Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meet Virginia Kantra and an extra special guest!

with Anna Sugden

I'm delighted to welcome one of my favourite authors and favourite people (and the lady who gives the best workshops any aspiring writer can attend!) to the Bandita's Lair ... Virginia Kantra.

USA Today bestselling author Virginia Kantra is a six-time RITA Award finalist and winner of numerous writing awards including the Golden Heart, Golden Leaf, Holt Medallion, Maggie, and two National Readers' Choice Awards. Her new Children of the Sea series debuts with Sea Witch (July 2008) and Sea Fever (August 2008 ).

Married to her college sweetheart and the mother of three kids, Virginia is a firm believer in the strength of family, the importance of storytelling, and the power of love.

Her favorite thing to make for dinner? Reservations.

Visit her on the web at or

Anna: We have an extra treat in store for you too. Virginia has managed to convince a special guest to accompany her today. Let me hand you over to Virginia, who will introduce her guest.

VK: Thank you so much for inviting me to blog with the Banditas! I’m actually hard at work on Sea Lord, the third book in the Children of the Sea series, so I’ve asked Regina Barone to come with me today to talk about simple summer recipes. Regina?

REGINA: You didn’t say this was, like, some celebrity chef gig.

VK: Well, not exactly. But you’re such a great cook, and I know your mother doesn’t always let you try out new things at the restaurant, so—

REGINA: Sure. You want recipes, I got recipes. No problem.

VK: Oh, my gosh, Regina, I’m sorry. I didn’t even think about Nick’s dad being a TV chef .

REGINA: It’s fine. It’s over. You want Food Network, I can do Food Network. How about Lemon Chicken Salad?

VK: That sounds great.

REGINA: Okay. You can substitute the chicken breasts in this recipe with leftovers. Or you can use that rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.

VK: Good tip.

REGINA: Hey, I know how hard it is when you’re struggling to put food on the table for your family. Especially when you don’t have a lot of time.

So, you want two skinless, boneless chicken breasts—that’s four pieces, about a pound and a half. You can marinate them in some olive oil, a little lemon juice, some garlic…

DYLAN: She's marinating the Golden Rooster?

VK: No, no. It's chicken.

REGINA (to VK): Oh, my God. What the hell is he doing here?

VK: I thought...If you couldn’t come…

DYLAN: That’s not usually a problem for her. Not with the right partner.

REGINA: You shut up.

DYLAN: Did you think I wouldn’t want to see you again?

REGINA: I was counting on it.

VK: Guys . . . Could we get back to the cooking lesson?

REGINA (takes a deep breath): Um. Okay, so you want to cook your chicken breasts.

DYLAN: You mean, grill.

REGINA (ignoring him): Under the broiler is fine—about 5 mins a side. While the chicken cooks, combine in your blender or food processor:

1 egg
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
1 teaspoon of lemon zest
1 teaspoon of sugar
½ teaspoon salt
freshly ground black pepper
Then slowly add ¾ C olive oil, processing. . .

(hisses to DYLAN): What are you doing?

DYLAN: I’m watching.

REGINA: You’re brooding. What do you think this is, a romance novel?

DYLAN: Close enough.

REGINA: Too close. Back off.

DYLAN: That’s not what you said the other night.

VK: What are you supposed to do with the olive oil?

REGINA: Add the olive oil, processing until the dressing is thick and creamy. Arrange the cooked chicken on a bed of lettuce. You can use the pre-washed stuff, but for the love of Mary, don’t buy iceberg.

ANTONIA BARONE, Regina’s mother (shouts from the distance): What’s the matter with iceberg?

REGINA: Ma, I’m trying to cook here. Where was I?

DYLAN (softly): Chicken.

REGINA (takes a deep breath): Top the chicken with the dressing and serve with crusty bread and a nice cold bottle of Pinot Grigio.

VK: Thank you, Regina.

REGINA: Is that it?

VK: Well, if you have a question for everybody . . .

REGINA: Sure. What do you all like to cook in the summer time?

DYLAN: I have a question. Who wants to cook? How many of you just throw something on the fire and open a beer?

VK: And thank you, Dylan.

I, for one, would really like to hear your responses. We’ll be drawing one poster to receive a copy of Regina and Dylan’s book, Sea Fever.

DYLAN: We have a book?

Anna: Thank you Virginia, Regina and Dylan. That recipe sounds fab, Regina. I know we have lots of cooking fans here in the Lair who will be thrilled to exchange summer recipes with you. And Dylan, I'm sure there are a few grillers lurking too.


Kirsten said...

Ooooo, and such a fun post too!

Kirsten said...

Hey, cool interview! I know nothing about cooking, unless you count asking my hubby to make his incredible grilled eggplant. Now that's my favorite meal of the summer -- grilled veggies. With lots of olive oil!

Virginia, I would love to hear more about your workshops -- can you take aspiring writers from almost there to sold? And tell me about the Sea Witch. If I spend a little more time at the beach, can I find a Sea Prince to take home with me? :-)

Helen said...

Congrats Kirsten it is a while since the Gr has visited you isn't it

Great interview everyone I have read a review (by PJ) on this book and it sounds amazing another book to add to the must get list can't wait to get my hands on it.

Love the receipe and will be trying it as soon as it warms up it is freezing here in Australia again at the moment raining as well great reading weather.

Australians love a good BBQ in the summer months have to agree with Dylan throw some steaks and sauages on the barbie and make a great bowl of salad some great french dressing and a beer or two my favourite summertime meal and of course I only have to do the salad hubby cooks the BBQ I can relax with a good book while he is cooking.

It was lovely to meet Regina and Dylan thank you Virginia and Anna

Have Fun

Kimberly Van Meter said...

I loved Sea Witch. I picked up while on vacation and couldn't put it down. I get carsick when I read in the car so each time we stopped for gas while my sweet hubby was taking care of the details I whipped out the book to devour a few more pages. I finished it within two days. I can't wait to read Sea Fever, although I was kinda hoping the next story would be about the sister but I'm sure Dylan's story rocks, too!

Pat Cochran said...

Hello, again , Ms. Virginia,

Saw you earlier on another blogsite,
it's good to see you again. Going to
go back to the recipe and get a copy.
It sounds great, I will certainly be trying it!

Pat Cochran

Natalie Hatch said...

Kirsten you scored, keep that boy in line...
Hi Virginia, I have been writing a YA Selkie story set in remote Victoria, Australia, and was moaning and groaning to my hubby that there's no selkie stories out there except the old legends... wo wo is me, and then I came across your novels. Well Hallelujah! someone else loves the idea of shape shifting seals as much as I do.

Carol said...

Kirstin. Good Catch!

These books sound wonderful...
I love a good fantasy series! I love to read them all together...
(waiting for the next Jennifer Fallon, before I read them)
I'll make a folder in my TBR folder and paste the covers in there!
The Chicken Salad sounds lovely too...I can't eat it ok to leave that out? and I'm with Helen ...a bit chilly here yet though!
Thanks Anna for introducing Virginia and Regina to us...
Another Q. how many books are in the series?

Cheers to all... Carol

Jane said...

Yummy. Lemon chicken salad sounds delicious. I'm not much of cook, but my dad is. He can whip something up with whatever is available in the frig or the pantry. Summer is a great time for steaks and hot dogs.

Anna Sugden said...

Good morning all from sunny England! (It was raining, but now the sun is shining *g*)

I like the sound of your hubby's grilled eggplant, Kirsten. Does he do anything special to it?

I think Virginia's workshops help aspiring authors take their writing to the next level - they certainly did for me!

Anna Sugden said...

Definitely recommend both Sea Witch and Sea Fever, Helen.

Your hubby doing the barbie while you relax with a good book, sounds like an ideal way to spend a summer's day/evening.

Anna Sugden said...

Oh Kimberley - what a devoted reader you are! I can't read in a car either - but love those long plane journeys!

Anna Sugden said...

Regina's recipe does sound delicious, doesn't it, Pat?

Anna Sugden said...

It's great when popular authors pick an unusual world/time period or write about sports heroes *g*, Natalie. Really helps those of us still trying to get published as we can name-drop!

Good luck with your Aussie selkies.

Anna Sugden said...

I'm like you, Carol. I like to read all the books in a series in one go.

Anna Sugden said...

Is that another vote for Dylan's side, Jane?

Somehow barbecuing/grilling doesn't have the same appeal here in England. And people aren't as skilled with the grill. Maybe it's the changeable weather too ... nothing quite dampens a barbie like standing under brollies in the pouring rain eating luke-warm food that's singed on one side and almost raw on the other!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh cool, where is Regina from? If she wants to get away from Dylan she can come see me and we can cook chicken.

Congrats on the GR Kirsten, don't let him read the interview though, I am not sure how well he would handle it.

So I have yet another series to add to the groaning TBR shelves. It is getting seriously dangerous here with that bookcase leaning like it is.

PJ said...

Congrats on nabbing that GR, Kirsten!

Anna Sugden said...

Dianna - our removal men said they'd never seen so many books in one house ... or bookshelves (25)!

And you'll never believe it, but there's a tile of a rooster in our kitchen - right above the stove. I should check if it has a camera attached to it!

PJ said...

Welcome to the lair, Ms. Kantra. That recipe looks yummy. Almost as yummy as Dylan! As Helen mentioned, I reviewed SEA FEVER for RNTV and I fell head over heels in love with this series. Both SEA WITCH and SEA FEVER are incredible stories with verrrry hawt heroes. SEA LORD looks to be just as fabulous. When will it be released?

I'll be back with a summer recipe after I walk the dogs and wake up a bit.

Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing time at the beach!

Wendy said...

Hi, Virginia!

I know nothing about cooking but oddly enough, when I do cook, I really like it. I just don't have to time to do it a lot. But that recipe sounds very good! :)

Wendy said...

Oh! I should be getting Sea Witch in the mail any day now and can't wait to read it! *g*

Louisa Cornell said...

Yay, Kirsten. The GR will have a ball with you, I'm sure. Grilled eggplant? What time is dinner? Yum!

Hello, Virginia. Your books sound wonderful. One more set of books to get Tammy to order for me!

In the summer I am a Wok cooker, when I cook. Throw something in, stir fry and eat. Quick and easy. I will throw something on my little grill on occasion, but grilling for one is too much mess for me. I have a tabletop electric grill that I use more than the regular outdoor grill. When the niece and nephews visit it is strictly hot dogs and burgers on the outdoor grill and the boys do the cooking.

Most days, if work has been tiring, it is a sandwich and salad for me.

Virginia Kantra said...

Wow, thank you, Anna, for the introduction. Thank you all. What a welcome! Let me pour some coffee and we'll talk.

Kirsten, you can find a complete list of my workshops here, and some articles on writing here. Are you a member of RWA? I wrote that feature in the July RWR, "Developing the Romance in Your Romance Novel."

Sea Witch was something different for me. I was finsihing up another paranormal novella for Berkley when I pitched what I thought would be another straightforward romantic suspense: returning Iraq vet, police chief of a small island town in Maine, finds a beautiful, naked woman who's been attacked on the beach.

And then I thought...What if she wasn't human?

The story--the whole series--took off from there. I'm having so much fun writing these books!

PJ said...

I love fresh veggies in the summer. I'm a frequent visitor at the farmer's market and also have gardening neighbors who leave bags of goodies on my front porch every week. Here's a quick, easy and delicious way to fix yellow squash.

Slice the tips off each end of a yellow squash. Steam squash until par-cooked. Slice lengthwise, sprinkle generously with Lawry's Seasoning Salt and layer with slices of jalapeno-jack cheese. Place on a foil covered baking sheet and cook under the broiler until the cheese bubbles (only a few minutes). Enjoy!

Dylan Hunter said...

Helen, you're my kind of woman. Cute kids.

Dylan Hunter said...

Kimberly, how could you get so excited about a book where my brother gets the girl? But, okay. If he's what Margred wants . . . I don't see why, though.

Dylan Hunter said...

So, Natalie, you love shape shifting selkies? Are you single?

Virginia Kantra said...

Pat, good to see you again!

Kimberly, thanks for the kind words on Sea Witch. Lucy's story is up next--Sea Lord, May 2009.

Carol, this story arc is a trilogy: Sea Witch, Sea Fever, Sea Lord. The stories are connected by the Hunter siblings. But there will be more Children of the Sea books.

Virginia Kantra said...

REGINA here. (Virginia is letting me use her account.)

Carol, if you can't have eggs, here's a simple, light lemony salad dressing I like:

3 T lemon juice
6 T vegetable oil
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper

Shake really hard, so that it gets all blended and slight opaque.

That's it!

Dylan, I cannot believe you're hitting on women on a website.

Kirsten said...

Don't worry ladies, I've got our little GR drunk on fine olive oil and under close surveillance. Helen, you're right, it has been a little while. Was he always this shifty-eyed? Hmmm....

Virginia, your list of workshops looks fantastic, and so do your books. I'm working on a faerie series right now myself and love all the selkie legends I've come across in my research! I will plan on taking Sea Witch home with me soon -- as soon as I get out of my writing cave and have a chance to read something!

Anna Sugden said...

PJ - I always knew you were a woman of exceptional taste! The books are fab, aren't they?!

And Virginia's heroes have always been hot, hot, hot. And so very ... male!

Anna Sugden said...

Wendy - I love cooking, if I have the time. I love my hubby cooking even more *g*.

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Louisa - any Cadbury's left? ;)

The Brits are big wok cookers too. Though I must admit, a nice summer evening and a meal outside at the local pub always goes down well.

Anna Sugden said...

Don't you just love those 'what if' questions, Virginia?! Some of my best ideas have come from them. Toss in a little of Tess Gerritsen's 'how can I make this worse?' and I'm all set!

Anna Sugden said...

Oooh PJ - love ths sound of that recipe! Simple and delicious.

Anna Sugden said...

OMG - Dylan stayed in the Lair! Would you like me to show you ... around?

You'd better watch out for some of our Banditas and our Bandita Buddies (BB's) ... nothing they like more than a sexy man in the Lair.

Anna Sugden said...

Regina - another great tip. So, just among us girls (ignore Dylan) what did happen between you two?

Trish Milburn said...

Hi, Virginia. Nice to see you here. Loved this fun interview.

Honestly, my favorite thing to eat in the summer is the Chocolate Extreme Blizzard from Dairy Queen. :) Alas, I am currently ending week two without sweets or Cokes, trying to cut some weight. I don't think I've ever gone two weeks without sweets.

I also nice pasta salads, and fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden.

Anna Sugden said...

Kirsten - drunk on olive oil? Is that like marinating?

Kestrel said...

This was such a fun interview, I am going to have to look for your books, because they sound like fun!
Regina, don't be too hard on Dylan, after all, he is just a man... I got one that sounds just like him! (Lucky me)

As far as summer cooking, I do love to grill, hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, fish, veggies, you name it. However, this summer has just been atrociously hot, and we haven't gotten around to covering our deck and setting up the grill, even though we moved here a year ago...

I do have a fun summer recipe that doesn't involve grilling though:

1 lb. of hamburger
1 bag of corn tortilla chips (you can use Doritos for a different flavor kick if you want)
1 can red kidney beans, drained
1/2 head shredded iceberg lettuce (this is a perfectly acceptable use of iceberg)- you can also get one of those pre-shredded bags at the store
1 can black olives, sliced
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese
1 or 2 roma tomatoes, chopped
1 bottle thousand island dressing

Brown your hamburger and drain, then mix with all the other ingredients, making sure the chips get all broken up and smashed in good. Chill in refrigerator.

This recipe is great the first day you make it, but if you cover it and let it sit overnight in the fridge, the dressing soaks into the chips, and it tastes even better! Enjoy!

Dylan Hunter said...

Jane! Another girl who sees things my way.

Kestrel, your husband sounds like the lucky one to me. Some women know how to cut a man a little slack.

PJ, I don't remember meeting you, but you can light my fire anytime.

Anna, "Very male," huh?

Virginia Kantra said...

REGINA again.

Dianna, I'm from World's End, Maine--off the coast, near Rockland. You probably haven't heard of it. I spent a couple of years in Boston as a sous chef, but now I'm back on the island with my son Nick, working in my mom's restaurant.

Louisa, some days I don't feel like cooking, either.

I love everybody's recipes! Thanks for sharing.

Kestrel, Dylan isn't exactly, um, "just a man."

Virginia Kantra said...

PJ, I loved your review of SEA FEVER. Thank you so much!

Wendy, I hope you enjoy SEA WITCH!

Trish! Great to see you here. After San Francisco I definitely need more walks and more salads myself.

jo robertson said...

Totally fun, Virginia and Regina! Thanks for joining us today and thanks to Anna for inviting you.

Hmmm, I want to know much more about that Dylan dude.

Sorry, it's again my religion to cook in the summer (at least that's what I tell my husband and better yet, he believes me -- such a simple man!).

Can you tell us something about the Children of the Sea trilogy, Virginia?

Kestrel said...

Lol, Regina, even if he is a selkie, he's still male, right?

I have three boys in addition to the hubby, and even the CAT (who we thought was a girl when we got him) act exactly alike... I don't think testosterone changes from species to species, they are all impossible sometimes. My hubby's mother says he's the kind of guy you wanna slap with one hand and hug with the other, and she's exactly right!

Wendy said...

Thanks, Virginia! I just got it! :D

PJ said...

Kestrel, if you have a man like Dylan you are *definitely* one very lucky woman! :)

PJ said...

Virginia said: "PJ, I loved your review of SEA FEVER. Thank you so much!"

You are very welcome! I loved the book so much. I'm excited that you plan to write more Children of the Sea books. The world you've created is fascinating!

Piercedfreak said...

can't wait to start reading the books. :) the chicken sounds good!! lol.

Virginia Kantra said...

This series was partly inspired by Orkney ballads and partly fourth grade music class.

Remember squirming on chairs and risers, afraid to open your mouth? The boys with voices pitched as high and sweeter than the girls, forcing themselves to mumble in a lower register? I don't remember the teacher who took us on. But I do remember a song she taught us, an Irish sea shanty from the early 1700s:

My father was the keeper of the Eddystone light
And he slept with a mermaid one fine night
Out of this union there came three
A porpoise and a porgy and the other was me!
Yo ho ho, the wind blows free,
Oh for the life on the rolling sea!

Then the phosphorus flashed in her seaweed hair.
I looked again, and my mother wasn't there
But her voice came angrily out of the night
"To Hell with the keeper of the Eddystone Light!"
Yo ho ho, the wind blows free,
Oh for the life on the rolling sea!

Now, the "father" in my series is a lobsterman in contemporary Maine. The "three" are the grown up children of the sea:
Caleb, the soldier, who returns from the desert to fall in love with a woman from the sea (Sea Witch, July 2008)
Dylan, the loner, who must choose between the freedom of his mother's kind and the bonds of mortal love (Sea Fever, August 2008)
Lucy, the dreamer, whose fate and heart are tangled with the sea king's son (Sea Lord, out next May).

At the heart of each book is a stand alone romance. But there's an overarching threat, and in every book, the stakes get a little higher.

Nancy said...

What a fun post! Welcome back, Virginia. And, er, friends. This looks like another fabulous Virginia Kantra story (which is currently lurking on my TBR mountain, I'm sorry to say). The lemon chicken sounds great, too.

Kirsten, congrats on the rooster. The dh makes an eggplant dish, but it's in the skillet. Maybe they should trade recipes.

Anna S., I cannot believe there's a rooster over your stove. The GR must be beside himself with glee! Did you know that realtors here say bookshelves are a drawback in selling a house? So are books on bookshelves. Christie, do you agree with that?

Regardless, we need 25 bookshelves; we're just unlikely ever to have them.

PJ, the squash sounds delicious.

Trish, good luck with the weight loss campaign.

Virginia, what a wonderful inspiration for the series! I remember 4th grade music, but it produced nothing so useful to me.

limecello said...

Hi Virginia - thanks for visiting with us today! Loved the post/interview. I love the stories about the selkies - haha, and I love Dylan's comments. I read Sea Witch, and couldn't wait to read his story!

Mujerluminosa said...

Hi Virginia,
Wow Virginia, Regina, recipes and Dylan!!! Be still my heart.
I love this series so much. I'm with you Virginia - I like making reservations too. :)
Happy summer and thank you for taking us to Maine. Keep 'em coming.

Anna Sugden said...

I knew I forgot to do something before I left the US - go to DQ and try one of their Blizzards!

Go you Trish on your will power.

Anna Sugden said...

Your recipe sounds yummy Kestrel (one of my favourite birds!). Isn't it funny how some recipes taste better the second time around?!

Anna Sugden said...

I know what you mean, Jo. Isn't it funny how even a salad seems like too much work when the heat and humidity are at their highest?!

Anna Sugden said...

Piercedfreak - you won't be disappointed by the books or the recipe!

Anna Sugden said...

Nancy - I can understand that if they're fixed bookshelves. Ours come with us *g* along with the many, many cartons of books.

I miss free shipping on books already!

Anna Sugden said...

Limecello - there you go encouraging the hunks again!

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Stephanie - Virginia does give us it all, doesn't she?! (Though I think Dylan kind of snuck in there on his own).

Dylan Hunter said...

I do not sneak. I was invited. As for what happened that night . . .

Virginia Kantra said...


We don't need to go into that right now.

Virginia Kantra said...

Maybe you all could read the excerpt? Would that be okay, Regina?

Virginia Kantra said...

REGINA : Whatever. You're not going to listen to me anyway.

VK: Huh. Usually it's the other way around.

Dylan Hunter said...

Ah, gods, she's going to start on her you-characters-never-listen-to-me rant again.

Virginia Kantra said...

I was not! I was just going to say how nice it is to be talking to some real people for a change.

REGINA: What's that supposed to mean?

VK: Nothing! Nothing. Just...Hi, PF! Good luck in the drawing.
Nancy and Stephanie, it's so good to see you guys.
Limecello, I'm glad you enjoyed SEA WITCH. I hope you like SEA FEVER. Dylan is a very different kind of hero than his brother.

Dylan Hunter said...

You got that right.

Natalie Hatch said...

Dylan my selkies are mostly teenagers, so we're good for now. I'll leave the mature selkies to you and Virginia it's probably for the best. But they do get up to some tricks, I've got the playful sometimes ADHD group of selkies running around. Thanks though.

Buffie said...

What a fabulous post!!!! I have heard some much about Virginia Kantra and this series (especially from PJ!). I can't wait to find these books and start the adventure.

Anna Sugden said...

Sorry, Dylan. Of course you don't sneak. *rolls eyes*

Anna Sugden said...

My characters don't listen to me either, Virginia. *sigh*. Not only that, they always throw me a curve-ball at around Chapter 9.

Anna Sugden said...

Buffie! I knew you wouldn't be able to resist if Dylan was here *g*.

Kelly Krysten said...

That was an excellent interview! Dylan is adorable.

jo robertson said...

I forgot to congratulate Kirsten on winning the GR.

Here's my summer recipe:

can of Hormel ham, mashed (or Spam if you're brave)

can of black olives

cooked pasta (about 3 cups)

the dressing you use for potato salad (I make mine from my head and it's always different)

pour dressing over warm pasta, olives and ham

Don't add salt to your dressing; the ham is salty enough.

My kids loved this growing up.

Dylan Hunter said...

Who's the naked dude with Buffie? Is he selkie? I see water.

Virginia Kantra said...

REGINA What, you're the only guy who gets to parade around with your shirt off?

Beth said...

Okay, I'm going to try and contain myself but it's not easy as I'm a HUGE fan of Virginia's stories! I'll try not to gush too much though *g*

Thanks so much for joining us in the lair, Virginia! I haven't read this series yet but only because I'm not reading anything until I've met my deadlines. Then I'm diving into Sea Witch and Sea Fever!

I love to cook and some of my favorite summer recipes are tomato pie (from Paula Deen *g*) lemonade vodka slush (no cooking required but oh so yummy *g*) and grilled veggies (I'm with Kirsten, lots of olive oil)

Last week I made blueberry scones and they were so good. This weekend I'm going to make raspberry ones :-)

Virginia, it always seems like there's never enough time in the day to get everything done. Do you have any time management tips you can share? Any hobbies or activities you've had to set aside to make more time for writing?

Virginia Kantra said...

Would you two behave?

Anna, I'm sorry. I had no idea they were going to carry on like this.

Virginia Kantra said...

Aww, Beth, thank you! (And, seriously, feel free to gush. Gush all you want.)

Time management tips? Honestly, I need some.

Activities I've given up for writing? I used to quilt, throw pots, embroider, spend more time in my garden. Read. Well, I still read. Stephen King says reading is as much a part of a writer's job as writing. But I don't read as much or as uncritically as I used to.

I still clean house, but only as a procrastination device or to work out bits of dialogue in my head.

I try to walk, but my walking buddy is in Maine for the summer, so I'm spending a lot of time at my computer. Sulking.

Virginia said...

Great interview, I will have to say that I cook all the time. I do get tired of it also. It seems like you have the same thing all time and you get tired.

Your book sounds awesome, I would love to read it.

Helen said...

You are welcome to my place anytime for a beer and a BBQ I would love to have you over for a visit to Australia

Sounds like you are going to have some fun with Dylan and love your receipes

I am so looking forward to having a wonderful adventure when I order these books and get to read them can't wait

How wonderful that you will always have a rooster in the kitchen with you just keep an eye on it I am sure the GR has something to do with it LOL

Just watch him he really has changed a bit over the last few months !

Have Fun

Buffie said...

Dylan, Regina, and Virginia -- I thought my avatar fit right in with today's blog.

Question for Regina -- So does Dylan have a body like my avatar?

Buffie said...

Anna, you know me so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Virginia Kantra said...

Helen and Virginia, thanks! Good luck in the draw.

REGINA: Buffie, unless your guy turns around, I really couldn't say. Not that I've seen . . . Oh, shoot. Yeah, close enough.

jo robertson said...

Virginia, thanks so much for explain your series. It sounds so delightful and though I don't normally like fantasy, I'm definitely picking this one up!

Ah, now I get Dylan -- not quite a man, very intriguing!

jo robertson said...

NOw, now, Beth, shame on you! You can't mention scones without giving us your recipe. Give it up, girl!

Tawny said...

ROFL - Virginia, what a fabulously fun post!! Thank you so much for visiting us and for the great recipe :-)

catslady said...

I have to say how gorgeous your covers are!!!

Carol said...

Thanks Regina, I appreciate you eggless version, sounds great!
Also this is a great quick meal for writers in insrirational mode... buy a cooked ...(you hnow what! in case a certain bird is watching!) and toss that dressing on ...and voila!... greatest cook ever!
Cheers Carol

Carol said...

Ps, sorry about the typo's didn't put my spec's on...

Joan said...

Kirsten said: Don't worry ladies, I've got our little GR drunk on fine olive oil and under close surveillance. first I thought this said drunk on olive oil under a close grill....Ack!

Virginia, sorry I'm late with my welcome to the Lair (DDJ, don't you know). I read one of your stories in a recent anthology...LOVED IT! Will be adding these books to my TBR pile.

I LOVE selkies. In fact I kept staring at the little island off the coast of Monteray just WILLING one of those seals to morph into a handsome, hot, warrior.

Regina, your recipe sounds yummy as does your man.

Welcome to the Lair, Dylan. I've been doing some shopping for Demetrius....would you try this shield on for me?


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Welcome Virginia! Sorry I'm late to join the (obviously fun) party! I love the sound of the Sea Series. And Dylan, I like the sound of YOU! Grins. However, the Darling Husband wouldn't approve. He'll let me window shop, but not shoplift. Sigh.

Regina, love the recipe. It gets so muggy here in Washington - worse than Boston, but not by much - that cooking is anathema. But I'll try that one soon, when it cools off.

Beth, I want that scone recipe! I have a couple that don't work very well. Grrr. Julia Child's works best, but it's complex.

Reservations are good things to make in the summer, I've found...maybe at your restaurant Regina. I lurve Maine!

Dina said...

Your recipe does sound good, but I really don't enjoy cooking anymore, always trying to figure out what want to eat.

I'd love a chance at Sea Fever too. :)

Louisa Cornell said...

Uhm, Anna S, the answer to that question about the Cadbury's would be a great big NO! In fact very little of that bag of Cadbury's made it out of San Francisco! And those few that did were judiciously rationed until I got all of my requested material out to those who asked for it. After that there was a Cadbury massacre to celebrate. The truly bad part was when my brothers found the empty bag tucked into my Nationals scrapbook. I was already in trouble for showing them the big bars La Campbell brought me from Oz, after which I pronounced said brothers "dead meat" if they touched them. When they found out I had devoured an entire bag of REAL Cadbury's from ENGLAND NO LESS. Lets just say I will NOT be getting a good Christmas present from either of them this year.

Virginia Kantra said...

Tawny, it's been my pleasure!

Catslady, they are incredible covers, aren't they? Tony Mauro is the artist. I can' wait to see what he comes up with for Sea Lord (Lucy and Conn's book).

Jo, I know you're an RS girl, but I think you might enjoy the tension between the pragmatic, police procedural world of Caleb and the sensual, magical world of Margred in SEA WITCH.

REGINA: Carol, it was great talking food with you.

Jeanne, No reservations are required at Antonia's!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Virginia and Regina, I'll be heading to Antonias! If it's in Maine and I don't have to wait in line? I'm there!!


Did I mention that I love Maine? We go to the Cape every year or so and I've conned the fam into driving up to Maine twice now. VBG. I blame it on ancestor hunting. (AKA genealogy)

Dylan Hunter said...

Joan, I'm happy to try on your shield. Want to help me...strap it on?

Joan said...

Joan, I'm happy to try on your shield. Want to help me...strap it on?



Virginia Kantra said...

Dina, My MySpace friend! Nice to see you here. Good luck in the drawing!

REGINA: Kelly, seriously . . . "Adorable"?? You can't encourage this guy!

Dylan Hunter said...

Yes, you can. You should. I appreciate it.

Joan said...

Dylan! Dylan!

I've brought Demetrius' shields...

Sure, I'll hold onto that pelt....put it away nice and safe


Anna Sugden said...

Adorable, Kelly? Is that like sweet *snigger*.

Another great recipe, Jo. Sounds the perfect thing to feed seven kids!

Anna Sugden said...

Yes, Beth - give up the recipe! (and feel free to gush - I did!)

Catslady - yes, they are gorgeous!

Joan - the story in the anthology is the perfect lead-in to Sea Witch.

Anna Sugden said...

Oh no, Joan - not the old 'try this shield on' game.

Anna Sugden said...

Jeanne - Maine was one of the places we had on our list, but never made it to ... before the Big Move.

Dina - There are days when I cna't be bothered to cook. I'm all for ready meals and take-aways.

Anna Sugden said...

Louisa - just give me a shout when you feel the need for more. I can pop some in the post.

Anna Sugden said...

Thank you Virginia, Regina and Dylan for such a fun visit to the Bandita's Lair.

I'm hoping that Virginia will visit us again when Sea Lord comes out ... maybe with some other special guests.

In the meantime, we'll work on that drawing. And no, flirting with Dylan doesn't give you a better chance!

Virginia Kantra said...

Anna, thank you so much for inviting me! I've had a great time.

We all did.

Thank you all for coming out to play.