Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be Vewy, Vewy, Quiet....I'm Hunting Gwoundhog!

by Joan Kayse

I’m ready for spring. I want crocus and tulips and forsythias blooming. I want blue skies and Mama robins building nests. I want green grass and budding trees and soft breezes.

So Mr.’re toast!

I know. I know, I know, I know my winter experience has not been of the apocalyptic proportions as Jeanne and Christie and many of our BB’s along the Atlantic seaboard. Here in my part of Kentucky we’ve had intermittent snowfalls. Yesterday’s was a measly 7 inches. On the now popular DC scale that’s a dusting. But the blankety blank stuff won’t stay shoveled! I woke to 2-foot drifts blocking my drive. (Note: There is no such thing as enterprising teens wanting to make some bucks...even the lure of my chocolate chip cookies couldn’t bring them away from their warm, snug Wii consoles.)

And now our weather guy is saying Sunday we’ll get at LEAST that much more.

I’m done.

Was it really only 11 days ago that our friend Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow? Personally, I think it’s a con as any groundhog thrust up into the glare of camera lights is GOING to see his shadow. He didn’t scurry back into his hole because of an impending six more weeks of winter! He had a flashback to those headlights on Route 86 that took his less well known cousin, Pete the Possum, out a few years back.

Now I wouldn’t really hurt anything furry and cute. After all, Marmota Monax is in the same family as squirrels (rabid squirrel!) and I like them ok. But I figure if we hunt him down and force him to see the error of his ways maybe spring will come next week!

So’s the deal:

Snow hides the robins. We can’t see them and take comfort in knowing spring will not forget us.

Cold weather makes skin dry and rough and, just don’t want to be in the Lair with scratchy Banditas. Sven does not have enough lotion.

No one can see my pedicure in boots up to my knees.

Snow bleaches everything out...until the traffic comes and then it turns into a black/gray glob that takes until July to melt. And don’t get me started on yellow snow....

Gray sky is depressing. Throw a little sun our way once in awhile. Oh, but wait. Let me put on these shades because sun plus miles of white snow = blindness.

So my question for you is, what do you have to say to Phil? What signals the start of spring for you? Whose your favorite Looney Tunes character and last, but not least, who wants to take in an oversized rodent until April?


limecello said... up anyway... *hides*

limecello said...

I'm with you 150%, Joan. Stupid Phil. Can't he ever *not* see his shadow!?
Start of spring... interestingly enough, thunder and lightning. Squirrels, robins, forsythia - tulips. (And it's making me insane I can't think of the name of the other flower.)
My favorite Looney Tunes character? I don't know that he's my favorite, but I have a soft spot for the Tazmanian Devil. As for the rodent... does not want, thanks :P

Gillian Layne said...

Oh, yeah. I am experiencing some serious loathing towards the weather guy. Snow Valentine's Day, snow next Thursday and Friday, another blizzard on the 24th....I want to plant flowers!

Love me some Looney Tunes. How about Pepe Le Pew, in honor of Valentine's day? Here's a link:

Or Marvin the Martian? :) You have to love the classics.

Anna Campbell said...


Joan, what a cute post. Mind you, I can say that from thousands of miles away and suffering a very hot day. Been in the pool a couple of times today. Yeah, you really wanted to hear that!

Gillian, I'm with you. I love Pepe!

Virginia said...

Joan, what a cute post! I am with you on the snow thing, I am sick of it. We still have snow on the ground and more on the way. Some has melted and its a muddie mess in those spots.

I have a few of those over size rodents in my neck of the woods and I live in a small town. They rob my tomatoes every summer. So if any one needs any groundhog just come and get mine. Just send Elmer Fudd my way with his gun and we will get rid of them.

Helen said...

Congrat limecello have fun with him

Loved the post and can I say that I would love some of that cold weather although the last week hasn't been extemely hot here in Sydney it has been raining and humid. Yesterday we had a freak storm hit our suburb (I was at work 10 mins away and never got it) but we have 2 houses in our street that have trees on their roofs part of the gumm tree in my backyard is now all over the yard and we had hail the size of a 20c piece. The SES has been out all day clearing trees from roadways and the sound of chain saws had been going all day.

But here in Australia the onset of spring for me means flowers starting to bud and slowly open the days getting longer and warmer. But for me I am soo looking forward to autumn now I am so over summer as you are over winter. I look forward to cold nights so I can actullay sleep I love being curled up with a blanket a cup of coffee and a good book and the Tim Tams don't melt LOL.

Favourite Looney Tunes character has to be Daffy Duck and like Lime I also love The Tasmanian Devil.

Have FUn

Jane said...

We actually got ten inches of snow in the city which is a big deal. The surrounding areas had over a foot of snow. I can tell spring is approaching when it's no longer dark at 4pm. I can't wait till the days are longer. I love the Baby Looney Tunes. They were so adorable, especially Bugs Bunny.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Joanie! So sorry the snow is getting you down. I know, how about coming to live in Oz during your winter months? Hey, problem solved! *G* We have a spare bedroom...

Christine Wells said...

And oh, yeah, I could do without possums.

I'm just sayin...

MsHellion said...

I cannot wait for Spring. Five weeks. I'm sick of snow too. Lord. And I'm not even in DC or counting this morning, Mississippi.

Daffodils, lilacs and RAIN are my signs of spring.

There's few Looney Tunes I don't love, but I think Pepe le Pew is my favorite. But when Tazmanian Devil falls in love--I did adore that cartoon as well. And Bugs Bunny is so witty and smart, how can you not love him?


Joan said...

OMG, Lime popped out of her hole to grab the GR!!!

Our KY squirrels don't really go away during snow...they just put on parkas and go on scampering for nuts...which they can't find becaus of SNOW!

Taz is fine..he's a favorite of my brother. I lean toward Bugs and Tweety myself. Dressed the right way, Tweety could LOOK like a robin!

Joan said...

Ah, Pepe le Pew....Gillian how could anybody resist the unfailing belief in amore?

But, not with snow.

Yikes on YOUR prediction! Where do you live? Here, I'm sending cyber salt your way...

Joan said...

Anna in the pool? Do you need extra water? We could FedEx some SNOW to you!

And another Pepe admirer. If Pepe were a hero in one of your books, what/who would he be?

Joan said...


Ewwww, you've actually got PHIL and his cousins in your backyard?

Quick, throw a blanket over them so they can't see their shadow.

Or give them a shovel and put them to work.

Hey.....that's an idea! Who needs teenagers?

Joan said...

Yikes Helen!

Glad you're ok and sorry about the gum tree. Sounds like ya'll are having some extreme weather too!

Could you use a few groundhogs to help clean up?

Who needs public works depts. when you have groundhogs!

Joan said...

Jane, you live in NYC, right?

I've been keeping track of your weather through Regis and Kelley, LOL.

I bet ya'll get a lot of the black/gray sludge.

But on the bright side you have Macy's flagship store.

And baby Loonies are very cute indeed. Bugs was very precocious from a young age.

Joan said...


Thanks for the invite and don't tempt me.

Maybe I can earn the airfare by shoveling drives. I'm getting very good at it you know.

Joan said...

Yeah MsHellion!!!!

I'm with you!

I think I'll go to Kroger and get some tulips in a pot. Defiantly set them on top of the mountain of snow on my deck and shake my fist at the weather gods!!!


Or maybe not.

Anna Sugden said...

As one who has been without heating this week, I'm with you on needing to see the end of winter, Joanie! It's been bloody freezing here in Cambridge - our 0.5cm may be patheric, but the winds from the Arctic would make a polar bear shiver!

Can I just say, my plumber is a god!

I'm another Pepe fan! Though can't stand his real-life coutnerpart - especially not when they skunk my cats! Groundhogs are dumb as posts - just ask my cats! Not as dumb as chipmunks, but pretty close. Raccoons on the other hand are cute, but scary (to cats).

The only positive sign this week is that the snowdrops are out and that for me is the sign that spring is on its way. Snowdrops, then daffodils and tulips. Oh, and that other dumb animal - the mole!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Sitting here watching it snow, and trying to figure out what shoes I have that will look dressy but not freeze my toes tonight. Yeah, not happening.
When I see the trees and bushes budding out I know spring is here, my iris and lilies start greening up and I am content.

Deb said...

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I like winter and snow, really, but I am ready to see some signs of spring. Lilacs and daffodils and robins. At least I have a fat cardinal that sits out in my bushes now, so I do see some color amongst all that snow.

It's been so long since I've seen a Looney Tunes cartoon, I'm not sure I remember many characters. But, I always did like Pepe.

Gannon Carr said...

My mantra these days is "snow, snow, go away!" It seems as if we can't go more than 4 days without more snow coming along. And to think I used to like snow!!

I always liked Pepe, too. Daffy, Sylvester, Bugs and Marvin the Martian are up there, too.

~ Gannon, who's watching it snow as we speak. *sigh*

Joan said...

Anna, I bet it's cold over there and oh! The poor polar bears!

Um, I didn't know England HAD polar bears. Did the Viking leave them?

And yay on getting your heat back! I still haven't fully recovered from the (deep booming voice) ICE STORM last year! I bought extra warm clothes to have just in case this year. So far?

I've worn them shoveling...

Now Chip And Dale are chipmunks and they don't seem dumb.....ok, so Dale is a little dense but really they move FAST!!!

Snowdrops? A sign of Spring?


Joan said...

Hey Dianna!

Ohhh...budding trees. Yup, that is a sight to cause hope to SPRING eternal.

Let me go stare at my weeping cherry.

Ah, I'm guessing you have a Valentine's event tonight? WEll, you could just add sparklies to your sensible warm snow boots.

Sigh. I wish I had snow boots...

Joan said...

Forget wood chucking Deb...send those fur balls over with SHOVELS!

Now a cardinal, ruby red against all that white? Beautiful...

What do cardinals eat? I'd like to lure some over to my deck...hmm..what do I have?

Oatmeal? Ya think they like oatmeal?

Joan said...

Watching snow? Erk.....

Looks like our next big one is coming Monday. Hope it doesn't freak out the garbage collectors who did NOT pick up my garbage LAST week! If they miss this week, then I'll be shoveling something more than snow!

And Sylvester! How could I have missed Sylvester?

Minna said...

Sun and the melting snow.
My favorite Looney Tunes character is Bugs Bunny.

Anna Sugden said...

Trust me, chipmunks are dumb. Do they run away from cats? No, they do this weird little dance as if they're going to mesmerise the cat. Ummm ... doesn't work.

Snowdrops are lovely little white flowers that pop up in clumps - they're so cheery!

And mentioning Sylvester reminds me of Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner (meep meep!)

Gannon Carr said...

Anna, I always cheered for Wile E. Coyote. But I suppose if he had prevailed and done away with the annoying Road Runner, that would have been the end of the cartoon. ;-D

jo robertson said...

Darling post, Joanie. I normally love cold weather, curling up in front of a roaring fire, turtleneck sweaters and boots. But yes, I'm sick of winter and want to see some leaves on my trees and clear blue skies.

Of course, California weather isn't such a hardship as you're having back east. Okay, well, except for excessive rain, it isn't hard at all. But still . . . I want spring too!

catslady said...

Poor Phil is getting a bum rap. They just make the decision for him which of course is usually more snow. We have over 30" at the moment and more to come. When I see the early spring flowers start blooming it's usually spring although it does snow sometimes afterwards.

Joan said...

Hey Minna...

Oh yeah...sun plus melting equal Spring!

It's amazing really. They say right now that 49 out of 50 US states has snow. That includes 6 inches in Charleston SC and 3 in Savannah!

And poor Vancouever CA is desperate for snow for the Olympics!

Joan said...

Chipmunk dance? Anything like a Chippendale's Never mind.

Snowdrop is a FLOWER? Ohhhhhh...see I was thinking candy.

Can you tell I was on my way to a Weight Watcher Meeting?

Sigh. Haven't been since Oct. Have my work cut out for me!

And yeah, I've always had a bit of sympathy...and admiration...for Wile Coyote for his fruitless efforts.

But there was just something about the mischievous glint in the Roadrunner's eye. Kind of like "So, ya think you can catch me? (chuckle or meep, meep) I don't think so!) ziiiiiiiiiiiiiipppp

Joan said...

I tell ya Jo, when I was in SF a couple of years ago I just wanted to roll around in ALL The beautiful flowers CA had.


Joan said...

Ohhh catslady...30 in.?!!

I'll send a squad of shovel toting groundhogs right away.

They'll have you dug out by, oh, mid-March!

You're right about the set up for PP (Poor Phil). Maybe we should go after the groundhog keepers!

Joan said...

I meant Vancouver CANADA!...Looks like I meant Calif.

Snow muddled mine...

Lady_Graeye said...

Why do they have to listen to a rodent every year. I mean, their brain size is minimal, they only think of food and they only think of food. That's like asking a man, for goodness sakes! Ask a man and they would get it wrong every year too. Same category, right??
My favorite Looney Tunes character is Taz! Who else can run around crazy, be grumpy and blew his temper at the slightest little thing. And, He gets by with it!!! Heck yeah, he's my fav!!

Christie Kelley said...

What I want to say to Phil I can't in a public forum. After he saw his shadow, he went hiding back in his burrow leaving us to shovel all this stuff.

I just got back inside from trying to shovel a path to the garbage cans because there is a rumor we might get a garbage collection on Tuesday. So far this week, we've had 2 days with mail and no garbage collection all week. Of course, now I hear we might get another 6+ inches on Monday into Tuesday!

I can't take it. The kids were off all week from school, plus they get Monday for President's Day. If we get another 6 inches, they'll never get to school on Tuesday. My oldest doesn't care because he's a senior so his classes will end on the same day anyway. They can't move graduation. At this rate, my 7th grader will be in school until July.

Okay, I'm done venting! I promise! My blog on the 17th will have nothing to do with winter or snow. On to Looney Tunes, I love that Daffy Duck. And no, I want no part of a rodent.

Anna Campbell said...

Joan, taking the fifth on Pepe and my heroes! I think there's an element of the classic alpha about Pepe!

Minna said...

And poor Vancouever CA is desperate for snow for the Olympics!

Yeah, they had to take snow by trucks to the place where they are going to ski and such. And I hear the flowers will be blooming in Vancouver soon.
I won't be watching the Olympics very much this year. Stupid time difference...

Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End of Love

take this waltz leonard cohen

Nancy said...

Hi, Joanie--I suspect that Phil's rabid squirrel relatives are behind this. It's a plot.

Offer him a burrow from which he cannot be yanked by the scruff of his neck every February. He always looks so grumpy in the pictures.

We got about 2 inches last night, but it's already melting. It did look pretty in the yard last night and this morning. We got fine snow, hard to see, not the big, fat flakes.

Herself likes to frolic in it, which is fun to watch.

As for spring, seeing the crocuses (and why is that not croci, per the Latin forms, one wonders) come up in the yard is always a sign.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

FUN post, Joanie!

And too true about the dry skin and itchy Banditas... Poor Sven and the cabana boys can't keep enough lotion in the Lair! :-P

As Jo already said, winter here in California really isn't that bad. We've had a LOT of rain this year, but minimal flooding so far. And I hate to mention our sunny skies and mild weather the past 2 days with forecasts of more for all next week.

If you can shovel your way to the airport, Joanie, Christie, Jeanne, Nancy, Caren and the rest, COME ON OUT to sunny California! Jo-Mama, Tawny, Kate and I will be thrilled to see you!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

OOPS! Forgot about the questions -- Taz is my Looney Tune character of choice. Must be because we have similar personalities. :-P

And nothing says spring like those newly unfurled leaves. I believe it was Frost who said, "Nature's first green is gold." Perfect description of all that new growth.


Suzanne Welsh said...

LOL, Joanie, that cracked me up! And I'm so sorry I missed Pete the Possum's obituary.

Well, Dallas got a record snowfall of 12 inches out at DFW airport, and at my house we got a little over 9. Here's the good news about snowfall like that in Dallas. People stayed home Thursday night and Friday morning. By noon the roads were nearly completely clear while the accumulations on the houses, grass, trees was slowly melting. I still had lots of snow to see on my way to work and on my way home this morning. NOW? it's melting like spring run off from a mountain glacier. Probably be gone by tomorrow.

Favorite Looney Tune Character? Foghorn Leghorn, "I say, I say, I say there dawg. What in the samhill are you doing?"

What signals spring for me? Daffodils. When I see Daffodils on my walk, then I know spring is here. And baby rabbits or squirrels who mistakenly venture into our yard, making Rocky-the-wonder-dog turn into a huntin' dog. Not many furry creatures come in after May...they know better!

limecello said...

lol uh oh - Anna, I was hoping you wouldn't notice. ;) Maybe the GR and I need to go into hiding along with Phil. :P
Ooo I think Tweety might be my actual favorite... but I just love Dizzy from Tiny Toons. (lol dated myself.)

Joan - cute... and sad. We don't have squirrels scampering around in the snow, but yes when it melts (for a day) in January. We do have deer, however. I had a "!!!" moment today when I saw like 15 bambi's <3

gigi said...

Well the Purple Martins arrived a day ago that usually is a sign spring should be here soon. The hummingbirds usually show up in our around March 15th another big indicator of Spring. Plus the days are getting longer. I love that.

PJ said...

Poor Pete the Possum. I hope he had a nice service. Down here they would have turned him into stew.

We finally got snow last night - our first of the season. Yes, we only got about 2 inches but it was so beautiful glistening in the sun this morning. (I posted pics at Facebook) All the neighbor kids were out bright and early throwing snowballs and building snowmen. You had to be fast though. It was pretty much all gone by 2pm.

Daffodils are my signal that spring has arrived. They're closely followed by tulips, azaleas and dogwoods. I'm ready for all of them.

My favorite Looney Tunes character, hands down, is Yosemite Sam. Sam's my man.

Caren Crane said...

Sorry, Joanie, I'M not taking in the varmint! I love cold weather, so I'm not complaining too loudly. The only time it really bothers me is when I have to stand for hours at COOKIE BOOTHS selling Girl Scout cookies.

Today, I sent my DH to do the booth so I could go to my RWA chapter meeting...and deliver cookies!

As to the Looney Tunes, my favorite is Pepe LePew. So romantic! So misunderstood!

Caren Crane said...

Jane, I loved Tiny Toon Adventures! They were insanely funny. My favorite on there was Babs. She was a riot!

Oh, and JT, my favorite sign of spring is the yellow blooming forsythia, which turns lovely and spring green all too soon! Second favorite: dogwood blossoms. *sigh*

Joan said...

they only think of food and they only think of food.

OMG, Lady Graeye!

So does a Weight Watcher!!

Do you think I might have groundhog genes?!

Joan said...


Hang in there girl!!! The groundhog squad is on its way! They'll have you dug out before you know it...

Course, it'll be through TEENY little tunnels in the drifts.


Seriously, we can only imagine how you folks have been dealing with it.....thought about you as I fought the crowds at Kroger today.... Milk! Milk! My kingdom for Milk!

Joan said...

2 inches Nancy? Awww...I feel like you got gyped.

I'll send you will Christie and even Jeanne who SURELY is tired of it SOME...

Watch for large, dripping packages.

Joan said...

If you can shovel your way to the airport, Joanie, Christie, Jeanne, Nancy, Caren and the rest, COME ON OUT to sunny California! Jo-Mama, Tawny, Kate and I will be thrilled to see you!

Be right there, AC!

Seriously, the times I've been shoveling I get into this funky rhythm....kind of a chain gang song in my head...

Joan said...

Foghorn, Suz??!!!

How ya think he's related to the chook???

He was a fun character...always had it all figured out and blammo...the little nerd chick boy outwitted him.

Kudos for his trying though.

And shucks, sorry about your losing your snow so soon. Um, I think I just heard Christie scream and pull her hair in MD

Joan said...


Purple Martins? Ooooo...I've heard of those! They are exotic to me...

What about those buzzards in Hinkley OH??? And the swallows in Capastrano (?Sp)?

They need to get their little bird behinds in gear and bring Spring on!

Joan said...

Pete stew, PJ?

What type of spice do you use for that? Or...what type of lie do you tell to your guests when they ask what is in it?

Yosemite Sam, huh? He is rather dashing with that long, red moustache....

Joan said...

Ah, Caren. Dogwoods (sigh)

I do love when all the dogwoods are in bloom. And azaeleas.

Years ago, I was at a conference in Charlotte NC during the HEIGHT of those azaeleas blooming. Only Ireland rivaled them in beauty.

Cassondra said...

I have decided that Phil is a fraidycat. He needs to get over it. I think he runs in whether he sees anything or not. When have you ever heard that he DIDN'T see his shadow, huh?

Never. He's seen his shadow every year that I can remember.


Fraidy cat.

Excellent post Joanie, and I am with you. I am SO ready for spring.

Joan said...

I say I have to agree, Cassondra.

Phil's not fearless! Either that or he just wants to get it over with and crawl back under the covers and eat chocolate.

Oh! No wait...that's ME!

Louisa Cornell said...

Great post, Joan. Cracked me up after a HORRIBLE day at Wal-Mart !!

Lime, you are definitely heading into scandalous territory with the GR !

I am SO ready for SPRING !! I live in Alabama because I don't WANT snow! And what do I get? SNOW! And we are supposed to get more tomorrow night! Sheesh! I am SO over this! As the odd little Eastern European guy in Ghostbusters 2 says "The joyfulness is over! Go!"

I have every kind of critter known to man on my place. No groundhogs, but I have NO interest in importing any. Besides, if he sees his shadow in my presence I may be forced to loose Prince Rottenbutt Frodo on him.

I am ready for my dogwoods and azaleas to start blooming. I am ready to hear whipp-o-wills sing at night. I'm ready to hear frogs and crickets. I'm ready to see the bluebirds start fighting over my bluebird boxes. I'm really ready to stop putting corn out on my feeder for the raccoons and squirrels. (If I feed them corn they leave the rescued dogs' food alone!) I am ready for my ten year old Queen Elizabeth climbing rose to start budding up. I'm even ready to start fighting my wisteria vines for custody of the house.

Gotta' love Taz when it comes to Looney Tunes. And Pepe too! And anything with Bugs and opera is must see tv in my house! Oh and Foghorn Leghorn !!

Joan said...

Hey Louisa!

I'd heard about Bama getting in line for its share of the white stuff. My friend Lisa was headed down that way yesterday to escape the snow.


And you made me very wistful with your list of spring desires. Sigh...roses.

And, um...the only opera stuff I know about is what I learned from Bugs (ducking)

Nancy said...

Joan--yeah, the boy certainly feels cheated. A measly two inches and he's out of school Monday ANYway.

Since I am a terrible snow driver, meaning I know enough not to even try, the slight accumulation is for the best. Rain headed this way for Monday.

Louisa Cornell said...

Kill da wabit, kill da wabit - sung to the tune of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries cracks me up EVERY time!

Joan said...

Since I am a terrible snow driver,

Tap the brakes (unless they are anti locking brakes), do not accelerate into a turn, give enough braking distance and shift in to low drive for traction.

Or...stay home under the covers and eat chocolate.

Joan said...

Yup, Louisa...that's the one....and the Barber of Seville???

Louisa Cornell said...

OMG yes! The Barber of Seville is PRIME Looney Tunes. Now I am jonesing for some Operatic Looney Tunes!