Monday, January 25, 2010

An Open Letter to Amy Adams

By Kate

I’m taking this opportunity to write an open letter to actress Amy Adams. Besides being adorable, she strikes me as classy and discerning, so I have no doubt that she lurks here every day, just waiting for someone to say her name. So here goes …


(See, I call her Ames because I know we’ll be best friends as soon as we meet, and I want to start off with the right, casual tone. She hates it when anyone else calls her Ames, but from me, she finds it endearing.)


My name is Kate Carlisle. I write a series of books called the Bibliophile Mysteries, and you would be perfect in the role of heroine Brooklyn Wainwright. Now, I realize people probably send you scripts all the time these days, but I promise, this is even better. There is no script. Just two books so far – Homicide in Hardcover and If Books Could Kill – with more planned in the future, so this is something you and I could develop with our new production team, Best Friends Forever! I have a lot of experience in Hollywood already--and I’m not just talking about The Gong Show. Seriously, just read the bio on my website, and you’ll see what I mean.

What makes you so perfect for the role of Brooklyn Wainwright? Let me count the ways.

1. You like men with accents.

I’ve seen the previews for Leap Year, and those long, lingering looks that you throw at Matthew Goode, your Irish costar, heat up the screen. (I know I should go see the movie in the theater since we’re best friends and all, and I want to, really. But I’ve got a deadline bearing down on me and my editor has hidden the key to the shackles chaining me to my desk here in the cave. I promise, though, I will buy the DVD and make it an annual tradition to watch the movie on February 29. I’ll make it a whole Irish evening thing, with corned beef and cabbage and lots of beer. Fun!)

Brooklyn’s romantic foil is the oh-so-sexy Derek Stone. When creating the character of Scotsman Derek, I was inspired by Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig … pretty much everyone who's ever played James Bond, except Roger Moore. (Sorry, Roger!) So you’ll get to kiss someone very sexy!

2. You don’t age.

I realize that you probably do age, but you certainly don’t look like it. In fact, like Leap Year, you look like you have one birthday for every mortal’s four. You’re 35? Seriously?! If I didn’t love you so much, I’d hate you.

Brooklyn’s going to be around for years, I hope. Just like you. And me! Together, we can create a cinema powerhouse, with each sequel getting better and better.

3. There’s no role for Meryl Streep.

It’s all you, baby. Top billing. Even your love interest is a secondary character. Eye candy for the women in the audience. Meryl stole your thunder in Julie & Julia and Doubt, but in the movie version of If Books Could Kill, you’re the star.

Although … she is Meryl Streep. If she asks for a role, whattaya say we toss her a bone? She can play your kooky mother. But her name goes below the title. My loyalty is with you, Ames. Always.

Please have your people call my people. Er … my person. Er … me. (Note to self: Get some people.) They can email me via my website. I will be delighted to send you a free copy of If Books Could Kill … even though I never understood why people want to give free stuff to wealthy celebrities who can afford to buy anything they want. But for you, I’ll do it. Because, after all, we’re best friends.

Love, hugs, and laughter,

So what do you think? Will she call? And who do you think should play Derek Stone to her Brooklyn Wainwright? The easy answer is Daniel Craig. And after seeing him in swimming trunks, I think we can all agree he’s always the right answer. But let’s think of some other actors in case Danny (who insists I call him Danny!) is unavailable.

Today I'm giving away an ARC of If Books Could Kill to one random commenter! And be sure to stop by the Lair next Tuesday for the fabulous If Books Could Kill launch party! Fun, prizes, cocktails, cabana boys, woohoo!!


Virginia said...

Come to me GR!

Virginia said...

Loved your letter Kate, I am sure she will give you a call, after all you are going to send her a book and what a nice gift to give a best friend!

You could also give Hugh Jackman or George Clooney a call if Danny is booked up. They are both nice sexy men!

Congats Kate on your new release! I can't wait to read it.

I had just finished reading Suzanne's chapter on line and stopped by here and there was the Golden Rooster flapping his golden wings begging me to take him home for the day!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Virginia! You kept him out of Mariska's clutches! You were fast!

Virginia, isn't Suzanne' serial the best? I love it!

Kate, KAAAAATE! What a fabulous post. Honestly, you should have people. You should have a whole entourage! Not to self - apply for job in Kate's entourage. I think Amy A is fabbo too. I love that scene in Enchanted where they do the whole Singin' in the Rain thing in Central Park. It's SOOOOO cool in a daggy way - which is actually the coolest anyway.

Hey, am I eligible for the ARC. Bats eyelashes winningly and promises to fetch coffee whenever big bwana aka KC asks for it.

Hmm, I'm happy to stick to Daniel. Believe me, I'm HAPPY to stick to Daniel! ;-)

jo robertson said...

Hilariously funny (and darling) post, Kate. I'm definitely rooting for Ames to snatch up your book, read it and have her agent demand that someone cast her in the movie version!!

Virginia, the rooster may be a little tired. I've had him working very hard to clean up after my grandson.

I'd love to see Daniel Craig play that role, Kate, but wouldn't he have to shed his accent? His accent is part of why I love him.

And I can't believe this girl is 35! That's just plain wrong!

jo robertson said...

Dianna, aka, Hardworking Mom, Kate's post knocked my announcement of your win for Misa Ramirez' book, so scroll down and check it out if you see this!!

limecello said...

lol very cute post, Kate. I love this series- wants. (Also, whoo! Great day for me to finally be able to stop by and visit with the Banditas!)

Who should play Derek? I have to go with Andy Whitfield now. He's going to be my fill in person for at least a month or so. In fact, I'd like all authors to use him as inspiration for a hero at some point ;)

Congratulations on the upcoming release - I can't wait! And have fun with the GR, Virginia!

Donna MacMeans said...

Kate - Hilarious post! I'm sure Amy will call - and you're right - she'd be the perfect Brooklyn. As for Derek, I vote for Hugh Jackman. Hmmm...who played the piano player in that other Amy Ames movie - Miss Pettigrew takes a day off. Those two had chemistry.

Tawny said...

OMG ROFLMAO what a fabulous letter!! Kaaaate, you are so amazingly clever.

I adore this series and am so excited about reading the next book! I'm lousy at visualizing actors in roles, because I see everything played out with me and Johnny, so I have nothing to offer. I will, however, enjoy this new little fantasy *g*

Lady_Graeye said...

Great letter Kate! I loved it! Totally! I would be your best friend after that letter. I agree with Virginia-sending your book should make you to the very best of friends.

I love Daniel Craig! He is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! I would take him if she doesn't want him. There's also the totally he-man of all times, Gerard Butler! GRRRRRRR! He's yummy! He has the accent and is my future husband, but he doesn't know it yet...neither does my current husband! LOL

Congrats on your ne release! I can't wait to get it.

Elyssa Papa said...

You better be careful, Anna, that your Richard Armitage doesn't see tht. ;)

Kate, you are funny and hilarious, and I loved this post. If Amy Adams doesn't call you, it's probably because she got so excied after reading this, she went into labor (okay, let's hope that's not happening because I think she's only six months along?). But I vote for Daniel Craig. The only caveat is that in every scene he's in, he must wear swim trunks. Preferably a speedo.

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Virginia.

Hi Kate,
Congrats on the upcoming release. Meryl is busy with all the award shows so she might have to call you later. I think Daniel would be a wonderful choice to play Derek, but I think David Tennant from Doctor Who would be great, too. He's Scottish so he already has the sexy accent.

Helen said...

Congrats Virginia are you going to make him work today


I loved the post and I am sooo looking forward to the new book can't wait to read it. I vote for Hugh Jackman or Daniel Craig either one would make a fantastic Derek Stone and Amy a fantastic Brooklyn. What a great series of movies these would be.

Have Fun

PinkPeony said...

I can't Derek blond?
If he is, then I nominate Rupert Penry-Jones or Alexander Skarsgaard. Nathan Fillion from "Castle" or Matt Bomer from "White Collar" if he's got dark hair? Matt's got those eyes. (sighing)

Emmanuelle said...

Lovely post Kate. And I definitely agree with you too. I haven't seen Leap Year yet but I plan to do it soon... I'll probably agree with you even more then ;-)
Congrats on your release !
(and about Daniel... perfect choice of course ;-).

Deb Marlowe said...

Ha, Kate! She'd be crazy not to want to be Brooklyn! And as I'm a big fan of your new best buddy, I'd say that so far she's been incredibly shrewd with her choices. Your phone should be ringing any minute!

Daniel's more than fine with me, too, BTW!

Ah, I'm so ready for this book!

Gannon Carr said...

Kate, I love your letter! Thanks for starting my day off with a giggle! I'm sure Amy would let you call her Ames and you'd be BFF's for sure. :)

I'll vote for Hugh Jackman. Although Daniel looks mighty fine in those swim trunks, Hugh is the man!

Gannon Carr said...

I forgot to say congrats on nabbing the GR, Virginia. I was beginning to think he was taking up permanent residence with Mariska. ;)

PJ said...

Great letter, Kate! I love it! How could Amy not want to star as Brooklyn after reading that? Brilliant casting, btw. She'd be perfect as Brooklyn!

When Derek made his first appearance in Homicide in Hardcover I immediately envisioned a young Pierce Brosnan. Since Pierce (sorry, sweetie) is a little too "seasoned" to play the role, I'd go with Dylan McDermott or Hugh Jackman.

Gillian Layne said...

Amy would be flattered, I'd think!

Loved, loved, loved this second book! And my youngest gave a hearty two-thumbs-up for the cat on the cover. :)

Christie Kelley said...

Kate, I love the letter. And she would be perfect to play Brooklyn. I saw Leap Year on the opening weekend and loved it. It's a great date movie. Okay, I was with my husband but he was my date for the night.

As far as Derek, it does seem that Daniel Craig is the easy answer.

gigi said...

Amy should be giving you a call any day soon.
Or maybe you should drop her an email since she is staying home and waiting for the baby to come this spring.
Amy Adams is one of my top two favorite actresses. Meryl Streep being the other.
Did you see Amy in Ms. Pettigrew lives for the day? Wonderful movie.
Enchanted was enchanting and Sunshine Cleaning showed another side of Amy.
Amy also has just the best singing voice. S
Like Virginia said I think you should also give Hugh a call if Daniel is busy. They both have great accents and are great actors.

Marnee said...

I love Amy Adams too! I thought she did such a great job in Enchanted. Though Patrick Dempsey didn't hurt anything in that movie either.

As for Derek.... I love Daniel Craig but I also love Gerard Butler. Anyway he could fit your Derek's character?

Deb said...

Kate, cute post!

There IS something about Amy, isn't there? She's pretty, perky, strong, and yet soft.

Maybe Virginia can send the GR over Amy's way to give her a nudge towards the phone....

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

jo robertson said...
Dianna, aka, Hardworking Mom, Kate's post knocked my announcement of your win for Misa Ramirez' book, so scroll down and check it out if you see this!!

I check out the lair at least once a day if not more Jo, thanks for the shout out, I probably would have missed it for a while.

Kate Carlisle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan Sey said...

Congrats on your new BFF, Kate! I'm sure Amy will call immediately. Hollywood itself should be jumping up to make nice with you with a role like Brooklyn Wainwright on the table. :-)

As for who should play Derek, I have to say I'm partial to Daniel Craig. I also really like Ewan McGregor and have since Moulin Rouge. I could go with Jude Law, too, whom I've loved since the Talented Mr. Ripley (though his reprehensible personal life makes it hard to really love him as a match for your lovely Ames.) He sorta redeemed himself in Sherlock Holmes but I'm withholding judgment for the time being.

Can't wait for next weeks' release party! I'm sure Ames will be dropping by. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Donna, I can tell Hugh Jackman is going to get a lot of votes. And he is certainly worthy of them. Yummy! I thought Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day was a kick! And you're right, Ames really did have chemistry with her costar. I looked it up, and his name is David Alexander, I think. Not a ton of good pictures of him online, so I think he needs a better press agent. ;)

Tawny, LOL!

Lady Graeye, oh yes! Gerard Butler is just sooooo masculine!!! Who can resist him? Here's some eye candy for you: Gerard rivals Danny Craig in swim trunks

I'll be back...

Rebekah E. said...

Thanks for the great post.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Kate, I will be one of your people.
Oh wait, I am already one of your people. Any of the Banditas can count any of the BB's as their people.

Kate Carlisle said...

Slightly out of order... Blame early morning blondness!

Virginia, WOO HOO!!! Congrats on winning the company of sir rooster! Have fun with him today! Hugh Jackman and George Clooney are fabulous. We know Hugh has accents in him. I'd be more than happy to give George an opportunity to audition for me!

Miss Anna, you're going to have to unpeel me before you get the chance to stick to Danny. He's all mine!!

Jo, No, Derek is British, so Danny's accent could remain intact. I hear him whispering to me in my dreams.

Limecello, Andy Whitfield works for me! Here's a pretty pic of him: Andy Whitfield

More in a moment!

Kate Carlisle said...

Elyssa, I'm all for putting a Speedo clause in Danny's contract! I'm sure Matthew McConaughey must have something similar in his contracts because he very rarely gets to wear a shirt. Nothing wrong with that!!!


David Tennant is an interesting choice. I love a man with a sense of humor! Look at what Dr. Who is wearing out in public in this picture: David Tennant ROFL!!!!

Helen, My heart is Danny's, but Hugh is wonderful, too! In fact, I've got the perfect role for him. There's a sexy scoundrel in If Books Could Kill, and Hugh's twinkling eyes would capture him perfectly!

Kate Carlisle said...

PinkPeony, There's room for handsome men of every hair color in my movie. I plan on hanging out on set! I love Nathan from Castle! I don't know if he does accents, but I'd love to hear him try.

May I just say, this is the best blog ever? Every time you suggest a new actor, I get to go look at pictures of him! Matt Bomer is goooooorgeous! Look at these abs

Emmanuelle, When you go to see Leap Year, think of me! I'm buried so deep under this deadline, I think I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD. Boo hoo!!!

Deb, From your mouth to Amy's ear! Maybe we should start a letter-writing campaign!

Gannon, I'll add your vote to the Hugh column. He is yummy, but those blue Bond swim trunks on Danny get me every time!

PJ, Pierce was definitely in the mix of men I had in mind as I wrote the books. He's deliciously seasoned. But you're right, he's a little too old for the role. Maybe Derek's older brother? We could write in a role for him! Dylan McDermott has such strong, masculine good looks. That dark, brooding gaze. He could work!

Gillian, Thank you!!!! I'm so glad you loved the book... and the cat. :)

Kirsten said...

Oh Kate, too funny. You should have your people call my people. We could do lunch.

I'm planning on sending my book to a certain Zac-y Efron and Tay (lor -- I just call her "Tay") Swift for the movie roles. I haven't cast my bad boy yet. Might take a little more thinking.

Tay might have ideas. Thank goodness she broke up with that Taylor were-guy. I never liked him and she'd probably want him for the lead guy if she did the movie.

What am I saying, IF. When. When...

Kate Carlisle said...

Christie, I love a good date movie! And despite all this big talk, there's no one I'd rather go on a date with than my husband. But if Danny asked...

Gigi, wasn't Sunshine Cleaning heartbreaking? And uplifting at the same time! Amy did a fabulous job with that role. So many layers to my BFF!

Marnee, Oh, Gerard Butler could definitely work as Derek Stone. Here's a line from the book, in which Brooklyn is thinking about Derek: "He was the sexiest, most masculine creature I’d ever met." Sounds like Gerard to me!

Deb, great idea! Virginia, what do you think? Will you escort the GR to Hollywood?

Susan, YES!!! Ewan McGregor and Jude Law are both excellent choices! Ewan McGregor Jude Law When I look at Jude Law, the phrase "ridiculously handsome" comes to mind.

Kate Carlisle said...

Rebekah, Thank YOU!

Dianna, That's right! You are my people! I have people!!! La la la la la, I have people!!!

Kirsten, Taylor Swift and Zac Efron would make a great pair onscreen! I can definitely see them sparking off each other! Yes, let's do lunch and then hold a joint casting session. What do you say?

Barbara Monajem said...

After watching the ties and cravats video (see Keira Soleore's last Friday's blog), I couldn't possibly pick a co-star. There are dozens of possibles, all totally mwaaa!

Kate Carlisle said...

Barbara, "totally mwaaa" is a fabulous way of describing my boyfri-- I mean, Daniel Craig. Also, "hummena-hummena-hummena" (very fast).

Rebecca Lynn said...

Any blog with a picture of Daniel Craig is a friend of mine. :-)

My favorite movie of Amy Adams', though, is "Miss Pettigrew". Loved it. Loved it.

Laurie said...

LOL. I can't imagine how Amy wouldn't respond to such an enticing offer - and to play along side of Daniel Craig or Hugh Jackman!

Took a trip to your website and read the blurb and excerpts for HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER and IF BOOKS COULD KILL. Both look like a lot of fun reading! I love a good mystery.

Thanks for a fun post!

catslady said...

Oh, I think you picked a wonderful couple for your book and if they're smart, they'll both call :)

MsHellion said...

I love Amy Adams!! But if I was going to call on my favorite dishy accented actor, I'd pick Gerard Butler. He takes a bit more to clean up than Daniel Craig, but maybe that's what I love most about him.

But Hugh Jackson is a good recommendation. *LOL* Remember Australia? *swoons* He looked awesome scruffy AND in a tux. And he was capable.

Kate Carlisle said...

Rebecca, My BFF did a great job in that movie with the "wounded but perky" feeling, didn't she? She could've been all surface, but there's such a depth about her, such a vulnerability in her eyes.

Laurie, I'm so glad you're looking forward to Homicide in Hardcover and If Books Could Kill! Homicide in Hardcover is available now, and If Books Could Kill is available for pre-order.

Catslady, I'm sitting by my phone!

Ms. Hellion, there is something very appealing about an ultra masculine man who needs a little cleaning up. I'd be willing to take on that job with Gerard! Hm... wonder if producers can also work on costumes? Imagine the fittings....

M. said...

I agree, she is wonderful. I'm watching 'Sunshine Cleaning' right now, and my kids loved her as Amelia Earhart in 'Night at the Museum 2'.

Anna Sugden said...

ROFL Kate - I know Ames is currently hounding her people to give you a call so she can be sure she doesn't miss out on the chance to be Brooklyn.

I'm all for Daniel as Derek - or Hugh. As one of your people, I'd be more than happy to keep Hugh comfortable while he's waiting to do his audition. (I know someone of his greatness doesn't audition, but I could still keep him warm *g*)

I have to say, after seeing Davd Tennant's swansong as Dr Who, he's pretty cool too - but, please try to avoid using Gerry Butler or Jude Law - ick. *ducks*.

Please can I help with the casting for Gabriel? Perhaps Hugh could help out there?

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Kate, Darling...
OF COURSE you have PEOPLE!!! You have the 19 other Banditas, not to mention the BBs. And we are ALL more than willing to help you audition actors for Derek, amongst other things. ;-)

And of course Danny Craig is always the correct answer! BOY O BOY! (sorry, couldn't resist) Though, I agree with Lady Graeye and Marnee, Gerry (he insists I call him Gerry) would be a mighty fine choice also!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Forgot to say, Congrats on the GR, Virginia! And isn't Suz's story WONDERFUL?!?!

And OMG!!! What rock has Aunty been under (don't answer, that was rhetorical) that she has not seen Matt Bomer before?!?!

"Drool clean up in the Lair armory!"


Kate Carlisle said...

M-I need to watch Night at the Museum 2. I saw the first one and thought it was silly in a good way!

Anna, If Hugh wants the honor of working with me and Ames, he'll have to audition. That's the part I'm looking forward to the most! You can be our green room hostess! How's that sound?

If Amy calls soon enough, maybe we can schedule the auditions for Valentine's Day. If that doesn't get you in the romantic mood, nothing will!!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, mark your calendars for two days in advance. On February 12, I'll be a guest at The Romance Dish. I hope you'll all join me there for another fun good time! I love dishin' with the ladies over there!

~Drew said...

Kate, Love the Daniel Craig choice, may I venture forth a few other 'Commonwealth Cuties' for your consideration?

Clive Owen.
Richard Armitage.
Simon Baker.
Matthew McFadyen.

I see Gerard Butler has been mentioned, he is a must.
Daniel Day-Lewis maybe too long in the tooth now, but in 'Last of the Mohicans' *swoon*
Sean Bean is 50 now too, still swoon worthy, but getting 'up there', for casting purposes! LOL!
~dusting off my casting couch~ I will try to come up with more!

Amy seems like a nice lady, why wouldn't she contact you?

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Sorry, I meant to post that under this profile, anyway, still Drew~

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG, Kate, girl, you crack me up!!!

Now, who do we send this to in order for 1) the thing become a movie, and 2) Amy Adams to agree to play Brooklyn? Coz, damn, after that open letter, I'm thinking we should grant you your wish!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Laurie, I can highly recommend Kate's books. I read Homicide In Hardcover in one night, and chuckled my way through to the end. I've been anxiously awaiting If Books Could Kill since closing the first one!

Kate Carlisle said...

Aunty Cindy ;), Can you imagine how overwhelmed the men will be when they audition for all of us Banditas? LOL!!! I'm sure they're used to screaming fans, but we'll have them TRAPPED! And they won't want to run away because they'll be so desperate to get the part of Derek Stone!

Want to hear something cool, everyone? Just for fun, I Googled "Amy Adams." At the bottom of the first page are the blog results, and we came up as the #1 blog result! So it is entirely possible that Amy Adams (or, more likely, her people) will see our conversation.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Did someone mention Clive Owen?!?!

(Aunty races Suz to the Lair Look Out post.)

Nice list Drew! But you need to add an Irish laddy. I nominate Johnny Rhys Meyers...


Kate Carlisle said...

Oooh, Drew! Good choices, all. And a great excuse to go look at some more pictures online. Join me, won't you?

Clive Owen - not quite in Danny's league when it comes to shirtlessness. But then, who is?

Richard Armitage Why this picture is on a website called Nerf Herders, I have no idea. What on earth is a Nerf Herder?!!

Simon Baker - nekkid I feel naughty sharing this one. :)

Matthew McFadyen - Okay, who wants to volunteer to shave his sideburns?

Of those, Clive Owen is my fave. In fact, Clive may be tied with Hugh for second place. Hmm...

Kate Carlisle said...

Suzanne, You're so sweet! Thank you!!! I'm delighted you're anxious to get your hands on If Books Could Kill, and I so appreciate the recommendation. :)

Aunty, Jonathan Rhys Meyers would definitely pull in the younger crowd! He is cute, cute, cute!

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Ooooo, Aunty Cindy, nice choice to add to the "Commonwealth Cutie' list!
What about that young hunk of beef that is in the Tudors with Jonathan...he plays Suffolk...Henry Cavill!


Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...


*THUD* I just fell off my computer chair. Those pics are to die for.

Richard Armitage in his 'Guy of Gisbourne' outfit, and Simon, with no outfit at all!

Me! Pick Me! I have my husband's Gillette Fusion at the ready to shave those sideburns...and anything else Matthew may need done...

Anonymous said...

I sure would love to win this book! Please enter me in your draw. Thanks.

Helen said...


Thank you thank you for all of these wonderful pictures this morning what a fantastic way to start my day I am very willing to help in any way possible LOL.

It is Australia Day here today and while just about everyone else is off work and having BBQs and going to the beach and on picnics I have to go to work, so at least now I will have some great pictures to think about while working.

Have Fun

Kate Carlisle said...

Wanda, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

Helen, this one's for you.

(everyone together now) "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy, oy, oy!"

Anna Campbell said...

Ely, Richard has put a restraining order on me so I'm looking for other prey...uh, INTERESTS!!!! Snork!

Kate, consider yourself unpeeled! Bwahahahahaha! Hmm, suddenly I'm thinking about bananas!

By the way, I loved Miss Pettigrew. I loved the main love story as well - Ciaran Hinds is a bit long in the tooth for Derek but oh, man, he can put his Zimmerframe under my bed any day.

Oh, no, Richard has now marched off in a huff. Hey, bud, it's you who brought the lawyers into this relationship!

Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Amy saw this? Wouldn't it be even cooler if one day she was cast as Brooklyn? Kate, can we come to the cast party?

Kate, you'll have a ball with the Dishies.

Kate Carlisle said...

Anna, better than that, you can all be part of the cast! Start practicing your Scottish accents. You can be extras on the set in Edinburgh!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh Virginia, Anna and AC...thanks for the kudos on REFUGE. I'm having a blast serializing it.

Suzanne Welsh said...

And Kate...please consider Simon Baker. The man is uber-delicious on The Mentalist!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

DEAR GOD! Please let me help Jonathan Rhys Meyers with those Brae-laces. And my isn't that a BIG Sword he has?

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Kate, you saucy Bandita!

Including that piccie of Simon NEKKID was so naughty (and very much appreciated!). As for the pic of my Irish lad, it made me think of an appearance he made on Leno with Jamie Lee Curtis also a guest.

Jamie: Do your 3 brothers look like you?

JRM: Not really.

Jamie: Can I just sit here and fantasize that they do?

(A woman after all our hearts!)

And OH YES YES YES, Drew! Henry Cavill was SUPER YUMMY in The Tudors.

MORE DROOL CLEAN UP! I do believe I heard the cabana boys muttering...


Minna said...

Oh, my vote would definitely go to Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman "Australia" parts 1 and 2 on Jimmy Kimmel

Kate Carlisle said...

Suzanne, ever since I came across that nekkid picture, I can't stop considering Simon Baker!

Aunty, I love that Jamie Lee Curtis quote! She's a doll!!

Minna, thanks for posting that video! I love hearing Hugh talk about his kids. He has such love in his voice.

Beth said...

Kate, I loved your letter! I'd love it if you sent me a letter. And advanced copies of your books :-) (I was going to bat my eyelashes but I see Anna already beat me to it. How about I ply you with alcohol at the next conference instead? Would that get me an ARC?)

I can't wait for If Books Could Kill!!

Nancy said...

Virginia, congrats on the GR!

Kate, I'm waiting eagerly for this book. Our local independent bookstore already had it on order, and they'll hold a copy for me.

Fun letter, and I like the way you slipped DC in there at the end. :-)

Minna said...

Kate, there is another video about Hugh Jackman on Jimmy Kimmel where he talks about X-Men and a bit more about his son. Just check out the list of other videos about Hugh and Jimmy on that sidebar on the left. It was so funny! Too bad I'm not able to see it here anymore. Evidently Jimmy has blocked it or something, but I suppose you should be able to see it.

Kate Carlisle said...

Beth, With alcohol, I am easily swayed! You know me well!!

Nancy, WHEEEE!!! I love hearing that your bookstore already had it on order!

Minna, I'm always up for more Hugh Jackman videos! That man makes me sigh. (Sorry, Danny! I'm fickle.)

Anna Campbell said...

Och, aye, the noo! Good enough, Kate?

Beth, get battin', honey. You'll have to do a whole lotta battin' to bat me out of this contest! If you ply me with alcohol, I'll pass on my battin' secrets!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Kate, lass, I canna ken what accent ye be blabberin on about, but I'll give it me best.

Pissenlit said...

Heh heh heh! Great letter! I'm sure she'll call any day now since you gave perfectly good reasons. :D

Kate Carlisle said...

Anna and Suzanne, You do that accent pretty well! Now just do that guttural roll of the tongue, and you're set!

Pissenlit, I hope you're right! I would love to answer that call!

Louisa Cornell said...

Happy Australia Day to all of the Aussie! And to the GR too as he MUST be an honorary Aussie he spends so much time in OZ! Have fun with him Virginia and try to keep him Stateside!

Kate I am super excited about your newest !! And your letter to Amy is PRICELESS !!! She just HAS to see it and have her people call your people! (just don't let the GR answer the phone!)

Daniel is definitely a great choice for Derek. So is Hugh Jackman for that matter! Oh and Gerard too! Perhaps we should ask Amy to let US audition her co-star prospects. I just KNOW we can come up with the perfect audition procedure to pick the absolutely perfect Derek !

How about it ladies? Up for a marathon audition session with our favorite fellas?

Nancy said...

Kate wrote: Nancy, WHEEEE!!! I love hearing that your bookstore already had it on order!

Thought you might. *g*

Anna Campbell said...

Well, we've already got ONE Bandita who won't mind not wearing anything under her kilt. Snork!

Kate Carlisle said...

Louisa, DEFINITELY we should do the auditions together. I think Danny and Hugh will need some pina coladas to help them loosen up and prepare for the beach scene. The beach scene that isn't actually in the book but that will most certainly be in the movie version!

Miss Anna, snork, indeed!!!

donnas said...

Sadly she probably wont call. But she should! Daniel is a good choice but should his schedule be too booked up. I think David Boreanaz could do a good job too.

Gosha said...

Amy Adams, My favourite actress, it for ever in my heart, its fine eyes, do not allow to lose to me hope.
I hope it will call you Kate