Sunday, August 3, 2008

Running Amok at RWA National...

The Rooster is here, the Rooster is here! He's sneaked into the SF RWA Conference and is running amok. It's quite the sight.

Here are a few peeks at what the dear GR is doing around the town.

Here he is with our own darling Anna Campbell who did us all fabulously proud by winning a BOOKSELLERS BEST award for Claiming the Courtesan! YEAH, ANNA!!!!!

The divine Caren Crane and the most amazing Cassondra Murray in the baaaaaaaar with his most delightfulness, the GR.

Board member and Bandita Extraordinare, Trish Milburn was accosted by his Goldenness at the Annual General Meeting. Much to our Bandita amusement, The GR was winking and blowing kisses to RWA President Sherry Lewis. To my chagrin, he was also making googoo eyes at RWA Executive Director Allison Kelley. Oh, dear! I fear he has subourned the Board AND the staff!

Darling AC and I were delighted to show off our First Sale ribbons to the GR. He was more impressed by being clutched between two excited Bandtias, I think.


Carol said...

Yikes he is there!

Carol said...

Congrats! Anna how fantastic, on your award...
I just had to dash to the shops and could not resist the Tim Tams...
Now I will celebrate with Champers, Tim Tams, and another visit from his Lordship!

Cheers and best wishes to you all , you too Christie for looking after the BB's!

Helen said...

Well done Carol he didn't want to stay away from Australia very long he probably missed the girls and the drinks LOL

Great post and pictures Jeanne although you do relise that that is the cloned GR the real one has been in Australia enjoying the party from afar.

Anna huge congratulations on your award so well deserved for a fantastic book and for finaling in the RITA I have been cheering you on

That cloned GR got around to a few bars and meetings so I see and had a good time with everyone

Love the first sale ribbons Aunty Cindy and Jeanne thank you so much for showing us the pictures. I loved your book Jeanne and am so looking forward to Aunty's in October.

Again I would like to thank all of the Romance Bandits for a wonderful party over the last few days we have had a ball.

Congrats and Hugs to all of the winners and all of the Bandits you Guys are the best.

Have Fun

Natalie Hatch said...

Okay girls it's time to stop partying and join the real world like the rest of us... take two aspirin and call us in the morning.

Carol said...

Gosh it's 10 to 1 in the morning in SF... Natalie the ladies are just getting started!

It will be hard for you all to say goodbye to each other! Many won't see each other for another year!

That replica GR does indeed look like a clone though!
Either a chip OFF the Old Block or a chip OF the old Block...
Love those great photo's - will look forward to more soon!

Every one have a safe trip home!
Cheers Carol

Jane said...

I'm thinking the GR had too much of a good time.

Congrats on winning a Booksellers Best award, Anna.

Aunty Cindy and Jeanne,
Those First Sale ribbons look great on you guys.

Elyssa Papa said...

Congrats, Anna!!!

And yay on the first sale ribbons---they look gorgeous!

Christie Kelley said...

Love the first sale ribbons. Now, what's this I hear about a certain bandita winning a Golden Heart???

jo robertson said...

Hey, how'd that happen? The GR's here in the Lair AND in San Francisco? Hmmm, was some chook cloning involved in this conspiracy?

Great piccies of the Rooster, Jeanne, uh, of whoever that imposter is!

Congratulations on the Booksellers Best Award, Anna! What an honor, and well deserved.

Pat Cochran said...

Wow! I just have to send along more
"Congratulations" to our Banditas
on the excellent showing at National!
To Ms. Anna, KJ, Susan, and Pamela/
Louisa, and all finalists: we are
all so proud of you!! Get your rest
and we will see you when you all get
back to the Lair!!!

Pat Cochran

Virginia said...

Congrats Anna, you go girl. I knew you could do it. I love your books, your a fantastic author.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Aunty is BAAACCKK!!!

(Aunty snaps her crop imperiously)

What's this I hear about hijinx in the Lair while the Banditas were storming the City by the Bay?

Unlock this portal IMMEDIATELY! We must get the Lair back in PARTY ORDER! Yes, we have MUCH to PARRRRRR TAY about!

Cabana boys! Gladiators! Get the luggage carts ready! WE ARE HOME AT LAST!

who missed you all!

Gillian Layne said...

We missed you too, all of you!

(And we want more pictures....;) )

Joan said...

Yup, there were feathers EVERY WHERE!!! (And alas, dear BB's we had them DNA tested...WE had the real GR)

The chook was one party poultry!

I'm pretty zoned right now after flying home but there will be more pictures and more fun to report after we all, I mean rest.. :-)

Let me just say this. That "force" from the lair? It is unbelievable when we are gathered together in person.

Helen said...

Welcome back Ladies we have missed you all but we kept the party going here awaiting your return.

Carol and I are really sure that we have had the real GR and the girls at the school confirmed that for us. The GR you had in SF has probably got lots of built in spying equipment to report back to all!!!

I totally agree being in SF with everyone must have been one huge force and a great party and lets keep this party going Carol has been fantastic with the drinks PJ has made us some wonderful tucker and everyone has been drinking and having a wonderful time with the Cabana Boys Gladiaters and the GR.

Congrats again to everyone can't wait to hear more and see more pictures.

Have Fun

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey y'all!! Thanks to everyone for keeping the lair in such fine "party" shape while we were gone!! And thanks to Jomama for making sure there was a posting today. Someone..**coughmecough** forgot she would be in the air all day and wouldn't be able to post anything!!

WOW!! is the best way to describe the week. The Banditas infiltrated the RWA conference and San Francisco will never be the same!!!

AND it was so great getting to see all of the Banditas, some of whom I'd never met in person until this week. Who knew Nancy and Kirsten were so dang tall!!! Or Susan was so tiny? Or that Christine was so beautiful in person?? And it was great to renew friendships we'd made last year. (Joanie, Caren, Jeanne, Anna, and Anna, KJ, Trish, Tawny and Beth) or those I met in '06 (Cindy, Jo, Cassondra, and Kate) or Donna who lives in my home town?

AND Susan won the Golden Heart with her manuscript "Money Honey"!! Super Congrats!!

AND Anna won the Booksellers Best award for Claiming The Courtesan!!! Super Congrats!!

AND KJ won the Daphne with The Matador!! Super Congrats!!

And Louisa won the Daphne, too!!

Okay...Rocky the Wonder Dog is glued to my heels and we're both in need of some sleep, so see y'all on the flip side!!

Helen said...

Welcome back Suzanne it is good to hear from you.

Sounds like you all had lots of fun in SF did you enjoy the Tim Tams?

Have Fun

flchen1 said...

Heavens, but that GR's been getting around!

Esri Rose said...

Congratulations, Anna! I'm so proud of you, but you could probably tell that.

Sherry said...

Are you kidding? A Golden Rooster was making eyes at me in San Francisco?


If only I'd known .....