Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Reckless Launch!

by Anna Campbell

Scene: The Bandit War Cabinet Room which is even further underground than the Writers Deadline Cave which featured in all its fiendish glory in Christine's launch at the beginning of the month.

We interrupt this bulletin to bring you an important message!

PLAGIARISM GURU: This is looking suspiciously like Christine's launch!


PG: Is that all you've got to say for yourself?

SA: Well, not really! I've got a whole launch post ahead of me. It would be a bit sad if I stopped now, wouldn't it?

PG: Don't play clever with me, Bandita!

SA: No, sir! I'd just like to point out that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

PG: Tell that to Madam!


We interrupt this message to return to our original message.

So where was I?

That's right the Bandit War Cabinet Room where all the REALLY fiendish plans are hatched.

Oh, no, now the rooster is keen on coming down. He thinks a hatchery means some hot chicks.

Down, boy!

Anyway, as you can see, it's party central down here. Just look at this embarrassing photo of the hijinks on our New Year's Eve party in 1943! And we can promise you more of the same tonight, oh, yessirreeeee! Batten down those hatches! Iron those hankies! Match those socks!

Speaking of embarrassing! There's been a major hitch in our planning for today's launch of the new Anna Campbell opus MY RECKLESS SURRENDER!

Oy, oy, oy! And assorted other Bandita cries of despair! Including the famous Ai Caramba! And "Demetrius, what are you doing with that sword?"

It turns out the top secret documents, essential for today's mayhem, have been diverted to Africa. We need to get them OUT OF AFRICA!!! Snort. Feel the urge to break into a Danish pastry!

What are we to do? What are we to do?

We interrupt this broadcast purely to interrupt this broadcast...

Oh, get lost! No time for jokes when our launch is going haywire!

Anna Campbell runs around like a chook with her head cut off.

Oh, no, the rooster just keeled over in shock!

Not you, GR! Just a generic chook!


Lordy, why is everyone I work with a drama parrot?

Anyway, the Bandita War Cabinet has issued this press release:

In the absence of detailed plans for today's launch, we turn in desperation to you, Banditas and Bandita Buddies! Give us three reckless things to do in the lair today to celebrate the release of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER!

The best suggestions will win one of THREE signed copies of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER! Unless the books have gone to Africa too.

What's that? They have!!!!

But I have it on good authority that the books are walking like an Egyptian and they at least will be here for distribution before the end of the night!

STOP PRESS: A shipment of naked Regency rakes has been captured off the shores of Tripoli by roving renegade Banditas. And they will soon be here to assist in any nefarious plans!

So come on, people, give us some nefarious plans! Otherwise we'll have to put the rakes in the shed!


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chelleyreads said...


Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Chelley, one rooster for you! Watch out, he's been really excitable since I mentioned the hatchery!

gamistress66 said...

Blast the party music! Open the bar & kitchen (both fully stocked I'm sure)! And get those naked regency rakes out here now! And not necessarily in that order ;)

Congrats on the new book -- thoroughly enjoyed the ARC I won here last week.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, thanks, Gamistress! Glad that ARC went to a good home. Now let's get that ark of Regency rakes on the go!

winnie said...

play a fun game of strip poker with all the hunks..
run out side with just your birthday suit on.
Let your hair down and if all else fails, play on facebook...

limecello said...

lol ALL MALE REVUE! :P What *else* would you do with naked regency rakes? :P
Yeah... I should probably sleep.

Congrats on the GR, Chelley! Put him to work!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Winnie, I like your thinking! By the way, is this your first venture into the lair? If so, here have a cabana boy (unfortunately dressed - the hot drinks hurt their sensitive parts if they don't keep their aprons on!). And a margarita! Oh, and I just snaffled this naked Regency rake for your pleasure!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Lime! An all-male review! I think I like this idea! I can see them kicking up their heels to the latest quadrille tune!

winnie said...

Yes Anna it is and all I can say is it.

chelleyreads said...

hi banditas and bandita buddies! it's been a while since i've stopped by but that GR is mine today!!

3 reckless things we should do for the launch:
1) gather the naked regency rakes and have them in addition to the cabana boys to serve the drinks (& you all know what kind of drinks i'm talkin' about ;D)
2) we should all wear our yellow [19th century style optional] chemise to the launch to match the MRS cover (the sexier and the brighter the better!)
3) and we should stuffed ourselves silly with tim tams until one of the naked regency rakes or a cabana boy have to carry us to our beds

congrats on the release anna!! :)

chelleyreads said...

thanks everyone! the GR is going to help me clean my classroom tomorrow (last day of school baby!! woot!! summer of reading here i come...)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Winnie, we party here all the time (pack your aspirin if you're moving in!)! Come and see us again! Although I'm not sure the Regency rakes will make it through the night. I've noticed a few of the gals eyeing them with MUCH interest! Which usually means mayhem!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Chelley, is it the last day of school? How cool! That means you can stay up late partaying with us! Here, I just caught this rake for you! Use him before he leaves (gardening pun there for you!). And get that rooster working. The devil makes work for idle wings!

Susan Sey said...

Awww, the rakes in the shed? But they're naked! They'll be...cold. We should definitely bring them inside. For purely humanitarian purposes, you understand. :-)

Three reckless things, hmmm?

1) Run with scissors. I've always wanted to.

2) Eat, then swim immediately. Cramps be damned!

3) Dive willy-nilly into writing a book without a plan of action, thereby painting myself into a hideous corner about mid-way through...oh wait. I've already done that. It doesn't end well.

Okay, #3, take two: Allow a 3 year old unsupervised access to an entire pitcher of iced tea in the fridge. Oh, wait. I've done that, too. It doesn't end well.

Oh, dear. This could take a while. Can we get back to the rakes please? I haven't done *that*....

Congrats your Reckless Surrender, Fo! Can't wait to snatch up my copy!

Anna Campbell said...

Chelley, my favorite suggestion is the yellow chemise! I think that could be quite stylish!

winnie said...

thank you Anna and I will keep those aspirin..not sure Im gonna get much sleep tonight for thinking and wishing..those rakes sounds yummy.

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Susan, I'm going to nominate you for a noble prize (because rakes are ALWAYS noble!) for caring so kindly for the rakes. They're all coming toward you in gratitude! Ooh, wow, Bandita, you lucky duck!

Snort, I'd get those rakes out with a sponge. Sounds like you might need one after all that tea going everywhere! I love your idea of reckless!

I'm going to put my milk in my teacup before I pour. I know, dangerous!

Anna Campbell said...

Winnie, SOUND yummy? Look to your left! They got bored cleaning up Susan's messy tea stains and now they're all coming toward you with a definite glint in their eyes! Ooh, will you come out in one piece on the other side? Stay tuned!

Danielle Ferries said...

I have just one...naked rain dancing.

Congrats, Anna, I can't read to read Reckless.

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Danielle! But that means I need to take off my very chichi yellow smock! Oh, decisions, decisions! I can tell what my heroine's doing. I think that dress has about 20 seconds left on her body and then it's slipping to the floor! Won't the rakes be happy?

Laurie said...

Woohoo, it's party time!

How about having those naked rakes make us all something deliciously cold and potent. After we have a few, we could play strip poker (oh, yeah, they are already out of their clothes). Well we could lie on silk pillows and let them feed us chocolate. Lastly we could invite all those men from the war room and teach them how to make love, not war. ;)

Congratulations, Anna! Hope your day, and sales are wonderful!

Anna Campbell said...

Laurie, I have to laugh - those guys in the war room look like fun, don't they? Snort! Actually I really enjoyed finding the pics for this blog! Ended up with In the Mood playing in my head! Love the silk pillows idea! I think you and I should try it out just for the sake of safety before we spread the word to the others, don't you?

Michelle Douglas said...

Yay on your launch party Ms Campbell!

Reckless, huh? (picture my big grin). Well now... 1. drink a serious quantity of cocktails. 2. Get your hands on a bottle of baby oil (you did mention naked regency rakes AND cabana boys). 3. indulge in a game of truth of dare.

And don't forget to take lots of photographs, you never know who you will need to blackmail later :-)

Oh, and have fun!

Anna Campbell said...

Michelle, the rooster stole my camera! Thanks so much for swinging by - we need a bit of Aussie sauce in this party! I love your three suggestions - hmm, the baby oil could be dangerous! I can see cabana boys slipping from here to Africa in search of the books! But then, they're very picturesque, so who cares?

Laurie said...

Anna said: Love the silk pillows idea! I think you and I should try it out just for the sake of safety before we spread the word to the others, don't you?

Well, if you insist I'll make the sacrifice. Belgium chocolate and Tim Tams, right? :D

Anna Campbell said...

Yup, and naked rakes. I think that was the recipe, wasn't it?

winnie said...

Anna I may not want to come out in one piece..may have to let them have their way with me and mine with them..I have never read any of your books but that is gonna change soon.this is great.

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Winnie. Naked Regency rakes abound in my books! Promise! ;-)

Vanessa Barneveld said...

"Rakes in the shed" - LOL!

Oh, gosh, it's gonna take a lot for this goody-two-shoes to think of reckless, nefarious things to do!

But I'll try.

Run through the streets of Sydney barefoot to gather chocolate supplies from the Lindt Cafe, stopping to wander over hot coals on the way?

Let the cabana boys go free? (Hmm, maybe that's too reckless.)

Reveal Anna's mysterious chocolate slice recipe????

Congrats on the release of your gorgeous MRS, Anna! Many happy sales to you, my friend.


flchen1 said...

ROFL! Sorry, must stop laughing long enough to wish you an incredibly happy Reckless launch, Anna! Woot!

And happy day with the GR, Chelleyreads!

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, hush! Let the cabana boys go free? We'd never get them back again! Snort at goody two shoes trying to come up with reckless behavior! Can I come on the Lindt Cafe excursion? It's a chilly afternoon up here in Caloundra - some lovely Swiss hot chocolate would go down a treat! Perhaps I should have a word with Sven. I mean, Sweden's kinda close to Switzerland, isn't it? SVEN?????!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, rakes, stop tickling Fedora! You know she's hopeless once she starts giggling! Here, Fedora, have a glittery hooha which I stole from the Romance Writers Revenge yesterday! That should put lead in your pencil. What's that? The writers cave lot have stolen all the pencils? Sheesh! Is nothing sacred?

Tina C said...

Hey Anna

Wahoo on another fantastic book - can't wait to read it! As for the cover and its yellow dress - its just beautiful!

Now for your rakes...

Step 1. Get them to mop the decks - and we can simply 'observe' rakes at work....mmmmm

Step 2: Line up the rakes for an auction... bidding will start soon...

Step 3 - When you the bidding...I'm in for 1 packet of timtams, those silk pillows and I'll have....the good looker with the blue eyes and a cheeky smile!

Happy party!

Bye 4 now

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Miss Tina. You always make me smile! Hey, miserable arvo, isn't it? Grey and cold up here! Love the idea of a rake auction! Hmm, would they be cataloged under garden implements? Snort! Thanks for the good wishes! Very excited to have another book on the shelves, especially one as beautiful as this! That cover should get any self-respecting rake excited!

Tawny said...

Ooooh, nefarious plans. My favorite kind!!

Lessee, we need a banner. Those nekkid rakes should get up on the ladders and hang the Reckless banner. While they're up there, just hangin' out, yanno, they should install champagne sprinklers.

We also need nefarious music, of course. Something with a hard beat, don't you think? And now that we have music... the gentlemen should dance for us :-D

Methinks this is going to be a massively FUN launch party. Fo, congrats on your release :-) I'm sure it's going to be as awesome as your previous stories and can't wait to read it.

winnie said...

anna is their a book I should start with or do they stand have got me hooked now..

s7anna said...

Let's haul the men in from the Lair and throw a sleep-over *wink wink*

Note : no sleeping is actually allowed

Where did we hide all the liquer from the last time? We're gonna need some serious fortification to do this party right!

Vanessa Barneveld said...

Why haven't I been introduced to this Sven yet?!!!

Scorpio M. said...

Oh my, this is fun, I'm not usually the reckless type, I leave that to the characters in my romance novels! your top 5 rakes and play imaginary spin the bottle? But don't let your hubbies know, I know it's not that reckless! :)

Anna Campbell said...

Tawny, I'm laughing at the rakes just HANGING OUT while they're up on ladders putting up a banner. I'm sure they will! Snort! Love the idea of a champagne sprinkler - as long as there's plenty of water in the showers in the locker room! Thanks so much for the good wishes, my Bandita buddy. I should have known you'd come up with something REALLY nefarious!

Anna Campbell said...

Ah, Winnie, my wicked plan has worked. Bwahahahahaha! Actually they stand alone. CAPTIVE OF SIN, my last one, has won a few prizes - maybe that would be the one. Or MY RECKLESS SURRENDER is full of naughty bits if that appeals! More naughty bits than a shipload full of naked rakes! I don't know - an author is always the WORST person to ask questions like that!

Anna Campbell said...

S7anna, I made sure the cabana boys stocked up. Unless all the hooch has gone to Africa too! My martini, I presume! We're expecting hijinx in the lair tonight, you mark my words. And you're right - no sleeping allowed!

Anna Campbell said...

Christine hides Sven away in her secret cave, Vanessa! It's most annoying. Just because she likes a Swedish massage with her breakfast! Sheesh!

Anna Campbell said...

Scorpio, never fear, what goes on in the lair stays in the lair. Or at least your large blackmail payment ensures that's the case! Spin the bottle! With rakes! Now you're talkin'! Except last time we played this, I had to kiss the rooster. Bleuch! He's got barley breath!

winnie said...

Thanks Anna..I off to see if I can find them in ebook form. Im getting both..

PinkPeony said...

Anna...your little cup of sunshine arrived on my doorstep yesterday! Can't wait to dive in!

Nefarious plans should include...
1. Pineapple infused vodka and inventive appetizers (I don't mean the cabana boys.)
2. Go swimming.
3. Go swimming nekkid.
4. Go swimming nekkid with cabana boy of your choice.
5. Re-enact the famous scene from the movie "From Here to Eternity" (this should be easy since I can only "assume" your cabana boys are hotter and healthier than Burt Lancaster and if anyone asks, you were practicing an approved Red Cross life saving technique.)

Congrats on the GR, Chelley...and many congrats and good wishes to you, Anna! :)

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Winnie, here take this special edition naked rake! You'll notice where I tied the ribbon, snort! I prepared him just for you! Seriously, thank you!

Anna Campbell said...

Jen, what a lovely description of MRS. Unless you're talking about the strategically sunburnt rake I bundled up for your delectation a few days ago!

I'm laughing at your nautical flavored recklessness. I'm going to start calling you Esther Williams! The cabana boys looked really excited when I read them your list!

Thanks for the good wishes!

mariska said...

Happy Release day Anna!
I've to find a cozy place to type this from my mobile, sstt. I'm in the middle of shopping with me Hubby and my son:)
i'll be back later...

Christine Wells said...

Don't be so RECKleeeess. Throw down yourrr gu-u-un. Ahem! It appears the silliness is catching today!

Naked Regency bucks? Is that what they mean by "Buck Naked"? I'll have 2 of those, please, and some dressing on the side:)


As I've said (gloated) all over the internet, I read the glorious My Reckless Surrender in manuscript form and all your lucky readers are in for such a treat! Who doesn't love to see a Regency rake felled by love? Especially when he's Hawt! And I adore strong heroines--Diana certainly fits into that category! Oh, and they do make it out of the bedroom occasionally... *G*

3 Reckless things to do in the lair? Hmm...

1. Mess with Sven's alphabetized massage oils. As Nancy's post showed, he's a leetle bit of a neat freak.

2. Mess with the Romans' swords. You don't want to make one of those guys angry.

3. Mess with Cassondra.
'Nuff said.

In fact, it's lucky I'm such a peaceable individual because there are a lot of dangerous people in the lair. Including Anna C, who keeps muttering about Lebensraum. I think she wants to take over the island next door.

Oops! Did I say island? Oh, no! I've given a vital clue about the lair location! We might be invaded by--um--great looking Hussars who look like Sean Bean's Sharpe. Ahhh!

Congrats on snaffling the rooster, Chelley! I hope you'll both join in the fun!

L'Aussie said...

I hitched my snorting horse to the rail outside, rubbed the grime off the window and stared! A bevy of beauties fanning themselves, feet on the table, frocks and smocks askew. From what I could overhear they're trying to plan a party based on three reckless things.

There's three things I could suggest for the launch but I dare not put them on paper!

Signed, One Naked Rake

Anna Campbell said...

Mariska, happy shopping! Thanks for swinging by. I hope you're plotting something really reckless for your return! And imaging saying that if you have a defective 'R'!

Virginia said...

Congrat chelley on getting the rooster!

Wow this party is really going tonight!
Must swing form the Chandelair with a naked rake!
Naked rakes should at least wear a bright yellow loan cloths to leave something for our imaginations.
I will be happy to help the naked rakes serve the Champaign!

Congrats on your new release Anna, I can't wait to read Reckless

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Christine! You don't really want dressing! I know how you love your naked bucks! Snort! They're very deer! There's an Aussie song called Reckless that was a hit in my salad days and I can't help playing that in my head - Christine just brought up the same song.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, if hussars who look like Sean Bean are invading, I SURRENDER!!!! Take me! Take me! I'm willing to be a hostage for my nation.

Christine, now everybody knows we're on an island, we might end up with a visit from the girls on the Revenge! Mind you, last time we were visited by a ship, it contained a hold full of naked rakes so the precedent isn't too bad...

Love your reckless suggestions. Love your reckless recommendation for MY RECKLESS SURRENDER even more! Oh, that Tarquin! Snort!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Rakey, come in! Come in! We don't bite. Well, not on first acquaintance, anyway. And you look tired and hot in your lack of clothing...

L'Aussie, thanks for swinging by. And please leave your rake at the door! ;-)

Jane said...

Congrats on the new release, Anna. Launch parties at the lair are the best ticket in town. Hmm, I can think of some reckless things we can do that I learned from watching those raunchy comedies.
1. Go streaking.
2. Jello wrestling with the cabana boys.
3. Do cannonballs in a shallow pool.

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, you mentioned the 'C' word and now we can't get the rakes down from the ceiling! Oh, man, and we've only just had the chandelier repaired from Christine's launch! Oh, man, I'll be banned from the lair at this rate! Thanks for saying you're looking forward to reading Reckless! I just wish the rakes would WRECK LESS! I'm beginning to wonder if maybe we should have left them on the ship. They're pretty, but man, they're naughty!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Jane, can I help you with the jello wrestling? I'm generous that way, snort! Love your three suggestions. Actually we've had a month of wild launches, haven't we? No wonder our cabana boys have circles under their eyes!

Maree Anderson said...

I'm all for using them in a new "Porn For Women" book. Yanno, the one with gorgeous bare-chested men doing the dusting, vacuuming and cooking? I reckon a few Regency rakes would look rather yummy in frilly approns wielding a feather duster ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Maree! I love the idea of using our Regency rakes for housework. I must say my first thought was gardening. I know, I know, give up on the rake puns! Or you'll push me in the jello pool with Sven! Can they be yellow frilly aprons to match my cover? I think that would be rather fetching, don't you? And speaking of fetching, hey, Paolo, get me a margarita pronto!

Maree Anderson said...

Oops! Got so worked up with that image that I forgot to say: "Huge congratulations on your latest release and even huger hugs!"


p226 said...

There is only one thing to do. Roll up a fleet of Iowa class ships to the English Channel, and Bombard the coast of France for a few days. You know, to pave the way for the invasion.

Oh... wrong invasion. But... we'd get to bombard France! Fine... wrong invasion.

Clear the coastal waters east of the Florida peninsula. Get comms and telemetry all synched up with Houston and Edwards. We need a million or so gallons of liquid rocket fuel delivered to Kennedy. T minus ...

Oh, wrong launch? *grumble*

But, we'd get to shoot that pesky rooster into orbit! ORBIT. Fine... wrong launch.

If I can't bombard France or punch that slacker bird into orbit, I'm at a bit of a loss here.

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Maree, I was so distracted at the idea of our big manly hunks in frilly aprons, I didn't notice ;-) Thanks for the hugs and congrats! It's so exciting to have a new book on the shelves - and that cover is SOOOO pretty!

L'Aussie said...

I ducked back and found one Rakey still at the window, creeping toward the door. I slipped a little note in his hand for the ladies as his Eengleesh is not so good. My three suggestions that might be entertainment enough:

1) Rakey wants to try on that slinky yellow dress on the cover of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER.
2) He wants to try on Anna Campbell's yellow smock.
3) He wants to be the hero in Anna's new book, so could he have a personal interview (with an interpreter present pretty pleese!)and could he be wearing a yellow shirt in a certain state of disarray on the cover, pleese??

Party on ladies!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, P226, you know you and your firepower are always welcome here, especially if you're aiming the cannon at those pesky Frenchies! Zut alors! Do you want to recruit some naked rakes? I've got some going cheap.

Whoops, sorry about the rocket! That one I can't help you with. Although shooting the rooster into orbit sounds like an EXCELLENT idea!

Here, have a martini and contemplate mayhem! And honestly, if bombarding France is your thing, hey, who are we to stop you? Snort!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, l'Aussie! What? Cross-dressing rakes! Now I've seen it all! Although I'm seriously considering taking him on for the shirt audition! Shirt auditions are always very popular in the lair!

Christine Wells said...

Foanna, I played that youtube video and you know, I'd forgotten how incomprehensible most Australian Crawl lyrics are! I usually just make them up when I sing along.

Hey, I've got a new title for you--Hostage to the Hot Hussars!

Maree Anderson said...

Oh, absolutely, Anna! Frilly YELLOW aprons are a must ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, the Revenge girls came up with Anna and the Pirates but I think I like Hostage to the Hot Hussars even better! Yeah, Australian Crawl's lyrics are absolutely incomprehensible, aren't they? I remember thinking that song was about people lost in Antarctica but I think it's about someone catching a ferry in Sydney!

Hey, I want some Hot Hussars! Which for some reason fits with "I want my MTV"! This is getting silly and we're only starting!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Maree! The rakes are looking strangely excited at the idea! I'm worried!

Anna Sugden said...

OMG 71 comments and it's only 9am here in England! Bring on the mojitos!

The hockey hunks are rebelling - if the rakes can be naked, so can they. *drool* Now look what you've started, Anna! All those rock-hard abs and tight muscles on display. *happy sigh* Or, you could just look at those hot, hot, hot, bodies and enjoy.

Of course, seeing isn't necessarily believing, so touching ... all over .. is key. Purely for research purposes. Oh the sacrifices I make for research purposes.

Congrats on the launch Anna - can't wait to get my hands on the book (Bloody Amazon pigeon!)

Anna Sugden said...

P226 - you're my hero - feel free to bombard the French at will. Have some naked rakesses to help you.

Anna Sugden said...

Welcome Winnie - enjoy your first party in the Lair.

while you're getting Anna's books, I'd also check out the fabulous Tempt the Devil and Untouched. Oh, go the whole hog and get the awesome Claiming the Courtesan too. You won't regret it!

Anna Sugden said...

Wow - blast from the past - Australian Crawl! And how appropriate - Boys Light Up!

Bronwyn said...

It's gettin hot in here!! Rakes take off all your clothes!

Can we spin a little karaoke, some naked rogues, maybe some chocolate body paint? Melted Tim tams would work too =) Congratulation on the release Anna! You know I loved it (now it's my turn to not reply to an email...) I can't wait for the next book! Write faster, dammit =P

Have a ball, I'm back to the editing cave.


Helen said...

Whoo Hoo congrats chelleyreads I would watch him very closely today

It is here at long last MRS has arrive although via Africa probably to hitch a ride on and elephant before it arrives at my place LOL

Three reckless things to do in the lair today firstly get those naked rakes to this party we need them.

I want to ride the elephant from Africa with the load of books party hard all night lots of drinks and food that for me would be very reckless seeing as I have 2 of my grandkids staying the night what a way to wake up with a hangover.

Happy release day and party Anna I can't wait to read this one I have ordered from Lucy hopefully it won't be long

have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Woot! Congrats on the release Anna, I have to work but had to stop by and wish you happy first. Wow, first thing and I can only say that the lair looks interesting already. Is there a particular reason P226 is gathering naked rakes and trying to get them to work on some kind of rocket launcher out there? Did we declare war when I wasn't looking?

Hmmm, reckless would be to let our lovely lady dragon loose at the party.

We could block off the chandolier and put in trapeze swings of various heights (you know Donna did say if she had to pay for another repair bill on that chandolier it was coming down permanently)

We could let Demetrius and his men face off against the rakes in sword fights (display only no killing Demetrius!) Winner of each event gets his choice of Banditas or BB's.

Have we considerd some of the more physical events taking place outside on the grounds? I am sure P226 could engineer some camo netting to disguise our activities from the air.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe said...

Can't wait to read this book! And have actually been in the war room museum in London...fascinating spot, made all those WWII movies I saw in black and white as a kid come to life in living color.

Anna, you've already taken over the world, or at least mine.I just moved house and all your books came with me. But if you must have three reckless things to cement your standing and save the rakes to celebrate, here are mine:

Tandem skydive with the naked Regency rake of your choice. Your clothing is optional. It's a long way down and you'll think of some way to kill the time.

Once, you've landed safely, take that winding road to Monte Carlo with the naked rake in a fast convertible, but don't let your gaze wander as you take those hairpin turns.If necessary, romove your head scarf and drape it delicately around the nether regions of the rake to prevent accidents.

When you get to the casino, put all your advance money on the number of ruined cravats the naked Regency rake tossed on his dressing room floor this morning since his valet ran off with the scullery maid. Even if you don't win, the ruined cravats will come in handy later.

Congratulations on the release!

Tiffany Clare said...

YAY ON THE NEW RELEASE! I can't wait to read this book.

Three reckless things:

Go skinny dipping with said rakes.

Make them feed you chocolate Haagen dazs, nekkid, of course.

I'm not a reckless kinda gal this morning---still half asleep, I think.

Uh... yeah... now back to those rakes :)

Deb Marlowe said...

Jeez, you guys! It's only 6:30 and I'm like, #79!

Congrats Anna! It's finally here! Hooray! Actually, I looked for it yesterday, but couldn't find it. :-( Oh, well, two book store runs this week!

Reckless plans:

Combine posts and organize the Regency rakes into an updated country dance flash mob

Give Sven the day off, but secretly video tape his first day off from the lair. What might he do? The mind boggles.

Dip the GR in many colored paints and let him trail his feathers over a canvas. Viola! A new masterpiece for over the mantle in the lair!

Caren Crane said...

Chelley, watch out for the GR today. He has been CRAZY lately! Book launches have a strange effect on him.

1. Naked Regency rakes should report directly to the lawn for yard work.

2. Cabana boys and hockey hunks should report directly to the kitchen for catering detail.

3. Gladtiators and any other assorted Roman males should report to the butlers pantry for silver polishing and other assorted cleaning assignments.

What do you mean I'm pooping on the party? There is NO WAY to have a decent book launch with all those men underfoot. They should be kept busy at all costs! Yes, yes, we can get some of the catering staff to serve food and drinks, but do you really think the Regency rakes are fit for conversation? Hah!

We'll let them back in when they've worked the edge off the testosterone and can sit quietly. *eg* Meanwhile, pass the hors d'oeuvres!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Wow this party is in full swing!!

Well in more ways than one with those naked rakes and cabana boys. *clears throat*

Reckless party suggestions:
* Conga line...ooops Mr Naked Rake, I'm clumsy
* Who can have the most shots off the cabana boys and Naked Rakes? I'm not a drinker but I suppose I will have to do this for a good cause.
* Pole dancing...OK i'm leaving that one alone ;)

Congrats Anna on the release of My Reckless Surrender!!!! Have fun!!! :))

Party on lair.

Annie West said...

Anna, as you know I'm not really here. This Annie is a fleeting mirage while the real Annie juggles a few crises on the home front, but she said to say mega CONGRATULATIONS on the launch of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER. What a book! Readers will love it. What a rake! He definitely doesn't deserve to be put in the toolshed. Hm, though there could be definite possibilities playing sardines, no, no...I won't go there. Well, not in public. Enjoy the party, Anna. Trust you to mention naked regency rakes.

Christina Phillips said...

LOL Anna, parties in the Lair are always so much fun!! And I'm blushing at all these nekkid rakes. Not sure where to look (um OK that is a big fat lie!!! I know exactly where to look *evil grin*)

Happy release day for MY RECKLESS SURRENDER! Your gorgeous golden book!!

Gannon Carr said...

Did someone say "naked Regency rakes?" Bring 'em on! *g* Congratulations, Anna on your big launch. I can't wait to read this book! You know how I love your heroes. Yes indeed!

Now, could I have one of those nekkid men bring me a drink?? LOL

Cheryl said...

Anna, I'm having internet woes but wanted to congratulate you on your release day before I get kicked off again.

Can't wait to dive into MRS!! That golden cover is sure to brighten up the rainy days down here too. :)

Karyn Gerrard said...

I brought my Irish houseboys, Lorcan and Liam, and they can get naked at a drop of a hat(or a shillelagh)I brought wine, chocolate and confetti.

Reckless: Mix said wine, melted chocolate and confetti in a large tub, fold in a naked Regency Rake or two, stir lightly.

2. Naked melted chocolate wrestling with said Irish houseboys against Demetris and the gladiator boys. Banditas and buddies to judge the winners!

3. Naked fashion show, with cabana boys, et, al. Judging of equipment, optional.

Anna, all the best for your release! Wow, this party is rocking already, I predict close to 300 comments! *snort*

Wheeee! I need a drink...

p226 said...

Wait wait wait wait....

How in the world did my concocting plans to bombard France or deploy an orbital rooster turn into some kind of responsibility for gathering up naked dudes!?

Can I shove them into the breeches of the 16" naval guns or something?

And just so we're clear here, the 16 inches is internal bore diameter, and "naval guns" is not a euphemism.

No. Not doing it. I'm not gathering up naked dudes. I'd rather hang out with that treacherous bird than do that.

No, this sounds like a job for the gladiators. I think it's right up their alley. And they can take that fraidy-cat Paolo with them.

gamistress66 said...

stopped to check on the party happenings before work and things are getting wild & crazy already. now that I'm awake & can use my brain, some reckless party suggestions? how about some games, with this lot they are sure to turn quickly reckless in no time at all ;)
1--found some old pictures of the marquess of burnley. perfect for targets for lawn darts, pin the cravet (variation of pin the tail), or archery contest
2--races w/ rakes (3 legged race, potatoe sack race, or even better race to the sack ;} )
3--hang to sword or shield on the gladiator (it's suppose to be on the side of the hip ladies, not front)
4--a bisquit hunt with the hockey hunks (bisquit = hockey puck for non-hockey fans)

save me a few of those margaritas and rum drinks for when I can join the party after work. Oh, and try not to wear Sven out too much, I'm sure one of his fab massages will be quite welcome then to.

Deb said...

HURRAY!!! Congrats, Anna, on the release of MRS!

Naked Regency rakes? No, I say. Form-fitting breeches; leaves much more to the imagination, eh? You all know my fondness for kilts. Gotta have kilted rakes, too.

Chocolate, of course. Chocolate covered strawberries and cherries, chocolate covered nuts...NO! Anna! Shame, shame, for thinking THAT! :)

Music--what kind, though? Hmmm, will have to think on that one.

PJ said...

Congrats, Anna! Fabulous party to launch your latest masterpiece!

I'm on my way out but I'll be back later for some reckless fun! Oh, did someone say they were giving Sven the day off? I think I'll just take him along with me on my errands this morning. Y'all don't mind, do you? (smiling sweetly)

PJ said...

Deb, Sven and I will pick up the strawberries while we're out so start melting that chocolate! :)

Cassondra said...

WoooHOOOOO Anna!

Congrats on the gorgeous new release! I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

As to three reckless things to do, I'll have to think on that one. I'm late to catch a plane.

Perhaps we could be reckless and blow off all of our responsibilities and just party in the lair all day? That would be a bit reckless wouldn't it?

jo robertson said...

Whoooooottt! What a fun post, Anna.

Three reckless things, you say?

One, I'd actually clean my house. Considering its state, that'd be a very reckless venture.

Two, drive and text message at the same time. This is incredibly reckless because not only is it against the law, but it's dangerous! Duh.

Third, sunbathe nude. Always wanted to do that!

Christie Kelley said...

Hey, those were my naked rakes! I need them for my next proposal. Give them back!!

Oh, all right, you can keep them for the party and then send them back.

As far as reckless things to do...

I suppose we could play Twister with the naked rakes. We all know how that would end.

Let those naked rakes serve us drinks. Again we know how that would end.

And of course, give Sven the day off and let the naked rakes give us massages. Hmm, we all know how that would end.

Congrats on the release, Anna. I can't wait to read the book. Now, I must go take a cold shower with no naked rakes.

p226 said...

Third, sunbathe nude. Always wanted to do that!



Some skin is just unaccustomed to UV rays. And a sunburned ass and .... uh ....


MsHellion said...

*LOL* Three Reckless Things:

1.) Toss copies of My Reckless Surrender into the unsuspecting carts of Walmart and Target shoppers. In Barnes & Noble, slip the copies between the stacks people are buying by pointing skyward and saying, "Look, a dead bird!"--when they look, bury it, then look innocent when they ask where the bird went.

2.) Read My Reckless Surrender in your underwear in the middle of the mall next to the Barnes & Noble. When you are questioned about your indecent exposure, explain the book you were reading was so hot, you had to shed your clothes out of fear of spontaneous combustion.

3.) Have a story hour of My Reckless Surrender at the local old folks home. Most of them might remember the period personally anyway...and it'll bring a smile to their face. Make sure to post a disclaimer with the attendants than any wild behavior from the residents as a result of reading the book aloud is not your fault. But Anna Campbell's. Be sure to give them Anna's email to contact when they find residents making out in closets and under beds.

Louisa Cornell said...

Chelley!!! You got him!! Clean up your classroom? Good luck getting him to help!!

CONGRATULATIONS LA CAMPBELL !!! Another AC romance is on the loose! I cannot WAIT to read it!!

Wow! It is 9:24 AM in Bama and the Lair is already SMOKIN' !! Not that I'm surprised.

And you do remember the difference between "naked" and "nekkid," right? Naked means you have no clothes on. Nekkid means you have no clothes on AND you are up to something!

How about some RECKLESS party games for this bash?

1) Reckless Tim Tam tossing. Have all the naked rakes lie in the middle of the floor. Contestants flip tim tams to land on their favorite part of the rake of their choice. Then contestants have to retrieve their tim tams with their mouths! No hands allowed!

2) Reckless Chocolate diving. Have swimming pools filled with chocolate. Have naked rake of one's choice lie in the chocolate pool with cravats tied in strategic places. Contestants must dive into chocolate pool and untie cravats with their teeth. Again, no hands. Contestant with the fastest time wins. Or maybe contestant with the slowest times wins. VBEG

3) Blind chocolate sculpture contest. Contestants must choose a naked rake and pose him. Then while blindfolded contestant must carve a sculpture of their rake out of a large block of chocolate. Of course as the contestant is blindfolded she must use her hands to feel the shape and contour of her rake to get the sculpture right. No time limit. Best sculpture wins!

How's that for some reckless nekkid chocolate fun?? Wonder if Hasbro is looking for a game designer?

Happy Launch Day, La Campbell!

MsHellion said...

There is NO WAY to have a decent book launch with all those men underfoot. They should be kept busy at all costs!

I get that, but I totally think you're giving them the wrong assignments. Except for the naked gardening. I rather like that one.

But I think the gladiators should be giving out foot rubs and back massages. To me--not each other. I know how those Romans are... And one of them can feed me chocolates, that'd be nice.

Gerri Russell said...


Congratulations on the launch of My Reckless Surrender! Wishing you mega success!!

Suzanne Welsh said...


Whoohooo, Anna!!! Got my copy of MRS yesterday! Can't wait to delve into it.

**Spying two dark haired gorgeous rakes idly lounging near the hearth in the library room**

Now, how did you two find your way into the Bandita's private area? (all double entendre intended)... I'm thinking I'll have to punish you both. EG....

Uh, Anna, I'll be down to party in a bit...I have some research to do for my eroticas!

Becke Davis said...

1) I think Paolo, the new cabana boy, should teach us to tango. In at home, personal, one-on-one dance lessons. I know a Regency dance would be more appropriate, but we're talking hot cabana boys here!

2) While I've got dancing on the brain, how about a Courtesan's Ball? Or a masked (masqued) ball? (I'm going to stop right now before I follow that line of thought and start behaving badly . . .)

3)I think Anna should provide a line-up of naked Regency rakes so we can get the full, 3-D effect. Although Anna's writing is so descriptive, I don't need much help in that department! (In fact, I think it would be hard to find a guy in real life who could compete with Tarquin!

Blodeuedd said...

Oh the party is going strong here. Where are the rakes! ;)

But ok reckless things.
1. Swing in the chandelier
2. Moonlit swimming with 4 rakes
and last get stranded with one of them on a desert island

Miranda Neville said...

OMG I wish I had a naked rake in my garden shed.
Congrats on the new book and lots of love. You guys don't need any suggestions from me about how to party.

Becke Davis said...


TerriOsburn said...

I'm pretty sure several wine bottles were emptied in the creation of this blog.

I KNEW this place was going to be hopping. And I was right. More than a hundred comments already. Well, better late than never.

No idea what recklessness has been suggested, so apologies if I repeat.

Install a stripper pole in the Lair (war room?) and give everyone a twirl. Bonus points for anyone who can hang upside down with no hands.

Run with scissors!

Steal Demetrius' shield and run. This may be my favorite idea. *wiggles brows*

Congrats on the release and I'm still looking for my copy! Looks like I might have to head to Africa. Just call me Tut.

Nancy said...

Chelleyreads, congrats on the rooster!

Anna, it's hard to think of something reckless we haven't already done in the Lair. I wouldn't recommend trying to ride the dragon, as she's not in favor of carrying passengers.

Perhaps rappelling down the battlements by the gate?

Congrats on your fabulous release and the boffo turnout for your launch. I've gotten a far as the scene outside the ball, but I had to stop and fan myself. Whew!

Nancy said...

Jo wrote: One, I'd actually clean my house. Considering its state, that'd be a very reckless venture.

LOL! Mine, to, Jo. Mine, too. I'll watch your back if you'll watch mine.

Nancy said...

Deb Marlowe suggested: Combine posts and organize the Regency rakes into an updated country dance flash mob

I love it!

Donna MacMeans said...

I thought I'd drag my butt up from the writing caves to see what all the noise was about.

Woohoo! on the release, Anna! This is a highly anticipated one. Can I say one more time (this might make it an even one hundred) I love this cover!

Right now the only reckless thing I can think of is interrupting me as I sneak an umbrella drink back down to the cave. Party on!

TerriOsburn said...

This is officially my favorite line of the day.

...and "naval guns" is not a euphemism.

Thank you, P226! LOL! (I live in the Tidewater area so in my world, that can totally be a euphemism.)

Susan - We both went with the scissors! Great minds, darling. Great minds.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Holy Cannoli's Brat Girl! Look at the comments!!! WOW!!

Chellyreads, you ahve that rooster on THIS day? Be brave, young bandita buddy, be brave...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

It is going to take me a while to wade through all these euphemisms, witty retorts and posers. Don't wait for me though....(as if you would)....

I'll be back with a few of my own, I'm sure!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

*wink wink* Can I take some of those rakes to the shed for you, Anna???

Just trying to be helpful, you know...

Pat Cochran said...

Congratulations on your Launch Day,
Anna, we've waited long for this
day! Enjoy your special gathering!!

My thanks for the suggestion of yellow chemises! I was going to suggest wearing yellow gowns simi-
lar to Diana's. But no way! Despite
a major weight loss, I would never fit in such a gown!!!

1. Serious game of "Swing From The
Chandelier" with all those naked
rakes taking part. Wouldn't that
be a sight!!
2. Play "Ring Around The Reckless
Yellow Gown" ( which would be worn by the Golden Rooster!) with all
the naked rakes dancing about!
3. Use those naked Regency rakes
as canvasses and paint them all
over in "chocolate" paint, insuring that favorite parts
stand out, oops, are highlighted!
4. Set up the trapeze equipment
for the finale, with all the rakes, gladiators, cabana boys,
Sven, and the Rooster in action.
"Flying through the air with the
greatest of ease, all those daring
young men on that flying trapeze."
( Who is that screaming? Is it the
GR or Paolo?) Just had to add an
extra suggestion! LOL!

Pat Cochran

Beth said...

Yahoo! Today's the day!! I'm soooo excited about MRS's launch and even more excited to finally read the book :-)

I've already had a very reckless day. This morning I recklessly ate a yogurt that had an expiration date of YESTERDAY.

Then I spent at least twenty minutes outside - without wearing sunscreen!

And to top it all off, I'm at this party instead of finishing my pages. VERY reckless, indeed *g*

Congrats on your release, Anna!!

Anna Campbell said...

OK, back to check out the mayhem that happened overnight! Oh, no, the lair is a pigsty! The cabana boys are threatening industrial action and the rakes are looking very grumpy in their frilly yellow aprons. Wow, what a party you've had in my absence!

Anna Campbell said...

Yeah, we started with a bang, didn't we, VA? No, P226 and Jeanne and Nancy, not that sort of BANG! Oh, no, now the boom girls are getting involved. It's scary in here!

Oh, what a pity the hockey hunks took their clothes off too. Snort! A. Real. Pity. And now the gladiators are taking off their dinky little skirts. Oh, no! It's chaos in here! And VA, I admire the way you're willing to suffer for the sake of research. Touching all those naked hockey hunks must have been such a chore! Is that a stick in your pocket or are you....

Thanks for the congrats, my friend. Grr to that pigeon. I think he's reading the naughty bits a second time! Just for educational purposes, yanno?

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, RAKESSES? VA, you crack me up - in a totally non-French way! Do Rakesses eat Raklette? Drink Raki? Play with tennis Rakettes? Or is it only the little teey rakettes who play with rakets? Hey, what's all this raket in the lair?

OK, stopping now before they cart me off for therapy!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, VA, you're a great sales rep, my friend. De-de-de-decore and all! Poor Winnie will feel overwhelmed! It's lovely to see new blood in the lair, though, isn't it? Winnie, you're very welcome here! Please ignore the people playing in the weaponry. They're not nearly as mad as they look!

p226 said...

Rakes: Apparently naked, and of no interest to P226.

Rakesses: Apparently naked, and for some reason, avoid being used as projectiles for naval artillery.

Anna Campbell said...

Anna, did you get the Crawl in the UK? I thought they didn't export but maybe they did! They actually had some good songs in the Aussie pub rock tradition.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, it's Stalkey! Bronwyn won MRS when I was in Adelaide. Thank you again for your marvelous hospitality while I visited S.A. I felt like a princess for the whole day. It was such a treat! Thanks for saying you loved MRS - I hoped you'd have a thing for Tarquin, snort! Good luck in the editing cave!

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Helen's here. The elephants won't be far behind! She's our official elephant wrangler!

Ha ha, seeing the books are Out of Africa, I think an elephant or two is pretty likely!

The naked rakes are looking a little worried now wildlife is getting involved in shenanigans! Poor things. They thought an orgy in Covent Garden was a big deal. They'd never imagined what a launch party in the lair would be like!

Love your reckless plans, Helen! Hope Lucy gets the book out to you pronto!

Terrie said...

Love the bright cover and looking forward to read it

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, apparently under pressure from British membership, we've declared war on France! Who knew? Snort!

Thanks for the congrats, Dianna. And thanks for stopping by on your way to work.

Oh, no, someone took you seriously and the dragon is now creating mayhem. Perhaps I can coax her into barbecuing a few chickens (oh, no, now the Rooster is having conniptions!) for us. It's hungry work hosting a launch!

Love the trapeze idea! I can just lie back and think of... naked rakes!

Nancy said...

p226, we Anglophiles are all in favor of bombarding France. But with actual explosive munitions, not the, er, alternatives suggested here.

Cannot imagine why you're less eager to use rakesses as ammo.

Sue said...

Can't believe all these Rakesses have worn out all the available Naked Rakes already,
Looks like for my Reckless day I'll have to play with the Rogues instead,
And my Viscount happens to own a Pleasure House so my rogues can demonstrate what happens in themed rooms number 1, 2, and 3.
Should take aaaall day to educate me- anyone want to join me for some lessons in pleasure???
Enjoy your book launch day, Anna,

Robin said...

Hey Anna, congrats on the book launch! Reckless things ..., (Final Jeopardy think music playing - a US Game show) Taking the naked rakes with you to the beach for a swim in the cold waters of June in your hemisphere. (here, summer season is just getting started). Going on a trip without books! Having a blast with the naked rakes!

Robin Greene

Anna Campbell said...

Maggie, really looking forward to your visit with us next week! That's going to be a real hoot!

Wow, you've been to the Cabinet War Rooms? I've heard they're fascinating! I love those photos - they're so atmospheric, aren't they?

Hey, love that the books came with you! No book shall be left behind, snort!

I read naked skydiving and my first thought was - ouch! Snort! The Monte Carlo drive made me think of that fabulous and very sexy scene with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief! I'm there for that one! And snorting at spending my ill-gotten gains on Regency rake cravat betting. Sounds like a wild party to me!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Tiff, great to see you! Can't wait to get your book in my hot little hands! Actually having read your book, you're someone who would come up with some great reckless options if you were awake! ;-) Rather like the chocolate ice-cream option!

Anna Campbell said...

Yeah, the party started with a bang, Deb! NO, BOOM GIRLS, THAT IS NOT AN INVITATION!

So excited to have my new book out. You know that feeling, my friend! Happy hunting!

Ooh, rather like the Regency rakes as a flash mob. And they really would be flashing! Snort!

I think our lugubrious Swede just retires to his room to eat pickled herring on his days off. He isn't a happy bunny right now!

Love the idea of the chook as Chookson Pollock! Works for me! And hey, it's about time he started earning his keep!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Posh, you are one classy lady. I hope that whip hand (stolen from Aunty Cindy!) works to get these guys in line. They're all comparing the size of their...aprons!

I giggled at the rakes doing yard work. Yeah, I know! I'm hearing crashing from the kitchen - not sure all those cabana boys together with crockery was a good idea, but you never know. The gladiators are polishing their swords not the silver. I think we'll have trouble before we're done!

Now, hand me an hors-d'oeuvre! You think I didn't see you sneak that tray of devils on horseback into the corner, did you? Hand over, Bandita!

Anna Campbell said...

Well, howdy, Miss Eleni! Hey, did you bring me more Haigh's chocolates. I've nearly eaten all the ones you gave me very kindly at the S.A. workshop. Yum!

Laughing at you blaming your clumsiness for your...handling mishaps. Yeah, right!

Hmm, whose pole? Snort!

Thanks for the congrats! The joint is jumpin'!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Annie, my brilliant crit partner who got a 4.5 star for her latest from Romantic Times! That's worthy of cracking open another bottle of champagne, methinks!

Thanks for saying such lovely things about MRS! And about Tarquin! He thanks you most sincerely for getting him out of the toolshed!

And no, we know this is merely a facsimile of the REAL you, snort! Here, Facsy, have a drink!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Christina, did you see the gladiators? They're right up your alley! You might have to fight JT for first dibs, though! Snort! Thanks for the congrats and thanks for swinging by!

Anna Campbell said...

Gannon, you spoke of nekkid rakes bringing you a drink and I haven't seen you since! Where are you? All I can see is a line of naked male pulchritude! They seem to LURVE you! Snort! Thanks for swinging by and joining in the fun - hope you enjoy MRS!

Anna Campbell said...

Cheryl, sorry to hear you're having internet woes. Thanks so much for swinging by. Here, have a naked rake to keep you occupied while you're waiting for your modem to reboot! Snort! We have plenty to spare!

Anna Campbell said...

Here, Drew, have this mojito. I prepared it earlier! Hic!

Ooh, love the idea of the Irish houseboys. Although JT and AC might steal them away from you, so watch out! Especially now the hat's been dropped and they've seen the true glory the hat concealed! Back, girls!

Love the reckless mix. By the way, have you noticed how often chocolate and rakes have been mentioned together in the suggestions? Um, I notice suggestion two involves more chocolate... The fashion (or lack of!) show sounds like a great idea, though! Hope we've got lots of prizes!

Thanks for swinging by!

Kathleen said...


CONGRATULATIONS! This one showed up on my Kindle yesterday morning and it's my present for finishing WIP next week.

I know it's going to be a great read... they always are.

Anna Campbell said...

P226, I'm still giggling at how your plans to bombard France cheered up our VA! She's been quoting that speech from Henry V all morning. The naked guys are wondering what she means about once more into the breach - is she perhaps suggesting we DRESS the nekked rakes? And now you talk about putting them in breeches! Sheesh, no fun! Even if you're talking cannons! Snickering at the bore. Yeah, I know! I've had too many mojitos, hic! If we get you some rubber gloves, will you gather up naked dudes? By the way, what have you done with the naked rakesses? They WERE here and now they're gone! And the chook is suspiciously quiet! I'm getting worried! You don't think he's defected to les francais, do you? Paolo has started to speak with a French accent so I'm wondering if he's a double agent!

Anna Campbell said...

SSSSSSS, the Marquess of Burnley! He is one evol dude, Gamistress! Love your idea of using him for target practice. Maybe we could get some of P226's firepower aimed at the rotter!

Snort, race to the sack! Strangely that one got the vote, G. Not sure why!

Ooh, I wondered if biscuit was a euphemism for something naughty. I love the idea of a nice puck with a hockey hunk!

Sven cracked a smile five minutes ago. I think he's actually loosening up a bit! Sounds like your massage might be on!

Anna Campbell said...

Deb, another naked guy and chocolate gal, I see! Snort! I think shares just went up in Godiva!

Actually there's a shipment of kilts on the boat that went missing. But we're wrapping tea towels around the nekkid rakes just for you! ;-) Snort to the nuts! You naughty (nutty?) girl, you!

Yeah, take over the music duties, please! We've had solid Vera Lyn since we started! I know we'll meet again! Sheesh, there's another blog tomorrow!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, THAT'S why Sven is smiling! He got to go out and spend some time with lovely PJ! He's even offering to set up the massage table again. Good boy, Sven! PJ, lovely to see you! Have a great day - and if you see any stray nekkid rakes, please round them up and send them home!

Anna Campbell said...

PJ, what did you and Sven do with the strawberries? They haven't turned up yet!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna C said: Yeah, the party started with a bang, Deb! NO, BOOM GIRLS, THAT IS NOT AN INVITATION!

Drat!!! And I was hoping we could get Ermingarde (the dragon) to light a few realllllly long fuses...Nancy? You with me? Cassondra? Grins.

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Cassondra, partying all day in the lair? Like that's a stretch! Happy travels! Thanks so much for swinging by and for the congrats! I think P226 wants some help with the French campaign. Oh, and the nekkid rakes are asking about French kissing. Obviously, France is the subject du jour!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Jo! Your recklessness leaves me breathless with shock! Once you've cleaned your house, do you want to be even more reckless and clean mine? Sunbathing naked - ouch to the sunburn! Yeah, I know, I'm not very reckless either!

Anna Campbell said...

Christie, I didn't think you'd mind me swiping a few nekkid rakes from your store. You have so many! Whine, whine! Anyway, they're begging to come back to you now. Apparently there's stuff going on in the lair today that they NEVER see in Almack's! Laughed at all your suggestions having endings we all know about. Yup! Thanks for the good wishes and congrats. It's exciting to have a new book on the shelves, isn't it?

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, P226. Sounds like we need breaches/breeches if too much nekkid sunbathing is 'appenin'!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna C said: Hey, Annie, my brilliant crit partner who got a 4.5 star for her latest from Romantic Times!

WOOT! Congrats, Annie!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Ms Hellion, has the Revenge returned to normal yet? I had such a wild day there this week!

Ooh, love that your reckless ideas are recklessly increasing my readership. Always music to a writer's ears! Perhaps we could get the rooster to play the dead bird - that would attract their attention even better! Ooh, love the spontaneous combustion idea even more! I think we should just film the old folks - I can give it to Vanessa for my next trailer!

Brilliant suggestions all round. Here, have a mojito and a cabana boy!

Kate Carlisle said...

Wow, what a party!!

It was reckless of me to show up when I have revisions due Tuesday, but my Google Alert alarm was going ape! Why yes, I do have a Google Alert for NAKED REGENCY RAKES, doesn't everyone?

YAY Anna!!! Congratulations on your very special release day! I pre-ordered mine so it's waiting for me at my office. Can't wait to dive in! Naked, of course!!

And now I'm headed back to the cave, sated and happy. No, no, not because of that lovely Rake with the blue eyes and long dark hair! (Although he is adorable, isn't he? Yoo hoo, Sebastian, call me!)

No, I'm happy because I've seen the word *snaffle* used at least twice here today. As a verb. I love that word!

Congrats, again, my dear! I'm thrilled for you!

And chelley, good luck with the clean-up. :-)

MsHellion said...

I'm sure the Golden Rooster can give a great death scene when asked...that would definitely get some attention while I'm slipping copies of your books in the stacks of To-Buy.

Those people would thank me later, I know.

Yeah! A mojito! I need one! And I definitely need a cabana boy...I hope he's good with his hands. I could use a massage.

I love launch parties at the Lair. You guys know how to have a good time.

Nancy said...

Jeanne said: Drat!!! And I was hoping we could get Ermingarde (the dragon) to light a few realllllly long fuses...Nancy? You with me? Cassondra? Grins.

Lead on, Duchesse. In this crowd, no one will notice before the BOOM! *g*

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I'll help Nancy, are we still blowing up France?

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Anna I was serious about Ermingarde, I think she's cool, she only has that nasty temper cos she stays locked up all the time.

"Ermingarde" here girl! How about roasting these winnies........NO NO, not THOSE winnies!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Miss Louisa, how exciting is this? The yellow book goes live!

Love the difference between naked and nekkid. I think you have a point! Those rakes ARE up to something! Trapezes seem to be involved! And elephants!

Snickering at Tim Tam tossing. I can see that being a hit at the next RWA conference! Oh, and you are naughty about the chocolate pool! All your suggestions involve a lot of touching - did you mean that to be the case? Snork!

Seriously, game designing seems to be a gift of yours, hon!

Thanks for the happy wishes!

Anna Campbell said...

Ms Hellion, I noticed Posh mentioned a DECENT book launch! I think the invite specifically said INDECENT book launch! Snort!

Hey, I'm the one with a book out - I should get at least some of that massaging!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks so much for swinging by, Gerri! Lovely to see you!

Anna Campbell said...

That Suz, she's always working, no fun! Honestly, sometimes I feel sorry for her. Stuck in the nether regions of the lair with two naked hunks she's holding for interview purposes only? She's a heroine to us all!

Hey, cool you got MRS! Happy reading! Oh, in between research, of course, snork!

Don't work too hard!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Becke, great to see you! Hmm, I hear they're allowing the tango at Almack's now as long as you've got a voucher from a patroness! That Paolo or as we call him Mr. Snake Hips is a cool dancer!

Ooh, there's a masked courtesans' ball in MRS! What a clever segue! Graceful enough to be worthy of Mr. Snake Hips!

Snort, old Tarqy babe is a bit hot, isn't he, Becke? Honestly, I kept telling him to slow down if he wants to make 60! Snork! He didn't listen to me, by the way!

Anna Campbell said...

Blodeuedd, it's nice to see that you're not greedy - you're happy to be stranded on a desert island with only FOUR rakes! Hmm, any fallen palm leaves on that island will be history with all those rakes. Groan! Thanks for swinging by!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Miss Miranda, lovely to see you! Thanks for swinging by and adding a soupcon of sense to this mayhem! Laughed at the garden shed joke. Yeah, I know, I'm a pushover for a rake.....joke!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Tut! And don't think that means I don't know what you got up to on the Romance Writers Revenge this week! Wasn't that a fun visit? I had such a ball over there. Um, a cannon ball? A highball? No, not mentioning any other balls!

Hmm, wine may have been involved. I cannot shay moa at tha rishk of giving away shtate shecretsh. Hic!

Yeah, the blog is boppin' today! Especially since we've swapped old Vera L for hits of the 80s! Tainted Love is getting worn out!

Ooh, another use for the pole! The pole has been very popular! Snork to running with scissors - very reckless! Yeah, we get it you want Demetrius to chase you, Tut. Tut, tut, tut!

Oh, man, you still haven't found it! That's terrible! Good luck!

Anna Campbell said...

Nancy, nothing like a bit of heavy petting at a ball, snork! And there's MORE! Hey, the lair is leapin' today, isn't it? And you're right, recklessness kinda goes with the Bandita moniker, doesn't it? I mean, we're not tea-drinking namby pambies, are we? Well, I'm currently a tea-drinking namby pamby but in my imagination, it's mojitos and margaritas and champagne!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Donna, so sorry that the noise is stronger than the writer cave soundproofing! I've been fighting to keep the rakes from invading down there - you know the lure of the forbidden! Isn't that a lovely cover? I just love it! Thanks so much for swinging by and wishing me luck!

Anna Campbell said...

Yes, lots of wild, NEKKID running with scissors going on! I hope none of the rakes end up singing soprano! Yeah, P226's post just cracked me up, Terri! But he's since gone off to bombard France. Perhaps you can help him with naval guns both of the real and euphemistic kind!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, who you callin' Brat Girl, Duchesse? Snork! Holy Cannolis indeed! For some reason, that cracked me up. Clearly I've been drinking too much!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, you're always so helpful when rakes are involved in the gardening! Goodness, do you want to help with some fertilizer too? Snork! Ooh, and what about some deep mulching? Bwahahahahahaha!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Pat, thanks for the congrats! That yellow gown is beautiful, isn't it? But sadly I couldn't wear it quite with Diana's pizzazz! Hasn't she got a lovely back?

Oh, no, another attack on the chandelier! Man the barricades, cabana boys! No, not man the BARRISTAS! The BARRICADES! Snort. I'm laughing at the idea of the rakes prancing around the yellow dress. I want the video! And another suggestion for chocolate - seriously, buy shares in Godiva!

And that's why they're fiddling with the trapeze! It makes sense now! Paolo is looking rather green around the gills. I'm thinking he's wishing he'd taken the fish gutting job in Iceland after all!

Anna Campbell said...

Gasps of shocked admiration! Beth, you danger mouse, you! Are you feeling all right? Did the press cover the incident? What about movie rights? Snork! And no sunscreen?

Actually the no pages thing really IS reckless - but thanks so much for swinging by!

Actually I've got bags under my eyes - I stayed up late reading Will You Take This Cop last night. Haven't quite finished it but it's calling me with such siren sweetness, I may succumb!

Anna Campbell said...

P226, please be nice to the rakesses. We imported them especially for YOU! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Terrie! Thanks for swinging by. Wow, you sound almost sensible. I'd forgotten what that was like ;-) And thanks for saying you love the cover!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually those rakesses are quite hard-headed, Nancy! I think they'd make wonderful bombs for those naughty Frenchies!

Amy Andrews said...

Okay so I've snuck in for a quick yay yay yay to fine 171 messages!!! Eek. Sorry cant read them all Anna but wishing you geat success with the book. Can't wait to read it.
Love the cover!

s7anna said...

Gosh y'all certainly know how to par-tay!!!

Let's have some naked rakes jello shots!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Sue, great to see you! You'll know how Reckless Diana and Tarquin get very soon - once I get my author copies of MRS! Sue won a copy on a blog I did this week!

Oh, man, you're really being brave playing with the rogues. The rogues make the rakes pale with envy! Love the sound of the pleasure house. Wanna buy some slightly used rakesses?

Anna Campbell said...

Robin, I had to laugh at you mentioning Jeopardy! It's on cable here and I watch it religiously. I know much more about U.S. Presidents than I used to, snort! I think far and away your riskiest suggestion is the trip without books! I think there's something in the Geneva Convention that prohibits such cruelty! Thanks for swinging by and the rakes have run screaming at the thought of all that cold water!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, it's the gloriously talented Kathleen O'Reilly! Lovely to see you! Kathleen, I'm saving your latest as a reward for finishing my latest read through of the wip so clearly great minds think alike! Thanks so much for swinging by and have fun with Tarquin and Diana (while they're having fun with each other, snort!).

Anna Campbell said...

Ermingarde has been causing enough trouble, Jeanne! Please don't encourage her! Although she's a dab hand at the barbecue!

winnie said...

how do you keep from geting all of the post from here..I had over 200...can someone help me..

Anna Campbell said...

Snaffle is a great word, isn't it, Kate? Compared to snuffle - I've had a cold all week and snuffle has outlived its welcome!

Hey, we seem to have had a few of the dedicated writer cave residents popping up today. I don't think it's me. I think it's the nekkid rakes! And absolutely I have a Google alert for naked Regency rakes!

Thanks for ordering MRS and for your congrats and good wishes! And I notice you picked the prettiest of the rakes! Although I can't say I noticed his EYES!!!! Snork!

Anna Campbell said...

Hellion, we were talking in the lair about how the pirates have a great party atmosphere too. No wonder we all get along like a house on fire. NO, ERMINGARDE!!!! That wasn't a request! Oh, no, please put it out, Sebastian! Paolo! Sven! Oh, OK, I'll pour this vat of liquid chocolate on the flames!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, and now I'm scared. Boom girls, go and help P226! Anna's been there all morning putting together anti-French missiles!

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, I've kinda lost track of the French invasion amongst everything else! Maybe we should just give them some snail pellets! That will upset them!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Dianna! We warned you about Ermengarde! We told you she only LOOKS like she's sweet and biddable! She's a HELLION!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Amy, lovely to see you! Thanks so much for swinging by! Man, it's been a mad launch party! I need a massage but everyone's kidnapped our suitably qualified personnel and all I can find is chocolate footprints and chocolate nuts scattered about, snork!

Anna Campbell said...

S7anna! Bring on the jello shots! Oh, man, I'm going to have SUCH a headache in the morning!

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, Christine keeps Sven very much as her own personal masseur! I'm not sure what her secret is - I think it's a wicked little game and she's committing a sweetest little sin to keep him there!

Suzanne Welsh said...


You didn't click on get e-mail when someone replies to your post, did you?

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Winnie, are you drowning in the enthusiasm of this party? Hang in there - we'll throw you two naked rakes linked together to form a lifebelt!

Anna Campbell said...

Phew! Christine, unhand Sven! I need a massage! I've finally caught up! You gals certainly know how to party. Got to go for a minute or two - one of Helen's elephants just got loose!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, ouch, Winnie, you were serious about the 200! SORRY!!!!!! We always kick our heels up when there's a new Bandita book to celebrate!

winnie said...

apparently I did and now I am getting everyone...I cant figure out how to stop them.

winnie said...

I got it figured out.. must have checked the box for follow up comments..thanks

Anna Campbell said...

Winnie, on the upside, things will probably slow down here from now on in. Ouch! I can imagine your inbox looks like one of P226's bombs hit it!

winnie said...

I think I made it over the 200 abit to much..thought I was popular today..i had so much fun last night here and hope to come back often..

p226 said...

P226, please be nice to the rakesses. We imported them especially for YOU! ;-)

Be advised, there are varying definitions for "nice."

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