Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sinful in Satin Booty

posted by Nancy

And we have another winner!

A copy of Madeline Hunter's Sinful in Satin goes to Emmeline!

Congratulations, Emmeline. Please send snail mail contact info to me via the link at the top of the blog and put "for Nancy" in the subject line. I'll forward the info to Madeline.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and made this such a great day!


Anna Campbell said...

Hey, that's mega cool! Em's an Aussie! Congratulations, Em! And thanks, Madeline and Nancy!

Unknown said...

Oh, awesome, awesome, awesome! I'm so excited! Many thanks to Madeline and Nancy. Thanks to Anna, too. I wonder if you can hear ME squeeing now?

I'm off to email right this minute.

Thanks again! Em :)