Monday, August 15, 2011

Better Late Than Never Booty!

Well, I got there eventually! Thank you to all my Bandita sisters who held the fort for me for last Wednesday's blog and thank you to everyone who swung by to leave a comment!

I'm delighted to announce that the person who won their choice from my backlist so they can check out just how awful the fathers in my books are is:


Congratulations, Janet! Please email me on anna @ (no spaces) with your choice from CLAIMING THE COURTESAN, UNTOUCHED, TEMPT THE DEVIL, CAPTIVE OF SIN, MY RECKLESS SURRENDER or MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION and I'll get your book off to you.

If you need help in choosing which book, please check out the books page of my website:


Janet said...

What a wonderful ending to a Monday. And to think I almost talked myself out of posting earlier today. Now I have a hard decision to make. Thanks Anna you are wonderful.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, my pleasure, Janet. Thanks for swinging by. I'll need your snail mail details too - forgot to put that in the post. Always fun to win something, isn't it?

flchen1 said...

Congrats, Janet--you're in for a treat no matter which you choose! Thanks, Anna!