Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who was that Masked Man?

Or woman...

by Anna Campbell

Honestly, I've gone gray waiting for the 30th December to arrive. And now it has come!

The Day is Here!!!!!!

Just in case you have never visited this blog before or haven't had any contact whatsoever with Anna Campbell in the last six months, the 30th December is the day TEMPT THE DEVIL hits bookstores in America!

So what are you doing here, reading this blog?

Get out there! Buy the book! Buy 50 copies of the book!

Well, all right, maybe I'm getting above myself here...

But once you've actually braved the cold to make this highly significant purchase, I'm afraid you're not allowed to curl up with Julian and Olivia and their bumpy road to love. Or not right away anyway.

No, you've got to get all dressed up and come to...


Huzzah! Hip hip hooray! Bewdy, cobber!

Yes, in the great tradition of launch parties in the lair, we're out to give you a really good time! You get to play with gladiators and cabana boys and inebriated romance novelists! You get to swing from chandeliers and drink champagne from Richard Armitage's slipper and have as many margaritas as you want!

How can you resist?

OK, my questions are:

What is your costume?

Who is your partner?

What are the THREE things you definitely MUST do at the ball?

Remember, because this is a SPECIAL ball, there's no hangover, there's no paparazzi, nobody will ever know what you got up to and there will be no ill effects.

So let your imaginations go wild!

Actually, forget your imaginations, just let yourself go wild!

My favorite three answers win signed copies of the book that started all the mayhem TEMPT THE DEVIL!

So to start the ball rolling (pun intended), what's my costume? I think I want to wear the dress that Olivia wears to the big ball scene in TEMPT THE DEVIL! It's gorgeous! It's sophisticated! It needs a slender body to carry it off but hey, I even get that at my launch party. And it goes beautifully with rubies...

So who's MY partner at this bash?

Why, Bryan Ferry about 30 years ago! Hey, I told you time travel was allowed, didn't I? Monsieur Ferry in all his gorgeousness was the model for what the hero of TEMPT THE DEVIL looks like. Rakish. Lounge lizardy. Decadent. Jaded. Sophisticated. Sexy. Yummy.

My three things are:

1. I want to find out what gladiators wear under their kilts!

2. I want Bryan to sing Let's Stick Together to me - and mean it!

3. I want Daniel Craig and Richard Armitage to get into a fight over who gets the last waltz on my dance card. I'm assuming one of your girls will invite them, of course!
So get dancing, people! Let's get this partay started! Cabana boys, open that tequila! And don't forget to be creative with your answers and you just might win a copy of TEMPT THE DEVIL! Good luck!


Virginia said...

Is he mine

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Virgina, you're having a good week in the lair! Did you see you won the Tim Tams too? Lucky duck! Well, lucky rooster. No, that's not right. Ah, fugeddaboutit and have a margarita! You're nice and early so it's not too hard to get to the bar!

Virginia said...

Hey Anna, I did see where I won the Tim Tams but I am not going to share them with the GR.

I am going to have to thing a while about this ball and what I am wearing and who's coming with me. I did hear something about the BB's giving away Huge Jackman. I do know that I have already lost about 60 lbs and grown about 5 inches taller for this ball, so I'm on my why.

Elyssa Papa said...

WOO-HOO!!!! YAY!!! TEMPT THE DEVIL is finally here!!!

Oh, exclamation points over and done with . . . for now. *g*

Well, Anna---it's obvious who would get the last dance. Richard Armitage, of course. Why would you want James Bond when you can have sexy Richard who's not only John Thornton but also Guy from Robin Hood series? Mmmm.

1. My partner at the ball is Eduardo Verastegui (http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s252/betsyv99/eduardo-verastegui.jpg). It's okay if he only speaks Spanish . . . he can show me the correct way to Salsa. *g*

2. And, of course, I'm wearing an emerald green dress to go with my fabulous emerald and diamond necklace. Thank you, thank you.

What three things would I want to do at a ball:

1. I want to dance all night, with all the most eligible and handsome men.

2. Forget about the gladiators. I'm going after what's under the Scottish kilts.

3. And lastly, what's a ball without a garden seduction? Every proper---and not so proper---woman goes out there to have the real fun.

Let's break out the bubbly and chocolate. And where is Sven and Lars for the celebration? I can't wait for my copy to arrive---I know I'll be e-mailing you as soon as I finish reading it. *g*

Louisa Cornell said...

Virginia, you are definitely a lucky duck! And you speak as if you will have a choice about the Tim Tams. Have you ever tried to hide a Tim Tam from the GR??? Good luck!!

Finishing off my birthday by popping in to check out the masked ball. Congratulations on the release of Tempt the Devil, La Campbell! Can't WAIT to read it!!

I think I must come to the ball dressed as the Pirate Queen. How else would one attend a ball in the Banditas Lair?

And my escort shall be my pirate booty - Hugh Jackman, Gerrard Butler, and Clive Owen. You must admit they definitely qualify in the booty department.

And as to the three things I must DO at the ball ... well, how about Hugh Jackman, Gerrard Butler and Clive Owen ??

Oh, that's not what you meant! Pity.

Then I must make a grand entrance - swinging from the chandelier into the arms of my escorts sounds good.

I must dance every dance - tabletops optional.

I must scandalize the entire Lair with my behavior. And lets face it, with this bunch, that will take some doing!

Oh boys, could one of you fetch me a drink and some of those Tim Tam o'er d'oeuvres??

danie88 said...

Oh! A Masked Ball! I love them! Though I've never been to one before so this will be fun! There's always a first time for everything right?

My costume is going to be the BEAUTIFUL white/cream dress that Taylor Swift wears in her music video "Love Story" (when she's on the balcony looking out the window and waiting)... I just LOVE that dress... if you haven't seen her music video yet or haven't heard the song head on over to youtube and check it out... you won't be disappointed :)

As far as who my partner is im bringing James McAvoy... *sigh* what a hottie... im just drooling thinking about what a steamy package of goodness he is... ok so maybe that isn't entirely lady like but what the heck...

Three things I definately MUST do at the ball...

1. Dance the night away with James... this is a ball so what fun would there be if there wasn't any dancing?

2. sing a song infront of everyone center stage (in reality im not good in front of an audience and im shy)

3. I'm kind of fond of the "swinging from the chandelier" idea... anyone wanna join me? hahaha

Helen said...

Well done Virginia he must be enjoying your place.

What a way to start a party this is going to be a fantastic bash I will have a drink champagne I think please.

My Partner yes Hugh Jackman

My Costume A red ball gown trimmed with black lace set of with a Diamond necklace and matching earings and a red and black butterfly mask

Three things I would want to do

1. Be taken out into the garden by Hugh and ravished
2. Have every rake at the ball flirt with me
3. Dance the night away with every rake there and be held way to close in all of the waltzs

Huge congrats on the release of Tempt The Devil Anna I have absolutley loved both of your books and I know I am going to be loving this one as well I have ordered it from Rendezvous and they tell me I should have it in the first week of January heres hoping I do because when it gets here I will be head down bums up and reading it nothing will disturb me I might even have to ring in sick at work LOL.

I will just keep getting the glass refilled by the Cabana boys and have a wondeful time. BTW I love the 3 things you want to do at the ball.

Have Fun

Helen said...

Louisa I hope you have had a wonderful birthday what a way to finish it of with a masked ball in the lair.

You will never hide the Tim Tams from him he can find them anywhere beleive you me LOL

Have Fun

Denise Rossetti said...

Anna! WOOHOO!!!! Good on ya, mate! Mega-congrats on the release of Tempt the Devil. Sooo pleased for you.

And a party invite? Bewdy!

Who to bring? Hmm... I'll just waltz in with one of my very own heroes on my arm. But which one? Aaaargh! *retires muttering, biting lip in indecision*

What to wear? No contest - the red do-me heels. But wait! I'll need something to go with them or I'll scare the horses. Dang. Okay, seven red veils, there you go.

As to what to do? Aha! The dance of the seven veils, natch. You did say this was a fantasy, right? So I have a fantasy body, right?

Pass the mimosas. And hand over that cabana boy. No wait, the gladiator, no wait, Richard, no Hugh, no...

Oh lord. *subsides in a quivering heap of red draperies*

Authorness said...

Whoo-hoo!!!!! (Is it appropriate to whoop and cheer raucously at a masquerade ball?)

Congratulations on your latest release, Anna. I absolutely adore TTD.

For my costume, think 18th-century. A corsetted gown of the same emerald green as your 'Untouched' cover, plus a mask embedded with diamonds.

My dashing DH would escort me. I had thought of also taking my little black cat on a bejewelled leash, but I can't guarantee he'd be on his best behaviour. Plus, he's not a great dancer.

Three things I must do:
1. Dance all night, because in this fantasy, high heels don't hurt.
2. Be wary of wardrobe malfunctions.
3. See Bryan Ferry serenade you, Anna.

x Vanessa

Keira Soleore said...

I absolutely HAD to dash in here and congratulate dearest Fo(xxxY) on the release of TEMPT. Hope you're having the most marvelous time, m'dear.

(I'm leaving for home in a few short hours. Hooray!!!!)

Virginia, great wooster nabbing.

Pheebles said...

Okay, I will play. I will borrow something the red gown that Cate Blanchett wore as Daisy in Benjamin Button, love that 50s style with the little flat heeled pumps! My Escort for the evening will be Brad Pitt, because he so should have won the world's sexiest man!

I will sip champagne and get the giggles and then dance barefoot on the tables accepting tips (of the monetary kind--or jewelery) from my audience.

To end the evening, I will stroll in the moonlight with my escort and maybe steal a kiss in the arbor. *g*

PJ said...

Wonderful party, Anna! Congrats on the release of Tempt the Devil! Have I mentioned that I've been counting the days? Oh. I have? That many times? Wow! I had no idea. My copy is on order and hopefully will arrive soon...or the mailman and I will be having words.

I'll be wearing sapphire blue to the ball along with the very sexy but elegant mask I picked up during my last visit to Venice. Oh, and my sapphires and diamonds of course. Sapphires are my birthstone and set off my eyes, and cleavage, so nicely.

Ooh, margaritas. Thank you darling, I'd adore one.

Wherever did you find your waiters, my dear? They're positively delicious!

I have chosen to arrive without an escort but I have absolutely no intentions of leaving in the same manner. Please excuse me while I do a little fishing in this lovely pond of masculinity.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Virgina, I think the painless diet aspect of this ball is one of the best bits! I've been knocking back brandy alexanders like they're going out of style and I still fit into that fabulous black dress (you'll have to read the book to see just how fabulous that black dress is, lol!). Hey, the night is young - take your time deciding on your wardrobe. I will however say that if you don't grab Hugh now, you may miss out! Although maybe I can do something about clones!

Hey, Ely, great suggestions all round, especially the garden seduction! Hmm, AC wonders if she can fit one of those in the next book. She hasn't done one of those yet.

Sorry just had to go and get my breath back. I checked out Eduardo! Man, oh, man! Girls, go there now. Do not pass go, do not collect $200!

Sven and Lars and the gladiators and all our regulars are going to be here. I think Joan is having trouble squeezing the gladiators into a tux, though. I'm at the point of telling her not to bother!

Hey, you know I LOVE your emails! Mwah!

limecello said...

Congrats on the GR, Virginia! (And on the tim tams - I'm quite jealous.)

As for the ball... hm costume? Something couture. Definitely. (What/ who made it... I don't know.) Partner... a younger, unattached, more perfect Raoul Bova clone :P

What must I do? Laugh, dance, and drink champagne ;) (not clever but necessary. Everything else is extra and terrific)

Donna MacMeans said...

Fo - Hmmm...do I sense (an appropriate) theme of threes? Then I must have three escorts! James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman have already been taken (darn) so I'll have Jeremy Northam (who can resist Mr. Knightly), Matthew Mcfayden - but he has to work through a fog heavy field to get to me, and Daniel Craig. I'll arrive in Drew Barrymore's fairy costume from Ever After - love the wings - but I'll change into the green gown from Atonement (while my body magically transforms to fit the dress) once the evening gets underway. I shall dance, and dance, and dance. Then I'll run barefoot in the surf along the beach with my men in the moonlight. Please don't send out a search crew to find us (grin).

Congratulations on the launch, Anna. This sounds like another Anna Campbell keeper.

PJ said...

Three things I'll be doing at the ball?

1) There will be stolen kisses in darkened alcoves.

2) Dancing 'til dawn.

3) A midnight rendezvous with a dashing stranger in the beautiful moonlit gazebo.

Monique Wood said...

Wow, Anna. What a great scenario!Having never been to a masked ball, I'm letting my imagination take over.

Well, as a lover of Venice I'd have to have one of those elaborate Venetian masks, handcrafted and spectacular in black and silver.

My dress would also be mostly black, a long figure hugging satiny creation showing off my ample *cough* bosom in the most flattering of ways.

There'd be a touch of silver here and there on the dress, and I'd be wearing long black gloves. These gloves are for some hunk to pull off with his teeth at the end of the night *grin*.

I'd enter the ballroom alone, only to grab the attention of some nameless tdh, who turns out to be... you guessed it... Hugh Jackman in disguise. I don't know this as he's masked, but he's wearing the most amazing tux and black mask. Rather Zorro-ish crossed with a bit of Leopold elegance (if there is such a thing!).

We'd dance to a slow number like 'Fever' (Michael Buble can be singing on stage) until I'm whisked away by a number of other nameless, masked, smokin' hot blokes. This, of course, makes the first tdh extremely jealous, so he stands on the sideline smouldering and plotting.

During the night, I must:

1. Drink champagne to my heart's content, and not feel the slightest bit woozy. I am so witty and funny that everyone I speak to keeps topping up my glass.
2. Eat the most decadent and spectacular meal, and not feel the slightest bit full (or look bloated in my hot dress). Plus my makeup wouldn't smudge off or disappear as I indulge in the food and drink department.
3. Show the crowd my spectacular latin and ballroom dance moves (you know, where you have a full routine to whatever music is playing like a musical. My dance partners would also know said routines as if we have been rehearsing for months).

The night would be capped off with Hugh singing some sexy song, dedicated to moi, and he 'demasks' to the crowd's astonishment. I gasp in awe (of course) and throw off my own mask, and he is captivated by my timeless beauty *cough, splutter*.

We then proceed to get hot and heavy on the dancefloor in front of the crowd, who may be so overcome that they clap (as they would since he dips me in the process), or they may be so imspired that they start kissing whoever is near them.

Hugh then sweeps me away to finish what he started *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*, and I won't tell you the rest. That's a secret :-)

danie88 said...

sounds like Hugh Jackman is going to be a busy man today hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, darling Anna, you throw the best parties!! I can't wait to nab my copy of TTD!

Now, let's see about this little fantasy ball...

My partner would be my husband. Sorry, but he's all I dream about and we don't get nearly enough ALONE time (KWIM, parents of young children?), so I'd love to go to a raucous party with him.

I would wear my golden dress from this year's GH/Rita night (I love that dress!), sans accoutrements...or maybe something rather silky and naughty beneath...

and what three things would I do?

Ah, if only this were one of Tawny's Blaze's or Suz's eroticas...I'm afraid you will have to leave that to your imaginations!!! :-)

Party on!

~ Paula Roe ~ said...

Hey Anna! I heard there was a party and had to pop in with my two hunky dates, David Boreanaz and Eddie Cahill (hey, I'm in the throes of research for an erotica fantasy so... ::evil grin:: )

What I'm wearing? Because I have a smokin' bod in cyberspace, it's a tossup between Kate Winslet's red and black ballgown in Titanic or the tiny silver egyptian skirt and white shirt Elle McPherson wore to her Fashion Cafe launch in the 90s. And of course, I'll be dancing all night with my two attentive loveslaves, having a few drinks then partaking in a midnight tryst in the garden maze :D

Pat Cochran said...

Congratulations, Ms. Anna, on this grand launch day! You deserve every
good wish sent your way!

For the ball, I'll wear a scarlet
ballgown on my willowy self with
diamonds galore, including on my
simple mask, and my favorite red
strip sandals. I'll be escorted by
my dearest husband and my other
favorite fellow, David Boreanaz.
My fellows will take turns with
me as we waltz the night away. We
will stroll slowly through the
garden in the moonlight. We will
sit cosily in the gazebo, I enjoying my mimosas, my fellows sipping their Scotch. That's my
three activities! What a grand
evening, Lady Anna! You are an
excellent hostess, please accept
our thanks for the invitation!!

Pat Cochran

Treethyme said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe someone already hooked up with Eduardo Verastegui as their date. Jordan Dane told me she based one of her heroes on him and sent me a link to an amazing pic of him. Yowza!

So, I'll pick either Kamal de los Reyes: http://www.kamardelosreyes.com/

or Oded Fehr:

I will be about 35 years younger and a helluva lot thinner, of course. I think I'll wear something low cut in ruby red silk or taffeta, so it swishes when I walk in my high but oh-so-comfortable heels, which the dress will reveal where it's gathered at the front.

Since I'll be decades away from sagging boobs, I won't have a darn thing on underneath that gorgeous dress. Ruby earrings and pendant, of course, and a "REGARDS" ring on my hand.

Dance? Well, we'll start out dancing, but all that heat we'll generate will quickly move us out onto the terrace overlooking the garden. The fragrance of lilies and old roses will reach us on the breeze.

We'll toast each other with a glass of champagne (that's number two) and as for number three, well, I'm too much of a lady to tell...but then, I never was much of a lady!

Suffice to say when we come back into the ballroom, our faces are flushed, our hair mussed and our secret smiles shouting our scandalous lack of discretion to the jealous onlookers.

Whew, anyone got a fan? I'm suddenly getting a hot flash...

Carol said...

Virginia...make sure you keep that Rooster on a leash...
a gold chain I think...he'll be at the Ball for sure!

Congrats Anna! sending email pronto to DD in the city for a copy at Rosemary's.

As I'm a bit long in the tooth! don't want to cradle snatch...so i'll leave Hugh to the younger set!

My guy could be the older but sexy hero at the Ball...unmasked he is
Sir Sean Connery...(even got a title now!)What a guy!

The dress would be long to cover up the fact that I can't wear tall high heels! (fall over)
...that Red number Julia wore to the opera in Pretty woman would be a treat!

And bring on the Margaritas...
And Sir Sean!

Cheers Carol

Tawny said...

Ooooh, a party! I love me a good party :-)

First off- whohoooooooooooo Anna!! I'm so excited that Tempt The Devil is out now! I can't wait to get back to civilization to get my copy.

So... party time. First off, my date is the gorgeous and sexy Johnny Depp. Isn't he pretty? He goes so well with my little (and I do mean little) black dress and killer Manolos.

3 things... I'd dance beautifully (so we know for sure this is pure fantasy). I'm going to swim in a giant margarita glass, in some skimpy little sequined bikin, of course. And last of all, I'm going to toss tons of confetti and yell from the rafters my excitement over your new book!!

Happy dancing and super thrilled for you!!!

Cheryl said...

Ok, since we’re imagining...

I’m wearing a dark, royal blue gown that swirls when I twirl and shows off the sapphires my beaux have just presented to me.

As I couldn’t decide between Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler, I brought both along – Hugh coz he’s so charming and looks great in a tux (or breeches), and Gerard coz he always looks kinda cheeky and cheeky is good at a masquerade ball. :)

3 things I must do: Get Hugh to serenade me behind the garden bushes
Have a Highland fling with Gerard
Convince my fairy godmother to extend her magic beyond midnight

HUGE congrats on TTD’s release, Anna! Looking forward to reading it and wishing you tons of success!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, those great girls at Romance Novel TV http://romancenovel.tv are having a launch party for me too! And they're giving away TWO more copies of Tempt the Devil! Why not pop over and see what's going on there? There's going to be a blog and a review before the day is out! Goodness, my feet are going to be sore from all this dancing!

Sue said...

I'm as excited as you are that the big day has finally arrived. Whoppee!! Can't wait to see if I love your new hero better than the other two.
As for the ball, naturally I enter on the arm of my favourite of your heroes, the Duke of Kylemore, wearing a courtesan's stunning red satin gown with a bust line so lowcut that all the gentlemen's eyes are popping out.
Around my throat, and wrist, and hanging from my ears, is the exquisite set of rubies and diamonds my dark duke has just given me for my Christmas present. His other gift to me is to allow me one last night of freedom before we marry the next day, to indulge in my favourite fantasy - having three high ranking men fawn and fight and bid for my favours while I am seated on the royal throne in the ballroom - a prince is nibbling my neck, a marquis is kissing my fingers, an earl is sucking my toes- because of course, I must reserve the best parts of me for my husband to be, my darling duke!
Ooooh, Anna, do you now make all our wishes come true???
Lots of luck with the book launch,
Sue Webb

Anna Campbell said...

Virgina, listen to Louisa when she speaks about the GR's uncanny ability to unearth Tim Tams from the best hiding places! She speaks from experience!

Ooh, La Cornell, I rather like the idea of you as a pirate queen (is anyone else getting the urge to burst into Gilbert and Sullivan here - I am the pirate Queeeeeeeeen!)? Snort to your escorts being both your company and what you'd do! How risque, PQ! And don't you think you're a bit greedy going for THREE escorts??!!! Lovely as each booty is, by the way!

Hmm, get me some Tim Tam horsedoovers before that Cornell dame eats 'em all! And happy birthday for yesterday, my friend!

Jane said...

Happy Release Day, Anna. Do you think Bryan could be persuaded to sing "Slave To Love" later on in the party? My costume consists of a one shoulder Grecian gown. I'm still deciding whether to put on the olive branch tiara. My date is Eric Bana(dressed as Hector from Troy.) I have a feeling that I'll have to share Eric with Aunty Cindy. The three things I must do include drinking all the champagne I can, dance until my feet are sore and make out with my date.

Congrats on the GR, Virginia.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Well happy third book launch day, Ms. Campbell!! Can't wait to pick this up when I hit the bookstores after I wake up and before heading back here to work. UGH...


My costume...I think I'll play the part of one of my ancestors and wear a dear-skin dress with bead trip...my dark hair in a braid...and moccasins...

My partner...Clive Owen...now he can be dressed as an early American settler or as Hawkeye in The Last of The Mohicans...Yumm

I must 1) dance one waltz with Clive 2) find my way to the outdoor gardens with Sean Bean and 3)drink champagne with Gerard Butler

mmmmmmm, now I'm smiling!!

Minna said...

Ooh, a party! I'm on a better mood already. Although I might fall asleep in some corner. A %&¤/# rodant kept awake all night. So I think I'll dress up as a Cat Woman.

Helen said...

This party is rocking I think I need to have another drink what about a scotch and coke this time and perhaps a waltz with Carol's partner Sean Connery.

Some of these ball gowns are amazing the colours are so beautiful and everyone is having fun who is that swinging from the chandilier my lips are sealed.

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Danie, I wanted something really special in the lair to celebrate this book coming out! A masked ball seemed just the thing, especially as with this story I had a chance to include a bit of Regency high society for once!

Hey, Danie, just checked out the dress - wow, great choice! Just the thing for an elegant masked ball. I think you'd better stick to champagne - don't want to spill red wine down the front of that! Oh, that's right, I'm the klutzy one. You're probably perfectly fine with stuff like that! Hey, James in his Becoming Jane outfit would be lovely as your partner!

I think I'd better call someone to reinforce the chandelier! Looks like it's going to see some action tonight!

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, great to see you here! The party's just started and already it's turning into a fabulous bash! Here, have some more champagne! How did I know you'd pick Hugh? I told Virginia she needed to be fast to keep him! Ooh, love the sound of your costume. Sounds like the cover of an Eloisa James novel!

Oh, man, now that's a serious compliment when you're thinking of ringing in sick at work to read my book! Can I use that as a quote? Hmm, maybe not! Might lead to trouble with the boss unless you want to give me the quote wearing your mask!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Denise, how lovely to see you! Hmm, I think we'll let you have at least two heroes (snork!). Or perhaps the cover model Mr Gorgeous from Gift of the Goddess! (Shh, Bryan, I merely want to admire his...uh, posture! No, not posterior, POSTURE!). I think this is the perfect venue for the heels and please, at least start the evening clothed!

Hey, fantasy bodies are de rigeur at this party! I told you about the black dress I'm wearing, didn't I? And the ruby collar?

Hmm, the Sound of Music seems to have got confused with Salome. I see you made your costume from the curtains! Oh, well, the shoes are as starry as ever! Here, have a cabana boy and a margarita! Hic!

Helen said...

You can use it Anna I will keep the mask on although the majority of people I work with know exactly what I am like with my books I never stop talking about them LOL

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Miss Vanessa, I was hoping you'd make an appearance. After all, you're immortalised in the dedication! And this is a party in the lair, whooping is required! Thanks for the congrats and for those lovely words about TTD!

Ooh, I think you'll steal the show in that outfit. Did you say Frank wouldn't be on his best behaviour? Oh, no, you meant that wicked Pinky, didn't you? I've NEVER seen him on his best behaviour! He's got a touch of the devil, that puss! Love your three things!

Keira, does this mean you've got an alternative invitation for this bash? Not on, my dear! No party without you!!!! Thanks for popping in! Travel safe!

Anna Campbell said...

Meg, is Cate's dress anything like that lovely gown on your cover? Sounds like you've got a great evening planned - just watch out, the garden's getting more crowded by the minute! Thanks for coming by to celebrate my new release!

Hey, PJ, so glad you could make it! You'll notice we've set up a special table for your chocolate turtles! I hope your copy of TTD turns up soon. I've noticed Amazon have posted the ones on pre-order so fingers crossed.

Ooh, love the idea of you in sapphire blue! So far, we have a lovely selection of colors in ballgowns! Oh, there you are - hmm, what an impressive cleavage! Just made for sapphires ;-) Bryan, DON'T LOOK!!! Sheesh! I thought he'd be much better behaved than this!

PJ, I thought YOU would be much better behaved than this. The waiters may be delicious but that doesn't mean you have to bite them!

Oh, no, and now they just want to dance with you instead of keeping us all lubricated with champagne and margaritas! Honestly, PJ, that blue dress is lethal!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Limecello, perhaps Raul can talk to Eduardo! Oh, no, I just saw what Eduardo and Ely are doing. Perhaps we should wait a little while before approaching... You're looking exquisite, my dear! Quite the belle of the ball! Hey, you're right - this ballroom is right on the sea front and it's a beautiful balmy night. If the garden gets full of people up to no good (or plenty good!), we can always move off to the beach!

Anna Campbell said...

See? Even PJ is invading the garden! Honestly, don't bruise the topiary, you guys!

OK, I'm withdrawing to the withdrawing room for a few moments. Keep the party going in my absence, guys!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your third child Anna. Your family just keep on growing.

I've never been a party person. Besides I’m worried the Bandits might beat me up.
I might sit this one out. I’ll rush out and buy that new book, ‘Tempt the Devil’ it will be good company tonight. ---- Eric

Joanne Lockyer said...

Hey Anna! A huge congratulations on your release! What a magnificent end to the year – and start to the new one. I'm sure everything will just keep going up and up!

Let’s see... costume. I’m thinking something real sexy ;-) Maybe another Julia Robert’s Pretty Woman number (like mother like daughter! laughs). You’ll spot me in that little black cocktail dress, accompanied on this occasion by Wentworth Miller thank you very much! Hands off all!

As for the three things I gotta do: Dance – definitely dance. Second thing, well that’s between me and my date! ;-) And third, since we’re so close to New Years Eve, and I’m thinking there’s a hell of a lot of good looking men at this party (not to mention all of us women!), I’m thinking of convincing Anna to let us keep partying on! Somehow, I don’t think she’s going to be too hard to convince...

Sharon said...

You're a wicked, wicked woman, Anna C! What better way to launch TEMPT THE DEVIL than to tempt us to share masked-ball fantasies!

Mmm, wearing something long and flowing in Siren Red here - and because it's a fantasy, it would actually suit my complexion!

Three things I must do:

1. Dance every dance with marvellous sensuous grace (and, because this is a fantasy, I'd be fit and supple enough to do that without having to make an appointment with the physio afterwards!)

2. Drink champers with abandon (and not have to worry about hot flushes or my glass stomach!)

3. mmm, are you sure Richard and Daniel are fighting over having the last waltz with you, Anna... I could have sworn that was my dance card!

Julian and Olivia's story is going to take the world by storm, Anna. Another keeper for our shelves!


hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Denise, don't choose, bring them all. Fantasy time, you can handle it.

Carol L. said...

Congratulations Anna on the release of Tempt The Devil.
A Masked Ball, how mysterious and sexy. :)
I'll come with just one man, Antonio Banderas as Zorro, he's too hot to try and fit anyone else in.
I too love a great Pirate costume, form fitted black and white satin, with high boots and the three things I'll most likely be doing are : Dancing every waltz as closely as possible with Antonio,
letting him kiss and suck on my lips in every alcove there is and then continuing in the carriage on the way back to his place.

Marisa O'Neill said...

It's here! Release day! Congratulations Anna. The Ball is divine. I'm at the ball with Hugh Jackman's older brother. I'm wearing a simple black dress with a string of pearls. The three things I must definitely do are:
1. dance a waltz with Gerard Butler
(I know someone is going to bring him).
2. drink champagne
3. visit with all the banditas

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Here is my costume, crown and mask:
I will of course have the body to carry off this gown.
I will be bringing Colin Firth wearing his wet shirt and very tight breeches.
I would spend the night meeting all the Banditas, gushing over their books and dancing, loving, and breaking down Mr.Darcy's reserve.

Eleni Konstantine said...

I'm just popping in to say congratulations on the launch of Tempt the Devil! Yay!

I'm just going to be sleeping in the corner OK...I spent the last few hours with a 4 year old and am amazed at his energy level. zzzzz.

Natalie Hatch said...

Look Anna - Richard is mine, so's Gerard and I'm happy to say Harry Connick Jnr is at the piano singing me love songs while I decide who I should dance with first. I give up and order a Bollywood style dance fest with glittery dresses and funky music. Gerard is hip with it and dances fantastic. Richard just stands there and undresses me with his eyes. *sigh*
Yes okay I can dream about these things. Oh and if you add in Paul Newman from about 45 years ago leaning casually against the bar as he too undresses me with his eyes (what is it with these guys and trying to see my knickers? I am soo glad I took my mum's advice and wore the good pair).
In truth though I rock up with my hubby who's more than happy to read me bits of your novel and waggle his eyebrows suggestively offering to be MY KYLEMORE.... Happy New Year - congrats on the release of your next naughty novel.

Tiffany Chalmers said...

I'm so excited about the release... mind you, Chapters still hasn't shipped it, buggers.

And, Richard Armitage's slipper? No, I'd like to pour it over the man and lick it off. :)

I can't just have one partner for a ball... if we're gonna be swinging from the chandeliers might as well go all out and take at least two dates: Gerry Butler and James Purefoy.

I'm sure as the evening goes on, I'll be wearing less and less :) Happens when you swing from chandeliers, as mentioned above.

I'm for checking out both gladiators AND scots :)

YAY AC I'm so excited, I can't wait to finish reading this book... I did get a glimpse of the first six chapters or so on HPs website.

PJ said...

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! Anna, you naughty girl! You didn't tell me you invited NATHAN! OMG! Those eyes! Those lips! That gorgeous, hard body! Sigh.....

Excuse us, ladies. Nathan and I are going to find a quiet, dark alcove and...talk. Okay, okay, so maybe we won't be talking but lips will be involved...and they will be moving. Definitely moving. Sigh...

Alli said...

Hi Anna, Huge congrats on the release of TTD. I started dancing for you a week ago *g*

My costume is a sheer black silk number with matching mask and every inch of exposed skin is dripping with diamonds.
My DH is my escort, wearing his kilt, of course.
3 must do's,

1. Dance with every handsome man at the ball, which is all of them, cause this is my fantasy *g*

2. I'd like to swing from the chandelier while singing a solo, holding everyone in awe with my talent and beauty (feeling nauseous here)

3. I'd then pretend to swoon so my gorgeous hero hubby (wearing his kilt) would dash to my rescue (I'm still swinging from the chandelier) carry me out into the moonlit garden and restore my senses with a kiss. *sigh*

Congratulations, again. Party hard:)


Christine Wells said...

Just popping in while at the beach sizzling in an Aussie summer to say WOOHOO, TTD-day is here! Congratulations, Anna, you have another hit on your hands, I'm sure.

I know I've boasted about having read TEMPT THE DEVIL in manuscript form, but I can't help doing it again! This is sexy, sophisticated and hot, hot, hot! My favourite Anna Campbell yet!

Happy release day, Mistress Fo and I'm looking forward to seeing the responses. Think I'll don my sea green sarong and glitzy thongs (shoes, m'dears, shoes!) and take a spin around the dance floor with Rupert Penry-Jones.

Congrats on snagging the bird, Virginia! See you all soon!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hooray, FoAnna! It's here! Can't wait to get out there and get my copy!

What a gorgeous party! I think I'll shuck a few pounds, wear something white and shimmery, and have tiny, twinkly flowers in my hair, like Keira Knightly in the latest P&P.

I MUST dance with Mikhail Baryshnikov, laugh the night away with Brendan Fraser and raise a glass in your honor, my dear!


Christina Phillips said...

Anna, huge congrats on the release day of Tempt the Devil!

My escorts for the Masked Ball would have to be Clive Owen (no surprises there heh!)but as I'm currently into sandwiches I'd also entice along Hugh Jackman. And just to ensure extra fireworks and celebrations I'd also bring Henri Castelli (oooh google him! DELICIOUS!)

Have a fabuluso party, Anna!!! (I'll even share Henri. hee hee!!)

Buffie said...

Yes! I finally made it to the ball!

Congrats to the host of the party on your latest release. And of course to throwing one fantabulous ball!

I'm wearing shimmering pale green gown that is down to here and with a slit up to here. Don't ask how it stays in place, it just does :) My mask is made of black lace and feathers accented by diamonds. And yes, those are diamonds in my hair too. I have to look pretty for the first 30 minutes or so of the ball, 'cause after I kick of these shoes and doing some dancing with the gorgeous guys (which will lead to some quiet interludes), the hair will definitely fall.

Three things I absolutely have to do is . . .

1) dance with every hunk in the room.

2) kiss every hunk in the room.

3) sit in a quiet corner with Anna and talk to our hearts content.

Terry Odell said...

Very big congrats, Anna -- it's such an exciting time! Many, many more.

sarabelle said...

This is a really cool contest. I am so excited to be at this party. First of all congrats on the new release I cant wait to get my hands on a hot copy of it. Now for the dress and mask:
I am wearing a very daring lowcut, tight fitting dark purple ball gown. It shows off my hourglass curves and volupuous bosom to everyone. (But dont worry ladies I am not trying to "Tempt your Devils" I brought my own.) My mask is a creamy ivory concoction that is covered with the most beautiful amythysts jewels. It only covers my eyes because my full lips are another of my assets. (No reason to hide the good things).
Now my Devil for the evening is none other then the sexy Lord Craven Moore, ( now please do not go running to tell the LUST IN TIME ladies that I have borrowed their man for the evening, I will return him to his manor all in good time)
My 3 things to do at this shindig is: Of course dance, especially the waltz, just being in the arms of my sexy devil and being twirled around in the candlelight will be amazing. 2. Having him drag me off to an empty alcove and "talking in private" talking, ravishing dont they mean the same. and 3. I will stand in the middle of the ballroom at Midnight when the masks are removed and bask in the glory that my sexy devil is only tempted by me. I will definetly be the talk of the Ton after this masked ball. Thank you Anna you ROCK.

Margay said...

Anna, congratulations on the new release! I can see you're going to keep me busy with the reading for some time to come (not that I'm complaining, mind you, I LOVE to read!).

Let's see, I think I would like to come dressed in the ball gown worn by Drew Barrymore in Ever After - angel wings intact, of course.

Who is my partner? I love Johnny Depp, but for this one, I'm going to pick Alex O'Loughlin - have you seen this guy in Moonlight? One word - YUM.

My three things:

1. Hook up with Richard Armitage to see what all the fuss is about.

2. Tango with Maxim from Dancing with the Stars.

3. Have a secret rendezvous with a handsome, masked (of course) stranger and recreate every such scene from all of my favorite books...

Oops, sorry, you lost me there for a minute. I was already fantasizing about number three. ;-)

Kim Howe said...

What a fantastic post! Congrats, Anna...I can't wait to read TEMPT THE DEVIL. I'm going to look after Daniel Craig until he fights over you for the last dance. Don't worry, he's in good hands. LOL Now...what to wear???

Liz Bemis said...


I can't wait! This date has been highlighted on my calendar for a couple of months! I have plans to hit the bookstore AS SOON as I get off work. (I would have gone this morning, but the bookstore had the audacity to not be open at 6:30.) Seriously... You're at least as important as JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, and the like!!!! :D

Liz Bemis said...

Oops... Got so excited about the book, I forgot about the ball...

I'm bringing "My Boyfriend Dwayne"™ (Known to the rest of the world as Dwayne, "The Rock" Johnson).

I'll be wearing something long, red and slinky. (And because this is Magic World, I'll have the figure for slinky)

As for the three things that I want to do... (Really, if I'm bringing My Boyfriend, Dwayne™, I'm pretty sure you won't want me to say that out loud :D)

Joan said...

WOOHOOOOOOO, Anna! I'm starving for a good book and armed with my Borders gift card am heading out today to "Tempt the Devil"

Well, there is only one way for me to come...dressed as the Goddess Sangria!

My tunica is pure white and swirls around the voluptuous curves of my goddess figure like clouds hugging Olympus. A single, teardrop blue sapphire dips down into the deep V of the dress and sparkles like starlight along with the matching earrings and ankle bracelet and the toe ring that Lucien so enjoys.

I've brought another Aussie with me...Eric Bana suitably clothed as he appeared in Troy. (Back, AC! Back! I have gladiators and I'm not afraid to use them!)

As to what I will do...

1)Lounge on a divan spooned against Eric who will tempt me with morsels of Godiva chocolate. He'll spy a small bit of the chocolate clinging to the corner of my mouth. With a growl of dismay he will offer to take care of it and then....BLEEEEEEEEP...

2) What? Huh? {Straightens clouds back around body, gingerly touches swollen lips and shares a secret smile with Eric.

3) There will be no dancing as goddesses reign, saving their abilities for more worthy gladi....um, endeavors. Along with Eric, I will be attended by my Roman boys who vie for the honor of stroking the fatigue from various and sundry...spots on my body. Each stroke releases a tantilizing perfume into the air which attracts more gladiators. {Smiles into cup} "Demetrius, another goblet if you please and yes, yes...that's the spot"

Joan said...

think Joan is having trouble squeezing the gladiators into a tux, though. I'm at the point of telling her not to bother!

LOL, Anna. Silly girl, they never wear tuxes and they don't call them kilts. Loincloths. You know...cloth that clothes the loins :-) They have all sorts: silk, satin, veloooooooooour....

PJ said: Dancing 'til dawn.

She can do it too...I've seen her!

jo robertson said...

Oh, my, what a party! Trust Foanna to give us all the components -- wine, handsome men and lots of fun!

Silly me, Anna, I actually went into Borders yesterday, thinking TTD MIGHT be here early, no luck. The in-store computer said January 1. Waaaahhhhh.

I'm going to Barnes and Noble this morning. I MUST have my TTD-fix before I leave for New York tonight! Nothing else will make the long flight from CA to NY (via Houston -- good grief, WHY?) bearable.

Congrats on your new release. Your fans have been waiting forEVah!

Oh, I'm dressed as Cleopatra. Dunno why except she's probably the sexiest woman in history. So like me, you know (she says tongue in cheek).

Happy almost-New Year everyone!

HistoricalGoddess said...

Congrats Anna...

I would come as a Pagan Preistess, I would wear a deep purple senuous gown with silver moons and stars around the edges, Medevilish...As a mask one side would be a moon and the other side a star with diamonds and Amethysts all over...You need your witches to help see the danger so the pirates dont get caught.

Who would be mine there...Thats a Givin Stuart would come with me.

The first thing I would do is have to waltz sensually with my Stuart as if we are almost having sex on the dance floor.

Then I would have to take Clive into an alcove and have my wicked way with him.

Thirdly have Gerard Butler escort me for some fresh air out in the garden, so we can ravish each other, further down in the maze...

Now I must needs fill up my Champaigne flute, Im tipsy here...And Lovin It!

Someone Mentioned Sean Connery...Well If I was a bit older, Id love to have him escort me. Him or Peter O'toole. I love them for some reason. Its the eyes maybe.

Oh Bring on the Gladiators...I want to see some sexy torsos...

Eva S said...

Hi Anna,
what a great party! And congrats on the release, it's finally here!!

You all have so wonderful dresses,I think I'll be wearing green, with my gorgeous emeralds this time!
My partner will be Viggo Mortensen, but I think I'll steal some of yours too....

Three things to do, let's see:
I'd love to dance all night,too.
And kiss all the rakes (and perhaps find a duke or two!)
And talk, talk to you all and enjoy the party (and perhaps sneak away and read TTD!), it's so rare to be out of this freezing place.

And not to forget, to have some Tim Tams and a margarita!

Maureen said...

Congratulations Anna!! I can not wait to read this book. I would be dressed as Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz so I could wave my wand and put this book in the next store I go to and also make it a best seller. I would come with my husband and I would dance and sing and drink champagne all night long.

Realm Ghuardians said...

Hi Anna and all the other wicked peeps at this fabulous ball LOL

First congratz on the release of your Devil Anna, with a rapid beating heart I await his arrival!

First of all the 12-13-14 hour flight from the Netherlands to Australia is now instantaneously as I’m assuming this masked ball is held at the home court of Anna. I look dazzling in my flaming burgundy satin dress that hugs every curve of me, in a Bridget Bardot kind of way, has a bare back (think Keira Knightley in Atonement) and a matching satin mask which is painted with feathers of a phoenix and glitters with tiny swarovski crystals LOL

As I'm in Australia I will want to taste from the hunk-a-liscious delights from this country. So as Julian McMahon possessively has his hand placed on my lower back while guiding me inside the room, whispering tidbits in my ear of the peeps attending this ball. His midnight black tux showcases his broad shoulders, lean waist and long legs which makes me want to unwrap him like a belated Christmas pressie.

The three things I truly must do at this ball is:
1: Have Julian read to me from Tempt the Devil as we sit in a private gazebo in the garden.

2: Nothing will keep me…or Julian for that matter, to have a wild encounter in the library or guest room, a masked ball isn’t one without a sizzling meeting of lips and body!

3: Of course I need to meet and talk to all the scandalous and there for interesting people at the ball, sipping champagne and eating chocolate covered strawberries.

This ball will last into the early morning hours and I get to share an Australian sunrise with a spectacular man that surprised me in more ways than one this night!

Have fun every one!!


flchen1 said...

Woohoo, Anna!! Can't wait to read Tempt the Devil! And thanks for throwing such a terrific bash to kick things off! I'm here, in a dazzling ball gown, some amazing designer creation that plays up my features and cleverly hides any uh... non-features ;) I'm bringing my husband, who's similarly spiffed up (in a fabulous tux though, not a matching ball gown! ;p) Since the kids are being properly cared for and we can dance the night away, I'm going to make sure that we try all the delicious food that is making its way around--yoohoo! Here, please! *waving at nearest cabana boy* and that we dance the night away (dance the day away?) and that we'll have a chance to slip off into an alcove for some good old-fashioned necking ;) There are so few chances for that these days!

Have fun with the GR and the Tim Tams, Virginia! (Not necessarily together, of course!)

Christie Kelley said...

Congratulations on the release, Anna!! Woohoo for you! I love the masked ball idea because I wrote two of them for my March release. Things always happen at a masked ball

I arrive at the ball alone and not through the front the door but the garden. My invitation must have been lost in the post. Or perhaps I'm simply not good enough for such an occasion.

After adjusting the angel wings of my costume, I head to the ballroom with only one purpose in mind. Rumor has it that Hugh Jackman is here.

Once I find him, we sneak off to the study. What happens in there is far too scandalous to tell. I will tell you only that we won't return to the ball. So enjoy your party while I enjoy mine!

MsHellion said...

YEAH!!!! I'm so glad it's finally here!!!

1.) I'm wearing RED. A red, strapless gown where my boobs look awesome, my waist looks looks like a sliver, and there is a slit to my hip to show off my great legs--and my gorgeous silver CFM heels.

2.) I'm bringing Jack. I mean, I can't leave home without the guy--he'd be mad. (Not that I don't think he got other invites...he's probably here ahead of me, the rascal. And if he is, he does know to save the last dance for me.) If Jack did arrive before me, squiring some other hot, sexy thing--then Ryan Reynolds is who I'd bring. He makes me laugh--and those gorgeous tight sexy abs of his make me cry.

3.) Three things that would have to happen. Well, clearly I'd have to get my copy of Tempt the Devil signed by the one and only Anna. Then Jack would have to get into a rum drinking contest with Daniel Craig--and win. Pirates always hold their liquor better than 007 agents. Then Ryan, after doing a few too many keg-stands, would stand on the wet bar and start stripping--showing off those glorious, glorious abs. Huzzah.

My idea of a good time involves liquor and half-naked men...there you go...

Treethyme said...

Oh, my (pant pant). How did I miss Ryan Reynolds?

Darcy Burke said...

Congratulations Anna!!! I could stare at that cover all day long.

I had to turn down Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, and Robert Downey Jr. because Christian Bale had already asked me to attend. I have no idea what I'm wearing because I left it up to my stylist. I'm sure it's lovely. At the ball I'm going to drink the most expensive champagne I've ever had (diamonds floating in it, thank you), have a naughty little tete-a-tete in the garden with my husband (hey, he's not my date so that makes it naughty, right?), and I'm going to stay up all night with my girlfriends trading stories because I know you all have the best ones to share.

Many hugs and congrats to you today, Anna!!

Elyssa Papa said...

Wait, Nathan is here. I'm sorry, PJ, but I'm cutting in. You can have him back later. Much later. *g*

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Monique, what a great answer! Had you ever thought of writing romance? ;-)

Actually I've never been to a masked ball either but I find the whole idea intriguing. I'm seriously thinking of incorporating one in the book I'm writing right now so all this mayhem can be a tax deduction! Actually I hate to be a spoilsport, but the few times I've worn a mask, I find them really annoying! Oh, well, never let reality interfere with a good fantasy!

Hey, your dress sounds like it's by the same designer as mine! You'll like Olivia's dress at the ball!

Goodness, I hope Hugh's been taking his Berocca. He's a busy guy tonight! Ooh, wasn't he lovely as Leopold? I didn't think Kate deserved him, frankly!

You sound like you're a lot of fun at a party! I'm with you on the no smudge makeup - how many times have I faced the mirror and realized I've looked like a racoon for the last hours? TOO MANY! And I get really red-faced when I drink, but clearly in this fantasy, I stay pale and interesting! I think my guests can too!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, by the way, I'm BAAAAAACCCCCKKKK! Thanks for keeping the gig jostling in my absence, everyone!

Oh, at the risk of boasting (it's my party and I'll boast if I want to), did you guys see that lovely review that Marisa gave TTD on Romance Novel TV?


PJ said...

Not a problem, Ely. He's really much too worn out to do much right now but he is lovely to just sit and gaze upon, isn't he? I think I'll just slide over to the corner and keep Eduardo company while you're otherwise occupied. (grin)

Anna Campbell said...

Danie, quick, get Hugh something cold! No, I don't mean your cool self! He's got enough on his plate at the moment!

Kirsten, isn't this a fun party? Here, have a margarita to go with the two you've already got! And you're allowed to bring your regular squeeze! For a start, it gives old Hugh a break! I remember your golden dress, perhaps because I have numerous photos of me looking like Gimli to your Legolas in it ;-) It's gorgeous!

Anna Campbell said...

Paula, great to see you here! Hey, an erotic romance, huh? That sounds pretty good! Take a torch into the garden or you might trip over some of the other guests. I thought it was hot inside until I stepped OUTSIDE! Hey, great wardrobe choices! And I'm not just talking about your clothing ;-)

Pat, thanks for the congratulations! It's such a special moment when a book hits the shelves. I'm so happy I can share it with all the Banditas and Buddies and RNTVers! So glad you're enjoying the evening. Oh, here comes Sven with a freshly chilled bottle of Bollinger. Refills, anyone?

Anna Campbell said...

Becke, Eduardo is pretty darn picturesque, isn't he? I'd never heard of him before but I look forward to drooling...hearing about him again. Never heard of Kamal either. More drool... Thanks, Demetrius. I needed that towel! Ugh! It's your gym towel???!!! JT, control these gladiators! They're running amok!

Now, Oded, yes, he can definitely steal a dance from my dance card. Yum! Love the idea of a dress that swishes. This will date me but I had a formal dress like Diana's wedding dress. All puffy sleeves and lace edging and taffeta in a really soft cream. Man, I always felt like a princess in that dress! Love the no sagging idea! I'll borrow it, if I may! Let me just put down this towel... Rubies feature quite strongly in TTD so great choice of jewellery!

Ooh, I clearly need to put CCTV in the garden! I think I can give up writing and live off the blackmail proceeds! You're all being VERY naughty out there! Here, have Demetrius's towel!

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Carol! Yeah, the rooster's over there downing Glenfiddich like there's no tomorrow and doing the chicken dance with one of his hens! Or make that ten of his hens! Where does that guy get the stamina? He's unpecked the gold chain Virginia put on him and now it dangles down his feathery chest!

Good luck with getting TTD! I think Rosemary should have it within a day or so. She seems to get things really quickly!

Hugh thanks you for your forbearance and shoves Sir Sean in your direction! Sean. Sir Sean. Who is shaken AND stirred! Ooh, I remember the JR dress at the opera. It was gorgeous! Actually I think the clothes were better than the sex in that movie!

Hey, Tawny, can you believe that NOBODY has picked Johnny Depp as their partner yet? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked! Perhaps they knew they'd have to face the Wrath of Weber if they snatched JD! As always, you're the life of the party, my dear! I'm having trouble picturing you holed up in a snowbound cabin. Well, maybe not, now my fantasy stops thinking about Demetrius wearing nothing but a towel...

Elyssa Papa said...

P.J., let's work together and still hottie Hugh Jackman and devilish Daniel Craig away for a bit. *g*

My copy's just arrived, and I'm going to be reading it right now as soon as I'm done drooling over the spectacular cover.

Elyssa Papa said...

Oh, Anna, you have to watch BELLA (Eduardo is in that movie)---it's a Spanish film but there are subtitles. It's so heartbreakingly beautiful and seriously, you'll really enjoy it. And if you want to watch another great foreign language film, check out UNDER THE SAME MOON (LA MISMA LUNA, I think). Sooo fantastic!

I'm glad to have brought Eduardo to everyone's attention---he's sooo sexy! I'm trying to find the picture that I really love most of all of him. Found it---enjoy! http://farm1.static.flickr.com/184/383912398_82fa2adbd0.jpg?v=0

Anna Campbell said...

Cheryl, lovely to see you!

Hey, you guys all have such romantic imaginations! I'm loving the descriptions of dresses and events and hunks. Well, the hunks really NEED no description, do they? But the wardrobes you've all put together for this are absolutely gorgeous! Smile. Here's the photographer from Paris Vogue!

Actually, Cheryl, it's good you brought a spare escort. Hugh has been mobbed from the moment he stepped in the joint. I imagine you'll be quite happy filling up the evening with GB's company! Actually speaking of Hugh, can you imagine looking like that and being able to sing???!!! He must have done something really right in a former life.

Oh, and it's well past midnight. It's heading for 5:30 here in Oz! We've danced the whole night through!

Thanks for the congrats and for coming over to play!

PJ said...

Ely, sounds good to me! :)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Sue, my ROMAUS buddy! Great to see you here! Thought you wouldn't be able to resist the lure of a party! Hope you like TTD! Thanks for the good luck!

Excellent that you brought Kylemore. Just make sure he's on his best behavior! He isn't always! Love the sound of your wardrobe and that is one hot fantasy! It made me laugh that as the kisses get lower, so do the ranks. A poor baron isn't going to get a look-in, is he?

Hi Jane! Thanks for the good wishes. Ooh, Slave to Love. I love that song. Bryan can croon with the best of them, can't he? I love Avalon too. Sounds like you've got a Helen of Troy thing going on! Hey, Eric would love to come (he told me!). He wants to talk about the old days in Oz with Hugh. Except Hugh went into the garden half an hour ago and I haven't seen him since! HU-UUUUUGH! Where are you?

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Suz, grab a cabana boy! No, not that one. We're saving him for Tawny when she gets out of her cabin! Oh, JD has gone to her cabin? In that case, cabana boy away, Ms. Welsh!

Thanks for the good wishes. It's such an exciting day for me!

Your costume has stolen the show! Not to mention all the guys want to dance with you because moccasins don't hurt if you stand on someone's foot! Bryan, come back! Ooh, Clive! Clive, that's right - send Bryan back! Like your choice of fantasy dates, my friend!

Minna, rats to the rat!!! I hope you catch him! No rats here, just gorgeous hunks and lots of margaritas! Come over here, there was a spare sofa in the corner. What's that, Bryan? Oh, someone has tied Hugh to it. Drat! OK, Minna, let's try the garden for a quiet spot. Well, maybe not!

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, I've had a word with Carol. You can have Sean for one dance only and then she wants him back or there will be trouble! Isn't the party rocking? I'm glad we're not going to have headaches tomorrow!

Eric, I think you're probably the most sensible of us, going to bed with (hopefully) a good book! Thanks for the congrats!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Joanne, lovely to see you here! Hasn't it been hot? Yeah, I know it's hot in the lair but I meant the weather in SEQ! Bleuch!

Thanks for the congrats! Honestly waiting for this day was like watching a kettle come to the boil! I thought it would never come! Can you tell I like instant gratification?

You and Carol will look most spectacular in your dresses! Ooh, Wentworth Miller - he's a new arrival. Quick, get him a drink before he starts digging his way out of the lair!

Hey, let's keep the party going! It's already NYE in Australia! Hey, someone just pushed Sven into the pool! I hope he can swim. If not, who wants to give him mouth to mouth? (Anna is knocked over in the sudden mad rush outside)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Miss Sharon! Now the party is really going to go like a firecracker! Actually, it's interesting, isn't it? All these answers are coming so easily. Clearly I'm not the only one who thinks masked balls are highly romantic!

That red looks fabulous on you, by the way! Absolutely your color!

Actually Matthew is dancing every dance with marvellously sensuous Grace! LOL! Who's Abandon? Your partner? (Oh, dear, I think there are more to come. Perhaps you'd better duck)

Hey, stop ducking and put down my dance card!

Oh, all right, you can have it. Anyone who says such nice things about TTD deserves a treat. I'll take whoever doesn't win the dance. I'm not greedy!

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, clearly you've been reading Denise's books ;-)

Ooh, Carol, I needed to snatch a fan off one of the Pretty Woman girls after I read your Antonio Banderas post! Actually he'd fit right in at a masked ball - good choice! Thanks for the congrats and thanks for coming by to join in the mayhem!

Hi Marisa! Lovely to see you here! And lovely soiree you're hosting over at Romance Novel TV. How do you manage to keep your guests behaving so well? I admire the skill! I booked 20 bouncers for this gig here and they've all disappeared into the garden and haven't been seen since! Your dress sounds lovely! And yes, Gerard is definitely here. Let me see if I can drag him out of the shadows (hides eyes to save blushing).

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, what a gorgeous dress and crown and mask! Absolutely the thing to wear for this bash! So far, to my surprise, you've got Colin to yourself. I'm not sure that will last - some of the single girls are starting to eye him with a lustful glint in their eyes. Oh, and if the shirt starts drying, just throw him in the pool. We KNOW he can swim, unlike poor Sven!

Eleni... ELENI!!! Wake up! You're missing all the fun! We promise to send you a nice calm cabana boy to keep you company. Thanks for the congrats and for popping over! Whoo-hoooo!

p226 said...

What is your costume?

Simplicity rules my evening. I'll arrive in a tux and a comedy mask.

Who is your partner?

I am attending this one alone.

What are the THREE things you definitely MUST do at the ball?

1. I will abduct the Golden Rooster, secure him in an undisclosed location, and ransom his release in exchange for waltzes with Banditas -- quantity and quality subject to negotiation.

2. Challenge a gladiator in unarmed combat. The loser has to drink from Richard Armitage's slipper. (A fate worse than death)

3. Hang a cabana-boy by his ankles from the chandelier for the amusement of the Banditas.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Ah, p226, I love your attire and your plans for entertaining us at the ball!

Anna Campbell said...

Nat, I think it's time we brought in the Bollywood troupe! Good thinking! You're another greedy girl, not satisfied with just one hunk! Love the idea of a young Paul Newman. I was watching a bio special about him last night - he really was breathtaking, wasn't he? And he aged really well too - that face really didn't get less handsome for the price of a few wrinkles. Laughed at your husband pretending to be Kylemore! Perhaps you ought to see Sue about that one!

Tiff, great to see you here! Get down off that chandelier! I can see cracks on the ceiling! Well, at least put Richard down so it's just you putting the strain on the light fittings! For some reason, he's only wearing one shoe...

Ooh, James Purefoy! He's such a handsome man! Shhhh, Bryan, you know you're my squeeze for the evening and anyway, Tiff gets scary when she's defending her turf! Actually I've noticed a few people taking items of clothing off. Oh, that's right, there's strip poker in the anteroom. Hugh's losing. (Anna dodges to miss the stampede for the anteroom) Hope you enjoy TTD!

Anna Campbell said...

PJ, Nathan was my surprise guest! I hope you enjoyed the way he jumped out of the cake! It was just for you! PJ? PJ, I'm talking to you...

Alli, great to see you here! I've been waiting so long for this day. It's great to spend it with all my friends! Thanks for the congrats! And keep dancing!

Everyone, Alli is married to a genuine Scotsman. So please address any kilt questions to her! You'll have to fight Tiff for a spot on the chandelier. Oh, she's off chasing James P? In that case, the chandelier is all yours, Miss Alli! And watch out for things you might trip over in the garden! It's a very busy spot tonight!

Christine, lovely to see you! I wasn't sure you'd make it. Delighted you have. I think you need to go and rescue Sven. Ever since he was dragged from the pool, people have been trying to give him the kiss of life. He's look a little distrait! Thanks for those kind words about TTD! I'm still stoked it's your favorite AC! Rupert awaits! Actually we've got quite a British contingent at this party, haven't we? Perhaps we should get the band to play "God Save the Queen" and not all these tangos!

Helen said...

Virginia watch the GR p226 is here now and wants to kidnap him to ransom him I am sure the Bandits would willing have a waltz with him

The gardens are getting very busy I am sure there are lots of ideas for new books maybe a few erotic novels

I am getting really hot I will need to find a really nice fan to keep me cool LOL

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Oooh, Deb! I've always had such a crush on Mikhail! That sexy smile, that powerful bod, those electric blue eyes! I might ditch Bryan and give you a fight for him. Even if you lose, you've got Brendan. Actually with Oded, that's quite a Mummy contingent too! Thanks for coming over! Aren't we having a great party? And you look absolutely delightful, my dear!

Christina, you've introduced me to another gorgeous man! I'd never heard of Henri Castelli either! Isn't he gorgeous? Oh, dear, perhaps I WILL ditch Bryan! Variety is the spice of life - oh, and sandwiches, LOL! While I'm busy with Henri, you might want to go and steal Clive back from some of the other ladies who have been making eyes at him! If you need me, I'll be in the garden... Nothing like hedging my bets!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Buffie, you turned up right on time. Here, you take Bryan! I'm going for a Brazillian! Glad you finally made it. It's a bit noisy and chaotic after the lovely RNTV party, isn't it? I'm hoping to get back there soon to try and regain some sanity. I don't think my heart can take too many more hunks!

Thanks for the congrats! And thanks so much for helping to make it such a party! Hey, that dress is...hardly there! Looks fab, though! I'd say let your hair down but I think you've got that one covered (unlike the bits of you that are NOT covered!).

Oh, OK, if dancing with every hunk here (even poor Sven?) is your ambition, I'd better let you get started. I'll see you at the recovery breakfast when we can have a great natter - and you can tell me all the naughty things you did! Hmm, hope you've packed a toothbrush. That's a conversation of more than a few minutes' length!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Terry! Here, have a margarita and a cabana boy, not necessarily in that order! Or even DISORDER!

Hey, Sarabelle, I'm so glad you think this is fun! I'm having a great time - I wonder if I'll remember any of it tomorrow! Thanks for the congrats!

Ooh, we haven't had a purple dress yet! Sounds extremely stylish! And it goes beautifully with the amethysts. Bryan, stop looking at her lips! You're my date, even if I am considering dumping you. Oh, you're about to sing Slave to Love? OK, maybe I'll reconsider! Craven Moore? I was unacquainted with his gorgeousness, but I've since remedied that. Bryan, you'd better sing soon! Or else I'm being tempted elsewhere...

Joan said...

LOL, p226!

The Banditas would happily waltz with you...if we can get Jeanne off the shield and AC off the chandelier...

Minna said...

Anna, it wasn't a rat (if it would have been you could have heard my scream all the way there), or even a mouse, but a rodant all the same and thanks to a mouse trap it's now in rodant heaven.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Margay! That's what I like to see - someone kept out of trouble by a good book ;-)

The Ever After dress is making a second appearance, I see! There's been some gorgeous gowns on show here tonight. Alex O'Loughlin is a new discovery for me - I think you may have introduced me to him. Isn't he the Aussie guy? Like the idea of acting out all the good scenes from books you like! That might take you quite a while! Thanks for coming by and adding to the fun!

Kim, you're such a buddy, taking care of Daniel! I really owe you one, snork! Lovely to see you back from the wilds of Costa Rica, Bandita! And thanks for the congrats!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Liz, who's my favorite? LOL! Flattery will get you everywhere, my dear! Me and J.K. send our regards! Hope you find TTD without a lot of trouble. It seems to be out and about - I'm getting reports of people seeing it. It's a bit like spotting Santa on Christmas Eve ;-) Thanks for coming by to add to the fun! Here, have a Richard Armitage to dance with! Oh, no, the Rock just socked the RA! Oh, no, this is going to get ugly! Liz, it's that dress! It drives sane men mad!

JT, you've been very quiet. Just what have you and Demetrius been up to? And I notice his nice neat little Roman skirt is looking a bit mussed. As my dear, are you! Cool bananas about devoting your gift card to TTD! I hope you like it, your divine highness Sangria! You look as ever dressed to kill. No, Demetrius, I didn't mean that literally! DEMETRIUS! Unhand the Rock! He and Richard are just having a slight contretemps, they'll sort it out without spilling too much blood. Hey, Eric's almost as busy as Hugh these days! Perhaps I should say cool banas! Hey, you're blushing under those clouds, goddess girl, and I'm not remotely surprised!

Crianlarich said...

Good on TEMPT THE DEVIL, Anna! I'm sure the book will shine as brightly, if not brighter than your first two. Can't wait to read it.

Waltzing into your ball...

My 'disguise' would be the "The Baroness" in Sound of Music. I chose her because I much prefer her gown to the dress of Regency women which I find very unflattering. Unlike the dashing trapping of the highborn Regency male. Oh, my, oh, my! Which brings me to my partner...

He would be Alan Rickman and -of course- he'd appear as Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility.

The three things I must have happen would be ...

1 - Colonel Brandon's eyes flaring and then locking with mine when he first sees me.

2 - Not taking his gaze from mine, he'd come for me, whisk me onto the dance floor and then straight out onto a veranda where ...

3 - He'd gather me in his arms, kiss me deeply and tell me he's been waiting for me forever and that now he's found me, he'll never let me go.

Otherwise, I can't speak for gladiators, but I can tell you for certain what's under a Highlander's kilt: just exactly what you're thinking. His pride and nothing else. M'mmm....

Happy launch day!

Minna said...

I brought Paul Gross with me to the party.
Paul Gross ("Due South" Theme)

Margay said...

Anna, Alex is the Aussie guy and whether he's speaking in an American accent or his natural Australian one, I'll take him (okay, the Australian one is a bit more sexy!). You really must check him out - find some episodes of Moonlight on Hulu.com (I actually have the dvd on order at Amazon; as soon as it releases, it's mine), you won't be sorry. The guy can really smoke up a screen.

Joan said...

Hey, you're blushing under those clouds, goddess girl, and I'm not remotely surprised!

Ah, as all good Irish girls would....

"I'm not so very good," she said slyly, motioning for Demetrius

Anna Campbell said...

Joan, do velooooor loincloths come with velcro fastenings? I should have realised that when I said 'black tie', your gladiators would take it in a completely alternative spirit! At least silk doesn't chafe the wrists! Ask Olivia!

Hey, Jo, great to see you here! Here have a divine sangria. No, not Joan! The wet red stuff with apple in it!

January 1???!!!! NOOOOOO! That's cruelty to poor authors! Hope you find TTD and it helps while away that long flight - via Houston? What's the story with that??!!! Happy travels!

Hey, we haven't had a Cleopatra yet. We've had a few extras from Troy (all of whom seem to have an obsession with Hector!). And hey, at this party, you CAN be the sexiest woman in history! I think you look fant-ASP-ic! Oh, dear, get me a drink. The puns are starting to roll! And where's Sven? I'm sure I saw him dripping on the mat a minute ago and now he's disappeared! Oh, no, someone's pushed Mr. Darcy into the pool now too! This party is going to disintegrate into a riot before it's done!

Minna said...

And a few singers too... And that Finnish actor there isn't a bad dancer, either:
Kristiina Wheeler - Sunny Day

Bryan Adams - All For Love

Joan said...

Joan, do velooooor loincloths come with velcro fastenings?

Ah, no. They have to be "shimmied" off.....

What, Lucien? You need assistance with yours? I'm not sure I trust that gleam in your eye....

Be back in a bit....

Minna said...

And we need a joker, too:
Rowan Atkinson Live - Pink Tights & Plenty of Props

Adiemus - Adiemus

Enigma: Beyond The Invisible

Indica: Vuorien Taa

And Robin Hood...
Robin of Sherwood - Robin (The Hooded Man)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Michele! What a striking costume! I think the pirate chasers will melt away in awe once they see it! And I knew you'd pick Stuart! In fact, nobody's even been game to threaten to take him away from you! I think it's all that pagan priestess power you emanate!

Hey, what's this? Clive AS WELL AS Stuart? Now, that's just greedy! And Gerard as well! Sheesh!

Let me grab you some more champagne while we have a serious word about hogging the hunks! Which is better than hunking the hogs, believe me!

Oh, Peter O'Toole! Wasn't he just dreamy? Those eyes just flashed intelligence and sex appeal, didn't they? Loved him in Lawrence of Arabia. And Omar wasn't too shabby either.

And now, not content with four, you're reaching after our gladiators! Sven, come and control this woman!

Anna Campbell said...

Now, for anyone who has visited my website, www.annacampbell.info - there were a few glitches with latest news but it's all up there now, including excerpts from all the lovely reviews! Just thought some of you might like some fresh air!

Minna said...

And here's Tarzan:
strangers like me

And Mulan:

Oh, and there's Yahoo Serious (I really need to get that soundtrack):


And Riverdance... Love that song!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Eva, all the way from Finland! Thanks for the congrats and for gracing our party with your presence. You look fabulous! And emeralds are always appropriate! Ooh, Viggo! Love Viggo, especially in LOTR. Wasn't he a lovely Aragorn? Here, let's start you off with your first margarita. You look like you've come through some chilly weather to get to the lair so it's purely medicinal!

Hey, Maureen, I like your Glinda the good witch aka Book Fairy costume! I think it's one of my favorites! You look wonderful, by the way! Your husband is most welcome - just watch out, there's some rapacious women here but so far, they seem to be busy with Hugh and Clive and Eric and...

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, it's my lovely friend Leontine! All the way from Holland. It's quite a European ambience, isn't it? Love these multicultural affairs! Hmm, noticed a few ears pricking up when I mentioned 'affairs'! Oh, you're all SOOOOO naughty!

Thanks for the congrats, Leontine. It's exciting, isn't it? And absolutely we've got the Star Trek transporter on loan for the evening. No jet lag at this party! You look fabulous in your burgundy satin! Olivia wants to know who's your modiste! Ooh, Julian's a late arrival! Thanks for bringing him! Oh, dear, he's rushing you away from me! But I wanted to talk! Clearly he has other plans in mind for you tonight. Mind how you go in the garden - it's crowded!

Hi Fedora! I was hoping you'd come! It's no party without you. And the rooster has been pining. Well, in between pecking around! Thanks for the congrats! Welcome to your husband! Here, you two, have some champagne. Hic! Good old fashioned necking is perfectly acceptable. In fact, the GR just tapped me on the shoulder and said he's been necking not pecking after all! That cheeky devil!

Pam said...

I would be wearing Salma Hayek's turquoise blue, one-shouldered gown from the 2006 Oscars--get the girls out for the party!

My date would be my husband--he looks great in a tux and he's tall enough I can wear the heels I need to carry off my dress!!!

Three things I must do at the ball?
1) Tell everybody that yes, my diamonds are real and that blue stone in the middle is actually a 5-carat blue diamond, not a sapphire.
2) Dance, dance, dance the night away while Bono sings "Can't Help Falling in Love" to me. (He's got such sexy, smoldering eyes...)
3) And, since it would be such a celebration, I think I'd get a tattoo. (I know Anna would have some lovely tattoo artists there!) Of what would depend on the mood, and where would depend on the champagne, but definetly a lush, colorful tattoo!

Congrats, Anna! Here's to you and your fabulous writing!!! Mwah! (And thanks for the great party.)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Christie, so glad you could make it! Here, have a cabana boy!

Hey, another masked ball fan! Can't wait to read your next book. We've got some great stuff coming up from the Bandita stable, haven't we? Kate's book is next off the rank in Feb!

My Regency comedy The Magnificent Marriage (which is in a drawer until I've exhausted Regency noir) starts with a masked ball. I've always found them fascinating!

Hey, what was happening in the garden when you were there? It's definitely seen some assignations tonight! Hmm, I'm getting another Ever After moment here!

Hey, unhand that cabana boy. Here's Hugh! He's been pining for you to arrive! Just don't poke his eye out with those wings, Bandita!

Christie! Christie! Hmm, the study door is now locked. How intriguing!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Hellion, now the party is complete! Welcome, welcome! Park your saber in the umbrella stand! Historical Goddess is looking out for pirate safety so you have no need to fear marauding sea dogs! Unless you WANT to be marauded, that is!

Hey, that's one of the most spectacular costumes yet seen at this party! Bryan, BRYAN! Oh, all right! Drool all over her. I don't care. I'm going to go and stanch Richard's wounds. He didn't do too well in his brawl.

Hey, we've had JD, Jack's alter ego, but no Jack yet. Excellent choice. Oh, no, I thought that until he leapt for the chandelier and CRASH!!!! Oh, well, I'm sure the insurance will cover it. We've got comprehensive coverage against invasion by buccaneers! Hmm, Ryan at least isn't destroying the fabric of the lair. Perhaps he is a better long-term choice? No???

Hmm, if you like liquor and half-naked men, you've come to the right place. Here's a spare gladiator we prepared earlier.

Fiona Lowe said...

Anna!! Congratulations on your release of Tempt the Devil. I associate your releases with my summer holiday at the beach so thanks in advance for a great read.
Good luck everyone in winning a copy!!
Fiona Lowe

Anna Campbell said...

Becke, never fear - he just turned up with Hellion and while she's busy cleaning up all the broken crystal from the chandelier, I'll kidnap him and put him aside for you.

Sneaking up on Ryan. Sneaking up on Ryan... Gotcha!

Hi Darcy! It's one yumalicious cover, isn't it? Thanks so much for coming to the ball!

Ooh, Christian! I bet you left a swathe of broken hearts behind when you made your choice - and an excellent one too! Actually stay around for the recovery party. That's when we're really going to be dishing the dirt! Hey, have some more champagne! Thanks for the congrats!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, no! I've just pulled Richard to safety and now I have to go and break up the fight between Ely and PJ over Nathan! Girls, a bit of decorum please! I knew the triple strength tequila was a mistake!

Phew! PJ, you should go and lead the United Nations!

Hey, Ely! Cool that your copy has arrived! Oh, now I'm nervous! What if it's not worthy of an email! The horror! The shame!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Ely, hasn't he got amazing eyes? Wow! Anyone who missed Ely's post and wants some serious eye candy, check this out:


P226! Thank you so much for coming to the ball. Do you think you can do something to rein in the rooster! It was all right when he was sticking to his own kind, but he's got confused about all the wings on the Cinderella costumes and he's started harassing our guests! You're our only hope!

Oh, waltzes with the Banditas! I think we'll give you those anyway. You don't have to kidnap the GR. ALTHOUGH I DEARLY WISH YOU WOULD!

Actually I too have noticed that Richard's feet have a distinctly unromantic aroma. Oh, it's so sad! At least it's a BIG slipper! Yes, he has big feet too!

Actually maybe you could just hang the cabana boy from the hole in the ceiling. The chandelier is history. Antonio is upset - he had a grand entrance all worked out and now it's spoilt thanks to that wild Jack Sparrow! Perhaps we could persuade the cabana boy to hold candles for us!

Anna Campbell said...

Suz, doesn't he look elegant? Do you think it will last once he starts tackling that wily wooster?

Helen, I hope you're taking notes for me of the activity in the garden. I've been so busy in here, I haven't had a chance to check out the activity out there!

Eeeek, I've just been knocked aside by a rooster skittering for the back of the cave! Oh, no, and there goes P226! I know who my money is on! Let's just say that rooster will be peeling potatoes for the whole camp soon!

Joan, don't encourage the competition. You and I are perfectly happy to waltz with P226 - although not at the same time!

Minna, RIP monsieur rodent! Did you borrow one of our action men to help you catch it?

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, and while I think of it, I've put up some photos I took of Kent in springtime (a number of significant scenes take place in that county in TTD) if you want to check them out. Hope you like them! They're in my latest Favorite Things column:


Kate Carlisle said...

I'm fashionably late to the party, as always, but it looks like things are still going strong! I think you all know my date, Daniel Craig? (Nice try, Kim, but he's mine!!)

I'm wearing an alarmingly flimsy little strapless thing that fits my willowy figure to a "T" and makes Daniel lick his lips and growl at any man who approaches me. He does get jealous, sweet thing!

Anna, I'm sooo thrilled for you and can't wait to get my hands on your Devil!!!!

Congrats, Virginia! I hope the Tim Tams survived!

jo robertson said...

Hey, Anna, I just spit the sangria out on my computer!! Must. Stop. Drinking before flight.

I DID!!! I found TTD, not at B&N, but at Borders. Yay!!! They'd just put them out, lots of copies with prominent display on the new releases carousel. A little old lady was buying ***cough, cough's *** book, but I told her she would be better off getting TTD. Hehehehehehe. She bought both!

Rachel Bailey said...

Am I too late? Have I missed all the dancing? Have I missed Richard and JD???

Oh, it's ok, I see Anna and Bryan over in the corner, and I see someone floating around in a giant martini glass. Phew, the ball is still going.

I've come in a gold, pearl-encrusted gown, that my date finds irresistible. And since my date is masked, I'm not revealing his identity so that I don't have to fight off any banditas :).

Three things to do:
1. get straight to the bar and hope they're not out of margaritas
2. have one of those garden seductions that Elyssa mentioned
3. take a turn about the room in my gorgeous gold gown, on the arm of my very swoon-worthy date.

Congratulations on Tempt the Devil's release, Anna!! Anna...? You still there? Oh, Bryan!! I'm shocked!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Crianlarich (I find myself pining for the Highlands whenever I see you name!)! Great to see you here. Thanks for the congratulations and the good wishes. Actually you're right - the Baroness did get to wear the best clothes in TSOM! Although I've always had a soft spot for Maria's wedding dress. So simple and elegant. Oh, Alan Rickman. You're welcome to him if you'll let him talk to me for five minutes! Any longer and I'll collapse in a pile at his feet! What a lovely voice!

Hmm, collapsed in a pile anyway after reading your plans for the evening! Wow!

Actually I hear Highlanders have a LOT of pride!

Anna Campbell said...

Minna, I loved Due South although will you think I'm a peasant if I say my favorite character was Diefenbacher the dog? Thought he was lovely!

Margay, sounds like I definitely need to check Alex out. Purely for research purposes, you understand! We usually end up with most of the US shows sooner or later so I'll keep an eye out for Moonlight.

Virginia said...

Hey Anna, A BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your new release!!! I looked for it today when I went to town and couldn't find it. I was also looking for another book that came out today and didnt find it. I guess the stores are moving slow on restocking their shelves.

Your books sounds awesome and I love the cover!!!

Now for the ball that we all are attending. As I said before I have lost about 60 lbs and have grown about 5 inches taller for this ball. I think my costume will be the blue velvet portrait gown that Scarlett O'Hara wore in the portrait hanging in Rhett Butler's room http://www.gwtw4ever.com/lifesizeportrait.htm I will be wearing diamonds all kind of them earrings, braceletts, neckless, yep covered in diamonds.

My escort will be Rhett Butler of course, the handsome rake. He will be the best looking man there.

As far as my three things I must do at the ball.
1. I must dance with every handsome rake there.
2. I wouldn't mind taking a few rakes out in the garden for a while, like Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Kevin Costner just to name a few! Hey I do like some of the older guys!!!
3. Forget the Champagne, give me the Margaritas so I can be swinging from that chnadelier also.

Anna Campbell said...

Hmm, Demetrius seems to have suddenly decided to move at the speed of light! Wonder what's luring him...

Minna, I think I'll designate you master of ceremonies for the next party. You do add such great entertainment to our revels!

Joan, can you handle both of them? Do you want a hand???!!!

Ooh, good choice, Pam! Actually one of my favorite Oscar gowns of recent years was that beautiful one Cate Blanchett wore that was quite demure at the front and then slashed at the back with the most beautiful embroidery on the train. Lusted after that dress! Welcome to your husband! Here, have some champagne, you two! We've just brought up a couple more cases of the 1965 from the cellar!

Actually, Pam, now you mention it, the gladiators spent so much time with their barbarian mates, they're great at tattoos! Now, if we can just get Jack Sparrow away from them. He reckons a pirate can never have TOO many tattoos!

Thanks for the congrats and good wishes! Now get dancing, you two!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Fiona! Dropping in from now green and lush Geelong (they've had a dreadful drought up until very recently). I hope you love Tempt the Devil! Happy New Year! Thanks for the congrats and good wishes, my friend!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Kate, you know Daniel is down as my last dance partner, don't you? Don't get too comfy with him! Great to see you! Ooh, I rather like the image of him growling at the competition! Thanks for the congrats!

Hey, Jo, I do love a book pimp! I hope the little old lady likes TTD! I hope you like TTD! Happy travels! And thanks so much for persisting in your devil hunt!

Anna Campbell said...

Rachel! So great to see you! Thank you for coming! This party is still going strong, never fear. You look fabulous but aren't all those pearls heavy?

What was that, Rachel? Blushing...

Bryan, you wicked boy! You know that's the Price of Love (small BF joke there for people of advanced years!).

Rachel, here's a margarita. In fact, here's two! Drink up and get boogying with your mystery man, gal!

Oh, Virgina, how disappointing you missed out on finding TTD. Thanks for looking for it. Fingers crossed it will be out soon. The last two books seemed to come out in dribs and drabs too. Thanks for the congrats! It's been a mega day of celebration in the lair! Love the Scarlett O'Hara idea!

Oh, no, we've just repaired the chandelier and now you want to swing on it! Virginia! VIRGINIA! Duck, everybody! Hmm, more garden assignations! I'm getting bare patches on my lawn!

Virginia said...

Hey ladies, you better watch out at the ball!! The GR has had me cracking up today. He is so excited over the ball that he had me out looking for him a tuxedo today. He thinks he is going to be the best looking rake there and is going to dance with everyone!!! He has been practicing his dance steps all day. He also plans on swinging form the chandelier.

By the way I had to alter the tuxedo to get it to fit the Golden Rooster!

Treethyme said...

Had to take a break from reading to cool off (fan, fan!). My mailman arrived with Tempt the Devil, and I practically ripped it out of his hands. I have to be nice to the poor guy -- he's always having to bring book boxes to my door because my mailbox isn't big enough to hold them (and I got a new mailbox, too).

I had read the sixty-page opener on the Avon website but read it all over again, because it's soooo good. I'm somewhere in the 100s now, but had to take a break. I'm supposed to be reading a mystery for the book club I moderate, but this has to come first!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Anna, that was me that shoved darling Darcy in the pool, you said if his shirt started drying out that was what I was to do... you didn't mention there would be a rush of Banditas and BB's as he came back out..... sigh, anybody got a spare male they would like to share??

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, what are you saying? Our rooster is too fat for his tux? I think he definitely needs to visit P226! I've been trying to control his liquor consumption, but honestly, it's like trying to herd cats! As soon as I head off one cabana boy, another one gives the old GR a triple margarita! That chook is incorrigible!

Hey, Becke! Mwah to you! So glad you're enjoying the story! I love it when something I've written makes people ignore their duty! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, I think the rooster was looking for a dance partner? No? Not what you had in mind? Denise turned up with all her heroes in tow. I'm sure she could spare you at least one of those! Hey, here's Eduardo! I caught him when Ely wasn't looking! Quick, out into the garden before she catches you with her squeeze!

Pat Cochran said...

Ms. Anna, Hostess Extraordinaire!

A grand gathering, a glittering,
glamorous group here in the Lair!
I've enjoyed observing the festive
activities and participating in a
few. My only regret: I didn't get
to swing from the chandelier! I'll
wait for another time on that. I
found this lyric relevant: Still I
remember how you held me, And all
the sweet things you used to say,
When we were two young lovers,
Dancing the night away!

Pat Cochran

Gillian Layne said...

Oooooo, congrats on your release, Anna!!!!!!!!!

I'm wearing a tangerine silk gown with a high neck, no back, and a topaz necklace to hold bodice in place.

I'm trying to converse with Joan concerning the care of gladiators, but Alan Rickman keeps trailing his fingertips across my bare shoulders...

Josh Groban is singing something delicious in Italian to me as well, and amazingly I understand the words!

And my shoes---four inch heels with golden straps and lovely topaz stones, and my feet never hurt once!

Seriously, you should throw parties like these more often. :)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Pat, what a lovely lyric! And we HAVE danced the night away. Well, those of us who haven't fallen (been pushed) into the pool or jumped from swinging chandeliers! It's been a really fun evening, hasn't it? I think we can definitely say we've launched this particular devil off in style!

Gillian, what a striking ensemble! Um, watch out, the rooster is trying to step on your hem for nefarious purposes of his own! Let's just say I'm not sure how much longer that necklace is going to hold things together! So glad you could make the party - here, have some more champagne! Demetrius, go down to the cellar and get us some more, please! By the way, have you finished with Alan? I have something I want to talk to him about in the garden...

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Anna, are you trying to get me hurt?? I see a space close to Colin, I am going to try and get him back, if I can't I will duck out of the lair and go here and get me another one.

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, yum, Dianna! I think we can definitely find you another partner there (the Edward from S&S is rather yummy, isn't he?). Don't worry - I've got one of the gladiators shadowing you to make sure no major injury occurs to you. Oh, and Mr. Darcy just jumped in the pool of his own volition. What do you think of that?

Janga said...

Oh, I'm late to the ball! Sorry but all these time zones confuse me.:)

1. You recognize the gentleman with me, of course. George looks gorgeous in his tux, and he was sexiest man twice. I'm just saying.

2. I'm wearing a Zac Posen silk Siren gown with a deep V-neckline in deep turquoise, so appropriate for this ball. I passed on the necklace. I rather like the unadorned cleavage, and the long diamond earrings are all I really need.

3. The three things I plan to do:

(a) Make sure George thanks Ely for a recent gift she gave us.
(b) Dance under the stars.
(C) Find the folly for some private communication with George. You do have a folly?

Congratulation on the release of TEMPT THE DEVIL, Anna. May it soar in sales and on the lists!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Anna, I think he may have been a tad overheated...he has definitely ditched his reservations, did you see what him and Jo were doing over there in the garden??? His shirt dried in double time, I saw the steam myself.
Oh yes, Edward is drool worthy to be sure, come here Eddie boy, we need to converse a little...

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Does the lair have a folly?? Where, where, come here Edward, you aren't getting out of my sight or my hands...The Bodacious Banditas and BB's wouldn't even leave a greasy spot, look what they did to poor Darcy, he is just a shadow of his former self, but he does look very, very happy doesn't he?

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh ladies, look what I found outside the Lair searching for a way in. Can I have Colin back now or shall I just keep them for myself?


Helen said...

I am trying hard to keep tabs on what is going on in the garden but it is just too hard too many great looking Guys and Ladies ( I use that word Loosley)

Let them in the more the merrier Guys in kilts YAY

Have Fun

Joan said...

Demetrius seems to have suddenly decided to move at the speed of light! Wonder what's luring him...

*Blinks innocently*

Gannon Carr said...

Sorry dahlings, that I'm late to the party! Let's just say, I'm making my entrance.

1- I'm wearing my fabulous custom made Giorgio Armani silver silk gown, diamond encrusted Manolos and fabulous Tiffany diamonds.

2 - My escort? Must I have just one?! I'll take my darling Hugh, sexy Gerard, and divine Clive. Never fear, I'll make sure they all get plenty of attention. ;)

3- Three things I must do: dance till dawn with sexy men (see above), romantic and illicit interludes in the garden, library, etc. (also see above), be fed Tim Tams and other gourmet delicacies by shirtless men (yes, see above!) :)

Congratulations, Anna, dear! May TEMPT THE DEVIL rocket to the top of the NYT bestseller list in record time!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Janga, don't apologise! We're just at the stage of the party where the appearance of some fresh new blood is welcome. And because I don't write paranormal, that shouldn't be a scary statement!

Hmm, is George Monsieur Clooney? I thought he'd snuck in earlier but clearly I was mistaken. Blame it on too many margaritas! The dress is exquisite, my dear Janga! And follies? Need you ask? The lair is full of follies!

Hey, thanks for the congrats and the good wishes!

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, you turn into a tiger with a few cyber margaritas! I'd love to buy you a real one one day! Actually I had to laugh about the men of Austen - poor old pathetic Mr. Collins got included. I wonder if anyone ever picks him!

Hey, Darcy's smiling - he doesn't do that very often, does he? I think the day in the lair has done him good!

Goodness me, Dianna. Or perhaps I should say och aye the noo! How did you get all of our cabana boys into kilts? I have enough trouble getting them into trousers!

Helen, thanks for trying. I think this party has just got out of control! Yay!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Ooooh, this is fun! I'd wear black, backless with pearls draped down my back with a gorgeous gold and black feathered masque and I'd look like that lovely woman on the Tattinger poster. :> Except I'd have the mask. Grins.

I'd bring Matthew McConnahay with me, of course, or if he were already spoken for, my darling Alan Rickman in his uniform from P&P.

As to my three things:
1. Wear dancing shoes that never hurt but look killer on...and dance, dance, dance

2. Drink fab champagne w/o getting the least bit sloppy.

3. Sing harmony with as many of the Banditas and BB's as I can coax to sing.

Oh, and then, slip off to read TTD. I've been DYING for this book!

(Congrats, Anna. Congrats on the GR, Virginia. I'm going back to read more of the posts...love it!)

Louisa Cornell said...

Good heavens! You're all still at it! I turn my back for one minute - okay, so I got lost in the east wing of this luxurious country house! I was following a really cute butt! And when I finally make my way back Gannon has stolen my escorts!!! I can't leave you boys alone for a minute! I certainly hope you have a fabulous cleaning crew, La Campbell! This place is a wreck! What happened to the chandelier? It was fine when I made my entrance on it several hours ago! And where did all those feathers come from? Oh Gannon! I think you have something that belongs to me!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Gannon, you look so fabulous, you stopped all activity as we all just stood back and admired you. Those of us who can still stand! Those of us who can still see! It's been a fairly wild evening.

Hey, PJ has been offering me your hospitality. Isn't she lovely? ;-)

Thanks for the wonderful wishes on TTD's future! From your lips to God's ear is all I can say! Hey, have a margarita. There's still plenty of liquor. We sent Mr Darcy (who would never overindulge!) to buy us another few cartons!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Jeanne, I love the necklace down the back look. You need a great back to get away with it, though! Actually it would suit the dress I'm wearing, although it might be a bit much with the ruby collar.

AR has been well and truly snaffled but strangely MM hasn't had any takers yet. I think we've all been spoilt for choice, actually! Here, let me freshen your champagne glass! No, I didn't mean take the whole bottle! Sheesh!

Anna Campbell said...

Louisa, the GR decided to do a strip tease! It was embarrassing. Funny, but embarrassing! In fact, I laughed so much I nearly laid an egg, which was unfortunate because it made the bird look at me as a potential date! Glad you found your way back to us. I've been to a marvelous party...

Treethyme said...

I feel like I've been through the wringer. It's not quite midnight here and I just finished TTD.

I want to change my dance partner: I'll be Olivia at the dance where...nevermind, don't want to spoil things for anyone.

But if I'm going to be in the garden with anyone, it's going to be Erith!

Dang, woman, now you've spoiled me for everyone else!

Nancy said...

Anna, congratulations! I'm sorry to be so late to the party. My brain managed not to connect today with 12/30. Yay on your release!

Congrats to Virginia for snagging the rooster again.

As for the ball, hmm.

My costume is a crimson and gold brocade Restoration gown with an off-shoulder neckline trimmed in frothy lace that also hems the full elbow-length sleeves. The gown is caught back over a cream and gold petticoat, and I have matching red slippers. Accessories would be a pearl choker with a ruby and pearl pendant hanging from it and matching earrings.

My partner is Bruce Wayne (gotta be a little unconventional).

Three things I'd do: Dance (which I don't usually), hang with the banditas, and find out how Batman hides the suit under a tux. ;-)

Congratulations, Anna!

Virginia said...

Sorry ladies, I have really been having a hard time keeping up with everything at the ball because I have been spending way to much time it the garden with Rhett. That man is as good as I thought he would be.

Lindsey said...

Congrats on your release, Anna!

Anna Campbell said...

BECKE!!!! Trooly rooly??! Wow, thank you very much! What a great way to finish a great day! I'm so glad you've got a crush on Erith. I thought he was just gorgeous! He was meant to be an ultra alpha like Kylemore when I started the book but then he just morphed into this really interesting man with contrasting shades of light and dark. You can see why I picked the black dress, can't you? THANK YOU! You've made my day!

Anna Campbell said...

Hiya Nancy! The Restoration really had pretty clothes, didn't it? It's odd how some periods in history did and some didn't - the later Stuarts generally weren't that nice! Hey, what's not to like about Bruce Wayne? Sounds like the perfect choice to me!

Virginia, there's been some whispers about what you and Rhett have been up to. I just thought I ought to let you know... And there may be PHOTOGRAPHS!

Thanks for popping by, Lindsey! It's been a huge party!

Anna Campbell said...

Everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my launch day such an amazing event! I wish I really COULD have a masked ball and invite you all (not to mention your various partners!). Happy New Year (NYE here in Oz).

Don't forget to check back to see who won the copies of the book! I'm going to have real difficulty choosing - everybody put so much imagination and flair into their costumes and their behaviour!

Raising one last glass to Tempt the Devil and wishing it a long and happy life in many readers' hands!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Anna - yep the cabana boy woke me up. He could sure dance! As could all the fabulous men in the room. Pfwah! What a feast for the eyes. Now I'm off to dance with the next in line - Gerard Butler.

Treethyme said...

(Clinking my glass with Anna's)

Dare we ask what's up next for you?

Anna Campbell said...

Eleni, we don't interview our cabana boys. We audition them! Glad you've had a great party! Hasn't it been a hoot?

Becke, would you believe I'm starting a new book tomorrow? My first real bad boy hero. Erith was meant to be one but he didn't stay that way, as you saw. Mind you, this one may not either. It's odd how the characters have very strong ideas of what they want to be.

In November 2009, I've got another release - title yet to be confirmed! It's probably closer to Untouched than to TTD. Knight in Shining Armour hero who is rather lovely, I think! But then I think ALL my heroes are lovely. It's a hazard of the profession!

Treethyme said...

"In November 2009, I've got another release - title yet to be confirmed! It's probably closer to Untouched than to TTD. Knight in Shining Armour hero who is rather lovely, I think! But then I think ALL my heroes are lovely. It's a hazard of the profession!"

Yeah for the new release but I wish it wasn't so long to wait. As to your heroes, they ARE lovely!

Looking forward to reading your next bad boy hero's story!

ddurance said...

1. My costume is a dark fairy costume that I wore a couple of years ago for Halloween, lots of purple and black, perfect for balls, with lovely purple wings.

2. My date is none other than Mr. Romance 2008, Chris Winters. Hey, a girl can dream can't she? LOL

3. I want to find out exactly what is in that punch as I'm suddenly feeling drunk and extremely amorous.

I want my date to teach me some new tricks. I'm sure you ladies can use your imaginations.

I want to make some new friends, after all, what would life be like without them?