Thursday, December 4, 2008

Secret Desires of Laura Lee Guhrke

by Anna Campbell

I discovered USA Today and New York Times bestseller Laura Lee Guhrke's writing when I was stuck in a Melbourne hotel with a sprained ankle. Her AND THEN HE KISSED HER was great company in unfortunate circumstances and was one of my favorite books of last year.

Since then, I've read the next two instalments in LLG's Girl-Bachelor series and they're as sparkling and romantic as the first volume in the set.

It's with great pleasure now that I welcome Laura Lee to the lair to tell us all about gentlemen and their secret desires!

Laura Lee, I really enjoyed your latest Girl-Bachelor book, SECRET DESIRES OF A GENTLEMAN. Can you tell us something about the story?

SECRET DESIRES OF A GENTLEMAN is all about unrequited love. Phillip, our hero, the Marquess of Kayne, is smoldering with love for Maria Martingale, our heroine, but can’t have her because she’s beneath him socially, and he has to fight his desire. It seemed a logical story arc, since the heroine is feisty and independent. I’d established her character in the previous books in the series, and when a heroine is that type, it’s fun to make the hero stuffy and snooty and all concerned with position. It was a fun story to write because with two characters like that, there’s bound to be some pretty hot conflict.

Oh, there's certainly that! One of the things I love about the Girl-Bachelor series is that it’s set in the unusual (for historical romance) period of the 1890s. Can you tell us what drew you to this time and also how that affects the kind of romance you write?

I’d like to say I planned it that way. But I didn’t set out to write a late Victorian, almost Edwardian, setting. But in the first Girl-Bachelor book, AND THEN HE KISSED HER, I knew the hero had to be divorced for the story to work, so that dictated the 1890s. By then, divorce was easier to obtain for British peers, mainly because of all the disastrous marriages of peers to American heiresses.

What’s next for the Girl-Bachelors?

I’m just finishing the fourth Girl-Bachelor book, WITH SEDUCTION IN MIND. It’s the story of Daisy Merrick, who decides to become a writer, mainly because she’s unemployable at anything else. She keeps losing her jobs because she opens her mouth when she shouldn’t. She lands a writing assignment as a theatre critic. Enter our hero, Sebastian Grant, who is a successful author and playwright, and who is suffering severe writer’s block. Daisy trashes his new play in a review, and later, she becomes his editor. He’s very unhappy about this.

Ooh, can't wait for that! Sparks are gonna fly! Sounds great. Getting away from the GBs for a moment, can you tell us about your writing journey?

Hmm...whenever I’m asked that question, I never know what to say. My writing journey has been kind of a rocky road! I sold my first book to Harper in 1992 and wrote four books under three different editors, then went to Pocket, wrote three books under two editors, then came back to Harper after they bought Avon. I’m happy to say that at Avon I’ve had only one editor and she’s terrific. I haven’t scared her off yet! I’ve written a total of fifteen historical romances, and when I’m done with this one, I plan to turn right around and write another.

I love historicals, and I don’t plan to change genres, but you never know. Sometimes, I yearn to write a historical novel set just before, during or after WWI. I so want to write a hero who flies an airplane and a heroine who drives a roadster. I must’ve read too much Jeeves and Wooster as a kid. And don’t even get me started on why Out Of Africa is one of the greatest movies ever. I love that time period. I am dying to get my current book finished so I can go see Australia. Can’t wait. Hugh Jackman, you are mine.

I think there's a bit of competition for the Hugh, but you sound pretty determined! Good luck with the hunting expedition! What is a day in the life of Laura Lee Guhrke like?

Oh, my average day is pretty run of the mill. I get up in the morning, hobnob with dukes, design beautiful ball gowns, play matchmaker to hopelessly clueless lovers, fight a few duels, slay a few dragons...ya know, just like every other writer I know.

I know you recently visited New Zealand, although sadly not Oz (sob!). What were the highlights of your trip?

Alas, I didn’t get to do as much sightseeing as I’d hoped. I hadn’t finished my book , so I had to take my laptop with me and work every day. But we did some fishing and caught some snapper, saw the famous Hole In The Rock, saw dolphins three to four times (always amazing!) and went to this fabulous island that’s a bird sanctuary and reserve. I can’t remember the name now, but it was beautiful. We had some great Thai food in Devonport, saw a bit of the Coromandel. It was a fun trip. It would have been more fun, obviously, if I hadn’t been working, but that’s life.

So, Laura Lee, it sounds like we may coax you back down our way again to see all the things you missed this time round! Yay!

I've got a few questions for our Bandita Buddies. What do you think is the appeal of the uptight hero? I mean, he's obviously a popular guy, look at Mr. Darcy, the uptight hero of all uptight heroes! Do you have any favorite uptight heroes or stories featuring uptight heroes?

Get commenting, people. One lucky person will win a signed copy of one of my top reads of last year AND THEN HE KISSED HER. This is a fabulous story and you'll just love it! Good luck!


Helen said...

Is he coming back to my place

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen, that was quick! Like lightning, you are!

Laura Lee, the first poster of the day wins the company of a mythical but highly troublesome bird called the Golden Rooster. He's hotly fought over but it looks like Tim Tam queen Helen has him today! Huzzah!

Cheri2628 said...

Just missed him!

The appeal of the uptight hero is the challenge of seeing what we can do to "loosen" him up!

Helen said...

Well I am officially on 4 weeks annual leave from work YAY I feel relaxed already so the GR and I am going to read and of course share some Tim Tams and as soon as I finish the Amy Andrews book I am reading at the moment Laura Lee Guhrke's Secret Diaries Of A Gentleman is next I too have loved the others in this series and am looking forward to this one and the others to come.
Laura I even have a copy of Prelude To Heaven to read as well another I am looking forward to.

Uptight heros I love what the heroines can do to them and it is always so much conflict and fun along the way. I will have to think about some of them that I have read.

Great interview Ladies
Have Fun

Donna MacMeans said...

Welcome to the lair, Laura Lee.

I can see the cover gods have been good to you. Love these covers!

Funny that you should ask about the uptight hero. I saw a youtube clip on Mr. Darcy (not yours, Anna) that had lots of brooding looks. I was thinking that maybe the appeal is that such a hero obviously feels deeply and, apparently, has been wounded deeply in the past. He's too serious to take love and the heroine lightly. We want to see him get love in his life to coax a smile to those brooding lips *g*.

Donna MacMeans said...

Congrats on nabbing the rooster Helen. I think he was having Tim Tam withdrawal!

limecello said...

Whee - Hi Laura Lee! (Congrats on the GR, Helen!)
I love your Girl Bachelor books :D A lot. I cannot wait for the next one!
As for uptight heroes... I agree with all the other comments. It's... well frankly just so much *fun* to needle them! They try to keep their composure when you know they're about to explode. Love it. And then when the fireworks come! Always a good show ;)
And it's nice to see an uptight hero relax a bit, and/or develop a sense of humor. All those things.

flchen1 said...

Exactly what Cheri2628 said--there's something about seeing someone who's usually proper and buttoned up and wanting to see how they look a bit mussed and a bit out of control ;)

Congrats on the GR, Helen!

Jane said...

Hi Laura Lee,
I really enjoyed "Secret Desires of A Gentleman." Phillip is definitely straitlaced. Even his brother, Lawrence, thinks he's a prig. I agree with the ladies that it's exhilarating to see an uptight hero lose his cool in regards to the heroine. Some of my favorite uptight heroes are Benedict Carsington from Loretta Chase's "Lord Perfect" and Marcus Westcliff from Lisa Kleypas' "It Happened One Autumn."

jo robertson said...

Welcome to the Lair, Laura Lee! Great interview Anna. Laura, I love the time period you've chosen and I'd love to see more historicals set at the turn of the 20th Century, 1900-1914, such a rich period of history.

I adore the uptight hero because when he finally succumbs to the charms of the heroine he falls like cheap cardboard!

Authorness said...

Great interview, Laura Lee and Anna. (Though, I was under the assumption Hugh Jackman is mine!)

I love to see the gradual unwinding of the uptight hero. It can be quite a charming process.

~ Vanessa

Christine Wells said...

Hi Laura Lee, a huge welcome to the Lair. I'm so excited to have you with us as I'm a big fan of your girl bachelor series, including SECRET DESIRES OF A GENTLEMAN, which I just finished. Yay!

Ahh, Phillip just melted my heart--especially with the ribbon. And the part when he's watching her through the window. Sigh. I think it's kind of a still waters run deep thing with buttoned up heroes. You know that when they fall, they fall very hard and passionately!

Oh, I love Jeeves and Wooster, too and all the jolly old boys and the flappers. I'd certainly read a series set in that era.

Thanks for joining us today, LLG. We hope you enjoy yourself!

Ahh, Helen! Don't feed that rooster too many Tim Tams, will you? We'll have to send him off to train with P226 again.

Anna Campbell said...

Gosh, we were all close for his Roosterness, weren't we? Helen at 12:41, me at 12:43 and Cheri at 12:44. I wonder if he counts as an uptight hero!

Cheri, I think you're right about the uptight hero presenting a challenge. It's like the wild lone wolf sort of hero - a heroine who can come to terms with either of these blokes really has earned her kudos!

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, happy holidays! You've got so much exciting stuff happening in the next few weeks! Aren't the Girl-Bachelor books fun? I think they're so entertaining! I must say that I found Phillip in SDOAG really touching - the unrequited love thing is so well done and has such emotional resonance.

Donna, I think you've hit the nail on the head when you talk about the uptight hero striking us as a man of hidden, perhaps even completely unexpressed depths. It certainly was the case with Mr. Darcy - he might have been uptight but he came through to save Lizzie when she needed him. Sigh.

Anna Campbell said...

Limecello, I love that seething volcano about to erupt thing you get with an uptight hero, too! What a great point! And I can see you're already a fan of the GB books. Isn't it fun to read about a world where they have the railway and the telephone too?

Fedora, seems like you're a sucker for an uptight hero come undone too. Hmm, wonder if we all are!

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, Benedict C is a great example of an uptight hero, isn't he? Although I must say my favorite hero in that series is the far from uptight Rupert. I absolutely LOVE Rupert! I haven't read that book of Lisa's. I must check it out.

Jo, love your 'cheap cardboard' line. That's exactly it, isn't it? For me, a lot of the fun of these books is that different setting and the fact that women weren't nearly as constricted in their roles as they were in earlier times. I'm not saying it was full-on women's liberation but these girls all work for a living and the link between them is they shared a room in a boarding house.

Anna Campbell said...

Laura Lee, I told you you had competition for young Mr. Jackman! And that Vanessa is a tough bird - she can even keep the rooster in line. I'm not sure who I'm backing in the great HJ fight!

Christine, isn't Secret Desires of a Gentleman a lovely read? I found the ribbon enormously touching too. I also love second chance at love stories which this one is. Sigh!

Caffey said...

Hi Anna and all!
Hi Laura! Having some fond memories of your books that I've read so far! And checking out these I missed. I so hope some of your earlier books would be re-released that I missed. I discovered yours with NOT SO INNOCENT! Awesome. A great blog among authors here and too they have some great visitors come. Glad to read your post!

Oh I love seeing the process of those heroes loosing up! Falling to their knees from all they end up feeling! One of my many favorite heroes to read too!

Christine Wells said...

Actually, I love reunion stories, too, Anna. There's always a real charge between the characters due to their shared history.

Helen--enjoy your holiday!

Tiffany Chalmers said...

I love the uptight ones. I'm writing one now, in fact.

I like seeing them gradually open up... they seem closer to the real men I know... slow to show feeling/emotion... and when they fall they tend to fall hard. Sigh...

LLG.... I love LOVE your books!

Helen congrats on the rooster.

peggy said...

I enjoy reading about the uptight
hero.because at first he is untouchable.and at the end of the book even our hero can not control
love.And falls hard

Christie Kelley said...

Welcome to the lair, Laura! Your books sound fantastic and I can't wait to read them.

As far as the appeal of the stuffy hero, I think people enjoy it because it can add some humor to the story, especially if the heroine is more free-spirited. I always enjoy a good stuffy hero as long as he knows when to let go :)

And Helen, congrats on the GR.

Susan Gee Heino said...

I was going to lurk, but when Laura mentioned Wooster and Jeeves, well, I just had to comment. Yay! I'd love to see a series set to that backdrop. How fun!

And aren't uptight heroes a little like Christmas presents? All bound up in fancy wrapping, they tease us to want to rip it open to find out what's inside. (No, I don't mean rip the men open--that would be gross.) I mean it lures us to find out who they truly are down deep inside, and to have the feeling we're the only ones who've ever discovered it.

Dina said...

I think it's because you can see that there is a soft anf tende spot underneath that snobnes,you can see it is their eyes.


Anonymous said...

HI Laura! Congratulations on all your success and the new book! I think I like the uptight hero for all the reasons mentioned here, but also because for the long run, I'd take a smart, polite, uptight guy over a bossy, rude alpha male any day!

I have a slightly different question for you -- do you have any advice for newbies to the publishing biz? How do you survive the stress and all of the unknowns --and the things you can't control?

Buffie said...

Hey Laura! I can't wait to read this latest book. I am really enjoying this series.

Three of my girlfriends and I are going Saturday to see said Mr. Jackman in AUSTRALIA. I can't wait. The reviews here have trashed the movie, but I'll sit through 3 hours of nothing just to watch that man!!! Can't wait!

Laura Lee Guhrke said...

Morning, Bandits! Thanks to all of you for having me here today. Congrats Helen on the Golden Rooster (whatever that is). Someone needs to explain that one to me!

As to uptight heroes, I think the appeal to the reader is the torment he puts himself through because of love for the heroine. You know he's in love with her and he can't deal. The appeal for the writer is that it makes the book easier to write. You have a powerful conflict because no man likes being out of control and loving a woman against his will. So he resents the heroine for her power over him. There's also built-in sexual tension because he's fighting his own passion so hard. I've had two uptight heroes (Phillip from SDOAG and Ian from SNP) and both were really fun to write.

Margay said...

I think the appeal of the uptight hero is that we just know he's brimming with emotion underneath and we want to see what happens when that emotion is unleashed.

Louisa Cornell said...

Way to go, Helen! Must be all those tim tams!

Squeee Laura Lee Guhrke! LOVE your books!!

Secret Desires is on top of my TBR stack. I just finished my GH entry November 28th so I have been on a reading orgy ever since.

Favorite uptight heroes? How about Wulfric Bedwyn in the Slightly series? His story, Slightly Dangerous, is one of my all-time favorites. The thing about an uptight hero is that there is almost always this smoldering volcano underneath it all. At some point in The Raven's Heart I describe Tristan, the hero, as a snow covered volcano. You have to watch those sorts of guys. They tend to erupt when you least expect it. That's the exciting part. They go dormant on you and you never know when all that fire is going to surface again. Keeps a girl on her toes.

HistoricalGoddess said...

Laura Lee I must say...As a rebel against society, I believe you are a rebel when it comes to your books and I absolutely love it. I cannot explain it more than that, but when I know you have a book coming I have to get it right away.

As for uptight heros,I like what Laura Lee does. But Im not really into uptight heros much. But if I were I would be boldly seductive, I would make his world come crashing bout his ears. I would make him crumble not in private but in public to say see I can make this uptight stuffy arrogant ass like the rest of us mortals! I would comprimise him.

Virginia said...

What apeals to me about an uptight hero is the thought that he can be changed. I not sure you can really change anyone very much, but you like the challenge of trying.

MsHellion said...

I think the appeal of the uptight hero is when he finally loosens that cravat and cuts loose. Sorta the same appeal as when the Librarian or Preacher's Daughter cuts loose. The predictable suddenly becomes unpredictable; hang on for the ride.

My favorite snooty hero who finally cuts loose? The first one who comes to mind (I don't know if he's my favorite, but he's memorable) is: the Duke of Bewcastle, the most famous of the Bedwins with that eye-glass piece he uses to stare down people. A more starchy man you could not find in the whole of Regency London.

I think it's hysterical he's hooked up with a woman, who isn't necessarily "fiesty" or looking to create chaos, but she climbs a tree in front a party, leaps out of it, and rips off the back of the dress. I mean, she sounds like a hoyden, but she's really NOT. And his treatment of her is hilarious. And the bit where she rolls down the hill with the kids...and when he finally loses it at the end and jumps in the lake...

Yeah, I get the appeal of the STRAIGHT man hooked up with the Chaotic person to make the odd couple who are perfect for each other. *LOL*

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Ms.Hellion, Wulfric is the starchiest of the starch is he not? I liked it when she threw that eye glass up in a tree and he climbed up to get it.
I really do like the stuffed shirt heroes because they always "loosen up" when they meet the right woman EG

catslady said...

I agree that it's when he changes (fantasy for most women) and is no longer uptight (especially in the bedroom lol). I love anything historical and your books sound wonderful.

Laura Lee Guhrke said...

Exactly, Dianna! I think the stuffy hero needs some laughter in his life, some joy, because he's so repressed. Underneath the oh-so-perfect exterior, he's dying for a woman who can make him laugh and be happy. Remember Sound Of Music and Captain Von Trapp with his whistle? Did he end up with the beautiful, perfect baroness? Nooooo. Who are your favorite stuffy heroes, Bandits? I'll start: my fave is Mr. Darcy, of course.

terrio said...

Hello, LLG! I was fortunate enough to meet you (and have lunch) in San Fran. What a treat. And I still say And Then He Kissed Her is one of the best books I've read in the last decade.

I agree with all the comments about the stuffy hero being so great because we get to watch the heroine peel back the layers and find the real man underneath. And as Tiff says, when they fall, they fall hard. That's always nice.

I love it when you read about the hero that never smiles and then when he finally does, it transforms him completely. That's such a sigh worthy moment.

Anna Campbell said...

Caffey, the grovel scene at the end in these uptight heroes books really is the best, isn't it? Thanks for coming by! I must check out LLG's older books. I've been saving SHE'S NO PRINCESS as my Christmas treat.

Christine, you're right about reunion stories. And when the solution involves the hero climbing down off his high horse, even better!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Tiff, isn't it great to have LLG in the lair! Although we don't have a lot of uptight men for her to loosen up. The cabana boys arrive with their hair definitely let down!

Peggy, sounds like Secret Desires of a Gentleman is right up your alley, then. The hero arrives very proper and prim and determined to stick to the straight and narrow. By the end of the book, ooh la la!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I have to agree, Mr. Darcy is the ultimate and Wulfric comes in a close second, my mind is boggling right now but I know there are several more. Of course, there is a lot to be said for the rakish ne'er do wells like Dylan too. That was the first of your books I ever read and His Every Kiss hooked me.

Helen said...

I would have to agree with Louisa and Ms Hellion Wulfric would have to be my most favourite stuffy hero I too just loved it when he jumped in the lake.

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Christie, it's a great format, isn't it? And one that promises so much fun. And we love our free-spirited heroines too. I think Pride and Prejudice is the granddaddy of all these books! There's definitely a touch of Mr. Darcy about Phillip!

Susan, for a minute there, I thought we'd wandered into paranormal territory! Very glad you clarified! Hey, and thanks for popping over to see us yesterday. Wasn't it a great day in the lair? Congratulations again on your first sale!

I love Wooster and Jeeves and co too. I think because they're set in such an aristocratic milieu, those books have a Regency flavor.

Shari C said...

I think many women find the challenge of getting an uptight hero to loosen up or relax as a goal or contest. Who will win...the man or female. It is exciting to read some of these stories to see who will be victorous.

Anna Campbell said...

Dina, I think you're right - we need a hint that there's more to these guys than just a stuffy prig. With Mr. Darcy, I think part of his immediate appeal is that he's so clever. He's a mountain worth climbing ;-)

Kirsten, what a great question. I'd love to hear LLG's response! Actually I think the stuffy guys generally ARE alphas but a subgenre of them. They're definitely lords of all they survey!

Anna Campbell said...

Buffie, I saw clips of Australia on one of our review stations last weekend and I must say it looks like no cliche was left unturned! Still, as you say, Hugh is mighty purty! So thumbs up for the scenery.

Laura Lee, SNP features another uptight hero? Oh, brilliant! Christmas just got brighter! ;-)

Margay, I can see you're another seething volcano fan. I can see why! It always works for me!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Louisa, you've got me lining up to buy the Raven's Heart already! Good luck for the GH. I'd love see you in the finalist corral again! What a great description! I haven't read the Slightly series - I'll have to check them out.

Michele, man, you're a powerhouse. No uptight hero is safe! ;-) I like the way the characters in LLG's books have to subvert the rules of society to achieve their happiness to but without making the whole scenario unbelievable. Roll on book 4 of GBs, I say! Thanks for coming over to see us today!

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, great point about changing the hero! I think with an uptight guy, it's not that he is without passion, it's just that he leashes it so tightly and therein lies the enchantment!

Ms Hellion, these Balogh books are sounding better by the minute! That story sounds like an absolute hoot! I'll have to get them.

I just thought of one of my favorite uptight heroes. Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady, which I recently saw in Sydney. He has his world absolutely organised to his pleasing and Eliza comes along and everything goes haywire. It's wonderful to see him fall to pieces when she leaves him. I think we like to see our uptight heroes suffer!

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, another Wulfric fan? I'll have to see what all the fuss is about. The monocle has me intrigued! And Helen's a fan too!

Shari, it's the old irresistible force and immovable object game, isn't it? Really adds great tension to a romance novel!

Anna Campbell said...

Laura Lee, on a slightly different subject, you recently hit the New York Times list for the first time. Congratulations! Can you tell us what that was like, so we can live through the experience vicariously? ;-)

Why do you think the Girl Bachelors have struck such a chord with readers? Everybody loves these books and I was delighted to see ATHKH on several best of lists last year.

Minna said...

Oh, I definitely agree with Cheri. It's about the challenge of loosening him up.

A cute commercial from Finnair (home for the evening)

Kristiina Wheeler - Sunny Day

Enigma: Beyond The Invisible (Finnish scaters, Susanna Rahkamo and Petri Kokko)

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Minna! Thanks for popping by. Hey, do you think you'll get a white Christmas in Finland?

Laura Lee Guhrke said...

Kirsten, as far as advice for newbies, I have three words: DON'T GIVE UP. Even if you get rejected, even if you can't seem to get past chapter 3 in your WIP, even if you get published and the reviews trash you, DON'T GIVE UP. That's my advice. As to the surviving stress, I recommend vodka. ;) Seriously, though, the major source of stress for me is fear that I can't write it. The way I cope is to keep a journal of pages per day. I've been doing that for about 8 books now, and I can recognize patterns of how I write (so I know I can write the last 100 pages in 2 weeks because I always do). Once you get a body of work, you start to know what you're capable of, and a journal gives you tangible proof of your ability. Oh, and one last thing. Write your book your way. Listen to your own writing instincts. Don't twist yourself into a pretzel rewriting your ms. for every person who reads your stuff.

Laura Lee Guhrke said...

Anna commented about the New York Times list. Yes, I did hit the list for the first time with SDOAG, and I have to admit, it was the second most exciting thing that's happened to me in my writing career, after selling that first book.

As to the Girl-Bachelors, I think the biggest reason they seem to have struck a chord with readers is that the setting is different from the usual romance read. Becuase it's the 1890's, there were telephones and electricity and motorcars, but there's still that whole British aristocracy, the Season, the balls, and other "signposts" that make the historical romance reader feel comfortable. Now, if only I could get Avon to let me write 1922...

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks for that, Laura Lee. I'm glad hitting the NYT was such a thrill. Congratulations again!

Caren Crane said...

Laura Lee, welcome to the Lair! Sorry to be so late getting in, but The Man made me work all day while the Internet Security team kept me firmly OUT of the Lair. Humph!

I completely see the appeal of the uptight hero. My husband is the sort who comes across as...reserved, let's say. He's not free with his emotions, doesn't really let people in. Cracking into his heart was quite a challenge, but once I did - wow! It was totally worth the work. So, I admire the "uptight" hero and believe in the payoff!

I can't wait to read your latest, Laura Lee. Thanks for visiting with us. Anna, good job luring her here!

And Helen, I hope you and the GR have had a great day!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks for being a great interviewee, Laura Lee! Good luck for the next instalment of Girl Bachelors. Thanks, everyone, for all your comments. Looks like uptight heroes are hawt!

kimmyl said...

THE DUKE - Gaelen Foley = The hero (Duke of Hawkscliffe) was such a prude, loved everything about this book.

Balogh's Courting Julia where the hero(Earl of Beaconswood) was responsible and uptight.

Anna Campbell said...

Caren, your husband sounds lovely. Even in real life, I like people who don't lay all their cards on the table at a first meeting. Love that unpeeling the layers thing!

Kimmy, sounds like two great additions to our honor roll of uptight heroes! Thanks for popping by!

Anna Campbell said...
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Pat Cochran said...

That "uptight" fellow makes me want
to know what he is hiding? He also
makes me want to be the person who
finds out all his secrets!

Pat Cochran