Monday, February 1, 2010

February Coming Attractions!

by Caren Crane

February 2, you won't want to miss the fun as Kate Carlisle launches Book Two of her fabulous Bibliophile Mysteries, If Books Could Kill. I can't wait to find out what's happening with Brooklyn and the mysterious Derek! It's going to be a wild time in the Lair, with prizes and cocktails and chocolate and cabana boys...and more. Don't miss the party and the prizes!

February 3, Nancy Northcott hosts Edgar and Emmy Award winner and RITA nominee Hank Phillipi Ryan. Hank will give us the scoop on the ways her career as an investigative reporter influenced her creation of reporter heroine Charlotte McNally, who's juggling a demanding job, a new love, and a budding relationship with her lover's daughter--and risking her neck in the pursuit of truth and justice. Hank's latest Charlotte McNally novel is Drive Time. Can't wait to hear how Hank's experiences inform her writing of this great heroine!

February 4, Donna MacMeans hosts Lisa Cooke, whose new humorous historical release A Midwife Crisis is set in the Appalachian Mountains of the 1890s. A captivating midwife discovers she’s engaged to three different men (thanks to her zany family) and falling in love with a fourth. Lisa will be talking about what we love and hate in heroes. I am a total sucker for zany families!

February 5, Jeanne Adams interviews Brad Parks, whose gritty debut novel Faces Of the Gone follows reporter Carter Ross as he investigates four execution-style murders and finds a connection between the victims that puts him in the killer's sights. The man had a cover quote from my idol Harlan Coben on the cover of his debut. I can't wait to read the book and to know more about Brad!

February 19, romance and urban fantasy author Seressia Glass joins Nancy to discuss Shadow Blade, the first book in the new Shadowchasers urban fantasy series. With an Egyptian dagger missing, a 4000-year-old Nubian warrior seeking it, and sinister forces turning Atlanta upside down to get to the dagger first, shadowchaser Kira Solomon has her hands full. Sounds like spine-tingling fun!

February 21 Christie Kelley interviews Janet Mullany about her new Regency-set historical release, Improper Relations, featuring the impertinent Charlotte Hayden, whose cousin Ann's bad behavior may cost Charlotte the husband she is growing to love. Oh, my, falling in love with one's husband?! What is a Regency woman to do?

Contests and Prizes and New Releases, Oh My!

Anna Campbell recently received the gorgeous Australian edition of Captive Of Sin. It's a lovely trade paperback that isn’t available overseas so she thought she'd share the joy. TWO lucky people can choose which of Anna's four books they’d like to receive in the bigger version, so the prize is a signed copy of either Claiming the Courtesan, Untouched, Tempt the Devil or Captive Of Sin. All you have to do is email Anna on with the title of her June 2010 release. You might find the answer in the Latest News on her website. For more information, please visit Anna's Contest Page.

Christie Kelley is running a contest on her website through February 28. Just stop by and tell her something scandalous that you've done in your life — she promises not to tell and claims it doesn't have to be scandalous, merely fun — and enter for a chance to win an autographed ARC of Something Scandalous.

February may be the shortest month of the year but it will be jam-packed full of fun! It looks like the happenings in the Lair will be hot enough to keep all of us in the Northern Hemisphere warm. For those currently sweltering in the Southern Hemisphere, at least the party will distract you from the heat and humidity! I hope you will all make a point of popping in each day to see what's happening with all of the Romance Bandits, Bandita Buddies, special guests and, of course, the Golden Rooster!

So, Bandita Buddies, what are YOU looking forward to in February? Inquiring Bandita minds want to know!


Virginia said...

Come to me Young Golden One!

Virginia said...

The one I am waiting on right now is the second book in Elaine Levine series Audrey and the Mavrick, the first one was Rachel and the Hired Gun and I loved the book. Her new one comes out on Feb. 2. There is a lot of great books coming out this month!

Helen said...

Congrats Virginia have fun with him

WOW what a month ahead so much fun and so much to look forward to I am soo looking forward to Kate's launch party and looking forward to reading her new book YAY.

Thanks Guys

Have Fun

Caren Crane said...

Congrats, Virginia. Wow, I have the BIGGEST NAME EVER on top of the blog...must go fix that. *g*

Caren Crane said...

Helen, if you loved Kate's Homicide in Hardcover as much as I did, I know you are excited about the book launch TOMORROW!

Okay, I fixed my enormous name at the top of the blog. No idea why it did that. *shrug* But it was a little like the marquee Kate had for her book/movie. *g*

Susan Sey said...

Congrats, Virginia, on snagging the rooster from Mariska! Enjoy him!

As for what I'm looking forward to most in February? All those lovely books we've mentioned, of course, but would I be hopelessly deluded if I hoped for a day--just one--where the temperatures got above freezing?

Winter is cruel & endless up here in the northland, & I'm ready for it to be done.

Caren Crane said...

Oh, Susan. After two days - yes, TWO - of ice and snow and temps in the teens overnight, I am bowing in your direction. How in the world do you take it for months at a time?

It's supposed to be almost 40 today, so the snow will mostly melt (we got 5 inches). This morning, it's all black ice and NONE of the secondary roads are cleared. Since we live on, um, tertiary roads out in the county, we never have plowing or road treatment. We also have lots of trees, so our roads will have ice for another week!

I will be sliding into work. Hoping my husband (who was stationed in North Dakota in the Air Force) will get up and drive me in. *eg*

I will send warm thoughts your way!

Kirsten said...

What an amazing month of fun! And I can't wait to get my hands on that new Christie Kelley book! What a gorgeous cover!! :-)

I also want to add that Mari Mancusi -- the incredible author of Bad Blood (a YA vampire novel) and a featured author in the My Zombie Valentine anthology (out now!) will be visiting the Lair on the 6th. That's this Saturday, people! Get ready now!. :-)

Hope you can all swing by and say hello!

Kirsten said...

I heard that this February is supposed to be record cold in the north and northeast. It's a typical El Nino pattern -- wet California, cold NE, and warm NW. Sorry Susan -- I'm not sure you're getting a break any time soon!!

Does it make you feel any better that it's been 50+ and sunny here? Feels like spring? Things budding and forsythias starting to bloom? Oh wait, that sounds like rubbing it in. Never mind. ;-)

Julia Smith said...

That's quite a line-up. A Midwife Crisis sounds like a lot of fun!

MsHellion said...

Ooh! Lisa Cooke! I loved her debut book and this one sounds hilarious as well! Joy, joy!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Heeeeey, Virginia! You snagged the bird! go you!


I'm thrilled that Brad Parks is going to be guesting with me in a few days, and totally jazzed about Hank Ryan as well.

Nancy, you always snag the cool guest (Hank!) but I got one this month too. Hahahah!

Kate, I'm really jazzed about your launch party too. Loooooovvve me some Launch Parties in the Lair!

Christie Kelley said...

February looks like a great month!

Caren, how did you end up with only 5 inches of snow? We were initially only supposed to get about an inch and we ended up with close to 6 inches. Thankfully schools were only delayed 2 hours here today.

Gannon Carr said...

Another banner month in the Lair!

I'm looking forward to warmer weather, too. This winter has been crazy with the amount of snow we've gotten. My kids have had so many snow days, they'll be in school all summer. ;)

And they say that Jan. 31st is the official half way point for snowfall here in the mountains. This does not make me feel better since some of the biggest snows come in the spring!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Virginia, congrats on the chook!

Wow, what a great lot of coming attractions! Can't wait. And don't forget to enter my contest, you guys. These Aussie trade paperbacks are seriously gorgeous!

Hmm, bookwise I'm looking forward to reading the latest Madeline Hunter which arrived from the Book Depository yesterday. Oh, and Kate's release! We love us some Kate! And how fantastic to have yet another Bandita book on the shelves. Can't wait for that launch party. The last one was a doozy.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to interviewing Laura Kinsale on Thursday. Wow, I am not worthy! ;-) And I've got friends coming to lunch on Saturday. Hope the weather improves for that. It's like a cyclone out there at the moment.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Can't WAIT for Kate and Christie's Launch Parties! We're due for some BLOW OUT FUN here in the Lair. Sven is leading the Cabana Boys in some warm up exercises down in the Armory right now!

My DH's bday is the 6th and I don't care WHAT he wants, he is getting a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake! LOL!

And of course there is that chocolate extravaganza on the 14th, otherwise known as Valentine's Day. Be ready for another PAR-TAY everyone!


Nancy said...

Virginia, have fun with the rooster!

Caren, you did a great job, as always putting together the CA post. The spacing on them always makes me a little nuts!

Nancy said...

Caren, I thought you did that with your name on purpose! I once did that by accident on a booty post and had a panicked moment when I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

I hope you made it into work safely. We only got about an inch, mostly sleet and ice that Herself felt an inexplicable need to frolic in. It's melting now, but schools are closed. Thus leading the boy to recant his prior complaint, "Weekend snow is useless." *g*

Nancy said...

Jeanne, thanks. Hank has already made an effort to speak to the gladiators. It did not go well. Joanie may need to have a little chat with Demetrius.

Brad's book sounds pretty cool. This is a thriller?

Nancy said...

Virginia, I'm guessing these are westerns? They sound interesting.

Nancy said...

Just as an irrelevant aside--in the realm of weird dog behavior:

I collect miniature houses from a company called Lilliput Lane. Thanks to having actually dusted the bookcase on which some of them rest, I have two sitting on a low table in my study. Herself came in, sniffed them extensively, and then, with a surreptitious glance at me, LICKED the little tower. I mean, eew! And what's up with that?

I already know to watch her around stacks of paperback books because those are apparently very tasty when licked--but little houses?

Geez! I didn't bring those back from England for her to sample.

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Looking good ladies, always up for launch parties as long as I can bring the Irish houseboys, Liam and Lorcan, I'm game!

Christie, I cannot stop looking at your cover *drool*

What will I be doing in Feb? reading, writing, maybe the occasional bit of housework...

Caren Crane said...

Kirsten, you were TOTALLY rubbing it in! Actually, it got into the upper 40s today and the sun was working hard, but it will be in the 20s with freezing rain again tonight. *sigh*

This is more weather than we usually have in several winters, let alone one!

Caren Crane said...

Julia and Hellion, I can't wait to get my hands on Lisa Cooke's latest. It's such an inherently funny premise!

Caren Crane said...

Christie, we live east of the "weather line" by about 25 miles. So, those west of the weather line got 10 - 11 inches or more while we only got 5. This line runs through Hillsborough and cuts north of Durham, so it's always a MESS up near the Virginia border (not far north of Durham).

What we got was plenty, but I'm sorry y'all got pounded, too!

Caren Crane said...

Gannon, I shudder to imagine how much MORE snow you could get. Yikes!

School is cancelled here for tomorrow, as well, and they've announced the make-up days. They are having to go on Presidents' Day and one extra day into the summer. They are whining like life has ended!

They will probably push exams back one day, but they never have to go the last two days anyway b/c they are exam make-up days. Gah!

Caren Crane said...

Wow, Anna, you have quite a February planned! Let's see...I have a bunch of Girl Scout cookie booths for my troop and...oh, a star gazing event we are doing for the Junior Girl Scouts.

So, I get to stand outside and sell cookies and then stand outside and supervise a bunch of high schoolers running an event for 4th - 6th graders. Hm. Somehow my planning for February didn't go so well. Hm.

Caren Crane said...

AC, how could we ignore St. Valentine's Day? Chocolate galore! Good thing, too, since I'm running out of Christmas chocolate. *g*

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Virginia.

I'm definitely looking forward to Kate's launch party tomorrow.

Louisa Cornell said...

Way to go, Virginia!! Make him behave!

February looks to be smokin' in the Lair AGAIN !!!

I am SO looking forward to reading all of the books mentioned. Love me some Bandita Books!!

And all of these great guests!! There is ALWAYS something to do in the Banditas Lair !!

Christie that cover is to DIE FOR!! Yum!

Oh, and La Campbell, you are SO going to love Madeline Hunter's newest !! I read it in a day and absolutely loved it! One of her best yet!

Kate's launch party is sure to be ILLEGAL, ILLICIT and guaranteed not to end until someone is arrested. (Probably the GR and La Campbell in a cabana boy's car!) I can't wait!

I am looking forward to finishing my revisions, some warmer weather as I am sick and tired of temps below freezing! I moved back to Alabama to avoid this ridiculous weather!

And I am really looking forward to my mini mental health vacation this weekend! I will be off for FOUR GLORIOUS DAYS!! Now I will have to spend it writing but you don't know how great it is NOT TO GO TO WORK !! I even have new jammies for the occasion and that is all I am going to wear for four days!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Nancy, I'm ROFL about your dog licking the little tower and books!

One of mine licks the carpet and the couch cushions. She's also been known to chew holes in the couch cushions if left too long to her own devices. So far no holes in the carpet! Gotta LOVE the lil darlins! ;-)

And UH OH on the gladiators needing some extra guidance, but I'm sure Joanie is up for the task!


limecello said...

Heh what am I looking forward to for February? Either for time to stop... or the month to be over. [Can you tell I'm dreading something in the meantime?]

And... p.s. Kate - plz to pick me as tomorrow's winner. Much love, Lime. kthnxbai *angelface*

Looking like another great month in the lair!

Caren Crane said...

Karyn, please bring the English houseboys along. We love some Irishmen!!

Caren Crane said...

Louisa, honey, I have enjoyed the cold weather but I am with you. Cold, yes. Snow and ice, no! It's pretty, but I don't like driving to work on the black ice. They're forecasting more freezing rain tonight, so the trip in should be interesting to say the least.

Oh, and I am SO JEALOUS of your 4-day weekend! And with new jammies, too!! I hope you do absolutely nothing except things you enjoy. Make sure you plan meals ahead so you can throw together tasty things with little effort. We spent the week after Christmas lolling about on vacation and it was heavenly! Enjoy every moment!!

Caren Crane said...

Nancy, maybe she's just applauding your good taste? *g* I'm sure Herself has fabulous taste in miniature houses and is simply letting you know what a bang-up job you did selecting the one with the tower. Really!

Caren Crane said...

Jane, Kate's book launch tomorrow is bound to be fantastic fun. Make sure you get to bed early so you'll be ready to party all day! Speaking of which, it's time for me to toddle off to beddy bye...

Caren Crane said...

Lime, I hope February is much less dreadful than you fear. It is a relatively short month, so maybe it will simply fly by and whatever you are dreading will fly along with it? Whatever happens, we'll be here for you!

Anna Campbell said...

Louisa, feels like a while since I got a new MH in my hot little hands. But the good news is the second one of the series is coming out right on top of this one. Yum! Hey, that was a private confidence about me and the Rooster!!!! Enjoy your four days!

flchen1 said...

Woot! Another fabulous month in the Lair!