Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feels Like Home Launch Party

by Beth

Break out the bubbly and hose down the Cabana Boys! It's launch day in the lair! I'm so excited to be celebrating my latest release for Superromance, FEELS LIKE HOME. Here's the back cover blurb:

She's planning a wedding…not a romance!

Keeping up appearances is Yvonne Delisle's forte. But this job is going to test even her Southern belle mettle! It's not challenging enough she only has six weeks to turn a ramshackle carriage house into the hottest society wedding venue in Virginia. It's also located on her ex-husband Aidan's family vineyard. The home—and the man—she yearned for.

But Yvonne's up for the challenge. In the time since things went south with Aidan, she's become the most sought-after wedding planner in the state—popular enough to arrange her former mother-in-law's second wedding. Except…it's becoming suspiciously clear she wasn't hired for her professional expertise. Someone is plotting a reconciliation…and Yvonne is more tempted
by the day. Let's see who actually walks down that aisle…

And here's a quick excerpt:

“Lily,” Aidan said in his deep voice. “Come here.”

The dog…Lily…sniffed at the laptop Yvonne held by her waist. Sweat broke out along her hairline. She just hoped Aidan couldn’t hear the wild thumping of her heart. Couldn’t see her distress.

Which was a reasonable request. Except for the fact that Aidan, with his watchful eyes and quick mind, never missed anything.

He snapped his fingers. “Lily. Now.”

After one more sniff, Lily padded over to Aidan. He patted her head. As a reward for obeying him or because the dog hadn’t ripped Yvonne’s hand off at the wrist, she didn’t know.

Maybe a bit of both.

“I…” She swallowed and tried again. “I didn’t know you had a...a dog.”

Unrolling the sleeves of his denim shirt, he raised his eyebrows. “I hadn’t realized I was to keep you abreast of any pets I may or may not have. Or did I miss something in our divorce agreement?”

She blushed furiously. “No. No, of course not. I just…I had no idea you liked…” She glanced at the dog who seemed to be watching her with more interest than was warranted. “Animals.”

“Now you do.”

“Right.” But…but what else didn’t she know about him? After all, it’d been almost seven years since she saw him last. As she was well aware, a lot could happen in that amount of time. A lump formed in her throat. Oh, dear Lord. “Did you…have you remarried?” she asked, looking around the room as if his second wife was going to leap out from behind the leather sofa and yell Boo!

She cringed. But it was too late to take her question back—much as she would like to.

He paused briefly in the act of buttoning his sleeve. “No."

She exhaled heavily, just now realizing she’d been holding her breath while waiting for his answer. “Oh. That’s…” What? A relief? A disappointment? She wasn’t sure which one would be the bigger lie. “I was engaged,” she heard herself blurt out, the nails of her free hand digging into her palm. “It didn’t work out.”

He went completely still. For a moment she wondered if he was even breathing. But then he lifted his head and when his eyes met hers they were so cold, gooseflesh rose on her arms. “I don’t remember asking.”

No. Of course he hadn’t. Good thing, too. She hardly enjoyed discussing her broken engagement or her ex-fiancĂ©—the man her parents had chosen for her once her divorce from Aidan had been final. A man who’d wanted her because of her name, her looks and her family’s social standing.

FEELS LIKE HOME is the final book in my Diamond Dust trilogy about three brothers who must work together to save their family's vineyard. When I wrote the first book, A MARINE FOR CHRISTMAS, I had no plans on making it a part of a series. But then I wrote a scene with all three brothers and I fell head-over-heels for Matt and Aidan and HAD to write their stories *g*

Who are some of your favorite brothers in books, movies, on TV or even in real life? (One of my picks is pictured above *g*) I'm giving away a copy of FEELS LIKE HOME today!


Cath said...

I too love the Winchester brothers, they are totally hot!!! Many years ago I read a series by Nora Roberts that followed the McKade brothers. But my fave brothers to date woul;d be JR Wards BDB men, although NOT brothers by blood they are brothers of the heart :) and totally swoon worthy!!!

barb said...

have a good day with GR Cath

Well done Beth... I have read the first two books and have Feels like home on my ereader ready to go .... if it is as good as the first two I can't wait to read it.... will read it when I have finished the book I am reading now.... the TBR pile doesn't seem to be getting any smaller LOL bring on the Cabana boys woohoo

Sonya said...

In books?
Cindy Gerard’s Garrett brothers in her Bodyguards series and Jill Shalvis’ Wilder brothers in her ‘Instant’ (Attraction/Gratification/Temptation) series.

Superromance has produced some great brothers – Kay Stockham and Sarah Mayberry’s heroes come to mind.

Then of course there’s Aidan and his family. Don’t mind them one bit!

Beth Andrews said...

Good morning! Sorry about the wonky formatting of the blog - sometimes blogger can be a real pain in the patootie *g*

Cath, aren't those Winchester boys pretty?? Love them! And love their relationship :-)

Oh, the MacKade brothers is one of my favorite series. I often re-read The Heart of Devin MacKade.

Brothers of the heart certainly qualify! Especially if they're swoon worthy ;-)

Beth Andrews said...

Thanks so much, Barb! I hope you enjoy Feels Like Home *g*

It's amazing how we read and read and read and yet our TBR piles get bigger and bigger :-) Although I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more books until I'd read a few from the TBR pile, I couldn't stop myself from getting a few new ones the other day, lol!

Beth Andrews said...

Hey, Sonya! I really enjoy Cindy Gerard's books! I think I'm a few behind though and need to get caught up *g*

Then of course there’s Aidan and his family. Don’t mind them one bit!

Thanks! I really had fun writing the Sheppard brothers especially since, though they're brothers, they're so different from each other :-)

Kat said...

I love Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton brothers and Anne Stuart’s Rohan boys were very naughty indeed.

Nancy said...

Cath, congrats on the Golden Rooster!

Beth, I've so been looking forward to this book. I'm glad it's finally out.

Favorite brothers, eh? The Quinns from Nora Roberts' Chesapeake trilogy, which became a quartet some years later. Cam, Ethan, and Phillip Quinn became brothers by adoption. Their parents took in three abused, angry boys and gave them a future.

After they were grown and on their own, their widowed father took in 10-year-old Seth. Their dad died of injuries from a car wreck but made them promise to keep Seth, so they remade their lives to do for him what their parents had done for them. Fabulous books! The fourth book, set 18 years later, is Seth's.

Nancy said...

Sonya, I recently discovered the Garretts. I agree, they're great! Cindy Gerard will be our guest in early 2012--February, I think.

Minna said...

Favorite brothers? The Quinn brothers from Chesapeake Bay series by Nora Roberts.

Laney4 said...

Oh dear. I'm showing my age (again).
The Cartwright brothers on Bonanza many moons ago....
Little Joe. Sigh.

Jo's Daughter said...

I really like Chris, Jake and Nick. The (adopted) brothers from Stephenie Tyler's Hard to Hold Trilogy. Great dynamic between them.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Launch Party in the Lair!

CONGRATS on your newest, Feels Like Home, Beth! I'm sure this book will be as wonderful as all the rest. ;-)

LOL, Laney, I thought of the Cartwright brothers right off too! Maybe Sven can make us up a new drink called the Bonanza!


Jane said...

Congrats on the new release, Beth. I love Nora Roberts' Quinn brothers. They weren't related by blood, but they were brothers in every way. Another favorite is Devil and Richard Cynster from Stephanie Laurens' books. They share the same father.

Cathy P said...

I have liked all the books I have read about brothers. The one not mentioned I can think of is The McKetricks. On TV, I am also showing my age: the Cartwright brothers and the Ewing brothers.

Helen said...

Well done Cath have fun with him

Whoo Hoo Beth congrats on the release

I am reading Feels Like home at the moment I started it last night and am loving it, Aiden really is stubbourn isn't he LOL I am sure Yvonne is going to change that a bit with Diane in the background.
I love your stories.

As for brothers in stories I would have to say The Bridgertons come to mind first and then the mind is a total blank LOL it is early Sunday morning here in OZ.

Congrats on the release Beth

Have Fun

Sheree said...

Happy Launch Day! Where are the cabana boys with the champagne? Say, did someone hire a set of identical twin brothers? Niiiiiice... ;)

Ah, those Wilder brothers (Jill Shalvis).. they almost made me want to live in the Sierra foothills, even in the winter... okay, maybe not.

There's always the Jonas brothers (I watch a of of Disney Channel shows). They're young (but legal), cute, and can sing.

jo robertson said...

Congrats on the new release, Beth! This sounds like a great story. I love those reunion plots and it sounds like Aiden's not going to make it easy for Yvonne!

You posted my favorite brothers picture. Love the Winchesters!

Beth Andrews said...

Hi, Kat! I haven't read those brothers' stories. I'll definitely have to check them out *g*

Beth Andrews said...

Nancy, I love Nora's Chesapeake Bay series! Ethan is my favorite Quinn though I really liked Seth's story, too :-)

Beth Andrews said...

LOL, Minna! Another fan of the Quinn brothers! Yay :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Laney, that is so funny you mention this because just the other day I was flipping through the channels and Bonanza was on! Poor Little Joe had just been punched in the face *g*

Beth Andrews said...

Jo's daughter, Hard to Hold is another series I haven't read yet. I have a feeling after today I'm going to need a bigger space for my TBR pile!

Beth Andrews said...

Thanks, AC!

Not sure about a Bonanza drink but I did find one that's called a Bunny Bonanza cocktail with tequila, apple brandy, lemon juice, sugar and orange liqueur :-) What say we give it a try?

Beth Andrews said...

Thanks so much, Jane!

The Quinn brothers seem to be a favorite in the lair, that's for sure *g*

Beth Andrews said...

Hey, Cathy. I haven't heard of the McKetricks. Who is the author?

I remember the Ewing brothers! I always liked Gary :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Aiden really is stubbourn isn't he

LOL, Helen! He is definitely stubborn *g* So glad you're enjoying the story! Thank you :-)

Sonali said...

Hi Beth,

Congratulations on on your latest release! Wishing it all the best!

I love a good reconciliation story and yours sounds fabulous.

Like you i also love Sam and Dean, they are pretty darn HOT! But my favorite brothers would have to be Stefan and Damon from Vampire Diaries. Now they are just delicious *wink*...LOL

Beth Andrews said...

Thanks, Sheree!

There's always the Jonas brothers (I watch a of of Disney Channel shows).

LOL! If we're counting Disney shows, I'm going to put in my vote for Phineas and Ferb - my favorite cartoon ever ;-)

Beth Andrews said...

You posted my favorite brothers picture. Love the Winchesters!

They really do pretty up the lair, don't they? *vbg*

And yes, Yvonne has her work cut out for her with her ex-husband but luckily, he does come around :-)

Beth Andrews said...

But my favorite brothers would have to be Stefan and Damon from Vampire Diaries. Now they are just delicious

ROFL, Sonali! I've been meaning to catch Vampire Diaries but haven't yet. Will have to remedy that this winter when I'm huffing away on the treadmill. I've heard it's fabulous :-)

marybelle said...

Sam & Dean Winchester for sure. They top my list. I love the camaraderie & banter and they are certainly easy on the eye.

Pissenlit said...

Happy launch day, Beth! I just treated myself to a copy of Feels Like Home today as a bit of a belated birthday gift to myself! :D

Off the top of my head, the Tracy brothers from Gerry Andersen's Thunderbirds tv series(hee hee, Supermarionation was so cool!), the McKettricks and the Creeds from Linda Lael Miller's series of books(yay, lots of cowboys!) and I kinda have a soft spot for the Weasley brothers from the Harry Potter books and movies.

Beth Andrews said...

I love the camaraderie & banter and they are certainly easy on the eye.

I agree, Marybelle, on both counts *g*

Beth Andrews said...

I just treated myself to a copy of Feels Like Home today as a bit of a belated birthday gift to myself! :D

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it and belated Happy Birthday wishes! My husband's birthday is tomorrow which just happens to be the anniversary of when I sold my first book (makes it easy to remember *g*)

I kinda have a soft spot for the Weasley brothers from the Harry Potter books and movies.

Oh, me, too!! Love the whole Weasley family but especially those boys ;-)

Tawny said...

First off, a giant WHOHOOOOOOOOOOOO Baby for this book!!! It is so awesome and fabulous - I loved it. Beth, congrats on the new release, and on the wonderful end to your Diamond Dust trilogy :-) I'm so excited for you.

As for brothers... I guess I like mine *g* No, really, I do in real life :-)

In fiction, I think my absolute favorite brothers are found in Nora Roberts' Sign of Seven trilogy. The bond, the support and the connection these three had as they fought to save their world hooked me in a big way.

Cathy P said...

Hi again, Beth!

I mis-spelled the word McKettricks. The books are written by Linda Lael Miller. I liked Gary also in Dallas.