Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ode to San Antonio

by Trish Milburn

I’ve decided one of my favorite cities is San Antonio, Texas. In fact, I’m in the land of the Alamo as I write this. It’s one of those places I like to return to again and again and think I’d like to live at some point. So, I thought today I’d give you a list of the top eight reasons why I like San Antonio, then invite you all to share the name of a favorite town or city and some of the reasons it draws you back again and again. You never know, you might convince one or more of the traveling Banditas to visit it too.

8. It’s warm. Sure, it’s really hot in the summer, but it’s so nice here during times of the year when I’m bundled in layers of fleece at home.

7. Live oaks. I’d love to have some of these gnarly, cool trees in my yard.

6. Taco Cabana. I like Taco Bell fine, but Taco Cabana is several steps above for Mexican fast food.

5. History. The Alamo and the Mission Trail allow you to visit several old Spanish missionsl. It’s an aspect of American history that I wasn’t exposed to a lot, and I find it fascinating. That's the archway to San Jose Mission (circa 1720) to the right.

4. Day trips. There are lots of fun places to go on day trips from San Antonio. I’ve been through parts of the lovely Texas Hill Country before. Yesterday, I got to visit cute, historic and artsy Gruene (pronounced Green), home to The Gristmill River Restaurant, housed in an 1870s cotton gin on the Guadalupe River, and Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas. Gruene claims it's been "gently resisting change since 1872," and the town is on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Biscuits and gravy at the Guenther House. Oh. My. God. These are the best biscuits I’ve ever put in my mouth, and I have to go there for breakfast every time I’m in San Antonio.

2. The Riverwalk. This is what makes the city’s downtown so unique. Visiting the shops and eating in a restaurant overlooking the Riverwalk are musts for any first-timers (or returning visitors) to San Antonio.

1. Visiting my friend Mary. Tonight, she and I had a joint book signing at a local Barnes & Noble, a fun event at which we both sold several books. Yay! Our roads to publication have been so similar, we are so similar. It seemed only fitting that we would have a signing together since both of our debuts have firefighter characters and were released the same week.

So now it's your turn. What is one of your favorite towns or cities? Why do you like it so much? Do you revisit favorite restaurants, sites, etc., each time you visit, or do you try to explore new aspects of the locale? Or a mixture of both? Go ahead, convince me and the other Banditas that it's one of the best places in the world to visit.

Happy travels!


jo robertson said...

Great post, Trish. My two favorite towns in all the world lie on opposite coasts -- San Francisco and Washington DC. In both there are so many things to see and do. Plus each has an atmosphere of excitement about it.

San Francisco, of course, has lovely weather nearly year round. Washington is especially lovely during the Cherry Blossom Season, plus it's rife with chill-producing history.

jo robertson said...

Whooooopt! He's mine, all mine, I tell you! I think I might take the chook out for lunch with Aunty Cindy tomorrow. What do you say, AC?

Trish Milburn said...

Jo, I like both of those cities too. I really fell in love with this San Fran area this summer when I was there for RWA. I've been to D.C. several times, but never during the cherry blossoms. I know they're lovely though.

Natalie Hatch said...

I love Melbournes quirky little alley ways that are crammed full of cafes and exclusive shops. (though I don't like the weather)
I love Brisbane for the weather and the good restaurants/factory seconds shops that are around.
Congrats on the chook Jo, he's probably tired from the spin class, go easy on him.

flchen1 said...

Hi, Trish! Haven't visited San Antonio, but have always wanted to! Now I've got more reasons :)

I do love SF, too--it's a great city! Cities I'd love to visit again include New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing. Most of them are very pedestrian friendly (Beijing was slightly less than the others, at least when we last were there--it's probably changed a TON since then) and have great food :)

Congrats on the GR, Jo! Enjoy lunch! ;)

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Jo.

Great pics, Trish. I love San Francisco, too. It's such a beautiful and fun city. Las Vegas, Chicago and Hong Kong are also some of my favorite destinations. Each offers great food and shopping.

Tawny said...

Ooooh I love that picture of you and Mary!! That is so amazingly awesome that you were able to do a signing together :-)

Lessee... fave town. Las Vegas. Fun, bright, exciting. I love it there. There is always stuff to do, always things to see and I don't even gamble.

ROFL and congrats, Jo. Treat that bird well, I think he was spinning today and might be a little sore.

Keira Soleore said...

Trish, I love your travel posts. I'm going to be back later in the day with more detail on the questions you asked. I was up hoping to nab Mr. GR, but Jo got in ahead of me. Good snatch there, Jo. G'nite all. Will be back early afternoon.

Anna Campbell said...

Congratulations, Jo! I hope the GR minds his manners if you're taking him out in public. Tell AC to take her crop to keep him in line!

Keira, sleep tight!

Trish, what a lovely post. San Antonio sounds great. I saw a couple of the old missions when I was in SF this year - Carmel and Sonoma. They're amazingly atmospheric, aren't they? Ran out of time so missed out on the one in SF itself. Would love to do some more travelling in the States and your posts always inspire me.

Favorite cities? Oh, man, so many! I love Sydney and Melbourne. They're so different. Sydney is bright and fast-moving and Melbourne has this wonderful European touch with its cafes and culture. I love Venice and Rome. I love Cordoba and Granada. A couple of places in France - Bayeux, Dinan and Sarlat although I think all would count as towns rather than cities. Vienna for the music. Salzburg because it's just so darn beautiful, not to mention full of kitsch Mozart souvenirs. London. New York. Edinburgh. Glasgow. York - perhaps I should call that Old York! Bath. Wells. Cambridge. Oh, dear, I'm getting itchy feet putting this list together!

jo robertson said...

Natalie, Melbourne sounds lovely.

We'll take it easy on the rooster, maybe treat him to a nice pina colada!

limecello said...

I've always wanted to go to San Antonio... I like DC a lot. And Boston. And NYC. And... Taipei. :P
I seem to have a thing for big cities. Oh and Chicago.

I'm going to Seattle for the first time in about a month, so hopefully I'll have some time to play tourist :D

Helen said...

Congrats Jo

I love the sound of San Antonio Trish I would love to go there.

I too like Melbourne although I have only been there once a long time ago I have also visited Adelaide the city of churches beautiful city great shops and of course lovely churches and yes Brisbane is also very nice, but a place I love to visit often is Katoomba in the Blue Mountains here in NSW it has the most wonderful bush walks and The Three Sisters a group of mountains I would recomend a visit there if ever anyone comes to NSW it is only about an hours drive from my place.

Have Fun

Annie West said...


Lovely post. I remember years ago watching an old, old movie about the Alamo. That's all I know about the place!

Fave place? Impossible. Sorry, just to many and it varies depending on my mood. Right now I'm looking forward to Sydney in a couple of weeks. Am catching up with Anna C to do a library talk together but so much more. Like a Monet exhibition and of course the harbour. You can't go past Sydney Harbour. Especially as I have plans for a beaut lunch on the edge of the water.

Otherwise? Istanbul - great sights, people, shopping and cherry juice, and wonderful food. The Blue Mtns of Australia - spectacular, especially in spring or autumn. Salzburg (I'll be there this Christmas and I'm going on a sleigh ride, need I say more?). Bath, Rhodes, Venice, Canberra, Edinburgh and lots of little towns in Germany. Is that enough to be going on with?


MaryF said...

Wow, you were busy after I went to bed ;)

I loved being able to have the booksigning with you!!!

My favorite city - New York, baby!

Terry Odell said...

We just got back from Washington State (pictures on my blog!) and I LOVE the Pacific northwest. I'm SO sick of Florida. We're hoping to retire to that part of the country -- eventually. Meanwhile, I'm still running the a/c.

Louisa Cornell said...

Great snatch of the GR, Jo! He will love lunching with you and Aunty Cindy, but I agree with La Campbell - AC needs to bring the crop!

Trish, San Antonio sounds beautiful. Definitely going on the list of places to see.

Annie, I so envy you your trip to Salzburg, especially at Christmas. Be sure to visit the Cristkind Markt in the square. Lots of stalls with all sorts of handcrafts - many by artisans that have passed their skills on from generation to generation. Salzburg is definitely one of my favorite places in the world! The history, the music, the food and the quaintness of the old city.

Amsterdam is a favorite too. So many museums and small out of the way things to see - the Rembrandt House, the Anne Frank House, the Holocaust museum, the opera house, the opera costume museum, the Van Gogh museum, the canals and THE CHOCOLATE!

Of course I love London, Bath and Edinburgh for the history and the atmosphere.

In the States it would have to be New Orleans, cher! St. Louis Cathedral, the Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium, the Riverwalk Mall, the beautiful homes in the Garden District and the French Quarter and of course Bourbon Street. A Po-Boy at Poor Richards! YUM The music, the history, the voodoo shops - cant beat it.

Savannah ! The gorgeous homes, the history (pirates central, ladies) the cafes on the riverfront. The atmosphere, the slow life-style, and again THE FOOD!

Hmm. I sense a theme here. Do I eat to travel or travel to eat!

San Francisco became one of my favorites after this summer. The weather was gorgeous, the city was beautiful and you couldn't beat the company - all those romance writers and I got to meet the Banditas!!

Trish Milburn said...

Natalie, both Melbourne and Brisbane sound great. Of course, for someone who hasn't been to Australia, it all sounds wonderfully exotic.

flchen1, I've only been to San Fran and NYC on your list and have enjoyed them both times I've been. Don't think I could live in NYC, being used to more open space, but it's fun to visit. San Fran -- I could live there, particularly Marin County. Only problem is how much moolah it takes to live there.

Trish Milburn said...

Jane, I've only been "to" Chicago once. Been through it a few times. But when we went, I really enjoyed the Field Museum, which is all we had time to see. Of course, I have to visit there when it's warm, because it's dreadfully cold in the winter.

Tawny, the signing was great fun. I really enjoyed Mary's book, so it's easy to pimp it. :) Las Vegas is getting a lot of love on the lists of favorite cities, so I need to get there one of these days.

Trish Milburn said...

Anna, wow, you're quite the world traveler. All those places sound wonderful. I didn't get to see the California missions this summer, but I do love the ones here in San Antonio. They're so much older than any historic buildings we have at home. I love the stories behind them, the culture, the "feel" as you walk through them.

Trish Milburn said...

limecello, I think you'll like Seattle. My sister used to live in Tacoma, so we went into Seattle once when I visited. Tacoma is also nice as well -- the refurbished downtown, the waterfront, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

Boston is one of those cities I've not been to yet but would like to visit because of the history. I love visiting places rich in U.S. history.

Trish Milburn said...

Helen, Australia sounds wonderful. I have a friend who lives in or near Adelaide. The whole area sounds lovely.

Trish Milburn said...

Annie, your list sounds fabulous as well. And your upcoming Christmas trip sounds magical.

Yeah, the Alamo is what people equate with San Antonio. True, it is really neat to visit, but it's usually very crowded. It's actually one of five missions that are included in San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (aka the Mission Trail). The others include San Jose, San Juan Capistrano, Concepcion, and Espada -- all constructed between 1718 (the Alamo) and 1731 (Espada). You can see them at:

Trish Milburn said...

Oh, look, hostess with the mostest Mary posted this morning while I was still sleeping. :) We'll have to tour NYC together the next time RWA is there.

Trish Milburn said...

Louisa, another one who has been to lots of world destinations. Very cool.

I want to visit Savannah. I hear nothing but wonderful things about it. And you'll notice that my post had lots of references to restaurants. :)

Maria said...

Hi Trish! I'm lucky - my job has taken me around the world and I've been to some amazing places - Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Switzerland, France, Germany, all around the United States. And each place I visit I say - oh, I'd love to live here. I remember being in Bolder, Colorado for a shoot and I called my husband to say I think we should live here - there's no humidity and I'm having perfect hair days here.

I LOVE Chicago - such a great city - but way to bloody cold in the winter.

But wherever I travel, I'm always glad to come back to New York. There really is NO other city in the world like it.

Trish Milburn said...

Maria, how funny about the good hair days in Boulder! I wanted to go back to San Francisco because I could breath well there. As soon as I got back home from there, my allergies attacked with a vengeance again. I like the salt air and being on the coast so all the pollen gets blown away.

flchen1 said...

Yep, Trish, I don't think I could actually live in those big cities, but they definitely are very fun to visit! I've decided that I'm not a big-city kind of gal...

Annie Solomon said...

Man, oh, man, you bandits are SO intimidating. Hong Kong? Istanbul? Sheesh. I was going to say Montauk, which is on the eastern tip of Long Island. Love, love, love the beach. Fresh clams. Fried oysters. Salt water. I also like Long Beach Island and Cape Cod. But how can that compare with the exotica of Sydney or Melbourne? I've seen your aussie beaches and they look wonderful. One day...

Have fun, Trish! Good luck with the signing. Safe trip home.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Trish - I've never been to San Antonio, but always wanted to visit. Thanks for giving me a taste.

I have too many favorite cities to pick one. They're all so unique - and the best thing - there's fans of romance in each one (grin). Here's my partial list of US cities(it keeps expanding). I've only really been to London - which I loved - on the international scene. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to do more traveling in that regard. New York, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington DC, Savannah, Boston, Maui (not a city, but the island is not much bigger than a city) and anywhere along a beach (grin).

Trish Milburn said...

Annie, Montauk sounds lovely and like a nice, peaceful vacation spot. I love the beach too.

Donna, your list sounds great too. Maui -- I'm sure it's absolutely gorgeous.

Anna Campbell said...

Annie, I had to laugh. From where I'm sitting, Montauk sounds MUCH more exotic than either Sydney or Melbourne! I really would love to do some more travelling in the States!

Minna said...

My favorite towns and cities are
Helsinki -I have been there many times. There's always plenty to see and do. And easy to get to Estonia and Sweden by boat and to Russia by train.
Savonlinna -great place at summer, even if you don't care about opera or ballet festivals.
Turku -old capital of Finland.
And there's one thing in common with all these places: castles.
Joensuu -again, great place at summer. There's always something going on on the market place and you can get there both Karelian pasties and some great Vietnamise food. And as Kiihtelysvaara is now part of Joensuu and the centre of the town is really in the middle of the forest now: there's mushroom festival in august.
Stocholm -castle, old town, Asian museum...
Vancouver -China town, Science Centre...
Toronto -Finnish shop, museums, worlds biggest bookstore.

Anna Sugden said...

Great post, Trish. How fab that you and Mary (waving hi to Mary!) could do a signing together.

Loved San Antonio when we visited a few years back. Had such a fab time there.

Other favourite cities in the US - Charleston and Denver. And, of course, DC and NY.

Boulder is great, Maria - our friend's triplets run a fab restaurant in Boulder called Trilogy. And I'm with Louisa on Amsterdam - love it!

Sorry folks - hate Paris.

I enjoyed SF this summer too.

Naturally, London and Cambridge rank very highly too *g*.

Would love to go to Oz and check out various cities there.

Trish Milburn said...

Minna, all those places and things you mention sound wonderful. I know next to nothing about the history of Scandinavia since that wasn't something covered in our history classes.

Trish Milburn said...

Anna S., I want to explore Denver sometime. I've been through there a few times on the train, but never left the Amtrak station.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Trish! Your trip sounds like fun!

I love the riverwalk in San Antonio. It's so pretty and always busy.

My faves have to be London and Bath, though. Bath is the only place I've thought "I could live here." There's just something special about the light and the atmosphere.

Anna Campbell said...

Anna, I hate Paris too! I have a good friend who has a theory that people who love Rome (and I do) hate Paris and vice versa. So far, I'm yet to find that she's wrong. Hey, I forgot Copenhagen which is a blast of a city!

Deb, isn't Bath beautiful? All that beautiful golden stone and the way the river winds through the middle. Sigh.

Trish Milburn said...

Deb, one of my good friends adores Bath.

To the two Annas -- I'm curious. Why do you hate Paris? And why would a person who hates Paris like Rome and vice versa. I find that fascinating.

Anna Campbell said...

Well, to be fair to Paris, I was there poor and wasn't staying anywhere nice but that didn't stop me liking other places I went. I think part of it is that whole mystique about Paris being romantic and wonderful and beautiful is so pervasive. When I was there, it was dirty and covered in doggy dunnits. There's a lot there to see so I'm not sorry I went. Rome on the other hand is so vibrant and full of life. There's an energy in the air that just crackles. Hmm, not sure I've conveyed the difference between the two adequately. Perhaps VA can weigh in!

beverley said...

Yesterday it was discipline about losing weight, now today I hear about biscuits and gravy!! I'm about to start that new diet I was just motivated to start. You are killing me!!! LOL.

sarah said...

I love Taco Cabana... but have you tried Rosa's Tortilla Factory?

Keira Soleore said...

Fo, your words proved prophetic indeed. Miss Wee slept tight, and so, of course, did I. Hooray.

My favorite state (oops it's like a laaaarge city, no?) is Hawaii. You're never far away from the sight of the ocean, even 10,000 feet up on a mountain. The sound of the waves, the warm sun, the blue skies, the mai tais, the wonderfully fragrant flowers (my favorite flower is the plumeria), the smiles and laid-back attitude, the mai tais, the dances that resemble ocean waves, the strumming of the guitar accompanied by the crackling of a wood bonfire, the sheer beauty and diversity of the forests, the mai tais.... and I could go on and on and...

Keira Soleore said...

I loved Paris. Yes, it was dirty. No, I didn't see the romance. Yes, there was dog doo everywhere. No, I didn't see anything ooh la la about it.

What I loved about the city were the people. The friendliest, most wonderful people I've met anywhere. My French is less than atrocious and yet, people were beyond gracious from the green-grocer to the Internet cafe owner to a stranger in a metro station who stopped to help us figure our way to Versailles.

MaryF said...

Hi, Anna!

Sarah, tell me more of this Rosa's Tortilla Factory! I've not heard of it. Another place we wanted to take Trish was the Blue Star Brewery - awesome food and beer and atmosphere. So little time.....

Nancy said...

Trish, what a cool post! I've heard San Antonio is terrific.

My favorite city is London, but I haven't been there in years. I love the availability of tea and scones and clotted cream and pub food and historic sites and museums and books I can't find at home. The Tube is so much easier to use, to me, than the NYC subway, though a friend forced me to learn that many years ago.

My second favorite city would be New York. It has wonderful museums and restaurants. Once you figure out the subway, getting around is fairly easy. We're actually going there this weekend. The dh is doing some research, so the boy and I are tagging along to do some shopping, visit friends, and see some exhibits.

Jo, congrats on the GR. Make him work very hard. *g* Despite Natalie's spin class, he's probably scheming.

We honeymooned in San Francisco, which was beautiful. I've had a chance to visit Seattle a couple of times, and it was wonderful. The Science Fiction museum is there, amid the gorgeous scenery. It was 95 degrees at home, and I needed a jacket in Seattle.

I'd love to see Australia--buy my own Tim-Tam's, right?--though that looks to be even more distant a possibility than returning to London, which is fairly remote.

Anonymous said...

Trish, I’ve always wanted to visit the Alamo, you Americans record your history so well. If I’d have known you and Mary were book signing, it might have made provoked the journey. More notice next time please; there is nothing like bringing something home with a meaning locked away from everyone else. I’m fascinated by journeys and want someone to explain how Davy Crockett got to San Antonio.

Still the truth is, San Antonio would be a crowded place for me. I was going to say Rabbit Flat is the place I’d recommend for you guys to visit. But then I commenced to worry about trinkets for the relatives. --- No, I’ve decided you need to visit Lambert’s Centre, the relatives would understand and when they see your photo standing beside the flagpole it will become a ‘must do’ for them. But you will still always be the first. ----- An explanation; Lambert’s Centre is the centre of the landmass of Australia. It’s the only place in Australia where it (Australia) can be lifted on a string and not spill everyone’s coffee. I have no idea why they erected a flagpole on the spot. (It’s a replica of the one on the National Parliament Building. Anyway it’s the place to go and be seen. --- Your in luck, I recently took my, 87 year old, father there. His (happy snap) photo is still fresh. ----- --- Nothing like open space to charge the batteries (if you’re wired like me). ---- Eric

Joan said...

Very quickly because in <12 hours I go back to the DDJ!

I loved San Antonio the year I visited. The Riverwalk is so beautiful and peaceful in places. We went to an old Victorian house and had lunch outside. That was my first trip to a Seaworld too and the Alamo ( in "Don't Forget :0)

Oh, and that's where I saw Queen Elizbeth!

Other faves are NYC, Charleston, New Orleans, San Fran and Doolin Co. Clare (Not a city but man, could I live there!)

Louisa Cornell said...

Trish, funny that you mention you could breathe in San Francisco! Me too! I was wonderful and I slept so soundly too.

Vienna is another magical city, very Old World and magical. I went to a Faschings Ball there in a gorgeous palace of a home - my first grand ball and it was unforgettable!

Houston is great too. Had some of the BEST TexMex food EVER at a place called the Cadillac Bar and Grill - looks like a dump, but MAN CAN THEY COOK!

Oh and anyone going to Amsterdam, check out the Museum of Sex (Yes, there is a museum dedicated to the history of .... sex!)

Louisa Cornell said...

Trish, funny that you mention you could breathe in San Francisco! Me too! I was wonderful and I slept so soundly too.

Vienna is another magical city, very Old World and magical. I went to a Faschings Ball there in a gorgeous palace of a home - my first grand ball and it was unforgettable!

Houston is great too. Had some of the BEST TexMex food EVER at a place called the Cadillac Bar and Grill - looks like a dump, but MAN CAN THEY COOK!

Oh and anyone going to Amsterdam, check out the Museum of Sex (Yes, there is a museum dedicated to the history of .... sex!)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Sorry to be late to the party, but Jo-Mama and I did indeed meet at Chevy's. That green tinge around the GR's beak is guacamole. The naughty chook sneaked in a margarita AND a pina colada in spite of me threatening with the crop!

I LURVE San Antonia too! The Riverwalk is WONDERFUL, and was built during the Great Depression by the WPA. Talk about being ahead of its time.

IMO, New Orleans has the most "European feel" of any city in the US. San Francisco is another of my very favorite places. Actually Sydney reminded me a lot of SF, as did Lisbon Portugal... huge, lovely bay, incredible bridges, slightly hilly terrain.

Helen, I went to Katoomba in the Blue Mtns. when I was in Oz and it was the HIGHLIGHT of my trip! Though I also enjoyed Brisbane the day I spent there. They have a great multi-level shopping mall with interesting sculptures.

LURVED Salzburg, LURVED York, LURVED Istanbul (and I'm going back there in a few weeks), LURVED Bangkok...

I could go on but the DH is calling me to dinner. Hope you all had a great day!


Caren Crane said...

Jo, I hope you enjoyed the GR!

Trish, although we lived in TX for a year, I never got to San Antonio. I think I would love it there! Your descriptions made me long to go. Especially to Guenther House for the biscuits and gravy. *g*

Trish Milburn said...

Hey, everyone. Checking in late after being away from the computer for a few hours -- had to speak to the San Antonio RWA chapter tonight, then came back to watch the last of the presidential debates.

Anna C., interesting observations about Paris vs. Rome. It makes one think that the French have done a remarkable job at marketing, doesn't it?

Trish Milburn said...

Beverley, sorry to taunt you with the biscuits and gravy. I always feel like I need a big time diet when I come home from San Antonio. Or any vacation, for that matter.

Sarah, I haven't heard of Rosa's. Will have to put that on my list for next time since I'm heading home tomorrow. I haven't had even Taco Cabana this time, so will need to find some before I leave Texas tomorrow. Did have some Freddy's Frozen Custard on the way back from the meeting tonight though. :)

Trish Milburn said...

Keira, you make Hawaii sound like the paradise it's billed to be. I bet it's a wonderful (if expensive) place to live. It's almost believable one couldn't be stressed there.

Nancy, oh, I'm going to have to put the science fiction museum on my list of things to see when I go back to Washington, along with the small town of Forks, the setting of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series.

And San Antonio is wonderful. Remember, in a few years, RWA will have our national conference here, right on the Riverwalk. Can't wait!

Trish Milburn said...

Eric, we have one of those markers at the geographic center of the U.S. too. It's in Lebanon, Kansas.

Trish Milburn said...

Joan, I'd love to visit most anyplace in Ireland, I think.

Louisa, I ate at one of those dive, hole-in-the-wall places in Austin, Texas, once. Looked like a dump, but it was yummy. Don't remember the name though. And I've heard of that museum in Amsterdam.

Trish Milburn said...

Cindy, I'm not surprised you've been to so many fascinating places. You're such a world traveler!

Well, Caren, Texas is a big place, so I can kind of understand not seeing it all while you lived here. It would take a long time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Trish. I'll visit yours, whne I'm next on that side of the lake. These things are important (for some reason). Just going by the photo. I think ours is more impressive. --- Eric