Sunday, August 31, 2008


by Suzanne Welsh
Tomorrow is labor day in the United States. Started in New York City back in the 1880's it was a day set aside to remember the contributions made by the city's workers. As the daughter of a Union plumber and pipe fitter, I've always known the importance of the day.

But for me, it's always had another meaning. As some of you may know, my dreaded night job is that of a Labor and Delivery nurse...(okay, by now you know where I'm going with this). My very first year out of nursing school I worked on Labor Day. How appropriate was that? Women in Labor on Labor Day...So today I'm going to share with y'all some of my favorite stories... (every one of them a true story!)

When I lived in Florida, the unit I worked on was 6 floors up. We had a separate entrance from the ER, clear on the other side of the hospital. One night I got a call from the security guard who sort of chuckled and said, "We've got a lady down here having her baby in her car." Because he laughed, I thought he was joking. Only, he wasn't. The laugh was an I'm-scared-please-come-help-me laugh. So my team and I run to the elevator, and hurry down to the entrance. Sure enough the mother was lying in the front seat of a Grand Marquis. She was trying to exit head first out the driver's side. Problem was, the baby was coming head first the other direction! We managed to delivery the baby without too much difficulty and up to the L&D unit safely. Let me tell you, leather upholstry makes a very nice delivery table!

One time, I was working in a University Hospital with residents and interns. A lady in very active labor comes down the hall, holding her stomach and breathing like she's a category 3 hurricane. Between breaths she says, "I need a birthing room." As the charge nurse that night, I showed her into a labor room, explaining it was the only empty bed, but if she was ready to deliver I'd move her over to the delivery room after we examined her. I turned to pull back the covers, and when I turned around, she was gone! I found her at the end of the hall, holding onto the guard rail we had on the wall, squatting and grunting. (NOT a good sign!!) So, I grabbed her gown and slipped my hand between her legs. Yep I could feel the baby's head touching my hand. As we maneuvered into a delivery room, (imagine here a cross between a waddle and a goose-step!), I yelled for a resident. Good plan, except for the delivery table was chest high!! No way could she climb on top to deliver. The little resident runs in and says, "What can I do?" After he gets his gown and gloves on, I told him to put his hands under her like a quarterback, and then when I let go, whoosh...he caught the baby with mama standing and holding onto the delivery table. Funny thing was, I looked into the observation window that this hospital had, and there was the rest of the staff all watching!!

One of my most favorite deliveries was this past winter when my daughter had my granddaughter. My hubby said I got to have every grandmother's dream. I picked the doctor, the nurses, the hospital AND I got to be in the room when she was delivered! Well, the dreaded night job has to have some perks, doesn't it? And here she is!

So, those are two of my stories...Do you have any fun stories about being pregnant, deliveries of yours or a friend's? Let's talk babies and births today!


Helen said...

Is he coming to visit me

Have Fun

Helen said...

Loved the post Suz as you know two of my daughters are having babies and both of them are due on 13th Dec they have had ultra sounds and are both having boys Bec is going to Sutherland hospital about a 45 min drive from my home and Brooke is going to Farifiled hospital just around the corner from us.

I really hope that they don't go at the same time because I cannot choose between them I will have to wait at home for a phone call and it will kill me. I was at the hospital in the waiting room when my other two grandkids were born and I got to have cuddles very close to their births and there is nothing like doing that.

Suz your grandaughter is beautiful there is something so special about being a grandparent it is totally amazing I think at this stage I will be in with Brooke when she has her baby and am really looking forward to it even though I have had 4 children myself I have not witnessed a birth and am really hoping to be there when one of my new grandsons are born.

Have Fun

Gillian Layne said...

Way to go Helen!

I have three daughters, and this is one of my favorite topics. I love, love babies, and would have tried to match Jo in the numbers department if my body hadn't decided otherwise. :)

My first daughter's birth was about a week "late"; she arrived white and wrinkled and screaming, bless her heart. Then when they cleaned her up and brought her to me (dear Lord, I was SO clueless, I had never even held a new baby before), I just kept saying 'look how pretty she is!' while the nurses said, 'Um, yes, well....'

Actually, she had a bright red rash from head to toe because she was allergic to the gown they put her in (she ended up allergic to everything) but stupid me--I thought all new babies should be bright red. Good circulation, you know! ;)

Gillian Layne said...

With my second daughter, I walked all day on the 4th of July because by golly, I was sick of being pregnant! Sure enough, went into labor that night.

That labor was the labor of the 'student'. Because my husband worked in the radiation therapy department of the hospital at that time, everyone knew I would be fine with extra visitors.

I must have had at least 40 students in and out of the room. I started out pretty friendly, and ended up biting the head off of one intern who thought patting my shoulder would "comfort" me. Ha!

Then of course there was the radiation oncologist who stopped by to discuss a case with my husband---and brought him a batch of homemade salsa, "just to try". Yup, a Mexican celebration there in the room, while I'm thinking up creative ways to pitch them all out the window. :)

Gillian Layne said...

Baby #3, we worked four long years to conceive (that sounds naughty, but you know what I mean...;)), and when she arrived, my blood pressure was sky high and they were preparing for a C-section.

All of a sudden, I knew she was coming NOW. I looked at one of my nurses (God Bless good nurses, there is a very special place in heaven for them), she looked back at me, and just ran to the end of the table. Her hands went out in that football catch and she caught my sweetie just as the doc was swinging through the door. He did all that 'doctor' stuff they do, gave her to me so she could nurse, and laughed, "Didn't need me for that one, did you?"

You have no idea how badly I wanted to pay his bill out to the nurses who were there with me the WHOLE time.

Ok, I swear I'll hush now and enjoy everyone else's stories.

On a side note--Friends along the coast, our concern and prayers are with you!

Carol said...

Well done Helen...great catch!

Lots of baby catches today Suzanne!
I think Midwives are so underappreciated, usually they deliver the babies, but the Dr hands out the account!

The Dr who delivered my son was a rather gentlemanly, religious man! I'd had no pain relief except for the gas they use. (fast delivery -31/2 hrs total) Near the end after a particularly strong contraction, I said
Jesus Christ!!!

and the Dr, said CAROL!!
as if to pull me into gear after swearing! I was quite indignant!
I always thought that It was quite mild! *g*
Nowadays I'd probably turn the air blue, but then I was better mannered!!
Cheers Carol

Donna MacMeans said...

Suz - What a wonderful and perfect post for labor day weekend.

My favorite baby story was when I had my first. It was a long, hard delivery and I was exhausted afterwards. The nurses work me up to nurse and I said...(half asleep) don't have a baby... Their giggling woke me up.

I agree with Gillian. God Bless the L&D nurses. We know who is the soul of the hospital.

Congrats Helen on the GR!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

congrats on the GR Helen!! Make sure he behaves himself.
Gillian, you have had some horrific experiences with giving birth. I so to the being "clueless". I didn't know what to do with my first one either but she survived my somewhat clumsy ministrations, flourished actually..:-)

Her delivery was a piece of cake, two hours hard labor and she came out fighting. The doctor thought she was a boy at first because her shoulders were so wide, then he said "oops, my bad, you have a red headed girl."

The really interesting delivery was my son, I had to be induced, (gestational diabetes)and he didn't want to come out. He had started down the birth canal when my blood pressure spiked and he had decided to turn around in the canal. He did his best to turn around and go back. THAT was interesting from my viewpoint.

Terry Odell said...

I remember my first, back in the semi-dark ages, where my husband could be with me in the labor room, but not for delivery. It was a cold November night, and when the nurse would come in to examine me, she'd ask my husband to 'please step outside'. What I didn't realize was that the design of the hospital was a figure 8, and the rooms were all on the perimeter, with the nurses' stations in the middle. So when my husband went out the glass door of my room, he was literally outside. He came back shivering, and I asked why he had to leave, and the nurse said she didn't think I'd want him present while she checked me. Like, lady, it's not like he hasn't seen me before! So she let him stay for the rest.

Next time, I was carrying twins, and although I wasn't in active labor, my water had leaked, so I called the dr. He told me to come in. After he examined me, he aksed the nurse who else was around, and she said, 'two in exam rooms, five in the waiting room.' He said he'd see the two in the exam rooms, but to send the other five home. I kind of felt that made up for all the hours I'd spent waiting for my appointments.

And this time around, hubby was allowed in the delivery room, but he and the doctor kept talking about cameras.

Tiffany Kenzie said...

Oh... I love baby stories!

Love the squatting mom.

My daughter was nine days late. Supposed to come out Dec 21 came out the 30th. Anyways... I was so sick of being preggo I did 'everything' my midwife said would work to help get the baby out, after she gave me a sweep (err, it's stimulating the cervix, I believe) I was pre-dilated before I went into labour.
Anyways... after my black and blue cohosh, and the other things my midwife told me to try, I went into labour on the 30th at 12:30am. Called the midwife to come to my house, she said, oh, you sound so calm, are you sure you are in labour? I was like.. yes, excuse me while I breath through this contraction. Two hours later I had a beautiful baby girl weighing in at 9lbs 2oz, my son (2 and a half) was woken up by my grunting and got to help dress his newborn sister withing the first half hour of her life--they are very close.

I could just talk about this forever.

Tiffany Kenzie said...

terry: your poor hubby, I made mine stay in the delivery room. I said to him when I had Pugs, you put that baby in there, you are gonna watch it come out! But he couldn't cut the cords on either baby, it grossed him out, LOL, my mom did that--she was there for both my labours--I knew in advance the hubby would be useless to help, but I wasn't suffering alone :)

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh Terry, your doctor and hubby discussed cameras, my hubby and doctor were discussing deer hunting, I was not real happy under the circumstances.

jo robertson said...

Hilarious post, Suz, I loved your stories. They make me laugh at the same time they give me chills remembering my own labors.

In some ways I envy your job. The most beautiful experience I ever had was watching my oldest daughter deliver her first child. So lovely and moving!

Louisa Cornell said...

Yes, he's coming back to see you, Helen. Are you bribing him with Tim Tams?

Great post, Suz! I salute all of you moms! I have never had the "privilege" of being pregnant or giving birth. In fact most of my experience has been in delivering animals.

When I worked as a "stableboy" (ages 9 - 12) I worked for the local squire who raised race horses. A mare had been in labor all night when I showed up one morning to work. Apparently the foal was stuck in the wrong position and the mare was so narrow neither the vet nor any of the other men in attendance could get their arm up far enough to turn the foal. (Yes, that means exactly what you think!) I showed up and they all stared at my skinny long arms and said "Come here, gel!" So I had to lay flat on my stomach, behind a mare in labor and stick my arm inside of her up to my shoulder and search for this foal's head. When I found it he latched onto my fingers and started to nurse, right there inside his Mom! It was cool then and I still think it is just amazing. I almost dislocated my shoulder getting him turned and pulling him out of there. Mother and foal were fine and he grew into a real "goer" as they say.

Working as a vet tech I had to help deliver a lot of puppies. One particular case is memorable because I worked the night shift at the animal emergency clinic (6 PM to 6 AM) one night a week. I took one of my students with me one night because he was thinking of studying veterinary medicine. This night, this STUPID woman comes in with her Cairn terrier in deep distress. The dog had been in labor for 24 hours with NO results! There was a huge puppy stuck in the birth canal (daddy was NOT a Cairn terrier! Probably a labrador retriever) We did an emergency C section. The puppy in the canal was dead. The other four puppies appeared to be dead as well - no breathing whatsoever. My poor student was devastated. I handed him a puppy. I took one and I started massaging the puppy, When that didn't work I held it in my hands and swung my hands up and down HARD! The kid looked at me like I was nuts until the vet grabbed the other two puppies and started doing the same thing. When those puppies started crying the look on that kid's face was PRICELESS! He talked about it for the rest of the night. He thought it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. This was an at risk kid who had been kicked out of most of the public schools in town. He is now a large animal vet.

The owner abandoned the Mom and puppies at the clinic because we had to spay the Mom to save her life. The puppies were mixes and this woman didn't want them. She was a breeder. We found great homes for the Mom and all four pups and yes, the kid took the pup he brought back to life. That was over 12 years ago and he STILL has the dog.

Louisa Cornell said...

God bless all the delivery and labor nurses! What a great job you have! When my nephew was born, the nurse came to ask my brother what name to put on the birth certificate. My brother said "Aaron Bocephus Bolton" She just looked at him for a minute and then said "I'll just talk to you wife when she comes out of recovery." LOL Unfortunately, my SIL TOLD my brother if the baby was a boy HE could name him. But she really appreciated the nurse asking!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Helen! Good grab on the GR! Make him do a little work, since tomorrow is labor day!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Both grandbabies are due the same day? Over the years I've seen this happen once or twice. It's pretty cool to have a cousin to share your day with!

I hope you get to see one of them being born. I was all of 19 when I saw my first delivery. It brought tears to my eyes and from that moment on, I knew which field I was going to specialize in.

Suzanne Welsh said...

LOL...I'm sure she was very beautiful to you, Gillian. That's the thing, most babies are beautiful to their mothers and we nurses know that!

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG Gillian, I had a student with my third, but only because for some reason on that Friday I was the only patient in labor on the unit. (guess they all delivered earlier in the week!) Poor girl didn't get to do much except watch me answer every question on JEOPARDY. Then boom, my labor went into full gear, but her shift was done before the little guy made his appearance! Luckily, thought no interns or residents came into my room, just the one student nurse.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Gillian, I've had more than one irate father offer to pay me instead of the doc when I've caught the baby, but I assure them we try to get the doctor there in the middle of the night, but sometimes the babies just decide to come "now" and all we can do is catch!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Carol, I actually had a lady whose family "Jesused" her baby out. And believe me, that was way better than some of the things I've heard over the years!

Personally, L&D nursing, as with many other nursing jobs, requires a great sense of humor some days.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Donna! Yep, anesthesia can make pt.'s say some odd things:

Once I was in the recovery room with a patient who had general anesthesia for a c/section (this was years before epidurals were the common thing). As she woke up, she kept saying, "What did I have?" her husband and I kept saying, "You had a baby boy." Finally, after about the tenth time, her husband says, "You had a monkey." She replied, "But I wanted a baby!"

Do you know about 4 years later we met at church and became really good friends. Then one day we were talking about this baby's delivery and YEP, I was her nurse! How cool was that?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Wow, Diana, in all my years I've never heard of a baby turning and going back up!! Your blood pressure must've scared the dickens out of him! Glad they both turned out just fine!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Terry! Most of the time I love having the dad's or other family members involved with the process. Most are really fun and there to support the woman in labor. And from a nurse's persepective, there is nothing that makes me go "Awwwwww" more than a daddy crying while holding his new son or daughter!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Tiffany! An at home birth! Glad everything went well and your son got to be involved so quickly afterwards.

My third was two weeks late! I asked my Dr how long the longest recorded pregnancy was, she said "45 weeks by sonogram documentation". Luckily Eric decided to come at 42!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

You know, Jo, I loved being at the birth of my granddaughter, but I tried to give my daughter and her hubby lots of time alone, (I was at the desk watching the monitor!!). It's one of the things I tell my patients, you tell me who you want in the delivery and that's the only people we'll let in. Often times it's the pt and her hubby only. I offered this to my daughter and SIL, but in the end she wanted me there. AND I managed to stay out of the nurse's way. (Of course I picked the ones I knew would take very good care of her!!)

Suzanne Welsh said...

OH Louisa, what a great story about the horse and the puppies, (although the woman should've been horsewhipped!!). When I was working in teaching hospitals I loved getting the students involved in the process. Sometimes we have high school seniors there who are considering going into medicine. It's exciting helping them decide to do something they find "very cool!"

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG....Louisa what a horrendous middle name!! LOL

Uhm, I've had some interesting ones over the years!

When I worked at Ohio State University, I had a dad name his little girl, Scarlet Anne Grey....Uh, the school's colors are Scarlet AND Gray!

Lots of Kelly Greens
A Sunshine Dawn
Horatio Horneblower (yep after the other one!)

Then there was the lady from Vietnam who barely spoke English and wanted to name her baby Placenta....we talked her out of that one!

Louisa Cornell said...

And I thought my brother was bad!! Horatio Hornblower? That kid will HATE his parents!

And Scarlet Anne Gray? Give me a break!

Thank GOD you spared that poor child "Placenta" OMG!!

Yes, my brother is a BIG Hank Williams, Jr fan. Fortunately we call my nephew Bo as my other nephew is also named Aaron. Aaron Bocephus is my youngest brother's son. Aaron Andrew is technically my middle brother's stepson, but as Jim has been his only real father since he was four AA is the real deal as far as we are all concerned.

Running the bakery at Wal-Mart I have to write lots of STRANGE names on birthday cakes. The latest? Wanker. Yes, Happy Birthday Wanker. Any of our British sisters want to explain what a wanker is?

Buffie said...

Oh Suzanne, those are some great stories.

I have to say I was blessed with both my deliveries.

For my oldest, the hubby was just getting ready to leave for work when the first contraction hit. By the third one I said get the suitcase and let's go. Now this is around 6:30 a.m. or so, and anyone who has been around Atlanta knows traffic is awful. So we raced (as best we could) through the traffice on I -75 and got to the hospital. Bless the nurse I had, she was calm and easy going and told me to change and she would check me. I kept telling her I needed to sign the paperwork for the drugs (yep, I wanted the drugs), but when she checked me she said "darling, you won't be getting any drugs, you need to get ready to push". Connor arrived in the world less than 2 hours after I got to the hospital. It was tough with no medication, but I got through it.

For the second one, the doctor said they wanted to induce me a week early since my first came so fast. She was afraid I would deliver in Atlanta traffic. So in we went on an early Monday morning. The nurses changed shifts and they started the stuff to induce me. The doctor came in a little later and broke my water. The sweet nurse said, "now when those contractions get to be too much, you let me know and we will get the epidural." So an hour or so goes by and I tell my hubby I'm ready for the epidural. The nurse comes in and checks me and I get the same freakin' story -- get ready to push. So once again I braved delivery with no medication. It was a little harded the second time around because I knew the pain I would endure. But from the time the doctor broke my water to the time Avery cried, it was less than 2 hours.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey, babeeeee! Grins.

Congrats on the chook, Helen! He'll enjoy being down under for the day, I'm sure, especially with babies and delivvery as the topic!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Helen! Not only do you get the chook, you've got the great news of two new grand-fellers coming into the world in a few months. Go YOU!!!

Gillian, I was LOL about the nurse doing the catch. I've told Suz this before, but like you, I'd pay the whole DR.'s salary out to the nurses. Wow, mine were great with both boys. :>

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Whoa, Carol...*whispering in awe* 31 hours? Lordy girl, the air would have been blue around my by oh, say, hour 10? And the doc? Strangled with his stethescope. Yep. Don't MESS with the pregnant ladies.

Dianna, I so had to LOL about your son wanting to go "back"! Snork!

Oh, Tiffany, aren't midwives great? I had one for my first son and she was fabulous. Just so down to earth and practical. Loved that.

Twins, Terry? OMGosh you get stars in YOUR crown. Jo's got so many for having 7 all total, that her crown's pretty blinding, but wow. Twins.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Louisa, that cracks me up about the foal. Good on you! And the 12 y/o Cairn mix must have been a real "goer" too to still be hanging out with his "boy" that you introduced him to that night. I've had to do that w/ pups before, and it is miraculous, isn't it? With Dalmatians we sometimes get that one honking big pup who gets stuck.

Names. Oh, man, don't get me started. I do genealogy research and I can't believe what people name their kids. But oh, Louisa, WANKER???? Good heavens!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

I adore birthing stories. This is a great topic Suz. The L&D nurses we had w/ Cooper, our oldest, laughed and laughed over us. We played nothing but movie themes and musical soundtracks the whole time, and had brought all the box of questions from Trivial Pursuit.

Good darn thing as it took Coop 18.5 hours to join us. It was a miracle though, as they all are.

For our second son, my sister who's an RN was able to be there. I was induced for Quinn because he was already at nearly 8 lbs when I was a two weeks out. The doc said, you wanna 9+pounder or do your want to induce?

Hmmmmm, guess what I chose?

Got there at 6, got the drugs at 9, epidural at 12:30 and Boy-o in the catcher's mitt at 2:11. Grins. My wonderful hubby handed over the snips to my beloved sister and let her cut Quinn's cord. She was speechless and so was I. It was a heck of a moment, you know?

Like you said, Suz, to see the big guys holding these little people is just a vision.

Had to laugh at one thing though. My DH is really tall, over 6'3" and lean so he looks taller. About two weeks before delivery date, he went with me to a checkup. The midwife then asked to speak with me alone. My DH was miffed but left the exam room. The midwife says, "So, is he gonna be okay? 'Cause it's always the big guys who faint at the sight of the blood or the baby. And I'm here to tell you, if he keels over, I'm not going to catch him." (She was about 5'2")

I laughed and said, "Oh, he used to play Rugby. I think he'll be okay."

She grinned and we got on with things. Needless to say, he didn't faint. Ha!

W/ Q he was so excited about coaching me and "knowing what to do the second go 'round" that he was loudly calling, "you got it, honey, you got it!" The Doc said he was coaching the whole hallway! Snork!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen, clearly he wants his Tim Tam fix!

Suz, I loved this post. It was sort of like ER without the yelling! And I'm really enjoying everyone's stories. Keep them up!

Hey, hope you're all enjoying your long weekend! It's starting to warm up here at last - I'm beginning to think of summer again.

jo robertson said...

OMG, I love all of the funny and heart-warming baby-delivery stories!

As y'all know, I have seven children, but even so my deliveries have been rather normal, except for the huge size of my babies. We joke that they sat up immediately after being born and asked for an ice cream cone!

Dr. Big's father weighed 13 pounds at birth, but my largest was only 11# 6 oz. The other large ones I delivered vaginally (crazy me and crazy doctor), but they were smaller 11# even and 11# 3 oz LOL.

I love my kids, but the thrill of watching some of my grandkids being born is indescribable. I always cry. My SIL's are pretty useless in the delivery room, so my daughters are glad for my help.

Great topic, Suz

Tiffany Kenzie said...

jeanne that is hilarious what your midwife said.

I do love midwives, I'm not a fan of hospitals or drugs so I opted for home birth for the second (first we went to the hospital cause I was skerd not knowing how labour would go) but we left the hospital after I had my obligatory after labour pee! LOL.

The best part about midwives is they aren't shy to show you how exactly you do certain things... oh, like breastfeeding: hand on back of babies head, other hand on boob, shove mouth of baby on nipple until they latch on. Yeah for some reason I can't see a doc doing!

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG, Buffie! Those are the best deliveries to have...quick and to the point! Of course, if you'd been in my hospitals, (at least the last two) you would've gotten the epidural IF you'd wanted them. I've seen them given up to the time the baby is crowning.

Suzanne Welsh said...

OH Jeanne, so glad the hubby didn't faint! With me it's never the tall ones who faint but the butchers, cattlemen and oh players!! The guys who think they're so tuff. And most of them go down when the wife is getting her epidural. So we now have Suz's rule.....every NON medical person MUST sit during the epidural..even medical students who are the husband. One dad absoloutely refused....stood up half-way through while my hands were busy. He made a huge THUMP when he hit the floor. I delighted in telling him "I told you so" when he woke up!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Actually Anna....I have to work tonight and tomorrow! So I'll be laboring laboring patients on labor day...hehehe

Suzanne Welsh said...

Jo, everytime I hear how big your babies were, I think...whoa mama!!

The largest one I've ever helped deliver was 12-3 vaginally. I did have one 13 pounder by c/section, but her other babies were in the 12 pound mark, too!

I stand in awe of you, Jo!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

LOL Tiffany, I've never seen a doctor tell a woman how to breast feed. That's always the nurse's job.

Helen said...

I am loving these stories my labours weren't that bad no epidurals 3 normal deliveries one C Section because she turned and was a footling breach her feet were really bruised for days after the birth the Doctor said she was dancing in the birth canal LOL.
My biggest baby was the last weighing 8.5 lbs I don't think I could haved handled anything bigger.

The GR and I are going to have a quiet day reading an eating Tim Tams.

Have Fun

jo robertson said...

LOL, no awe needed at all, Suz!

But I did use to be a very small woman and people always asked how I managed to carry those big babies. I've now figured out that outward size has nothing to do with what's inside. I think my body was made to carry babies.

I did have a double uterus, however, so you'd think I could've doubled up on some of those births and saved myself a trip or two to the hospital. My daughter has the same condition and delivers her babies by c-section. Her OB let me into the delivery room so I got to see what a bi-cornuate uterus looks like. Very kewl!

Isn't truth stranger than fiction?

Claudia Dain said...

I delivered my third on Friday, the start of Labor Day weekend. Everyone was busy having babies so a doctor rushed in from the office next door to the hospital and got there just in time to catch the slippery little thing, who was actually not so little at an ounce shy of 9 lbs. I couldn't pick that doctor out of a line-up and never did catch her name. But at that point, who cared? I just wanted that kid OUT.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

This has been a fun day of stories. Suz, my midwife kept asking the DH if he needed to sit down. He was totally entranced by the whole deal, thought it was cool as anything.

I thought he was going to cry when Cooper crowned. "Oh, my god, I saw his face!" (this at the top of his voice, which is loud indeed.) The nurses and midwife were giggling.

Tiffany, it wasn't the midwife who helped me with the nursing the baby thing, it was this fabulous night nurse. The prissy condescending LaLeche League woman had been in, and several had tried to help me get him latched on to no avail. As a new mom I was getting really upset and so was he. The night nurse did one of those "look around to be sure no one's watching" things and did the back-of-the-head-boob-in-mouth thing and whammo! Just like that, he got the hang of it. She said the midwife and Dr. and League lady were supposed to help, but when I was practically sobbing with distress that he wouldn't nurse, she helped me out, bless her.

The kid hasn't stopped eating since. Ha!

He's one of the few babies I've ever heard of who left the hospital HEAVIER than his birth weight. He weighed in at 8#6 oz and left at 8#12 oz. :> A good eater, that boy!

Joan said...

Finally, after about the tenth time, her husband says, "You had a monkey." She replied, "But I wanted a baby!"

ROTFL.....that is TOO funny!

Well, sadly I've never had personal experience but I can share a wonder of wonders miracle.

Some of the Banditas know about a nurse who works with me who ...first pregnancy...delivered twins prematurely at 29 weeks. Both under 3 pounds.

Well, today was her first day back to work and those babies are THRIVING! They don't even have to wear any kind of night time monitor! They are breastfeeding, gaining weight just normal sweeties.

And the GLOW radiating out from her? Priceless!

Pat Cochran said...

I'm late as usual, so sorry! I was
having fun reading all the birthing

Which story to share:
- Son #1, due & born on Feb. 14,
who was to be a normal delivery but
almost was a C-section!
- Son #2 who tried to make his own way home & still has a ridge on his
skull where he kept hitting the
pubic bone with contractions & the
nurse who told me I was not having
such pain with those contractions!
- #3, when the nurse was talking
on the phone to my doctor,who was in his office, as I was being wheeled into the delivery room. He arrived in time to assist the
nurse who delivered my daughter!
- or my sister who slept through
her entire labor and delivery with only one injection on her epidural

Pat Cochran

M. said...

your grandbaby is a peach

this post made me all tense again in memory of how nervous i was during pregnancy with my third, because my neighbor didn't make it to the hospital and had her baby in the restroom of the local gas station. everyone all right, thank goodness, but i still sweat when i pass that gas station, even though my own baby waited till we got to the hospital...

Carol said...

I have to correct a typo on my post...I was boys labour was induced...only 3 and a half hours from putting the drip in and my boy born! short a time for any peth or etc. 8lb 8 oz and he's a fantastic son now at 26yr.

Denise Rossetti said...

I know I'm late, but I can't resist.

Oh lord, this takes me back! First pregnancy and 10 days over, they were going to induce me next morning and I was so scared. So we went out to dinner where I ate two appetizers, a dessert and drank half a bottle of champagne. *g*

At midnight, I was woken out of a *ahem* sound sleep by my guts tying themselves in a ginormous knot. Must have slept through the easy stages of labor!

So we set off for the hospital eventually. (The nurse who answered when I rang said airily not to rush, as it was my first. Idiot woman. Sorry, Suzanne.) It's 2.30am and I'm fighting NOT to push. The streets are deserted and my DH STOPS AT A RED LIGHT!!!!

Aaaaargh! I don't recall precisely what I said, but he went through every red light thereafter!

Our son was born about an hour later. Drugs? Who has time for drugs?

The funniest part is that I was absolutely certain I was having a girl. Had no doubts. It's all girls in both families. So when they laid this screaming little bundle in my arms, I squinted down fondly, being very short-sighted.

"Isn't she lovel-- What's THAT?" I shrieked as my gaze travelled lower.

One of my loveliest memories is of my husband holding his son while they cleaned me up. The expression on his face, on both their faces, was priceless. Beautiful.

And BTW, the nurses were fabulous. Especially, with baby #2 (who turned out to be the long awaited DD). They kept chanting me on like cheerleaders at the footy.

Thank god I never have to do that again.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Suzanne Welsh said...
Wow, Diana, in all my years I've never heard of a baby turning and going back up!! Your blood pressure must've scared the dickens out of him! Glad they both turned out just fine!!

That is what the nurse said, he was coming down the birth canal then turned and was coming shoulder first. He weighed in at 8.8 so how he had room to turn at all I never figured out. Gotta tell you that was hard on a 38 year old body.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...
Dianna, I so had to LOL about your son wanting to go "back"! Snork!

He just didn't like the looks of this world I guess Jeanne. Bless his heart he loves to hear about his birth. I tell him I had to work harder for him so he is special since I am lazy by nature.