Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Must Confess

by Beth Andrews

I love fashion. I love reading fashion magazines, watching TV shows about fashion such as Project Runway and What Not To Wear, I even love to sew. While I don't consider myself particularly fashionable or stylish, I have learned over the years what looks good on me (boot leg jeans) and what to avoid at all costs (pencil skirts and wide leg capris).

However, when I came across this list of The Best of the Worst Fashion Fads, I realized how far astray my fashion sense has roamed over my lifetime. So, in an effort to clear my conscience, I give you the list of The Best of the Worst Fashion Fads along with my delcaration of guilt (or innocence) about each offense.

1. Mega Shoulder Pads -- Innocent! Thank goodness I never aspired to look like an NFL linebacker (although the women of Dynasty seemed to love 'em).

2. Ponchos - Guilty. The first time (or at least, the first time I remember) ponchos were popular was the mid 70's and I happily wore the colorful knit poncho my mom had made me. The second coming of ponchos was just a few short years ago and while my older daughter avoided them like the plague, my younger one (then in preschool) had one and even though I know ponchos are just plain wrong, she looked darn cute in hers :-)

3. Spandex Pants - Innocent. Me + Spandex = Scary. 'Nough said.

4. Midi Skirts - Innocent. Mostly because these were before my time *g*

5. Big Hair - Guilty (and proud of it *g*) I can't think of anyone (other than my mother who has had the same hairstyle forever) who didn't have big hair in the 80's (my sister's hair was shorter but still seemed to take up more space. That girl had BIG HAIR)

6. Stirrup Pants - Guilty. Yep, I had some stirrup pants, I think I even had a pair of stirrup jeans and yes, I believe I even wore them with flats. For those poor pants that didn't have stirrups already sewn onto them, I had the elastic clips that attached to the hem to keep my pants inside my boots (I had some really great boots in the 80's)

7. Visible Thong - Innocent. And really, REALLY glad of it :-)

8. Mullet - (sigh) Guilty. I had one for about a year while I waited for the sides of my hair to grow out.

9. Shrugs - Innocent. Although I have to admit, I thought some shrugs were sort of cute *g*

10. Harem Pants - Guilty. I had a pair of black ones I wore on my honeymoon (I was a child bride - and look how unhappy I was to be wearing them! And don't even get me started on those fingernails. Holy cow.) Besides harem pants, I had a pair of jeans (acid washed almost white) that were high waisted, with pleats (pleats! So becoming) and a tapered ankle. They were soooo wrong.

11. Acid Wash Jeans - Guilty. Hey, didn't I mention I was a teen in the 80's? *g*
12. Low Rise Jeans - Innocent. I do wear low rise jeans but I believe the list is referring to super low rise jeans. You know, the ones that go really, and I mean really-oh-my-gosh-I-think-I-can- see-things-I'm-not-supposed-to-see-that-is-indecent-low.

So, now that I've admitted some of my fashion failings (and shared some really bad pictures of myself) let's hear from you. Are you guilty of any of the aforementioned Fashion Flubs? Any Fashion Flubs they missed? (I can think of a few *g*)

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Joan said...

10.0 for the chook on the balance beam!


Joan said...

Seriously, I'll be SO glad when the Olympics are over and I go to bed at a regular time.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I must challenge your statement that everyone in the 80s had big hair. My hair really doesn't get big. It just doesn't. Instead, I had the short, asymmetrical hair cut that's buzzed on one side and longer on the other. I spiked the short side and (occasionally) sprayed colors in it. Ha! :-) Talk about fashion errors!

Great list and great pictures, Beth! I also managed to avoid many of these, but I think more because I'm tragically unfashionable than because I'm really fashion saavy.

Anonymous said...

And then there was that whole walrus thing in high school, but we'll leave that out of the discussion, okay? Walrus costumes are not a fashion error. They're more like a life error.

Joan said...

Guilty as charged, Beth.

Although not with All the items mentioned.

I did have the shoulder pads. I convinced myself I looked good.

Stirrup pants. That's a roger wilco on those too. But with the big a** sweaters that were long enough to cover, er, my big a** they looked ok.

Big hair. Yeah, my hair was wider than it was long. But it looked good with those HUGE earrings. But I thought it looked ok.

It's obvious I was delusional during the '80's, LOL

Sadly, more of my fashion faux pas occured earlier {shakes head} much earlier.

jo robertson said...

Hilarious post, Beth. And how brave of you to share your pix with us. Too funny, especially the Harem Pants which I never wore.

I admit to the shoulder pads -- okay, they were sooooo big at one time that you could NOT buy dresses or jackets without them. And they lasted so long! My daughters used to cut the pads out of theirs. I remember you could even buy foam pads to stick to your bra straps. Oh my!

Trish Milburn said...

LOL, Joan. I know what you mean. I just finished watching tonight's installment.

Okay, bad fashions -- stirrup pants, big hair, shoulder pads -- yep, yep, yep say another teen of the '80s. You wouldn't know it to look at me now, but I had some humongous hair that was basically an AquaNet helmet. :) Other bad fashion ideas -- parachute pants (not guilty), jellies (guilty), and leg warmers (guilty).

Trish Milburn said...

Oh, and do you remember when everyone was having their T-shirts and plain white tennies airbrushed. I remember having a pair of shoes with my then-boyfriend's name airbrushed on them. (Eye roll)

jo robertson said...

Poor Joanie, if you're staying up that late every night, you DESERVE the chook. Have fun with him, maybe one of your delicious desserts?

Natalie Hatch said...

Bog pants... lol - MCHammer pants, oh my goodness why did we? And Balloon skirts, I see they're on the comeback lately. Yep those low risers were shocking, they were called muffin tops here in Oz. Oh and those tight tight tight jeans that lead to 'camel toe' syndrome (don't ask, you won't like the explanation)
but I think the worst of all were those shoulderpads that could have been used for football pads, the old Grace Jones type I'm a man shoulderpads with a bit of Talking Heads thrown in for good luck.

Beth said...

Hey all. I just discovered my link to the original article wasn't working. I tweaked it a bit and now it's all set *g*

Beth said...

Congrats on nabbing the GR, Joan! Since we're talking fashion, perhaps you should dress him up a bit? How about a suit with huge shoulder pads and parachuge pants ala MC Hammer?

Or maybe a T-shirt, sport coat, white linen pants and loafers (minus socks, of course)


Beth said...

Kirsten, I stand corrected - how about everyone had 80's hair in the 80's? :-) Seemed most of the styles required copious amounts of hairspray, preferably Aqua Net *g*

And I bet if I had a rat tail comb, some mousse, and Aqua Net, I could make your hair big. Perhaps we should try it in DC?


Beth said...

Joan, I loved sweaters! I had so many and most of them were huge (which only made me look bigger). And they were oh so colorful as well (think Bill Cosby colorful).

And I still love big earrings *g*

Beth said...

Jo, I remember when shoulder pads came with every shirt, dress, jacket or sweater *g* You had to saw those suckers out. My leather jacket had crushed suede patches on the shoulders and huge shoulder pads.

Ahh...the good old days :-)

Beth said...

Trish, I never had Jellies or parachuge pants but I loved me some leg warmers! Last year when I took my kids back-to-school shopping, all the girls working in a certain well known dept store had on mini skirts, flip-flops and leg warmers. I think they were trying to start a trend *g*

Anonymous said...

Oh Beth, I'm staying FAR AWAY from you and that can of Aqua Net! Though I've found for ballet recitals, nothing keeps a 5 year old's bun in place like the old Aqua Net. ;-)

Natalie, we call the muffin top that unfortunate roll of extra flesh that slides over the top of those low-rider jeans. But who, I'd like to know, besides pre-pubescent girls, doesn't have a little muffin top? huh? not me, that's for sure!

And the camel toe. (shudder) I have seen the camel toe and it must not be allowed.

Beth said...

Trish, I never had my sneaks or shirts airbrushed. I can't believe I missed such a colorful fashion fad *g*

Natalie, camel toe is one reason to avoid spandex as well (yep, I already know what it is *g*)

My favorite spandex wearers included Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and all the guys in all those 80's hair bands 80's ;-)

Beth said...

LOL, Kirsten! Okay, but if you ever want the thrill of having your hair teased so much that it takes you three days to work all the knots out, let me know.

Hey, I didn't go to cosmetology school for nothing ;-)

So glad to hear Aqua Net is still around and keeping hair from moving!

Tawny said...

ROFLMAO... I'm thinking I've probably been guilty of most of these :-D I loooove fashion. I had the harem pants, the shoulder pads, Trish's leg warmers, I'm probably still wearing spandex pants if you count my yoga pants (its my attempt to convince my husband that I really DO get dressed to write), I have two ponchos in my closet right now, and big hair? Ooooh man, I miss big hair. My hair is so naturally big, it loved the 80s!

I never did the visible thong or the midi skirt :-D Does that redeem me at all?

BTW, Beth, you are so adorable in these pictures! My fave is the harem pants one... I think I'll make it my screensaver!!!

Helen said...

Well done Joan

Great post Beth during the 80's I was a young mother and never had time to worry about fashion although all the clothes that I bought had shoulder pads in them and I wore them even the shirts that we wear at work now have small shoulder pads in them I take them out everytime I get a new shirt.

I always think of myself as built for comfort not fashion and always wear what I feel comfortable in I have a uniform 5 days a week for work which is yellow and black yes we kinda look like bumble bees and the rest of the time is either jeans track pants shorts and t- shirts.

My teenage years were the 70's lots of bulky high shoes and jeans and sparkly shirts.

Have Fun

PJ said...

Beth, you're a brave, brave woman to share those photos.

Joan, I gave up last night and went to bed at 10:30. I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore!
You and GR have a good day. I'm just imagining all the fun he could have at the hospital!

PJ said...

I'm not a fashionista but I have followed a few of the trends you mention.

Shoulder Pads: As Jo pointed out, you couldn't buy a top that didn't have them. Guilty.

Ponchos: Early 70's. Guilty.

Spandex Pants: Thank Gawd! Innocent!

Midi Skirts: I had to look this up. I'd never heard of midi-skirts. See, I told you I wasn't a fashionista. They're the same as mini skirts and, oh yes, I wore plenty of those in my time. I was in high school in the late 60's. You couldn't buy a skirt that wasn't a mini. In my defense, I was young, tiny, and looked pretty darn good in one...then.

Big Hair. This one passed me by. By the 80's I was firmly established in the conservative southern banking industry. No big hair.

Stirrup Pants. Innocent. I shudder to imagine.

Visible thong. Definitely innocent!

Mullet. Innocent

Shrugs. Innocent

Haren Pants. Totally innocent. Didn't even know what they were until step-daughter arrived from west coast wearing a pair. Sigh. I was so clueless. Hmmmm. Maybe that was a good thing.

Acid wash jeans. Innocent

Low rise jeans. You lose a bunch of weight, firm up at the gym, go buy low-rise jeans. What can I say? Guilty.

Beth, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I have to say though, I'm really glad I'm not the one sharing photos!

Maureen said...

I can't believe they didn't mention bell bottoms. I wore them when I was a kid and once they were gone I thought there was no way they would ever popular again.

PJ said...

Maureen, I wore plenty of bell bottoms in my time. Oh, and hot pants too!

Gillian Layne said...

Perms. Curly, kinky, where your hair is three shades lighter on the bottom because it's so over processed perms! And that was me on my honeymoon, no less. :)

Yeah, I thought I was so cool in the 80's. Now I have three teenage and tween daughters who set me straight on a regular basis.

Kestrel said...

I am guilty of some of the things mentioned, for sure! Even though my fashions were more late 80's early 90's when I went wrong...
Shoulder Pads, check- we used to watch Dynasty, Falcon Crest, and Dallas, and I thought I looked grown up!
Hammer pants- (parachute pants)- I had like 5 or six pairs, OMG, and they went with a big ole shirt that I tied in a knot on one side
Side ponytail and "Blossom" hats - I wanted to be her best friend...
Bodysuit- you know how everyone had those snap in the crotch things...
I don't know what you call them, but I was all about these tops that had the shoulders cut out of them and were cut so they had a tie in front...
Boots (we are talking combat boot style/Dockers) with long dresses... I got mega grounded for that one...
Does anyone remember those color changing T-Shirts that changed color if you were warmer? I wanted one so bad...
Acid wash jeans... check
Oh, and I never could get my hair to stay big, but I gave my bangs hell, it looked like a giant loofah perched on my forehead - and it seemed the thing to do where I lived was to make them stand up straight and fan over to the side, something out of "There's Something About Mary", what was up with THAT?
The list could go on forever... I like to think that my tastes have much improved, but I bet in another 10 years I will be saying the same things about my clothes!

Carol said...

Joan, Congrats ...what a vision the GR dressed in skin tight white spandex...vaulting onto the balance beam! doing a double back flip and landing on one leg...

I have to admit to not one single minute of Olympic events Watched...I've become hooked on Facebook...Safari Scraps!!! and animated dog! Yikes computer games!!

My faux pas of fashion of the
60's was teased hair..

70's was a wig..and dresses that made you look pregnant when you weren't!

80's baggy daggy track pants

90's a really long day dress

Now...well who cares! got to be warm, got to be cool. Must admit those conference shoes looked wonderful!!

Um...what is a shrug...the only one I'm familiar is a raise of the shoulders...(maybe with pads*g*)

Christie Kelley said...

Great post, Beth!! Okay, here are my confessions:

Shoulder pads - Yep.

Ponchos - I think so but that was when I was a kid.

Spandex pants - no way.

Midi skirts - I don't think so. A little before my time too.

Big hair - Are you kidding? Of course I did.

Stirrup pants - Guilty

Visible thong - No thank you.

Mullet - No, thank goodness.

Shrugs? I'm not sure what this is.

And no to the rest.

Okay, I have to get back to my copyedits now. Have fun today!

Deb Marlowe said...

Big Hair Rules!

You know, the GR confessed to me that he misses his big Hair Band Comb, too. We had drinks and mourned our past glory...

I'm sooo guilty of most of those, (no thong! ugh) but I don't regret it a bit. I had a great time in my eighties fashions!

In twenty years we'll be incredulous that we all wore those capris that cut us off and made us look short!

Joan said...

PJ said: You and GR have a good day. I'm just imagining all the fun he could have at the hospital!

Oh {shudder} No, PJ I'd never expose him to THAT!

Even with p226's training he's not ready for THAT!

Blessedly, I am off today and planning on torturing my hero a good way :-)

Trish Milburn said...

Kestrel, I forgot about the big T-shirt with the knot on the side. Yep, did that too.

terrio said...

Oh my. I'm guilty of so many of these. And yes, I was a teen of the 80s as well. Big hair? HUGE! Stirrup pants? Yep. Hammer pants? Yep. Shoulder pads? Yep. Jellies? Yep. Spandex? Yep. The list goes on.

To add some not mentioned, I had to have holes in the knees (and sometimes elsewhere) of my jeans. Always wore concert tees. And for some reason I was always cutting the sleeves off my t-shirts. I even had a Kiss shirt that I cut the entire neck out of and wore kind of like the Flashdance sweatshirt off the shoulder thing.

Two different earrings was my thing. Little dangling skull in one ear and a large safety pin through the other. Can you tell I was a headbanger? LOL!

Thankfully I never had the mullet. But my sister had hers well into the 90s. I love to make fun of her for it now.

Does blue eye shadow count as a fashion faux pas?

Louisa Cornell said...

Gold medal grab on the Golden Rooster, Joan! Turn him over to Demetrius and the gang!

I am so with you on the capris, Yankee Lady! I look like a midget waiting for a flood in them.

I think my complete aversion to shoulder pads now is a direct result of the ones I wore in high school and college! SHUDDER!! I cut them out of anything and everything now!

Stirrup pants? Oh yes!! I went to an undergrad school that had a major in equitation for cryin' out loud so jodhpurs were a real favorite if I had a riding class that day.

Harem pants - yes, hangs head in shame.

And big hair?? Are you kidding me? Absolutely! And the worst? BLUE EYE SHADOW!!!!

Anna Lucia said...

Oh god, not the blue eyeshadow - we had electric blue, THICK eyeliner over here. NOT guilty.

Guilty on shrugs (I LOVE shrugs, they're a staple of my wardrobe, and still in over there, I think - if we're talking about the same thing!), mullet (I hang my head in shame) fuzzy perms, jellies, stirrup pants (though only one pair) and quite possibly on the visible thong, though never intentionally.

NOT guilty on shoulder pads, big hair (my 80s hair was the mullet, sadly), harem pants (I think you look cute in that pic, Beth!) or spandex!

But I still love ponchos. My Mum had an icelandic wool poncho from the 70s. In the 90s I borrowed it and climbed a mountain in the rain while wearing it. At the end of the day I was drier than those wearing Gore-Tex.... ;-)

Anna Lucia said...

Oh god, not the blue eyeshadow - we had electric blue, THICK eyeliner over here. NOT guilty.

Guilty on shrugs (I LOVE shrugs, they're a staple of my wardrobe, and still in over there, I think - if we're talking about the same thing!), mullet (I hang my head in shame) fuzzy perms, jellies, stirrup pants (though only one pair) and quite possibly on the visible thong, though never intentionally.

NOT guilty on shoulder pads, big hair (my 80s hair was the mullet, sadly), harem pants (I think you look cute in that pic, Beth!) or spandex!

But I still love ponchos. My Mum had an icelandic wool poncho from the 70s. In the 90s I borrowed it and climbed a mountain in the rain while wearing it. At the end of the day I was drier than those wearing Gore-Tex.... ;-)

Anna Lucia said...

Sorry for the double post, dunno what happened there!

Donna MacMeans said...

Fun post Beth -

I had some shoulder pads that would do a linebacker proud, but then, I was a business executive in the 70s. A girl needed those high, formidable shoulders to deal with all those men in suits. (Plus they were fabulous pillows for tired baby heads).

No stirrup pants for me, no thong visible or otherwise (Thank God!), no mullets - but I did have a pair of purple silk harem pants. Purple! I kid you not! They weren't as full as yours and I don't think they ever made it out of the house. A personal shopper with normally good taste suggested them.

Missed item - elephant pants - I had a few pairs of those (sigh)

Joan said...

Well, blue eye shadow seems to still be big in China...all their 12 yo...uh, I mean 16 yo (pfft)gymnast girls were wearing it.

Jellies? Now were they those rubber like slip on shoes? I was a dedicated young nurse in the '80's...white was MY in color.

p226 said...

I'm only guilty of the visible thong. ;)

Joan said...

I'm only guilty of the visible thong. ;)


rebekah said...

I did the visible thong thing. Use to wear locut jeans, half shirts and a thong pulled up high on my hips. Now I make sure my thong is hidden beneath my clothes.

Thanks for the great post brings back many memories.

Beth said...

Tawny, if only we'd known each other in the 80's - what a pair we would've made *g* (And now everyone's asking, "a pair of what?" *ggg*)

That harem picture is awful, isn't it? The pants. The hair. The dagger nails. *sigh* No wonder I look so miserable :-)

Beth said...

Helen, working from home makes it so easy to be all about comfort. I have to admit, there are too many days when I wear baggy sweats and old sweatshirts but I do love clothes - which would explain why my closets are so full :-)

As a young, stay-at-home mom, I might not have always looked my best but I made sure my kids looked as cute as could be (although there were days when we stayed in our pajamas just for fun *g*)

Beth said...

Beth, you're a brave, brave woman to share those photos.

ROFL! PJ, I'm not sure it was bravery so much as stupidity *g* Especially now that Tawny is threatening to use one pix as her screensaver *g*

You shouldn't be worried about sharing photos either. Sounds like you were much smarter than I was and bypassed most of the fads *g*

btw, the article I read said midi skirts actually came after mini skirts. Midi skirts were longer - they fall to the middle of a woman's calves. I've worn long skirts, short skirts, skirts just above the knee and skirts just below the knee but no midi skirts :-)

Beth said...

Maureen, I was surprised bell bottoms weren't mentioned as well! My husband was a teen in the 70's and he said since he didn't have bell bottoms and since his parents couldn't afford to buy him new jeans, his mom made him bell bottoms! She sliced the side seams and added different material to the bottoms *g* He was quite fashionable!

Beth said...

Oh, Gillian, I remember perms very well. Even though I have naturally wavy/curly hair, I still tortured myself twice a year by getting a "spiral" perm. And since my hair was so long, the stylist had to piggyback the rods. What an ordeal!

And I hear you about your teens setting you straight. I just shared my pictures with my 16 yo son and...well...let's just say he wasn't impressed with his mom's style :-)

Beth said...

LOL, Kestrel on the Something About Mary hair! Oh, the things we do to look fashionable.

And I'd totally forgotten about body suits! I had a few of those and tops that had the shoulders cut out. Oh, and in the late 80's, early 90's I also had colored jeans and even a pair that were leopard print *g*

Beth said...

Carol, I've only watched a few minutes of the Olympics - and only one entire event.

Comfort should be key, shouldn't it? If only I could remember that when I go shoe shopping *g*

A shrug is like a sweater but it only covers the shoulders. Some were so tiny they looked like just sleeves :-)

Beth said...

Thanks for taking time out of your copy edits to play, Christie!

Wish I would've had your sense and had just said "no" to the mullet

Beth said...

LOL, Deb! I know capris are wrong for women our height, but I still wear 'em! Just not the wide legged ones. Sooo bad. Makes me look like I've been cut off at the knees :-)

I can't regret my 80's fashion choices either. Like you, I had too much fun for regrets *g*

Cassondra said...

Oh, gosh.

I don't know what shrugs are. Somebody help this obviously fashion-less female.

Big hair? Oh YEAH BABY. *sigh* But it didn't take aqua net to do it. My hair is fine, but there's a lot of it. It gets big real easy with a perm.

Too many Perms? Yup. That's how I got the big Farrah Fawcet hair. I had so much hair they had to use two perms to make it big. But make it big they did.

No mullets EVER. *shudder*

Jellies? Yup. But they're back. They're in all the department stores. They just don't call 'em jellies. I don't presently own a pair but DID own them in about six different colors.

Shoulder pads? Yup. Cut them out of everything now--except suit jackets--and they're a bit smaller even in suit jackets now. They don't seem to put man-size shoulder pads in size 6 petite women's suits any more. Thank God.

Stirrup pants? Yup. But I loved these. I am not embarrassed. Had the big sweaters like Joanie's.

Leg warmers? Yup. Not embarrassed about these either, but I was a dance minor so can I get a free pass on those? (And.......hold onto your cheese and cracker---THEY'RE BACK!!!! JUST LIKE THE NON-JELLY-JELLIES! But..uh...I won't be wearing them this time around.)

Low-rise jeans? Did not have them because showing girl skin was EVIL in the house where I grew up. I just bought my first low-rise jeans last month. (not the uber-crotch showing ones--just the below-the-belly-button ones, which is where I always wore my jeans anyhow. Anyway I bought some and showed them off at National to the Banditas. Tight ones. Never wore tight jeans before and decided I should live a little.

Camel toe? Not sure about this, but if that's what I think it is, I'll never wear jeans that tight. I'll freeze to death naked first. Blech.

Harem pants? Yep. But I liked these okay too. They were black and soft. I actually had a couple of pairs of these made for stage costumes--one was red white and blue for a Fourth of July performance (yes, I looked a bit like a miniature Uncle Sam-style Genie I'm certain) and one gold lame outfit that had harem pants, spaghetti strap top and gold lame shoes. Hey, it looked good under the lights. I even sprayed gold glitter on my skin. (grin)

No parachute pants, no mini skirts (weren't allowed cuz my family was deeply religious and girl legs were EVIL).

In the music biz, you can get away with a lot. I wore long lacy flirty skirts with combat boots. On stage.

Terrio I had holes in my jeans, ripped up t-shirts ala flashdance too!

No thongs showing EVER. Although I have purposely let the pretty lacy black straps of a bra show before, never panties. Somehow, that never seemed like a good idea. Ick.

I'm certain I've made a lot more fashion mistakes, but here's the question...WHO decides what are the mistakes and what are not?

I think all y'all looked cute in your capri pants in San Francisco, but when they were "in" before, then went "out" everybody thought they were a fashion mistake. Now they're back.

Is this a conspiracy to try to confuse me? Same with those shorts that my mom called "Pedal Pushers" which were the only ones I was allowed to wear cuz girl legs were EVIL, but were SUCH a fashion no-no when I was a teenager that I just didn't wear shorts. Now they're back. WHAT IS UP with this yo-yo stuff?

Cassondra said...

Oh yeah. Bell Bottoms. Had me some of them--POLKA DOTTED ONES with a WIDE WHITE BELT BABY!

I was stylin.

The WORST fashion mistake I ever made was gauchos. GAG ICK GROSS UGH. They tried like a year ago to bring those back and I don't think they made it. Thank God.

Cassondra said...

WonderBeth said:

LOL, Deb! I know capris are wrong for women our height, but I still wear 'em!

See, I don't get this. Cute little women look good in Capris I think. REAL TALL thin women look sorta like a praying mantis when they wear capris--you know--how those really long legs are divided and segmented?

Okay, I'm shutting up now, walking off to the coffee pot shaking my head.

Cassondra said...

Wonder Beth said:

A shrug is like a sweater but it only covers the shoulders. Some were so tiny they looked like just sleeves :-)

Ooooohhhhhh! Okay. Never had those. Never SAW those actually. Maybe they never made it to Southern Kentucky. know what? I just noticed something in the stores recently. That's right. THEY'RE BACK!
Okay I really am going for coffee now.

Fun blog Beth!

Beth said...

Terrio, I often wore two different earrings though mine were usually feathers and beads.

I've often thought blue eyeshadow was a fashion faux pas but only because it seems so very dated. And is sometimes a shock to the system to see that much bright blue on one's eyelids :-)

Beth said...

Louisa, the 80's turned many a woman against the harmless (well, depending on the size of some of them, not so harmless) shoulder pads *g* And while I didn't have jodhpurs per say, I did have a pair of jeans that resembled them :-)

Beth said...

(I think you look cute in that pic, Beth!)

Aww...thanks, Anna! I look a bit mean but that was taken on my honeymoon so maybe I was just gearing up to learn how to keep my husband in line *g*

Your mom's poncho sounds wonderful! My mom still had the ponchos she made for us but neither of my girls were interested in wearing them. I'll have to see if she still has them as I'm sure ponchos will come back yet again (it seems everything does!)

Beth said...

Oh, Donna, I'd love to see a picture of you in your purple harem pants! Hey, was I the only one who felt a bit like Barbara Eden in I Dream Of Jeannie when I wore my harem pants? And I'm pretty sure I wore my hair in a high ponytail (like I had a fountain on my head) during that time as well :-)

I'm not familiar with elephant pants. Must go and google them right now *g*

Beth said...

I'm only guilty of the visible thong. ;)

ROFL! Oh, come on, p226, where there no polyester pant suits in your past? Bell bottoms? Wide collar, brightly colored, wild printed shirts?

Or how about half shirts (I remember a few guys in high school wearing those - ugh) Or those animal printed work out pants that resembled harem pants? No Mullet? No Flock of Seagulls hair-do? Or did you have a "tail" - you know, really short hair except for one long piece in the back?

Oh, remember when vests, for both males and females, were big? And bandanas? I wore one around my thigh *g* Funny how Bruce Springsteen turned into a Fashion icon for awhile there *g*

How about an acid washed jean jacket? Rips and holes in your jeans?

p226 said...

Hmm... ok... I did have holy jeans.

But I've always been a jeans and t-shirt guy.

From middle-school through high-school graduation and beyond, I was in jeans, a t-shirt, and if it was cold, an olive-drab field jacket.

I always looked the same.

Still kinda do. Now it's just cargo pants in place of the jeans.

But yeah, some of my jeans developed holes. And I didn't care.

Esri Rose said...

Congrats on El Rooster, Joan!

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with harem pants or ponchos. Stirrup pants and shoulder pads, yes. I eschewed the kneeless stirrup look and usually cut out shoulder pads, but boy-howdy did I have a mullet.

Angel Joe and I have been watching the 1991 miniseries version of Dark Shadows, which is basically Dynasty with fangs. I keep yelling, "I remember that fashion!" In addition to the clothes, one guy sports the Miami Vice I-lost-my-razer-three-days-ago look, and small-eyed Barnabas the vampire has obviously turned his coffin into a tanning bed. He looks like George Hamilton crossed with a bull terrier.

Other bad fashion: I spotted Elaine (on an old Seinfeld) in a separate crocheted collar with a jacket -- like her shoulders were the arms of a couch owned by an old lady. Wouldn't want her collarbones to get grubby, I guess.

Beth said...

Rebekah, thank you for admitting to the visible thong! Come on, who else fell prey to this fad? 'Fess up, people!


Glad my post brought back memories - hope they were good ones *g*

Beth said...

Cassondra, I wish I knew who made the rules about what's "in" and what's "out" (any other Project Runway fans out there hering Heidi Klum??) I've just come to a point where I know what I like *g* And though I've read that capris make short women look shorter and that women over a certain age shouldn't wear them, I still do (and yes, I'm short and over that certain age *g*)

What I have gotten better at is figuring out what looks good on me and what doesn't and if I need help, I just ask my hubby *g* Honestly, he's great at letting me know what works and what doesn't and he does it in a very noncritical way :-)

Beth said...

The WORST fashion mistake I ever made was gauchos. GAG ICK GROSS UGH. They tried like a year ago to bring those back and I don't think they made it. Thank God.

Gauchos are something I avoid like the plague. I'm just too short and wide leg, short pants make me look like I've been cut off at the knees *g* Not flattering on me. Not, not, not.

Beth said...

But yeah, some of my jeans developed holes. And I didn't care

Obviously you've found a style that works for you *g* I remember people splattering bleach on their jeans to get that "worn in" look and hacking away at them to make holes in strategic places. Now if someone came after my favorite pair of jeans with bleach and/or scissors, I'd have to hurt them.

terrio said...

Oh, what about those big bermuda shorts that came back for a while? I had those. I also had spandex that came to just below the knee and one leg was a bright color while the other leg was black. Crazy.

I'd totally forgotten about the tail. OMG! That was just nasty! And people did it (and still do!) to their children. Talk about abuse. LOL!

Beth said...

He looks like George Hamilton crossed with a bull terrier.

OMG! ROFL! What a great image!

And how funny is it that the fashion on Seinfeld and Friends seems dated now? My youngest loves Home Improvement and Jill's and the kids' clothes and hairstyles on there crack me up *g*

Joan said...

Rebekah, thank you for admitting to the visible thong! Come on, who else fell prey to this fad? 'Fess up, people!

Ok, here's the thing (or thong).

Several years ago I decided I wanted to be hip so I went to VS and purchased what I would call their "plain, everyday" version of this thing called thong. Kind of like their "orthoapedic version"

Wore it for all of 2 min. before I said "Pfft, forget this!"

Kudos to all who can and do avail themselves of this fashion icon.

Beth said...

I'd totally forgotten about the tail. OMG! That was just nasty! And people did it (and still do!) to their children. Talk about abuse. LOL!

Yes! LOL! Every once in a while I'll see some poor kid with a tail. I always give their mom the Stink eye *g*

And the mullet is alive and well! At least in my town. I just got back from running errands and some a guy with an honest to God mullet.

Kestrel said...

Ok, I have to admit this because I just remembered doing it when you said something about hacking away at your jeans...
Remember a little while back, they brought back "Daisy Dukes"? Yep, I did that... I cut off the jeans that had holes in the knees, hacked them off just past the lower curve of my butt, and went after them with fabric paint...
You will not catch me dead with shorts on today, but I will wear capris, but ONLY after trying them on and making sure they are just the right length to not look like an idiot.
Oh, and I had a mullet in elementary school, an unfortunate experience with lice (UGH) but I wouldn't let my mom cut all of my hair off, so I CHOSE that haircut!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

okay, what is a mullet???????

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Shoulder pads = Guilty (but only cos that is all I could get)
Poncho = Innocent
Spandex pants = Innocent
Midi Skirts = Guilty
Big Hair = Semi Innocent (my hair was so heavy it wouldn't "big up"
Stirrup Pants = Guilty
Visible Thong = Innocent
Mullet = Uhh, what's a mullet?
Shrugs = What's a shrug??
Harem Pants = Innocent
Acid Wash & Low Rise Jeans = Innocent
parachute pants = innocent
Jellies = Guilty
Leg Warmers = Guilty
Bell bottoms = Guilty, Guilty, and Guilty

Nancy said...

Joan, congrats on the chook!

Beth, I never had big hair. Like Kirsten's, my hair won't do that. At least, not without a lot of encouragement and product-related help I was too lazy to give it. I did, however, have the mega shoulder pads and the pleated, tapering pants (though not technically harem pants). A look that makes women resemble massive triangles flatters nobody, but we all wore it. As Jo says, it was hard to buy jackets without the shoulder pads.

I had midi skirts. Still have a couple, on suits I bought in consignment shops. I'm thinking of having them shortened because I like the suits otherwise.

Maureen, I had bellbottoms. Which weren't that far from some of today's "boot cut" pants. They were hip-hugger bellbottoms and still covered way more than today's "low rise" do. I never had gauchos, but I hear they're back. I may actually get some to go with my cool boots if I can ever learn to walk on the high, high heels (too much time in flats and sneakers of late).

Dianna, for mullet--think Billy Ray Cyrus in his heyday, the "Achy Breaky Heart" years.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Thank you Nancy, now I know what a mullet is I can claim complete innocence, I never had one of those.

So what is a Shrug, another haircut??

Pat Cochran said...

Thankfully I was too old when many
of these 'fashion statements" made
an appearance but I plead guilty to
some. Did anyone ever have an Afro
hairstyle? One of our parish staff
{one of the priests!) and I did! We
used the same hairstylist! Also the
"holy" jeans with all the decorative patches lived in my closet, also leg warmers, but no mullets or harem/parachutes pants or jellies. I've lived so long
that some of these faux pas are
on their 2nd or 3rd lives!

Pat Cochran

Cassondra said...

Wonderbeth said:

And I'm pretty sure I wore my hair in a high ponytail (like I had a fountain on my head) during that time as well :-)

Snork! I still do this. It's the only way it'll stay up there.

Beth said...

Kestrel, I do remember the return of Daisy Dukes! I believe the only reason they tried to bring them back was for the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

My kids and I laugh about how short my husband's basketball shorts were back in the 70's. There he was in socks that came up to his knees and a pair of shorty McShort short basketball shorts! The kids swear they're scarred for life just from seeing the pictures :-)

Beth said...

Hey, Dianna, a shrug is like a button up sweater that's been cut off so it's worn just on the shoulders. It's like wearing your 5 yr's old sweater *g*

Beth said...

Nancy, if you ever want me to help make your hair big, just let me know. I have a rat tail comb and some maximum hold Aqua Net and I'm not afraid to use them!

And the best way to learn to walk in high high heels is practice, practice, practice *g*

Beth said...

Pat, I'm LOL at your afro story! Especially since you and your priest had the same hairstyle *g*

My husband had a huge afro (he has very curly hair) in the 70's and up until the end of the past year, my son had one too :-) That head of hair almost took on a life of its own *g*

limecello said...

Hm - I had spandex shorts as a kid... they were hot pink! :D And... somewhat big hair. Yay, the 80s. Yes to 6 as well. And yes to acid wash jeans and low rise jeans. I have some that are a cross between superlow and low I think. - I've missed all the others. Well, I had a mullet type thing 8+ years ago (yes WAY after they were in style) - but that wasn't my fault. I was overseas, went to a salon, and was about to go after the stylist with her own scissors after she was done. It was a bad day, and I would have cried if I weren't so mad. (And hair generally doesn't bother me. I don't think much of cutting off 16-20 inches of hair at one time. - I donate it.)

Christine Wells said...

Did anyone mention fluorescent socks? So you could go into a room lit with blue light and *glow*. I wanted a t-shirt too but my mother wouldn't let me. She saved me from many, many fashion faux pas. But I didn't have nearly as much fun!

Beth said...

Ugh on the accidental mullet, Limecello! I'm like you in that cutting my hair off doesn't bother me but when you get something totally horrible, that's a different story.

Beth said...

Christine, luckily I wasn't into the fluorescent colors. Way too bright and chipper for my angsty teenage self :-)

Carol said...


Beth said shrug is like a sweater but it only covers the shoulders. Some were so tiny they looked like just sleeves :-)

Thanks for the explanation of a 'shrug...and yes they are back here too in AU ... a good way to keep the shoulders warm...
Also Queensland probably has the highest sales per capita of 'capri pants' in all of Australia!

Cheers Carol

Kate Carlisle said...

Beth, your pics are so cute!! Sorry I'm late (as usual) but just had to comment on the great post! I was guilty of big shoulders and harem pants and ... well, just about everything else but the mullet. And I could never get big hair either but I had lots of it so I would set it on a hundred soda straws to get the look. Which lasted about a day, sadly.

Hey Joanie, hope you had fun with the Chook!!

Beth said...

Kate, I've never heard of setting hair on soda straws! Perhaps you can give us a demonstration in DC next year?

All I know is I must've had more patience (or more time) in the 80's because there's no way I'd spend so much time on my hair today *g*