Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Sit Down with our very own Tawny Weber!

by Beth Andrews

As one of Tawny's Critique Partners, I'm lucky to be able to have a front row seat to her creative process. Tawny and I have been through good and bad together - rejections, Golden Heart finals and wins and best of all, SALES. *g* I interviewed Tawny to celebrate the release of Tawny's second awesome Harlequin Blaze, Does She Dare? (though its release date is Jan 2008, Does She Dare? has already been spotted in stores across the country. Well, what are you waiting for? Run out and get your copy today *g*)

Beth: Hey, the end of the year is the perfect time to take a stroll down memory lane. Can you believe it's been over a year since you started brainstorming/writing Does She Dare? Remember the original title?

Tawny: I can't believe a whole year has gone already! Time flies when you're freaking out, huh? I do remember my original title - The Man Plan. I love that title LOL, and kept it in the story. I even have a Man Plan chat going at eHarlequin the week of January 7th, I loved it that much!

Beth: Ahh...but you freak out so well. *g* And the results are worth it! I loved The Man Plan too and am so glad you were able to keep that part in the story. You know, I think the story behind DSD is so cool. In the original, first version of Double Dare (Tawny's excellent Blaze Debut - still available online) there was no Isabel. I'll put on my interview hat and ask how she came into being?

Tawny: Ooooh, Isabel's inception. My editor told me to add her LOL. Audra had two very, well, naughty friends. Brenda (my editor) thought Audra was so bad herself, she needed a balance, more of a conscience (picture Jiminy Cricket, only a gal in hot shoes). In Double Dare, Isabel was both Audra's conscience and her project as she learned a few bad girl ways and found herself in trouble (Isabel, that is. Audra was always trouble). Isabel was the perfect contrast for Audra, because she helped the readers see how dedicated Audra was to success, despite her bad-girl persona. And Audra gave Isabel that edge that let her be the kind of gal who'd write a fantasy list and call it a Man Plan :-)

Beth: I'm so glad Brenda suggested that Audra needed a Jiminy Cricket. *g* Audra and Isabel make a great team, and like you say, they balance each other out (hey, sort of like us, huh? I'm the sweet one for those who don't know us *ggg*) And you gave Isabel the PERFECT hero for her in Does She Dare?! Dante is such a bad boy -- but oh so good for Isabel ;-)

Tawny:HAHAHHAHAH... oh, you were serious about you being the sweet one? Hmmm...Yeah, I really think Audra and Isabel were a great balance - just like their heroes were. Jesse saw that sweet side of Audra, and Dante definitely brings out Isabel's naughtiness. I looooove Dante. I think he's my favorite hero so far, he's just so real and earthy and, well, hot. Very very hot.

Beth: LOL - yes, Dante is hot and really, it's so cool that Isabel gets her Fantasy Guy, the one guy she crushed on so much that she's never forgotten him. But it's the way she goes about - making The Man Plan, following her self-imposed rules - that sets her apart. *g* She's a when it comes to goal setting. She even color coordinates (just like someone else I know *g*).

Tawny: Hey now, color coding is a GOOD thing! It makes finding stuff easier, and is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But... yeah, maybe Isabel is a LITTLE rigid. She's a control freak, and so goal oriented that when things start spinning out of her control, she gets just a little upset.

Beth: We've been critique partners for a long time and I've been lucky enough to read everything you've written (including synopses, proposals, articles and yes, even To-Do lists *ggg*) and aside from being CPs, we're also good buddies :-) So I like to think I know you pretty well (Yes, I know the REAL Tawny Weber. If anyone wants the good info, I can be bought. Cheap. *g*) For instance, before you wrote Does She Dare?, I knew you weren't a morning person, but I didn't get a first hand experience of just how much you LOATHE mornings until I, along with our dear CP Sheila Raye, called you one morning to brainstorm some ideas for Isabel's character. Talk about an experience that opened my eyes *g*

Tawny: So, you all read it here first... Beth's cheap. I'm just naughty, but I'm really expensive! Heeheehee... kidding. I'm pretty sure it was the hero you all had figured out for me, wasn't it? Something brilliant and insightful that immediately fixed all the character issues I was having. At least that's what you tried to tell me later, when I was actually awake enough to understand our conversation. As for that early morning grumpiness.... c'mon, I'm a nightowl. What did you expect other than grunts, growls and swear words? Thank you, though, for the brilliant insights that fixed my character issues ;-)

Beth: There were many grunts. Actually, it was sort of sexy - in a cave-man, incomprehensive way ;-) I'm just glad we were able to help out with Dante (I think you're right about it being him and not Isabel)

Tawny: You paid me back later, though when you called to tell me you'd sold and I didn't wake up to go find a phone. Now I'm paranoid and keep one right next to the bed, so I can immediately celebrate your next deal!

Beth: You know I'm calling you bright and early, right? And this time I'm going to keep calling until you answer the phone. *vbg*

Tawny: That's what I love about you, your refusal to let me sleep.... I mean, your refusal to take no for an answer!

Beth: Aww...that's sweet -- I think. Okay, enough of this love-fest. *g* Let's get back to Does She Dare? and those very...inventive love scenes. *g* Without giving too much away, let me just tell our readers that they're in for one wild ride with this story ;-)

Tawny: Oooooh yeah. Dante is an outdoor kind of guy, so you can imagine that a lot of the love scenes take place under the stars. The cover of Does She Dare depicts my favorite love scene in the story though... just look at it and let your imagination go!!!

Beth: Hmm...actually this brings to mind the time I critiqued a certain scene in Does She Dare? that takes place late in the book when Dante forgets to pull his pants up. Remember? When I pointed it out you wrote back that, no, he wasn't going to pull them up. He was just going to get on his Harley and ride away with his willie flapping in the breeze :-)

Tawny: ROFL... oh yeah. That would have been a problem, wouldn't it? I'm so glad I have you to, um, catch things like that!

Beth: Hey, that's what I'm here for! Someone's gotta keep any eye out for those flapping parts

And with that little Behind The Scenes tid-bit, I just want to thank Tawny for taking the time to answer my questions and to encourage everyone who likes Sassy, Sexy reads with a whole lot of Attitude to pick up or order a copy of Does She Dare?!! You won't be disappointed. :-)

Oh, and I want to let everyone know Tawny and I are doing a two-week, online workshop for From The Heart Romance Writers! It's titled Dreams to Reality and its all about Goals, resolutions and vows of success.Check it out!

Since Tawny's first two books are all about dares, we want to know: Are you daring? What's your wildest dare? One lucky commenter will win a copy of both Double Dare and Does She Dare?!


Donna MacMeans said...

Ta-Da! Staying up late baking yields results! I've brought the Golden Rooster back to American shores.

Tawny said...

YAY Donna :-)

Did you lure the GR with goodies? What kind of baking? I'm hungry.

Donna MacMeans said...

Taeny - It's a Chocolate Marzipan Brioche. We celebrating Christmas with my husband's family tomorrow and I'm one of those people who must bring food *g*.

Dares, huh...well I can be pretty daring with a calculator, let me tell you *g*. Not the sort of dare you had in mind? I'm pretty conservative, but as long as it's legal - I'd probably live up to a dare. It comes as the result of having two older brothers egging me on.

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL - I hope my baking skills are holding up better than my spelling. That was meant to be Tawny, not Taeny.

Tawny said...

YUMMMY -It sounds delish :-)

I can write dirty words with a calculator, does that count? And legal dares are the best... those are the ones that just push YOUR buttons, ya know :-D I'll have to think of some fun ones for the San Francisco conference *ggg*

Donna MacMeans said...

uh-Oh. Sounds like you're putting the banditas on notice.

jo robertson said...
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Shari C said...

I have had the courage to try a few daring things...or maybe it was the wonderful drinks I was consuming that gave me the courage to try, but whatever, normally I am one of those people who have to think everything through before I am willing to jump in and attempt something new...not very spontaneous I guess, but does willing count...hmmm.

Caren Crane said...

Donna, congrats on snagging the GR! Better guard the brioche. He's awfully fond of chocolate and you may show up at the in-laws' empty-handed!

Beth, this was a great interview! Tawny, I am going out today, determined to find that hot cover--er, I mean, book! I enjoyed Double Dare so much and Does She Dare? sounds even better!

Hm, daring things. Well, since I cut down on my alcohol consumption, my courage seems to have deserted me. I did, though, steal a book from a restaurant once. It was one of those Irish pub places and they had old books displayed on the shelves.

Well, my friends and I saw they had one by James Oliver Curwood, who wrote these serial novels in the early 1900s. As you can imagine, they are quite melodramatic, loaded with unmotivated action and women who will do a man wrong. *g*

We sort of collected them at that time, so I snagged it. was glued to the stack of books it was displayed with. And they were glued to the shelf. Being a stubborn cuss, I persisted and pulled it free with a minimum of cover damage. We were laughing hysterically, though, far more than could be blamed on a single round of black-and-tans.

The waiter was quite suspicious, but couldn't figure out exactly what we had done. And yes, I was over 30 at the time. Gah! Why do I always tell you guys my most embarrassing moments?!

Joan said...

Great interview, Beth. But then with a intriguing person like Tawny Depp how could it not be?

I'm going out today too and looking for Does She Dare. I'm hoping there is at least ONE phone conversation in it VBG

And who could go wrong with a hero named Dante?

I'm with you Tawny on not being a morning person. (an inconvient thing since I work day shift). I'm also not a late night person. Ummm...seems I'm more of a "midafternoon person." LOL

Now, I dare YOU to get back to writing book 3

Beth said...

Hey, Donna, congrats on snagging the GR!! I'm not one to go much for dares either unless a certain CP dares me into telling a story about a flapping you-know-what ;-)

Jo, you won't be disappointed with Does She Dare. It's a fantastic story *g*

LOL, Shari C! Funny how drinking makes it easier to accept a dare *g* And I'd say being willing to take a dare definitely counts ;-)

Caren, I'm ROFL at your story! Is it bad that I can so easily picture you doing this? *g*

Caren Crane said...

Beth, I'm not at all certain why you would think me capable of such book thievery! Actually, I justified it by telling myself that books were meant to be read and no one would ever get to read the book unless I liberated it! See what a good person I am? *g*

Maureen said...

Congratulations on the new book! It sounds wonderful. I am too much of a coward to do dares but my teenagers are always daring each other to do the craziest things.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Daring would not be a word used to describe me. I am more like Jo, scaredy cat to the bone. I am a great observer though! That would be my talent.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Donna, congrats on luring the GR back to the Northern Hemisphere! And the baking sounds fab. Wish I lived next door!

Tawny and Susan, great interview. Laughed at Tawny not being compis mentis first thing in the morning. I must say, because of the time difference, I love that she's awake in the middle of the night. When I need a fix of Bandita during a slow Aussie afternoon, she's always there!

Tawny, congratulations on your second release. It sounds absolutely fabulous - especially now you've fixed that wayward willy in the wind. Can't wait to read it! I bet it will be a huge success!

Oh, daring? Not me. Scaredy cat to the bone (well, apart from the spine, because I don't have one of those!).

Anna Campbell said...

OK, I removed Jo's comment because it wasn't Jo's comment, it was mine. I don't know why blogger thinks I'm Jo! And I've reposted it as me. Dianna, I am the woman with no backbone. Madam Jo leaps tall cliffs without even breaking a sweat!

brownone said...

Here I am clucking! I am the biggest chicken. Although, I WAS a lot more daring in high school. I used to skip fourth period to take first lunch because all my friend's had first lunch. That was the lunch to be in. I don't know, but after high school my chicken gene showed up. This from a girl who would go to the "library" with her best friend and then sneak over to the mall!

Kirsten said...

Ya'll are so cute! Do you live close enough to see each other more often than Susan and I do? It's miserable, being long-distance CPs.

Tawny, I am heading out today to (hopefully) find DSD. I can't wait!

As for dares...I'm afraid not. I've always been a good girl. Well, there was that brief period in, never mind about that. ;-)

Beth said...

Joan, you're right, Tawny is very intriguing *g*

LOL, Caren! When you explain it like that, taking that book was simply heroic ;-)

Maureen, Dianna and brownone, I used to be much more daring in my younger years. Or course, I like to think I'm much wiser now so that might have something to with it *ggg* instead of Foanna, we can call you JoAnna? *g* Glad you're you again!

Kirsten, Tawny and I live on opposite sides of the country but keep in touch via daily emails (usually 6 different ones at a time) and lots of phone calls *g* Being long distance CPs is hard. Which is why we're always trying to get one another to move :-) And why, when you see us at conference, we're pretty much joined at the hip!

Helen said...

Loved the interview Beth and Tawny your books sound wonderful Tawny I love the covers and a flapping willy on a Harley way to go girl I will have to try and get these books online somehow.
As for dares no not me either I am such a chicken I don't think I would ever be able to pull one off but I love hearing about other people's dares.
Congrats on the GR Donna he must have wanted a change from the warmer weather and yes he loves chocolate.
Have Fun

jo robertson said...

Fun interview, Beth and Tawny! And I love the cute picture of the two of you.

Ah, finally back in the U.S. for the GR. Congrats, Donna!

DOES SHE DARE? sounds fabulous and I can't wait for my copy to arrive, being in Rocklin right now, a hop, skip and a jump north of me! Yay! Maybe today!

Ya'll know I'm not a daring person at all. Very sensible and cautious, damn it! Maybe that's why I like to have my heroines take risks.

Oh, Anna, I was freaking out here. I started my comment, scrolled down to read the other comments and read these references to a comment I hadn't sent yet! Da-da-dah-da, twilight zone!

So let me see what I'm about LOL. Actually, it's true; I AM a scaredy cat and will not take risks, far too practical and level-headed! I'm a lot like Faux-Jo (aka Anna), but this comment is from Vrai-Jo!

Ironically, as I get older, I DO get more daring, which frightens my husband. I was ready to go para-sailing with AC in Mexico, but he nixed it. Damn, man! How dare he think about my safety LOL!

Buffie said...

Great interview ladies!!! I have already bought the book and can't wait to read it. Dante sounds YUM-O!!!!

And hey, what's wrong with a little color coding???? I think it is a great idea and may just need to add that to my excel grocery spreadsheet :)

Jennifer Y. said...

I am not very daring...although I did once break my arm on a dare trying to impress a boy.

I was in kindergarten and someone dared me to do a trick on the monkey bars. Well, the boy I liked was there and I wasn't going to turn down a dare in front of was my chance to impress him after all.

Well, I tried the trick with success, but on my second attempt (because I just couldn't stop at one) I fell gracelessly to the hard ground below...I am not so sure if my scream impressed him as I fell to the ground fracturing my arm...and my pride (although I was told by others that it was one of the loudest screams they had ever heard). And I am not sure that my giant (and I do mean giant...we're talking shoulder to fingertips here) white, plaster cast impressed him...he did sign it though. I later found out he liked one of my friends...kindergarten heartbreak.

Nowadays, I stick to reading about the daring adventures of romance heroines rather than trying to have one of my own...hmmm...maybe I need a man plan.

Tawny said...

AWwww, Jennifer, that sounds like it hurt :-( Poor baby!

I'm laughing at all clucking in here. I'm on the fence myself. I'm not really shy so there aren't too many dares that I'd back down from, but I'm a big chicken about anything physical (jumping out of planes, parasailing, etc) and would totally back down on that.

btw, Caren is going to be my dare-pal of choice, since she obviously has NO problem carrying out her dares LOLOLOL.

Shari - willing ALWAYS counts ;-)

Okay -Joanie T dared me to get back to revisions, so into the cave I go!

Beth, thanks for such a fun interview :-) You rock.

Beth said...

Helen, I hope you're able to get a copy of Does She Dare? It's such an awesome read *g*

Jo, I'm sure not getting more daring as I get older. Just the opposite *g* And there's no way my husband would let me do anything that's even half-way dangerous :-)

Buffie, if you like color-coding, then you'll love Isabel, the heroine of DSD *g* She's very organized just like our Tawny!

Oh, Jennifer! Such heartbreak - and physical pain. Ouch!! Also a good lesson in not taking Dares ;-)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Tawny, I'm cracking up over the flapping willie! And I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO in agreement with you. Anyone awake before 8 am who hasn't been up all night needs to be sent straight to the insane assylum. (Two of my CP's wake up like at 5 am to write, GRRRRRRRR). I get even with them, by calling when I get home from work and interrupting their process!

Oh yeah, and I don't just growl like a bear at people, I've been know to swat a cub or two!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Let's see dares, huh? Well, there was the Reno conference, and it wasn't a dare, but I did muster my courage to speak to my favorite author in the whole, yeah maybe we DON'T want to bring that up again.

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh, but Suzanne, I love that story...bring it up, bring it up...LOL

BTW, I already have DD and plan on getting DSD soon...and Tawny's trailer is up on my blog that trailer Tawny!

Kate Carlisle said...

Tawny and Beth, your interview was too funny! You should take your act on the road! Oh, I guess you are if you're doing an online class together. I bet that'll be fun! :-)

As far as dares go...hmm. Y'all know I'm horribly shy, right? RIGHT? LOL. Well, despite my *timid* nature, a few years ago at my law office Christmas party, some of the young associates dared me to kiss their senior partner for $100. I thought about it for a few seconds, then said okay. Well, I've known the man for years but these kids were all scared to death of him. So I walked over and told the partner about the bet, and he grinned and said "go for it," so I grabbed him by his tie and pulled him close and we kissed. Shocked the heck out of everyone, believe me! Those were the good old days, LOL.

But don't ever dare me to go bungie jumping. I won't do it, no matter how much you pay me!

And hey, congrats to Donna on dragging that fickle bird back to the States!

flchen1 said...

Donna, congrats on the GR, and mmm... that sounds really yummy!!

Tawny--great interview :) And I am SO not a morning person either. My poor husband ends up getting up to deal with the kids' demands (oh, I meant "needs") many mornings while I try unsuccessfully to bury myself under the covers.

And I'm afraid I'm not terribly daring at all--I do vaguely recall some ill-advised anonymous phone calls to a high-school crush's house which didn't result in any conversations with the desired person in question, but did make me so nervous I nearly passed out anyway...

Now daring would be ordering something new and interesting on the menu at a restaurant off the beaten path ;)

p226 said...

I think all my dares started with.. "hey man.... think we can jump offa that?"

I walked across hot coals barefoot on a dare. Woulda been fine too, 'cept there was a nail in the coals. That was unpleasant.

Fell off a 30 cliff while trying to complete a dare. The dare was to walk this three inch rock ledge for 40 feet. I made it about 15 feet before I fell backwards. I remember it in frame-by-frame slow motion. Panic as I realized my balance was over the ledge. Frame-slo-mo as a grab various pieces of vegetation from the cliff-side trying for a hand hole. Frame-slo-mo as I threw the plants and roots over my shoulder because they weren't strong enough to support me. Then things got real fast and violent and painful. I woke up alone (my friends assumed I was dead and abandoned me) in a patch of poison ivy. I hurt for weeks. I itched for weeks.

Security stopped me before I jumped a 20 foot bonfire at Road Atlanta. With a 50cc mini. On a dare.

I asked my school bus driver to marry me on a dare. That was a week after she'd had me permanently thrown off the bus and damn near expelled from school. She declined despite my very sincere sounding pleas of "buuuuuuuuuut I looooooooooooove you Luuuuuuuuuuuuucy!!!!" *grumble* Old prude.

I jumped off a cliff into Summersville lake on a dare. A 60 foot cliff. That's roughly 18 meters for you down-under people.

I swam around Johnny Mercer's pier at Wrightsville Beach NC on a dare. I was promptly arrested, and subsequently released after a "stern lecture" by both the lifeguards and Wrightsville PD.

I once dared a girl driving her ungodly rich daddy's Scarab high performance boat to jump the wake on the USS Nimitz. Neither the Navy nor Coast Guard were pleased. We could tell by the warnings about "deadly force" coming from the mast of the Nimitz, and the frowny faces on the coast guard sailors when they boarded us.

I got a Toyota Corolla station wagon stuck on the side of a mountain on a dare. The tow truck driver gave up. But my dad managed to get it off the side of the mountain in one piece using two tow cables, a winch, and copious use of four wheel drive.

Hell, I can go on all night. It might be more simple to ask "what haven't you done on a dare."

Caren Crane said...

P226, you are my kind of Mandita! *g* I was about to post and say that I have done things many Banditas would find "daring" - like high ropes and rappeling (abseiling, when we did it in Switzerland), spelunking, white water rafting, rock climbing and zip lines through tree tops and across river gorges.

Jo, I did go parasailing last time we were in Cozumel. It was fantastic and incredibly fun. Safe, too. I wanted to go paragliding in Interlaken, but the weather did not permit it. Maybe next time!

Now, all this is baby stuff for P226 and Cassondra, but it was adventuresome for me. *g* My husband loves all that stuff and encourages me to do it. I did all of it I could as a teen (as well as lots of really stupid stuff involving bicycles, ramps and trees that does not bear discussion) and have continued as an adult. I hope I always want to be a little daring!

It really does make life more fun to put yourself out there from time to time.

Tawny said...

Hmmm... I don't know, Caren. I think I'm gonna leave the scary dares to you and P226. I'll take Kate's kind of dares... you know, the kissing ones.

Kirsten, I want to hear about that brief time in college. come to think of it, I want to hear Suz's dare story again too. I have tissues!!!

Buffie, you are SO my kind of color-coding gal ;-)

and YAY -lets hear it for all the night owls!!! I have no idea how the rest of you do mornings. I really don't *g*

Tawny said...

Hmmm... I don't know, Caren. I think I'm gonna leave the scary dares to you and P226. I'll take Kate's kind of dares... you know, the kissing ones.

Kirsten, I want to hear about that brief time in college. come to think of it, I want to hear Suz's dare story again too. I have tissues!!!

Buffie, you are SO my kind of color-coding gal ;-)

and YAY -lets hear it for all the night owls!!! I have no idea how the rest of you do mornings. I really don't *g*

Leigh Preston Layne said...

Great interview, Beth! Can't wait for the workshop.

I love DSD, Tawny.

Well, I've always been kind of a good girl with an occassional wild streak. My wildest dare was back in college during an intoxicated game of Truth or Dare.

My ex-boyfriend and I had a messy break-up two years before, but were finally friendly again by this point. He'd been trying to get me to do a dare all night and I wouldn't do one. Then for whatever reason, my ex dared me and a guy, who I'd had a crush on, to kiss. It was a weird situation, but after much debating, I agreed. And, let's just say that the kiss wasn't exactly a peck.

doglady said...

Congrats Donna on nabbing the GR. He is no dummy. Chocolate Marzipan Brioche as a poultry lure. I can see that! This interview was a hoot! Add me to the "I don't do mornings" club. My shift is 10 to 7 and that is STILL too early. When I was singing I did not have to get up before 11 AM or so. Then again we did not go onstage until 8 PM and didn't close the curtain until midnight or later. Bad AND expensive, eh Tawny? Good combination! I LOVE the covers of your books and I am glad they decided NOT to go with the flapping willie photo! LOL I am nowhere near as daring as p226 (borderline suicidal) and Cassondra (one wild and crazy gal!) However, I HAVE gone bungee jumping. My students dared me to do it and even footed the bill in Panama City Florida one year. I did it and they paid the forfeit. They had to read Hamlet AND Macbeth that year instead of one or the other. Another soprano and I went to the coast of Spain for a short holiday. They had these guys (Gorgeous guys) teaching people how to hang glide off the cliffs over the ocean. She dared me to do it and so I did. It was absolutely amazing! BUT, as I was gliding out over the ocean my friend asked "What happens if she lands in the ocean?" They said "She just unsnaps the harness and swims in." She said "She can't swim." Needless to say they would NOT let me go out again. I have driven on the autobahn - not for the faint of heart. I camped out by Loch Ness (froze my butt off - no Nessy) I have gone mountain climbing in the German Alps (scared the hell out of me! Going up is not so bad. Coming down? EEEK) Went spelunking in bat caves in Mississippi. Ate a number of things on a dare that I would rather not mention. I have owned large reptiles (snakes and lizards.) The thing is, my voice teacher told all of her students that life is for living. She said most people go thru it asleep. Those of us that choose to stay awake are in a state of constant amazement. She told us to make a list of things we wanted to do before we died and then to go out and do them.

Joan said...

It was by no means a dare but I have driven twice in Ireland....lost only one hubcap and the road worker in the ditch is fine...really

Kirsten said...

Tawny, when I was in college I got involved with a group of earthy-crunchy, free-lovin' sort of outdoorsy hippies.

'Nuff said. ;-)

I went on to work in the outdoors, taught climbing, ropes courses, etc, but never found any of that particularly daring. It's much safer than driving on the freeway! And what we did between the trips was much more daring.

But that was college. Everyone did that in college, right?


doglady said...

Absolutely, Kirsten! Anyone up for a road trip thru the UK with Joan as our driver?? Talk about daring!!

Tawny said...

Thanks, Leigh :-) I'm giggling over your dare story, too! Way to show the ex LOL.

Doglady - I love your list, but um, your dares scare me. I would have died laughing if the flapping willie had made it to the cover, but thanks to Beth it was all tucked away and tidy ;-) Isn't she great for looking out for me that way?!

ROFLMAO JoannieT - I'd love to be the passenger in your care just to watch the faces as we flew past people.

Kirsten... I'm giggling at you and your hippie ways. You wild thing, you. Yup, I'd say everyone did a lot in college that qualifies as wild. Of course, I did most of mine in high school *g*

Joan said...

Um, Tawny. You wouldn't be able to see the people's faces with your eyes shut tight. LOL

Tawny said...

hmm... good point. Okay, can we set up a video camera in the passenger seat? I'd hang out in a pub and wait for you :-)

Wendy said...

Hi, Tawny! I'm a nightowl too, I'm not a morning person, in fact I'm really grumpy most of the time in the mornings.

And to answer your question - I'm so not a wild girl, I'm down right a good girl. Being responsible sometimes totally suck.