Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Launch Party Time for The Millionaire Meets His Match!!

By Kate

I am beyond thrilled with the release of my first romance, The Millionaire Meets His Match! Adam Duke is the millionaire in question, and he’s Silhouette Desire’s Man of the Month for July. How cool is that?!

After a rough early childhood, Adam was adopted by heiress Sally Duke, along with two other boys. From their early childhood experience, the Duke brothers believe that love doesn’t last and leads inevitably to pain. They vow to each other that they will never get married. Adam is determined to keep that pact.

The poor guy doesn’t stand a chance when Trish James enters his life!

So now let's party!!!

A Night of Fantasy

I’m hosting our launch party today at the fabulous Fantasy Mountain Resort and Spa, the latest luxury property from Duke Development International. Hop aboard Adam’s private jet and enjoy a nice glass of champagne while you recline in plush leather seats.

We’ve left behind the Sacramento skyline. The beautiful California coast will be visible for several minutes out the left side of the plane before we make our way toward the mountains.

Ah, here we are, at the Fantasy Mountain airstrip. A quick limo ride later, and we arrive at the magnificent, six-story Arts and Crafts style resort.

Smile for the paparazzi! They’re here in force, as they always are for events hosted by the Three Most Eligible Bachelors of California. The Duke brothers are looking fine in their tuxedos.

There’s dancing in the main lodge, so get your boogie on. Call out your requests. The band knows everyone’s favorites, guaranteed. What kind of band? Whatever kind you like – this is Fantasy Mountain, after all. We can all dance to the beat of our own drummer.

When your feet get tired, pop into the spa for a relaxing shoulder massage from Sven or Konrad. (Or Ingrid, for those of you looking for the feminine touch.)

Don't forget to order your favorite cocktail from our cabana boys! And dinner will be served whenever you want it. We have a table just for you in front of the wall of windows looking out onto the mountain scenery. The staff is here to cater to your every whim.

Thank you again for celebrating with me! This has been the perfect way to introduce The Millionaire Meets His Match to the world.

And please visit my brand new romance website! It's, and I'd love to know how you like it! Do you like the colors? Do you like the graphics? Is there anything missing from the site? Let me know!

Once you've got your cocktail in hand, I have some Red Carpet questions for you: What are you wearing? Will you be on tomorrow’s Best Dressed List, or the What Was She Thinking page? Who is your date? Who is the celebrity you most want to meet tonight? (Living or dead – We’re on Fantasy Mountain, remember!)


flchen1 said...

It's a paaaaarty!!! Hooray, Kate!

flchen1 said...

OK, at the moment, I'm a little underdressed (nooo, don't take notes, please, Mr. Blackwood!), but I'll take some pampering and get properly dolled up for the occasion! Something floaty and chiffony with some delicious, sky high (but miraculously comfortable) strappy heels! My husband would find this a bore, so I'll leave him home with the kids this time :) Where are those yummy Duke brothers? Don't tell me there's a line to be introduced!

Donna MacMeans said...

I always knew Trish would be a heroine of a novel!

Way to nab the GR, fichen. The rooster will be attired in radiant plummage.

Jane said...

Hi Kate,
Congrats on the release of your debut Desire. I'm wearing an off the shoulder chiffon gown with a pair of Jimmy Choo heels. Can Eric Bana be my date?

Enid Wilson said...

LOL, the massaging cats are hilarious! What a great party, Kate!

Really Angelic

Helen said...

Well done Fedora enjoy your day with him


Whoo Hoo what a party a real fantasty for me these are things people dream of everyday private jet spa YAY.

I would love a margarita I of course am escorted by Hugh Jackman and am dressed in a long red satin dress and a plunging neckline with lots of diamonds around my neck and hanging of my ears (you gotta love diamonds)silver sandals. I am sure I will be needing a massage from Sven after all the dancing I will be doing with Hugh to the music of Rod Stewart of course.

Great party Kate love the new website I have just joined the mailing list and yes I ordered the book the other day just waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep so as I can dive into it and meet Adam yummo.

Have Fun

barb said...

Congratulations Fedora on GR... hope he didn't get to tired to party while I was at my sons place looking after my grandson... it was raining so he didn't get to the beach.
Well done Kate on your book ... like the sound of Adam.... I will be there in a sexy blue dress with Pierce Brosnan and will need some pampering after all the dancing to Cliff Richard music

Anna Sugden said...

WOOOHOOOO it's party time!! And we can finally get our hands on this fabulous book!! (Once the blasted Amazon pigeon has handed it over!)

I've gone for the vintage look - my 'pal' Julia Roberts lent me her Oscar gown for the night (she's so nice like that) and I'm wearing a pair of dazzling Giuseppe Zanotti jewelled strappy sandals, which he has customised with my favourite opals for the occasion. Jewellery is, of course, opals to match.

My charming escort is the always debonair Cary Grant, whose eyes are already twinkling with mischief. He's told me to watch out for that naughty Errol Flynn, who is planning something deliciously wicked for later on! Something tells me that Paul Newman and Rock Hudson have been plotting with Errol.

Oh look, there's Audrey Hepburn, chatting with Kate Hepburn - must dash over and say hello to the gals. Ciao dahlings!

PinkPeony said...

Okay, since Anna S. has "stolen" my first choice, Cary Grant, my escort is Marc Halloran, the Aussie resort developer and luscious hunk of man cake who suddenly appeared in my ms. I'll be in a vintage Cristobal Balenciaga strapless gown of pale blue silk chiffon with matching peau de soie heels. To finish it off, a burst of diamonds nestled between the "girlfriends". (no laughing if I fall flat on my face, okay.)
I'd like to meet Colin Firth and Brooklyn Wainwright, and that Gabriel guy who's always lurking about.
Kate, "The Millionaire" arrived the other day! Can't wait to crack it open! Congratulations!

Kate Carlisle said...

Thanks, Fedora, and congratulations! The Golden Rooster is your Golden Ticket to get right to the front of the line.

Donna, Trish makes a lovely heroine! :)

Jane, Ooooh, Eric Bana. Good choice. He's got that sexy edge to him.

Kate Carlisle said...

Aren't they funny, Enid? I was looking for a serious massage pic, but when I saw the satisfied cat, I couldn't resist.

Helen, You look gorgeous tonight! And so, of course, does your date. Thanks for bringing Rod Stewart to the main stage, too. What a voice.

Thank you so much for visiting my romance website and for signing up for my newsletter!

Gillian Layne said...

I was seriously partying early because I already bought my copy on Saturday--thank you, Walmart!

I'm wearing the perfect rose chiffon number with tiny little off the shoulder straps that hold the entire thing up. My spanx is working it's magic so everything is nicely in and up! My four inch sparkly heels don't hurt one bit, because Oded Fehr is escorting me. And my champagne is killing the pain quite nicely.

The new website is all sunshine and happiness. I love it!

Kate Carlisle said...

Barb, Your dress matches Pierce's eyes. You two look like you belong together! Cliff Richard is sounding great tonight.

You're looking fabulous tonight, Miss Anna. Don't tell Julia, but I think you outshine her in that dress. Mr. Grant, as always, looks very dashing in his custom made tuxedo. Enjoy mingling with the glitterati.

Kate Carlisle said...

Jen, I'm afraid I'm going to need you to find a picture of Marc Halloran. I Googled the name and came up with this:
Marc Halloran?!?

Hope you love my Millionaire!

Kate Carlisle said...

Gillian, Thank you! First off, thanks for picking up The Millionaire when you saw it at Wal-Mart. How fun! And secondly, THANK YOU for bringing Oded Fehr for all of us to drool over. Ohhhhhhh-ded, indeed. Too bad he can't keep his eyes off of you.

Must be the spanx.

krisgils33 said...

Congrats on the release. You must be super-thrilled!

I'm drinking a mango martini while wearing a new designer black, silk cocktail dress that is both conservative yet sexy....impeccably classic. Hair and make-up done professionally (let's not forget I had the wax and body scrub for glowing skin and mani/pedi for amazing nails). Minimal of course...large, but not gaudy. My date is a beautiful unknown (it is all about me of course)...gorgeous without being pretty, black hair, piercing blue eyes, 6 feet, buff without being beefy, 6 pack abs (though no one but me will see them) and he is content to simply be my eye candy for the evening and dotes on me relentlessly. But, he is no simpleton, he is very intelligent, wry yet witty, and adores me above all else.
(clearly I've been reading too many romance novels!!!)

Gillian Layne said...

Yes, Kate. Spanx is magic. All hail the Spanx gods. ;)

Susan Sey said...

Happy release day,Kate! Fantasy Mountain sounds....well, fantastic!

I can assure you, I'd be one of those absolutely boring celebrities--always with the tasteful black dress & unadventurous jewelry. No plunging backs (chilly), plunging necklines (god forbid), or precariously mini miniskirts (how the heck do you get out of the limo & not flash the Promised Land in a miniskirt??) for me, thanks.

But I would certainly have a gorgeous bit of man-candy on my arm, gazing at me with adoration. :-) That's non-negotiable. I think I'd have either John Krasinski (though he's on his honeymoon so perhaps I should go with a runner up.) I don't know, Christian Bale? He could get drunk & unleash a stream of invective on somebody & really get the party started. :-)

Congrats again on the release! I can't wait to snap this one up!

Kate Carlisle said...

Kris, LOL!!! I want your date! Love that "it's all about me." That's how it should be. That's why men are relegated to wearing black tuxedos to these affairs. They are simply the backdrops for our beauty. Thanks for coming to the launch party!

Gillian, I'll hail the spanx gods... but if I'm wearing spanx, I'm not sure I'm up to bowing before them.

Kate Carlisle said...

Susan, isn't John Krasinski terrific? Once the producers at The Office allow him to get a big boy haircut, he'll be unstoppable. There is something so appealing about him.

Gracious of you to allow him to continue his honeymoon. Christian Bale isn't a bad stand-in. ;)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Kate, congrats on your release. I just bought your book (and Susan's) on Friday. After the conference, I'm looking forward to some reading time for Bandita books!

Joan said...

Woohooo!!! Congrats Kate!!!

LOL at the spa picture. NOW I know what Cricket's been doing while I'm at work!

Sangria if you please, Mr. Duke...Adam or one of your brothers...doesn't matter you all look hot in your tuxes!

I'm wearing a royal blue draped gown made...appropriately...from a drape.

I've not followed my diet as well as I could.

Hmmm...a foot rub Cricket...yeow..ouch..whoa..

PJ said...

Congrats, Kate! I'm so looking forward to making the acquaintance of the delicious Mr. Duke!

Love the new website. It's so bright and sunny, just like you!

No time to party now :( but hopefully will have a chance to pop in later. Enjoy!

Becke Davis said...

Yay Kate! Congrats on your new release - I'm going to get this asap!

Christie Kelley said...

Yay! Another party in the lair. I did just have my nails done (which might explain any typos). So I'm looking good in my sexy black dress with Hugh Jackman escorting me.

I finished Millionaire on Friday and loved it!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Thanks, Trish! Hope you love both mine and Susan's books.

Joan, LOL! You're having a Scarlett O'Hare moment in your drapery. But just so you know, on Fantasy Mountain, we all have perfect bodies. ;)

Hey, PJ! Thanks for the pop in! Hope we'll see you later.

Kate Carlisle said...

Thanks, Becke! I hope you love Adam! His brothers' stories are coming, too, which is so exciting. I really love these three guys. They're all adopted, so it's a non-triplet way to have three brothers the same age. Their scenes together were really fun to write!

Christie, welcome to the party! Your nails look fabulous. Hope they're really sharp... You and Helen have the same date. Rrrrowr!

Janga said...

Congrats on the new release, Kate! It's on my TBB list for this week's bookstore visit.

i have a deadline so I have to pass on the party, but just from a quick peep, I can tell that it's another happening Bandita blast. Enjoy your celebration!

Kate Carlisle said...

Thanks, Janga, for stopping by! And, of course, for adding The Millionaire Meets His Match to your shopping list. I hope you fall in love with Adam!

Minna said...

Congrats on your new release!
I bring with me Patrick Jane. And Savage Garden is here, with Tarzan!

Disney Tarzan - Savage Garden - Animal song

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

OOooh, I think blogger needs a kick in the shins!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

So I had this nice LONG comment...


Let's start again...

WOOOHOOO!!!! Millionaire is HERE!!! I finally got my lost luggage back and my copy of Millionaire with it. Whew!!

Now I can finish. I was about to go buy another copy because the story's so good, I couldn't wait.

As to the dress, I'm thinking a Vivienne Westwood beaded sheath, strapless, in an old-gold color to match my hair. I'll pair it with a lovely maroon velvet wrap since it's cooler in the mountains. The wrap matches my shoes and bag too, so that's lovely. Do you like the ruby pins in my hair too? Picks up the theme, and not incidentally, matches my new website. Hahahah!

What a fabulous party, Kate! So many luscious tuxedo-d men!

Wait... I see the one I want. Ta-ta...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oooh, Jane! Jimmy Choos! What color is the dress and what color are the shoes?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Gillian, I'm now pouting. You brought Oded Fehr. I was hoping he was here solo.

Le Sigh.

And yes, all hail the Spanx Gods. Have you ever read the package insert? It's hysterically funny.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Kate said: I'll hail the spanx gods... but if I'm wearing spanx, I'm not sure I'm up to bowing before them.


p226 said...

Once you've got your cocktail in hand, I have some Red Carpet questions for you: What are you wearing? Will you be on tomorrow’s Best Dressed List, or the What Was She Thinking page? Who is your date? Who is the celebrity you most want to meet tonight? (Living or dead – We’re on Fantasy Mountain, remember!)

Jeans are uh... *checking* Levis. T-shirt is Sig Sauer. The boots are Magnums. Yeah, I know they're ugly, but they're light and comfortable. So, I'll probably be on the "what was he thinking" page. As for living or dead celebrities, I'm hoping to share a beer (they're serving that this evening, right?) with Thomas Paine.

TerriOsburn said...

I stopped by this morning and then got pulled away from the party by jealous co-workers! *waves fist in air* Damn this day job!

HUGE congrats, Kate. I checked out your new site and it looks great. Love the colors and it just suits you perfectly.

Okay, what am I wearing? (Sadly, when I first read that question I thought you really meant what am I wearing right now. LOL!) Long, red, slit to the hip with killer red heels. All with a retro look. (Think Catherine Hendricks on MAD MEN.)

And I would love to rub up Russell Crowe if you could arrange it. I know he has a bit of a temper (and a wife) but I've been a big fan of his for years.

To top off the night, a dance with Fred Astaire. Oh, could you imagine?

TerriOsburn said...

Forgot to say I read the excerpt on your site as well and love the banter during take off. I shall be hunting this one up along with Vicki Lewis Thompson's new one.

And I just have to say real quick, I'm reading MONEY HONEY and it's AWESOME!!!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

P226 said: I'm hoping to share a beer (they're serving that this evening, right?) with Thomas Paine.

P226, since this gig is affiliated with the Lair, you know we're going to have YOUR beverage of choice. Grins. I see some of the guys eyeing your comfy attire with envy. I think they'd rather be in the sig shirt than the starched one. Snork.

Cool pick on Tom Paine. If we're hauling out the old guys, I've got a bone to pick with Joseph Adams (John's dad) He's got some 'splainin to do about those three wives of his. Harrrumphf. Maybe if I ply him with some Sam Adams I can get some answers....thanks for the idea!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Terri said: To top off the night, a dance with Fred Astaire. Oh, could you imagine?

Oh, what a delicious idea! I'm going to circulate through this massive crowd and see if Gene Kelly's around. Maybe I can ply him with....something....grins...and get a dance. He's just so, ahem, athletic!

Christine Wells said...

WOOHOO!! I can't wait for this millionaire to meet his match. Congratulations on your second debut (and on man of the month, yay!) What a fabulous party, Kate. You really know how to do it in style.

LOVED the cat picture, by the way. I think that's going to keep a certain rooster on his toes!

I'm going to borrow something darling from Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe for the event (plus her gorgeous figure!) Givenchy, darling, of course! I'll bring Cary Grant circa 1950 with me as my date:)

I think a martini is in order! I'll just waylay a passing cabana boy...

Congrats on the rooster, Fedora! He's in his element at this place.

Kate Carlisle said...

Minna, Thanks for the link! I'm listening to Savage Garden right now. Love that song! I want to live like animals, too. And I kind of want to swing through the trees like Tarzan. Or with Tarzan... or with Patrick Jane dressed like Tarzan... oh wait, he's your date. Sorry!

Jeanne, *Love* the ruby pins in your old gold hair. Timelessly elegant, which is also a good way of describing Westwood's designs. Le Sigh, indeed.

So glad you got your luggage back with Adam inside! Enjoy the book!

Kate Carlisle said...

It wouldn't be a party without beer! This is Fantasy Mountain, so no matter what you're drinking, they have it. And the bartenders are yummy, too, in whatever "flavor" you most desire. LOL

Say hi to Thomas Paine for me!

Terri, Tell your day job to mind its own business and keep its nose out of our party! I'm glad you made it back. Thank you so much for celebrating with me and for letting me know you like my new romance website.

You know what would be really interesting? To see Russell Crowe and Fred Astaire side by side. Something tells me Fred would look like a toothpick.

Kate Carlisle said...

Terri, WOO HOO for Money Honey!!!!!

Christine, Thank you! It really is thrilling to see my first romance on the shelf. And especially to share the celebration with my Bandita friends.

You and Anna have the same date (Cary Grant) and Helen and Christie have the same date (Hugh Jackman). I think we're going to have to set up a boxing ring.

Kate Carlisle said...

Jeanne, Snork!!!

Kim in Hawaii said...

Congrats, Kate, on your launch! Please pass me an drink as I am wearing yesterday's clothes! I gave up my seat from Denver (seeking good karma) but my luggage let without me.

I logged on immediately upon returing home as the RomCon hotel blocked access to Romance Bandits -what naughty adventures did you have over the weekend?

My date for the RomCon Adventure was Bandita Anna Campbell ... who happens to be the living celebrity I wanted to meet (I am being paid in Tam Tams for this endorsement). We may not land on Mr. Blackwell's list, but Anna may soon sweep American Idol. She was so jubilent in meeting romance fans that she
just broke out into song and tapped danced her way into our hearts (Tam Tams go a long way).

Alas, I left my date in Denver but look forward to seeing Anna and other Banditas in Orlando!

Just a quick word about RomCon - it was fabulous. We didn't need Lars and Sven as we had Ranger Rick and Cowboy Charlie!

Nancy said...

Fedora, congrats on the rooster!

Fabbo party, Kate, which suits your fabbo cover. The Duke boys sound wonderful, and I'm looking forward to diving into my copy.

I'd like to be on the best dressed list, so I think I'll go with midnight blue silk, princess bodice on an empire waist, floor-length, with sweetheart neckline and elbow-length sleeves. Accessorizing with an iolite teardrop pendant on a gold chain.

I'm coming to the party with Timothy Olyphant (from Justified on FX), and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone's celeb dates.

Susan Sey said...

TerriOsburn wrote: And I just have to say real quick, I'm reading MONEY HONEY and it's AWESOME!!!

Awwwww. That's so nice! Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

Susan Sey said...

Kate wrote:
Gracious of you to allow him to continue his honeymoon. Christian Bale isn't a bad stand-in. ;)

Well, I do strive to be flexible. :-)

Maureen Child said...

Woo Hoo Kate!! It's been a long time coming! Oh my...that's a song lyric.......anyway.

The book is SO GOOD!! Can't wait for the next one!

And your first Desire is number 3 on the Border's list!! Congrats!!

Jennifer said...

Kate, I'm so excited about THE MILLIONAIRE MEETS HIS MATCH! I bought it this weekend!

And congrats on being Number 3 on the Borders List!

Now for the party, I'll be wearing my red sequined gown that I wore a couple years ago to RWA Rita Awards (the first of many fashion mistakes that will land me on the What Was She Thinking List!) Why that gown? Becuasue this is fantasy and I wish to believe I still fit it it!

Now Let's Party!

Kate Carlisle said...

Kim, How fun!!! I hope you gave Anna a big hug from all of us. I would love to watch her break out in song. Glad you had a good time at RomCon. I'm looking forward to going to RT for the first time next year. How can I resist? It's right in my back yard. Well, not far off.

Nancy, You look mahhhhvelous, dahling! And your date isn't hard to look at either. Thanks for bringing Timothy.

Cassondra said...

Wooohoooo Kate!

Way to go on your first Desire release!

Can't wait to get my hands on this. I'll have to order it, as our B&N (in their ridiculously poor taste) does not carry series romance. But I shall persevere and get this book!

Kate Carlisle said...

Maureen, thank you for coming to the launch party!!! I am unbelievably proud to be a fellow Desire author. You're the best! Thank you for mentioning Borders. FABULOUS!!!!

Jennifer, LOL!!! I love that your fantasy is to still fit in the gown. I can soooooo relate!

Pat Cochran said...

Very nice new website, Kate.
Beautiful spring flowers and good
colors, they lifted my spirits oh
so quickly!

For this grand occasion, I will be
falling back on my favorite party
gown.(Strangely enough, it fits me
again, I haven't worn it in some
time and heels, I'm wearing those
too.) My dress is black, slim, low
cut and shoes are black strappy
sandals. How delicious!

Congratulations, Kate, on your
launch day! I look forward to reading this romance!

Pat Cochran

Louisa Cornell said...

Way to go Fedora! Guess we know who your party date will be!

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE KATE !!! So excited to see your Millionaire on the shelves at our Wal-Mart! Not for long though. I told EVERYONE they had to buy this book!

What am I wearing? A black silk evening gown with diamond spaghetti straps and a slit up the back. The front is dusted with amethyst chip sequins in a sort of fireworks pattern. Six inch black silk heels and Gerard Butler on one arm and Richard Armitage on the other.

Just spotted La Campbell. Gotta run! Come on, Richard before she sees us! Gerard, hike up that kilt and run!

Kate Carlisle said...

Cassondra, thank you for sharing my excitement! And thank you for your perseverance!

Pat, You look lovely in your go-to gown. Love the firework sequins. Gorgeous, darling, gorgeous! Hope you love The Millionaire!

Louisa, Thank you for SQUEEEEEing! I really am so excited to see my baby out and about in the stores. I love the image of you accosting strangers at Wal-Mart wearing your black dress with Richard and Gerard on your arms. LOL!!!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Kate said of Louisa: I love the image of you accosting strangers at Wal-Mart wearing your black dress with Richard and Gerard on your arms. LOL!!!

SNORK!! This is such a visual....

Kate Carlisle said...

Thank you all so much for sharing my launch day with me!! You made this day even more special, my wonderful Bandita buddies!

Now, even though we're on Fantasy Mountain, my feet are starting to ache. I'm going to doff my high heels and return to fuzzy slippers while I enjoy a nice glass of wine. Thank you so much! I hope you all love The Millionaire Meets His Match!

Christine Wells said...

OK, Anna, I'm flipping you a coin for Cary! But don't you see? He goes with my dress!

Anonymous said...
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Kirsten said...

Hi Kate, and congratulations!! I can't wait to get this for my next trip to the beach. Or maybe I'll take it to Orlando and read it while sitting beside the pool (while you are all attending your workshops -- mwahahahah!).

I'm thinking I'll be wearing a little something stretchy and comfortable. I'm still sporting a few extra "revision cave" pounds. (ouch!)