and searching for women who had DONE something, and I remain in awe of her.

jo robertson said...

Very interesting post, Nancy! I'd never thought much about my obsessions, or lack thereof!

Congrats on getting the rooster, Virginia! Quilting sounds like a wonderful obsession to me -- you have such a nice product to show for all your work.

jo robertson said...

Hmmmm, I think Helen and Virginia have a little obsession over capturing the golden one. Wonder who'll get him tomorrow?

Nancy, when I first discover a new (to me) writer that I really like, I do get obsessed about reading every single thing she/he's written. Sometimes that causes a glut in my brain LOL, and I get sick of them after about 8-10 books. I try to space them out now so I don't get too much of a good thing, like chocolate or ice cream.

Nancy said...

Louisa, I admire people who can do handwork. It requires so much patience.

The ornithology studies sound impressive. What's your favorite part of that study? Have you ever thought of using a bird motif in a book?

My friend who's into the Beatles is also fascinated with Jack the Ripper--quite a range, huh?

I had to get more bookshelves for the Restoration books. I still hope to use them for a published book someday.

I tend to go through phases with actors, but I tend to do it mainly through rentals. We have a great local video place, and I'll go in and say, "Anything with Clive that's good but I haven't seen it yet?" and they'll tell me. They know my fondness for movies where stuff blows up.

MsHellion said...

Boy, do I have obsessions.

1.) Harry Potter (and all things Harry Potter)
2.) Pirates of the Caribbean (specifically Captain Jack Sparrow)
3.) Scotland (and I had a lovely obsession for the TV show Highlander)
4.) Horses
5.) Collecting writing craft books...and cookbooks, neither of which I seem to use with any regularity or success
6.) VJ Day Picture (Sailor Kissing Nurse): I have several copies of this picture in my house and office, and even on a purse
7.) Romance novels, if my shelves are anything to go by
8.) British period piece movies (I have many, many, many of these sorts of movies)
9.) Musicals (I have lots of these as well)
10.) Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra

jo robertson said...

Had to laugh at your comment, Helen, about the rooster being worn out by Jake. Those little ones do me in very easily. Is Jake walking now? Emma's suddenly took off like a rocket and walks everywhere!

Hmmm, do you think I might be a wee bit obsessed over my grandchildren :-D?

Nancy said...

Jo, I tend to get sucked in by books. The J.D. Robbs, for example, or Dorothy L. Sayers, or Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series. Then I get frustrated when I'm caught up and have to wait for the next book.

I blame Anna Campbell, just so she knows, for my current Sebastian St. Cyr frustration.

jo robertson said...

Dianna, I have that same interest in the food network! It's very peculiar because I'm not a spectacular cook -- in fact, I don't cook very often -- but I'm so fascinated by how they put the ingredients together into what looks so scrumptious!

My husband gets a kick out of it and invariably asks, "Why do you watch that channel when you don't cook?"

'Tis the mystery of the universe, I reply!

jo robertson said...

Gillian said, "It makes me think there's hope for my 1970's blue laminate counter-top kitchen. :)"

That reminded me of our orange colored shag rug we had in the seventies. It was sooooo ugly, but in a cute kind of way, you know?

Have you ever visited Egypt, Gillian? It's a fascinating country.

jo robertson said...

Yikes, Nancy, I do not envy your job of whittling down the romance books. I've recently done the same thing, but it's hard to part with "good friends." I'm determined to keep the TBR pile to 5 bookcases as that takes of most of the walls in my book room.

jo robertson said...

Susan said, "I watched all eight seasons of the Sopranos in the six or seven weeks between July 4 & Labor Day one year."

LOL, Susan, I did the same thing with SEX AND THE CITY. In fact, I was so taken with the show that my daughter bought me a SATC trivia game. Alas, it's still in the shink wrap. Wonder if I could get something for it on e-bay :-D?

jo robertson said...

I was also obsessed with the HBO show ROME, so fascinating, moving and really well written and performed.

They took it off after two seasons and I was so disappointed! Grumble, grumble, all the really great shows die!

jo robertson said...

Nancy, you are so sneaky with that flipback button LOL.

jo robertson said...

LOL at your list of obsessions, MsHellion!

Louisa, you must somehow have conjured up a 26-hour day to accomodate all your obsessions! Ornithology is very interesting and something my husband shares also.

jo robertson said...

Yeah, Nancy, I'm blaming Anna C too for the St. Cyr obsession. And Christine, I think they both heartily recommended it and I love them now, such a great blend of history and romance.

The good thing about J.D. Robb's books is you don't have to wait long for the next one; she turns them out pretty fast!

Nancy said...

Jo, there are only 2 J.D. Robbs every year. I read Fantasy in Death in two days, now it's months until the next. :-/

Yes, I think Christine is also a St. Cyr fan, but it was Anna who pushed them at me.

Kim in Hawaii said...

My obsession with Showtime’s The Tudors will start on April 11 when its fourth season premieres. I know it’s historically inaccurate. But it is a sensual treat – the music, the costumes, and the very handsome actors! My husband and children know to relocate themselves from the living room so I can enjoy it without distraction!

Donna MacMeans said...

Nancy - What fun!

I don't think I get "quite" as obsessed as you, but I do have my moments.

For a long while I was obsessed with Stonehenge and astronomy - this resulting from a high school term paper that just stuck with me long after high school.

Somewhere along the way, I've developed an obsession for carousels and music boxes. I absolutely love carousels and have a collection of carousel figurines to show for it.

I have an obsession for crabs. I was born in Maryland and I think this obsession results from moving to Ohio. I have plush crabs, sun-catcher crabs, crabs on pottery, crab christmas ornaments...and naturally I'm on a constant mission to find the best crabcake. Must say, the pickins in Ohio are pretty slim when it comes to crab (grin).

Once I started writing Victorians, I developed an obsession to accumulate all things Victorian. I have a fairly extensive research library of the period - but I collect other little artifacts as well.

Deb said...

Hi, Nancy. I used to be obsessed with sock colors. If I wore a raspberry-colored blouse, I had to have raspberry-colored socks to go with it. THEN, I got married, and DH said, "Make life simple; just buy white." So, I have gone simple, but still buy matching socks on occasion.

I was obsessed with Princess Diana when I was a teenager. Everything about her was elegant and pretty and fairytale dreams. Too bad it wasn't all that for such a lovely lady.

Of course there is always CHOCOLATE. But, really, is it an obsession? Oh, no, I say. It's a necessity of life.

catslady said...

I have to say books are my biggest obsession. I have more books than I could read in 2 or 3 lifetimes but I still can't stop buying more. And I want to keep every one!! Of course I'm out of room (sigh).

Nancy said...

Kim, I don't see anything wrong with enjoying something even though you know it's not entirely accurate. It's called dramatic license.

You and Christie share the Tudors fascination. :-)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Gerard Butler

Yep, that's my latest obsession.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh...was I supposed to have more?

Okay, Top Chef. Yep, never miss that and always have one that I love. I still think Carla should've one during her year!

NCIS...Steely eyed Gibbs, Sexy Tony, good hearted McGee. And Ziva and Abby. Yep, record those all the time.

Those are my two biggest ones.

Nancy said...

Donna, Stonehenge? How cool!

Carousels and music boxes make a beautiful display (and so Victorian *g*). I have a Disney Sleeping Beauty snow globe that sprang a mysterious leak and eventually drained itself, but I can't bear to throw it away. It has Aurora in the BLUE dress, not the PINK one inflicted on her in recent years and so is irreplaceable. It also has a music box in the bottom, but I've been afraid to see if it still works.

Besides cool hats, what other Victorian materials have you collected?

Nancy said...

Deb, I hear you about the sock colors. I live in jeans, but when I dress up, I like to feel that everything coordinates, nothing's out of place, and there's maybe a little flair in the colors if I can manage it.

I buy white socks, too, though, for ease of living.

Nancy said...

Catslady, I think many of us here "get" the book thing. It's hard for me to pass up a bookstore. On our honeymoon, the dh and I looked down from the hotel restaurant and spotted a bookstore. After breakfast, we made a beeline for it.

Nancy said...

Suz, LOL! You don't HAVE to have "more' obsessions. You may have as many or few as you wish. :-)

We like Top Chef, too, and I enjoy NCIS. I keep missing NCIS Los Angeles, though. It's on too early or something.

New episodes of Smallville start next Friday!

Anna Sugden said...

Obsessed? Me? ROFL - oh yes.

Hockey anyone? I must admit, I do follow the sport and my boys avidly. I even read all the relevant blogs and listen to a weekly podcast. And, I even have the memorabilia to go with my obsession. You'll see my office when you visit!

[I'm waiting for Cassondra to tell the story about me getting text updates from the game on my phone when we were at plot group *g*.]

I'm like a lot of people in that when I find a new author I like, I have to read everything by them. I also get into TV shows and have to watch all the episodes - though I don't follow the blogs and podcasts on them!

I'm obsessive about my collecting too - I'm off to a memorabilia fair tomorrow to add to my autograph collection.

My penguin collection is pretty impressive too. I keep saying that's cooled off, and then I'll see something totally awesome and another piece gets added!

Nancy said...

Anna, penguins, really? The dh used to do puppet shows. He also hand-carved wooden marionettes and sold them at craft fairs. My favorite of his puppets is a penguin.

When I had back surgery, he brought the penguin to the hospital to cheer me up.

Helen said...


Yes Jake is walking and never stops but Corey isn't yet LOL and Caitlyn is 1 week old now and just so beautiful but she sleeps of a day and is unsettled in the night poor Brooke, Jayden stayed over last night so I have the TV on for him at the moment he is an early riser and Hayley is so cheeky and yes you could say I am obsessed with my grandchildren as well LOL

Have Fun

Nancy said...

Helen, there are worse things to be obsessed with than grandchildren. :-)

Yours sound adorable!

jo robertson said...

Good for you, Helen! I try to make Emma mind the rules, but she wraps her Pops around her little finger!

jo robertson said...

See, now, Nancy, that's the secret with J.D. Robb. You have to show some control, savor them like expensive chocolate. Otherwise, they go waaaaaayyyy too fast. I've had Fantasy in Death for a little while, but won't let myself read it until I need a really good break!

Nancy said...

I did need a break, Jo, so I read that. I'm guessing the next one will be in the Fall sometime. *sigh*

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Virginia, people are starting to talk!

Nancy, what a cool post! I know I've shared this here before - but I have a theory that people who write often are obsessive. I think it goes with the territory. We become obsessed with our characters and our stories. It stands to reason we'd get obsessed about other things.

I'm putting my hand up. I'm terrible. I get crazes and nothing else exists in my brain. My poor friends - I turn into a complete bore. One of the comforting things I've noticed is that eventually the full flush of passion will fade and I'll move onto something else although, like you with Richard III, the interest never dies away completely.

Oh, man, some of my obsessions (not crushes, that's a different set of obsessions). As a kid: Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, horses, ballet, Chopin, Enid Blyton, Leon Uris, the King's Outlaw.

As a young adult: Blake's 7, David Bowie, Shelley, Dorothy Dunnett, The Duchess of Duke Street.

More recently: James Blunt, Bones, various writers whose backlist I just had to track down, The Last of the Mohicans.

It's an obsession! LOL!

Nancy said...

Anna, that's an interesting theory, that writers are naturally obsessive. When I started getting into Restoration England research, everything I found kept pulling me deeper. I wanted to know how they dressed, what they ate, how they lived, how they traveled, what the rules for marriage were, what went into being accepted at Court, and on and on and on. All of that would fit your theory.

We've got the Dunnett thing in common, too. You may be the first person I've met who obsessed about a classical composer, though.

I don't see Burn Notice on your list. . . .

Anna Campbell said...

Nancy, I think there's an obsession between enjoying something and being absolutely hungry as a wolf to get to the next bit. Burn Notice didn't quite hit that stage for me. Bones did!

Oh, and I forgot my obsession about the film of Lawrence of Arabia! Went to see it four times in one week!

I was a mad keen music student - and if you play piano, Chopin is the bee's knees.

Anna Campbell said...

Actually had a Tudors obsession in my teens too. Had an ancient Egypt obsession when I was about 12. Oh, and there was the Anya Seton obsession about the same time. I can run several obsessions concurrently, I'm special that way, snork.

Yup, I'd say I'm prone to obsessions!

Nancy said...

Anna, I can't say anything about the Lawrence of Arabia thing. I saw Star Wars about that many times in a week--22 times in all, in the theater, the first year it was out. (This is the one renamed "Episode IV," the original and, imho, best.)

I play piano but not well enough to get into any composer.

I agree about the difference between obsession and intense interest.

You wrote: I can run several obsessions concurrently, I'm special that way, snork.

LOL! I don't know whether I can do that.

I went through an Anya Seton phase, too. I loved Katherine--until I realized the ramifications of all those little Beauforts. *g*

Louisa Cornell said...

Mozart, La Campbell, Mozart. I have been obsessed with his music since I was nine! I probably listen to something by him once a day. He is my comfort listen. And when I am having a REALLY bad day. I stand on my back porch and sing the entire Exsultate, jubilate, usually with at least ONE dog howling accompaniment. The funny thing is if my neighbors' cows are close by the come to the fence to listen.

And Jo, I haven't come up with 26 hours a day, but I wish I could! I told someone I wanted to write well enough to leave Wal-Mart because then I might have more time for my hobbies. LOL I am down to one quilt per year now as I need a whole year to complete one. So my family takes turns putting in their request for a quilt.

Anna Campbell said...

Louisa, love the picture of you singing to the cows. I had an obsession about the Magic Flute at one stage!

Joan said...


Enough said :0

Kate Carlisle said...

Does it count that I can sing the lyrics to most situation comedies on television? TIVO is my best friend because now I can play the intro back a few times until I've got the whole thing. My current favorite is "The Big Bang Theory." Love that intro.

I was a huge Beatlemaniac in my teens. My entire room was covered in pics of the Beatles.

I had a Gerard Depardieu obsession a few years ago. It's a good thing we were separated by an ocean because I probably could've slipped right into stalker mode over him.

These days, most of my obsessions have to do with popular culture. I obsess over a lot of TV shows. Castle, White Collar, Bones. But my worst obsession is reality TV. I just like the pretty ones (Project Runway, ANTM, Idol), not the creepy crawly ones (Survivor, ugh!). :-)

Ooh, just remembered an even worse TV obsession. TMZ. I do watch it obsessively. I love that show. It's a sickness, I tell ya.

Great post, Nancy! Congrats, Virginia!

Nancy said...

Ms.Hellion, I just realized I missed your earlier comment. I'm sorry!

That's quite a list of obsessions you have there. I know people who share many of them but no one who shares ALL of them.

I'd be interested in knowing what some of the period films are.

Nancy said...

Louisa, I envy your wonderful singing voice. Singing doesn't comfort me because I can't stay on key--yet I have a good enough ear to know when I've hit a clinker.

Nancy said...

Joan--Ireland? Really?


Nancy said...

Kate, glad you liked the post. Yes, I think learning sitcom lyrics by playing them over and over and over on Tivo counts!

We like a lot of the same TV shows. I've never gotten into Bones, but I notice that Anna C. has. I'm just irritated now because Burn Notice and White Collar are gone for a while.

Nancy said...

Karyn, your blog is great! I've tried twice to leave a comment, but when I hit the button to submit it, the box goes blank without the comment appearing. It's probably a browser thing. *sigh*