Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"I Spy" A New Series by Jo Davis!

interview with Suz

We're welcoming my very good friend, Jo Davis, back to the Lair today, not to talk about firefighters, but SPIES! I've been looking forward to the debut of this book and bringing Jo here to give us the details. Be prepared dear readers, you'll need a fan and the air conditioning to help you get through reading this erotic suspense series!

Suz:With your latest foray into the world of Erotic Suspense you've delivered a new series for our readers to devour. Care to give us a look into the world of sexy spies?

Jo: The idea for the SHADO Agency series resulted from my love of spy thrillers. I'm a fan of James Bond and the BOURNE thrillers, and just about any spy story out there. When faced with creating a new series, I thought what fun it would be to write a spy series, and seriously turn up the sexual heat to scorching levels?and the SHADO Agency was born. My visit this previous summer to the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. fueled my imagination even more. What an intriguing world of disguise, subterfuge, and danger! There was no way I could resist.

The mission: Seduce…and Eliminate.

Jude St. Laurent is a former assassin for SHADO, a covert homeland security agency. After a mysterious accident causes gaping holes in his memory, he embraces his career as an artist, pouring vibrant, colorful life into his erotic paintings, and he often seeks solace in the arms of his subjects. But when he’s haunted by visions of the past, he turns to his new personal assistant for help—and she knows just how to make him forget.

Lily Vale is not what she seems. An agent as deadly as St. Laurent , she uses sex to manipulate her targets—and always gets her man. When she’s sent on a mission to kill Jude, she’s startled—and aroused—to find that he’s not the monster she expects. As Lily succumbs to Jude’s decadent sexual lifestyle, one wicked sin at a time, she realizes that there’s more to this case than meets the eye—and if she’s going to save them both, she’ll have to found out who’s pulling the strings.

Suz: The book starts off with a bang:


“Sweet Christ.”

Elbows on the ratty desk, John Sandborn dropped his face into his hands. In the wake of this terrible exercise of connect the dots, he’d be goddamned lucky if he didn’t wind up at the bottom of the Atlantic. In five different oil drums.

Because a traitorous, murdering bastard was coming for him. No doubt about it.

If he had a whisper of a prayer of avoiding a grisly fate, he had to work fast.

Clicking the X in the top right corner of the laptop’s screen, he closed the classified file and opened another. Fingers flying, he activated a program he’d hoped never to use, but was damned glad he’d put into place. Next, he composed a simple coded message a ten-year-old couldn’t decipher, yet not so difficult a trusted operative couldn’t, either.

“Okay . . . got it.” He blew out a deep breath. It wasn’t perfect, but would have to do.

Last, he opened his e-mail and hit Send. He waited, every muscle tense, while the new files, along with the classified one, shot to six different destinations and burrowed into six different hard drives. A high-tech worm that would make any hacker cream in his shorts—and just might save his ass.

Action complete.

Sandborn attacked the keyboard again, clicking rapidly. His instincts screamed Get out, but he didn’t dare leave the last two tasks undone.

Precious seconds were whittled away, scraping his nerves raw, as he accessed the script file he’d written to initiate the virus that would destroy his hard drive. The final box popped onto the screen, and he executed his CTRL+F+U command.

Sandborn gave a grim chuckle at the double entendre in his chosen three-finger salute and wiped the sweat from his brow. Time to make like a ghost.

The door to his motel room burst open, hitting the inside wall like a gunshot. Sandborn spun, the SIG from the desktop already in hand, arm leveling at the leader of the traitor’s cleanup crew.

Too late. A pop split the air, and pain blossomed in his chest. He stumbled backward, managing to get off a shot, the explosion deafening in the tiny space. The leader went down with a grunt as Sandborn trained his gun on the second man, tried to squeeze the trigger. And couldn’t. His arm fell limp and useless to his side.

The second man crossed the room, a smirk on his ugly, pockmarked face. Cold overtook the pain, spreading from Sandborn’s chest to his limbs. Numbing every muscle. Looking down, he stared in fascinated horror at the dart embedded in his left pectoral.

He swayed, speaking quickly. His life depended on it. “Tell your boss I know everything. I put safeguards in place, and he’ll never find them without me,” he rasped, the drug freezing his vocal cords, fast. “If I die . . . the whole world will know . . . what he’s done.”

Sandborn’s legs buckled and he slumped to the floor, completely nerveless. Aware, but paralyzed, along for the ride and at their mercy. A nightmare.

A pair of heavy-soled leather boots appeared in his line of vision as the second man paused, obviously peering at the laptop. “You smart-ass sonofabitch,” Crater Face hissed.

John Sandborn’s last image was a snapshot of the man’s right shitkicker rocketing toward his face.

Suz: WOW! Jude St. Laurent, the hero of I SPY A WICKED SIN, is a very damaged hero. What is it that makes wounded men so sexy and how did you come about giving him the flaws in this story?

Jo: I think there's something about a tortured or damaged hero that brings out the caring and nurturing side of a woman. At least that's true for me. I want to fix it, make it all better-but not before he's put through the wringer. With Jude, I knew from the beginning he was blind and had holes in his memory due to the villain having his mind swept. (Think Bourne Identity) I said to myself, "A blind former assassin/spy? Are you nuts? He'll be such a difficult hero to write!" But it didn't matter. Jude was what he was, period. As with all my heroes, once he introduced himself to me, that was it. And on top of memory loss, can you imagine having one of your most relied-upon senses denied you, while becoming increasingly aware that you're not what you believed and that your life is in terrible danger? The challenge was too much fun to resist.

Suz: In I SPY A WICKED SIN Lily Vale is a very beautiful operative of SHADO. What is her area of expertise?

Jo: Like Jude, Lily is an assassin, and she's posing as Jude's new personal assistant. Her job in this case is to locate computer files that Jude hid regarding the theft of a weapon of mass destruction, a theft he was supposedly instrumental in pulling off. Then she'll eliminate him. Lily uses her sex appeal to bring down her targets in a much more?hands on manner than most agents. In particular, she's very proficient in using poisons that don't leave a trace?

Suz: A Jo Davis erotica wouldn't be complete without a ménage. Liam O'Neil is the third member of this trio. Is he also a spy for SHADO?

Jo: No, our sweet Liam is Jude's in-house chef, companion, and sometime lover. He's a young man with a big, open heart and almost stole the story from my clutches before I quite knew what happened. I adore Liam, and completely balked at a suggestion while writing the book that I kill him off! SO not happening! I hope readers love him as much as I do.

Suz: Since I SPY A WICKED SIN is the first of this series, will we be seeing these characters in the other books?

Jo: The two characters that will carry over from the beginning of the three-book series are handsome SHADO leader Michael Ross and the villain, ex-SHADO right-hand man and traitor Robert Dietz. The first two books in the series will have a conclusion, but Michael and Dietz will have their final showdown in the last book. Also, book two will introduce someone very important to Michael's story.

Suz: And I can't have Jo Davis in the lair without asking? WHEN will we be seeing the next firefighter book?

Jo: I'm so glad you asked! Tommy Skyler's story, LINE OF FIRE, will be released on May 4, 2010! The team's youngest hottie will get his story, and it sets up an explosive plot for the final book, RIDE THE FIRE, Captain Sean Tanner's story coming in December! In Tommy's story, lives will be irrevocably changed. Think of these last two books in the series as dominos falling, setting off a chain reaction?

Suz: Jo, thanks for being here today. We love having you with us. Do you have a closing question for our readers?

Jo: Sure do, Which type of action hero is your favorite in books, TV, or movies (cop, firefighter, Navy SEAL/other military, spy, etc.) and who is your favorite action hero of all time?

Jo will be giving away a signed copy of I SPY A WICKED SIN to one of our commeters today!


Laurie said...

I’ve always wanted to see what happens when being the first poster here. Is the GR a man to take home? ;)

Linda Henderson said...

Well I like action heroes that are Navy Seals, fireman, law enforcement, spies, and just about any alpha male. My favorite action hero is probably James Bond. My favorite being the Sean Connery version.

Laurie said...

Oooh... a wounded hero and hot, dark suspense! I like the idea of the heroine being an assassin. A strong female character that finds that nuturing part of herself?

I have loved heroes from many occupations but my favorites have been Navy Seals - especially Suzanne Brockmann's.

Virginia said...

Congrats Laurie on nabbing the rooster today! Have fun with him!

Great interview Jo! I love Seals, Fireman and spies, hey you can't help but love them all! You just can't beat a good romantic suspense!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Laurie, you get the rambunctious Golden Rooster to take home. Lucky you - just batten down the hatches and keep the cleaning stuff handy! He's a major menace when he gets going! Um, the Golden Rooster is male. Not sure I'd call him a man. Hmm, what do you reckon, Banditas? He definitely likes to strut about his little henhouse, though!

Jo, great to see you back again. Your new book sounds absolutely incendiary! And I'm not making a pun about your firefighters. Well, maybe I am! Suz, thanks for inviting Jo here again.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Laurie! Congrats on nabbing the Rooster. What plans will you have for him today?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Linda! Those action heroes do get the drool factor going, don't they? And Sean was such a sexy James Bond, but then James Bond is such a sexy character, he makes almost any actor look good in the role, doesn't he?

I think Matt Damon was the perfect spy in the Bourne Identity.

Jane said...

Hi Jo,
Congrats on the upcoming release. I'm looking forward to your SHADO Agency series. I'm a big fan of crime drama and romantic suspense so most of my favorite heroes are federal agents(Fox Mulder, Gibbs and DiNozzo, Derek Morgan) and spies(Jason Bourne.) My favorite action hero would be Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Congrats on the GR, Laurie.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Laurie, I love Brockmann's Seals, too. Jo's firefighters and now her SHADO spies rate right up there in my opinion of sexy heroes! I think you'll enjoy reading about them.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Virginia, have you gotten to read JO's firefighters? You will definitely love them.

And I have to tell you that Jude St. Laurent has become one of my favorite wounded heroes.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Jane! Another Gibbs and DiNozzo fan!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

What do you all like about spies?

Mitzi H. said...

I love alpha hero stories....but if I had to choose a favorite in my lifefime (which is a long long time) I'd have to say James Bond...And Sean is still the best looking man (imo) in his kilt!!!

On TV, the show I was not allowed to watch growing up was Burke's Law....(I know that really dates me)...but he was a ladies man and my mother did not think I was old enough to....hmmmm....appreciate the story?.

All I can say is that I like my him cop, firefighter, spy, be aggressive, protective, loving and verbal...Hehehe.

Congrats on your new series!!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Anna! How are things down under today? If you have asbestos panties, it might be best to wear them while reading I SPY A WICKED SIN...ohhhhhh my!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Mitzi! Not to argue the point about Sean looking oh so fine in his kilt, but have you googled "Gerard Butler in a kilt"? ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah

Kirsten said...

I love cops, all cops really. Although NOT INCLUDING, mind you, TV/movie cops like Leslie Nielsen!!!

It's not really their uniform. Having said that it does look good on a man. No it's the enforcing the law, being the law that gives me this, I don't know, safe and seduced feeling.

Him being the knight (with or without shiny armor) that rescues me the (not so helpless) maiden from evil.

Cops are (in my mind) honorable and fair, true of heart and very sexy.

I also love firefighters and spies for similar/obvious reasons.

Laurie said...

Hmmm... Forgive me if this is obvious, but what do you do with a golden rooster? And if he's rambunctious and makes a mess, why do I want to bring him home? After all, I have a husband for that!

Helen said...

Congrats Laurie have fun with him

Waving Hi to you Jo and Hi Suzanne what a great interview this new series sounds totally awesome I know how much I have loved the firefighters of station 5 I have Hidden Fire on the TBR pile won't be long and I will be reading that one.

I love spies and cops and firefighters all of them. One of my favourites is Sean Connery as James Bond and Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon.

Have Fun

Laurie said...

When I first started reading romance, I enjoyed several of Diana Palmer's ex-military men (mercenaries) or Texas Rangers. They were so honorable, reserved, steady....
Eb Scott Cy Parks, Cash Greir, Judd Dunn to name a few.

I also love Catherine Mann's ex- military men.

I love their CODE OF HONOR!

Favorite action figure: GI JOE!!

Congrats Laurie on the GR!

Jo Davis said...

Good Morning! Wow, a gal has to get up pretty early to beat you guys! :) I'm so glad to be back, thanks for having me!

Jo Davis said...

Good morning, Laurie!

You got the GR! Say, I think the Banditas should give a rooster to the person who gets the most during the year. :)

I agree--I'm a huge fan of Suzanne Brockmann and her SEALS!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Linda,
Great to see you here! I love the Bond movies. Hard to say which Bond man was my favorite, but I grew up in the era of Roger Moore.

Ouch, I just dated myself! :)

Jo Davis said...

Good morning, Anna!
Thanks, it's great to be back! Luv the pun. Like the firefighters, those spies are scorching! :)

Jo Davis said...

Good morning, Suz! Thanks for having me back today! I always love visiting the Bandits-you all make me feel so welcome!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Jane!
Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy the new series. I'm having such fun writing for my spies because here's a world without too many rules except there must be plenty of action--of both kinds! :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Mitzi!
Sounds like Sean Connery is in the lead so far for hero. :)

I agree on those traits for a great hero, plus honest, loyal and sexy. (I think all of those traits make a man sexy in my eyes!)

Thanks for the congrats!

Jo Davis said...

Good morning, Kirsten!
I love cops, too! They were the first heroes I recall on TV, cops and lawmen of the old West. Yum. :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Helen!

Thanks so much for the congrats! I'm glad you're enjoying the firefighters series and hope you love Hidden Fire! Jules was a special challenge, and I believe he really came through as a hero. :)

Ooh, I'd forgotten about Mel in the Lethal Weapon movies! I adored him back then.

Oh! I was toootallly in love/lust with Tom Selleck as Magnum PI!!

MsHellion said...

Damn, that title alone is so hot, I nearly don't feel the weather outside my door--which is saying something because it's like in the 20s, I think. That's one of the best titles I've read in a long, long time!!

And the premise sounds amazing!

And I've totally forgotten what the question was we're supposed to be commenting to because I was so strung out about the title...

Suzanne Welsh said...

JO, I have to agree with Kirsten about the sense of honor and fairness most cops have and give to others. I find a stand-up guy who believes in protecting the innocent and helping the victims to be VERY sexy. Now add in being a secret agent and well...could anything be better?

MsHellion said...

Okay, sorry, now I'm paying attention again. Favorite action hero.

In books, it's the Dark Hunters--which in a sense are "cops"--or at least warriors, even though they're on the paranormal side.

Though I do love me some assassins. I think it's because they're the "bad boy"--more so than the cop, who is equally hot, but who I imagine is a bit more starchy with the rules. Assassins have no rules. (But I like comedy with my assassins, so I like Leslie Langtry's assassin series as an example.)

My favorite TV hero are the cops. I cannot stop watching Law & Order: SVU. Elliott is such the tortured hero...and sometimes he loses it and starts breaking rules...and I just adore him.

And people keep mentioning Navy SEALS. I love the Navy, just on principal.

On the big screen, my favorite action heroes are the new Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man (not big on the comics, but I agree he adds something), Will Turner and Jack Sparrow (they had action!), and Harry Potter. Though I have to say, in my formative years, Kurt Russell from Backdraft was the HOTTEST alpha hero. I loved that movie--and firemen. (Though I know they'd never enter a building without gear or definitely headgear.)

Lord, how's a girl to pick just one?

Gannon Carr said...

Hi, Jo! You always write uber sexy heroes, just the way I like 'em! :) I love firefighters, Seals, cops, and all alpha hotties. Bring 'em on, baby. LOL

Sean Conner IS James Bond, no question about it!

Jo, I'm right there with you on the crush on Tom Selleck as Magnum, P.I. So sexy!

Jo Davis said...

Good Morning MsHellion!

Glad you like the title! I came up with the "I SPY" idea and the first 2 titles. I SPY A NAUGHTY GAME is #2. Suz came up with #3, I SPY A DARK OBSESSION. :))

Hope you enjoy the series, and it keeps you much warmer than 20 degrees!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Gannon!
Great to chat with you again! Thanks so much, I do luv writing my heroes. Or bringing them to life, I should say, 'cause they're real to me. Weird, but true. :)

Sean C is probably the best "Bond". Pierce Brosnan had a handsome look and yummy accent, but he was a bit too pretty to be Bond to me, not rugged enough.

I do like the new Bond guy, tho--what the heck is his name? My dear friend and author Addison Fox is nuts about him!

Minna said...

Do I have to choose?
One of my favorites is Fraser from Due South.

Due South

Jo Davis said...

Hi Minna,
I've never watched Due South. What type of heroes are they and who stars in it? I don't watch much TV at all these days--no time.

Note that most of my TV heroes are oldies. :)

Susan Sey said...

Good morning, Jo and Suz! Wow, Jo, your I Spy series definitely sounds hot! I'll have to get my hands on it ASAP!

In terms of the heroes that do it for me personally, though, I like the ones who sandbag their way through the early stages--totally convincing people they're harmless and maybe, possibly, not very bright. Then when they have you exactly where they want you, they dazzle you with the master plan & a whole lot of unexpected competence. Yum. :-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Jo! Great to have you back in the Lair! I'm popping in for a moment to wave *waving* and to say how much I'm looking forward to both this series and the next firefighter book. :>

As to heroes, I'm a huge fan of the Saint, and Mission Impossible (the old one, not the movies) which is why I like this new show, Leverage. Really cool.

On action heroes, I loved Matt Damon in Bourne, and of course, Connery as Bond. Gotta admit that Brosnan did pretty well with him though. Loved Brosnan in the Thomas Crowne Affair as well. Grins. Subterfuge. Love me some subterfuge. Hahaha!

Hope you have a great day in the Lair! (Suz, wonderful interview, as always!)

Minna said...

Here's info about the series:
I absolutely loved it! It's one of those series I want to have on DVD one of these days.

Due South Vocabulary Lesson (sadly, the audio has been disabled here)

Due South - The Mountie Song Revisited

Jo Davis said...

Hi Susan!
Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy Jude's story. :)

I know what type of hero you're talking about. I know I've read stories like that, I just can't think of an example right off hand.

Oh, the new Bond man is Daniel Craig! That was making me crazy. He's good in the role, and more edgy than the others, I think.

Jo Davis said...

Good morning, Jeanne!
Thank you! It's great to be back. I hope you enjoy the new series, and Tommy's story LINE OF FIRE as well. Tommy's book just flowed straight onto the page, and I can't wait for release day!

Mission Impossible! Oh, that takes me back some. My parents never missed it!

Is anyone else having problems posting all of a sudden? I'm having loads of Blogger errors, which has never happened to me before. Humph!

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Jo *waving* welcome back to the Lair and thanks for hosting her, Suz, so we can hear about yet more of Jo's sexy hunks!

I know Connery was a great Bond, but as he's a wife-beater, I can't stand him! But, if all of you want to hang onto Sean, I'll keep Daniel Craig happy *g*.

Oh, Ms Hellion - I adore Kurt Russell in Backdraft and in Tombstone.

I'm all for action heroes of any kind, but I admit a soft spot for the bad boys.

And, for the ones who are clever, as opposed to just good at the fighting - hence the Jason Bourne/Indiana Jones/Mission Impossible appeal. Oh and those naughty Ocean's boys!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Anna!
I'm glad to be here. Oh, yes, someone mentioned Matt Damon as Jason Bourne! I just love those movies, and I was surprised by how much I liked him in that role. At first, I'm like "He's so 'boy next door'! Will I buy him as a spy?" But he's awesome!

Matt Damon would make a great Tommy Skyler, btw... :)

Donna MacMeans said...

Laurie - congratulations on the Golden Rooster! He is a manly fowl, and oh so talented (grin).

Jo - You do know how to warm up a cold winter day! The new series sounds great. I'm rather fond of spies myself. Love the James Bond series - every one of them.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Jo, I've only seen the MI's in reruns and on video, but they are so clever and always with the twist.

Donna, I wasn't sure I'd buy Matt Damon as Jason Bourne either, but he's gooooood.

Blogger is being a beast this morning, Jo. I've gotten no less than 4 error messages just trying to post. Urg.

Jo Davis said...

Hi Donna!
Hope all is well with you! Yep, nothing like a hot spy for a cold winter's day. :)

jo robertson said...

Welcome back to the Lair, Jo! Wow, firefighters now spies! WTG!

I Spy a Wicked Sin sounds great. I love dark and wounded heroes and enjoy my spies suave and sophisticated with a touch of the animal beneath!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Jo!

Yep, I'm staying busy with those bad boys! hehe

*sophisticated with a touch of the animal beneath*

Oooh, I like that! :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Ms. Hellion! I've loved these titles since Jo came up with the series idea. We brain stormed a bit and the third book title, I SPY A DARK OBSESSION was one that popped into my head! AND like any good critique partner, JO is making me wait until the third book to see how she uses it! GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Anna S! How about Kurt Russel in Executive Decision? OMG! That man can rock a tux and action hero all in one! And of course I loved him in Backdraft and Tombstone, as well!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Gannon! Tom's Magnum made the 80's so much more enjoyable, didn't he? Have you seen him in the Jesse Stone series? Talk about your tortured heroes!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Susan...uhm, you wouldn't by chance be a fan of Get Smart, now would you? Would you believe, my daughter bought my husband the first two years of that show on DVD? We've been cracking up watching it!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Jeanne!

The Saint movie with Val Kilmer was excellent! Even up to the end I wasn't sure how he was going to get them out of it and if he really was a good guy after all!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Minna! I remember Due South. About a straight laced Canadian Mountie who comes south to track a criminal, then ends up staying over to learn from the Chicago police, but ends up teaching them a thing or two, right? Short lived, but very good series!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Donna!

If you think the interview is warming up your cold winter day, wait til next Tuesday when the book comes out and grab one up. I guarantee it will warm up more than just your day!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey, JoMama!

You know, that's sort of what the Bond guys all made me think, (Well, Sean, Pierce and now Daniel), here's this really suave, but leathally alpha male, who wouldn't hesitate to protect his woman or his country.

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Ok, I have to gush over that cover. Wow, and the excerpt pulled me right in. Wonderful!!

I am going to go with James Bond, but I want to mention the books, not the movies. Written in the late 50's, they are certainly sexist to a point, but of all of Ian Fleming's books, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" is my fav. Bond, vulnerable, in love. (Yes, the romantic in me was pulled in) And that ending is heart-wrenching.
The movie version (ok, I am mentioning movies, LOL!) with Australian model/actor George Lazenby followed the book very closely. I love seeing alpha hero types brought down to earth by love. Melts me every time!

Best of luck with the release!!

gigi said...

Hi Jo,
I really enjoy heros that are special forces, Ranger, green beret, dangerous that kind of thing.

I also like Jason Bourne and James Bond. Daniel Craig makes 007 proud, but Sean Conery will always be the original.

I love Burn Notice on USA Thursday nights at 10pm. Michael, Fiona and Sam are a great bunch of ex spies and agents.

As far as my favorite action hero Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)in the X men movies and comic books. Talk about a tortured hero.

Congratulations on your new release!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Karyn!
Thanks, I love this cover, too! You should see the next one for I SPY A NAUGHTY GAME--it rocks! I just got it last week, so it's not posted on my website yet. (It's on my Facebook page, tho)

Oh, I love an alpha male who's brought down. And kicked a few times for good measure! Then he finds luv, of course. :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Gigi!
I luv special forces heroes too! They make me shivery, in a good way. There's something about a man who'll run into danger to save others that gets me every time. :)

Thanks for the congrats!

Cybercliper said...

That is one gorgeous cover on I Spy a Wicked Sin!! I love heroes in uniform - especially military heroes. And emotionally wounded, scarred heroes all the better.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Karyn!

Was George Lazenby the second Bond, the one right before Sean made his mark on the role?

Oh and I have to say how much I loved Harrison Ford's interpretation of Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games!Now there's a man who knew how to step up when it mattered most!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Gigi! Burn Notice is a show that has grown on me over the years. Michael is especially at his best when he's trying to protect Fiona, don't you think?

Suzanne Welsh said...

JO...gonna leave you with all the other Bandits for a while. (Worked last night and my bed is calling me again!) Have fun, y'all!!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Suz! Too hot down here (and I don't mean in the romance novel sense!) to wear asbestos undies!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Jo!

Welcome back to the Lair! It's always so good to have you visit because you have the HOTTEST heroes and most intriguing excerpts. Your new "I Spy..." series looks fabulous.


Emmanuelle said...

Sean, Sean, Sean... I so want to read your story !!
That's all I'm saying ;-)

Seriously, congrats on this new book. Action heroes are the best. It will be hard for you to top those firefighters though(and Sean in particular) but we'll see ;-)

Jo Davis said...

Hey Cyberclipper! Thanks, I luv the cover! I appreciate you dropping by. :)

Jo Davis said...

Hey Aunty C!
Aw, thanks so much! My heroes are a pleasure to write, and I write who I'd like to know if I had a chance. :)

I hope you enjoy the new series!

Anna Campbell said...

Suz, I really liked The Saint movie too, especially those early really romantic scenes with Elizabeth Shue and VK. The bit where he realizes he really can't just use her even though it's for the greater good is really heart-wrenching. You can see him falling in love with her like a ton of bricks. Sigh!

I'm a Burn Notice fan too!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Emmanuelle!
LOL, I'm working on Sean's book as we speak! Believe me, I'm as anxious to finish it as you are to read it. :) I sure hope I can deliver one to be proud of. It's a tear-jerker at times, for sure!

Tracy Garrett said...

Jo, I'm so excited to see this book hit the shelves. Can't wait to get my copy!

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Susanne, Lazenby was in 1969, Sean Connery left in a huff, so they hired Lazenby. OHMSS did not make a lot of money, so they seduced Connery to come back for 'Diamonds Are Forever'.
One shot bond! I thought he did fine!

gigi said...

The more I am around you guys the more I find we all have in common.

Jo Davis said...

Hey Tracy!
Thanks, CP, I can't wait either! Seems like this one has been in the works a long time. :)

Maureen said...

I think they are all great and I enjoy reading about all of them. Congratulation on the new book!

catslady said...

I honestly have to say I have no favorites - love them all lol. And love your covers.

PJ said...

Hi Jo! Congrats on all of your upcoming releases. Can't wait to get my hands on these books! :)

I grew up in the Sean Connery era of James Bond so, of course, I have a special affection for him. But, having said that, I sure wouldn't kick Pierce Brosnan out of...well, anything!

Gannnon, I had a huge crush on Tom Selleck as Magnum, especially when he wore his dress whites. ::Drool::

Jennifer said...


I have to say that I like them all - cops, fireman and military men, especially Navy Seals. My favorite book action hero is Sam Starrett from Suz Brockmann's Troubleshooters, for TV its Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland) from 24 & a special mention for Chris Lorenzo (Rob Estes) from Silk Stalking (a cheesy, but enjoyable show) and for film it would be Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) from Speed.

Pat Cochran said...

Favorite action heroes include Jo's
firefighters,especially Sean Tanner; Christina Skye's Code Name Seals & ex-Seals, especially Wade, Sam and Izzy; Suzanne Brockman's Seals & Cindy Gerard's Black Ops team. My favorite all-time action heroes include Artemis Gordon & Jim West of Wild, Wild West, Tom Selleck as Magnum & Police Chief Jesse Stone, and Sean Connery's "Bond, James Bond!"

Pat Cochran

Jo Davis said...

Thank you, Maureen! :)

Jo Davis said...

Thank you Catslady! The cover gods at NAL have been very good to me. :))

Jo Davis said...

Thanks, PJ!
I wouldn't kick Pierce or Tom Selleck out of anything either! :)

Why is it that sexy men just seem to get sexier the older they get?? I certainly don't have that going for me!

Jo Davis said...

HI Pat!
You're so sweet! My firemen are in great company there! And oh, yes, I also love Cindy Gerard's heroes. They are to die for!

flchen1 said...

Ooh, hi, JO!!! I love all sorts of action heroes--a capable guy who can get you out of (or maybe into?) all kinds of predicaments! What's not to like? :D

Congrats on your NEW series! Definitely looking forward to it!

And congrats on the GR, Laurie!

Buffie said...

Waahoo, Jo's in da house!!! I love when Jo visit 'cause she always has hawt HAWT heros ;)

I really don't have a favorite kind of action hero that I like to read. Bring them all on!!! Uniform, no uniform, anything goes for me :-)

I have to say after last night's episodes of NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles, I love those special agent guys.

Suzanne Welsh said...

By the way, y'all....

Did you know that if you click on Jo's book covers in the main blog post, you can go directly to to order her books?

You can also order Bandit books through Amazon by clicking on those book covers, too!

Suzanne Welsh said...

ACK!!!!! BUFFY!!!!

fingers in NOT tell me, I have both NCIS and NCIS:LA on TIVO, since I worked last night, and haven't watched them yet!!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Pat!

I'm so glad someone else loves poor Izzy from Brockmann's Seals and Troubleshooters series. That guy so deserves a love story to knock his socks off, doesn't he?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Tracy G!!

So glad to have you visiting us today!! Hasn't it been hard waiting for this story to hit the shelves?

Jo Davis said...

Hey Fedora!
That's one of my favorite things about writing action heroes--getting them into and out of tough situations. Fun!

thanks for the congrats!

Jo Davis said...

Hey Buffie!
How goes it lately?! I always enjoy chatting with you guys. :)

Ok, I'll probably get cyber-smacked but what is NCIS? Have pity, I'm the one who doesn't watch TV. Except for TAPS Ghost Hunters! I love that show. :)

Pat Cochran said...


I've waited and waited for Izzy's story, hasn't happened yet!!!

Suz, are you in Dallas? (I'm in
Houston) Just wanted to caution
you about some icy weather headed
in that direction, if you are.
Take care!

Pat Cochran

Suzanne Welsh said...

Thanks, Pat!

We're all tucked in for the next day or two and have a pot of soup on the stove as we speak....coz you know my mama's saying...

Cold weather, bad weather...make soup!

Buffie said...

Suz -- I won't ruin it for you at all, but you really really need to watch them tonight. Great episodes!!

Jo -- NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigation Service. There are two different shows (like all the different Law & Order or CSI shows). The main one is just called NCIS and it has Mark Harmon on it. The second one (NCIS Los Angeles) has Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J on it. Both shows are fabulous! You really should check it out . . .in your spare time! LOL!

Pissenlit said...

Congrats on nabbing the GR today, Laurie!

Hmmm, I think I like military/special agent/spy-kinda action heroes best.

Uh...Connery's Bond comes to mind...a lot...*snicker*.

joder said...

I love Navy Seals, firemen, and policemen best. As for my fave it's Ilya Kuryakin from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He was suave and didn't chase after the girls like Napoleon Solo did.

kim h said...

i love fireman so i love yoru fireman series

love police officers too
such hot men in uniform

congrats ont eh book and great reviews, great giveaway please count me in

mariska said...

Usually A spy :)
The Bourne series, Matt Damon, makes me drool !

Great Cover Jo ! love it.

Virginia C said...

Sam Elliott in a Western. Harrison Ford as "Indy". Pierce Brosnan as "Remington Steele". James Garner as "Maverick" or "Jim Rockford". Gerard Butler as...Gerard Butler : ) So much to love, and just not enough time!

I like action heroes who are sometimes gruff, tough enough, and loaded with humor and charm. Gotta have that twinkle in the eye : ) My favorites are those charming, tender-hearted, tough-as-leather cowboys!

Nancy said...

Laurie, congrats on the GR! He has a tendency to shed feathers when he's feeling proud of himself, so watch out for that!

Nancy said...

Jo, welcome back! I'm not picky when it comes to action heroes. I'll take them in whatever form, and I love strong heroines.

Kim F. said...

Hi Jo!

Love your firefighter series and I can't wait for Sean's story!
I Spy a Wicked Sin looks just scrumptious!
If I had to pick it would defo be spies like Jason Bourne there's just something about that character and Matt Damon playing him.There's also the military man like Liam Neeson in "Taken". He would have done ANYTHING to get his daughter back and then he is a tender and loving father.

Congratulations on your success !

Louisa Cornell said...

Laurie, fasten your seatbelt! You are in for a bumpy night!

Hey, Jo !! MORE Hot stuff from you! YAY !!!! And that cover is SMOKIN! I am already half in love with this hero! Can't wait to read it!!

My favorite heroes are the spies of Stephanie Laurens's Bastion Club series. I love spies and Regency era spies had the added complication of doing something that was considered completely dishonorable even during a time of war and in the cause of patriotism.

Kurt Russell is always great as a hero - Backdraft, Tombstone (one of my favorite films of all time) and you have to include Big Trouble in Little China !!

I think the unlikely heroes are always my favorites. The guys nobody would ever think capable of rising from their own self-absorption to save the day.

and Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters are some awesome heroes too.

I think perhaps my favorite heroes in the real world are police officers and firemen. They do what often seems like a very ordinary job that on any given day at any given moment can turn into life or death. They get up every day, put on their uniform, kiss their family goodbye and go out into a world that at any moment for no reason whatsoever turn deadly. That takes courage of the very best kind!

Jo Davis said...

Thanks for the explanation, Buffie! Those shows sound really good! I'll have to check them out.

Pissenlit and Joder, thanks for stopping by! :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Kim H!
I'm so glad you're enjoying the firefighter series! Tommy's story in May is a real heartbreaker.

I hope you love the spy series, too! Thanks for stopping by!

Jo Davis said...

Thanks, Mariska! I love my covers!

Hi Virginia C! Oh, how could I have forgotten James Garner? Luv him! :)

Thanks for coming by, ladies!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Nancy!
I have to agree it's rare I come across a hero I don't like. Unless the alpha is overdone and he crosses over into rude and obnoxious, with few redeeming qualities! Thankfully those are few. :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Kim F! I'm writing Sean's story now and I can't wait for it to be released. He holds a special place in my heart. :) I hope you enjoy his and Tommy's stories.

The new SHADO series is fun to write! Thanks for the congrats!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Louisa!
Yep, more hot heroes just for you! :) Jude really captured me from the first, and I hope readers love him as much as I do! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Lady_Graeye said...

Congrats on your new release! I love all action heroes; Fighter pilots, Navy Seals, fireman, all of them... Any guy in a uniform turns me on!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Lady Graeye!

Thanks for the congrats, I appreciate it! I hope readers enjoy Jude's story. :)

limecello said...

So I'm late to the party but ...
Oooo favorite action hero? Hm... does Booth from the show Bones count? Or... Michael Weston in Burn Notice?
As for in a book... action hero? I'm gonna go with one of Lora Leigh's SEALs. :X I can't pick.