Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jennifer Lyon and BLOOD MAGIC!

By Kate

My friend, award-winning author Jennifer Lyon, always wanted to be a witch. Since her witch-powers never materialized, she moved to plan B and now creates magic in her books. Her latest is BLOOD MAGIC, the first book in the new Wing-Slayer Hunter series, which garnered a 4-1/2 star HOT rating from Romantic Times Book Review. NYT bestselling author Lara Adrian says “BLOOD MAGIC brims with passion, adventure and paranormal intrigue. Jennifer Lyon's sexy, immortal slayers will get your pulse racing!"

Whew! My pulse is racing already!

Please join me in welcoming to the Lair the wild and witchy Jennifer Lyon!

Jennifer: Hey! This is so cool! I'm in the Bandita Lair! Look, there's Sven! Sven, appletini please!

What? No appletinis until I'm finished? Oh well, okay.

So, thanks Kate for having me here! I'm really honored. I love the Banditas! You guys rock! Never a dull moment when the Banditas are in town!

Kate: Uh, sorry about the appletinis, kiddo, but it's business before pleasure around here! [Note to Banditas: If she gets her hands on Sven's appletinis, we're all in big trouble.] So Jen, I can’t believe I finally have my own copy of your fabulous book! I love the idea of Witches and Wing-Slayer Hunters. Can you give us a hint or two about the story of BLOOD MAGIC?

Jennifer: I'd love to!

Once earth witches used their magic to shield and heal mortals, and the witch guardians were the immortal hunters who protected the innocent while tracking and killing the demon witches. Then a demonic curse broke the ancient bonds. Now the hunters are driven by a bloodlust to kill the witches they once guarded, and in doing so, lose their souls. The witches have diminished power and their guardians have become their killers. Humanity has lost the shield that stood between them and demons.

Darcy MacAlister has lived with being labeled strange, even evil, all her life. But on the day of her beloved mother's funeral, events are set into motion that forces Darcy to learn of her heritage—she is a witch.

Axel Locke is a witch hunter who refuses to give into the curse and kill witches. But when Alex's baby sister, Hannah, is marked for death by a demon witch, all bets are off. He'll do anything to save her, including kidnapping the witch Darcy MacAlister to force her to remove the death mark.

Darcy must learn her craft, and learn it fast. Axel must resist the siren call of Darcy's power-laced blood to keep his soul. And both work in a race against time to unravel the tangle of the curse to save Hannah ... and themselves.

I loved writing this book! The chemistry between Axel and Darcy was almost uncontrollable! As I wrote the book, the pages were practically curling at the edges from the heat. :-)

Kate: My toes are kinda curling from the heat, too! Yeow! Okay, I've got to ask you, since you’ve also written an award-winning mystery series as well as plenty of sexy contemporary romances, how did you come up with this dark, sexy paranormal concept of Wing-Slayer Hunters and the Witches who love them? Is it because you’re a witch? No, really. Is it?

Jennifer: Okay, I'll confess. For years, I tried to keep the witch thing under wraps. People can be a tad judgmental, you know? So I used my married name Jennifer Apodaca and wrote mysteries and some contemporaries, but all the witches in my head started to get restless.

Let me tell you, restless witches are NOT a good thing.

Finally, I took my broom out of the closet, so to speak. And I let the voices in my head have their say … in the books written as Jennifer Lyon. Lyon, of course, is my witch name. Everyone has one, right?

Kate: Uh, right. [Note to Banditas: Were we supposed to have witch names? Discuss at next Bandita board meeting.]

Jennifer: As to how I came up with the series, it was a process. I started knowing I wanted to write a book about witches, but it was the men I saw first. Five hot men struggling with a dark curse, and I knew they were called Wing Slayer Hunters. Then I saw the witches…and it went from there. Creating the mythology was the hardest part, but it was also the most fun! Gods, demons, curses with hot hunks and beautiful witches caught up in the fallout…oh yeah, what's not to love?

Kate: What a cool process you went through! [Yeah, I'll bet she saw the men first. Hello!] Ahem. Jen, can you give us a little sneak preview of book two?

Jennifer: Hang on, let me get my crystal ball. Okay, see the fog clearing?

Book two is titled SOUL MAGIC. Psychologist and witch Dr. Carla Fisk discovers that her dead twin sister's soul is trapped in the knife of the rogue who killed her. Convinced she failed Keri in life, Carla is determined to free her sister's soul before it dies off permanently. She knowingly risks her life by asking for help from the one person who might be able to find the knife—witch hunter Sutton West.

Sutton's father killed himself rather than go rogue. Sutton lives by that same creed, and now Carla is igniting both blood lust and searing passion in him. But Sutton can't turn his back on her, and so they work together while fighting against their deadly attraction.

Things take a more sinister turn when a demon and rogue witch hunter team up and use the knife to gain more demonic power and destroy Carla. Time is running out for both Carla and Keri.

Will Sutton find the answer in time to save the witch he loves and the soul of her twin sister? Is love really enough?

Both characters have so much at stake in SOUL MAGIC!

Kate: Wow! That sounds fantastic, Jen! I love the title, too. Okay, last question. What’s with you and the appletinis? Are you just a lush or is this some weird witches’ brew you concoct to lure hot men to your Lair?

Jennifer: See? There's that judgmental thing again! Stay out of my lair, Kate! I have a crystal ball! I've seen you lurking around, trying to lure my men out with your Irish Coffees and fancy shmansy wines. I saw you holding your book HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER and whispering seductively, "How about working for a New York Times Bestseller, Boys?" I put a stop to that nonsense! I soundproofed the Lyon's Lair!

Kate: *whistling innocently* [Note to Banditas, we need a crystal ball for our Lair!]

Jennifer: What was the question again? Appletinis? Mmmm. Why do I like them? Oh! Well because there is nothing as hot as a shirtless hunk shaking up an appletini! It's pure inspiration for my writing!

Kate and Banditas, thank you so much for having me today! You make a witch feel all warm and thirsty with your hospitality! Oops, did I say thirsty? Where's Sven? Can I have my appletini now?

Kate: Sven, appletinis for everyone!! Jennifer, thanks so much for visiting today! Wow, Wing-Slayer Hunters. I want one! Maybe if I used my WITCH NAME, I could get one! Hmm, okay, I'm officially revealing my witch name here, today. It's ... Kate Coco Mocha!! Kind of exotic, don't you think? I feel it working ... hello, Hunter!!

What's your WITCH NAME? Come on, share with us! You might get one of those hunky Wing-Slayer Hunters to show up at your door. Yum! AND one lucky random commenter will win a signed copy of Jennifer’s BLOOD MAGIC!

P.S. Be sure to visit Jennifer at her wildly popular -- because she’s always posting pics of hot Wing-Slayer Hunters! -- website/blog, http://jenniferlyonbooks.com/


Helen said...

Is he coming to my place

Have Fun

Helen said...

Great interview Ladies these books sound so good and hot I love the pics it took me a while to read the post I had to keep stopping and drool over them.
Witch name this could be fun how about I try Hells Tim Tam Bells.

Jennifer I will be on the lookout for the book I have added it to my must get list.

Seeing as how I have to go back to work tomorrow the GR can come and keep me company hopefully he won't get into too much mischief

Have Fun

limecello said...

Great interview, Kate and Jennifer! Also Jennifer, congratulations on the newest book!

As for my witch name... it has to have Lime in it ;) Bah - can't think of anything at 1 on the morning. Lime Bellini Mimi. O_o Sometimes I surprise myself. lol.

Congrats on the GR, Helen! The Banditas blog was down for me for about 40 minutes! O_o I was debating whether or not I should take a screen cap and email - but... figured it was just a glitch.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen, he's back! Give him Tim Tams and a rubdown!


Um, sorry, got distracted by the illustrations to your post. You clearly belong in the lair - those photos prove it! Not to mention that you've worked out Sven makes a mean cocktail.

Jennifer and Kate, fantastic interview. Jennifer, the books sound fantastic. Such high stakes romance. Sounds like a hit series to me!

By the way, I've got a headache from Christie's party yesterday. Why does everyone else here look so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? It's not fair!

Sven, get me an aspirin. Forget the cocktail for today!

Jane said...

Welcome Jen,
We'll have some appletinis and discuss who's Wing Slayer Worthy. Congrats on the new release. My witch name might be something like Jane Jaw Crusher.

Congrats on the GR, Helen.

Minna said...

Great interview! Witch name... Anelma Unelma!

Terry Odell said...

Hi, Jen. Just stopped by to say hi!

According to hubby, I'm already a witch (or does he spell it with a B?) so I don't need a witch name. Maybe I need a 'day' name.

Joan said...

Welcome, Jennifer!

Your books sound fascinating! Can't wait to read them!

My name would be Sangria...no, wait. That's my goddess name {thunder rumbles}

Any guidelines on selecting a witch name?

And LOVE the "spell binding" pics of hunters....we'll tack them up on the wall :-)

Margay said...

I don't know about a witch name, but I have a witch story. When I was in junior high, my older sister (for reasons I still can't figure out; she was always doing stuff like this to me)tried to convince my best friend that I was a witch. She went into elaborate detail about how I painted my nails black and performed spells and rituals in my bedroom. I got her back by purchasing a book on witchcraft - how to perform spells, specifically - and reading it in front of her all the time, giving her the impression that I was going to cast a spell on her. What makes this act significant is A) I was an extremely shy kid, so this was a bold move for me, and B) my sister was the type of person who would tell you ghost stories to freak you out - and scare herself instead. I never did have to cast that spell...

Your books sound incredible, Jennifer. They are on my radar now.


Susan Sey said...

Good morning, Jennifer & Kate! Jennifer, what a wonderful world you've created with your witches & witch hunters! I'm so in awe of you paranormal writers. Every time I try to write paranormal, I end up debunking the magic somehow & everything gets explained away.

It's deflating, really. My characters are always a little disappointed. I try to stick to straight up contemporary as a result.

So maybe my witch name should be Susan the Practical.

Not that magic isn't practical. I'm sure it would be extremely handy. Maybe I'm Susan the Conflicted, because I love the idea of magic but can't quite make it work with my stubbornly pragmatic world view.

Oh, hell, I don't know. Somebody bring me an appletini, please.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Jennifer - Welcome to the lair! Your book sounds fantastic, I can't wait to read it.

Margay - Black fingernails denote a witch? Hmmmm....who do I know that fits that profile...(casts a grin toward Cassondra)?

My witch name is Trouble MacBeth. I figure my last name is already half witchy.

Dianna Love said...

this post would be worth it for all the great eye-candy "grin", but a wonderful interview, Kate.

Congrats Jennifer on your success and I love your cover! Sounds my kind of book - as are pretty much all that I find here. I'm loving the witch names and have nothing near so creative so I'll just read and enjoy.

Anna - mentioning Tim Tams...ate all mine this week after getting home. Great seeing you.

Margay said...

According to my sister, Donna, that's what it meant. Of course, that was before Goth became all the rage. Hhmm, I see the nugget of an interesting story here. Must file away for future story - like I need any more story ideas at this time. I already have so many I need to write! Oh, sorry, drifted off there for a minute. Maybe I need to cast a spell to improve my concentration...


Michele said...

LOL... I'm telling you, Jen, at some point it'll be easier just to conjure up an Appletini fountain. Then you can focus all your powers on keeping those hot guys away from Kate and in the Lyon's Lair (and on writing such fantastic stories, of course!!!).

BLOOD MAGIC is such an AWESOME book!! It's smart, action-packed, well-written, scary, humorous, SEXY, and just all around fabulous! The Wing Slayer Hunter storyline is different than anything out there. Great job! In fact, I can't stop thinking about all the characters... they're sooo well-developed!

I'm so glad I finally had a chance to read it.

And no, I'm pretty sure I haven't been plied with Appletinis or had a spell cast on me so that I'd write this... ;)

And let's see... Kate, I'm cracking up over your witch name. I think mine would have to be... Michele ICED GREEN TEA. Or maybe Michele LONG ISLAND ICED TEA?

Jennifer said...

Good morning! What a pleasure to be here!

Congratulations Helen on winning the Golden Rooster! Maybe you can ask him his witch name? Or is that bad manners? I'm never sure, GR kind of intimidates me!

Hells Tim Tam Bells has a ring to it...I think it's a keeper!

Hope GR is behaving himself while keeping you company at work!

Beth said...

Wonderful interview, Jennifer and Kate!

Jennifer, welcome to the lair *g* Blood Magic sounds fantastic - I can't wait to read it!

What's your secret for keeping track of all the elements of your series? Charts? Notebooks? Computer program? What's the most difficult part of writing a series for you?

As for my witch name, I think I'd go with Beth Bewitched :-)

Jennifer said...

Limecello, thanks so much for the congrats!

Lime Bellini Mimi is aa excellent and memorable witch name! How did you think of it at one am? Impressive!

Jennifer said...

Anna, why thank you! I do try to fit in, LOL! The Lair totally rocks, even if Kate was kind of mean about making me WAIT for an appletini :-)

Shall I brew up a spell for your headache? Sven's been a tad busy shaking up appletinis, so I'd be happy to help!

Jennifer said...

Jane, thanks! Wing SLayer Worthy men are one of my favorite topics! I definitely vote for the two men on this post!

With a witch name like Jane Jaw Crusher, I think we'll put you in charge of guarding the men...so no one steals them away from us!

Jennifer said...

Okay, my pretties, I have to run out and do some mortal stuff (grocery shopping-ugh!) then I'll be back!

Ask Sven for an appletini and admire the pics while I'm gone!

Kate Carlisle said...

Helen, you've done it again!! Hope you have a fun day!

Can yo ubelieve some of these hunks? I took those pics right off Jennifer's website! They like to hang out with her. I think it's the "witch" thing... :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

By the way, Helen, I love your witch name! Hell's Tim Tam Bells. It suits you! LOL

Kate Carlisle said...

Ooh, Lime Bellini Mimi, what a fabulous name!! Hmm, but I'm sorry the blog was down for you. I wonder if it has anything to do with that witch who's hanging out here today? :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Poor Anna!! Christie throws a wild party, doesn't she???

Sven, get some of your boys to work their magic with our Anna. Must get her back in fighting--er, partying condition, fast!!

Kate Carlisle said...

I love the witch names!

Jane, hi! Yeow, that's quite an interesting name you've got! LOL

Minna, lovely name!

Terry, LOLOL....funny, my DH calls me by that same name! With love, I'm sure. :-)

Uh-oh, I hear the distant thunder. Goddess Sangria is in the Lair!

Kate Carlisle said...

Jennifer, don't you have a fleet of flying monkeys to do your grocery shopping for you?

Just wondering. :-)

Maureen Child said...

Jen, Jen.....I have so many witch names. Or at least that's what I've heard.....sigh.

BLOOD MAGIC sounds GREAT!! The first in a faboo new series!!

Appletinis for everyone! Oh wait, Jen and Kate already have theirs. Sven! No playing favorites!!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Jennifer, a great big appletini welcome to the Bandita Lair!

Your books sound divine, another addition to my tottering TBR pile!

I'm intrigued about the name of your slayers -- Wing-Slayer Hunters. Can you elaborate on how you came to that term and how it applies to your stories (the "wing" part is particularly mystifying).

Great interview, Kate.

Congratulations, Helen, another day with the babies for the GR!

jo robertson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

Minna, intriguing witch name! Anelma Unelma sounds like a very secret name that only sister witches can know :-)

Jennifer said...

Hey Terry! Thanks for stopping by! LOL on hubby! Mine is having a grand old time with this new witch gig I'm doing. He's living dangerously!

Jennifer said...

Wait...there's Breaking News on my crystal ball!

Bandita Kate Carlisle is on of the Featured Mystery Authors at the Barnes&Noble.com Mystery Club! Let's all go over and say hi! Here's the link


Cheers Kate! (another excuse to drink appletinis!)

Jennifer said...

Hi Joan! Sangria is beautiful, can you not be a goddess-witch? With all that thunder rumbling, it's clear that you are very powerful!

My guidelins in selecting a witch name is really more of a suggestion: Drink appletinis, look at hunky men and see what comes to mind :-)

Jennifer said...

Margay, I love your witch story! It's so perfect--you convinced your sister of your power without actually doing any real spell casting! It's all in thte power of persuasion, which is an awesome power!

You make a witch proud :-)

Jennifer said...

Susan...ROTFL...I love your thought process! And of course, your solution is perfect--appletinis!

I can just imagine your frustration when you end up debunking the world you're trying to create! That sounds like something I would do...really!

And so here's the secret--I let out my inner witch, Jen Lyon, and trust me, she and reality are not on speaking terms.

On the other hand I love straight up contemporaries so keep writing them!

Jennifer said...

Donna, thanks for the warm welcome! Trouble MacBeth is a witch I'd want to hang out with!

Jennifer said...

Dianna, glad you are enjoying the eye-candy! And thanks for the congrats. I hear you on finding so many great books!

Jennifer said...

Michele, excellent point. But I wonder what all the hot guys in Lyon's Lair will do if they aren't shaking up appletinis? Hmm...

Thanks you so much for such nice words on BLOOD MAGIC! Of course, I didn't cast a spell on you to get you to say it :-)

ICED GREEN TEA? What's wrong with GREEN TEA LATTE??? Okay, you knew I was gonna say it!

Jennifer said...

Kate, you know how those flying monkeys are...they are easily distracted by the bananas...just saying!

Jennifer said...

Hey Maureen! I've never heard that about you...bwhahaha!! Okay, there were some rumblings among the trolls, but who listens to trolls?

Thanks on BLOOD MAGIC! It's been quite a ride and I feel so lucky to get to write this series!

Kate made me do the interview before I could have an appletini--not that I'm still pouting or anything.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jo! thank you for the appletini welcome!

Wing Slayer is the name of the half god/half demon that created the witch hunters. Wing Slayer's father is a sentinal god and never ackowledged his son. Wing Slayer grew up in the underworld with his demon mom.

Years later, he was cast out of the underworld and had no home. Eventually he made his own place in the Universe, and claimed his god-powers, by creating the Wing Slayer Witch Hunters.

It's complex but it makes sense in context of the book!

And "wing" is part of the name for a reason!

I hope that answered your question.

Christie Kelley said...

Hi Jennifer, welcome to the lair! Your series sounds fantastic and I have to hit BN soon.

And give Sven a break. He's tired from the party yesterday. He had a lot of massages to give out for me.

Barbara Monajem said...

My first attempt at a comment vanished into the ether... Not sure whether that's a Sign or not... but anyway, Blood Magic sounds VERY exciting. It's on my to-buy list now... Thanks! And my Other Name is Iseut de Villon.

Minna said...

Minna, intriguing witch name! Anelma Unelma sounds like a very secret name that only sister witches can know :-)

As long as they speak Finnish, anyway.

Indica: Vuorien taa

Jennifer said...

Hi there, Christie! You do throw an awesome party! So yeah, I'll give Sven a break.

Congrats on the launch of EVERY TIME WE KISS!

Kate Carlisle said...

Margay, your big sister sounds like me. I would've scared myself silly doing something like that!

Ah, Susan the Conflicted! Have an appletini and everything will be fine. I think you're right where you should be, writing fabulous contemporary romances. :-)

Trouble MacBeth!! LOL...Donna, what a fabulous name! Trouble...it suits you. :-)

Jennifer said...

Barbara, vanishing comments? We'll have to keep an eye out for that. Could be a sign of demon witches, but no worries, I'll do a protection spell!

Thank you for putting BLOOD MAGIC on your to-buy list!

I love the lseut de Villon name! Very sexy!

Jennifer said...

Minna, wow! What a fantastic video, and I didn't undestand a word of it, LOL! But I loved the atmosphere and mood!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Welcome Jennifer!!!
How fun to have you on 'the other side of the Lair' today. And HUGE THANK YOU for bringing the lovely eye-candy! Yes, indeed, your Wing-Slayer Hunters have inspired a massive wave of work-outs in the cabana boys quarters. :-) They can be a tad competitive, and don't even get me started on the gladiators.

As for my witch name, I may need a few appletinis to refine it, but since I am an Irish witch, then Banshee will undoubtedly be a part of my name.


Minna said...

Well, I found this translation:

Indica: Vuorien taa

Beyond the mountains

Do your shoes walk,
even if your legs brakes?
Towards a cold village,
where freedom gets the power,
ghostwails falls on ears,
asks to follow.
Will you be brave enough to rise towards the mountain for walking to there?
I know you’ve secretly been watching the way to the top,
been thirsty to taste the deceitful salt of inclination,
staring at the dark area of the worned map,
in your dreams heard the singing of the virgin of the mountains.

Beyond the mountains
go to walk.
Behind the steps,
leaves the black land.

The virgins of the air steps with bald feet and with their hazes,
the wind grabs at and tears about the glowing hem.
Wiliness is behind the beautiness,
hear how the sisters of sin sing in a choir.

Beyond the mountains
go to walk.
Behind the steps,
leaves the black land.

Beyond the mountains
go to walk,
go to walk.
Behind the steps,
leaves the black land,
leaves the black land.

Don’t you recognize the lucky seeker like yourself?
Traitor won’t ever get rid of his/her fear.
I know how easy it’s to make the mind fall,
I know how to enchant the soul with ones singing.

Beyond the mountains
go to walk.
Behind the steps,
leaves the black land.

Beyond the mountains
go to walk,
go to walk.
Behind the steps,
leaves the black land,
leaves the black land.

Virginia said...

Congrats Helen on nabbing that rooster, he's back home again!

Jennifer, congrat on your new release! All or your men are Wing Slayer worthy. I had trouble reading your post because my eyes kept checking out the men, oh so HOT!

My witch name is Jairia the Wooden Legged Witch but I could still take care of you Wing Slayers if it I do have a wooden leg.

Joan said...

My guidelins in selecting a witch name is really more of a suggestion: Drink appletinis, look at hunky men and see what comes to mind :-)

Sigh, power is...well...sometimes TOO powerful to hide :-)

I'll get a pitcher of tropical sangria from Olive Garden and give it a try! Of course this IS a family blog...ur....

Pat Cochran said...

Thanks for visiting, Jennifer! I think I've read some of your books,
the name Apodaca sticks in my mind!

My witch name: pacifical pat (I'm
a calming witch! LOL)

Pat Cochran

Jennifer said...

Hi Aunty Cindy! I'm having a blast in the Lair! I took a peek at the cabana boys working out via my crystal ball. WHEW!!!! The Wing Slayer Hunters better step it up...

Isn't competition wonderful?

You'll make a Brand Irish Witch!

Jennifer said...

Minna, thanks for the translation! It's very mystical and moody. I'm going to have to go watch the video again now that I know what they are singing.

Jennifer said...

Virginia, thank you! I'll have to talk to the men about distracting all the readers--don't they know I'm supposed to be the center of attention? :-)

Jairia the Wooden Legged Witch is a cool name! The Wing Slayer Hunters will be fighting each other to show you how strong and manly they are. They do love a strong woman, which you obviously are!

Jennifer said...

Joan, family blog...got it! But do let us know how your experiment with the tropical sangria at Olive Garden turns out! We can always send over some hunky men to pour the sangria!

Jennifer said...

Pacifical Pat is a lovely and calming name! Just what the Wing Slayer Hunters need...a witch who will bring calm to their turbulent world :-)

jo robertson said...

Yes, Jennifer, thanks! Perfect explanation, can't wait to dive into this series.

Louisa Cornell said...

Congrats on grabbing the Chook, Helen!

Welcome, Jennifer! Your books sound fantastic. I love books based in a whole new world. Gives me another great place to retreat to when the real world gets on my nerves!

Goodness, those men! Speaking of places and people to retreat to! HOT STUFF!!

My brothers presented me with a cute little cushion to hang over my rear view mirror that is embroidered with "My Other Car is a Broom!" And I am already known as the Bakery Witch at work.

My witch name would have to be -
the "Grand Witch Hotmen Appreciatus" VBEG

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Kate and Jennifer, great, fun interview! Uh, you did do an interview didn't you....(still staring at the two hunks....) Uh, yeah! okay, my witch name?

Suzanne DarkNight.........OOOO that could be my vampire name, too!

Jennifer said...

Jo, glad the explantion worked, hope you enjoy the book!

Jennifer said...

Louisa, I hope the world of Wing Slayer Hunters will turn into a retreat for you!

I love that little cushion saying! I want it too! I'll have to see if I can confure one up :-)

Grand Witch Hotmen Appreciatus, LOL! Excellent name!

Jennifer said...

Suzanne, those men are getting a LOT of attention! They love it here! What if I can't get them to come back to MY lair?

Suzanne DarkNight is a mighty powerful name! And it will multitask nicely as your witch and vampire name!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Dianna, isn't the eye candy fun? But you've got Tim Tams, so I'm jealous!! The Banditas really must think about an Australia invasion, just to pick up a few dozen cases of those yummy goodies. :-)

Oh Margay, that is absolutely a great idea that could lead to a very interesting story!

Michele!! You've already read BLOOD MAGIC! Kate (call me "Coco") Coco Mocha is jealous!!! It sounds fabulous! I'm starting it this weekend! Yippee!

Kate Carlisle said...

Jen, your back story on the Wing Slayers is fascinating! I can't wait to get started on this book. It's going to be my airplane read!

Beth Bewitched, I know you've got ultra-witch powers. I'll bet you can twitch your nose just like Samantha used to do!

LOL Maureen, yes, I'm sure you have many witch names! Hee hee!
{{I'm gonna pay for that one!}}

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Jo! Thanks for asking about the Wing-Slayers. Now I'm more intrigued than ever!

Oh Jen, thanks for outing me at Barnes & Noble! I'm there all month and I hope you'll all stop by and say hello to me and our very own Treethyme who is so great at moderating all those lists. She rocks!

And yeah, I didn't consider all those flying monkeys in the supermarket. Could be a health hazard...

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL on the witch name, Aunty!!

And thanks for calling attention to the cabana boy workout. Hmm, they really work up a sweat, don't they? Or maybe that's just me. :-)

Virginia, I think I need my eyes checked, too. My glasses are getting all fogged up!!

Jennifer said...

Beth Bewitched, I think I missed you! I'm so sorry, but it's the cabana boys...I looked away (at them!) from the blog and totally lost my train of thought!

Okay, I can focus! Really I can! No more looking at cabana boys!

I have a noteback where I am keeping the backstory of the god, demon, curse and other mythology. I keep a character list in there, with basic details too. But it's not as complete as I would like.

I'm just starting the third book and I think it's going to get more confusing very soon!

As I am a huge BEWITCHED fan, I love your witch name!

Maureen Child said...

Okay, just got a great haircut, (for a change. guess all the candle lighting and small sacrifices paid off) so hey Sven, bring me a fresh appletini!

And Lyon, tell me more about these Wing Slayers. With good hair, I'm game to try!!

Cassondra said...

Great interview y'all!

Hmmm. A witch name? I'm afraid I don't have one. Y'all will have to help me figure one out.

Jennifer, welcome to the lair again--as our guest this time! These books look amazing. I love the whole world you've built around your characters. And I admire your ability to DO THAT! Worldbuilding to this level is hard work. I have to do it for a manuscript soon and I'm scared. Any pointers or secrets you learned while developing this series?

These are absolutely going on the TBR list.

Karin said...

What a great interview! Both books sound fantastic and I really look forward to picking up Blood Magic. I've never really thought of a witch name, but I suppose Karin Spellcaster might work...maybe. lol

Kate Carlisle said...

Oh Louisa--or should I say Your Grand Witch Hotmen Appreciatus, so glad to see you!

I'm just glad that crazy Duchess Hotdayum didn't come riding in on her broom!!

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL, Maureen! You must've woven a powerful spell to finally get a good haircut! I'm so happy for you!!!

RachieG said...

:) LOVE THE PICTURES! ANd who doesn't like the Bewitched picture :) Congrats on the book!!

limecello said...

Thanks Jennifer! lol - I had to use a name with "lime" and I wanted a drink... and mimi... somewhat rhymes with it? And it's a hilarious socialite name I'm sure :)
So Lime Bellini Mimi it is!

Jennifer said...

Maureen, I see your haircut in my crystal ball and you look Marvelous Darling!

What more do you want to know about the Wing Slayers? They are dark, hunky, cursed and sexy...did I leave anything out?

Jennifer said...

Cassondra, thank you for the welcome! It's really quite different being a guest :-)

The world building was my MAJOR challenge in this series. I was super lucky, my editor, Liz Scheier pushed me, and brainstormed with me, until we were both satisfied. My biggest tip is to keep pushing yourself, and keep layering until the world begins to feel authentic. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Karin Spellcaster, yes! It's makes a statement about who you are, LOL!

Kate made the interview fun! Except for the part where she told Sven to withhold the appletinis until we were finished!

Jennifer said...

RachieG, thanks! I loved that Bewitched picture too! Kate found that one, I think. She's very resourceful!

Jennifer said...

Limecello, I'm still very impressed! Lime Bellini Mimi is a fabulous witch name!

Jennifer said...

Kate and Banditas--thank you all so much for having me! You are very welcoming to a witch :-) I've had a blast! And no one tried to burn me at the stake, always a plus!

Kate, did I mention how much I loved HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER? I read it in a day and a half...couldn't put it down! I wasn't a bit surprised when you hit the NYTs! Can't wait for the next book!

Treethyme said...

Appletinis? Count me in! This book arrived the other day, and it's in the pile I brought to Florida with me. Hopefully I'll have time to read them all soon -- this one looks really good!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Treethyme! Good to see you! Hope you're traveling safe.

I think you'll love BLOOD MAGIC! I'm starting it this weekend but I've already been thumbing through, skimming and reading short scenes. Very urban and gritty and sexy!! Can't wait to sink into it!

Jennifer, thank you so much for coming to the Lair! The appletinis were awesome and so were your hunky wing-slayer hunters! Can we please keep them? Please? Hello? Jen? Hey, Lyon!! We want the guys!!

She's deliberately ignoring that crystal ball. Witches! Hmph! :-)

limecello said...

lol - thanks so much, Jennifer - feel free to use it in a book ;) *angelface*

donnas said...

Great interview. Both books sound fantastic.

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