Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stay Tuned...

by Anna Campbell

Yay, it's December!

Is my excitement based on the fact that it's nearly Christmas? Is my excitement based on the fact that it's summer and the days are long and hot and lazy? Is my excitement based on the fact that a new year with the promise of a fresh start beckons?


On 30th December, my third book for Avon, TEMPT THE DEVIL, hits the shelves. A big moment in Campbellandia, believe me!

But enough about me...

It's a huge month in the lair and I hope you guys will be with us all the way!

Firstly, we're going to hold a very special celebration.

The 12 Bandita Days of Christmas!!

Nothing to do with the traditional 12 Days of Christmas which went from Christmas Day to Epiphany, when the wise men turned up with goodies. Our 12 days go from 12th to 24th December and there will be Rooster-themed prizes every day, culminating in a super prize on the 24th to mark Christmas Eve.

THEN for anyone dedicated enough to comment on Christmas Day, you get to go in the draw for a SUPER DUPER PRIZE!

What other treats do we have coming up in the lair for you over December?

We have lots of Bandit fun. Recipes. Christmas traditions. Cabana boys...

And we have GUESTS!

On Wednesday, 3rd December, we're delighted to welcome Golden Heart winner and new Berkley Historical Romance author Susan Heino to the lair. She'll talk to Donna about her sale and her forthcoming book MISTAKEN BY MOONLIGHT.

On Thursday, 4th December, I'm delighted to host my fellow Avon author and New York Times bestseller Laura Lee Guhrke on her first visit to the lair. Laura Lee is the author of one of my favorite series, The Girl Bachelors. I'm looking forward to hearing what's coming up for the GBs in future books! I loved the most recent instalment THE SECRET DESIRES OF A GENTLEMAN which has a real touch of Mr. Darcy!

On Friday, 5th December, K.J. will introduce thriller writer Jason Starr. His book THE FOLLOWER sounds like it's keeping a lot of people awake and shivering into the night! I'm really looking forward to hearing about his rollercoaster ride to writing stardom! We'll have to turn the lights down low in the lair and be vewy, vewy quiet! Eeeeek!

On Saturday, 6th December, Tawny and Beth will host one of our favorite visitors to the lair, Western historical author Stacey Kayne. Stacey will be talking about her latest release, THE GUNSLINGER'S UNTAMED BRIDE (how's that for a cover?) and also about the revival of interest in the western. Yippee-yi-ai!

On Sunday, December 7th, the delightfully witty Deb Marlowe will be guesting with us to talk about her latest release AN IMPROPER ARISTOCRAT. Deb is a regular commenter on the Bandit Board and I always love it when she pops by to say hello. Her friend and Bandita extraordinaire Caren Crane will be the mistress of ceremonies for the fun and mayhem.

On Friday, 12th December, one of my favorite people, Aussie Presents Extra author Kelly Hunter, pops in for a really fun interview. She'll be talking about PLAYBOY BOSS, LIVE-IN MISTRESS, her latest release, and also about life as President of Romance Writers of Australia.

On Friday, 19th December, USA Today bestseller Dianne Castell talks to Donna about the new Kensington Brava release STAR QUALITY. Sounds like a fun day in the lair!

On Monday, 29th December, one of our most popular visitors to the lair, Lorraine Heath, will pop in to talk to Suz about her latest Avon release BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND DESIRE. We love having Lorraine as our guest so I'm sure you're all looking forward to that big time. It will be such fun to discover what's happening with the Scoundrels of St. James!

Then we finish the month out in style - well, I hope so anyway! On 30th December, it's the big launch party for TEMPT THE DEVIL. Let's make sure it's a ripper of a day in the lair! There will be margaritas, cabana boys, laughs, dancing, music - oh, and lots of giveaways!!!! Hey, in the meantime, why not try your luck on my website contest to win one of three signed copies of TEMPT THE DEVIL. All you have to do is tell me what tempts you.

If you get a chance, check out the Jo Leigh charity auction. It's for a great cause and there are some fabulous prizes including crits, workshops, books and goodies. Grab a gander at the fabulous Romance Bandits Basket which includes lots of fantastic stuff including signed copies of Bandita books!

So what are your plans for December? Family stuff? Quiet time (yeah, you wish!)? Work parties? Catching up with friends? It's always such a big social month - let's talk about parties!


jo robertson said...

Fabulous run-down of the coming events, Anna. Lots of guests and of course your launch of TTD, which CANNOT come to soon for me. I've been Campbell-less for too long!

jo robertson said...

Hehehehehe, he's mine, all mine, I say!!! Hmmm, I think I need the massage Eloisa was talking about today. Or I wonder how good the rooster is at making some home-made fudge?

My Christmas is going to be VERY quiet. I've already given orders to my children. If they want a big hullabaloo, they'll have to invite me there! I did Thanksgiving, so I'm exempt for Christmas; isn't that the way it works :-D?

Louisa Cornell said...

Darn it, Jo! You beat me! I've been hanging around all night to snatch up the Golden One! I'm off tomorrow and doing a big clean up of dog runs. He could have helped me scoop poop! Wait! No wonder he ran your way! Did you say home-made fudge?

Well, as I have to work Christmas Eve until 6 PM, load the car with presents and dogs, drive 80 miles to Mom's, help her get everything ready for the big day, celebrate with the entire family on Christmas Day, reload the car and drive back 80 miles on Christmas Day I really don't have time for a party! I just want to get back and forth in one piece and semi-sane!

So my parties will all be cyber-parties and that isn't a bad thing. I can't wait to celebrate December with the Banditas and all of my other cyber buddies. AND December 29th is my birthday so guess what I am buying myself with my birthday money (I DO love my brothers!) on December 30th??? TEMPT THE DEVIL, of course!!!!

I too have been Campbell-less for far too long. (Great word Jo-Mama!)

And in the meantime there are revisions of The Raven's Heart to get done and revisions of Lost in Love and the third book to start. Don't worry. I know it sounds ambitious and busy, but hey, it DOES keep me off the streets! Definitely a good thing!

Alli said...

Hi Anna,

Quiet Time? What's that?
We have a 40th, a 70th and two work Christmas parties spread over the next three weekends. Thank goodness it's not my turn to have the family around on Christmas day *g*
What a fabulous December line up. In between all the parties, I think I'll spend my time here. Can't wait for TTD to come out in Oz.


Helen said...

Well done Jo how is your daughter one of mine looks like getting induced next Wed or Thurs it is getting close. Have fun with the GR.

WOW what a fun time we are going to have in the Lair so much to do.
I have 2 more shifts left at work then I am off for 4 weeks but there will be lots to do new babies family get togethers and I still haven't started the shopping cooking or anything yet and it is my turn to have everyone on Christmas Day but I am so excited can't wait I will really be ready to read by then end of it all and your book Anna will be released just in time for me.

Have Fun

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Jo.

Woohoo, it's going to be another fabulous month in the lair. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have gone by and I still haven't bought any presents. I'm going to have to get a move on or everyone is getting gift cards again. I'm ready for the champagne to flow.

Keira Soleore said...

Rats! I thought with the 12-hour head-start, I would be able to snag the wooster for sure, so I haunted the site, but wily Fo(x) figured out when I was offline to sneak in and post.

Happy Rrrrroostering to you, JoMama.

Now off to read and comment.

Keira Soleore said...

WOW!! What a month!! What an amazing month of guests and Bandita stars. And a fantabulous start to the new year with a Campbell.

I would lurve me some of that Stacey Kayne's hero. OhMyGawsh!!! OMG! Sling that belt a leetle lower plz kthx.

Yeah, and I entered in your contest.

My plans for December, include: recover from stomach ailment, have kid finish assigned homework, survive a 24-hour train trip that has me waking up in fits & sweats, party till I (hopefully don't) drop in Hubby's ancestral village (let's not talk plumbing or lack thereof), celebrate a one-year-old's birthday, and then survive a 45-hour trip back home.

danie88 said...

Well on my dad's side we have a "family christmas party" and thats the 13th and then there are a BUNCH of online author/book giveaway christmas parties going on all month long that I'm attending! So I'm gonna be busy busy busy! I'm also hoping to go see "Bolt" and "Twilight"... *crosses fingers* but who knows?

Maureen said...

I am looking forward to your book Anna because it comes out right after I'm done with everything. We will be entertaining friends and family through the month of December, which I'm looking forward to, but then it will be time to relax with a good book.

Jennifer said...

Whee! So much joy and excitingness! December? I plan on playing. And reading. And SLEEPING. It's 5:35 AM and I haven't been to bed yet. (I'm also turning in my first late assignment.) It's all... well very horrid, really.
BUT parties and books and yay! (I'm waiting for everything to print so I can edit.)

Margay said...

I'll just be hanging out with family, doing dinner and gift exchange.

Marisa O'Neill said...

Sounds like a terrific month in Bandita Land!

December? Plans? I'm just trying to tread water right now and keep my head afloat. Hope I make it to shore by January.

Joan said...

Wow! This Lair sound likes a happening place to be!

Oh, wait. I live here :-0

Cyberly spending the Holidays with my Banditas and BB's is tops on my list. My local RWA chapter is having their party at one of those fondue resturants? The Melting Pot, so looking forward to that. Otherwise, I have to work Xmas Eve 12 hrs so don't know how'll I'll rearrange my get together with my brother.

Oh, and can't quite confirm it, but I've heard rumors Demetrius will give shield sledding lessons to the first 50 commentors on Christmas day!

Buffie said...

**rubbing hands together** Oh, yeah, December is going be spectacular!!!

I must say that Stacey Kayne cover is totally HAWT!!!!

Anna, I totally can't wait to read the book! And if the Devil looks like him, I would love to try to tempt him ;)

As usual, December is full of parties for us -- school parties, work parties, church parties, and friend parties. All of which kicks off this Thursday with my oldest's holiday band concert. Next week, the dh and I will start our annual baking. Plus the dh and I are getting two (yes, that's TWO) date nights this month!

** off to make several notes to be sure to comment on Christmas Day **

Buffie said...

Joan -- I just LOVE the Melting Pot. Such a great place with a wonderful environment. Be sure to try their love martini. FABULOUS!

PJ said...

Wow! What a terrific December line-up! :) I can't wait for it all to begin...and to end with the fabulous TTD!

My holiday season kicks off this Thursday with a fundraising luncheon and festival of trees to benefit our local Hospice followed by a babysitting gig at church Friday night. My women's church circle has started a new ministry where the first Friday of every month we offer free babysitting services to the young families at church.

This Saturday and Sunday I'll be at two local Christmas parades with the grandniece. 'Tis the Season! :)

Of course, my baking and candy making season kicks off this week as well. I stopped by my chocolate supplier on my way back from Charlotte yesterday to pick up the supplies I need to get started. :)

Tina C said...

Hey Anna ( waving)

Ok - you got me hooked on these 12 days of Christmas! Can I put in a Santa letter for the hero off Stacey Kaynes Gunslinger to-go- PLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE!

Can't wait to read Tempt the Devil...

Oh Christmas...that date only 23 days away and not one kiddies present hiding in my cupboard yet... we have the folks coming over from South Africa, and are going to do a traditional Aussie lunch, prawns on the BBQ, my mum -in-law is going to freak at the lack of English tradition this year (oh and she doesn't eat them so she will only eat salad) - but hey - I'll tell her its a new tradition - I'm not spending the day in the kitchen again!

I seriously doubt the kids will notice the difference - they will be too busy playing with their presents that I still have to go buy. Maybe I join you in the idea of Christmas shopping before lunch on Monday in the city!

Bye 4 now

Nancy said...

Jo, you got the rooster! I don't know that I'd let him near chocolate. His energy level is already pretty high, y'know.

Anna, what a great preview. Congrats on your upcoming release, which I'm eagerly awaiting. I didn't realize we hd so many terrific guests coming up.

Our holidays will be quiet. My parents are gone, and the dh's are 2000 miles away, so it'll be just the three of us. If anyone we know doesn't have plans for Christmas dinner, we'll extend an invitation, but most of our holiday will be low-key.

The dh and I have to give exams in mid-month, and the boy has school, of course (and bitterly bemoans what he sees as his very brief winter break). I plan to finish my shopping as early in the month as I can and avoid the mall the rest of the time.

Tomorrow, I have a treat I always look forward to. I'm taking one of my long-time friends to lunch for her birthday, something we've done for each other for years now.

Overall, it'll be a peaceful month. I hope.

Nancy said...

Jo, my mom used to make marshmallow (sp?) fudge every year. I loved it, but I've never mastered the soft ball stage, a fact I bemoan every year at this time.

Louisa, sorry you're working on Christmas Eve. Your family gathering sounds like fun, apart from the drive. I sort of miss the days when my cousins and I were kids and the whole family came to our house, the most centrally located, for either Christmas or Thanksgiving. We'd have 17 to dinner, with four of us (the oldest cousin got to sit at the big table and have iced tea instead of milk!) at a card table in the living room.

Good luck on your revisions. I'm slogging through those, too. The only compensation for the drudgery is my hope of producing a better book as a result.

Trish Milburn said...

Wow, we've got a busy but fun month ahead. Whee!

Gannon Carr said...

WOW!! What a rockin' place the Lair is going to be this month!

December will be a busy month for me, too. This Thursday, my daughter has her big Christmas performance at school. She has a big role, so we are all excited. This weekend, we'll have a big cookie decorating party at my sister's house. I also have work parties, baking, and Christmas fun at our house. My dh and I will manage to sneak in a few dates in there somewhere. :)

Anna, since you're basking in the warmth of summer there in Oz, just wanted to let you know it's snowing here. It's been going off and on since yesterday morning! Since it's not officially winter, I wonder what it will be like then! Yikes.

jo robertson said...

Ah, Louisa, so sorry you missed capturing the GR. But he is right at this moment running on my treadmill and screeching, "Hurry up, it's your turn now."

Noisy bird!

Ouch! So sorry you have to work Christmas Eve.

Happy eminent birthday! My daughter's is Dec 27 and she's always hated it so close to the holiday. Maybe you'll WIN one of Anna's copies of TDD!

jo robertson said...

Thanks for asking about Sandra, Helen. She's stabilized and unless she goes into labor before the 16th, they'll induce her on that day.

I do love new grandbabies, but I think I'll have to fight Mamacita (the other grandmother) for some babysitting time.

Anna Sugden said...

Wooooohooo another fantabulous month in the Lair. Great summary of all the excitement, Anna.

I'm not expecting things to calm down until the new year, so any breaks in the chaos will be a welcome surprise!

Nancy said...

Alli, you have a really busy month ahead! 2009 will be here before you know it.

Helen, 4 weeks off will be great, even if that probably won't be as much time as you'd like with those new little ones.

Jane, I bought something for the dh. Beyond that, I've done nothing. I hide on Black Friday.

Keira--what a busy month! Good luck with that trip. I hope it goes smoothly.

Elyssa Papa said...

What a great line-up for December. It's Christmas come early with the Banditas. *g*

Congrats Jo on nabbing the GR!

Louisa Cornell said...

Jo, tell your daughter the best people are born in late December! It has always been a bummer to have a birthday right after Christmas. Nobody wants to have a party and you can forget a cake with all the leftovers hanging around. And the worst thing? You always get "This is for Christmas and your birthday." of one of your Christmas presents is held back so you can open it on your birthday. My late DH always made sure I got something completely separate for my birthday.

Hey, in a smackdown for babysitting time my money's on you, Jo-Mama

flchen1 said...

Oooh, what a month! Anna, congrats on TTD! Can't wait for that! :)

As for parties, we'll have a few, including the requisite ones at school for the kids, but I'm just looking forward to some time off for us to all hole up at home and hang out without having to be places. And if there's yummy food to be had, too, so much the better!

Congrats on the GR, Jo!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jo, Campbell-less, huh? Only four weeks now to TTD! Not that I'm counting or anything...

And congratulations on the chook. I wouldn't trust him with the fudge but you pays your money, you takes your chances! Sounds like you've got a very nice Christmas coming up!

Snort, Louisa! Fudge or doggie dunnits? The rooster isn't that silly! I love the idea that TTD is your birthday present! That really gave me a smile. Sounds like life up to then is going to be a bit chaotic! Good luck with the revisions.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Alli, sounds like you're going to be NEARLY as busy as Louisa! Sounds like fun too! Keep an eye out for the gorgeous trade paperback of TTD straight after Christmas. Untouched was supposed to be out in January and it was all over the shops before Christmas last year so I'm hoping something similar happens with TTD.

Helen, another frantically busy person! And how exciting about the arrival of the new grandchildren. Wow, you must be counting down the days even more than I am - which is saying something! Sounds like you WILL be in the mood for a good book when the festive season is over!

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, what's wrong with gift cards? ;-) If you get gift cards for everyone, you'll have all that extra time to drink champagne which sounds like a much more constructive use of your time! It IS a great month in the lair, isn't it? And seriously, the prizes are great and well worth chasing!

Keira, that closed circuit TV I have tucked under a peacock's wing is working a treat. I know exactly when to post so you miss out on the chook! Bwahahahahahaha!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Keira, only a quiet little December planned, then? You need to get out more, girl! Snicker! And yeah, Stacey's cover is pretty hawt, isn't it?

Danie, I think Romancelandia is really getting into the season of giving thing! Good luck! And don't forget to include the Bandits on your calendar!

Maureen, thanks for saying you're looking forward to TEMPT THE DEVIL! I'm going to take a few days off between Christmas and New Year and attack the TBR pile in a big way. There's some great stuff waiting for me there so sounds like we'll be relaxing in the same way!

Anna Campbell said...

Jennifer, sounds like you're joining the ranks of our other sleepless students. Good luck! Reading and sleeping sound like a great way to celebrate the festive season!

Margay, it's a family time of year, though, isn't it? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Marisa, you're an excellent swimmer. I'm sure you'll make it to shore in one piece! Or perhaps in a bikini? Thanks for popping by to say hello!

Anna Campbell said...

Oooh, that definitely makes it worthwhile to comment on Christmas Day. Actually I hear Bran is doing surfing lessons down here using his shield. Can you confirm or deny, Bran's manager? JT, it's going to be such a big month in the lair, isn't it? Fondue parties are such fun - especially when chocolate is involved! Mind you, the alcoholic cheese is pretty darn nice too!

Hey, Buffie, great to see you here! Sounds like you're part of the busy brigade which really is most of us, so far! Hey, and check back on Christmas Day! Even if just so we can wish you a happy Christmas!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, PJ, you're just tormenting us, telling us about all your baking! Well, you're tormenting ME! Sounds like you've got lots of fun things planned heading up for Christmas. And good luck with the plethora of Bandita goodies!

Hi Tina! Great to see you here! Actually I think you've made a really sensible decision about Christmas - it's your day as well as everybody else's. Why should you slave over a hot stove for the majority of it? And I think it's going to be hot! You'd be much better off drinking something sparkly in your lovely pool! For those that don't know, Tina lives not far from me on gorgeous Bribie Island and it's quite an idyllic spot! Good luck with the Christmas shopping! See you Monday!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Nancy, I'm not sure why - the lair seems to be jumping even more than usual this month. It's great stuff! The lunch sounds like a lovely idea. These standing arrangements are great, aren't they? You get the anticipation as well as the event. Annie West, my critique partner, and I have a deal where whoever has sold a book has to take the other one out to lunch. It's always such a fun day!

Trish, it's a great line-up, isn't it? And the prizes are just the icing on the (Christmas) cake!

Virginia said...

It sounds like Dec. is going to be a big month here, I will have check back each day to see what's happening.

I will be spend this month doing family stuff, cooking food for our dinners and just spend time with the family. Also have to do some Christmas shopping, but not as much as usual. We usually draw names in my family but decided not to this year, we are just going to have a nice dinner and buy gift for the children. Thats what Christmas is for anyways.

Anna Campbell said...

Gannon, snow??!!! My critique partner has just taken off for a European holiday with her family and I'm going through serious Northern Hemisphere pining! Yeah, the pining with the snow tipped leaves... We had some really violent weather in the last few weeks but the last couple of days have been just gorgeous. Blue, blue skies, little breeze, perfect swimming weather. Hey, do you want to come for a visit? Oh, no, that's right - you've got too much fun stuff planned between now and Christmas!

Louisa, wouldn't it be NICE if you won a TTD. I must say I'm giving away a bookstore of them over this month. I'm blogging everywhere in the universe - and then everywhere in the alternate universe in January!

Anna Campbell said...

Anna, lucky you having an English Christmas. Any sign of snow there yet? The year I had Christmas in England, I went to the midnight service at St. Paul's and as my friend and I came out of the cathedral, the first snowflakes fell. Seriously, a romance novelist couldn't have come up with a better scene! Sadly, the snow then turned to black sludge but the moment was still really magical.

Ely, definitely hang around to check out the prizes! I think a rooster special would be just the thing for you!

Louisa, I think that's downright mean doing the twofer thing with presents!

Anna Campbell said...

Fedora, the food at this time of year is such a honey trap, isn't it? I think I'll have to go on bread and water after Christmas! Hope the kids' events are fun!

Virginia, kids really are the heart of any Christmas celebration, aren't they? I hope you and yours have a wonderful festive season! And I also hope you get a chance to pop back into the lair for some bopping party fun!

PJ said...

Louisa, those two-fer presents are just wrong. My youngest brother was born Christmas morning and his first 12 years the poor kid only had two birthday parties and got way too many of those "It's your Christmas Birthday" cards along with two-fer gifts. When he came to live with the dh and me after our mom died (he was 12) I started throwing him half-birthday parties in June.

Janga said...

Whee! Big doin's at the Lair for December! It all sounds great.

Anna, I just learned a few minutes ago that you're spending January with the Bon Bons, so you'll move from one month-long celebration to another. :)

December is always the busiest month in the year for me. My women's group at church is already working on Christmas baskets for hospice and nursing home patients, and the first Christmas party on my calendar is the 9th. They seem to start earlier every year. But I do love the season!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, PJ, how nice. I had a friend who was born on 30th Dec and nobody ever celebrated his birthday as something separate from Christmas or New Year. He used to find it rather frustrating and hurtful, actually!

Janga, I like the fact that we really do take the time to catch up with people at this time of year. It's busy and it's tiring but it's fun!

Yeah, I'm SOOOO excited about being Eloisa's and JQ's guest on the bulletin board in January. Already thinking hard about some exciting prizes and things we can talk about (a month of talking about TTD would probably keep me happy, but perhaps a tad of variety wouldn't hurt for other people!). Bandita Christine was a guest there not long ago and she had a ball.

blackroze37 said...

wow count me in for this!
12 days!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Wow, Anna!! This is going to be an extrodinarily busy month in the Lair!!

And y'all, I can't wait for Lorraine to give us the lowdown on her newest book....(It was great!!)

Anna Campbell said...

Be there or be square, blackroze! With all the prizes on the go, including giveaways from our wonderful guests, Santa's going to think he's got some competition!

Suz, I'm bedazzled by our guests this month. And I'm so glad you brought Lorraine back to talk to us. She's one of the nicest people I've met in the writing world. And her books are great!

Anastasia said...

Hi, Anna!

Taking a minute from my last minute list to come and say hi! I'm counting the days until the release of TTV. It seems forever!

Anastasia said...

Hi, Anna!

Taking a minute from my last minute list to come and say hi! I'm counting the days until the release of TTV. It seems forever!

Anastasia said...

Hi, Anna!

Taking a minute from my last minute list of things to do to come and say hi! I'm counting the days until the release of TTV. It seems forever!

Anna Campbell said...

Anastasia, Anastasia, Anastasia! Hey, cool on being so excited about TTD's release. Honestly, I wake up every day and say, "Are we there yet?" It's all rather silly! Thanks for popping by!

Joan said...

I stopped by my chocolate supplier on my way back from Charlotte yesterday to pick up the supplies I need to get started. :)

Oh, PJ.....Christmas turtles? With little red chocolate Santy hats?


Joan said...

Actually I hear Bran is doing surfing lessons down here using his shield. Can you confirm or deny, Bran's manager? JT, it's going to be such a big month in the lair, isn't it?

Weeeeellll, he doesn't LIKE to do it....iron sinks so quickly after all. Plus it tends to set up rust....which needs to be oiled off...which makes him, um...hot so he has to take his tunic off to do it...and um, sometimes the oil gets on him...



Anna Campbell said...

Now, JT, that's just encouraging PJ to torture us. And you know the last thing she needs is ENCOURAGEMENT!

So the answer to Bran's surfing lessons is YES???!!! At least we'll all drown happy!

Beth said...

Wow! Another great line-up in the Lair! I can't wait *g*

And I seriously can't wait to read Tempt The Devil!!

I'll stay busy watching my son play basketball, taking my girls to their basketball practices (luckily their games don't start until after the holidays) finish writing my latest two proposals, plot out a YA series idea I've had for over a year, shopping, baking, making gifts and going to a few holiday get-togethers *g*

I so love the holidays :-)

Pat Cochran said...

This year, it seems as if I started out tired! LOL! Whatever will the
situation be like by Christmas? I'll
have to sleep all the week after
Christmas so as to be "ship-shape"
for the "rockin' party" for your
book launch! Guess I'd also better
increase my supply of vitamins, too!

Pat Cochran

Anna Campbell said...

Beth, that doesn't sound terrifically much like a holiday! From where I'm sitting, it sounds like hard work! Still, if it means more Beth Andrews books to read, I'm sure not complaining! Hey, cool you're looking forward to tempt!

Anna Campbell said...

Pat, I'm sure margaritas involve vitamins. I KNOW cabana boys do! Come to us for your recovery! Actually I'm going to veg that week in between Christmas and New Year too - apart from the rockingest launch party in town!

PJ said...

Oh, PJ.....Christmas turtles? With little red chocolate Santy hats?

LOL! Now there's an idea I hadn't considered. Hmmm...wonder if they make Christmas turtle molds. I'm going to have to check that one out. (grin)

Keira Soleore said...

Trish, how many ways can I congratulate thee on your double sale, let me count the ways.

Nancy and Fo, thanks for the wishes. I might be here whimpering from time to time, needing Banditas and Buddies to hold my hand through this month.

Nancy said...

Jennifer, you sound like some of my students. This is a nutty time of year for them.

Gannon, how cool about your daughter! I hope she "breaks a leg." The cookie party sounds like great fun. The dh's brother and his wife used to throw a big cookie party for their kids' friends, which is kind of astounding because they live in a log cabin with a pretty small kitchen. They did it every year, though, and always enjoyed it.

Buffie and Joan, we also love the Melting Pot. A friend gave us a gift certificate that's burning a hole in the kitchen drawer.

PJ, it sounds as though your holiday season is kicking off with events very much in the spirit of the time. I hope the fundraisers are successful. My mom was in Hospice care before she died, and they were beyond wonderful.

Tina C., we always buy a plum pudding and brandy butter for Christmas dessert. It's so rich, though, that it lasts us several days.

Anna Campbell said...

I love plum pudding and brandy butter! Yum!

Nancy said...

Joan wrote: Weeeeellll, he doesn't LIKE to do it....iron sinks so quickly after all. Plus it tends to set up rust....which needs to be oiled off...which makes him, um...hot so he has to take his tunic off to do it...and um, sometimes the oil gets on him...


Now, Joanie, it's not fair to tease . . . *g*

PJ, I wouldn't put anything involving chocolate, even Christmas turtles, past your skill. I'm also against two-fer gifts. I have 3 friends who regularly got nailed that way, and they always felt a little as though their birthdays were swept under the rug.

Of course, if the two-fer gift is a fabulous trip, all expenses paid . . . that'd be different.

Nancy said...

Keira wrote: Nancy and Fo, thanks for the wishes. I might be here whimpering from time to time, needing Banditas and Buddies to hold my hand through this month.

Anytime, Keira. We'll be here.

Anna C., how do you feel about plum pudding, brandy butter, AND whipped cream?

Anna Campbell said...

Nancy, I agree if the twofer gift is something so out of this world, you're just dazzled, that's perfectly OK. But I know my friend definitely felt shortchanged. I always give him two presents. Even if it's on the same day!

Oh, Nancy, now you're just torturing me. Actually to speak of family nostalgia, my mother made the most amazing plum pudding - had about a million ingredients and took six months to make but, man, was it worth it! She always served it hot (with old solid silver threepences in it!) with hot custard and ice-cream. Now, you haven't lived until you've tried that!

Louisa Cornell said...

Okay, now I have to buy a new keyboard because after I read La Campbell's description of her Mum's plum pudding there is drool all over this one! I haven't had a decent plum pudding since I left England 38 YEARS AGO!!! I never visited afterwards at Christmas time so I was robbed! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

And yes, winning a copy of TTD WOULD be a fabulous birthday present !!

Gillian Layne said...

Anna, I'm so happy for you, I know everyone will love this release just as much as they did the first two! Goodness, I can't believe we're talking about your THIRD book! Time flies...:)

This line-up looks wonderful. I hope to be around for at least a bit of it. We've hit the busy teen years here, and are gone every evening for play practice and science/technology club. I'm tired of driving, but feel much better knowing where they are, too. :)

Happy December, everyone!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, wow, I am so looking forward to all our guests--what a star-studded line-up and all of them truly lovely people as well. And for all those who are panting for Anna Campbell's next book, let me tell you, it's her best yet! If you've read CLAIMING THE COURTESAN and UNTOUCHED, you'll know that's a bold statement! And notice, I'm not gloating. No, nup, not me:)

PJ said...

Welome home, Christine! Hope you had a fabulous time in Japan!

Keira Soleore said...

Gannon, all the best to your daughter for her show.

Buffie, hope your kids have fun with their Christmas performances.

Nancy, thanks for the hand-holding.

Count me in as a huge fan of Melting Pot. Cheese and chocolate. What's not to like? Eh, perhaps celery in melted cheese.

Christine, I can hear your chuckles and see you rubbing your hands clear across here.

Fo, your mum's Xmas pudding is to die for. Anything with brandy and I'm all for it. Rum will do in a pinch, too, the darker the better.

Louisa, so sorry to hear about your work schedules for the holidays. Gah. You wish sometimes, we could be just like the Europeans, closed at decent times.

Keira Soleore said...

Christine, looking forward to your blog and photos of your visit to Japan.

PJ, how are your chocolates coming along? Jus' checkin'... Nope, not hinting. Nuh-huh, not me.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Wheee! Great day, Anna, you've had the crowd today!

I love December. My birthday month, possible snow, presents all around, laughter, friends, food, parties....what's not to LOVE!?!?!

Its going to be busy, but fun, so I'm looking forward to a great Month both personally and in the Lair.

Sounds like a lot of other folks are too.

BTW, Jo, congrats on nabbing the bird!

Anna Campbell said...

Louisa, do you know what one of the secret ingredients was? It always blows my mind! Suet!

Ah, Gillian, taxiing your way through the teen yeas. Seems to happen to everyone. You're very welcome whenever you visit!

Christine, my super duper friend, I'll give you extra champagne when you visit. Yes, the lovely Christine is coming to tell me all about Japan on the weekend. Aren't I lucky?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Wait, there was a christmas pudding recipe? What did I miss??

*off to reread the comments to detect Anna's recipe*

Anna Campbell said...

Yeah, PJ, I'm really looking forward to hearing about Japan too!

Keira, you're right about the opening hours. I sometimes wonder whether the longer shopping hours just makes people lazy. And if you think you're getting a PJ special before me, you've got another think coming, young lady!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, your birthday is coming up? How exciting! No, no recipes. I'm sure it's here somewhere, I should dig it out. But honestly, I'm not joking about how long it took Mum to make this baby!

Hey, guys, thanks for a fun day in the lair! And see you through at the prize gallery!

Susan Seyfarth said...

Oh, Anna, I'm chiming in so late but I just wanted to say how much I'm looking forward to December here in the lair! As if your new book release weren't enough, all those prizes & guests & giveaways...

I'll be glued to my laptop straight through the holidays. Or my nose will be in a good book. No better way to spend it, in my humble opinion. :-)

Anna Campbell said...

Susan, thanks for popping in! It's going to be a really exciting month, isn't it? Good luck with your work and I hope you do get time for a good book or two! Hmm, have I got a suggestion to make?

Caffey said...

Hi there! I'm so excited on this book! Its soooo going to be worth the wait! So much to look foward to reading this month!! and Jan and on! LOL.

You know we just exchange one gift with each other of the four of us and I can't help always adding a book to the exchange and they know it and give me hints all month, LOL. Even my daughter who doesn't read much at all does! Our holiday is just the 4 of us and we enjoy the comfort of our home through it all. We love watching the holiday movies because I otherwise hardly watch TV but we have fun watching the fun holiday movies together! So my hubby has been recording some movies! We also take out some games like Scrabble and play that. Its hilarious with the words we try to use! So its basically us four but we spend it together as much as we can because we hardly are ever on the same schedule together!