Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mari Mancusi Brings the Bad Blood

Interview by Kirsten Scott

Hey Banditas and Bandita Buddies! Grab your crosses and a little holy water, because the deceptively sweet-looking Mari Mancusi is visiting today, and she's bringing her Blood Coven vampires with her...

Hi Mari, welcome to the Romance Bandits' Lair! You're lucky you've got some experience dealing with vampires and werewolves -- sometimes things get a little crazy around here. Though, now that I think about it, it's really just cabana boys getting a little too liberal with the vino, if you know what I mean...Ahem...Now, let's talk about YOU! Can you tell us about your latest release, Bad Blood?

Hey, nothing wrong with a drunk cabana boy…Oh wait, you meant—hm. Never mind.

ANYWAY - Bad Blood is the fourth book in the Blood Coven Vampires series. It continues the adventures of two twins—Sunshine and Rayne—who are identical on the outside, but exact opposites inside. In the first book, Boys that Bite, Goth loving Rayne wants to be a vampire more than anything. She’s networked, been on waiting lists, taken a certification test—the works. Unfortunately on the night she was supposed to be bitten and transformed, the vampire who was sent to do the biting accidentally bites her twin sister instead. Now Sunny—who up until now had no idea vampires even existed--has only a week to figure out a way to reverse the transformation, or she will become a vampire forever.

The Blood Coven Vampire series has a pretty amazing story -- can you tell us how your persistence and hard work (not to mention the adoration of your fans) helped give this series a new life (and very cool new covers!)?

It’s quite a long story, but basically I was told the series was over by my publisher after three books. Mainly because they’d decided not to continue with their YA program. But through a “Save the Blood Coven” social media campaign I launched with volunteer readers, a really enthusiastic German publisher who wanted to continue the series even if the US didn’t, and the persistence of my awesome agent, we were eventually not only able to get Book #4 published a few years later, but the US publisher decided to re-release the first three books as well--with beautiful new covers.

I thank God, my agent, the country of Germany and Stephanie Meyer for that miracle! If you’d like to read the longer version, you can do so here:

I think it’s a good story to read when the publishing world hits you over the head and knocks you around. There really can be happy endings in this business, I swear!

I must say I was in awe when I read that story on the PubRants blog (that's Agent Kristin Nelson's blog -- one of the best for writers of all kinds). It's easy to feel helpless in the big, bad world of publishing. It's wonderful to think an author can actually make a difference! But back to the Blood Coven. This is a young adult series -- have you found a lot of adults reading it as well?

Oh yes, definitely. Especially Buffy fans as the books sort of have that same kind of humor. I also throw in some 80s pop culture stuff as well to keep the adults entertained. For example, in Stake That, the second book in the series, there’s this whole Lost Boys part to it and I’ve gotten a ton of props from adults readers for including that. I think the best YA books transcend age barriers. The characters may be in high school, but the plots are ones everyone can appreciate.

I definitely agree! I love your snappy dialogue and humor; these books are definitely not just for kids. Now, you've got a story in a newly released adult romance anthology as well -- what can you tell us about My Zombie Valentine (beside the very cool name!)?

My editor at Dorchester knows I’m a huge horror movie fan—my fiancĂ© and I have “Cheesy Horror Movie Nights” on a regular basis and we go see the latest Saw installment every year—release night usually falls on our anniversary. So I guess it made sense to invite me to take part in the My Zombie Valentine anthology. But while the other stories have zombie heroes, my zombies are the bad guys. The story takes place on the set of a b-movie (z-movie?) zombie film set. And the actors playing the zombies are getting a little too convincing in their roles. It’s up to Scarlett, the makeup artist, and Mason Marks, the leading man, to save the day.

I must admit, I'm not sure I could read this before bed, no matter how much romance you throw in there! Now we know being a writer isn't all bon-bons and working in your jammies -- but it's still a pretty awesome job. Can you tell us a little bit about life as a writer?

Well, in addition to writing I have a full time job as a television producer for the women’s lifestyle show BETTER TV. It’s a fun job—don’t get me wrong! I get to cook with famous chefs, interview celebs on the red carpet, go to Fashion Week in NYC, etc. etc. For example, today I interviewed Lauren Conrad from The Hills, then went to a screening of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Tomorrow I interview Pierce Brosnan and other stars from the film. (Which was awesome, by the way!) Getting paid to chat with James Bond is not a bad way to make a living.

But while all this probably sounds pretty fun, it’s a lot of work, too. So fitting in the time to write takes effort. What I normally do is wake up around 6am and write for two hours before work. If I have to go into work early, I’ll wake up at 5am. So that’s definitely one of the hard things about being a writer and a producer at the same time. Still, I’m lucky I love both my jobs.

As for what I love best? It has to be reader feedback. Teens and tweens are so enthusiastic about the books and I love that! They send me emails, draw pictures, make videos, etc. It’s so much fun to see the worlds I’ve created come alive in their minds. I’ve even started a Blood Coven Vampire in Training program where readers can join and get free schwag in the mail and log in to special, top secret member boards to talk to each other and the vampires. Anyway, this kind of thing, for me, makes it all worth it!

Hey, we're sure glad you do it all, Mari, because then we get to read your fabulous books! Now here's to you, Bandita Buddies. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, what movies are you going to be watching with your sweetheart? Cheesy horror films? A sweet romantic comedy? A serious drama? Tell us all about your Valentine's Day movie picks, and one lucky commenter will win a prize pack of Bad Blood and My Zombie Valentine, straight from Mari!!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Here chooky chooky chooky!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Welcome to the Lair, Mari! And please excuse the mess, we've had a couple of pretty wild days here this week...

Funny you should mention zombies. My DH LOVES zombie movies! So while I WANT to see The Time Traveler's Wife for Valentine's Day, we'll probably watch Zombieland instead. I don't mind. I actually kinda like zombie movies myself, though I do NOT wanna see my everlovin' Eric Bana as a zombie!

I'm taking the GR out shopping with me, coz it's the DH's birthday and we have an ice cream cake and some goodies to buy!


Helen said...

Congrats Aunty Cindy remember have some more ice cream cake for me and happy birthday to you DH have a great time

Hi Mari and Kirsten what a great interview.
I have to say both your jobs sound awesome Mari getting to interview Peirce say hello to him for me LOL.

I have to be one of the biggest scardy cats there are and I don't watch horror movies and although I read paranormal stories most of them are about shapeshifters not vampires. I have to say though your series sounds really good and I know my DIL would love it I will be looking for them I love buying her books for pressies and she loves reading them.

On Valentines Day this year I am going out to lunch with a great bunch of Ladies from the Aust Romance Readers Assoc what a great day for us to get together and discuss romance books then I will probably have a nice quiet dinner at home with hubby and maybe pick a movie to watch something romantic I would say.

Have Fun

Kirsten said...

I'm single again so I asked my sister to come over.
With no guys complaining that I/we only watch chickflicks we are going to see (one of) my favorite movie(s): Notting Hill + her favorite: Made of Honor.

Minna said...

I like romantic comedy and "horror" films that are more funny than scary, like Addams' Family and Death Becomes Her.

Love Song For A Vampire

Taylor Swift - Parody - You Belong With Me ("Just A Zombie")

Lady Gaga - Poker Face - Parody ("Outer Space")

Blodeuedd said...

Something romantic for sure, but what? That is the question. Hopefully we can find some cute romantic comedy :D

Gillian Layne said...

I love me some vampires! What a great story. I know your books are prominently displayed in the YA section of our local library. My two oldest daughters are on their advisory council and they always push for more vamps. :)

No scary movies for me, but I love adventure. I'm off President's day, so we are all going to see the Percy Jackson movie. With hubby, I want to go see the new movie where the girl goes to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend, only meets hot Irish guy instead...someone will have to help me with the title. And Letters to Juliet--can't wait to see that one.

We are going prom dress shopping today in the "big" city, but daughter doesn't know that I have a nice big detour planned to the huge Books-A-Million store. :)

Silvia said...

I got the DVD I hate Valentine day and are looking forward to watching it with my husband. I hope he will keep his promise to behave. The love of my life is in the habit of commenting on everything he dislikes. This is distracting and killing the mood. “Look at the hideous blue wall, that color makes me nauseous does it not make you want to puke?” Or “Look at that birds nest inhabiting her skull? if you ever wear your hair like that I'll get a divorce!” and then he will leave and say “I can't watch this rubbish". Sometimes it’s funny but on Valentine’s day I just want a bit off romance.

Kirsten said...

Hey AC, congratulations on the chook! :-) Maybe the GR can help tidy the house for the birthday party? And do a little cooking? I hear he makes a mean crab cake.

Now as for zombies...I shudder to think of seeing Zombieland. I would have horrible nightmares! But what a good wife you are to suffer through it with your husband. That's a true sacrifice! :-)

Kirsten said...

Hi Helen! Doesn't Mari's job sound fabulous? I am particularly jealous of her getting to see the Percy Jackson movie -- my son is a huge fan and I'm sure we'll stand in line for hours waiting for tickets. :-)

Have a wonderful time with your romancy friends! What a great idea for Valentine's Day -- I should hunt up some romance reading woman for a lunch. Fun!

I do hope you can find the Blood Coven books for your DIL. They're a lot of fun!

Kirsten said...

Hey, from one Kirsten to another -- those are great movies! I love Notting Hill. I don't think I've seen Maid of Honor -- is it a good one? Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day. :-)

Kirsten said...

Hey Minna, you about described my tastes exactly. You'd love Mari's Blood Coven series -- vampires, but all with a great sense of humor!

Kirsten said...

Blodeuedd, have you seen Four Christmases? I know it isn't quite the season, but Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn are adorable. Highly recommended!

Anyone else seen a good rom com lately?

Kirsten said...

Gillian, I want to come hang with you! I can't wait to go dress shopping with my little one. I just hope hope hope she doesn't have the experience I did, where she's too big to fit into the cute dresses and goes home miserable...

Ah, high school. Good times.

Anyway, I'll be in line with you to see Percy Jackson's movie. I can't wait (and neither can my son). I'm sure it will be great fun.

Cool that your daughters are into the vampire scene and on the library advisory council. How did they get into that?

Kirsten said...

Snork Silvia!! I can just imagine watching a movie with your guy -- sounds like it could be fun, if you're in the right mood. My dh and I tend to make a lot of comments while we're watching movies (or when we're in church together, for that matter!) but it's a mutual annoying behavior. ;-) It wouldn't be nearly as fun if it was just one of us doing it.

I hope you get the perfect valentine's movie experience!

tetewa said...

My favorite romantic movie would have to be The Notebook!

Louisa Cornell said...

The Chook is with YOU, Aunty?? Batten down the hatches !! Tell the DH Happy Birthday from me.

Wow, what a great interview and what a great testament to the power of fans to keep something they love going. Then again, what great writing to attract such loyal fans. I'll confess I haven't read your books, but I will definitely do so now. And I have a 16 year old niece who I know will love them!

I am off work on Valentine's Day! Hooray! Although after spending all of the day before turning out Valentine's cakes, cupcakes and cookies I probably won't want to even think about it!

I DO love horror movies so I have no doubt Shaun of the Dead and Dracula (Gary Oldman version) and Dracula 2000 (Gerard Butler, nuff said) will appear in the lineup.

On the other hand, as it IS Valentine's Day I will probably have to watch Pride and Prejudice and North and South too.

And I DO envy you interviewing Pierce Brosnan. Hot guy and seems to be really nice as well.

catslady said...

I too love horror or suspense but not so much my husband. I'm trying to talk him into watching Twilight with me :)

Nancy said...

Mari, welcome to the Lair! What an impressive story about getting your fourth book published. Persistence really paid off, didn't it?

For Valentine's Day, I like Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I've never understood why that movie didn't do better in theaters.

For Valentine's Day with boom, the Lair term for stuff blowing up, I don't think you can beat Terminator. Though I'd prefer a happy ending for the romance.

I watched Underworld because Trish recommended it, and I have to admit it had a fair amount of boom and a prospect of HEA.

Nancy said...

AC, congrats on taking home the GR. He should be helpful in carrying bags home. "Should" being the operative word, of course.

And happy birthday to your DH!

Nancy said...

Kirsten, I loved Notting Hill, too. Romance and a bookshop. What's not to like?

jo robertson said...

Hi, Mari, welcome to the Lair. Your books sound verrra interesting. I love vampire stories, am an ardent fan of Buffy, and love all horror movies, so they'll definitely be added to my TBR pile!

Cindy, whoooo hooooo, it's been a while since the chook has come to California, hasn't it? Don't let your doggies mistake him for something to eat!

jo robertson said...

I love spooky movies of all kinds. My husband and I spend every Friday night when we were in college watching the Friday Night Spook Night. He'd pop popcorn (still makes the best damn popcorn in the world) and we snuggle while watching Bela Lugosi!

I still enjoy cheesy horror movies.

Mari, you lead such a full life. How do you manage to find down time to recharge yourself? Any special tricks?

Kirsten said...

@ Kirsten - *waving* hi, Made of Honor is really funny you should definitely watch it sometime. Patrick Dempsey is in it, wearing a short kilt!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Aunty Cindy, it's a while since you had a rooster visit - a fact for which you're probably very grateful!

Mari, welcome to the lair. The new book sounds great - and isn't that a gorgeous cover? I love the story about you rising from the ashes! That's fantastic! Congratulations!

Suzanne Welsh said...

What a fun interview, Kirsten! Welcome to the Lair, Mari!

I love the whole writer-takes-on-the-industry story. Where a ground swell keeps a TV show or book series going...or in Sherrily Kenyon's Dark Hunters, starts a series!

I am very envious that you not only got to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but that you get to interview Pierce Brosnan about it, too! (Uhm, can you ask him if he and Sean Bean might want to pop onto the Lair for an interview or three?) I'll probably sneak off to a matinee one school day while the theaters are empty of kids to see that one!

Suzanne Welsh said...

as for movies on Valentine's day. Sigh. Hubby won't go to the movies anymore, because "they're too loud." However, I did get a copy of The Ugly Truth for Christmas, so I think I'll be watching that on Valentine's Day. Loved it in the theater!

Marianne Mancusi said...

Thanks everyone! :) It's great to be here. And yes, Percy and the Olympians was a great film. I hadn't read the books, but I really would like to now. So much fun and great special effects.

Yesterday I got to meet and interview most the cast (the three teen leads and Pierce) as well as director Chris Columbus. Everyone was great. And Pierce - well, wow, what a voice. I could have sat listening to him read the phone book. I got a photo of me with him and will have to post it in a bit.

For those of you who mentioned Zombieland - I loved that film. So much fun. A great mix of horror and comedy.

As for the question of how I recharge - I think spending time with my finace is my number one way to do that. Pour a glass of wine, order take-out and cuddle on the couch. A nice relaxing way to end a long, stressful day. :)

Oh and yes, add "planning a wedding" to my list of current things to do these days!! I'm getting married April 10th. Which reminds me, better get working on addressing those invitations...

Thanks again for having me - it's great to be here!!


Christie Kelley said...

Hi Mari, welcome to the lair. Great interview, Kirsten.

I'm a romantic comedy movie watcher. Lucky for me, my husband is too. He likes to watch a good action flick too but never minds a romantic comedy. Neither of us get into the horror movies.

While I'd love to chat some more, it's back to the blizzard and shoveling for me. At least we still have power!

Marianne Mancusi said...

Okay just posted my picture of Pierce Brosnan and myself. As I say in my blog entry, it's the closest I'll ever be to a Bond Girl. ;-)

joder said...

Since I'm a single gal, V-Day isn't that exciting to me. So this years big plans will be watching horror movies related to the horrid (grin) little holiday. On the list are: My Bloody Valentine (both the original and the newer version--which has my wannabe boyfriend Jensen Ackles) and Valentine (with that hottie David Boreanez).

Along with the movies, I'll be reading super steamy romance novels and eating copious amounts of cheesecake.

gigi said...

Hi Mari,
I will be watching romantic comedies for Valentine's day. I just saw From Paris With Love last night.
I love John Travolta and Jonathan Ryhs Myers (the Tudors) so I did enjoy this movie. But it is a real guy movie lots of shootem up bang bang loaded with testosterone. My hubby really enjoyed it.

As for my list of Valentines movies:
*Casanova with Heath Ledger
A Knight's Tale Heath Ledger
*Enchanted-Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams
*Made Of Honor-Patrick Dempsey
Shall We Dance -Richard Gere
*The Wedding Date-Dermot Mulroney

I don't like scary movies. I take no pleasure in not being able to sleep at night.
I do love Vampire books and movies.
I loved the Vampire in Van Helsing.
He was sexy like an old rock star.

I can't wait to read your books after reading the blog today.
I have added your name to my got to read list.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hello Mari! Welcome to the Lair! What a great story about the BLood Coven coming back from...the dead.


So glad to have you with us. As AC says it's been a wild few days in the lair. The gladiators, cabana boys and Sven have been both busy and absent. I do believe they were sulking yesterday with Brad making his push for Mr. Romance.

BTW, Joanie, I got the message about Capitol Hill. Wheeeee!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Ooh, Gigi, I'm so glad to hear that From Paris with Love is good! I love those kind of movies, as all our BB's know. Grins. BOOM!

As to movies for Valentines, I'll have company - my nephew - and am helping a friend move. Not very romantic, I know, but my DH and I have this tradition of going out for Valentines the weekend AFTER valentines. Roses are a lot cheaper. Grins.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Mari (waving) -

We sat next to each other at the RT signing last year. My daughter loved your book BTW. I hadn't realized that you're also a TV show producer. Man - I sure could take an interview with Pierce Brosnan! Thanks for sharing how you fit everything into a very full day.

Nancy said...

Gigi, I have to admit A Knight's Tale has great boom, medieval-style. And HEA. We love it.

I've been curious about the From Paris With Love, so it's nice to hear from someone who has seen it.

Nancy said...

Jeanne, we also celebrate AFTER Valentine's Day. We met on February 22, so we celebrate that date. Getting a sitter is next to impossible on Valentine's Day, of course. Even though the boy hasn't needed one for several years, we're just in the habit of spending February 14 at home.

And on February 22, there's no pressure to turn the table. Plus the price of flowers drops dramatically by then. :-)

We met at a little restaurant a couple of blocks from where we now live, on a sort of blind date lunch, so we have lunch or brunch there on our meeting anniversary.

Nancy said...

Jeanne wrote: The gladiators, cabana boys and Sven have been both busy and absent. I do believe they were sulking yesterday with Brad making his push for Mr. Romance.

Yeah, they seem to be in a bit of a snit. Maybe the snow will cheer them up.

Christine Wells said...

Great interview, Kirsten. Thanks for having Mari in the lair today. Hi Mari! Love the sound of your Bad Blood books. I'm a big fan of Buffie and the 80s references would be right up my alley.

You sound like you have the two coolest jobs on earth, Mari! Do you find inspiration for books/characters in all the famous people you meet?

donnas said...

Thanks for posting. There are no plans for Valentines this year, so I will probably end up having dinner with the family.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Kirsten said...

ah tetewa, you like to cry do you? I cry so easily, about things that really aren't sad at all, that I can't imagine subjecting myself to a movie that's guaranteed to make anyone cry. So, needless to say, I've never seen the Notebook.

How about Bridges of Madison County? Did you see that one? Another cry fest, but I seem to recall that, because I adore Meryl Streep, I did see it and loved it.

Kirsten said...

Hey Louisa, enjoy the day off for Valentine's Day! I can imagine you'd get a little sick of the pre-V-day baking, but seriously -- can you ever get sick of the smell of cupcakes? Cookies?


Ah...anyway, I count five movies there -- you better start getting things ready now for that kind of marathon. No time for cooking or cleaning -- just sit down and bring on the movies! :-)

Kirsten said...

Hey Catslady, that's a great role reversal! I love that you have to drag the husband along to the scary shows. Now, I didn't watch the whole thing, but my husband actually thought Twilight was pretty good. So maybe you can pass that along -- not just a chick-flick!

have a great V-day!!

Kirsten said...

Hey Nancy, we've got the same tastes in RomCom -- I adore Hugh Grant and love just about everything Drew Barrymore has ever done. So I loved Music and Lyrics, needless to say, and Notting Hill. So yummy!

How about the Wedding Singer? That's a great Drew Barrymore show.

Kirsten said...

Hi Jo! Looks like you've got a touch of the Irish about you today. *VBG* Doing a little writing by any chance? Or perhaps just sitting down with a good Highland romance?

You definitely have the chops for the drama and horror -- which I find very impressive. And WOOT for the dh with the great popcorn. My guy burns the microwave stuff every time. Does Mr. Big use oil when he makes his? Or does he just go for the microwave these days?

Kirsten said...

Okay, I see -- it's M-A-D-E of Honor. I'll have to check it out, Kirsten! I sure am a fan of Dr. McDreamy. Didn't he have a movie years ago where he was a sort of "male escort"? Loverboy, maybe? I can't remember the name, but I seem to recall it was adorable and he was really young in it.

Kirsten said...

Hey Christie! Thanks for stopping by. I can't believe the snow you're getting. We're having the mildest winter ever, and I heard you're getting more snow than ever before. WOW!

Don't hurt yourself with all that shoveling. Sounds like the men-folk should be out there for a while. :-)

Kirsten said...

Hey joder, single or married, your night still sounds great. there's nothing more romantic than reading about romance (because really, a good romance novel is better than the real thing sometimes!) and stuffing your face with cheesecake. In fact, maybe I'll just ditch the hubby and kids and do the same.

thanks for the idea! ;-)

Kirsten said...

Hey Suz, nice to see you! I must admit that I sympathize with your husband. I'm not a big fan of going to the theaters anymore. Too loud and too crowded and WAY too expensive. I don't know who has the money to go out to dinner, see a movie, and pay for a babysitter too! That would blow my budget for sure.

Well, I hope you get to see the Percy Jackson movie. I'm sure it will be fantastic. I just hope it isn't completely sold out when we try to go!

Kirsten said...

Hey Gigi, we should hang together sometime! I feel the same way about scary movies. They freak me out, make it impossible to sleep, and I hate the feeling of being scared. So I definitely don't subject myself to it!

But I love your RomCom picks -- Enchanted is one of my all time favorites, and I adored Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale. So fun!

I hope you enjoy Mari's books -- she does a great job making vampires dangerous but fun. :-)

Kirsten said...

Hey Jeanne, I can't believe all the snow you're getting! Wow! Hopefully you sent dh out there, and you're not breaking your back like poor Christie! :-)

Hey, I loved Mr. Romance yesterday. What a hoot. And great idea about going out after Valentine's Day. DH and I never get our act together in time to go out on the actual V-day, but we're lame like that. We forget our anniversary all the time too. :-)

Kirsten said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by. What a fantastic tradition you and dh have. I don't even remember when my husband and I met. I can barely remember when we were married (thank goodness someone gave us a blanket with the date on it -- that has saved my bacon many times!).

Enjoy your post-Valentine's Day night out. It sounds like great fun. (And thrifty too!)

Kirsten said...

Hey Christine -- you know, I had no idea you were a Buffy fan. How cool is that? :-) You'd love Mari's books. The 80s stuff is fabulous. Note my earlier post about The Wedding Singer. Such a great movie!

Kirsten said...

Hey donnas, that sounds like a great Valentine's day! This year my husband and I went out with the kids for our wedding anniversary. We didn't really plan to, just couldn't find a babysitter. LOL. But it ended up being very nice to be all together. Hope you have a lovely day!

Kirsten said...

Hey kids, I'm off for the evening with no wi-fi, so have a fabulous time without me -- and I don't want to hear about any strained backs from too much shoveling! Don't you ladies know that's what men are for? :-)

Thanks to Mari for swinging by the Lair!

Llehn said...

I haven't seen a good romantic comedy in a while so I'd go with that though I haven't decided which movie yet :D

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Kirsten, just got back to the blog, been getting my Amazon entry polished.

Bite your tongue. No microwave stuff. Dr. Big makes it with oil on the stove and it's truly mag popcorn.

jo robertson said...

Mari, that's the best way to destress -- the fiance, I mean. The wedding? OMG, April? You must be in high gear already.

Best wishes!

Barbara Monajem said...

I don't do anything for Valentine's Day. (Cringe.) It's too... contrived for me, I guess. Am I being a downer by saying that? Sorry...

But I do plan on watching some movie with my dh, some night, sometime soon. God only knows when! I've had The Prestige sitting by the TV for months now. I hear it's a fabulous movie that requires one's entire attention. Ulp. This is one reason I haven't tried watching it yet.

Louisa Cornell said...

Oooh, Barbara, you will LOVE The Prestige and YES, you must watch it very carefully. I did and I STILL didn't figure it out.

Linda Henderson said...

I'll probably watch some of my romantic favorites. Pretty Woman, The Wedding Planner, While You Were Sleeping or just some old movies on AMC.

Margay said...

Hi, Mari! I very willingly admit I'm one of those adults who loves the Blood Coven! In fact, I discovered the first book on my own, read it and really enjoyed it, and the next thing I knew, my younger daughter had scoffed it from me. She loved it so much (and at the time she read it, she was still in a manga-only stage so this was huge)that she begged me to get the next two books, which she devoured in about two days! I had to beg her to let me read them and now I have them in my hot little hands!

As for Valentine's Day, I'll just spend it with my younger daughter (the older one's in college) as she's a big piece of my heart (and I'm not in a relationship now). I can almost guarantee there'll be chocolate in there somewhere, though.


Lady_Graeye said...

I love Notting Hill, Sleepless in Seattle and P.S. I Love Your. I have so many others I like but i won't list them all.