Monday, October 27, 2008

Tracy Garret: Spurs, Boots and Good Men

by Suzanne Welsh
Tracy Garrett loves a good man, especially one wearing boots and spurs. In fact, she loves those strong heroes so much, she writes about them in her historical western romances. So naturally while sitting on her balcony overlooking the autumn changes around The Lake of the Ozarks, our conversation turns to her newest book, TOUCHED BY LOVE.

Tracy, TOUCHED BY LOVE is your second Historical Western romance. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

I'll let the back cover blurb do the talking:


Jaret Walker is a loner, a gun for hire with a heart of ice. He's never had anyone to call his own, and he likes it that way. But when a promise made to a friend leads him on a ride through the desert and to remote Two Roses Ranch where he meets Isabel Bennett, the woman he's supposed to protect, all he can think of is making her his. She's the kind of woman a rough-riding cowboy like him can never have. But her hot gaze tempts him like no other woman has before...

The moment Isabel Bennett lays eyes on Jaret Walker, she remembers the dreams she's denied for so long. She's sworn never to marry. It's the only way to protect her ranch. But when Walker rides into her life, she decides to let herself taste what she's giving up-a passion that burns through her with each kiss-and a desire that won't be denied...

Touched by Love, coming November 4, 2008, from Zebra Historical Romance.

In the beginning of TOUCHED BY LOVE there's an interesting opening scene centered around a Mexican prison. Was this a real place?

Perote Prison was a real place. Originally a castle, it was built by the Viceroy of Mexico in the late 1700s 7000 feet up the mountains overlooking the port of Vera Cruz. It was intended as an ammunition storage facility and a military training school, and as a second line of defense for Vera Cruz. The Mexican Army used the huge fortress to keep both military and political prisoners. Texans captured during three disastrous expeditions against Mexico were incarcerated and died within its walls. The shell of the building still remains, but photos are allowed only by special permit. [Photo by J. J. McGrath & Walace Hawkins, "Perote Fort- Where Texans Were Imprisoned", Volume 48, Number 3, Southwestern Historical Quarterly Online]

When I needed a place for Isabel's brother to be taken, I began searching for prisons in Mexico and found this place. The location was ideal-and it has two macabre stone figures guarding the bridge.

Jaret Walker (big sigh!) is my idea of a cowboy hero. In fact I envisioned the early John Wayne character while reading this. Was there anyone you had in mind as you wrote it?

I never have a specific actor in mind when I write, but Jaret has a lot of the stubborn honor that John Wayne's characters always showed, with a liberal dose of Clint Eastwood tough-guy thrown in. Mmmm...Clint....

The women who helped settle the American West were made of strong stuff and in TOUCHED BY LOVE, Isabel is the backbone of her ranch. What made her so determined to hold on to it?

Isabel takes the legacy of the ranch very seriously. The land has been passed from mother to daughter through several generations, and she believes it is her responsibility to maintain it for the next generation. Besides, she loves the rough, harsh land-it's a part of her soul.

Without the uber-strong women who came west on foot, horseback and wagon seat, I believe the U.S. would be a very different place. Isabel is one of those women. She takes the legacy of the ranch very seriously. The land has been passed from mother to daughter through several generations, and she believes it is her responsibility to maintain it for the next generation. Besides, she loves the rough, harsh land-it's a part of her soul.

More wine?

Even though western historical romances have been quiet for a few years, they're starting to make a comeback in the market place. What about the western do you think appeals to romance readers?

There is something about a loner-a man who lives and works alone for weeks or months at a time-that seems to tug at our protective instincts. A cowboy, lawman, gunslinger-it doesn't seem to matter what they do, we love the dark, handsome heroes. The resurgence of westerns at the movies and on TV is evidence. Deadwood, 3:10 to Yuma, Seraphim Falls, Tombstone, Missing. I've seen the trailers for Appaloosa and it's on my must-see-soon list! Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen in boots and spurs? Be still my heart.

Do you think these heroes translate in to contemporary characters? How?

Absolutely, whether the setting is "western" or not. I think the qualities of honor, duty and good-guys-win are timeless. The romance hero always has a strong sense of right & wrong, does what is necessary despite personal insult or injury, and looks darn good in a cowboy hat. lol

Before we head out on the boat to tour the Lake, I have one more question. Is there another western in your future?

I certainly hope so! I'm in the middle of writing Wolf's story [he was the tracker in Touch of Texas who was searching for his kidnapped children]. And I have several other characters standing around in my office waiting for a turn to tell their stories.

I'd like to ask the Bandit readres a question now. Who is your favorite movie or TV cowboy and why? You choose the winner and let me know who it is, please?

Tracy is offering an autographed copy of TOUCHED BY LOVE to a lucky commentor. And don't forget, if you want to order YOUR copy of TOUCHED BY LOVE, just click on the cover picture.


Helen said...

Is he coming to visit me

Have Fun

Helen said...

I am so looking forward to this book Tracy I loved Touch of Texas (which I was lucky enough to win and it is autographed) and Touched By Love is in the Rendezvous catologue and when I put my order in next week I will be ordering it.
I really enjoy a good western there is something rugged and strong about a cowboy.
I am so glad you are writing a book about Wolf that one will be tops as well.

Thanks Suzanne and Tracy I look forward to reading the book.

I have about 100 pages of The Wild Sight left to read so the GR and I will be enjoying some Tim Tams while I finish a wonderful book.

Have Fun

limecello said...

Great interview, Tracy and Suzanne! I really enjoy westerns, so it's always good to see more are coming out. And congrats on nabbing the GR, Helen! :P I always seem to be just a tad too slow these days.

flchen1 said...

Oh YUM! This sounds fabulous, Tracy! Congrats on this latest, and thanks for the update!

Congrats on the GR, Helen! Is he insisting on sharing the Tim Tams? ;)

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Tracy - Love that hot cover! Love as well that the Western historical is coming back, thanks to wonderful authors such as yourself. Gotta love a Stetson!

Jane said...

I enjoyed "Touch of Texas." I love Jake. Congrats on your upcoming release.

Congrats on the GR, Helen.

Maureen said...

Hi Tracy!
Congratulations on your new book! It looks like a great story. My husband is a John Wayne fan so I have to pick him as my favorite because his characters just take control of any situation.

Marisa O'Neill said...

Hi Tracy - I'm so looking forward to reading TOUCHED BY LOVE!

I have to say I'm a big fan of the western romance and I'm so glad to see a bit more of them on the shelves these days. The strength of the men and women who settled the west is fascinating to me.

Matt Damon in All the Pretty Horses is one of my favorite movie cowboys. Why? Umm... well two words. Matt. Damon.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I'd like to ask the Bandit readres a question now. Who is your favorite movie or TV cowboy and why?

My favorite is John Wayne, why?? He is The DUKE, no one does a cowboy like John Wayne.

Caren Crane said...

Tracy, so glad to have you back with us in the Lair! (And Helen, so sneaky of you to snatch the Golden Rooster - enjoy him!)

Tracy, I do love a cowboy. My favorite TV cowboy when I was a girl was Henry Darrow's character Manolito Montoya on 'High Chapparal'. Yes, I had a thing for the tall, dark and handsome even as a child! I must have been young, because the series began in 1967 and I was born in 1965. Maybe I saw reruns or something. *shrug*

'High Chapparal' was great because it really didn't huge stars. They guys all looked pretty rough and tumble. It was possibly the least Hollywood of the cowboy shows on TV. Of course, I liked 'Gun Smoke' as much as the next person, but it wasn't anything like realistic.

It cracks me up that in the 60s an actor named Enrique Tomas Delgado had to act as "Henry Darrow". Ah, well, everyone had a different name then. Kind of like many writers do now!

Enjoy your day with the cowboys. I'm off to work!

PJ said...

Hi Tracy! (waving)

Great interview Suz. Did y'all have fun on the lake?

I'm a fan of westerns and I loved Touch of Texas. I'm so thrilled to hear you're writing a story for Wolf! He sure deserves a happy ever after. Touched By Love is in the mail and I can't wait to open my mailbox and find it inside.

There are many sexy movie and TV cowboys who have made me melt but if I'm looking for one who exemplified all the best qualities of a cowboy it would have to be John Wayne. That man was born to be a Cowboy!

Good luck with Touched by Love. I hope it's a huge success!

PJ said...

Congrats on nabbing the GR, Helen!

Dina said...

when I was young, I always watched John Wayne, he was very good looking and srong and nice to the laides, so he still stands out.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Good morning everyone! Hey Tracy, glad to have you back in the lair!

And congrats to Helen for catching the GR this morning! Hope he behaves himself for you.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Ooooooooo Helen, I'm jealous. I've not found my copy of AC's The Wild Sight yet, but I keep looking!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey limecello! I adore westerns and western romances, too. I'm hoping Tracy gets to write tons more!!

And wait til you get to read this one. I think her hero is very yummy.

CrystalGB said...

Hi Tracy. Great interview. I loved Touch of Texas. My favorite tv cowboy is Matt Dillon. He is strong, tough and and fair.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Not that they were cowboys, but I do love the actors in The Long Riders...the story of James/Younger clan with all the brother actors...Stacy and James Keach, David, Keith and Bob Carradine, Randy and Dennis Quaid........mmmmmm and the time period was acurately portrayed.

And then there's Tombstone...what is NOT to like? Kurt Russell, Sam Elliott and Val Kilmer? oh mama, stip me naked and have your way, yeah, I like that one, too!

Louisa Cornell said...

Good on you, Helen, for nabbing the GR. And with him there is no sharing of Tim Tams! He wants them ALL !

Hello, Tracy! I loved Touch of Texas! Just a great sexy, sweet story. I haven't really been a fan of Western historical romances, but I will read yours anytime! I have a dear friend in West Virginia who is one of your biggest fans. I got her an autographed copy of your latest at Nationals and she treasures it.

There have been some great cowboys in novels and television.

Of course the Duke is Number One. He just epitomized the American cowboy in every movie he was in. Who can forget Rooster Cogburn or John Chisholm?

Have any of you ever seen The Virginian, the one with Bill Pullman in it? I loved that movie!The romance in it was so beautifully done because he was the strong silent type. If you haven't seen it try to find it. I have it on VHS.

Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. I loved his Italian westerns, but for me Unforgiven remains the best movie in which he has starred. So realistic and so profound.

Tommy Lee Jones in The Missing. Heart breaking movie about family, love and forgiveness.

And I loved both casts in the Wyatt Earp movies - Wyatt Earp and Tombstone.

And how about our friend Viggo in Hidalgo. I LOVED his relationship with his horse and his scoundrel with a cowboy code.

Goodness, I guess I AM a big western fan! LOL And Appaloosa is on my must see list too!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Louisa, my favorite John Wayne movie is Big Jake, well, my favorite western, my all time favorite is the Silent Man.

And oh yeah, Appaloosa is on my must see movie list, too!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Fedora! Isn't Tracy's cover just plain yummy? Wait til you read the inside!!

TracyG said...

Good morning Banditas & Friends!
Had a little technical difficulty--my PC is smarter than me :(--but I'm here.

Tim Tams? Helen, the GR must love coming to roost with you. And I'm thrilled to know TbL is in the Rendezvous catalog. Enjoy!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Mornin, Ms. Donna!

Girl, I'm coming to Ohio on Thrusday! Can't wait to see you!

And hey, a western is as good as the hero and heroine can be in my mind, strong men and determined women.

Rebekah E. said...

One of my favorite cowboyish movies is Quiggly down Under. Thanks for coming and thanks for the great interview. You book sounds great.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Okay, Tracy's here, so I'm off to bed. Play nice with my friend, y'all!

MWAHH Tracy!

TracyG said...

Maureen, JW is probably my favorite too, although I'll admit to a huge crush on Adam Cartright. Tall, dark and handsome, and the bad boy of the family.

Marisa, I just added All the Pretty Horses ot my Netflix list. Sounds yummy!

Tracy G.

Trish Milburn said...

I love westerns, always have, whether they're books, TV shows or movies. I was glad 3:10 to Yuma was so well received because I'd like to see more westerns made. Not to mention Russell Crowe and Christian Bale as rugged cowboys -- yummy!

TracyG said...

'Night, Suz.

TracyG said...

Good morning, limecello, fichen1 & Donna! Great to see you again.

Jane, I'm glad you enjoyed ToT. Jake is pretty special to me.

Tracy G

TracyG said...

Dianna, The Duke in Rooster Cogburn--gotta be my favorite. I love that character.

Caren, High Chapparal, The Virginian--I think I'd love the reruns now as much as before.

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

Hi PJ!!! Nice to see you here, girl! Hope you enjoy TbL - I actually wrote it before Touch of Texas, and really enjoyed researching that part of Texas.

Dina, I like JW in a stetson or a uniform or... yeah, I like JW.

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

Crystal, I must admit I wasn't much of a Matt Dillon fan until recently. But I'll fix that lack, I promise!

Suz, I haven't seen The Long Riders. There's another one for my Netflix list. Tombstone? Oh, yeah!

Tracy G.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy! I don't have a TV or movie cowboy to compare to -- I loved that you didn't have anyone in mind when you wrote your hero. I always feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have a big storyboard with pictures of my hero on it when I'm writing! I like to think romance heros are larger than life and there's no way they could be contained in a real life body. Trying to pin them down into a human face and form just takes away some of the magic for me. :-)

The book sounds fabulous and we're thrilled to have you back on the blog! Congratulations for all your success!

TracyG said...

"I haven't really been a fan of Western historical romances, but I will read yours anytime!"

Louisa, you're too sweet! I think I'm blushing - which is amazing since I'm only half awake. lol Tell your friend I'm glad she likes ToT.

And Viggo is my new favorite man in a hat. I have pics of him pasted up around my writing desk as inspiration for Wolf.

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

Hi rebekah e.!
The Quiggly character was inspired! I laugh every time.

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

Good morning, Trish.

I'm hoping movies like 3:10 to Yuma and Appaloosa will start a new trend. I'd love to see westerns (movies & books) get back into the mainstream again.

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

"Trying to pin them down into a human face and form just takes away some of the magic for me."

Kirsten, I think you'd hit the proverbial nail. My characters become "real" people and giving them a famous face never seemed to work. I am trying it with Wolf, but to be honest, he doesn't look anything like Viggo Mortenson. :D

Tracy G.

Joan said...

Howdy, Tracy! Great to have you back in the Lair!

I say yippee to more diversity in historical romances and leave it to the cowboys to lead the way! Your book sounds great and will soon find its way to my TBR pile!

As to favorite cowboys, the Duke stands out no matter what he plays. But there was a movie...can't remember the name right off the top of my head...that I caught late one night that starred Colin Farrell as one of the sons of a widowed rancher?

Yum, Irish cowboys :-)

BTW, it was great meeting you in SF. I remember your steady western calm helping me to focus my pitch. It worked!

Now, if you could swing that gaze over to the requesting agent/editor I'd be much obliged, LOL

TracyG said...

Mornin' Joan!

Colin Farrell playes Jesse James in American Outlaws (2001) - was that the movie?

It was great meeting you, too, and I'm doing the happy dance that your pitch went well!

Tracy G.

terrio said...

Some of my earliest romance reading was westerns and I have no idea why I haven't read any in forever. I'm going to HAVE to change that. Goodness, these books sound good.

Picking one favorite cowboy is hard. John Wayne in North to Alaska is one of my favorites. But then there's Dean Martin in Rio Bravo. Hmmmm...I'm gonna have to go with Dean.

Congrats, Helen! I'll bet that chook is looking to warm up right about now.

TracyG said...

"Dean Martin in Rio Bravo"


I'd almost forgotten Deano. Good pick!

Tracy G.

Virginia said...

My favorite movie cowboy would have to be Sam Elliot. I love that mans sexy voice. Then again I alway loved Little Joe and Adam. There are a lot of cowboys that I love.

TracyG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TracyG said...

Hi Virginia,

Sam Elliot - yum-O! I loved him in Golden Compass. What's your favorite movie?

Tracy G.

Jo Davis said...

Hi Tracy!
good to see you here! My favorite movie cowboy is Clint Eastwood, hands down. For TV, I have to go with Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza! I had SUCH a huge crush on him when I was a kid. :)

I had to tell you, I already saw your books on the shelf at my local Barnes and Noble last week--lots of them, face out!! yay!

TracyG said...

Hi Jo,

Folks, if you haven't read Jo's latest release, Trial By Fire, get it soon. It's wonderful!

I knew Touched By Love was out early some places - glad it's face out, too!

Clint Eastwood has such a great edge to his cowboys. Love him.

Tracy G.

Cassondra said...

Hi Tracy, Hi Suz!

Tracy, thanks for joining us in the lair. I've been AWOL of late, plus having trouble posting comments with the changes to blogger (grrrrrrrr) and this is a great way to return--talking about cowboys...

Lessee....I was a HUGE fan of westerns on tv and in movies when I was a kid. Not so much the modern versions because like most modern film, there's no guarantee of a happy ending anymore. :0/ My husband has to preview for me. I know that's wimpy, but I'm just not going to a sad place in my entertainment. I am a Happy Ending Nazi.

I liked Clint Eastwood as a cowboy. Pale Rider is one of my favs.

I liked The Rifleman--he wasn't REALLY a cowboy was he? But still...He had the hat and he had the COOL.

Okay y'all, help me with my faded memory here. Wasn't there somebody named Clint on a tv show....was it Wagons Ho? Was that even the name of a tv show? I have this memory of rushing in from the school bus every afternoon to watch some show that I think was called Wagons Ho,(it came on right before Fury and that was followed by Lassie--are you all sensing a theme here...horses, dogs, cowboys--notice there's no June Cleaver types in this mix)and I had a huge crush on a cowboy named Clint, and I think he was on THAT show. But I don't remember if I've got it straight--I could be combining shows.

WAIT! Was it Wagon Train???? Really this was a LONG time ago...

I also liked the older brother on --not GunSmoke--it was the show with the Ponderosa Ranch. Not Hoss, and NOT Little Joe...the other brother. Dang. can't remember his name either, but he was HAWT when I was 11.

Nothing against The Duke--he was fine. But I liked Marshal Dillon better. Except he had commitment phobia. Like the song says..

You never heard ol' Marshal Dillon say
Miss Kitty have you ever thought of runnin away.....

....He just stole a kiss as he rode away...he never hung his hat up at Kitty's place...

Cowboys and their commitment real life they're a bad bet.

My favorite fictional cowboy of all time is Matthew Quigley in Quigley Down Under. If y'all haven't seen that one, it's time to put it in the Netflix Qeue. Matthew Quigley is one of my top three male hunks to drool over of all time. And the only cowboy to make the list.

But I lOVE the stories where they settle down. Looking forward to this one Tracy!

Cassondra said...

jo davis said:

I have to go with Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza! I had SUCH a huge crush on him when I was a kid. :)


I could not, for the life of me, think of that show. But what was the older brother's name? The hunky one? Little Joe was cute, but I liked the other guy.

Jo Davis said...

Adam was an older brother (handsome) who was a lawyer. Is that him?

Adam, Hoss, Little Joe...was there a fourth one? :)


Cassondra said...

JO, I didn't remember his being a lawyer. Just that he looked damn good in a hat on a horse.

But I think it WAS Adam.

Heck, I couldn't even remember Bonanza until you mentioned it.

I don't remember a fourth brother. Seems like Hoss, Little Joe and Adam were it.

Cassondra said...

Okay, what was that show where they were always on the train, played cards a lot. Dang, my memory is just GONE. Artemus Gordon and ___________. (Does this show the power of a name that sticks in the memory? James...?????) I understand the movie was a flop, but the tv show was GREAT. Seems like it didn't run for very long.

THAT show.

Whoooooweeeeeee. I'm not sure he qualifies as a cowboy, but he had the hat and the cool and was...well...Yuuuuuum...Slurp.

Jo Davis said...

The show was The Wild, Wild West with Robert Conrad as James T. West! We watched ALL of those cowboy television shows when I was a kid!

I also loved The Big Valley--Lee Majors as Heath was ooohh so hawt!!!

Cassondra said...

Jo davis said:

The show was The Wild, Wild West with Robert Conrad as James T. West!

OH YEAH. That was a great show.

I think I was actually too young to get some of the inuendo in that has a slightly abstract quality to it and a bit of mystery from my point of view.

Or maybe that's just the way it was written. But the slurp factor was NOT lost on me, even at that age. (grin) Oh, no. The slurp factor was NOT lost.

Somebody fan me.

Cassondra said...

Jo said:

Lee Majors as Heath

Oh, I'd forgotten about that one too!

Y'all are bringing back some SERIOUSLY good memories here.

And yeah, he was indeed HAWT.

peggy said...

JOHN WAYNE.Iloved him in true grit.

TracyG said...


I think you and I could have a great time watching all our old favorites together. Sounds like we watched the same shows.

Adam was the oldest son on Ponderosa, black hair, rarely smiled... He and characters like him had a huge impact on what I right today.

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

Hi Peggy,

True Grit, The Cowboys, Rooster Cogburn, The Shootist... I could go on, but I so enjoy watching John Wayne's cowboys.

Tracy G.

Joan said...

Adam on Bonanza was not a lawyer (to the best of my recollection) but there was one that had Barbara Stanwyck as the matriarch and her older son was a lawyer. It was Richard somebody who played on Nanny and the Professor.

Aren't we a group? We sit around saying "Oh, yeah, What's his name was on a show called something" LOL

And poor ole Hoss. The cowboy with the heart of gold. HE wouldn't have commitment problems...I betcha.

TracyG said...

"And poor ole Hoss. The cowboy with the heart of gold. HE wouldn't have commitment problems...I betcha."

Oh, but he did. He had several ladies interested, but he was scared to death of them. :D

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

"Barbara Stanwyck as the matriarch and her older son was a lawyer."

The was The Big Valley.

Tracy G.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey Tracy, Welcome back to the Lair!

So great to have you here with us and BIG THANX to Suz for luring.. er, um, inviting you here!

I really enjoyed meeting you in SF and LURVED reading ToT. I'll be looking for TbL on my next trip to B&N. :-)

I love, Love, LOVED Hidalgo! Viggo and that horse were so great. And Quigley Down Under is also one of my FAVE movies of all time, but just as much for Alan Rickman as the villain as Tom S. for the hero!

Speaking of DownUnder, Congrats on snagging the GR, Helen! Bet you'll need to buy more TimTams before the day is over. If you were about 100 pages from the end of TWS you were probably at one of my very favorite scenes in the book (hint: in the prison)! Can't wait to hear what you thought of it.

who is a die-hard Eastwood fan in any of his incarnations.

TracyG said...

Hi Auntie Cindy!

"as much for Alan Rickman as the villain"

I think Alan Rickman is one of the best villains on screen. And he made a good hero in "Truly, Madly, Deeply" too.


Minna said...

I'd like to ask the Bandit readres a question now. Who is your favorite movie or TV cowboy and why?
Actually, I have a favorite comic book cowboy, Lucky Luke. The comic makes fun of all those cliches about wild west.

TracyG said...

Minna, I just googled Lucky Luke. How fun!
Tracy G.

PJ said...

Cassondra, are you talking about Clint Walker? He starred in Cheyenne.

Helen said...

My favourite Movie cowboy is a toss up between John Wayne and Dean Martin favourite movies The Searchers and The Sons Of Katie Elder I love these movies I have them on DVD and can watch them anytime I want

The GR is behaving himself although he has just about cleaned me out of Tim Tams I need to go to the shop and get some more !

Have Fun

Minna said...

TracyG, take also a look at Asterix & Obelix and Oumpahpah.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Tracy, welcome back! What a gorgeous cover!

I've always loved Westerns, both books and movies alike. I guess the Duke would be my favorite onscreen cowboy, especially in his younger days. Very dashing! And he usually seemed to have a sense of humor about things. :-)

Congrats Helen!! Have fun reading with the lucky chook!

Franny said...


I can't WAIT to read Touched by Love. And your cover is YUM-O!

Favorite movie/TV cowboy...that's easy AND it's the same guy - James Garner. That man is just SOOO lovely.

And I have to thank you for your wonderful hospitality. I was fortunate to spend some time with Tracy looking out over that lake and words do not do it justice. And this time of year, with the leaves changing - WOW! (it's almost as inspirational as your cover) :)


jo robertson said...

Hi, Tracy, welcome to the Lair. Your books sound fabulous.

I do love a good western.

Russell Crowe in 3:10 to Yuma was superb, but then he's great in anything he does.

Be careful about Appaloosa, ya'll; it's based on Robert B. Parker's book of the same title (he of the Spenser for Hire fame), and isn't a romance in the way we romance writers expect.

I loved the book, but then I adore anything by Parker.

terrio said...

Tracy said:
I'd almost forgotten Deano. Good pick!

I'm from Steubenville (Dean's hometown!) so I pretty have to go with him. LOL! They pre-program us all from birth.

Sidenote - my grandmother went to HS with Dean and said she didn't like him because he was a womanizer even back then. I've always thought that was so funny.

p226 said...

Favorite cowboy in tv or movies? Like the character, or the real guy? Because, Audie Murphy takes it hands down as a real life hero.

But the character? Eastwood in The Unforgiven.


One line. "Well, he shoulda thought about that before he decided to decorate his saloon with my friend here."

robynl said...

my fav TV cowboy was Little Joe on Bonanza; he was so honest and kind.

TracyG said...

Hello, Kate. I'm so glad to be back.

Franny, you're too kind (but we did have fun!).

Jo, thanks for the warning on Appaloosa. I'd hate to go in expecting a HEA and not get one.

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

"he was a womanizer even back then."
That's too funny.

p226, Audie Murphy was a real-life good guy. The quote is great!

Robyn, Little Joe was my first love on that show, then Hoss. But when Adam showed up, that bad boy claimed my full attention. lol

Tracy G.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Good afternoon y'all! Looks like you guys have hosted Tracy well while I slept... (dang check book insists I work this week!!)

Franny, glad you had fun up at the lake with Tracy! And James Garner in Maverick...I never missed a show, as well as Rawhide with a young Clint...and Have Gun Will dad loved westerns!! Never turned off a John Wayne movie or a Clint Eastwood western. My favorite Clint western was "Two Mules for Sister Sarah!" The look on his face when he figure out she wasn't a nun but a prostitue was priceless!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Jomama! I loved Russel and Christian in 3:10 to Yuma. I've got my SIL hooked on westerns now after we watched that one. :) Oh to live to corrupt the young!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Kate! Glad to see you out of the cave!!

There's just something about JW's swagger that makes you go whoa mama! doesn't it?

Kathy Sullivan said...


Good to see you here, girlfriend. Love western romance, and can't wait to read this one, too. Loved Touch of Texas (which I won autographed by you, incidentally).

I love John Wayne, too. One of my favorites was El Dorado.

Another cowboy that I really liked the character of was Harrison Ford in "The Frisco Kid" with Gene Wilder--hows that for an obscure reference! He was so gorgeous looking in that movie, rough and scraggly, yet so sexy. YUMMM!!!

Wishing you good luck and many sales.

Kathy Sullivan

Suzanne Welsh said...

Did y'all ever see The Sacketts or The Shadow Riders?

Both were based on Louis L'Amour books and feature Sam Elliott (Beef It's what's for dinner) and Tom Selleck. I adored those movies!! Watch them every time they're on.

Pat Cochran said...

This house has always favored Roy
Rogers (Honey's childhood favorite)
and John Wayne. Although we did
enjoy Clint Eastwood's portrayal of
Rowdy Yates.

Pat Cochran

MsHellion said...

Maverick is my favorite cowboy. Witty, charming, and just bad enough to make you feel fearless and dangerous, but an actual good guy who will settle down in the end. Eventually. Sorta. As much as a guy like him settles.

I loved the remake movie (back in the Mel Gibson glory days), but James Garner is the best. A great man on screen and in real life.

TracyG said...

Welcome back, Suz. The Banditas have been wonderful today.

Hi Kathy S! Good to 'see' you.

Pat, I didn't think of Roy. Excellent!

Mshellion, Maverick has just enough bad boy to make him irresistable.

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

I have company in the house, more coming, and a rehearsal this evening. I have to sign off for now, but keep the conversation going. I'll be back. I'm having too much fun to leave!

Tracy G.

Kay Thomas said...

Hey Tracy,

Loved reading your interview and can hardly wait to read TOUCHED BY LOVE. That’s one yummy cover.

As to my favorite tv or movie cowboy…hmm. Y’all touched on several here today and definitely took me for a stroll down memory lane. I think THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE with John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart is one of the best classic westerns ever made. Those are two of my favorite actors. An alpha and a beta hero in the same western- who could ask for anything more?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Kathy S! Glad to see another Texas girl on the blog today!

Is El Dorado the one with Robert Mitchum and James Cann with John Wayne? If so, I love that one too!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Kay! Glad to see you in the lair today!

Liberty Valance was such a great western...and a fantastic hero story, too!

Kammie said...

"loner, a gun for hire with a heart of ice." My kind of hero. I'm putting this one on my wish list. it sounds good!

Favorite I dating myself If I say Robert Redford. He played many cowboy roles. One of my favorites was as Sundance in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He's a good actor and very nice to look at, too. lol

Cassondra said...

pj said:

Cassondra, are you talking about Clint Walker? He starred in Cheyenne.

Well...I dunno....I serously thought that on Wagon Train there was a scout named Clint...I have no idea who the actor was but he was hot when I was 11 years old.

No accounting for 11-year old taste, but I'm just sayin....

TracyG said...

Hi Kay! Glad to see you here.

"THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE with John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart is one of the best classic westerns ever made."
Oh, I love this movie! I haven't seen it in years.

Tracy G.

Cassondra said...

Okay, I have been to the worldwide authority on all things...GOOGLE.

And I have it wrong. It wasn't Clint. It was Flint!

From the official Wagon Train website: "Robert Horton played the dashing scout, Flint McCullough."

Here's the link....

Lookin at his picture now, I don't think he's all that dashing. But then, I've got Tracy's new cover to compare any other cowboy to, and as a real cowboy would, quite likely, say, "Ladies, that just ain't fair."

When I was a kid, he was tres Hawt.

TracyG said...

Kammie, thanks for putting me on your wish list!

Butch and Sundance are still two of my favorite characters.

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

"and as a real cowboy would, quite likely, say, "Ladies, that just ain't fair."

Aw, shucks, Cassondra. You're embarrassing me. :D

Tracy G.

TracyG said...

Well, ladies, after nearly 24 hours in The Lair (thanks to Helen starting us off early!) I'm going to say goodnight.

I've had a wonderful day visiting with you. Thanks for the invitation, Suz. I'll be back soon--if you'll have me. :D

Tracy G.