Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Will Survive... and Other Anthems

by Christine Wells

Music is very important to me in a number of ways. I have a list of songs I play to get me in the mood to write. I love introducing my children to great music and I love to dance. I love cheesey 80s hair band ballads and smoothly witty Cole Porter tunes and head banging hard rock and most things in between.

And then there are the anthems. Those songs you play at certain times in your life when you want to dance with joy or wallow in self-pity. They can express your mood, heighten your emotions or sometimes even change them. Isn't that a powerful thing?

In the late (perhaps unlamented) television show, Ally McBeal, the neurotic Ally's therapist recommended that she get herself a theme song. Something peppy and positive she could play in her head to make her feel better. Music can be wonderful therapy.

So today, I'm going to share a few of my favourite anthems with you.

Songs to Brighten Your Day:

Shiny Happy People (REM)
Love Shack (B52s)
Right by Your Side (Eurythmics)

Songs to Celebrate Being in Love:

It's Only the Beginning (Deborah Conway)
This Kiss (Faith Hill)
Night and Day (Ella Fitzgerald)
Love Story (Taylor Swift)
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)

Songs to Help You Wallow:

Everybody Hurts (REM)
Fire and Rain (James Taylor)
I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Dionne Warwick)

Songs to Get Over Him By:

I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)
You're so Vain (Carly Simon)
These Boots are Made for Walkin' (Nancy Sinatra)
You oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)

Songs to Celebrate You're a Woman by:

Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves (Aretha Franklin & Annie Lennox)
I am Woman (Helen Reddy)
Man, I Feel Like a Woman (Shania Twain)

Songs for Australia Day:

Still call Australia Home (Peter Allen)
Under the Milky Way (The Church)
This is Australia (Gangajang)
Solid Rock (Goanna)
And no, I am *not* going to list Waltzing Matilda. Gah!

Songs to Miss Him By:

I Remember You--Love Letters in the Sand (Skid Row)
Don't You Forget About Me (Simple Minds)

Songs to Party By:

Let's Get this Party Started (Pink)
We Will Rock You (Queen)
Jungle Boogie (Kool & the Gang)
Dancing Queen (ABBA)

So what are some of your favourites? Do you have a theme song? If you had to choose one, what might it be?


barb said...

Looks like I have the GR

PinkPeony said...

Hi Christine!

I have the soundtrack to Ally McBeal and it's terrific. I listen to a variety depending on what I'm writing. Old Herman's Hermits, The Monkees, The Carpenters, Roy Orbison, The Stylistics, ABBA, old standards and rom com movie soundtracks. I love James Taylor. Going to see him and Carole King in concert later this month.
Congrats on the GR, Barb!

barb said...

GR will have to come my sons and I will take him back home tomorrow when I go home...
Hi Christine

I love anthems as I think the make you feel good. I also love ABBA songs especially Dancing Queen. As far as Aussie songs go ... I will always remember flying back into Sydney, Australia in 1991 and a group of back packers starting singing I still call Australia home... it felt really good... bought tears to the eyes......

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Barb! Congrats on the rooster. We should have a rooster anthem here, shouldn't we?

Oh, yes, I think ABBA brings back memories for many of us, don't they? I'm such a sucker for I Still Call Australia Home I even shed a tear during Qantas ads!

Christine Wells said...

Jen, I must put my hand up as someone who really loved Ally McB -- at least the earlier episodes. Richard Fish was my favourite character, I think.

Snork about Herman's Hermits! My BFF in Grade One had a HH cassette tape and I used to make her play "Henry the Eighth" over and over. She must have wanted to kill me.

Sooo jealous of you going to see James Taylor and Carole King. Have a great time!

barb said...

Yes I like the Qantas ads too.... I also like the Seekers singing We are Australians...

GR is enjoying himself playing with my grandson but it is too cold and dark to take him down the road to the beach

Helen said...

Well done Barbara I am sure he is enjoying playing with Tristian and yes a bit cold to go to the beach see ya tomorrow when you get home.


I love music all types my vinyl collection is huge and the CD collection I am sure is getting bigger all the time. I am very big on 70's music hard rock and I love ballards of course Rod Stewart is my favourite and he has a song for every mood Twisting The Night Away for a party Reason To Believe or Mandolin Wind for a cry Have I told you Lately That I love you for missing him. So many and of course there are The Eagles who are touring Oz in December and I have my tickets already YAY their music also has lots of themes for different moods.

I do love I Still Call Australia Home and the Qantas adds they are so good.

I am soo looking forward to meeting you in August Christine I will be at the Conference at Coogee YAY.

Have Fun

PJ said...

I don't have a theme song but I have companion songs. Songs that get me in the mood to clean house, soothe me on a rainy day, songs I only play in summer or when I want to get lost in memories of years gone by.

My house cleaning songs include Shania's "I Feel Like a Woman", "Johnny b. Goode" (Chuck Berry), "Old Time Rock and Roll" (Bob Seger) and lots of 50's and 60's rock and roll.

Summer brings out the Beach Boys Greatest Hits and the Invincible Summer album (k.d. lang). I adore this album from Lang. I listen to it over and over all summer long.

PJ said...

PinkPeony, how I wish the Taylor/King concert tour was coming near me. They're the soundtrack of my college years and I would love to see them together in concert! I've seen James Taylor in concert and he was fabulous. I can only imagine how incredible they'll be together.

Louisa Cornell said...

Hey, Barb! Good on you for nabbing the bird! Have fun with him.

Great post, Christine! You had to know I would love anything about music.

And PJ I clean house to 50's and 60's music too. Gets you moving.

One of my signature arias which was a sort of anthem for me was Mein Herr Marquis from Die Fledermaus.

My Dad met some Aussie troops when he was in Germany as a young man and spend some time in Oz when he was a young airman. He could sing all of the verses of Waltzing Matilda. I escaped being named Matilda only by the grace of my Mom!

Our high school band's anthem was Sweet Home Alabama. It still makes me smile and want to get up and do the electric slide.

PJ said...

Our high school band's anthem was Sweet Home Alabama. It still makes me smile and want to get up and do the electric slide.

Louisa, can anybody stay seated when Sweet Home Alabama is playing? I know I can't! :)

Nancy said...

Barb, congrats on the GR. I hope he won't give you too much trouble.

Christine, great topic!

I love I Am Woman. I sing along with it, albeit badly, when it comes on the radio.

I also love the defiant tone of Pat Benatar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

I'm not sure whether that's the title or the first line, for that or these others, and I'm too lazy right now to dig out the CDs. I hope they'll be recognizeable.

Shania Twain's Up (refrain: I can only go up from here) and Reba McIntire's Gonna Take That Mountain (or maybe it's climb) are great pick-me-up songs for me. Anna Nalick, Breathe (not to be confused with the Faith Hill song), Taylor Swift, Breakaway, Gloria Estefan, Get On Your Feet.

In older songs, The Beatles, Let It Be; Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary), Weave Me the Sunshine; Billy Joel, My Life; Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sometimes You're the Windshield (Sometimes You're the Bug); Bonnie Tyler, Holding Out for a Hero.

Minna said...

Here are some of my favorites:
Pave Maijanen - Lähtisitkö (would you go)

Pave Maijanen - Elämän nälkä (hunger for life)

Tiktak - Lopeta (stop it -when a guy is interested in you, but you just couldn't care less)

Tik 'N' Tak - Upside Down (Steve James Mix)

Sommartider - Gyllenetider

Van Halen - Jump(Music Video)

Back to the Future Tribute -- Back In Time

Kuorosota 2010// Joensuu - Pohjois-Karjala

MAARIT Tuuli & Taivas (Wind & Sky)

True to Your Heart - Mulan

Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke

Tarzan - Strangers Like Me

Donna MacMeans said...

Barb - congrats on the GR!

PinkPeony - I saw James Taylor & Carol King in May. Fantastic concert! Hope, however, that unlike me, you don't get some guy sitting behind you who sings along - loudly - to all of the songs.

If I had an anthem, it would be "Defying Gravity," from Wicked - which I'm planning to see again in August. Just ordered the tickets - woohoo!

Donna MacMeans said...

I didn't know there was a soundtrack to Ally McBeal. Must investigate...

Virginia said...

My favorite music is for the 70's, Segar's Old Time Rock and Roll, We've got Tonight. About any thing form the 70's works for me. That was back in the day they made good music.

Minna said...

Young Einstein...

Christine Wells said...

Barb, yes, I forgot the Seekers one. That's a good one, too.

Oh, you live near the beach, how awesome! I think the GR will probably put on his wetsuit and go surfing this morning.

Nancy said...

PinkPeony, there was some really good music on Ally McBeal.

Smallville has some cool songs, too.

Nancy said...

Helen, the boy loves 70s hard rock, though he acquires it on CD.

Nancy said...

PJ, I loved the concert performance video of "I Feel Like A Woman." The part where she kicks and the fireworks go off is just so cool.

Sorta boom-y, ya know?

Christine Wells said...

Helen, I never knew you loved 70s hard rock. Interesting! Good old rocking Rod. He does have an amazing range of songs, doesn't he? Have a great time at the Eagles concert!

Oh, I was wondering whether I'd see you at the Coogee signing. How wonderful that I get to meet you at last! We'll have to get our photo taken together, won't we? Maybe with the GR?

Nancy said...

I'm so jealous of all you people who saw James Taylor and Carole King. I wanted to go, but it didn't quite happen. Sir Paul is coming during RWA week, and the dh and the boy are going.

Not sure the mouse makes up for missing that.

Christine Wells said...

PJ, I have music to clean house by, too! Usually a collection of upbeat songs on the ipod.

The Beach Boys simply *are* summer aren't they? I alos love listening to The Kinks, Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon and some Australian stuff like 'One Summer' by Daryl Braitwaite. All the songs that remind me of going to the beach when I was a teenager.

Yes, I'm envious about the Taylor/King concert, too, PJ. Sigh.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Louisa! Yes, I had to know you would comment, didn't I? LOL

I would have loved to hear you sing Mein Herr Marquis (maybe a renditions in Orlando? Are you going?) I love Die Fledermaus! There is nothing as stirring as opera, is there?

Isn't that fascinating about your father? I must admit that I don't know all the verses of Waltzing Matilda so your father could have taught me something. Matilda is quite a pretty name, though. It has come back into fashion now, at least over here. Love Louisa, too!

I LOVE Sweet Home Alabama. It's that kind of song that as soon as you hear the opening bars you start to feel good!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, Nancy, yes! Hit Me With Your Best Shot is one of my faves, too! You've mentioned so many of my favourites there. So much good music, isn't there? I think I'm going to have to attack the apple iTunes store after this session!

Sometimes You're the Windshield (Sometimes You're the Bug). LOL I don't know if I've heard that one but it sounds like wise words.

Bonnie Tyler--Love love love Total Eclipse of the Heart, too.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Minna! Thanks for your list of favourites. Most of those are new to me so I'll check them out.

Christine Wells said...

Donna, don't you hate it when someone sings too loudly in the audience. Argh! I'm here to see the performer not some loser in the fifth row! Someone did that when we went to see Tori Amos. You can imagine with all the high notes she hits, it was awful!

I haven't seen Wicked but Defying Gravity seems like just your style, Donna, and I don't mean because of that corset of yours!

Christine Wells said...

Ah, Virginia, there was a lot of good stuff in the '70s wasn't there? I must admit that the pop sound of the '80s might not have the same musical merit but they still hold a lot of memories for me.

Christine Wells said...

Nancy, you mean Paul McCartney? That will be awesome! I wish he'd tour here.

PinkPeony said...

I haven't been to a concert in over ten years and every time James Taylor played at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, I wasn't able to go. He's 62 and Carole King is 68 and I'm not sure how much longer they'll be touring together, so I'm taking my roommate from my freshman year in college (we spent lots of time listening to JT)and another friend to the concert. Our seats are in the second row and I'm not sure if the stage rotates. Even if we end up staring at their backs, I know it will be a great concert! The same concert (Troubador Reunion Tour) is also aired on PBS channels. That's how I found out about it and I believe there's a cd available. I'm short so I'm hoping everyone remains seated. If Billy Joel came to town, I'd go see him. I love his song, "New York State of Mind"...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Barb! WTG on nabbing the GR!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

What a fun post, Christine! I love music and I adore your categories. Grins.

I'd add to music to wallow by: Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me

Music to celebrate - It's a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

My current theme song: Burn it to the Ground - Nickelback

Grins. Feeling militant these days. Heehee.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oooh, Pink, I'm jealous. I love James Taylor! Wish I was going with you to that concert, it sounds fab.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Helen, how COOL that you have Eagles concert tickets. I love them too. And name a song of theirs and I can probably sing it. :>

You named a number of my fav Rod Stewart songs too. Mandolin Wind probably being the fav.

Do you like Sting as well? He's kind of in that same "genre" - of his, I like Russians, Englisman in New York, Desert Rose, and Moon over Bourbon Street. Grins.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Louisa, I adore Sweet Home Alabama. Now I have to go add that to my iPod list! hahaha!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Minna, I love the ones from Mulan and Tarzan too. Having young kids, I "get" to watch ALL the Disney movies. It does help that they now pretty much ALL have good music. :>

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Donna said: If I had an anthem, it would be "Defying Gravity," from Wicked - which I'm planning to see again in August. Just ordered the tickets - woohoo!

Oooh, lucky you! I ADORE this song.

"I hope you're happy!"
"I hope you're happy too...and you don't live to regret it..."


Helen said...

I do like Sting as well so many singers and bands I always have the radio on or a CD playing life wouldn't be the same without music.

I will be staying the weekend at Coogee and I am going to the Awards Dinner as well YAY and a photo of course I do hope the GR will be with us LOL

So many of my favourite bands and singers have been named makes me feel like staying home from work and listening to music all day alas that isn't going to happen I really need to start to get ready

Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Second row? Wow, Jen, you are going to have an awesome experience! Don't forget to tell us all about it.

Billy Joel--I saw him on the Stormfront tour years ago and the concert was fantastic. He's a wonderful entertainer.

Christine Wells said...

LOL, Jeanne, Burn it to the Ground? Didn't I just say you were a dangerous woman?

Christine Wells said...

Oh, excellent, Helen. We must get together some time during that weekend. I'll email you to arrange something when I get my schedule sorted out.

I hope you have a great day at work!

MaryC said...

Hi Christine,

GREAT subject. I remember that Ally episode so well. These days the GLEE soundtracks work for me like that. They're so peppy and I just want to sing and dance along. Sadly, it terrifies the dog. (I wouldn't dare sing in front of anyone else. ;) )

I was reminded of another great anthem the other day so I actually linked it on my blog yesterday - Martina McBride's Do it Anyway. You can find it on YouTube.I find it has a great message for keeping on, no matter what.

Hope the link works.

MaryC said...

PinkPeony, a friend of mine saw that JT/CK concert when it was in NY a week or so ago and she said it was amazing! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Mary C! What a gorgeous song. I have it playing right now. I love that song called (I think) "It's the Climb" too, which has a similar message.

Aren't the Glee songs infectious? I'm sure they'd make a great soundtrack.

Danielle Ferries said...

Hi Christine. I listen to music as well when I write and actually created my own mixed CD - Bob Dylan, Sarah Blasko, Wolfmother, Queens of the Stone Age, The White Stripes, David Bowie, Gin Wigmore, Nirvana, Jethro Tull, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Strokes...just to name a few :)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Okay Danielle, anyone who loves CSN&Y is all right with me. So I'm off to look up the bands you named to see if I like THEM...grins.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Danielle! Great to see you in the lair. Now that's an interesting mix. Like Jeanne, I haven't heard some of those bands so I'm going to have to look them up. Ah, Bob Dylan and CSN&Y are old favourites of mine, too.

I must say, the iPod is just a revelation. I can do a new mix every day depending on my mood.