Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chit Chat

by Beth

One of my favorite pages to update on my website is my Chit Chat page. Since I love reading fun info about other authors, I wanted a page where readers could get to know a little bit more about me. Every month I share what music I'm listening to, what books I'm reading, things I'm currently loving, what I'm watching, what I'm looking forward to and which of the many, many recipes I've collected over the years I'm currently craving.

Unfortunately, December was so crazy-busy and the beginning of January wasn't much better that when I updated my website a few weeks ago, I couldn't think of a single thing to add/change to my Chit Chat page. But now that I've had a bit of breathing room, I've come up with lots of new ideas for my Chit Chat page.

So, instead of posting it to my website, I thought I'd share it here :-)

Here's what I'm currently...

...Listening to:

Break Even by The Script

Hey, Soul Sister by Train (I listen to this quite often since both of my daughters are always singing it *g*)


Thinking Write by Kelly L. Stone. (A gift from Tawny *g*)

You Have To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs by our very own Tawny Weber! A fun and fabulous twist on The Frog Prince fairy tale :-)


My new panini pan and cookbook! Sandwiches for everyone ;-)

My new stock pot. It's the perfect size for double batches of homemade soup and came with a strainer and a steamer basket.

Playing Rock Band with my family. We all love it!


Chuck. My daughter got the first season for Christmas and I've been watching the episodes while I run on the treadmill. Love it!

Phineas and Ferb. Okay, I only watch this when my kids are watching it but honestly, it has to be the best cartoon ever! I crack up every time *g*

Football. I'm a huge football fan and while I only watched a game or two the entire season, I've been able to catch each playoff game :-)

...Looking Forward To:

Glee! I haven't seen this show yet but I just got the first season DVD from Netflix. I want to watch it with my daughters and finding time when we're all available is challenging but we'll do it!

Making Wire Jewelry. I just got a new magazine with some fantastic ideas for wire jewelry. I can't wait to try a few of them out - as soon as I remember to order the supplies *g*

Spring. I've had enough of the cold and snow!


Frozen Berries in Hot White Chocolate

I got this recipe from Sarah Strohmeyer's website. It was featured in her book, Sweet Love . Great recipe and a fabulous book! Click on her name to check out her website *g*

1 cup heavy cream

10 oz good white chocolate, chopped into tiny pieces

1 tsp vanilla flavoring

1 tsp almond flavoring

1 lb frozen mixed berries, slightly thawed

Remove berries from freezer and spread on baking sheet coated with waxed paper. Leave out until slightly thawed.

Meanwhile, in a double boiler over simmering water combine cream, chopped chocolate and flavorings. Stir until melted.

Immediately divide semi-thawed berries into four bowls and spoon hot white chocolate sauce over each. The result is a sweet, gooey, delicious dessert!

So, tell me what you're currently:

Listening to




Looking forward to


I can't wait to Chit Chat with you all :-)
And don't forget, we're invading The Romance Dish all week!


mariska said... :)

Kirsten said...

Listening right now to That’s where it is: Carrie Underwood. Heard it in a movie I saw yesterday. (In a midnight talk, in a morning kiss, When I'm in your arms, that's where it is.)

Reading Julia Quinn: it’s in his kiss. Only read 4 pages but am loving it already.

Loving me new computer mouse: It works really good and unlike the old one does as he’s told immediately, attaboy.

Watching Renee Zellwegers movies: last night I saw New in Town. I’m laughing writing this down. Have you seen it? I remembered the flag she put on her car after slipping in a ditch after bad weather and a wandering cow. So funny!

Looking forward to my sisters visit: She’s coming over this weekend. Finally some much needed family/girl time!

Craving chocolate: I'm always craving chocolate.

Gillian Layne said...

Listening to: Harry Potter on CD every time I drive--which is often. Have heard them before, but just in the mood for more Potter...

Reading: Just finished Temptation Ridge. Robyn Carr is amazing. Otherwise, reading lots of awesome GH entries.

Loving: Fridays--my day off! And these new flannel pajama pants, so comfy.

Watching: NCIS, White Collar (hey, last night's premier was not too bad), Big Bang Theory. We never miss Phineas and Ferb, either. I love cartoons. I miss Kim Possible.

Looking forward to: Summer. Many outside projects to get started. Just found these cool instructions on how to make giant concrete leaves from real elephant ear plants.

Craving: Cantaloupe. English muffins and butter. Coke!

Anonymous said...

Beth, I'm envious of your new stock pot, recommend Glee highly and have to confess...I have once or twice found myself watching Phineas & Ferb then realized neither of my children were in the room!

I'm not listening/watching much right now because I have a book due, like, immediately, LOL, but the last thing I (re)read was Jennifer Crusie's old loveswept The Cinderella Deal and I cannot WAIT for Kresley Cole's next book to come out in a few weeks. I'll be "loving" pretty much everything a lot more once my book is finished! Meanwhile, I'm DVRing Leverage, Castle, and Project Runway.


Deb said...

Listening to...the news and all the schools being cancelled for the day (ice storm).

Reading...Just chose Olivia Drake's SEDUCING THE HEIRESS out of my TBR pile. I also started Annette Cleave's book; it's w-a-a-a-y different than what I usually read. new fuzzy bathrobe from hubby.

Watching...American Idol and hope for a better year than last season.

Looking forward to...hopeful answers for my mother's and my dad's health issues. It's very stressful and I hate being an hour away from them.

Craving...I crave chocolate every day! But, for some reason, last night I was thinking a reuben sandwich sounded good.

Beth said...

Morning, Kirsten! I did see New In Town and I loved it *g* My favorite scene is when the teenage daughter's date comes to the house to pick her up. Harry Connick Jr cracked me up - and reminded me of how my husband feels about teenage boys wanting to date our daughters ;-)

I'll have to check out that Carrie Underwood song. I think she has a great voice!

I hope you and your sister have a fabulous time together! Thanks for chit-chatting *ggg*

Beth said...

I love cartoons. I miss Kim Possible.

LOL, Gillian! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. And Kim Possible was a great cartoon and a lot of fun *g*

I still haven't read the HP books although I did find the first one and have set it on my coffee table as a reminder to get reading.

I haven't read Robyn Carr - I'll have to check her books out.

I'm with you on the projects. I want to paint all or the bedrooms in our house but I need the perfect spring day so I can air out the house *g* And the concrete leaves sound really interesting!

Beth said...

I'll be "loving" pretty much everything a lot more once my book is finished!

LOL, Tanya! I think most writers can relate to that statement *g*

I totally missed the new season of Project Runway. I'll have to put it in my Netflix queue. And I'm already missing Top Chef.

I also caught a few episodes of Leverage during its first season and loved it. I have so much catching up to do with my TV watching :-)

Beth said...

But, for some reason, last night I was thinking a reuben sandwich sounded good.

Deb, now you've got me craving a reuben too *g*

Hugs on the ice storm (we don't get ice, we just get tons of snow *g*) and keeping your parents in my thoughts!

One of my goals this year is to expand my reading horizons (if you will *g*). I have a nice pile of paranormal stories with darker themes that I'm looking forward to diving into :-)

Deb said...

Oh, Beth, we have tons of snow here in Iowa, usually. *o*

Christie Kelley said...

Great post, Beth!

Here are my answers:

Listening to: whatever comes on the radio while driving.

Reading: Red Kayak for my son's 7th grade book talk (it's like a book club. A parent reads the same book as a small group of the kids and then you go in one day to talk about the book with them)

Loving: A new cookbook I bought with quick recipes. I've got all my boys helping me with the cooking!

Watching: White Collar on USA Network

Looking forward to: Supernatural on Thursday at 9pm!!

Craving: Diet Coke

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Beth!Fun start to the day! ONLY 2 football games all year? I'd probably have withdrawl! Between the Buckeyes, the Browns, the Colts and the Cowboys, I get plenty of football all season long!

Here's my list:
Listening to--Bad Moon Rising by CCR...I've got old school rock on my iPod. I need the driving beat to keep me writing!

Reading-WARRIOR ASCENDED...a debut novel by Addison Fox coming out March 2nd. Addison will be visiting the Lair on March 3rd and I asked...wanted to read the book beforehand so I could ask good questions...(ah the perks of being a Bandita!!!) The book is fabulous!

Loving-My nearly cleaned and organized office. Yeppers! Managed to work my way through the huge piles of papers for filing, shredding or "dealing with" in some way. I abhor the chaos and am so glad I can now see the top of my filing cabinet and desk again~ :)

Watching-Castle, Leverage and NCIS...oh yeah AND "The Worst Cook In America" on the Food Network

Looking forward to- Thursdays...I babysit my grandbabies, all three under 3 for one day so their mamas and daddys can work or run errands! They wear me out, but are too much fun! Especially Aria who loves to help make lunch!

Craving-pepperoni pizza...hubby doesn't eat pork anymore, so pepperoni pizza is a rare treat for me!

Nancy said...

Mariska, congrats on the rooster!

Hi, Beth--Right now, I'm listening to/half watching JAG on the USA network. Last night, we watched the return of White Collar, and I'm looking forward to stuff blowing up on Burn Notice tomorrow night.

Reading Thames the Biography by Peter Ackroyd, a strange book that's an amalgam of history, philosophy, mythology, and maybe a little anthropology tossed in.

Loving the crossword puzzle book I got for Christmas.

Craving real cherry Coke from a real soda fountain--virtually impossible to get anymore.

Nancy said...

Gillian, have you noticed they've made a music video commercial for White Collar? I loved the comic book angle in last night's episode. Action Comics #1--if I had that, the boy's college would be assured.

Nancy said...

Hi, Tanya--the dh and I watch Castle together. Monday night was intense.

Nancy said...

Hi, Deb--I hope you get the answers you want on your parents' health.

Nancy said...

Beth, I've noticed the increasing darkness in paranormals. I've also noticed that paranormals, unlike many other subgenres on the romance shelves, feature continuing couples. The relationship dynamics are interesting.

Nancy said...

Christie, as you may'vge gathered, I LOVE White Collar! With that and Burn Notice coming back, I'm in boom heaven.

Nancy said...

Oh, nice, Suz! Taunt us with the fact that that you have this ARC of a book you say is fabulous. Is that any way to treat your fellow banditas and our buddies? *g*

Suzanne Welsh said...

Yes, Nancy, I've taunted you, but I need to read the book to ask the best questions in order to give YOU a great look into Addison's paranormal world....and Nancy...YOU are going to LOVE this book!

jo robertson said...

Clever post, Beth!

I'm watching CASTLE, great recent episode, more tender than funny.

Right now I'm absolutely craving Frosted Mini Wheats. I have no idea why, but I'm starting to eat them for breakfast AND dinner!


JAD said...

So, tell me what you're currently:

Listening to
the hum of the computer

Sue Crandall's new book

Carrie Vaughn's works and...
my new wip

Nothing right now

Looking forward to
hearing something good about my book.

a piece of banana bread

MsHellion said...

Listening to: Harry Potter (Sorcerer’s Stone), on CD. I listen to these books a lot. I find them relaxing to listen to when I drive.

Reading: Scoundrel’s Kiss (Carrie Lofty); Harry Potter (sometimes I read the book as I listen to the CD. Not at the same time, since I’m driving obviously); and Plot & Structure (James Scott Bell). I’ve been dying to buy some new writing craft books, but have restricted myself because I have about 40 books on almost conceivably every topic already….

Loving: my 400 thread count Egyptian sheets; my new fake-down comforter and blanket; my Harry Potter desk calendar (where I give myself stars every day that I accomplish certain goals); and whatever I manage to find in my cabinet to fix for supper because I really don’t feel like going to the store this week.

Watching: Under the Greenwood Tree (this took me about four tries to watch all the way through, but it grows on you); All About Steve (I didn’t want to watch it at first; but it’s on at the gym in the theater room where I use the elliptical, and it’s not too bad for something that bombed at the theaters); and Castle (I love that writer! He’s hilarious!) I might mention Harry Potter, but that seems obsessive as well as excessive.

Looking forward to: Harry Potter 7. November 19! I’m also looking forward to fulfilling my goals (ala desk calendar) so I can start rewarding myself with Amazon purchases again. (Yes, more Harry Potter stuff.) I’m also looking forward to Spring and daffodils and lilacs. I’m looking forward to getting my computer back (it had a virus and was totally messed up. *sighs* But it should be better now.)

Craving: Strawberry cupcakes. I’ve been trying to make the perfect strawberry cupcake that is sorta like a chocolate covered strawberry or a strawberry shortcake… I also miss chowder soup….

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

HI Beth!

Listening to: this very minute, Nickelback, yes, I am a hard rock music lover.

Reading: Carole Mortimer's "The Rake's Wicked Proposal"

loving: my wireless router! Now I can use my Itouch anywhere in the house, check emails, check the internet

watching: Fringe, Lie to Me, the BBC show, Spooks.

Looking forward to: Spring! Baseball! (Go Red Sox)

Craving: fresh seafood. Can't get it where I'm living, smack dab in the middle of Canada. WAH! I miss fresh clams and chips...wonder if my parents can Fedex me some from Nova Scotia...

Nancy said...

Suz wrote: Yes, Nancy, I've taunted you, but I need to read the book to ask the best questions in order to give YOU a great look into Addison's paranormal world....and Nancy...YOU are going to LOVE this book!

Ack! You're doing it again! Ack!

I'm going off to do class prep for a while, where I am at least nominally in CONTROL! *g*

Looking forward to Addison's book now, Ms. Promo Queen.

p226 said...

So, tell me what you're currently:
Listening to

That would be the whine of 8 computer system fans.


Textbooks. Shoot me.


My old single-stage press. It's making match .308 for me.


A topic I'd rather avoid here.

Looking forward to.



About a week on the open ocean somewhere near the equator.

Beth said...

Oh, Beth, we have tons of snow here in Iowa, usually.

Deb, hope you're not getting too much ice. I think ice storms are worse than snow storms since they seem to cause so many power outages :-(

Beth said...

Christie, what a cool book club idea! I tried to do that with my girls but their reading tastes are different from mine and each other *g*

I've heard good things about White Collar and it has the actor who played Bryce on Chuck so I know it has some pretty scenery ;-)

Beth said...

ONLY 2 football games all year? I'd probably have withdrawl!

LOL, Suz! I did have some symptoms of withdrawl, that's for sure. But I actually watched a game or two during the regular season and I've caught all 8 playoff games *g*

I can't wait until Addison's in the lair and tells us all about her debut!

I have 'clean my desk' on my to do list but as I still have a few pages to go for the day, I'm not sure I'll get to it. At least I know where everything is, even if it's messy :-)

Your Thursdays sound wonderful. I adore babies and toddlers *g*

Beth said...

Craving real cherry Coke from a real soda fountain--virtually impossible to get anymore.

That's so true, Nancy. And isn't it funny how when pop comes from a fountain it's either really good or really bad? My husband is all about the correct mix with his Coke which is why he loves to stop at McDonalds! He says they have the best Coke anywhere *g*

Burn Notice is another TV show that I want to watch from the beginning. Last fall when they had a marathon of it, my daughters and I caught a few episodes and really enjoyed it :-)

Beth said...

Nancy, I'm very interested in the shifting trends/themes in paranormals - mainly because I have a few para ideas I'd like to write *g*

I'm not sure how dark I'd go but at least two of my ideas definitely lean toward the dark side. But at least I get to do some research by reading fabulous books!

Beth said...

Right now I'm absolutely craving Frosted Mini Wheats. I have no idea why, but I'm starting to eat them for breakfast AND dinner!

LOL, Jo! I had Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast and craved them for a snack last night *g* I like the brown sugar ones. Yum!

Beth said...

Craving a piece of banana bread

Mmm...Jad, that does sound good! My kids love banana bread - even my older daughter who doesn't like bananas ;-)

Yay on loving your WIP! That's so important. I'm starting a new story and am falling hard for my hero *g*

Hope you hear good news about your book soon!

Beth said...

Hellion, we watched All About Steve on NYE and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I don't want to give away the ending to those who haven't seen it but I was really glad it ended the way it did.

Sounds as if you are kicking butt with your goals! I love that give yourself a star for reaching your goals. I keep thinking I need to do some sort of reward system but can't think of how to reward myself :-)

And those cupcakes sound seriously yummy!

Beth said...

Craving: fresh seafood.

Karyn, I love seafood! We don't get it fresh either but when my son and I went to Boston to check out a college, we had some wonderful seafood dishes. I'm actually planning on trying to recreate one I loved (seafood risotto with asparagus) later this week. Wish me luck :-)

Oh, and we're all hard lovers here, too!

Beth said...

About a week on the open ocean somewhere near the equator.

Sounds good to me, p226! I really need to consider moving since I'm sick of the cold and snow after only a few weeks. Unfortunately, the cold and snow usually last anywhere from 4 - 6 months *sigh*

And I don't envy you your textbook reading - not one bit.

Anna Campbell said...

Mariska, the chook is with you today! Well done!

Beth, what a gorgeous post. I love these quick pick lists. OK, here's mine:

Listening to: Something tinkly and piano-ey (wow, what a word) on ABC Classic FM radio.

Reading: A great debut Harlequin Desire by Sandra Hyatt called Having the Billionaire's Baby (which kinda gives away the plot somewhat!)

Loving: The pool. It's been SOOOOO hot here.

Watching: Bargain Hunt, Jeopardy!, Come Dine With Me Australia

Looking forward to: A visit from Christine Wells and Denise Rossetti.

Craving: Smith's Barbecue Chips

Gannon Carr said...

I love seeing what everyone is doing!

Listening to: The soundtrack of "Nine"

Reading: Just finished an ARC of Jennifer Estep's SPIDER'S BITE--fantastic urban fantasy. Suz, I have an ARC of WARRIOR ASCENDED, too, for reviewing at The Romance Dish. I'm just getting ready to start it--sounds great!

Loving: My new Nook. I will still buy hard copies of books, but I'm digging the e-reader!

Watching: Castle (I'm addicted!), White Collar (great characters and gorgeous Matthew Bomer!)

Looking forward to: RWA Nationals in Nashville!

Craving: Chocolate...always. Beth, that recipe for the fruit in the hot white chocolate sounds divine!

Anna Campbell said...

Suz, you lucky duck. I've been really looking forward to reading Addison's book!

Beth, I've become a bit of a Burn Notice addict. Which is really sad as my DVD provider only has the first series. I'm really hoping they get some more. That guy in it is so long and lean, yum! And I love the tongue in cheek feel of the stories.

Anna Campbell said...

Gannon, I'm really looking forward to seeing Nine. I think they made some really interesting casting decisions! And the clips on the Golden Globes looked great.

Jane said...

Listening to Snow Patrol

Reading Brenda Novak's "The Perfect Murder"

Loving my new coat and boots

Watching NCIS, 30 Rock, White Collar and Return to Cranford

Looking forward to the weekend and spring

Craving pizza and potato chips

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Beth,

Listening to hymns (we're in the parish choir.) Heard "Oh, Soul
Sister" this weekend. Very good!

Reading Sylvia Day's "The Stranger
I Married." Next: Julie Ann Long's
"Like No Other Lover."

Loving: Lots of soups & stews,
due to the extra-cold weather.

Watching: Bones, NCIS, CSI: Miami,
White Collar, Burn Notice.

Looking Towards: Spring. With you
on being tired of the cold, it
actually snowed in Houston! The
Pro Bowl, the Texans now have 5
members on the team!

Craving: Seafood, looking for new
recipes with Lent imminent.

Pat Cochran

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, love Snow Patrol. I know that Chasing Cars song was everywhere at one stage but I thought it was really beautiful so I didn't mind at all.

Is Return to Cranford a sequel to the BBC Cranford? I thought that was a great show - amazing acting!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, don't forget the Bandit invasion over at the Romance Dish today. The joint is really rocking (and exploding as we've got the Boom girls on duty!).

Oh, and great prizes!

Pissenlit said...


...Listening to:
- Switchfoot's Hello Hurricane album
- Glee soundtracks(1&2)
- Andrea Wittgens' In the Skyline album

- C.S. Harris' Why Mermaids Sing
- Mark Del Franco's Skin Deep(reread)

- Mary Maxim Starlette yarn's Midnight Sky colourway
- my mug of Red Rose Tea(Canadian blend)

- NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, Bones, The Big Bang Theory

...Looking Forward To:
- watching the new White Collar episode
- new episodes of Psych

- fish and chips
- a large half-orange, half-grape slushie
- chocolate cake

Pissenlit said...

Oops, I forgot about Castle. Watching that too. :)

Helen said...

Congrats Mariska have fun with him

I usually listen to my CD's from the 70's although I got the Susan Boyle CD and am loving it

Tangled Up In Love Heidi Betts very good

Spending time with my grandkids and finding me time as well

The Cricket on TV love it

Looking forward to
Autumn and winter I am so over all of this hot weather we are having

They have just released white chocolate Tim Tams here in Australia and they are so yummy.

Great idea I too love finding out what people are doing

Have Fun

Susan Sey said...

Hi, Beth!

Chit Chat! What a great idea! And your favorite things all sound great to me! I'm totally into Glee right now, too. It's crazy addictive. It also makes me think that in my next life, I want to come back with a huge singing voice (in addition to curly hair & long legs and social skills.)

I'm ignoring that whole white chocolate/heavycream/frozen berries thing. I had a torrid affair with a bag of peanut m & ms over the weekend and am still trying to recover. :-)

Nancy said...

p226, I'm reading textbooks, too. Or re-reading them. At least I have the advantage of getting to choose them.

I could go for a week at the equator, and so could the boy. The dh, not so much. He prefers mountains to beaches, but that would be okay, too.

Nancy said...

Ms. Hellion, 400 TC sheets sound absolutely divine!

We're big on Harry Potter, too, but we don't have as much time as we'd like for movies just now.

Lots of votes for Castle today!

Nancy said...

I LOVE all the White Collar, Burn Notice, and Castle mentions here!

Anna C., Burn Notice Season 2 was pretty fabulous. I hope your DVD provider gets them soon.

I'm rewarding myself with the Smallville Talon mix when I finish this most recent round of partials. Or maybe the Smallville Metropolis mix. Or maybe both.

Nancy said...

Gannon, many of us are looking forward to Nashville, too.

I'm with Susan in avoiding chocolate thoughts, though. If only I could so easily avoid the chocolate in the kitchen. But it calls to me every time I walk through--which I have to do to get from the front of the house to the back. There's this "Psst! Over here!"

So I have to put my fingers in my ears and go "lalalalala" until I'm through. *sigh*

Nancy said...

Beth, I am so with your dh. The mix of syrup and soda water is critical--most places have too much of the former, and the Cokes are sickly-sweet. But a good, old-fashioned soda fountain, where you could watch them squirt in the cherry, always got it right.

Jane said...

Yes, Anna, Return to Crandford is the sequel. Have you heard Snow Patrol's new single "Just Say Yes"? It's a beautiful song. I'm sure you'll love it.

Beth said...

Looking forward to: A visit from Christine Wells and Denise Rossetti.

Lucky you!! I'm envious *g* When is the visit?

Don't you love reading a fabulous debut book? I'll have to check it out :-)

Bargain Hunt sounds interesting. I take it it's a shopping show?

Nancy said...

Anna Campbell wrote: The joint is really rocking (and exploding as we've got the Boom girls on duty!).

Why thank you, Anna. I love the designation.

Beth said...

Craving: Chocolate...always. Beth, that recipe for the fruit in the hot white chocolate sounds divine!

Gannon, it is sooo good! I'm going to try it with different chocolates although I'm not sure I can top the white chocolate *g*

Hearing about all of these fabulous Urban Fantasies has me chomping at the bit to get to my TBR pile!

And I've been looking forward to Nationals since I got home from DC last summer ;-)

Beth said...

Beth, I've become a bit of a Burn Notice addict.

I'm guessing I'll become addicted, too, Fo. Which is probably why I haven't watched it yet. I want to get through all the episodes of Chuck and Leverage before I start something new.

Oh, and I saw the show Psych once and it cracked me up so that's on my list as well :-)

Beth said...

Hi, Jane! Another White Collar fan! Cool *g*

I bought new boots and a coat before Christmas and I'm still loving them both! But I hate to let my lovely boots get wet from the snow :-)

Beth said...

Loving: Lots of soups & stews,
due to the extra-cold weather.

Hey, Pat! I'm hungry for cheesy potato soup. I might have to make a batch this weekend (in my wonderful new stock pot, of course *g*)

Do you think it's weird they're having the Pro Bowl BEFORE the Superbowl? I just hope no one playing in the Superbowl gets hurt.

Sorry to hear about the snow!

Virginia said...

Listening to Dear John audio book! I am reading Donna MacMeans The Trouble with Moonlight and loving it! I have been watching the new season of American Idol. Looking forward to going to visit my sister on Friday and have been Craving anything sweet, chocolate, oatmeal spice raisin cookies, any thing that has sugar in it.

Beth said...

...Craving:- fish and chips

Pissenlit, now I'm craving fish and chips, too! Yum!

And I love Criminal Minds! Actually, my 12 yr old loves it too but it's so intense and chilling I have a hard time letting her watch it unless I'm there to cover her eyes *g* That kid of mind does love a mystery!

Nancy said...

Beth--cheesey potato soup? Can I have some?

And just BTW, the new season of Chuck features yummy Brandon Routh, last seen wearing the big red S and flying Kate Bosworth around Metropolis.

Wonder if that means Adam Baldwin left?

Beth said...

They have just released white chocolate Tim Tams here in Australia and they are so yummy.

Yum, Helen! I'm a big white chocolate fan so these would be right up my alley *g*

My husband got the Susan Boyle CD for Christmas from the kids and he loves it as well :-)

Beth said...

I had a torrid affair with a bag of peanut m & ms over the weekend and am still trying to recover.

LOL, Susan! Peanut M&Ms are my absolute favorite treat! I don't buy them but my mom always has a bag waiting for me when I eat lunch with her on Saturdays *g*

My girls and I are going to watch the first episode of Glee tonight! I can't wait :-)

Beth said...

Hi, Virginia! Isn't The Trouble With Moonlight fabulous? Donna's books never disappoint :-)

Hope you have a great time with your sister!

Beth said...

Beth--cheesey potato soup? Can I have some?

Of course! But I'll warn you, it's cold up here *g*

I hadn't heard that about Brandon Routh (loved him in Superman Returns!) being on Chuck! I caught one episode this season and Adam Baldwin was in it so I'm not sure what's going on. I'll have to check NBCs site *g*

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Beth - I'm afraid I'm going to be the boring one here.

Listening to - silence. When I'm lost in my world, I don't even think to put on music so it's been quiet here.

Reading - The Last Meal on the Titanic - did you know that the Victorians ate 11 course meals! Not all the time, of course - but that was their idea of entertaining. i'm including one in my current book, plus I'm planning one for when my gourmet group comes here for dinner this summer.

Loving - my new Apple laptop that my husband gave me for Christmas. Still learning how it differs from my PC.

Watching - the American Idol auditions ...Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground...

Craving - food!! I'm doing my regular New Year's resolution of losing weight - and have lost 5 pounds but seriously - is it worth it?

Looking forward to Spring - I'm tired of winter!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Nancy, now I want my DVD people to get BN even more!

Jane, Return to Cranford sounds lovely. It will turn up on the ABC here, I'm sure. I have heard the new Snow Patrol song - I think they write really nice lyrics.

Beth, Bargain Hunt is a BBC Show where contestants get money to spend at an antique fair and then they have to sell what they buy at an auction and hopefully make a profit. It's good fun and they always do a segment where the host, an antiques expert, goes to a stately home and talks about some aspect of the architecture or decor. I kid myself it's research!

Christine and Denise are hopefully coming up in Feb! Seafood and the pool and lots to drink. Sounds like a party in the lair!

Tawny said...

Ooooh fun. And you have such interesting taste in reading material, Beth *g*


Listening to: Daughter practice piano

Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Loving: Um, that Beth liked my book *g*

Watching: at the moment, nothing. Might rewatch Castle later though

Looking forward to: finishing the book I'm trying to write

Craving: Sees chocolate covered caramels with nuts.

Nancy said...

Beth, I saw Brandon Routh in a Chuck video preview clip on the Smallville fan site,

I doubt he has a huge role.

Nancy said...

Donna, another good book about Victorians and food is The Life and Strange Times of Mrs. Beeton, who was the Happy Homemaker of Britain, sort of a Betty Crocker on the marketing front.

Joan said...

Listening to "Let's Just Dance" Josh Turner.

Reading Goddess of the Hunt Tessa Dare

Loving My massage today

Watching Going TO watch Spartacus on Starz...

Looking forward to Spring

Craving Anything salty.....

Nancy said...

Joan, the boy and I were on the road this weekend and saw a billboard for Spartacus. He asked who Spartacus was, and I told him, a slave who escaped and led a slave revolt against the Roman Empire. "It didn't end well," I said.

"I guess not," he muttered.

When the dh was in college, he had a signed, self-published (because Howard Fast was blacklisted) copy of Spartacus. And this WOMAN he was involved with took it when they broke up. I told him he needs to track her down and get back the boy's college tuition, but he just laughed. *sigh*

Beth said...

The Last Meal on the Titanic - did you know that the Victorians ate 11 course meals!

Donna, I did not know that! What a great bit of trivia *g* And you belong to a gourmet group? Very cool!!

Yay to you on the weight loss!!

Beth said...

Bargain Hunt is a BBC Show where contestants get money to spend at an antique fair and then they have to sell what they buy at an auction and hopefully make a profit.

Anna, that show sounds like great fun! Love the premise and I love looking for treasures at estate sales and flea markets *g*

Beth said...

Ooooh fun. And you have such interesting taste in reading material, Beth *g*

*g* Thank you! And I'm looking forward to your next book as well. Now get back to work so I can read ALL of this fabulous story :-)

Beth said...

Nancy, it looks as if Brandon was on the Chuck episode that aired Monday and will be on a few episodes. I watched part of it on NBCs site but will have to watch the whole thing tomorrow *g*

Beth said...

Joan, I am so ready for spring. We had Starz for a few weeks and I saw the preview for Spartacus and I have to admit, it looks fantastic! I bet my son would really love it, too :-)

Louisa Cornell said...

Congrats, Mariska !! Enjoy your time with him, but don't turn your back on our Golden Boy!

Listening to : Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughan Williams

Love ANYTHING by this amazing composer!

Reading : If He's Wicked by Hannah Howell (and YES, he is!)

Loving : My new fuzzy red bathrobe. Very warm and soft and it makes the dogs and cats want to snuggle with me all the time.

Watching : CSI (the original) and I am planning a day of Cranford, North and South and a couple of Jane Austen adaptations when I start my mini vacation on Feb. 5th

Looking forward to : My Mini Vacation - four day weekend the first weekend in February!

Craving : Cadbury chocolate !

Beth said...

Louisa, your robe sounds wonderful! I'm all for fuzzy, soft and warm and red is my favorite color :-)

Enjoy your mini vacation!

Stephanie J said...

That recipe is calling my name...

Listening to Glee!

Reading Proof by Seduction by Courtney Milan.

Loving my yogurt machine and my revamped WIP plot.

Watching the BBC Emma (on Sunday!). I cannot wait.

Looking forward to seeing my family and friends over the weekend and buying a Kindle.

Craving pop. I gave it up back in Dec. and it's really starting to creep into my mind again!

Joan said...

The Last Meal on the Titanic - did you know that the Victorians ate 11 course meals! it wouldn't have sank so FAST if they'd done a WW meal...

Just sayin'

Cassondra said...

OOOOOO, Beth, that white chocolate berry recipe sounds phenomenal!

But you does one know if one has "good" white chocolate?

Is there any bad white chocolate?



Reading? Lessee...Feng Shui your Life. Can't remember the author but I'll go look if anybody wants to know. It's good.

I'm not watching anything...oh, wait.. I got Sex & the City on DVD last fall, and I'm about to start season 2. I guess that counts.

Listening...hmmm...I have my ipod with me all the time. It's always on shuffle, so that's hard to say. I DO have a new DVD that was given to us (the Bandits) and I get to review it. I'll report on that here on the blog probably next month. :0)

Looking forward to? SPRING! Spring, spring, spring, spring, spring! I want it to hurry up. It's been a cold winter.

Craving? Chocolate truffles. There's a whole box right over there on the counter. I can't have any. I started a new workout routine and I'm back on my diet. But I haven't gotten to the part where I've stopped craving sweets. That's the big hump for me. I'm such a sweet-a-holic.

These are good chocolate truffles, too. :0/

mariska said...

Listening to : Nothing, as It's very rare for me to listen to any songs nowadays. except my son's beautiful voice : ) " Mommy can i have that chocolate cake ? "

Reading : I'm soooooo very slow when it comes to read a book, since i read two or three books at a time. I still Have Kylie Brant's Waking the dead, Laura Brodie's The Widow's Season, and The Wicked Game by Jeri-Smith Ready

Loving : My Everyday Life as a full time mommy to my 3yos son !

Watching : New Moon (again and again!), CSI, Fringe

Looking forward to : Another Vacation : ) I'm so want to have another trip to my DH's home town. it just feel great to travel again *hehehehe*

Craving : for Great PAstas *anyone knows to make a Great pastas ?*

Beth said...

Loving my yogurt machine

A yogurt machine, Stephanie? Tell me more!

And I always crave pop - and I'm thrilled to find another person who calls it that instead of soda *g*

Beth said...

But you does one know if one has "good" white chocolate? Is there any bad white chocolate?

Well, I'm of the belief that there IS such a thing as bad white chocolate or even regular chocolate. And I don't eat bad chocolate *g*

The original recipe suggested using Valrhona as a good choice. I used Nestle because in my small town, we don't have many choices of chocolate ;-)

Good luck avoiding the truffles!

Beth said...

Loving : My Everyday Life as a full time mommy to my 3yos son !

Enjoy it, Mariska! My son graduates high school in a few months so I've been thinking quite a bit about how much fun it was when he was little. And 3 is a great age :-)