Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've Got Nothing to Wear!

Now, before you all grab your faces and shout “My eyes! My eyes!” I can assure you, I do have SOMETHING to wear to RWA conference in two weeks. I mean I would not want to be the cause of Mickey Mouse keeling over in shock.

Rags. All of it rags.

Ok, not really but one thing I always look forward to before conference is buying new clothes for the occasion. I have “adequate” clothing for the business end of it and several cocktail type dresses, sparkly heeled sandals with sparkle still left. But I like to get something new to wear. Something fresh, something stylish, something that will make me look like the perfect next bestseller. Chic instead of comfy. Satin instead of worn cotton.

Especially given the tropical setting of Florida. I wasn’t quite geared up for that but the idea of supplementing my wardrobe with fun colors and soft, flowing tops and dresses and sandals…dear Lord, don’t get me started on the sandals!! I HEART sandals (deep breath Joanie, deep breath)…was enough to make my credit card grin.

So, armed with this elevated enthusiasm, I trotted out to the malls. (Quick, somebody pick up Nancy…she hates malls). Macy’s here I come!

I ran in and headed for the Misses department, my eye keen for shades of teal, of royal or sea blue, navy, white and the occasional pink. Maybe even some white or black capri’s. ….a girl can never have too many. I circled and circled and circled…nothing. I stood in stunned silence. Everything was so UGLY!

The prints were loud, in startling shades of bright orange/yellow/green or incredibly dull shades of pewter or faded puce. Electric brown melded with globs of mustard yellow. I was in shock. How could one of my favorite stores let me down?

I dashed out to New York and Company. I can ALWAYS rely on them. Well, colors were good but the cuts of the blouses, the designs? Ack! Not made for this girl who is not 5’6 “ and
-80 lbs. I don’t even hold that against retailers because we all know that sizes are relative anymore. I take one size in one brand and a smaller one in another. But man...not even ONE top?

I scanned the racks for a dress. A casual, cotton knit dress to wear breezing around the Magic Kingdom. I searched and searched finally seeing one in the perfect shade of teal, the perfect cut, the ideal material.

I couldn’t catch the woman wearing it walking across the Food Court fast enough!

Hours I spent looking for the Orlando look, mentally taking an inventory of my closet. It will be too hot to claim Caren’s Chico jacket though Nancy’s jewelry is still an option. Those white capri's from last year aren't too worn out.

Came home with two pairs of sandals and a beach towel.

Sigh. I can always accessorize. Oh, Nancy!!!!

So, what about you all? Do you have a favorite store? A favorite brand? What works best for you, the tried and true or the impromptu shopping trip. If you’re going to the conference, have you found the perfect outfit?


barb said...

I don't beleive this second time in a few days

barb said...

I am back home now so Helen will be able to visit GR and bring him and me some tim tams LOL... I noticed I spelt believe wrong in the excitement.....

Joan.... I hate shopping, would rather go fabric shopping and make myself something.... our clothes would do for Florida as we have a similar climate so I have plenty of what you call capris and shirts.... so as you can see I don't have a favourite store but I do have a favourite fabric store.

PinkPeony said...

Hi Joan!
I've never been to Nationals, but I can understand the clothing dilemma!
I was a major clothes horse when I was younger. Now I usually shop on line. My favorite on-line sites are J.Jill, Ann Taylor, Boden, Talbots, Nordstrom (check out the Halogen line @ Nordys...I love it!), N-M, and Lands' End for basic tees and casual stuff.
For conference, I'd pack a couple of lightweight shorty cardigans and some silk tank tops to wear beneath them. One pair of black slacks that go with everything. I'm short. I like black so a colorful top and a black cardigan ties it together w/o making me look like a fireplug. Shoes are always an issue too. One pair of sandals, flats, and heels. Maybe tennies. Not sure if you have time to shop on line before you go, but Nordstrom is having a big sale and I got some cute dresses from Boden. Linen would be great in the FL heat...but a nightmare to pack. I always end up looking like a wrung out wash rag if I wear it. :) I'd say keep it simple. Sometimes a new cotton tshirt, slacks and a necklace that makes a statement is all you need. Have fun!
congrats on the GR, Barb!

Jane said...

Hi Joan,
I hate it when nothing looks appealing and you can't even find a something simple to buy. I like Ann Taylor, too. Ann Taylor Loft is a bit cheaper than the main store. I like the stuff at Banana Republic, but I only buy stuff when it's on sale.

Helen said...

Hey Barbara I will visit and I even have white chocolate Tim Tams


I really don't like shopping at all I don't have any paticular brand that I like Barbara does make some of my clothes as well thank heavens for great friends. I don't go to a lot of fancy do's so when I do I buy something I usually try to wear it a couple of times.
I am going to the Aust Romance Writers Conference in August (Yay I am soo looking forward to this) and I am going to the awards dinner on Saturday night so I have to go out shopping for something nice to wear and although I am
5'6' I have to look for something that is in larger sizes and shoes that are flat can't walk in heels.

I am sure that you will find something lovely to wear just keep your fingers crossed for me LOL

Have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I am not going to conference but I hate to shop anyway so it is probably a good thing. Since I don't shop I don't have a favorite store either...LOL.

Beth said...

LOL, Joan! Sounds as if we had a similar shopping experience. I drove 90 miles to the closest 'big' mall, headed straight for Macy's only to come out with one shirt. One. *sigh*

Luckily, I found some cute dresses in another store but I didn't get the shoes I wanted.

But I LOVE shopping. Love. It. My kids love it, too. The only one we leave at home is my husband who is very patient while shopping with me but doesn't do well shopping with two teenage girls ;-)

As for a favorite conference outfit, I'm partial to the dress I bought on-line for the RITA ceremony. It's black and gold, strapless and knee-length. I'm still looking for the perfect jewelry to wear with it, though.

Oh, Nancy... *g*

Beth said...

I hate shopping, would rather go fabric shopping and make myself something....

Barb, I adore fabric shopping! My kids will tell you there are two stores they can't get me out of: the bookstore and the fabric store *g*

I still get the urge to sew every once in a while but I refuse to do so until I buy a new sewing machine. There is nothing as frustrating (to me, at least) as sewing a seam only to turn it over and find out the thread has whacked out!

Terry Odell said...

I lived in Orlando for 22 years. 10 months out of the year, there's NOTHING comfortable to wear if you have to venture outside. Period. If you're planning to go out at all, forget the clever 'mix and match' outfits. One hour's wearing and they're sweat-drenched. I wore shorts and tank tops, or t-shirt knit sleeveless sundresses when I went out.

On the flip side, everything indoors is air-conditioned up the wazoo, so you freeze.

I shopped at Stein Mart. And K-Mart (because the shelf life of most clothes after all the washings was short--why spend big bucks.)

Christie Kelley said...

Joan, I'm not much of a shopper so you're probably asking the wrong person. I did buy two dressier sundresses for the conference and the cruise and a few tops. But that's about it.

I do find the impromptu shopping trip is when I usually the most successful.

Claudia Dain said...

Isn't it funny (as in tragic) how some years there are only ugly clothes for sale? And you can't predict it! It just...happens! Like every other natural disaster.

I'm a fan of Macy's as well. Now I know not to bother this year. Thanks for the tip!

I almost never buy new clothes for the conference; I just can't justify the expense. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Is that the rooster calling to me?

Gillian Layne said...

Oh my gosh--the clothes! Daughter and I went looking for dressier dresses yesterday, and it was stressful. I have a plain long black dress on loan from a dear friend, and that may be the ticket. But the salesgirl was all "Oh, I didn't imagine your mother in that," when my daughter brought me a pinkish orange dress, which perversely makes me want to run out and buy something bright and sparkly.

I mean, really. Just because I'm over 39 *cough*. Why do they bring me dull clothes?

So far, my choices to bring are simple dresses, with probably way too much black for Florida. I need to give comfortable shoes some consideration. And I should have done all this a month ago...but life, you know. Always getting in the way. :)

Susan Sey said...

Oh, Joanie, I SO feel your pain on this. Sometimes I get lucky & a certain store just fills the bill. I buy an entire wardrobe & leave thrilled with myself & the shopping experience.

Then I return the next season and....nothing. Just like you said. Ugly colors, weird sizing, out of control styles.

So I don't shop again for a year or two, until my clothes are so worn that my sisters have a gentle but firm talk with me about Keeping Myself Up.

I've been struggling with clothes for Orlando,too. My go-to stores are usually Ann Taylor Loft and (sometimes) the Gap but both have left me cold this season.

Cold like naked.


Donna MacMeans said...

Joan -

I went on a buying spree recently. I don't shop during tax season and then this year deadline hell kept me home. As soon as I turned in my manuscript, I hit the mall AND the online shopping sights.

I'm not a big Macy's fan, so I don't even go in. My favorite mall store these days is Von Maur, but I like Nordstroms during their big sale as well. I prefer to being able to try the clothes on before I buy, but sometimes, you have to go online to get something unique. I like Soft Surroundings but the one half of the outfits I ordered won't be shipped in time for Florida. By one half, I mean - they sent the top but the pants are on backorder (it's a set), or the really cute top won't be shipped until the week of National. Oh well.

Fortunately, Joan, we're in the publishing industry. If you want to impress editors and agents with professional attire - wear black. (grin)

Anna Sugden said...

Ah Joanie - if it's any consolation, things are no better across the water either ... in fact, because i can't even find any pretty sandals that don't look like cast-offs from the Glam Rock era, I'd say it's probably worse!

I hate shopping too - thank goodness for the internet. But, it doesn't help you find that perfect dress or pair of shoes.

My fave stores are J Crew and Anthropologie. Over here, I like Boden, Joules, Joe Brown and Crew Clothing - though I will go into a dept store to find stuff.

So, I'll be digging through the wardrobe for anything that will still fit me after the weight gain ... and flip flops!

Nancy said...

Barb, you're on a roll! Have fun with him!

Joan, I'm shocked, simply shocked, that what I thought was your favorite store does not figure more prominently. And no, you may not use my jewelry. I'm using it.

Alas, but I, too, must engage in Dreaded Shopping before conference. Some of it will be easy--tops that are mostly white and so will not show, er, "dew" after a few hours in theme park heat. Possibly synonymous with Theme Park Hell, depending on the crowds. I hate crowds even more than I hate shopping. At least shopping can be construed to include books.

Anyway, these tops are available by mail order from companies whose names start with Ls. Hmm. I wonder if that's anything like how Superman's girlfriends all had LL initials.

Anyway, that and a pair or two of lightweight, light-colored and so heat-reflecting Bermudas or capris, and I'm done. And new sneakers since mine don't cushion properly anymore. Thanks to teaching, I have conference clothes, just need "nicer" casual ones.

As noted, I loathe the mall. Yet I always end up there shortly before conference. One branch of our local department store is big on designer boutiques. I'll be choosing a different branch. I have weight to lose. I'm not paying designer prices (and frequently loathe designer color choices, not that I know what this year's are) for clothes I intend not to need next summer.

Conference shopping. Part of the downside. Makes me look forward to DragonCon and the world of jeans, sneakers, and super-hero t-shirts. *sigh*

Nancy said...

Oh, and speaking of t-shirts, my last attempt to buy one in Mouseland was an exercise in frustration. Transparent fabrics, anyone? Cap sleeves? Body-hugging cut? If you don't want a top involving all those, your choices are mainly Mickey, Donald, and Grumpy. Oh-freaking-joy.

Do they have any prince shirts with actual sleeves and a looser cut? I'd love one from Sleeping Beauty (whose dress is freakin' BLUE, by the way, NOT pink, as depicted in all the freaking merchandising now, apparently because little girls are presumed to be too stupid to tell Aurora from Cinderella otherwise--look at the movie, for crying out loud--BLUE!), of her prince taking on the dragon. But no. No prince shirts at all. PrinCESSes galore, all body-hugging, sheer, and cap-sleeve, great if you're a tween or a teen or a twenty-something, not so great for most of the rest of us.

Just had to vent that.

Nancy said...

PinkPeony, I love Ann Taylor and enjoy Nordstrom's sales. I still have a strong preference for trying things on, those, which limits my online or mail order shopping.

I like Jones NY for business clothes. Not as keen on their casual line.

Nancy said...
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TerriOsburn said...

Blogger just ain't my comment. That wasn't very nice.

I'm not even close to ready for conference. I too have put on weight (we should start a club) so I'll be doing the casual knits this year. Which means I'll be wearing the same things I wear to work every day.

I have a RITA dress, but I need to have it hemmed up. Must get that done ASAP. I'm still working on what to wear to pitch, and the shoes are always an issue since wearing anything other than the best tennis shoes destroys my knees. The last thing I need is to be bedridden by Thursday morning.

I'm considering splurging on some Easy Spirits, but that means spending almost as much as I did on the RITA dress. Makes me cringe.

Nancy said...

Hi, Jane--My success (or lack thereof) at Ann Taylor Loft seems to depend on timing. If I hit it when they've just moved in new stuff, I can find a blazer or a skirt I love at great prices. Otherwise, apparently not, but they have some really cute things.

Nancy said...

Helen, your reference to fancy dos reminds me I have to get a dress for the Saturday awards dinner in Orlando. Got banditas to cheer on, have to look good.

Nancy said...

Dianna, you're just the kind of woman I need to hit the mall with--one who doesn't want to be there. I believe in surgical strike shopping--go in, get what you're specifically looking for, and get out. None of this wandering around all day, peering in various stores in case something catches my interest. Not for me.

Nancy said...

Beth, your dress sounds great. I can't wait to see you in it. And to cheer very, very loudly for you.

Nancy said...

Terry, your comment reinforces all my concerns about theme park visits. I know it will be searing hot. And I'll be soaked in no time.

At least my hair will make everyone else's look better.

Nancy said...

Beth, I don't think the Chico's bracelet JT covets would go well with your dress. But we're not going to find out. ;-)

Nancy said...

Christie, the mere phrase "impromptu shopping trip" gives me hives. Congrats on not needing to do more shopping.

Nancy said...

PinkPeony wrote: One pair of black slacks that go with everything.

This is highly reminiscent of "one Ring to rule them all." *g*

Nancy said...

Claudia, the rooster is definitely cheap. I have Daring A Duke, by the way, and LOVE the opening. I read it aloud to the dh in the car coming home from the bookstore. I'm looking forward to reading the rest, though not necessarily to him.

I'll never forget the Denver conference when you saved me with your mix and match skills after I packed the wrong accessories because I also packed the wrong suit (this is why a person should have all the lights on, not try to distinguish navy blue from black with just a bedside lamp to help).

I love the Junior League Wearhouse consignment shop here. Except all the Junior Leaguers who wear my size are apparently short and have had the jacket sleeves altered to fit. *sigh*

Virginia said...

Congrats barb on the rooster, have fun with him!

I hate to shop. I can never find anything when I go shopping. I would rather have a tooth pulled then to try to shop for myself. I know this is bad.

Minna said...

What a day to talk about clothes! It's so hot, I think you could fry an egg on the pavement.
Clothes... I've never liked shopping for clothes. I have no favorite brand or store. But whenever I've been in Canada (or one of my relatives has gone there) I've bought shirts with pretty animal pictures on them, because they look good and they don't fall apart after the first wash.

Buster Poindexter - Hot Hot Hot

And since it's so hot:
Tarzan - Strangers Like Me

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

flchen1 said...

Oh, Joan! I'm so sorry that your shopping trip wasn't quite as productive as you might have wanted... I'm not much of a shopper myself, but do find combing through the clearance ranks entertaining when I actually have time to do it ;)

Have fun with the GR, Barb! Is he in a shopping mood today?

Susanna Fraser said...

Normally I hate to shop because so many parts of me are hard to fit. Big feet with wide toes and narrow heels. Broad shoulders and very busty, but without the narrow waist and big hips you'd expect to balance my top half out. Stuck on the border between misses and plus.

My husband gave me a big Nordstrom gift card with a personal shopper's business card attached for Christmas, and I finally got up the courage to use it the weekend before last for RWA shopping.

And it was...amazing. The shopper talked to me beforehand about my shape and the colors I like, so she had a whole fitting room full of options from all over the store waiting for me. I don't know if black and deep, bright jewel tones are in this year, but she found some, because that's what's flattering on me. She got me to try on pieces it never would've occurred to me to put together, and showed me why they worked.

Mind you, the one thing this wasn't was cheap. I spent more than I've ever spent on clothes at one sitting in my LIFE, well above the amount of my husband's gift card. But I'm hoping I'll remember what she taught me about fit and assembling outfits when I shop in other, cheaper stores in the future.

Joan said...

Hi everyone! Thanks to the girls for keeping the shopping cart rolling. I got to work EIGHT whole hours today!

Which puts a crimp in shopping.

Barb, some of my dearest memories of childhood is going fabric shopping with my Mom. I just never developed the sewing gene.

Pink, I'll have to give Nordstroms a try...especially for the dress. I like Ann Taylor but sometimes find it difficult to get things in my size.

Jane, Ann Taylor Loft is an option closer to home.

Helen, I know you'll have a blast at the conference! Several years ago, I noticed a lot of participants at the RITA/GH ceremony wearing sparkly flip flops as shoes....That would be comfortable.

Joan said...


I like Macy's, JC Penney (St. John's Bay brand...best fitting clothes ever!), Chicos, Chadwicks and New York and Co.

Joan said...

Wow Beth!

Your RITA gown sounds GORGEOUS!!!!

I see you with your hair in an up do....

Joan said...


I know FL will be hot with a capital H....that's why God made deodorant :D

Joan said...

See Chrisite....it's the sundress type that I want that I can't find!!!

I guess I could always shop AT Disneyworld... :D

Joan said...

LOL, Susan...keeping yourself up...

Wear your Princess gown that you posted on FB. You'd look MAGICAL in it.....

Joan said...


I know but I wore the same dress two years in a row!!! I just know they'll notice from the stage and make and annoucement.

"Before we begin the awards ceremony, we'd like to point out that Joanie T is wearing the dress...AGAIN"


Gillian, I'm not against black for evening wear. The most majestic gown I saw was on a star who came to a gala for Derby. Off the shoulder, heart shaped neckline black gown with a simple...ok, REAL diamond...necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Ah....to be elegant such as this.

Joan said...

Bummer Donna about the missing pants!

Bulletin: Orlando RWA....Donna MacMeans seen pantless on Space Mountain.

Hmmm.....could bring publicity to the blog. :-)

Joan said...

Anna....you'll look gorgeous as always, no worries.

I love flip flops too...I found a bronze sparkly pair and black with "diamonds" over the band.

Add my pre conference pedicure and I'm good to go from the ankles down.

Joan said...

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy.....

She who thinks her jewelry is safe....

(Demetrius? Distract our resident dragon keeper for a few minutes...)

Joan said...


How COOL!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to have the services of a personal shopper.

This was brought to mind yesterday watching a rerun of I Love Lucy. It was the one where she went to Don Loper's dress salon. The dresses were so beautiful!!!!


Tawny said...

Oh baby I hear you!!!

I have a wedding to attend this weekend. When I peeked into my closet, I realized I have nothing appropriate to wear. Most of my dresses, both casual and semi-casual, are black. Probably not wedding colors, right? So off I went to the mall, to Old Navy, to Nordstrom. And... yeah, nada. Nothing.

I got a gorgeous pair of Seychelles heels, though. And some killer boots. And a pair of...

well, I got shoes *g*

Kate Carlisle said...

Umm ... is this a good time to mention that I just got back from Chico's?

It was fabulous!! Sometimes they don't do it for me, but this time, everything I tried on was perfect. I could've spent thousands of $$$ -- but only bought two things. I'll probably go back next week. Seriously, they have the most gorgeous stuff in stock right now. Lots of different styles in bright pretty colors. Go, Joanie, Go!!

Wow, maybe they should pay me for that gushing endorsement. You think?

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Nancy said........ I believe in surgical strike shopping--go in, get what you're specifically looking for, and get out.

That is just like me, my BF says I'm not natural...LOL

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Oh, Joanie, I feel your pain! Although yellows and browns are NOT a problem for me...I can't wear navy blue to save my soul!! (Talk about pasty!)

I couldn’t catch the woman wearing it walking across the Food Court fast enough! LOL...I've actually done this, uh...chased down someone to ask where they bought something, not take the top of their back...hehehe

Suzanne Ferrell said...

So, favorite stores.

Coldwater Creek. If there isn't one close by, then go to their website:

They have tons of styles, colors and sizes.....(Big emphasis on sizes here.) Jackets for looking stylish and professional, cotton that doesn't look like a man's teeshirt!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Now shoes are a whole other issue for me. If they aren't comfy, my poor nurse's feet will complain to high heaven!! But I do have a pair of sparkly sandals!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

I'm with Nancy in the "I Hate To Shop" camp! UGH! The mall gives me HIVES just thinking about it. I'm also with TICD on the "cheap" and bargain prices.

Shout it with me now sisters: ROSS! Yes, I LOVE Ross. I've bought every Rita/GH awards outfit there and they were ALL under $50! Unfortunately, Ross Shoe Dept. has really gone kaput the last couple of years so I go to Off Broadway Shoes. Yes, another discount store and they are GREAT! However, I still haven't found my much searched for red flats/sandals there yet. :-(

Hang in there Joanie! I'm sure you'll find something cute to wear.


Joan said...

Wow, Tawny...you actually HAVE a Nordstroms to go to and still didn't find anything?

Well, just wear your shoes...I have a beach towel you can borrow.

Oh, Kate I do love me some Chicos but as you say, there is $$$ involved. HOWEVER, they last and stay nice forever!

Joan said...

I know what you mean about nurse feet Suz....

I just went for a walk trying to break in a new pair of tennies...Sketchers D'Lites. I've used them for work and my feet DON'T hurt in them!

And they have sparkle accents.

I will give coldwater creek a look

Joan said...

We have an Off Broadway shoes here, AC. That is where I got my two pairs of sandals.

I was a bit annoyed though because I thought I was getting a pair for 20% off and was informed that was for the WHITE ones only....


Nancy said...

Kate, thanks for the info on Chico's. They're two doors down from a store I have to visit and I need an outfit for Saturday night. The fewer stores I have to visit, the better.

Nancy said...

Dianna, your BF should count his blessings on your shopping style--more time to spend with him! *g*

Barbara Monajem said...

I hate shopping. I will not do any shopping before the conference. I will wear the same stuff I've worn for years to avoid shopping. One year I did cave in and bought a pair of beaded high-heeled sandals that I still haven't worn. They're too uncomfortable. And tippy and dangerous. I admit, they're probably only 2" heels, but that's high for me. If anyone wants them, just let me know. Black, size 8.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Oh, Joanie, the next time you're in Dallas, (Dreamin In Dallas conference is April 1st and 2nd next year...hint, hint, hint)...we'll go to the Dallas Shoe Warehouse by my house!

Joan said...

Yeah Nancy! Go to Chicos! Get. More. Jewelry.

Just sayin'

LOL Barbara. One of my BFF's gave me a pair of jeweled Dior sandal heels last year.

I got as far as that long hallway from the old part of the hotel before I had to take them OFF...go back to my room barefoot and put on my old standbys.

The straps with the "crystals" felt like they were cutting the top of my foot with each step!

PJ said...

Hi Joanie! Sorry I'm late. I have out of town family visiting and we spent our day picking blueberries, planning menus for the week and picking up goodies from my chocolate supply store.

I need to buy a RITA night dress. I could wear the dress I wore last year (I love it) but, you know, I wore it last year! ::Sigh::

I love Chico's and Coldwater Creek but to get a decent selection I usually have to drive to either Atlanta or Charlotte. I'll try local stores and if I don't find anything I just may have to schedule a fieldtrip to the big city next week. ;-)

I bought two pairs of sparkly, dressy flip-flops from DSW. I love that store!

Gannon Carr said...

Joanie, I know how you feel. My theory is that if you have something in mind, you're sure to not find it. If not, then you'd hit the jackpot when shopping.

I prefer to online shop--J. Jill has become a new favorite. I got my RITA dress online from Nordstrom, which is where I got my dress last year.

This year I will definitely be sporting sparkly FLAT sandals. I will just be coming off 6 weeks on crutches, so heels are out of the question!

Buffie said...

Love the post, Joanie! I have to giggle at your shopping experience. See, I'm not a shopping. Not a shoe person. Not an accessory kind of person. But during the last 3 weeks I have been shopping for conference clothes, and have purchase quite a few things. Found my Rita night dress during my first outing. Classic black. Figure I can't go wrong with that. I have purchase 9 pairs of shoes in the last 3 weeks. And that is coming from a girl who before only had 8 pairs of shoes. Needless to say the hubby is asking "how much more stuff do you need to buy?" LOL! I'm down to a cute pair of pjs (gotta look as cute as the other Dishes!) and some accessories.