Friday, October 10, 2008

Kathrynn Dennis in the Lair

interviewed by Donna MacMeans

Please join me in welcoming my friend and fellow historical romance author, Kathrynn Dennis, to the lair. Her second book, SHADOW RIDER (Kensington, Oct 7, 2008) has just hit the shelves. Here's what the reviewers say about SHADOW RIDER:

"The color, vibrancy, and excitement of the Middle Ages allows Dennis to create a memorable tale of two people whose destiny is tied to a mystical colt. Dennis tells her story with passion, drama, and a love of animals that will enthrall readers." -- 4 Stars! Romantic Times Reviews, SHADOW RIDER

"...a great read for lovers of horses, romance and history" -- Top Pick! July 2008

Welcome, Kathrynn! How exciting to see your book on the shelves this week. What do you do as an author the first week your newest release goes on sale?

First, let me say thank you, Donna, and to all the Romance Bandits, for inviting me to guest blog. Great group here!

As to what do I do as an author during release week? I eat way too much chocolate and spend way too much time checking and rechecking my email. And oh yeah, I surf the net. A lot. ;-)

That’s what it’s like I think, for most authors until they have a few under their belts (books I mean, not drinks).

Sometimes a few drinks don't hurt, especially if served by sexy young Cabana boys (grin). We do like to run out to the book stores and actually see if the book is on the shelves. I wonder if the experience ever truly feels real without that visual confirmation?

I loved Dark Rider (Congratulations, BTW, on the final in the published Maggie contest). It had fabulous medieval atmosphere. Can't wait to read Shadow Rider as well. Where did you get the idea for this unusual medieval romance? The plot involves a “lost and vengeful knight, a horse midwife, castle intrigue, and a colt that barks . . .” to paraphrase a reviewer. A barking horse? Seriously, how did you come up with that?

I eat too much chocolate and drink too much—just kidding. ;-)

I’m a horse veterinarian and you know what they say …“write what you know.” So, I drew on experience and thought “what if” a foal born in the 13th century was affected by a real-life neurological condition that resulted behavioral abnormalities, made him do strange things like gaze at the stars, sit like dog and bark? Wow. Drop that scenario right into the hey-day (pun intended) of superstition in history—the middle ages. My heroine, of course, is a 13th century horse midwife who delivers the foal and then gets accused of all sorts of misdoings and witchery. She needs a hero. Enter Guy of Warwick, who thinks the “magic” horse is meant for him. He saves them both, but things go down hill from there. Turns out, everybody wants that magic horse. The bad guy in this book is pretty bad (will not tell how for fear of spoilers). I had fun writing him.

I remember from the last time you visited that you like to say you write “horsetoricals,” all about heroes, heroines, and horses. Is there any story connection between this book and your first, DARK RIDER?

Not really, but they are both set in the middle ages, have mystic elements and the development horses as characters who are pivotal to the plot. I’ve done a bit of research lately on animals and pets in romance novels and find they run the gambit from decoration, to strong secondary characters who move the story along. In my books, I wrote them to do just that.

Also, the kind of animal a character owns tells you a lot about their personality. Writers use this to layer their character’s development. The heroes and heroines in SHADOW RIDER and DARK RIDER are just as pet-owner profiles suggest they would be: male horse-owners are dominant and high in autonomy, aggressive, and less expressive in general. Female horse-owners tend to avoid aggression and are easy going, but limited in cooperativeness and warm human relationships.

Sounds like a true romance heroes and heroines to me! If you’d like to dig a little deeper into pet-owner profiling, check out Word Wenches today: I have a post there which goes into pet owner-profiling a little deeper.

This, by the way, was one of Kathrynn's horses, Jawknee Reb, the love of her teenage life. So Kathrynn, what’s next?

I have another book brewing, The Horse Lord, a story about a horse wizard in ancient England who seeks a soul mate, a true horsewitch. She, of course wants nothing to do with him. But they are destined (cursed?) to be together and the journey they must travel as they fall in love tests their magic beyond belief.

A horse wizard and a horsewitch? Who knew? Sounds like great fun! To read more about Kathrynn and her horsetoricals, be sure to visit her website

Thank you, Romance Bandits, for having me.

I’d love to hear about the most memorable thing your pet did—a strangely human act of love? Was he/she weirdly smart? One commentor, randomly drawn, will win a free copy of SHADOW RIDER!


Elyssa Papa said...

Is the rooster mine?

Elyssa Papa said...

Welcome back little chickadee. *rubs hands in glee*

Kathrynn, your books sound fabulous. I've had a fascination with horses ever since Black Beauty. I love this idea... it's nothing I've ever encountered before in a romance.

How did your own experiences with horses help you to write these books?

Helen said...

Well done elyssa have fun with him.

Great interview Ladies this books sounds wonderful another one to add to the must get list.

I love animals I have never owned a horse but have had lots of dogs and cats and birds thru the years I don't think any of them have done anything amazing but they truly have loved us as we loved them they are such good listeners and always cheer me up when I am sad they love you no matter what and they are such fun to be with.

We have 3 dogs at the moment one of them was my Mums and when she passed away 6 years ago Tootsie came to live with me she is a mini fox terrier and is so protective of me but she really doesn't like being picked up although as soon as I sit anywhere she jumps on my lap and follows me around everywhere I go I love her so much she is 14 years old but a real cutie.
Congrats on the new book Kathrynn

Have Fun

flchen1 said...

Hi, Kathrynn,
Dark Rider's on my TBR, and Shadow Rider sounds equally intriguing! I've never had a pet (aside from a few fish and one short-lived frog), but have always enjoyed reading about animals. Horses in particular seem like such intelligent animals, and I've only ridden once, but I can see how one can form a relationship with an animal you ride often.

Congrats on the GR, Elyssa!

ArkieRN said...

While I was undergoing chemotherapy and would stay in bed feeling ill, my cat would come and lay very close to me and softly purr. Usually she can be demanding about being petted and getting enough attention but she seemed to know how bad I felt and would just comfort me.

Maureen said...

Hi Kathrynn,
Your new book sounds great. I don't think we had any pets which acted like humans but we had a dog who was so attached to my husband that she would start crying when he was late coming home at night.

PJ said...

Woo Hoo, Ely! Way to nab that GR!

Welcome to the lair, Kathrynn. Your book sounds fascinating! I love stories with animals that are integral to the plot. That's a wonderful picture of Jawknee Reb. He looks like he's posing for the camera!

My 12 year old chocolate lab, Smokey is spooky smart. Since she was a puppy people have been saying she's more human than canine. She understands conversations like, "Smokey, go get your stuffed cow. It's in the kitchen". We'll be returning from a walk and she'll be heading for the back of the house when I'll say, "We're going in the front door" and she'll immediately change direction and head for the front door. When the kids are visiting I'll say "Go find X" and she'll search the house until she finds the right kid then will bring her back to me. She's been closely attuned to our emotions from the first day we brought her home from the shelter. She was rambunctious and loved to play but when my late dh was ill she would spend hours stretched out beside him on his hospital bed, quietly giving him comfort. She tolerates my romance reading but when it's time for bed she will use her paw to close the book in my hands and give me a very pointed look as if to say, "Excuse me but do you intend to stay there all night?" LOL! I'd love to take credit for her abilities but it had nothing to do with training. She's one of those special animals who are born that way.

Carol said...

Congrats on catching the GR today Elyssa...he's a bit of a pet!
Kathrynn your books soung tbr file is growing higher and higher!
Jawknee Reb...that is a strange name How did that come about?

Many years ago my horse Julie jumped on my foot and put me in hospital with infection in the foot - 3 nail holes from her shoe
I was a whisker away from gas gangrene...thanks to antibiotics ...I kept the foot/leg/self !
Julie was one of those horses with a mean and sneaky mind...LOL
Cheers Carol

Carol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carol said...

Sorry about the double post ladies..I'm having line dropout problems and my ISP is driving me crazy!

Buffie said...

Hi Katherynn! I have to say I am quite intrigued by your books. I love books with a medieval feel (they are my first love), so I will definitely need to check them out.

As far as pets, I grew up with lots of dogs. But the most unique or memorable thing one of my pets did involved my pet hamster. His name was Hampton. I was probably 7 or 8 years old when I had him. I remember coming home from school one day and checking on my dearest Hampton, only to find that he was not in his cage. The door to the cage was open. See I guess I did not close it all the way when I was telling him goodbye that morning. As I searched our Florida home for my beloved friend, my fear multipled when I could not find him. I walked out onto the patio and there in our swimming pool, paddling with all his mite and with his little legs was my Hampton. The poor thing must have thought he was crossing the ocean!!! I grabbed the net and fished him out and cuddled him to my chest. The little guy shivered but he made it through and earned himself quite a bit of lettuce that day!! LOL!

Donna MacMeans said...

Congratulations Elyssa on the rooster nabbing!

Just thought I'd pop in here to say Kathrynn will pop in once the sun makes it way over to the West coast. Yep - she's a California girl.

Elyssa - when you read Kathrynn's work, her love of horses just infuses the story in every aspect. I think that's one of the reasons the medieval time period just seems so natural for her.

Donna MacMeans said...

Helen - three dogs? How fun - but a lot of work. Do you have to walk them? Or do you live on a place that you can just let them run in the back yard.

I have to walk my dog and I'm amazed at the folks walking two dogs at a time. They must have arms of steel *g*.

fichen1 - Haven't had frogs, but we've gone through our share of fish. None of them had the personality of Nemo.

Donna MacMeans said...

Arkiern - hugs on the chemotherapy, though, glad to see that you're here with us today as a result! I had a friend who went through chemo who swears her little puppy saved her life by giving her a purpose for getting out of bed when she felt so miserable. They lived across the street from a park. When the pup needed to go out and her husband was at work, she'd be the one to slap the leash on the dog and take him out. The fresh air, the walk, the setting always cheered her up and helped her to fight back.

It amazes me how animals just seem to know when we need their simple adoration. There's nothing more soothing than a cat's purr or a dog's warmth when they snuggle close.

PJ said...

Arkiern, I hope you're doing well now and the chemo is behind you. ((((Hugs)))

Donna MacMeans said...

Maureen - what kind of dog was it? My dog - which is a mutt, a cross between a terrier and an australian shepard - cries when it's after dinner and we haven't lifted a fork in a sufficient time. That means it's time to go out and get my leash, darn it!

PJ - Sounds like you had a natural therapy dog. How wonderful. She must have wanted you to go to bed so she could cease her guard duty over you. A dog needs his rest!

Donna MacMeans said...

Carol - Ouch on the foot!

Buffie - I'm here chuckling over the image of your poor hamster paddling away in the pool. Seems all that wheel running paid off!

Chibi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CrystalGB said...

Hi Kathrynn. Good to see you here. Shadow Rider sounds great.
Our German Shepherd doesn't do anything amazing but she has learned to open doors. :)

Gillian Layne said...

Kathrynn, this is a brilliant idea and I love the thought of it being a historical, as well.

I'm really looking forward to reading it over Thanksgiving break. :)

Jennifer said...

Kathrynn, thanks for visiting with us today! You book sounds great - and what an interesting premise!!
As for pets and interesting things... oh I don't know. Aren't dogs so weird anything "strange" is normal? ;) I think one "odd" thing about our dog is that, well, she LOVES cats. She's a relatively small dog herself (14 lbs) - and she is soooo gentle approaching cats. She likes them much more than other dogs, generally.

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Hi Elyssa,

Oh, yes, my experience with horses definately helped me write these books--not quite the kind of expereinces or stories James Herriot had, but he was my inspiration.

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Thank you, Helen. And as a true pet owner, your personality is shining through...nurturing and caring!

Louisa Cornell said...

Yay, Elyssa! You have the strangest pet ever - at least for the day, fickle bird!

Kathryn, you already know how much I LOVED Dark Rider and I can't wait to read Shadow Rider.

My love of horses was also born when I read Black Beauty at the age of nine. I have been a horse nut ever since.

What a handsome boy Reb was! The equine love of my life was Taz - half quarter horse / half Tennessee walker and all cream puff! He was one of my best friends for over 25 years.

Taz was so friendly that when we had barbecues here on my five acres he was allowed to mingle with the guests. Everyone loved him. He was more like a big dog, especially in his senior years. People at the party would open a beer, take a sip, set it down and when they looked again, their beer was gone. It was a mysterious phenomena until one of the guys caught Taz red-handed or would that be red-hoofed or actually red-lipped. Taz would sneak up, wrap his lips around the beer bottle, carry it around the back of the barn and tilt his head back to drain the bottle! He was quite a character. He also LOVED tomatoes. He got them as treats. Imagine our surprise when we discovered a large patch of tomato plants in his pasture. He was planting and fertilizing his tomatoes at the same time. I never tried any Taz tomatoes, but my Mom said they were great!

Kathrynn Dennis said...

flchn1, thanks for posting. And you know, birds and a short-lived frog count as pets. I've owned both, too. And in my day job, I actually see a lot of frogs!

Kathrynn Dennis said...

airkien, I wish you all the best. Chemo is tough and I'm glad you have your cat beside you. It helps I'm sure.

Maureen, I bet your DH was just as attached to your dog, but maybe not as demonstrative about it! ;-)

Kathrynn Dennis said...

PJ, can your dog come over and teach my kids some things? LOL!

I love to hear stories like this. I think like people, there are dogs who have above average intelligence and REALLY understand. Don't you wonder sometimes what she is thinking?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Good Morning Kathrynn! Welcome to the Bandit Lair! It's fabulous to have you here. Your books sound wonderful and I had to LOL about the "horsestoricals" designation.

BTW, waving too as a fellow Kensy author. Our own Christie is a Kensy author too, in historiecals. (I'm RS.)

Arkiern, my friend had a similar experience with her dogs as she recovered from chemo as well. I hope you're doing well with that now!

As to my pets, they're all fun, funny and a joy to me. They know when the ghosts are walking around. My "old girl" who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago was a funny, happy one. She would leap in the air when you sprayed the water hose, like airs-above-the-ground the horses do. We'd both end up soaked, but I'd be laughing like a loon and she'd be happy as could be.

The two with me my feet as I write!...are clowns. They do the lie on the back paws in the air thing regularly because it makes me laugh. The new dog, Diver, an Irish Water Spaniel, is still showing his silly side day by day. He's a crack up. The older dog, a Dalmatian, has been with me since puppyhood and loves life. He'll curl up and keep my boys "warm" Very funny.

As to horses, I rode some as a teenager and am hoping to take it up again soon. :>

More for the TBR pile...again, thanks for being here Kathrynn!

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Carol, thanks for the congrats.

I bought (my parents did) Jawknee Reb when he was 7, a registered Quarter Horse, with his name spelled like that on his papers.

I was big into horse showing, and everytime, when they announced his name over the arena speakers, they never got it right. Stumped a lot of emcees!

Yep, and I, too, had my foot broken when a horse stepped on it. We are in a kinda club, don't you think?

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Tee-hee, Buffie. I love your hamster story. I'm glad you found him! You have to read some Janet Evonvich/Stephanie Plum..Rex the hamster is such...hamster. Reminds me of your little guy.

Thanks for posting!

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Waving, Jeanne! Thanks for posting, and you the dogs you own and your interactions with them say a lot about your personality: outgoing, and fun. Your story makes me wanna grab a water hose and play!

Susan Seyfarth said...

Good morning, Kathrynn & Donna! Thanks so much for bringing your novels to the lair today! I loved the whole idea of a horse midwife. I'm totally going to buy this book just because of that.

As for pets that have done weirdly amazing things, I don't have a thing. All my pets have been remarkably dim--or played dumb so well they were totally convincing, which is definitely within the realm of possibility.

For example, we had a West Highland White Terrier when I was growing up who routinely forgot where we lived. He would sit on the porch of any big white house he could find & bark until whoever lived in there checked his tags & called us to come get our annoying dog.

It occurs to me now maybe he just didn't feel like walking home. It was his version of calling a Doggie Cab. :-)

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Jennifer, your dog, like you, sounds very nuturing and the personality trait is so strong he's crossed the species barrier!

Thanks for posting!

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Hi Louisa, TAZ sounds hilarous! And sooo aptly named. If you write, definately put him in a book. ;-)

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Susan, yep, I think your dog had it all figured out. Love the idea he was calling his doggie cab. He wasn't dumb. I think it was all an act. ;-)

PJ said...

PJ, can your dog come over and teach my kids some things? LOL!

I don't know about kids, Kathrynn but she actually does train other dogs! I've brought two more puppies into our family since we got Smokey and she's trained both of them. I did all the "sit-stay" stuff but she trained them in the household rules. For the first couple months she shadows them and if they're about to get into trouble (jump on the couch, chew something unacceptable, etc) she growls at them and nudges them away from whatever they're about to do.

I love to hear stories like this. I think like people, there are dogs who have above average intelligence and REALLY understand. Don't you wonder sometimes what she is thinking?

Oh, I'd *love* to know what she's thinking! It's amazing what she can communicate to me through her eyes and her actions. I swear, sometimes I feel like she really is talking to me.

PJ said...

Oh, Louisa, Taz sounds like such a special boy. He must have brought so much joy to your life!

Minna said...

The cats we used to have brought occasionally dead mice and birds. Guess they thought such lousy hunters as us wouldn't be able to survive without some extra help.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Kathrynn, welcome to the Bandit Lair! We're so excited to have you.

You may remember that you and I shared a late lunch/early dinner at Atlanta 2006 and we also shared a big secret. Shhhh, upon penalty of death!

I loved DARK RIDER! Finaling in the Maggie was well deserved. Kudos! I think the concept of having a horse play a role in your books is intriguing and unique. And the middle ages is such an interesting time period.

I don't own a pet (ducking from the rotten tomatoes). We used to own a 100+ pound black labrador, a gorgeous animal named Ebony, but after he chewed the siding off our house and urinated on the air conditioning unit, we decided he was too wild for us.

I always say I have seven kids, so no room for pets too!

I have a question for you. Now that your second book is out are you considering giving up or cutting down on your day job? I know you love your work.

terrio said...

Hello, Kathrynn, and congrats on your second release! I've always had a love for horses. I'd never have thought of a story like the ones you right. I'll have to try them out.

I haven't had many pets in my life, but the ones I've had have been quite exceptional. There was the cocka-poo, Velvet, that I grew up with. Highly intelligent and loyal. I still miss her today. Then my chow mix, Dozer, who I often call my first born as we got him exactly one year before my daughter was born. They were so close and he was fantastic with her from the moment I brought her home from the hospital. And SO protective. No one could get close to that baby without him either growling or watching them very closely for any sudden movements.

When she was about two weeks old, I had to leave her with her great-grandmother who happened to live on the same farm. At some point, she started crying and Dozer when right through the screen door to make sure she was alright. Once he was sure she was fine, he went right back out the hole he'd created.

Congrats on the bird, Ely!

Kathrynn Dennis said...


You know your cats were "gifting" you with those dead mice and birds. You were the dominant in her domain, so she was paying you a tribute...hoping to keep in your good affection. ;-)

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Hi Jo, of course I remember...and I shall take our secrets to the grave. ;-)

Thank you for the kudoes on the Maggie Award for DARK RIDER. There was some VERY tough competition in that group (like the talented Ms. McMeans!)

As for cutting back on my day Can't give that up. Will always be a horse vet at heart AND a writer. Cheers!

Donna MacMeans said...

Anyone else out there that has had pet chameleons? After I got over the need to actually buy crickets (and discover where they sold crickets) they were kind of neat.

When I lived at home we had a German Shepard with a very gentle loving nature and a cat that loved to flaunt that she was allowed on the carpet when the dog was not. They became the best of friends, the cat would often curl up on the sleeping dog and doze off herself.

Kathrynn Dennis said...

and Jo...with SEVEN're right, you don't need a pet!

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Thanks for sharing, Terrio. I really do love the stories!

Nancy said...

Elyssa, congratulations! Keep him jumping.

Kathryn, welcome to the lair. I also have Dark Rider and am looking forward to reading it.

We had a golden retriever who appointed himself comforter in chief. If our son was in time out, Hudson would go into his room and hop onto his bed to wait out the time with him. If anyone in our family was distressed about something, Hudson seemed to sense it and would plant himself by that person.

Helen, isn't it wonderful the way some animals seem to respond to us? My family always had dogs when I was growing up, and I missed having one when I lived in apartments. Now our house seems empty if there isn't a dog in residence.

Eva S said...

Hi Kathrynn,
thanks for more books to add to my wishlist! I've read so many regency books, now I'd love a great medieval... And the horse wizard sounds interesting...

I have three cats, but they are old and rather lazy, very sleepy all the time. One of them is very fond of our younger daughter, and very protecting. If you raise your voice when she is around, this cat attacks, she bites and claws... Maybe she thinks we are hurting the girl. Normally she's a darling.

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Yes, Nancy. I know what you mean about having a dog in residence. As a working mom, I've been reluctant but the kids are begging now, and older and well . . . I'm starting to cave.

I can feel it. I called the fence man to come on Monday. ;-)

Mischievous Anne said...


Congratulations on winning the Maggie for Dark Rider! I know Shadow Rider will be an awesome read, too!

What's this about caving to the kids and getting a dog? Wow! That will be so fun for them!!!



Donna MacMeans said...

Kathrynn - you won the Maggie? I didn't know that. Major Congratulations! I haven't seen a list of winners posted yet. (Wonder if I can go back and change that 'finalist' to 'won' on the blog?) Very, very cool.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Ely, a while since you snatched the chook, isn't it? Congrats!

Hey, Kathrynn! Welcome back and congratulations on the Maggie! The new book sounds fantastic - I agree with whoever said 'strange' seems to come with animals anyway. We had a white German shepherd who thought he was a horse. He used to hang out with the horses on ajistment on the next farm and just copied their behavior. So a barking horse is only a step past that, surely!

Louisa, LOVE the Taz story. And I love the story of the lab who's smarter than most humans. We had a collie like that.

catslady said...

I love the term horsetoricals! I was one of those kids that always wanted a horse but lived in the suburbs and had parents who wouldn't agree lol. I take care of feral cats now.

Before I realized how many kittens ferals could have I was totally overrun with them (I caught all the females and had them fixed eventually and found homes for most). One mother cat (who I have now cared for 12 yrs.) left me one of her kittens in the middle of the night. I had no idea a kitten could make the kind of noise this kitten made - extremely loud and eerie. Apparently someone had thrown motor oil on the mother and the kitten. I'm not sure about her other kittens since she had moved them. It was soooo small but I was able to nurse it back to health and it's my largest male cat now (I have 6 inside at the moment). Anyway, I guess the mother had enough to contend with and just new that I would take care of her baby for her "Ollie".

I love historicals and your books sound wonderful.

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Eva, I like a good old cat, one who doesn't make me feel bad for sleeping late and lounging.

Anne, SHHHHHH. Don't tell anyone about my thinking about getting the kids a dog. After all, it's not like I just posted it on the net. ;-)

Helen said...

Everyones pets are so lovely I have loved reading all of the posts about them. Animals are just so special and I couldn't imagine not having any around my grandmother once said to me that it wasn't right to let a child grow up without a pet to nuture and grow up with.

Have Fun

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Hi Anna, thank you for the congrats. A white german shepherd who hung out with horses and adapted their behavior?? Now there's a story. You have to put him in a book. What a character!

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Catslady, you are the classic cat owner--nuturer with a capital N! I'm glad you picked up the oil soaked kitten. Why, oh, why would people do that?

I'm sure there are profiles galore on the pathology of the people who would do that. ;-(

Louisa Cornell said...

Stopping by to wave at everyone before I crawl into the writing cave to try and carve out the second book!

Yes, Taz was one in a million. He is buried in the pasture under an apple tree and not far from "his" tomato patch that still produces every now and then. It is so odd, but from time to time if I am outside at night and walk toward the pasture I can smell Taz in the breeze and feel something brush past me.

I have had so many pets and such a wide variety. I had a six foot iguana named Sigmund (his favorite spot was on the couch!) who once chased one of my teenaged students down the hall because the kids wouldn't share his banana with him. Actually Sigmund's idea of share was "Give me the banana and I won't bite you or slap you with my razor sharp tail." There has been a huge rat snake in my barn for years. When I kept hay and feed in there I never worried about rats because that snake took care of them. I still see him from time to time. My niece and nephews decided his name is "Jesus Christ" Why? Because even knowing he is in there every time anyone lifts something to find him there they yell "Jesus Christ!"

The funniest episode of a dog who was WAY to smart for his own good? My first deaf Great Dane (one of many I have owned) Gus figured out how to open the refrigerator. I found out one night when a friend and I came in from the movies to discover the kitchen had been ransacked. By a very hungry burglar! The fridge door was wide open and the fridge was COMPLETELY empty! The floor, however, was not. There were bits of two dozen eggs, wrappers from two pounds of butter, the dregs of a large pitcher of iced tea. An empty bowl that had held leftover spaghetti. Packaging from bacon, bologna, cheese slices, steak, and entire round of gouda and God knows what else. All canine and feline inhabitants of the house were hiding in the back bedroom except for Gus. He was sprawled out in the living room floor with a huge belly, a sad face and spaghetti sauce all over his solid white coat! To add insult to injury I rushed him to the Animal ER (where I was a tech one night a week) to have him checked for gastric bloat and to have his stomach pumped! IN spite of that he pooped red bologna rind and plastic from the cheese slices for days! I had to padlock the fridge!

And Kathryn HUGE CONGRATS on the Maggie which was very richly deserved!

Anna Campbell said...

Louisa, you crack me up! I'm still chortling over Gus the greedy Great Dane! You really need to include some of these pet stories in the romances. People love dogs! I'm still getting inquiries after Wolfram's health!

Kathrynn, thanks for coming by today. It's been a lot of fun!

Louisa Cornell said...

La Campbell, I love that your are still getting inquiries after Wolfram's health! Too cute!

Here's hoping there are a lot more horsestoricals in Kathryn's future because the first one was a great read!

ArkieRN said...

Thanks for those who left good wishes regarding my cancer. I am very blessed and have been in remission for nearly 2 1/2 years.

Nathalie said...

Congrtas on your release :)

I don't have a pet... so no crazy thing involved!

Kathrynn Dennis said...

Nathalie, thank you for the congrats...and I bet sooner you later, some pet will find you!