Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Luck of the BB

Sure and it's a wonderful day when the Banditas give out another prize. With the help of the leprechaun leader, the winner of an Irish themed gift is:


Step dance your way over to The Lair, lass. Ok, send instead your snail mail addy to JoanieT13 AT gmail DOT com


Louisa Cornell said...

Oh, Allie! Tis sure you have the luck of the Irish! Congrats!

Helen said...

Congrats Allie

Have Fun

Treethyme said...

Congratulations, Allie!

Anna Campbell said...

Congratulations, Allie!

allie said...

Wow, my very first comment on RB! What a nice welcome. Thanks, Joan.

Joan said...

Don't forget to send me your address at JoanieT13 AT gmail DOT com Allie!