Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Things We Do For Love

by Christine Wells

I was flicking through an old 'Woman's Day' magazine last night looking for collage pictures, incidentally catching up on WILLS & KATE'S BABY SHOCK and meeting Rachel Hunter's TOY BOY FIANCE, when I came across a disturbing sight. (Yes, more disturbing than Rach's toy boy, can you imagine?)

There, smiling his toothy grin at me in full-page colour, was my darling Sven the Swedish Masseur in all his whiter-than-white glory. Lending his impressive physique to the endorsement of a commercial product -- therapeutic sandals!

Now, as many of you know, Sven is a resident of our lair with duties that are manifold and (to our minds) utterly vital, ranging from keeping those naughty cabana boys in line, to doling out massages to crippled deadline cavewomen that fall just short of torture, to riding shotgun when we rowdy ones go raiding other people's blogs. He also provides a friendly foil to his brooding brother, Lars, but let's stick to the point, shall we? I'm sure I have one around here somewhere...

Oh yes. The knife through the heart pain of betrayal I suffered when I saw Sven selling out like that. Why? Why? said I. Why did you do it? Couldn't you have at least modeled for Armani if you were going to stab us in the back?

Sven looked down at me from his Alpine height and said nothing. He's not usually the strong silent type--that's his brother Lars--so I knew we really had a problem.

I sighed and started again, extracting the whole sorry story like an abscessed tooth. But the answer was quite simple, really. Sven didn't feel appreciated any more. Last month, we Banditas raided Romance Novel TV, the place where Sven and I first met, and we didn't take him along. Daily, we venerate that cocky rooster, who does nothing but preen and chat up the ladies. We leave Sven in the lair for months at a time, then wheel him out for a bit of a cocktail mix and a party when someone has a book launch.

He's starting to feel used.

It's just not enough any more.

So today, I need your help. How can we show Sven we care? What crazy, tedious, wonderful things have you done for love? I'm not talking about fancy gifts, I'm talking about the day-to-day ways you show you value someone. If you're a writer, how do you show that special love between the hero and heroines in your novels?

Sven's favourite answer will win a pair of maseur, no that was a joke. Sven's favourite answer will win the perfect appreciative gesture--chocolate!


limecello said...


Anna Campbell said...

Oh, man, I was SOOOO sure I'd get him. We must have crossed in cyberspace, LC!

limecello said...

Sorry, Anna :X I couldn't resist.

Awe, poor Sven - maybe he could travel along with the GR? I know I could use a massage. Or you know, one every day :P

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Sven, don't say you don't know how we love you! We love you, we do, we do, we do, we do, we do! Whoa whoa whoa... Hmm, channelling Abba in the hope that might make our S feel at home!

Actually I suspect we've all done very silly things for those we love. One of my sillier ones was taking up knitting for a boy I had a crush on in my first year of university. It was meant to be a scarf but it ended up being tablecloth width at the bottom. Not quite sure how that happened. And about eight feet long. And needless to say, while I was knitting, said boy was off finding much more interesting women to romance. Sigh. Still have never got to the bottom of the brain storm that brought about that aberration!

Sven, come over here for a big cuddle. I'll knit you a scarf. No, I won't. Not even for you, honey!

Virginia said...

Congrats limecello!

Oh Sven, we do so love you. You can come to my house anytime and I will cook your favorite meal. Just let me know when and what your favorite meal is and it is yours.

Oh yes I have cooked for men before!

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, I had to laugh - I read your last line as "I have cooked men before." And I thought, oh, no, poor Sven! He's going to end up as a Svenkebab!

Kirsten said...

Christine, I had no idea Sven's ego was so fragile! Poor sweet man! I will have to put on my thinking cap to rectify this situation!! What can be done to soothe and satisfy a man's pride? To assure him he is loved?

Hmmm...well, I can't say that. This is a G-rated blog after all.

No. Not that either.


Oh that's good -- but no. Definitely can't say that.

I suppose we are left with cooking, aren't we? LOL.

Or what about this one -- this is truly mundane. My husband loves it when I plan out our menus for the week and go grocery shopping over the weekend. He's usually the one to pick up the kids from day care and make dinner, and he hates trying to figure out what to cook. So he loves it when I've got it all planned out for him, recipes and all hanging on the fridge.

I know, I know. Not nearly as exciting as all those other things I couldn't say, right? ;-)

Kirsten said...

Congratulations limecello! Maybe for today's reward you can leave the GR to Anna and take home Sven instead!! :-)

Sven said...

Ladies, I have the blushes all over my face! Thank you for your kind wishes.

Limecello, I would rather not lift weights for a month than travel with that Golden turkey! But I know you try to make me feel better. Thank you.

Ah, Anna ::shaking head:: We Swedes are more than just ABBA and the strange chef from the silly puppet show. But thank you, thank you, I love you, too, just do not be knitting me any scarves. By the way, my new agent said I'd look better on your novels than that Kamp fellow. Fabio is nothing to Sven! Could you maybe put in a leetle good word for me with Avon?

Virginia, do you have any pickled herring? All these Banditas have are cocktails and Tim Tams. But the Svenkebab? No, I don't think so.

Sven said...

Kirsten, you are making my blushes more than before!

I have not the words...but that other thing you were thinking, maybe...?

Or you could plan my protein shakes for the week...

Kirsten said...

Oh, Sven, you naughty thing! I'm a married woman! (blush)

Anna Campbell said...

Sven, if it will convince you to stay in the lair where I don't have to Ring, Ring, Why Don't I Give You a Call?, I will happily speak to Avon about suddenly having Mr. Sweden on my covers. You and your sandals are just the things to get my readers all excited! But remember The Winner Takes It All and we don't want any Dancing Queens on our romance covers!

Huh? You DON'T want a scarf? It's just the thing for a cold Swedish night. Especially the tablecloth thing - it doubles as a fishing net for catching the herring!

Anna Campbell said...

And I've heard it called many things but a protein shake takes the biscuit!

Kirsten said...

Anna, I'm not sure what that protein shake comment means, but I think it might be a little bit naughty.

Treethyme said...

What I did for love?

Well, back in the day, I pretended to like fish, forcing myself to eat some even though THE HEAD WAS STILL ON IT. Sven should appreciate that -- he seems like a fish-head-eating kind of guy.

Also back in the day, I pretended not to mind cigarette smoke. This won't help Sven, though, since he strikes me as a health freak.

More recently, I surrendered control of the remote control for the rest of my natural life. I'd give it to Sven, but it's already been claimed.

I killed the spider that freaked my husband out more than it did me.

I've laughed at jokes that weren't even all that funny the first ten times I heard them.

I've sat through countless episodes of King of Queens because my hubby wanted company.

I've bit my tongue a thousand times because guys think you are asking them to fix the problem when all you really want to do is bitch about it.

I've skipped a night out with the girls because my husband was feeling down.

And so on. But none of these help with the Sven problem. Wait a minute -- hello? Is this not a group of romance writers? What Sven needs is Svenderella! Suit that boy up in some princely togs and trot him out to a Bandita Ball.

I can see it now: Svenderella will ride up on her Harley, dressed in black leather, wearing a black Bandita mask and snapping her whip. That's sure to get Sven's attention!

They can do the two-step until the clock strikes twelve (or until the GR crows). Svenderella will fly off on her hog, a rose between her teeth. She will lose one of her glass stilettos (stilettoes?) in the parking lot, where Sven finds it and clutches it to his manly chest.

Sven will wear his even more manly hands to the bone, massaging all the women in the kingdom until he finds the one who fits the shoe.

A little hint: Svenderella is most likely to be found in the southern hemisphere!

limecello said...

Oops - haha, I hope I didn't mean to offend you, Sven ;) You could come to my place - I don't lift weights but I've been trying to catch up on my fitness challenge...

I can't think of anything "good" for the love part - leaving the last bit of your favorite food because you know someone else in your family loves it too?
Clearing off a snow covered car for someone and warming it up so they can just get in and go?

... And I can't help it - this won't get out of my head. I've PREVENTED someone from doing something for love... in high school a friend drew a picture/portrait of a girl he really liked... and wanted to leave it on her doorstep. I convinced (*pleaded with*) him not to. I told him it was creepy and stalkerish. And at least now they're still friends.

Tawny said...

Awww Sven, you poor sweet thing you. Come here, sit down and let me rub your very well-muscled shoulders and ease your frustrated tension.

We do love you here, you're our most manly of men. And there's nothing we won't do (or find someone to do for us) for love. Would you like a three course meal? A full body massage from one of the cabana girls (hey, in the name of love, we'd get you a cabana girl)? A healthy seaweed green drink filled with phytonutrients and vitamins?

You name it babe, we'll make you happy. I mean, helloooooo - one man, twenty imaganitive women. We'll think something up ;-)

Christine Wells said...

Oh, I'm loving these suggestions! Treethyme, I'm with you on sitting through all those things you'd rather not. All those AFL and Rugby League games (I'm a Rugby Union girl, myself) the Simpsons reruns, the Whitesake concert at Festival Hall that literally deafened me for hours afterwards, sitting in the rain shooing away clouds of flies while dh fished... The things we do!

Oh, what a great idea! Svenderella for Sven! But then...he'd leave us to get married! What would we do without Sven?

Cassondra said...

Oh dear. This is bad.

Maybe that's why I couldn't get a cup of tea the other day when I blogged.

Okay, I'll have to think about this. Sven feeling unappreciated. This won't do. This won't do at all. Hmmmmm.

Limecello, Congra....Oh, sorry Sven.

Christine Wells said...

Limecello, that was a true act of mercy on your part, stopping the portrait drawer. Although, if you're into a guy, it's the kind of thing that might make your heart flutter...or not.

Leaving the last Tim Tam for someone. Now that would be a true sacrifice!

Christine Wells said...

Tawny, I like your thinking! Sven needed to press a few benches--I mean, do a few bench presses, but I'm sure he'll take you up on that truly horrid sounding seaweed drink. His body is his temple (and some of us worship there, too!)

Christine Wells said...

Cassondra!!! Now you've done it. Sven KNOWS you meant to congratulate Limecello on the feathered one.

Don't mention the bird!!

I'm thinking there'll be no more tea for you for quite a while...

Cassondra said...


Christine Wells said...

Anna, I just read your ABBA-rama marathon. LOL Poor Sven. But he's not going to kick the stereotype in that gear, is he? Maybe we need to put him in a Zorro outfit.

Treethyme said...

A kilt!! And bagpipes! That's it, he's pining for a wardrobe update!

Christine Wells said...

Cassondra wrote:


Oh, no, not you, too!

Christine Wells said...

Snork, Treethyme!

Ah, Sven, we are laughing with you, not at you, darl!

limecello said...

lol Christine - I think it was an act of mercy. One of my best friends [different guy] went to art school - and if he left my portrait on my front steps we'd have to stop being friends.
Haha - I had to explain/argue if there was any heart fluttering it would be from fear, because she'd believe she had to take out a restraining order. >.<

Oh - and in honor of loving on Sven for the day... can I trade in... you know, the other dude for Sven? ;)

Christine Wells said...

Limecello, I'm not sure about sending Sven home with you today. It might upset a very delicate balance...and remember, that rooster has had training from P226!

Helen said...

Limecello he truly loves you

Sven we do love you I love your massages and I am more than willing to give you a massage anytime and I will cook for you I make a really nice caramel biscuit slice and I always have lots of Tim Tams and I will share with you and yes I can knit.

Although I think treethyme has a great idea a nice Svenderella for you with a Harley Davidson to share as well but she might keep you away from all of us and we do need you.

Great post Christine

Have Fun

Suzanne Welsh said...

Good morning, Christine from rainy, (thank heavens for it) Texas! Poor Sven...To be used and abused, then ignored. Tis such a sad thing.

And you know what no one ever offers a masseuse? That's right...a massage.

So I think the two nurses need to treat him to a work over...of his muscles.

Joanie, hand me the warm scented body oil...Sven, stretch on out on the table...Yes, I know it's your job, but trust me when I tell you Joanie and I have been trained to work out all sorts of kinks.

Dianna Love said...

Congrats Limecello - another day! You must be psychic to hit that so fast.

Ah, ha. Now I know how Sven made it over to Barbara Vey's blog. He's got to feel very loved by now and more coming throughout the day. Lucky guy.

Christine Wells said...

Helen, you are a sweetheart! How could Sven say no to you?

Suz! What a brilliant idea! And I'm sure you and Joanie are doing this all out of the goodness of your hearts and not for any other less altruistic reason! I'll get the cocktail shaker:) um, I mean protein shake maker! And that was NOT meant to be rude, Kirsten and Anna! Minds in the gutter, sheesh!

Dianna--thanks so much for dropping in! How can Sven still be mad when he has lovely people like you to care about him?

And yet, still Sven is silent.

Hmmm... We'll have to try a bit harder, everyone!

p226 said...

On my 10th anniversary, I counted (by hand) 3,650 individual grains of salt. One for every day of our marriage. I then sealed them in a crystal container, and wrote her a note explaining how at one time, salt was more precious than gold. And now, we tend to take salt for granted. And how if we accumulated enough grains of salt to fill the oceans it wouldn't be enough for me.

p226 said...

Oh... I misread the question. I was supposed to exclude gifts.

So...... the day to day stuff?

I call. I text.

I ask how her day is going.

I listen when she tells me about the latest shenanigans from her annoying drama-queen coworkers. I laugh when her professors jokingly pick on her.

I sometimes take goofy pictures of myself on my cell phone and send them to her when I know she's in class.

Louisa Cornell said...

Yes, limecello, it is TRUE LOVE!! I know you will prevail tomorrow, La Campbell.

So, Sven has a problem because of his rank in the pecking order in the Lair.

Hmm. What is his favorite treat? We could pack it in his lunch along with a nice note.

We can do his laundry. Any volunteers?

We can set a specific day each year to celebrate Sven and all things Sven. A sort of Sveniversary! We can have a huge party with fireworks and lots of party foods and drinks.

Perhaps we can give the man a manicure, pedicure and have his hair done. What do you think?

Everyone could write a little note about what they love about Sven.

Hmm. I need to think about this some more.

Susan Sey said...

Awwww, Sven. Sandals?

I'm given to showing my love in very tangible ways, usually with offers of baked foodstuffs. So I'm sending Sven a pretty little package of my famous struesel topped banana apple bread, the recipe that makes my husband spontaneously propose every time he tastes it. (Good thing I never share the recipe.)

As for my heros & heroines, I'm laughing at myself because I've just realized that I write a food scene into every book, where either the hero or the heroine feeds his/her beloved before he/she is ready to declare love out loud. It's like a test balloon--will they accept this meal from me in the spirit in which it's intended? As a gesture of my desire to care for you, provide for you, nurture & sustain you?

No wonder I like to bake for my husband. Clearly there's some sort of primitive contract being enacted when you feed somebody.

Great post, Christine. And kisses to Sven.

Sandals. Sheesh.

Deb Marlowe said...

Maybe what Sven really needs is all of the Banditas and buddies competing to get a piece of him, just like we do with the GR?

Hmm...since the first poster of the day gets to spend the day with the GR, maybe the last poster of the day gets to spend the night with Sven...getting a massage, of course! Think of the attention, the excitement, the international travel!

What I did for love: I spent years traveling weekends to motocross tracks all over the east coast, cheering when the dh did well, cringing when he crashed and breathing in small engine fumes. True love.

p226 said...

Hmm...since the first poster of the day gets to spend the day with the GR, maybe the last poster of the day gets to spend the night with Sven...getting a massage, of course! Think of the attention, the excitement, the international travel!

This will have the added bonus of ensuring that P226 never posts after 2AM. :D

jo robertson said...

Oh, no, Christine, we've been ignoring poor Sven? How heartless of us.

And here's Limecello snarfing up that cocky rooster again.

I say we all hop in our bikinis and give SVEN the massage of his life! Turn about is fair play, right?

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Hmm, all things Swedish, how about we redo Sven's room in the lair, make it all things Swedish? We could leave "I appreciate you" notes everywhere so he finds them unexpectedly (a little twist to the love note in the lunch box).
What I have done for love is what I still do, I listen. He feels appreciated because I was paying attention and I have an idea of what his work week was like.
I am also going to be learning to shoot this year, and I will be going on hunting trips as well. I haven't held a gun since I was 17, I will give you all warning when the lessons start. Anyone close to WV might want to take cover until I get the hang of it.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Okay, I have been researching. Sven, I have to tell you we didn't know about fika. That will be rememdied immediately. I am thinking maybe 4 a day.

Of course we will make every effort to keep our appointments with you from this point on. Again, we were not aware you set such store by punctuality, in the Bandita's defense, with the deadlines and characters suddenly taking over their stories they can get lost to time. We will set up a support system to remind them when they need to meet their appointment dates. We will set up a schedule board outside your workroom so everyone will know who is supposed to be where and when.

anne said...

Thanks for this delightful post today. What I have done for love will fill several tomes.
Having been married for a lengthy period it goes back many years. I will concentrate on the here and now. I have health in mind when I approach this topic and I have been cooking healthy and semi-gourmet meals every night for the past 2 years which has resulted in a healthier, happier husband whose weight has been in a healthy range and will stay that way.
As well on the Christmas holidays I volunteered to help him with an inventory job, one I excel at and do not mind and which he hates. I can go one at infinitum but will complete it for now.

Trish Milburn said...

LOL! Fun post. I think it's important to tell your significant other that you love them every day. And I leave my hubby notes for him to find when he gets home from work when I'm going out of town.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hello...can we say "text message"?

Svennie baby, my muscles ache for you. I need to feel your strong hands tenderly kneading my body. I'll mix the alcohol while you mix the massage oils. Then we'll close the door and explore unique methods of application.

PJ said...

Whoa! Donna, is that steam I see coming out of the massage room? Just what kind of application methods are y'all using in there? Hmmmm?

ellie said...

My husband who works hard and long hours always appreciates little things that I think of that will make his life easier and more comfortable. I try to incorporate this into his week whether it is weekly or weekend. Surprise meals that will appeal to his taste as well as a new clothing item since his weight loss has necessitated a new wardrobe. Also I used to make up sweet notes and cards which he would locate here at home.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Here is my Tribute to Sven.

Miranda said...

Hi Banditas. had such a great time yesterday I had to pop back.
In the cause of love I have watched countless college basketball games - though my love was never great enough to become interested in football. When it came to the Super Bowl I was only there for the beer & commercials.

Cassondra said...

P226 said:

I call. I text.

I ask how her day is going.

I listen when she tells me about the latest shenanigans from her annoying drama-queen coworkers. I laugh when her professors jokingly pick on her.

I sometimes take goofy pictures of myself on my cell phone and send them to her when I know she's in class.

OOOOO, this is a GOOD idea. We can get Sven a cell phone, one that's never to be used to call him because we need him. Not even for an emergency deadline massage. 20 Banditas, calling him and any time it rings, he'll know we're calling to make him feel loved.

There. I like that a lot.

Cassondra said...

P226 said:

This will have the added bonus of ensuring that P226 never posts after 2AM. :D

Hey hey HEY! Sven is a professional. He'll give you a great destress shoulder massage and leave the rest to your gorgeous wife. No worries.

Nancy said...

Limecello, I'm beginning to think you and the bird are conspiring! *g* Congratulations.

Christine, I'm having trouble working up too much sympathy for Sven. He probably gets mentioned more on this, his home blog, than anyone but Demetrius. And Sven doesn't have to carry armor and weaponry everywhere he goes. Or wear that short little tunic thing. And we're all very polite, even when stressed. We do "please" and "thank you" and "that's so nice."

I think it's possible Sven is pulling that guy guilting thing to make us feel bad. However, I do realize he works very hard, and I suspect the burdens of leadership may way heavily on him among the cabana boys. So I'd vote we give Sven a week in Hawaii with the Travelocity gnome.

And perhaps let Lars take over buying rooster feed for a while.

Cassondra said...

a.k.a. Dianna said:

Here is my Tribute to Sven.

Oh, WOW Dianna, that's GREAT! How could Sven not know he's loved when our buddies are putting so much time and effort--and RESEARCH into making him know he's appreciated!

Nancy said...

What I've done for love? Nothing crazy. My first serious relationship purged that urge. I did once send the dh flowers at work, which made him the talk of the English Dept., so I decided that practice might be better shelved.

I tramped over what felt like half of London to get to the Charles Dickens house because the "nearest" tube stop is way farther away than it looked on the map. I visit the homes of authors whose work doesn't interest me, and I do it cheerfully. OTOH, he tramped all over Bosworth Battlefield, visited the Imperial War Museum, and climbed around assorted castles, all with the best of good will, when he doesn't give a rip about Richard III, the history of warfare, or medieval fortifications.

So our odd tendencies are rather tame and mutually tolerated.

Christine Wells said...

Wow, P226, that's awesome about the salt! You were made to be a romance hero. That kind of gift is an exception to my no gift rule.

Love all the 'little' things, too. Wow, what a great marriage you guys have. Thanks for sharing!

Christine Wells said...

Louisa, I love the idea of a Sveniversary. His interest piqued at that.

Laundry...all those whites? Forget it, I could never keep them clean.

At least you wouldn't have to worry about pairing his socks, since he seems only to wear maseur sandals:)

Christine Wells said...

Susan, I share your tendency to cook to show you care. My husband always gets Beef Wellington if I'm feeling especially loving and once I even made his initials and a love heart out of pastry to decorate the top. (Yes, I can hear you puking in the background.LOL) He took a photo of it on his phone.

I LOVE scenes in romances where the H/h feed each other. Can't wait to read your books.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Deb! Great to see you in the lair!

OMG, that is true love, not only breathing in the fumes but watching as your loved one raced and potentially hurt himself. I don't know if I could do that.

Fantastic idea about the last commenter of the day getting Sven! By George, I think she's got it!

Christine Wells said...

P226!!! Snork! Maybe you could lend Sven to your wife??

Christine Wells said...

Jo, Sven does NOT want to see me in a bikini. But be my guest...go ahead. I'll take pictures.

Christine Wells said...

Dianna, women always complain that men don't listen, but I'm sure men also need someone to talk to.

I love your attempt to organize the Banditas on Sven's behalf. I think it will be like herding cats!

Christine Wells said...

Anne, since I'm on a health kick at the moment, the healthy eating plan sounds great. For some reason it seems more work to find healthy alternatives, but I'm sure it's worth it! And taking on a job he hates...that's true love. Thanks for sharing!

Christine Wells said...

Trish, simple but so effective. The old I love you never goes out of style:) And writing it down gives it even more power. Hmm, I sound like Tawny! But I'm sure it's true.

Christine Wells said...

Donna!!! Ooh la la! Watch out, Sven!

Love it.

Christine Wells said...

PJ, you don't wanna know...

Christine Wells said...

Ellie, that's lovely, I'm glad your husband appreciates all that you do for him.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Christine Wells said... I love your attempt to organize the Banditas on Sven's behalf. I think it will be like herding cats!
Since I have two cats with greatly differing personalities I have had a lot of experience in herding those animals. One is laying on my wrist at the moment so typos could be forthcoming.

Christine Wells said...

Oh, wow! Everyone, check out the page Dianna made! It's awesome and hilarious. Thanks Dianna, I think he's finally going to forgive us.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Miranda!! Great to see you in the lair again.

Yes, football of many codes has been the bane of my existence for many years. Our wedding was planned so as not to coincide with any important matches. Sigh.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Cassondra said...
and RESEARCH into making him know he's appreciated!

Since Sven is so closely linked with the Banditas I know he would appreciate the research. How were we to know that the Swedish working population had to have their fekas to be happy little workers, all he had to do was say I want a coffee break.

Christine Wells said...

LOL, Cassondra, he'll think we're keeping tabs on him so he won't run off and do any more maseur sandal commercials! I like it.

Suzanne Welsh said...

p226 said: And how if we accumulated enough grains of salt to fill the oceans it wouldn't be enough for me.

I'm pretty sure this whole gesture ranks up there with fantastically romantic gestures, p226!

Christine Wells said...

Ooh, you're a tough cookie, Nancy! Sven likes the week in Hawaii idea as long as there are enough benches to press over there.

And Lars buying rooster feed? He would spit in my face for suggesting it!

Christine Wells said...

Nancy, I like the literary bent of your post! When we went to England, my husband suffered through stately homes and I went along to cathedrals (some of which I love, but too many and I start to glaze over). But as you say, these things are scarcely hardships!

Christine Wells said...

Dianna wrote:
How were we to know that the Swedish working population had to have their fekas to be happy little workers

Hey, everyone needs a little feka occasionally, don't they?

Did I just say that?

Ooh, a woman who can herd cats! Now that's what we need in the lair!

p226 said...

Wow, P226, that's awesome about the salt! You were made to be a romance hero.

I assure you, there is no romantic (or otherwise) hero here. I'm just a guy that hangs out online with a bunch of crazy romance writers when I'm not killing paper with rifles and handguns, hacking computer systems, or tearing up the roads or rivers on powersports equipment.

Though, my wife did seem to enjoy the salt. She said my handwritten note in my all but illegible scrawl made all her friends cry.

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, that is feka-ing marvellous!!!! Wow, if Sven is still sulking after that, he's nothing but a drama queen, young and sweet, only seventeen...

Anna Campbell said...

Waving madly at Miranda! Thanks for popping back. You were a wonderful guest yesterday!

flchen1 said...

Wow, lots of fabulous ways to show Sven some love! I know how my husband would love for me to show how much I care--by renting a dumpster and ridding our house of the clutter, once and for all! Does Sven need anything decluttered? ;)

Limecello, does the GR have his own room in your place yet? :)

Pat Cochran said...

Dear Sven, thank you for everything!

Ladies and Gentleman, I'm thinking
of a nice little plaque engraved with
a few words to hang in his room. My
Our Sven is such a
good friend, so available
when we are in need!

Pat Cochran

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

For love... well, that's too embarassing to print, you know? :>

Congrats on the bird, Limecello! (A-gain!) :>

As to Sven, I know how to make Swedish meatballs, thanks to a guy I dated. I even know the colors in the Swedish Flag and more about the geography of Sweden than any other country other than the US. I'll lie and say it's in Sven's honor, but its because I'm trying to find the origin of my DH's Grandmother's family. Ha!

I'd like to visit some day too...but I'd end up hunting for ancestors then too.

SO, back to that point you had, Christine. What to do for Sven. How 'bout I return the massage favor - strictly business! - as I'm a heck of a masseuse? Whaddya think?

PinkPeony said...

If you're a writer, how do you show that special love between the hero and heroines in your novels?

One of my heroes woos his love interest with a huge bouquet made out of Cadbury Flakes (her favorite candy), while another, knowing the heroine collects vintage wind up toys, searches for the perfect toy to show his affection. My husband's way of showing endearment...maybe a Breakfast Jack from Jack in the Box on a Sunday morning.:)

Perhaps Sven should be in print. Do a little time traveling and find himself in the middle of a ball at Almacks, with ladies swooning at the site of him in his spandex unitard and sandaled feet? I'm sure there's enough scandalous material for a trilogy. Surely one of you Banditas could include him in one of your next bestsellers.

I drive a Saab...does Sven?

Christine Wells said...

P226 said I assure you, there is no romantic (or otherwise) hero here. I'm just a guy that hangs out online with a bunch of crazy romance writers when I'm not killing paper with rifles and handguns, hacking computer systems, or tearing up the roads or rivers on powersports equipment.

And your point is...?

Sven said...

Enough with ABBA already, Anna. Don't make me come over there...

Sven said...

Fedora wrote: Does Sven need anything decluttered? ;)

I have a few dumb belles that need moving...

No, believe me, that wasn't a crack at you, Anna. Unless you start with the ABBA again.

Sven said...

Pat, for that plaque, you may have my special massage. It involves baby oil and a feather...

Sven said...

Jeanne, you must take the number on the massage offer. I am already enjoying the magic hands of the Suz and Joanie team.

You're Swedish? Ah, that is the source of your great beauty. Maybe it could be that we're related?

Sven said...

PinkPeony wrote: I drive a Saab...does Sven?

I do not own the car. I run wherever I need to go, like the Bionic Man.

But this idea of being in a novel is interesting. Does that mean I could also pose for the cover? I quite like those pouffy shirts that open to the waist.

Could I have a sword?

Anna Campbell said...

Oi, who you calling a dumb belle? I ain't no belle, Sven Dawg!

Joan said...

Joanie, hand me the warm scented body oil...

Ack {whispering) I can't. I used it all during "Gladiators Gone Wild" weekend this past week.


Why didn't I invite you?

Oops :-)