Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dust Never Sleeps!

by Anna Campbell

When I was in my third year at Queensland University in Brisbane, I moved out of residential college and into a dilapidated old wooden house on stilts across the river from the uni.

It was a really magical year for me, still one I look back at as one of my happiest ever. I used to get the ferry to uni - how cool is that? I did a lot of wild and wonderful things - much research for future romance writing! Snork!

I shared the house with two other girls and one of them - let's call her Katrina largely because that was her name - had a huge craze on Neil Young.

Perhaps I was out and about so much because I really, REALLY didn't take to his music and in a rickety old house, we couldn't escape each other's musical tastes. Which was a slight problem when our original friend moved out and a cello student moved in. It sounds romantic to live with a musician - believe me, all those scales and technical exercises lose their charm pretty quickly. Like within five minutes!

Of course, anyone who shares a house with me is completely privileged to listen to classical music (at the time, I was into very noisy opera - yes, women with horns superglued to their helmets!) or David Bowie or Human League or world music or whatever else I played. But that's another story.

Anyway, one of those endless, lugubrious Neil Young albums (in complete contrast to my endless, lugubrious operas) was called RUST NEVER SLEEPS. Oh, man, did that man need someone to come and tickle him! He was not a happy bunny!

In my life since, RUST NEVER SLEEPS has turned into DUST NEVER SLEEPS.

Housework is on my mind at the moment because for the past couple of months, I've had a string of visitors. I love having visitors, especially at this time of year when you can sit out drinking under the pergola and look at the lake and then go for a swim to cool off. But as sure as eggs, visitors means I have to clean the house.


I firmly believe housework can kill you. And as proof, I offer this picture. Wilhelmina Jane Smith, shown here, was a healthy, happy, vigorous shop dummy until she picked up that vacuum cleaner. And then it was all over, Red Rover! R.I.P., Wilhelmina!

At least death by vacuuming is quick. Poor devils tortured with the sponge mop can linger for days before they finally achieve a merciful release.

One thing I really hate about housework (and believe me, the list is long!) is that you do it, everything looks fabulous, Vogue Interiors could take photos of the shine in your tiles. And that lasts for all of about five minutes! It's entirely frustrating! Then the place is back to looking like an angry bear has been through it on a rampage. Which means you just have to turn around and do it all again. Completely inefficient!

Is there any housework I don't mind doing? Actually I don't mind ironing which is odd as it's a job a lot of people REALLY hate. I make a cup of tea, I put on some music, and just go off into my own world while I do it. It's rather Zen! I wouldn't say I love it, but it's not a complete pain. And I'm delighted that now I work from home, I don't actually DO very much ironing.

Um, what else? There must be something else...

Tidying the bookcases. Love anything to do with the bookcases.

Laundry. I actually don't mind doing laundry. I love the clean, fresh smell of washing straight off the line on a sunny day.

Any more?


Thinking, thinking...

No, I think that's it for household chores I don't mind.

As far as chores I hate, I despise cleaning the bathroom. And sadly, that's one you can't get out of. Unless you expect your visitors to run screaming in horror from the ghoulish vision. That's even a job I have to do when I'm NOT getting visitors.

I think the only thing that will ever get me enthusiastic about housework is something like the picture on the right. Snork!

So are you a great housekeeper? What's your favorite job in the house? What's your least favorite job in the house? Are you a 'house is tidy all the time person'? Or are you a 'scramble to tidy the chaos once the visitors arrive' kinda gal? And are you a Neil Young fan? Perhaps we could arrange for Hunky Hal (above) to tickle Mr. Young with the feather duster!


Dorthy said...

me pick me

Dorthy said...

Ha Ha! The first step in helping limecello get over her addiction, I showed up first. Now, what is a GR?


Dorthy said...

So are you a great housekeeper?

*Snort* No

What's your favorite job in the house?

ummm...come on I know ther is one...ummmmm...organizing my book shelves? :-)
I'd say my second thing is vaccuming, its quick its easy, and when your done you can usually see that something has been done, unless you have a 15 year old carpet like the one in my house...

What's your least favorite job in the house?

Dishes, and cleaning the bird cages.

I'm a 'scramble to tidy the chaos once the visitors arrive' kinda gal. And it all usually ends up on my bed, or in my "office" also known as the junk room. Noone comes in here, noone. LOL

Virginia said...

Congrats Dorthy on getting the GR today, have fun with him. The GR is a virtual Golden Rooster that you get when your the first to post! It is an honor to have him for the day!

I guess I am a so so house keeper! I like for my house to look clean, but get anoid when no one in the house will pick up after theirself. I live in a small place so it gets clutter very easy! I don't think I have a favorite thing in housework. My least favorite is cleaning up the kitchen after cooking. Or cleaning out closets and drawers. I am a hider I stuff things in drawers and closets to keep them out of site. I always have a large to do list that never gets done. Like my carpet needs to be shampooed right now and its on the list but its one of my least favorite things to do in a house.

Sharon Archer said...

ooo, housework... my very favourite thing! Where can I sign up to do more...
oh, thank goodness! It was just a bad dream! For a minute there I thought I'd been drafted into an army of House Elves!

I hate housework, too, Anna! It's the loo and the bathroom, my least fav, too. Most fav? (whine) Do I have to choose one? ;) Actually I don't mind the ironing on a cool day but I turn on the TV! You see if I'm doing the ironing, I don't have to feel guilty about being a lounge lizard! well... I liked the logic! LOL

Fun blog!

flchen1 said...

Anna, what a topic! I'm a mediocre housekeeper at best. Favorite job is probably the dishes. I don't mind laundry or vacuuming, but detest bathrooms. And I can't imagine anything worse than cleaning OTHER PEOPLE's bathrooms. Ugh. And NO, my house is usually a horrid wreck, and given enough notice, I can cram enough things under the bed or into closets to make the public areas fit for viewing (but not too closely, please! ;))

Congrats on the GR, Dorthy! Good job on helping Lime with her addiction :D

Jane said...

I don't mind doing laundry or scrubbing the sink and bathtub, but I avoid cleaning the toilet. Also not a fan of cleaning the windows. I always leave streaks.

Virginia said...

Jane I am with you on the window thing, can never get them to suit me. They do make a micro fiber window cleaning cloth that does help some. I like them better then paper towels for windows. I don't mind the tolet to bad but hate cleaning the bathtub and shower.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Dorthy, have you had the rooster to visit before? Batten down the hatches!

Anna Campbell said...

And lovely to see you helping Limecello overcome her unhealthy addiction, LOL! The strange thing is whenever the rooster visits my place, he goes on a rampage. He must be much better with you guys!

Anna Campbell said...

Dorthy, I had to laugh at the scramble. When I lived in Sydney it was a one bedroom, basically open plan flat so there was nowhere to hide the chaos. Eeeek! Man, that was cruel!

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, I hear you on the to-do list! I always have an endless one too. Cleaning the barbecue was there for six months and I did it last week - gives you some idea of how urgently I treat some of these jobs!

Anna Campbell said...

Sharon, PRECISELY! That's why I don't mind ironing. It's the one I can do without getting hot and sweaty and still kidding myself that I'm a useful member of society. I can see I'm not employing you as my Mrs. Danvers - I want a Mrs. Danvers who likes cleaning bathrooms (and hopefully who won't try and talk me out of jumping out the window - oh, that's right, it's a single-storey hosue!).

Anna Campbell said...

Fedora, now you mention it, I don't mind the dishes. I like the way they go from revolting to sparkly clean. I also like that once they're clean, they're ready for me to enjoy once again by piling with good food. Speaking of which, my current guests have just gone and I've got washing up to the wazoo. My enthusiasm for the dishes may not last!

Anna Campbell said...

Ugh, Jane, windows!!!! Didn't even think of them. Because I live near the sea, they're constantly streaked here. And you HAVE to clean them now and again or the house turns dark like we're in an Arctic winter!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Virginia, you and I must be a bit odd - I actually don't mind cleaning the toilet. I mean, you do it and it's done. But the shower and the bathtub, bleuch! I know when the writing's going really badly - I find cleaning the bathroom suddenly interesting!

Mitzi H. said...

Am I a good housekeeper??? I used to be and believe it or not, I liked cleaning my house.

I must say that my hubby and I are both the type of people that love a clean house....and would both spend our Saturdays cleaning inside and out...But, after our kids came along, it was simply impossible to get it all done.

So we both decided to get a house cleaner that comes in once every 2 weeks and does the heavy stuff...And I can't tell you how wonderful it is to come home on Friday after work to find your entire home spic & span!!!

Talk about relief....What a treat to be able to concentrate on having fun with the kids...instead of scrubbing toilets.

Grocery shopping became our Saturday main event...along with whatever else needed doing, but all in all, it took loads of pressure off and made us feel like we had time to relax and just be a family.

Although my kids are now grown, I still keep the house cleaners...I really don't want to clean toilets if I don't have to.

I must add that my hubby is a builder and I'm living in my 27th home in 36 years...and because they are nearly always up for sale, we have to keep them looking nice.

What is my favorite house cleaning chore???...if there is such a thing.

I think I'd choose vacuuming. I can plug in my earphones and listen to my audible romance novels!!!

For my hubby it would be hosing off the patios...He has a beer in one hand and the stereo on high.

Rock On!!!

mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

You should see the "dust bunnies"

Helen said...

Well done Dorothy and what do you have planned for him today.

What a great post. Firstly I am a Neil Young fan I love his music very 70's his best album is Harvest I have it on vinyl and CD my favourite song of his is Old Man it brings back so many memories of my teenage years.

As for housework YUK I would have to be the worlds worst housewife. I too scramble to tidy up if I am having visitors and then I have to kid proof when the grandkids are coming around LOL. I do enjoy doing the washing and I don't mind cleaning the toilet worst job the shower and ironing. I take after my Mum she would always pick up a book to read rather than get the houswork done and I am the same. Things might be different if I wasn't working 40 hours a week I really don't like wasting my days off doing houswork when I could be reading LOL.

Have Fun

Kandy Shepherd said...

Hi Anna - happy new year!
I am the most appalling housekeeper-loathe housework.
The irony of it is that much of my "day job" career has been as an editor of homemaker magazines!
Thank heaven for a houseproud husband...
I do like cooking though-does that count?

Anna Campbell said...

Mitzi, I like your style! The housecleaners are a great idea. I must say I've considered them but for various reasons (partly Protestant guilt that I should be able to keep up with this stuff, I think!) not done anything about it. Honestly, the idea of someone taking over cleaning the bathroom for the duration sounds fabulous. I love to stay in hotels - having the bathroom done every day is an absolute luxury.

Anna Campbell said...

Marilyn, I think that sounds lovely, like you've got a wildlife sanctuary in your house ;-) Be free, little bunnies, be freeeeee!

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, my mum was a fantastic housekeeper. She was so good, even my friends commented on how clean the house was. And generally, the only peeople who notice housework are the people who do it! Unless it's never done, of course. People notice the negative but not the positive which is another reason I grit my teeth to do it. Ha ha, you're a Neil Young fan? I should introduce you to Katrina. She had Harvest. I think she had all his albums up until when we shared the house.

Anna Campbell said...

Kandy, that is funny about you being the editor of house magazines. It makes me think of the lead character in Christmas in Connecticut which I'm sure more than one of us caught over the recent Christmas break. Thanks for swinging by!

Christie Kelley said...

Great topic, Anna, especially since I've been trying to get my house back to pre-Christmas condition all week. Even after 2.5 hours of cleaning yesterday, I still have a ton of cleaning to do.

I really don't care of any of it, even though it must be done. I don't mind laudry too much as long as I can watch TV while I'm folding the clean clothes.

So with your lovely reminder, I'll get back to my house and then maybe I can get my revisions done.

Gannon Carr said...

Yes, it looks like I'm in good company! I really don't like cleaning. I do love the way my house looks after I've gone on a cleaning spree, but with 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats, it doesn't last long. Arrggh!

I simply loathe cleaning the bathrooms, so I make my slaves, um, I mean children help with that. *g* Of course, I usually go along behind them and "fix" what they don't do right, so I should just do it to begin with. Doing the dishes doesn't bother me as much, but Anna, dear, you can take my ironing. I do it only when I have to! LOL

Speaking of housework, I have more to do today. I'm heading to Florida tomorrow to see my parents and leaving the rest of the family home. Maybe if the house is clean before I leave, it won't be so bad when I get back. Actually, my hubby will make sure it looks good before I get back. I think I'll keep him. :)

Dorthy, put that GR to work!

Joan said...

I would call myself a "relaxed housekeeper"....

Living alone, I have no pressure to keep things a certain way. I usually find myself contemplating the task for a number of days...

Dust....I really should dust..hmmmmm...maybe a nap first.

But once it hits a certain point I fire out like a cannon and get it done...

Then take a nap.

I dread laundry because my machine is in my basement. I don't mind vaccuming and the bathroom is always so nice when it's fresh and clean. Take a hot tub bath in some bubbles then get out in my warm PJ's and take a nap..

Marie Force said...

OHHH, Anna, I do feel your pain. I HATE TO CLEAN! DH and I often say "good thing we have a lot of friends over or the place would never get cleaned." I've got the 14-year-old contracted to do the laundry, which means occasionally I have to see her wearing my underwear on her head in front of her friends, but it's still worth the $10 a week I pay her to be rid of that dreaded task. This time of year the sun streams into the kitchen in the morning. Oh the horror. I thought the sun was my friend. Not so much I tell you!

Deb said...

UGH, housework. Need I say more?
I dust, then it comes back with a vengeance the next day, the very next day!

I don't mind running the vac and am glad for my Shark for quick runs throughout the house.

Laundry--wish there was a laundry fairy. I'm not keen on the folding of clothes; I use Downy spritz, so at least I very seldom iron anymore.

I'm not a nitty-gritty housekeeper, but do try to keep things nice on the surface. The clutter is just hard to keep a control of because it seems to shuffle from one spot to the next. Thank goodness for closets in which to shove things. LOL

Susan Sey said...

Good morning, Anna!

What a great topic today! I despise housework, & yet as a stay at home mom I find myself in charge of cleaning. It's a dreadful task. If you think cleaning is a thankless task in general, try it with two little kids following behind you like tiny destructive tornados. It's impossible to keep anything clean long enough to even snap a photo to prove it was done.

On the other hand, I finally had an 'at-home' day on Friday & scrubbed the kitchen floor. Not mopped, mind you, but hands and knees with a scrub brush & bucket SCRUBBED. I stripped my little one down to her t shirt & unders & let her 'help.' It was great fun for us both & the floor looks great. :-)

Susan Sey said...

And then my husband dropped a bowl of chicken noodle soup on it. So it didn't look great that long, actually. But it was strangely satisfying to have scrubbed it.

Is that weird?

Miranda Neville said...

Anna, you slob. As usual I find myself in frightening agreement with you. I even enjoy ironing and I particularly hate bathrooms. I am actually considering giving up the mad clean when I know visitors are coming. Seriously folks, do you notice when other people's houses are dirty? I don't (perhaps that's because they never are. A scary thought). My other plan is to hire a cleaning person the day my daughter graduates from college.

Keira Soleore said...

What a fun blog, Fo. Then again, I'm tickled pink by everything you do, so I'm likely biased.

Dorthy, the Golden Rooster did indeed pick you this time. Be careful, he's one naughty chook, so don't turn your back on him, or you might find him up to no good in a second flat.

Fo, you know me. Domestic Goddess isnae a word you'd use to describe me. I not only dislike the fact that all that hard work comes to nought just as soon as you're done (kinda like shoveling the driveway while it's snowing), but it's a thankless job. No one praises you to the skies for the shine in your floor or the beautiful fold in the laundry.

And unlike you, it's all tedious, every single aspect of it. And it's all in my camp. Sigh. But then again, I do have help. Every two weeks, I have this lady come in to clean the kitchen and bathrooms and vacuum the house.

MsHellion said...

Horrible housekeeper. I hate dusting--there is massive dust on all my furniture, except what I sit on. *LOL* Dishes annoy me. And loathe cleaning the bathroom. Vacuuming is oddly satisfying. It's like putting on lipstick. Even if you're not wearing other make up, for some reason you look made up and finished.

I do housekeeping IF people are coming over (which is rare), if I'm "nesting" (PMS) and can't stand the clutter, or if I'm madly procrastinating writing.

Anna Sugden said...

Me? A good housekeeper? ROFL

I'm a last-minute merchant - clean when people come to visit. HATE ironing - even when doing it front of a nice DVD. Don't mind washing up, though not drying. HATE vaccuuming - the best invention was an electric carpet sweeper that is light and quick to whisk around. Don't mind laundry. Dusting annoys me - just like you. Don't like cleaning bathrooms, unless I'm stuck with my writing and then I find it a useful kick in the proverbial for my muse *g*.

I'm the kind of person who likes things clean, but doesn't actually clean unless I have to, or something gets to the point where it's irritating me - or I'm stuck with my writing!

Luckily, my DH - who already wins prizes for being the most fabulous man in the world - doesn't care about the housework being done! He's actually a bit of a neatnik, but he doesn't worry about it - life's too short.

When I sell my first book, I plan to get a cleaner!

Oooh - love organising bookshelves.

flchen1 said...

Nope, Susan, I get that, and how terrific that you included your little ones in the cleaning process! Get them hooked early, I say ;) But yep, nothing in our house stays clean for long, which is somewhat of a discouragement if I think about it too much! ;)

Anna, the huge mess in the kitchen after guests leave is daunting; I've learned to just get started, and eventually you hit the moment where it's all clean again, and you think, "ahhhh.... Now where's that leftover bit of tart?" :D

Louisa Cornell said...

Dorothy, you are in for quite an adventure! Hide the keys to your car AND the liquor cabinet!

Funny blog, La Campbell !!

Yes, living with musicians CAN be taxing on the nerves. And when a group of musicians lives together the only word that can describe it is CACOPHONY!

When the DH was alive and I was a stay-at-home doctor's wife / voice teacher my house was always spotless. Not that Roger noticed. He was never terribly demanding about all of that and couldn't understand why I got in such a state before a dinner party! He would always say "The house looks great. Why are you worried?"

Now that I live alone I am ashamed to say it just isn't that important anymore. I only have two days off a week and so I try hard to get everything done on those two days, but sometimes I run out of days before I run out of housework! And I'd much rather be writing! So I always say, "When I finish this book, I am going to give the whole house a good scrub." That lasts until I finish the book and then I immediately start the next book and that idea goes by the wayside.

The funny thing is that my outside dog runs are always spotless! I scoop, I scrub, I bleach. I wash the food dishes and water buckets every other day.

My problem is I hate cleaning toilets and like you said it HAS to be done whether company is coming or not. I hate washing dishes. I hate doing laundry. I hate dusting. I hate mopping. I hate vacuuming. I hate ironing. See the pattern here?

I'm with Anna S. When I see a book I'm hiring a housekeeper. Is the guy in the photo available?

gigi said...

Hi Anna,
I am a keep the house real tidy kind of gal.

I really love vacuuming. There is something about it that is just soothing, plus I have a great vacuum cleaner.
I despise mopping. IT seems like the floor never has time to dry before one of the kids has to come walk on it.

Loved your blog it was so much fun to read.

Dorthy said...

Lime? Are you here? PLEASE come take your GR back!

Noone told me he was sooo demanding! And dangerous, I've had my feet pecked I don't know how many times.
Here I thought I could have a relaxing day reading a book until I had to take my son to Boy Scouts, BUT NOOOOOO.

And dishes? I don't have to worry about those anymore, well other than cleaning up the glass shards from the floor. Darn pecking GR! I was putting the plates away and he pecked my foot, I jumped and the dishes went flying. LOL

SO? are you a card carrying member of the GR club? I have one that would love to come visit!

Then I can get back to cleaning up this HUGE mess he made.

*looks longingly at her TBR pile, thne glares at the GR*

catslady said...

I hate housework. I think it's because my mother loves housework. It's her one passion for goodness sake. She is 87 and still likes housework arghhhh. I'm a pack rat too (I also think because my mom loved to throw things away lol). I enjoy cooking if I know what to cook. Laundry is ok. I run the sweeper a lot (6 cats) and don't mind that at all. That's probably it lol.

Dorthy said...

Liquor cabinet? huh? hummmmm.

*goes to liquor fridge and searches*

Think he'd like Tequila? how about some Rum? Oh, how bout some burbon?

"Oh Mr. GggRrrrr, where are you?"

Dorthy said...


Put him to work? HOW? Please give me the secret....Please. :-)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...


At last, someone else who openly admits they can't stand that whinging old drudge, Neil Young! BLECK!!! Never liked him, and NEVER WILL! Is he a musical genius? Possibly. Can he sing? GAWD NO! That whiny, nasally voice is on par with nails on a blackboard.

Whew! Okay, now that I have THAT outta my system, let me say that I would rather spend all day cringing to Neil Young than cleaning house! UGH! Is there anything more thankless and pointless?!?!

Hate all of it... HATE! Don't do it until absolutely forced, as in no more clean undies so must do laundry. No more clean forks, so must do dishes. Dusting?!?! That's why I own a little fuzzy dog! Ditto with cleaning the floor, at least the kitchen and dining room floors. ;-) Guests? Dear doggie takes care of those also!

I'd LOVE to have a house cleaner, but I have yet to find someone who hasn't run screaming when I opened the front door. ;-)

who LIKES her cave

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Alas, Dorthy, I should have been around last night when the GR flew to your place. I could have loaned you Aunty Cindy's Infamous Riding Crop. ALL the Cabana Boys and Gladiators, and even the GR bow down in deference to THE CROP! ;-)


Kirsten said...

Anna, I just had to laugh at your post! I actually like cleaning, but I'm a 90% type of gal. Or maybe 80%. LOL. I like getting the big stuff done -- the tidying, the vacuuming, the's the little stuff that eludes me. The things that build up slowly, so you don't really notice them, and take a lot of work to get clean.

Like baseboards. Our baseboards are filthy. Or the kitchen cupboards, with their layer of grease and dirt. Or the doors - the lovely smear of dirt that accumulates around the door handles.

That kind of stuff requires constant dedication and willpower. I've got neither!!

Anna Campbell said...

Christie, you're an example to all of us! Actually I must say I hate it when the house gets really disgusting. That's kinda depressing. Even worse than having to do housework! Good luck with the revisions - and the cleaning!

Anna Campbell said...

Gannon, even without a cast of thousands, cleaning doesn't last. It's one of the really frustrating things about it. Have a wonderful trip to Florida - and aren't you lucky that your dh will clean it up for you before you get back. As you say, definitely a keeper! Um, I'd swap you bathrooms for ironing but you said you don't LIKE doing the bathrooms. Sigh.

Anna Campbell said...

JT, I love your approach to cleaning. I can see you sweeping the room with a glance like my lady in the picture! I particularly like the first, take one nap, two, have a cup of tea... Oh, no, that's me!

Anna Campbell said...

Marie, isn't a bummer how that sunlight reveals all the bits you missed? Snort! Laughed at your kid putting your undies on her head. Yeah, just as long as she stays away from mine ;-) The other thing that reveals way too much is if I wear my glasses when I clean! I'd much rather NOT know!

Marie Force said...

Funny about your glasses, Anna. My mom had cataract surgery years ago and her first statement upon having the bandages removed was "Damn, this house is FILTHY!" LOL

Anna Campbell said...


It's like the Terminator. It just keeps coming and coming and coming after you. You'll never escape. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I definitely hear you on clutter. I used to live in a tiny little flat and for sanity's sake, I didn't keep anything I wasn't going to use. Now I'm in a house that's full of cupboards and I never seem to throw anything out. I think once I get this current book done, I need to have a week of ruthless clearing. Sigh. Wanna come and help?

Anna Campbell said...

Susan, actually you're right - there are those moments of satisfaction with housework (in spite of the fate of poor Wilhelmina!). I did my bedroom from top to bottom a couple of weeks ago and it was really nice to see everything looking sparkle arkling. Laughed at your little one helping you with the scrubbing - I remember as a kid thinking housework was a glamorously adult thing to do. I learnt quickly how mistaken I was!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, no, to the chicken noodle soup!

Anna Campbell said...

Miranda, sadly, I think you can tell if I haven't cleaned even if you can't tell that I have, if that makes sense. Sigh. Ha ha, I love that you have exactly the same likes and dislikes in cleaning that I have. Hey, what am I saying? That means you won't come and clean my bathrooms!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Keira, aren't you a honey? Are you tickled pink enough to come and clean bathrooms at my place? Huh? Put your tickled pink where your mouth is, kiddo!

Sounds like you and I have similar feelings about housework. It's kind of like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They get to the end and then just have to turn around and start all over again. I love having the house all clean and spruce but it doesn't last more than a day! Grrrr! Love the idea of the cleaner!

Anna Campbell said...

Helly, is 'horrible housekeeper' addressed to me? If so, clearly you know my house ;-)

Actually dust drives me mad. I've got dark polished furniture and sadly, you can see dust on it like it's lit up with a spotlight. I actually don't mind dusting - it's better than cleaning the bathrooms at least!

Actually one thing I like about vacuuming is that generally you CAN tell if a place has just been done. So I'm with you there. Laughed at your three reasons for cleaning - yup, that would be about it. I remember once telling myself if I wrote three pages, I could clean the toilet as a reward. Now that gives you some indication of the pain involved in those three pages!

Anna Campbell said...

Anna, for some reason, anything involving the bookshelves is fun. Even dusting or rearranging. Clearly I was born to be a librarian! Love that Keith isn't a neat freak when it comes to housework - it's worse when someone's pressuring you to clean, it's bad enough when you know yourself you've got to do some!

Donna MacMeans said...

Anna -

LOL, I love your posts!

When my husband and I were engaged, I asked him if there was anything that really bothered him - like cracker crumbs in the sheets - so I would know ahead of time. He said he didn't like clutter, preferred a clean table top. I said "I think we better rethink this marriage thing."

Good thing he can have his clean desk top at work because I'm a clutteraholic! (I think it's part of the reason I'm drawn to the Victorians!) I'm more of a hider than a cleaner. Isn't that what spare rooms are for?

Sorry Anna - I'm a fan of Neil Young as well as Crosby, Stills, and Nash. We wouldn't have been good apartment mates back then. However, with the advent of ipods and earphones, we can each rock out to our own music. BTW - I saw Neil Young in concert about a year ago - yes, he's still giving concerts. That old man can still rock with a passion.

Anna Campbell said...

Fedora, I've learnt something with the washing up after the guests have been. The dishwasher died a few months ago - not a HUMAN dishwasher, I hasten to add! - and it's all by hand these days until I get organised to get another one. Anyway, what I've learned is that if I do the washing up as soon as the guests go, it's somehow less painful than facing it 12 hours later when everything has congealed. Bleuch!

Anna Campbell said...

Louisa, I think you'd need shares in Vaseline if you were going to employ that particular guy. Did you notice how shiny his skin is? Or is that the sweat he's worked up after a good clean? It's interesting that your dogs get the 100% cleaning attention that you don't. What does that say?

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Gigi, thanks for checking out the blog. It was actually fun to write - finding the illustrations gave me so many giggles. Writing the blog was much more fun than cleaning the house! Hey, sounds like you need to come and visit and clean my house. I promise to make you cups of tea to keep you going!

Anna Campbell said...

Dorthy, now you KNOW!!!!! He's a rambunctious little feathered bundle of chaos, our darling rooster. Well, I call him darling as long as I don't have to host him. We tried to warn you... I think Lime likes him because he helps her get up to mischief ;-) Oh, dear, sorry about the china. We definitely should have warned you about that too. Mind you, if you fed him chocolate, on your own head be it. He gets very hyper on chocolate! Ask Helen!

Anna Campbell said...

Catslady, I can see how you came by your name! Six cats? Wow! I often think how disgusted my mother would be with my ad hoc cleaning. But honestly, I've got better things to do!

Anna Campbell said...

Dorthy, step away from the liquor cabinet. That's right, put down the tequila and everybody goes home safe. No, Dorthy, not for the rooster. NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Kate Carlisle said...

Oh my! Ms. Anna, I do believe we were separated at birth! Because I hate hate hate housework!! Hate it, I say ... uh, in case you didn't hear me the first time.

But like you, I don't mind ironing at all! I'm very familiar with that zen thing you talked about. Weird, huh?

And I want a housekeeper who looks like Hal! Please???

Oh, P.S., we just bought a ROOMBA! It really works, and it's so smart, it vacuums the whole room (carpets, hardwood floors, bathroom tile, everything), then it goes back to its little docking station to charge itself up again. It's just so cute! Well, not as cute as Hunky Hal ... ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, AC, another non-Neil Young fan!!!! Wonderful to meet you. When I express my dislike for his music, people shake their heads pityingly at me and enroll me in somewhere that teaches musical taste. I watch a lot of musical docos and they're always lauding him as a genius! Hey, give me Depeche Mode any day ;-)

Laughed at your house being the place that terrifies the toughest of cleaners. Actually I'm slightly better than I used to be - I tidy even if I don't clean. I used to live in the kind of chaos that features on TV programs about hoarders needing an intervention!

Anna Campbell said...

Dorthy, that's true. The GR is scared of only two things. Cindy's Crop and P226!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Kirsten, I hear you. I've actually made an effort to do skirting boards and behind stuff in the last month or so - as you say, otherwise it all just becomes impossible. Most of the time, though, if you can't see it, it doesn't exist, if you know what I mean. I actually even did under the piano the other day. I swear I discovered the Loch Ness Monster, there was such an accumulating of gunge!

Anna Campbell said...

Marie, it's amazing what a difference it makes! That was actually what prompted doing under the piano. I was there watching TV and made the mistake of turning my head to the right. Ugh! Life's much easier when you only see half of the problems!

Anna Campbell said...

Donna, clearly AC and I will be off bopping to something completely unworthy while you're listening to Monsieur Young! Actually I've never really listened to much NY since - perhaps I'd like it more now. Hmm, maybe not! How interesting that you're a pack rat. I never used to be until I moved into this house. In fact, this house has TOO many cupboards. Not enough wall space left for bookcases. Books NEVER count as clutter! Thanks for saying you enjoyed the post - it was a fun one to write! A good kvetch is therapeutic!

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, what is this Roomba of which you speak? And can I have one? I gather it's an automatic vacuum cleaner!!!! That sounds fantastic. Now if only they'd invent an automatic bathroom cleaner - hmm, or perhaps you and I could SHARE Hal. He looks like a man who would enjoy scrubbing the shower! How interesting that most people who have responded are in the anti-housework club. Clearly all the other people are too busy cleaning to have time to read. Tch, tch. Their minds are suffering even as their houses are sparkling, LOL!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Kate, did you say you hated housework? I don't think I caught it first time round! Snork!

Stephanie J said...

Anna, I think we're kindred house cleaning souls (if such a thing exists). I too enjoy ironing, I can do the laundry just fine, and I've been know to spend hours organizing my books. It's the bathroom and dishes that I can't stand!

I used to get out of the bathroom cleaning when I was younger b/c cleaning smells make me get sick but now that it's just me it's such a huge chore.

Anna Campbell said...

Stephanie, your list and mine absolutely coincide, don't they? Although I have to say, I don't mind doing the dishes. You're really in a bind when it's just you, aren't you? You can't just leave it for someone else to do ;-)

PJ said...

Anna, you slay me! You are so funny!

Housecleaning is against my religion. No, really, it is. I'm sure of it. know...if it isn' damn sure should be.

I really, really, really despise housecleaning. Really. My favorite part of cleaning house is procrastinating. I'm very good at procrastination. *Very* good.

Don't get me wrong. I adore a clean house. It smells so good. I'd just be much happier if someone else could make it that way. I think I must have had servants in a past life. ;-)

PinkPeony said...

Hi Anna...congrats on the GR, Dorthy!

I should be vacuuming right now! When we bought this house last year, doubling our existing square footage, I tried to make things easier on myself. I stocked each bathroom with a set of cleaning solutions, a dustbuster thingy in each bathroom, and placed packets of microfiber dusters in bedroom closet..this way, everything's at my fingertips. It's made it a bit easier but I really hate getting on my hands and knees and doing the baseboards. The house is almost 80 years old and there's no carpet. The floors are darkwood and when the sunlight hits it, boy, you can see the dust! We also have two cats and now I'm thinking about getting a Roomba because I'm tired of firing up the vacuum every day.

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, PJ, to the having servants in a previous life. That's about the only excuse I've NEVER used! But it will come up now. Clearly I was your servant-having sister in this same past life! I must say I love having a clean house too - I just don't like having to get it that way ;-) Glad you got a giggle out of the blog.

Anna Campbell said...

Jen, congratulations on being our big prize winner for the Christmas bonanza. That was some amazing prize basket!

Kate was raving about the Roomba - seriously, I'm going to check it out. Although at least here, we live on sand and there's not a lot of road traffic so that place doesn't get terrifically dirty. Sydney used to get filthy - partly also because it was a 1928 building and dust loves to hang around old houses.

Pat Cochran said...

Hello Anna & Hal,

1.Fave household job: tie between
ironing and cooking.
2. Least fave: tie between bath-
rooms & mopping floors.
3. No to always being tidy.
4. Combination.
5. No to Neil.
6. Suggestion: Hal to Houston where
he can use that duster ...on my living room!!(What did you think
I was going to say?)

Pat Cochran

Lady_Graeye said...

Hi Anna! Are you kidding??? I'm with Joan! I, to, am a relaxed housekeeper! I have new hardwood floors, I hate dusting and now I am forced to do it!

I love it when my granddaughter Madison comes over. Her daddy plays "Slide Madi down the hallway as fast as he can" and she picks up all the dust bunnies as she goes slides down it.

Having 2 doggies doesn't help the floors any either. As much as I love my twin daughters, I love it better when they go back to college after breaks. There is less laundry, less dishes and LESS HAIRBALLS LEFT IN THE SHOWER DRAIN!!! OH MY GIRLS!! THEY ARE LAZY!(but they do come by it naturally!)

Anna Campbell said...

Pat, Hal is very keen on using his duster on...your furniture! Yeah, right! Love your list. I must say I don't mind mopping floors - but bathrooms seem to be a commonly hated chore.

Anna Campbell said...

Lady Graeye, I love the idea of enlisting the family in the house cleaning by sliding them around the floors! Perhaps people could think about doing that with the cat and dog too! Snork! I lived in a house with hardwood floors - another share place and the girl I shared with made me look like a fabulous housekeeper. Oh, man, I still break out in hives at the memories!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, guys, great to find so many other housework phobics in the house - even if none of us have quite suffered the way poor Wilhelmina has! Thanks for a great day in the lair! Which I can see definitely needs a good dust!

Christine Wells said...

Foanna, so sorry I'm incredibly late to the party once again! But I'm totally with you on the cleaning. Our house looks like a cross between a toy shop and a bomb site at the moment! Most of all I hate ironing. Once I get into any household task I can find the Zen-ness in it, but I'm horrible at ironing, so I don't often do it. My dh begs me not to iron his shirts. Hmm, I think my ineptitude is working in my favour there! Like my brother, who always broke dishes when he washed up.

As for Neil Young, my dh is a fan. His mother once said, "That fellow sounds like he sat on a prickle and was too lazy to get off!" I think she should have been a writer.

Congrats on the rooster Dorthy!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna, you crack me up. :> Housekeeping? HAHAHHAHAAH! You've seen my house, so I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer.

Anna Campbell said...

Ha ha, to your mother's description of NY. Makes me think we should work on a rhyme:

Neil Young sat down on a prickle
And desperately needed a tickle...

Kids make it hard to preserve that Vogue Interiors look, don't they?

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, I would NEVAH be rude about your house because then you mightn't invite me back and that would upset me muchly... Snork!

Donna MacMeans said...

Anna - Just to enlighten you. A Roomba is a vacuuming robot! It looks something like a frisbee, only thicker and solid. You turn it on and it scurries around and vacuums like something from the Jetsons. Very cool

catslady said...

LOL my mother is still telling me what a horrible house I keep (she is 87 so I've been hearing it a long time). Especially since I have animals in the house!! I too always said I had better things to do. My children will remember that I played with them and read to them and now that they are grown I still find other things to do lol.

Anna Campbell said...

Donna, me likes the sound of this Roomba. I should check it out!

Anna Campbell said...

Catslady, one of the things that make me glad I live now and not in the Regency is what housework was like back then. I mean, I whinge with all the labour saving devices available to me. Imagine if I had to wash clothes with caustic soda!