Thursday, August 21, 2008

Too Busy to Think

by Christie Kelley

Well, it now after 8 am and I just remembered it’s my day to blog. Does that tell you all anything about my life this week? If not, let me give you an idea of what has been happening with me.

Last week my husband and I took the kids to Disneyworld for the entire week. That’s seven days of standing in lines, walking around the parks, trying not to get sunburned, and fighting the masses of people who go there every year. I still don’t quite see the allure of it all, yet I know people who travel there every year (some even twice a year). Now, I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy myself. I really did have fun. But the only thing more exhausting than Disney is going to conferences.

We did have a blast and I finally stood in line for Rockin Rollercoaster and loved it. I think it has become my favorite ride in all the parks. And my husband has finally decided he likes roller coasters. At least the Disney variety.

I finally made it home on Saturday evening and started the laundry. Sunday was my day to start the catch-up from work (and finish the never-ending laundry). On Monday when I thought things were finally settling down, guess what comes in from the Fed Ex guy.

Yes, that’s right. My copyedits for Every Time We Kiss. I finally had the nerve to open them up on Tuesday to get a start on them since they have to be back to my editor by Monday. Yikes!! Lots of yellow Post-it notes. For anyone who doesn’t know, copyeditors will make comments and questions on Post-it notes. So I’ve been secluding myself in my office with the PC off, trying to get through them all. I’m just over half-way there.

And to make things more fun, my husband had to go to Northern Virginia on Tuesday for a training class and won’t be home until tonight.

The best thing of all this starts next week!!! My life will start to get back to normal again.

Now that we’re all caught up on my crazy life, what’s been going on here? For those of you who have been to any of the Disney Parks, do you love it? What’s your favorite ride there? If not, are you an amusement park fan or not?

And now, for the best question of anyone else getting excited about school starting soon?


Dina said...

What, where is everybody this mourning? :)

Dina said...

Hi Christie,

I've been to Dinsey once and I had alot of fun. It was all good.
I used to have a season pass to Great America near here, but now only go once in a while. Glad you had fun, but I also don't like those lines.

PJ said...

Dina, congrats! The GR is going home with you today!

PJ said...

I love Disney World. Honestly, it's one of my favorite places and I turn into a 10 year old everytime I pass through the gates. My first visit was in 1971, three months after the park opened and I've long since lost count of the number of times I've visited (for business and pleasure) since then. It's been more than thirty. I've only been there twice in the summer and, believe me, that was more than enough. The first time I didn't know better. The second time was when my granddaughters of the heart danced at the Magic Kingdom and I knew it would be sweltering. It was.

Louisa Cornell said...

Yay, Dina! Maybe you could take the GR to Great America. Can you see him on a roller coaster? The feathers will fly!

I've been to Disney World a couple of times and I always enjoyed it. I love Pirates of the Caribbean and Small World, believe it or not. Of course that could have more to do with them being indoors and on water so they are COOLER!!

I do enjoy the roller coasters, Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion too. Of course my favorite now is the Animal Kingdom.

School has started here in Alabama and I am thrilled. Not because I have kids in school, but because the kids aren't spending all day at Wal-Mart driving me crazy! In the summer parents will drop their kids off at Wal-Mart and leave them there for hours. EEEEEEK! Those sneakers with wheels should be ILLEGAL!

Christie Kelley said...

Congrats on the GR, Dina!!

Christie Kelley said...

PJ, I have a sister who goes to DW at least once a year with her three kids. They are heading there on Saturday so I'm hoping the weather will be better by then.

My mother is the same way. In fact, I think she was a little put out by the fact that two of her daughters were going to DW this year and no one invited her. So I made it up to her by telling her she could come with me to RT in Orlando next April. I think she's already packing her suitcases.

Christie Kelley said...


I've never heard of such a thing as parents dropping their kids off at Wal-Mart all day!! That's unbelievable. I couldn't imagine doing such a thing.

terrio said...

I love amusement parks, any kind of festival or carnival. I just like to be in crowds. Not sure why. I grew up outside Pittsburgh so we had Kennywood, but I preferred county fairs and local carnivals in the dept store parking lot. I worked at Opryland (now defunct) in Nashville many years ago and I loved it. Nothing like getting in free anytime you want.

Now I live near Busch Gardens and this is the first summer I haven't gone since moving here. I think we'll have to change that once kiddo comes back (which is this weekend - YAY!). I have yet to get to DW. Kiddo went with her dad during spring break this year and loved it - of course. I'm working on the two of us going next year - during the off season. ;)

Sorry to hear about your crazy days, Christie. Hope things settle down soon. Congrats on the GR, Dina!

Christie Kelley said...


Busch Gardens has my second favorite roller coaster, the Big Bad Wolf. I love that thing. But it seemed like the last time I rode it something was different about it. I'm still not sure what.

Margay said...

I can't wait for school to start! It's been a loooooooooooong summer.

Donna MacMeans said...

Christie - Welcome home!

Dina - Congrats, we may be running late but it spreads the joy of the GR around.

I've been pushing hard trying to finish this novel by my deadline next week (and loving this story!) when my husband decides to change our cable provider. - Oops, sorry dear, There goes the internet. There goes the mound of emails you've been planning to read after the novel is finished. Oops...
THen the contractors showed up to do some landscaping work. The kind that requires very loud excavating machines. They were supposed to start (and finish) last month. Oops...

But the book will be done, and your edits will be too. Working on a story you love is not a chore even though finding enough daylight can be.

terrio said...

Christie - I love Appolo's Chariot. Did I spell that right? Hmmm....

I usually end up going with just my daughter and I and she won't ride coasters yet so I don't get to ride them much either. I'm hoping she gets up the courage soon because I know she'll love them.

Christie Kelley said...

Margay, I'm with you. Although, I hate the thought of homework season starting again.

Christie Kelley said...


Sorry to hear about your internet and even sorrier about the noise when you're trying to finish your book. I can totally understand the noise factor. During the home construction, I found putting in my headphones with some classical music helped to drown out the noise.

Good luck getting the book done on time.

Christie Kelley said...

I think I rode the chariot at least once while I was down there. Hopefully, your daughter will get her nerve up for the coasters soon. Although, I don't think I ride the Lock Ness Monster ever again. That first drop just about kills me. I hate it!

Nancy said...

Dina, congrats on the chook! Watch him closely.

Christie, we loved the Peter Pan ride. I'm not generally an amusement park person (though I worked in Ride Operations at a nearby one for a couple of seasons) because so many of the rides are spinny or swoopy, which I don't tolerate well. I couldn't work some of those rides either, because working them means you're also watching them.

When the boy was small, we went to Disneyworld. I think we must've ridden It's A Small World about 10 times, with him waving at all the "little people." I thought the song was permanently etched in my brain, though it eventually did fade. The other ride we rode so much was Peter Pan, and we were able to ride a lot because it rained our first two days there. Those willing to brave the park in ponchos didn't have to stand in line for very long.

I also like Dumbo, which spins at a speed I can tolerate, and that eternal favorite, the Merry-Go-Round. The guys rode Indiana Jones and others of its ilk and were welcome to it.

We went to Disneyland last year, and we also immensely enjoyed the Star Wars ride and the Buzz Lightyear one (where you shoot at things). As well as Peter Pan, of course. Pirates of the Caribbean was fun, too, despite the long line.

The holograms in the Haunted Mansion were amazing.

The only dim spot was the infestation of line-breakers. Disney really needs to crack down on that, because it's hugely aggravating. It's not just teenagers, either. Adults do it and do it brazenly.

Christie, the corollary to the all-day drop off is the different-area drop-off, in which parents park their kids in the toy aisle and then go about their business while the Precious Darlings wreak havoc.

Christie Kelley said...

Nancy, luckily I have older boys who have no interest in riding Small World. They want "real" rides :)

Well, as far as the kids, I did let my son wander PetSmart yesterday while I was stocking up on the new kitten stuff. But I know he was just standing at the pet cages staring at the cats or snakes.

Anna Sugden said...

Waving to you all from across The Pond.

Yes, The Big Move is over ... for now. We still await our container of furniture etc.

Great post, Christie. Me? I'm a fan of Busch Gardens too. But, my fave is Universal in FLA. There is nothing like that Back to the Future ride!

I don't mind the round and round, upside down coasters, but I won't do ones like the Tower of Terror or the big drops.

Beth said...

I went to Disney a looonnnggg time ago when I was around 10 or 11. Many things have changed since then so I can't really offer an opinion. I do remember going through It's A Small World ride and my mom getting sick on the Teacup ride *g*

Am I getting excited about school starting?

To put it mildly? YES!

Of course, I'm the type of mom who starts a countdown of how many days are left of summer vacation on the last day of school ;-)

Christie Kelley said...

Hi Anna, glad to hear the move is going well. Moving is sooo stressful.

I'm with you on those big drops. I wouldn't do Tower of Terror either. The only one who wanted to do it was my 16 yr old but he didn't want to ride it alone.

Christie Kelley said...

Beth, I do understand the countdown until school starts. Except, then the homework and schedule madness comes. I really dread that.

Jane said...

Wtg, Dina.

I've never been to any of the Disney theme parks in the US or abroad. When I was little we went to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. I loved it. In high school we went to Great Adventure for Physics Day. We were supposed to conduct experiments while riding the roller coaster and other games. I haven't been to an amusement park since then. I'm not a roller coaster fanatic.

Kestrel said...

I love rollercoasters and theme parks, even though they are really expensive. As a matter of fact, my first job EVER was at Paramount's King's Dominion!
My oldest son has just gotten tall enough to ride most of the good rides, but we have two little ones ages 3 and 1, so if we were to go, guess who would have to keep an eye on them? ME... and that is just not fair. So I have ixnayed theme parks until everyone can go. I bet I get outvoted next summer though, because my hubby and oldest son threaten to take off by themselves if I don't let the grandparents watch the little ones.

On the other hand, school started here this week, and my new job OFFICIALLY will begin sometime next week, whenever the store gets a soft opening (I work for a coffee shop). The youngest kids have started daycare, but the baby has an ear infection, so he's been home. Busy busy week!

Oh yes, did I also mention I go to school online, and my WIP has been exploding out of my brain lately. Needless to say, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed, and will be happy for my life to hit a regular routine so I can find time for a nap. *yawn*

Christie Kelley said...

Jane, I'm not a roller coaster fanatic either. I do like some of the Disney ones because they don't usually have the big drops. I hate the big drops!

Christie Kelley said...

Hi kestrel,

Wow, you are a busy woman! I haven't been to King's Dominion about 20 years.

One thing I like about the Disney rides is they are made to be safe at smaller sizes than most amusement parks.

Good luck with the new job and the baby's ear infection. Both my boys ended up with tubes because of constant ear infections.

Santa said...

I am very excited to have my kids go back to school. Their brains have officially turned to mush.

Disney World is great. We surprised our kids with the trip in November 2006. They had no idea we were going until we pulled into the airport. I think that was my favorite part of the trip, lol.

jo robertson said...

I've only been to Disneyland once when my kids were little, pregnant with a 3 yo, a 5 yo, and a 7 and 8 yo. It was hell! The kids loved it except for the 3yo who still has nightmares of Mickey Mouse. It was so crowded then nor the lines so long, but I didn't go again until I had grandkids -- 2 grandkids and 4 adults, much for manageable.

Kestrel said...

Hi Christie, my 3 year old has had tubes for ear infections, I was traumatized, but he is so much better now. This is my youngest's first diagnosed one, so maybe he won't be so bad.

Best of luck on wrapping up your edits...

I am going to the library tomorrow with my oldest son, so he can get a jump start on a research project, and I am going to see if any of you great ladies are hiding on those shelves... I just wanted to say I have really been enjoying this blog!

Helen said...

Congrats on the GR Dina enjoy your day with him

Great post Christie and glad you had a great time I am looking forward to your next book YAY

I have never been to Disney World but we used to have a fun park about 15 mins drive from our place called Australias Wonderland and we used to go there a lot their big roller coaster was called the Bush Beast and they had a smaller one in Hanna Babera Land called the Beastie when the kids were young we went often and always had a great time they even had a wildlife park there unfortunatley it closed down a number of years ago the only fun parks now are in Queensland they have Movieworld Dreamworld and I think Seaworld and I have not been to these parks but I would love to take the grandkids one day.

Have Fun

Christie Kelley said...

Santa, that trip with the kids must have been so much fun. I love the idea of surprising them with a trip like that!

limecello said...

I haven't been to Disney World until I was four, but I remember having a lot of fun. Lol. As for school starting... not so much. I've got classes, and then classes to teach, and too much going on and two jobs, and then other orgs and publications - and meetings and orientation and training all weekend. My head is about to explode. I can't believe it but I think/hope with having more to do I'll somehow end up with more free time once the "year" begins.

Pat Cochran said...

I've visited Disneyland once and DisneyWorld twice back in the '70s & '80s. I say visited because on each trip I was accompanied by
100+ of my nearest and dearest
high school band students. That means that I was on chaperon duty for the entire trip. I enjoyed my band booster days but these competition trips were always high
tension because of all the
reponsibilities. For fun, I would
go with just my family!

Christie Kelley said...

Jo, I couldn't imagine going to Disney with kids so young and being pregnant.

Christie Kelley said...


Thanks for the kind words about book 2.

Sorry but Bush Beast just sound way too funny to me today. I think I need another vacation :)

Christie Kelley said...

limecello, here's hoping both our heads don't explode! Good luck with the classes.

Christie Kelley said...

Pat, my son did the Florida trip for band two years ago. But they ended up at Universal, not Disney. I actually wanted to chaperone that trip but didn't make the cut.

Helen said...


The park had a few different sections in it for the small children it was Hanna Barbera and I can't remember all of the names there was The Beach and the section The Bush Beast was in was an Australian theme they had a ride called The Snowy River rapids you always got wet in that one it was great on a hot summers day parts of the park were medieval as well we really loved going there not that I went on all of the rides some were too much for me but I think hubby and the kids had been on every ride in the park.

Have Fun

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Christie! A whole week at the Mouse kingdom-south? Wow, you're a better mom than I was.

We used to live exactly 2 hours west of Disney World. Thank goodness. We'd drive over once a month from June-October and spend the day. That way the kids got to go to each theme park each year, and we didn't have to try to do them all in a two or three day jaunt. And living in Florida, we had year passes so it only cost us more in gas money...

As for my favorite rides, Tawny will like absoloute favorite was the Pirates of the Caribbean! And then the haunted house.

Kate Carlisle said...

Christie, I can relate to the morning and the week you've had. Sorry you're having to deal with so much. Especially all that laundry! Ugh!!

I'm a West Coast girl so I grew up going to Disneyland and still love it. I mean, it's the happiest place on earth, right? And those drop rides? Love those, too!!

Congrats on snagging the GR, Dina!

Dina said...

Thanks all, I think this is the 1st time I've gotten him. :)
So, I'll enjoy my time til tomorrow when I pass him along, lol.

Joan said...

I ADORE WDW! I've been a dozen times. I love staying in the resorts as much as the parks!

Life is just magical there in the kingdome... sigh.