Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your Sweetest Little Sin

by Christine Wells

With the Banditas shortly descending on Mickey Land and Joanie T's determination to drag whoever will come with her on the It's a Small World ride, I thought it fitting to do a tribute to all those catchy songs, TV shows, books, foods that you know are either in bad taste or bad for you but you just can't get them out of your head or off your playlist or off your plate!

(Not that I would ever allege that It's a Small World is in bad taste or bad for you, just so we're clear! It's the catchy part I was thinking of there. OK, Joanie? OK?)

Here's my list:


Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out of My Head. Like the song says, I can't get it out of my head once I hear it on the radio. Another catchy tune is the Woolworth's supermarket Fresh Food People jingle (solely an Oz invention, I assume!) -- caught myself humming along to that one in the supermarket the other day, talk about embarrassing!

And Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night by Black-Eyed Peas. They use a snatch of this song instead of a school bell at my son's school and boy does that song run in annoying monotone circles round my brain all day!


Do you have any series that are just addictive? I can't go past an Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley mystery. I just have to know what happens next in the saga of Inspector Lynley, even though I don't care an awful lot about the murder mystery itself.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of reading matter, Marie Claire magazine. I buy it for the articles. Truly! I know it's just a big ol' waste of money but I can't resist. Oh, look, free sunglasses this month. Shiny!

TV Shows:

Wait for it... Entourage! Yes, I know, I know. It's sick:) But I have to laugh sometimes at the parallels between the crazy ups and downs of Hollywood and the publishing world and shake my head over the insanity of it all.

I'm also getting a kick out of How I Met Your Mother, which brings back memories of my own crazy friends in those pre-married, pre-kid years. And look at that, Doogie Howser is all grown up!

The last one, which Vrai Anna recommended a while back is ACE OF CAKES. Not only do they make phenomenal cakes (anyone see the Hogwarts episode?) but they're a fun group of people to watch.


My Sweetest Little Sin (yeah, you know I had to throw THAT in *G*) is choc chip cookies. I cannot resist them, especially the ones I make myself. I have to ban myself from the supermarket aisle with the choc chips in it so I don't throw them in the trolley. I also cannot start the day without a jumbo cup of instant Moccona Indulgence coffee. I know. It's sacrilege. I'm a coffee slob, what can I say?

Over to you, Bandita Buddies! What are your guilty little secrets, hmm? The winner will receive a signed copy of SWEETEST LITTLE SIN!


limecello said...

Yay! Happy Sweetest Little Sin Day :D

Christine Wells said...

Hi Lime!! Congrats on the rooster:)

Did I tell you my parents came back from Italy with a penchant for Limoncello? I have tried without success to find the lime variety here but the lemon is delish! Add that to my list of (sweet) sins!

Nancy said...

Limecello, congrats on the rooster! I know he's hoping you'll let him kick back and watch some TV.

Christine, I admit to liking Project Runway and Top Chef. Many people would say the fact that I still read comic books should also be a guilty and childish pleasure. After sticking with them this long, though, I see no reason to stop.

flchen1 said...

No guilt, Christine. No secrets. Just books and chocolate. Lots of both, please :)

And Happy Sweetest Little Sin Day! ;)

Donna MacMeans said...

Now I can't get- Tonight's gonna be a good night - out of my head..thanks Christine (grin).

TV shows - I'm getting hooked on the Big Bang Theory. I so relate to the geeks. And I'm waiting for True Blood to start up again. Not sure why I like that show, but I do.

My biggest sin, though, is email. I'm addicted. Does that count?

Lime is addicted to the GR (grin).

Food - It's the time of year for chocolate Blizzards with Snickers. But..I...must...resist...

Tawny said...

Oooh, I love Sweet Little Sins. I love sweet big sins even better LOL.

Okay, my list:

Songs: The song that never ends. If Joanie makes me go on Small World with her, I will be singing this song. Its only fair. Otherwise, the Apple Jack cereal jingle from waaay back. I used to sing it instead of lullabies to my oldest *g*

TV Shows: I LOOOOVE the Ace of Cakes! That Hogwarts Castle episode was fab. I'm currently hooked on Chopped and Hollywood Chefs, too. But I secretly sneak in to watch Tim the Toolman Taylor in Home Improvement whenever it's on. Then I grunt. Yeah, really.

Food: At the moment, slivered almonds. I adore slivered almonds, lightly toasted. I eat them by the handful. No clue why.

Serious addiction: The internet. Its the gateway to all things addictive. Email, gossip sites, shoe shopping, Facebook.

But now... It's Castle Time. That, though, is not a bad addiction. Castle Rocks!!!

gamistress66 said...

I admit it -- I find myself singing the alphabet song to myself at odd times over and over again. I have no kids, nieces/nephews all grown up, no excuse except its good when waiting for something or driving or just half brain dead. I'll do it fast, slow, goofey switch it up but I'll find myself going a,b,c,d,e......

At least I don't do it so others hear me (other than the dog, and she doesn't tell) :)

Good sin (ie: not so oddball) -- Chocolate. Gotta love choc anytime.

Think I'd best go crash before I start singing :)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Lime, a chook for you! He's all clever now he's helped Nancy with her grading!

OK, songs - The Girl from Ipanema. Once heard, never forgotten.

TV Shows - guilty pleasure, which I've admitted here before, is Judge Judy! Man, she's a tough old bird. I think we should send the rooster to her!

limecello said...

Hmmm :X I was almost thinking the GR was going to avoid me forever after I met him. (Am I allowed to blame that on Donna? *angelface*)
Ahhh am so jealous of all of you going to Disney! Please go to RomCon [as well] - I can make it there! (And in fact am going.) Feels like conferences are my guilty pleasure this year...
Christine - ooo I'm jealous of your parents :) I've never found the lime variety either, so I make it myself.
As for Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out of My Head... that and Escape by Enrique Iglesias came out at the same time, and those are like... the ultimate stalker duo songs to me. (Well not ultimate, but ... the lyrics! And they always played on the radio!)
Um... ok - super sekrit shame time. Dare I admit? If I turn on the TV and it happens to be on Keeping Up with the Kardashians... >.< Sometimes I find it hard to change the channel. Otherwise, Food Network is my ultimate weakness.
Songs... ummm... Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate >.< The angst!
Books... I pretty much only read romances, and I defy anyone to tell me they're bad for me :P
Foods... zomg. French fries. And I just saw an episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Guilty Pleasures" and Michael Symon talks about the fries at the Greenhouse Tavern and... I think I know where I'm going for my birthday meal this year :D

Helen said...

Well done lime have fun with him

Whoo Hoo on Sweetest Little Sin my copy arrived today but I must finish the book I am reading and then I am going to dive into it can't wait.

Songs that I can't get out of my head are often ones that I have just heard on the radio at the moment One Of These Nights by The Eagles is on and I love it and will be humming it for hours and yes the Woolies jingle is a good one.

Books I love the Psy Changleing series by Nalini Singh and Stephanie Laurens Cysters

TV shows I watch very little TV so there probably isn't much for me there LOL

If no can guess Tim Tams I love them and plain potato chips yummy.

How I wish I could be in The States with you all for the conference it should be lots of fun but this weekend here in Oz we are having the awards night for The Australian Romance Readers and there are a few of The Bandits and Buddies nominated and I will be there cheering you all on
Way To Go Ladies

Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Nancy, I love Project Runway, too! That has a lot of parallels to writing also, doesn't it?

You know, I think we need more childish pleasures rather than fewer! Yay for comic books!

Christine Wells said...

Books and chocolate, Fedora? Sounds like heaven!

Christine Wells said...

Donna! So sorry to put that song into your head. It's a killer, isn't it?

Wow, the Big Bang Theory? I would never have guessed it! I need to go back to the beginning with True Blood. I think that sounds like something I'd get addicted to, too.

Oh, yes, definitely email counts!

Haha, too true about lime! And the GR works it for all he's worth, too. I can see him in place of Robert Palmer, can't you?

Blizzards... sounds yum! Is there a DQ in Orlando??

PinkPeony said...

Hi Christine!

Still not done with SLS...life got in the way, but it's fab so far!

For the record, I love the It's A Small World ride and I still have my Small World charm bracelet (circa 1970).

Food Sins...those blasted Tim Tams! There's a Youtube video on how to do the "Tim Tam Slam". Reduced Guilt Potato chips from Trader Joe's and smoked salmon.

Musical Sins...September by EW&F and Surrender by Cheap Trick always makes me jump around like an idiot.

Reading Guilty Pleasure: The front page of the NY Post/Page Six and the Sun/UK. Love the sensationalism. Also, The New Yorker cartoons.

TV: Top Chef, Runway, Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and for some reason, whenever PBS airs The World at War or Victory at Sea, I drop everything and watch it even though I've seen it 20 times.
Congrats, Lime!

Christine Wells said...

LOL Tawny, I don't know WHAT you can be thinking of! Sweet big sins??

That makes two of us with It's a Small World. I have it on vinyl with all my Disney favourites. Aren't jingles the worst? I suppose they intend them to stick in our heads when they write them.

LOL at the grunting! Food shows are addictive aren't they? Which is so strange, really, because you can't actually eat what they're cooking.

And yes, I think the internet goes without saying for most of us, doesn't it?

Christine Wells said...

Oh, gamistress66, I had to LOL at the ABC song! I've been singing the Iggle Piggle song today so I'm no better.

Christine Wells said...

Anna, The Girl from Ipanema? Now that's a classy catchy song:)

Hahaha! Judge Judy--my dh loves that too. For me it's like a car crash I can't look away from. That people so horrible and stupid actually exist and want to air their grievances on TV stuns me every time.

Christine Wells said...

Lime, Foanna is going to RomCon! I don't know if any other Banditas are?

OK, so how do you make Limecello? It does sound delicious!

Love 'the ultimate stalker duo songs' reference!

Keeping up with the Kardshians? I'm going to have to watch that one just for the title!

Christine Wells said...

Helen, yay on getting SLS today! Hope you enjoy it:)

I knew one of the Aussies would get what I'm talking about with the Woolies jingle! And Tim Tams of course! I cannot buy a packet of Tim Tams without eating the whole lot!

Have fun at the ARRA Awards, Helen! I wish I could be there!

Christine Wells said...

Thanks, Jen! Glad you're enjoying SLS. Hey, if you come to National maybe you can go on the ride with JT!

OH, the Tim Tam Slam! Now that is a sin in the worst way!

Ahhh, Cheap Trick. I'm with you there!

Have to laugh at The World at War--I would never have guessed! My father loves that series.

Virginia said...

Congrats on getting the GR today lime!

My biggest addition is books and sweets! Right now I am hooked on Kaki Warnes new series Pieces of Sky, next book Open Country! Also Elaine Levine series Rachel and the Hired Gun, just waiting on the next books in the series!

When it comes to TV it would have to be The Good Wife, Castle, and Medical shows like Grey's Anatomy also addicted to the internet, what would we do without it.

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Virginia! Books and sweets, I don't think you're alone there!

Rachel and the Hired Gun sounds like a great series! I haven't heard of those you mentioned before.

Interesting--I've always been a bit squeamish so never been into Grey's Anatomy and so forth. Can't stand the ick factor or the sick factor either! House is the only one I can watch and that's because of the brilliant Hugh Laurie. Castle and The Good Wife are great!

Jane said...

Hi Christine,
Food: cheese fries and corn dogs.
Music: 80's music, especially New Wave
TV: Family Guy, The Soup, Bizarre Foods and Celebrity Rehab

Kim in Hawaii said...

Last September, I took my children to Disney for one last hurrah before moving to Hawaii. I dragged them through my childhood favorite, "It's a Small World," a song that we could not get out of our heads!

My children adore the McDonald's commercial with the Talking Fish, "Give me that fish."

My children also watch Top Chef, Project Runway, and Celebrity Apprentice with me (taped, of course). And I refuse to answer the phone or anything else when Showtime's The Tudors is airing Sadly, Henry Cavill has been fully clothed this season.

Christine Wells said...

Jane, I've never had cheese fries or corn dogs but they sound awesome!

You know, it's really cool to like '80s music now. Or at least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Celebrity Rehab????

Christine Wells said...

Kim, I know! It's a Small World should be a registered addictive drug, shouldn't it?

McD's commercials are state of the art, aren't they? There's one on radio at the moment that's very clever with lots of plays on words and hyperbole. Well written, actually!

Celebrity Apprentice with you? Do tell! Ahh, The Tudors! We glommed the first two seasons while on holiday recently. It's like a soap opera, isn't it?

Cheryl said...

Christine, congrats on the release of SWEETEST LITTLE SIN! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Song: the chicken dance song.

Food: chocolate mint slices.

I can't resist chocolate chip cookies too, Christine! I love going to America - the cookies there are so BIG and yummy.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks so much for the congrats on SLS's release.

Oh, Noooooo!!!! The chicken dance song? Now that's in my head. Ack! Quick, I need to play Black Eyed Peas again!

I love going to America because Joanie T makes THE best choc chip cookies! Sigh. My mouth is watering at the thought.

Vanessa Barneveld said...

Congrats again on the release of Sweetest Little Sin, Christine!

I haven't seen Ace of Cakes, but I am addicted to the Cake Wrecks site - http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/. The grammar gaffes are hilarious.

My guilty secret is that I LOVE The Bold and the Beautiful. Actually, I received a number of Bold-related Christmas gifts last year, so it's not really much of a secret.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Christine!

Oh, so many addictions, so little time! I've got Sweetest Little Sin just sitting in my biggest addiction--the TBR pile--calling me away from my laptop! Must resist!

I have to say, since DVR came into my life, I am now a TV addict. TV when I want to/have time to watch it? Heaven! I'm now SERIOUSLY addicted to Castle! Love that show. Also can't miss Big Bang Theory, Biggest Loser, Top Chef, Project Runway and Survivor. See?

Food--two addictions. Cadbury Mini Eggs--this is the first year that I've completely resisted the sweet, sweet call of those little yummy things. Willpower! Other addiction is Chex Mix. Yum. Haven't had any since Christmas, but I love that stuff!

Deb Marlowe said...

Forgot to add True Blood, Big Love and Entourage to my TV addiction list. OMG--love Johnny Drama!

I'm hopeless.

Deb said...

Christine, congrats!! Woo Hoo!

CHOCOLATE, love it. When at a fair, gotta have a funnel cake. A quarter pounder with cheese from Mickey D's is pretty good, too. Used to be a Mt. Dew person, but now drink Pepsi.

I used to be a Dancing With The Stars fanatic, but this year's season hasn't grabbed my attention. Survivor has been good, so watch that without fail. AND, I admit it, with a 10-year-old in the house, I watch The Suite Life on Deck on the Disney Channel.

Anna Sugden said...

What agreat post Christine - and I'm still waiting for that blasted Amazon pigeon to deliver SLS! I bet he's holed up somwhere reading it. Better not get any birdy footprints on Jardine!

I must admit, having been at the footie this weekend, I have some ridiculous footie chants in my head ... so irritating.

Ah yes, Ace of Cakes, Iron Chef (indeed a lot of The Food Network), and some of the series like The Closer, The Beast, Shark, Saving Grace and Castle. Thanks to Beth, I have an episode of Leverage on my ipod, but am waiting to watch it or I'll have to dowload the whole series!

Books? Too many to mention, but I suppose the ones that stand out are the ones I buy in hard back - Tess Gerritsen, Lisa Gardner, Suz Brockmann, Karen Rose and JD Robb. And, of course, all the Bandita books *g*.

I'm a terrible glommer - find an author I like and I need their backlist and every book they write!

My latest guilty pleasure is bobbleheads of my favourite hockey players. My lovely hubby even got a bobblehead made of himself for me for Christms!

Addictive foods - Cadbury's chocolate, popcorn, tortilla chips, potato chips (always with dip) and cheese!

Drinks - Pimms ready-mixed!

Anna Sugden said...

Vanessa - hubby's older daughter is a big B&B fan too - she got hooked on it when she lived in Dubai.

p226 said...

Dunkin Donuts.

Bass Ale.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Ah, Christine, I love to talk about indulgences:

Music: ZZ Tops' Cheap Sunglasses and Tube Snake Boogie (yep, it goes there). ***has outlawed that Black Eyed Peas song at work because everytime someone sings it we get slammed!!!*** (See I won't even say the name!)

TV: The real housewives of New York. I mean really...these are extremely shallow people who are way too into each others' lives...but like a train wreck, I just can't stop watching! Any cooking competition. Yep, love to get new ideas and shake my head at those who forget to salt the food..

Books:Are there any that aren't good for you?

Food: Cheese burgers. Hot off the grill with lots of gooey cheese. Sigh, so not going to help me lose weight, but yummo! And Chocolate chip ice cream...I love it if it has big chunks of chocolate or maybe even some caramel chunks in it too!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Ohhh, my favorite topic, forbidden fruit! Grins.

Hey, Lime! Congrats on that not-so-sweet-sin, the GR! Hahahaha.

Nancy and I are once again doing the evil twin thing in that I adore Project RUnway and Top Chef. They're reality shows, but they do seem to have a point - other than bad manners - and they sure do come up with some fascinating concoctions, both in the kitchen and on the runway. I also have a secret crush on Tom Collichio. Grins. I think it's the blue eyes and sardonic humor. Snork.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Tawny, you? Grunting? Say it isn't so. And if you start singing The Song that Never Ends...drat it. Now you've done it. I'll be replaying that in my head for hours.

*hooks up iTunes, blasts Burn it to the Ground by Nickleback*


Joan said...

Dancing with the Stars....I even had Cricket voting last night :-)

Sorry for the post and run...must go into work.

Great post!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Gamemistress, we do the alphabet song around here in multiple harmony. Not GOOD harmony, mind you, but multiples. grins. Now I do have kids, but it still amuses me even when they aren't around.

Then again, that's one of my sweet little sins, bizarre little things that amuse (seemingly) only me. Hahahah! You know....casket key rings, wearing a weird hat to the grocery store with no explanation whatsoever, having someone paged on the house phone...snork. So sophmoric!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

GaMistress, I somehow made you GAME Mistress. Go figure that one out.

*hollers* Paolo! More COFFEEE!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Helen said: this weekend here in Oz we are having the awards night for The Australian Romance Readers and there are a few of The Bandits and Buddies nominated and I will be there cheering you all on
Way To Go Ladies

Oooh! Cheer for us too, Helen!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Kim in HI said: My children adore the McDonald's commercial with the Talking Fish, "Give me that fish."

I cannot even say the word "fish" in this house without this flying out in a duet from my two boys. Arrrrrrrgh!

It's darn catchy though...so to speak. Snork.

Okie said...

Oh, goodness, I have a love for too many Little Sins and they are all Oh So Sweet.

Songs- Kings Of Leon's Sex On Fire and for some funny reason, Mr Hank Williams Jr's Kaw-Liga..I can't stop playing that song.

Tv Shows- House and The Mentalist. That Simon Baker is one yummy man.

Food- I can't get enough of Indian Food. They know me by name at this one particular restaurant. LOL!

Gannon Carr said...

Fun blog, Christine! Don't we all have some guilty little secrets???

My guilty TV addictions are: The Real Housewives of New Jersey (I know, it's terrible, but I can't help it!), Dancing With The Stars, Glee, Castle, Lost....love fun TV shows! Can't you tell?? Oh, can't wait for the new season of True Blood!!

Food: Salted Dark Chocolate Caramels (OMG!!), French Fries, Frapps. Hmmmm, maybe this is why I'm having trouble losing weight. LOL

Facebook and the internet in general is another addiction--I spend waaaay too much time on my computer. *g*

Christine, I developed a taste for limoncello when we lived in Italy. It can be pretty potent! Chocolatecello is even better. MMMM!

Christie Kelley said...

Christine, I love How I Meet Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Those are my favorite shows right now.

Reading romances used to be my secret sin before I started writing and admitted my secret to the world :)

Food? Chocolate of course!

PJ said...

Blizzards... sounds yum! Is there a DQ in Orlando??

Christine, does this question mean you've changed your mind and are coming to National? hoping...hoping...hoping

PJ said...

I have a houseguest but I'll be back later with my list. Fun blog, Christine!

Anna Sugden said...

Talking about catchy jingles, whenever I mention the company I used to work for to an Aussie, they always start singing either the Decore jingle or Louie the Fly!

(go on, admit, you're now singing De-de-de-decore!)

Kirsten said...

Hi Christine! I have so many little sins...or big sins, I guess, depending on who's holding the tape measure! I have an open bag of butterscotch morsels in the cupboard that I have little handfuls of throughout the evening while I cook dinner. Very bad.

I love buying magazines that make me feel eco-conscious and pure, even though there's a delicious irony in the fact that I'm BUYING A MAGAZINE that will have to be recycled!

And I'm with Donna on the email addiction. I carry my blackberry everywhere I go, even walking the kids to school, and check my account every minute. Okay, sometimes I wait two minutes between checks. But not much more.

And I LOVE It's a Small World! Best ride ever!!! :-)

Julia Smith said...

I love Kylie Minogue - and don't plan to get her out of my head. No ma'am.

I'm funny about the whole guilty pleasure thing. I figure if I like something, then it's quite obviously fantastic. I will proudly admit to starting my male admiration with my Bay City Rollers fixation.

As for food - can't resist fish and chips. I never think to myself, 'I really should have ordered the poached fish.' Forget that!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Chocolate Extreme Blizzards from Dairy Queen -- oh so yummy but oh so fattening. 600 calories for a small! That's half my daily calories.

You all know I am a big TV fan. I used to watch Survivor all the time, but there are just too many other things in that time slot now, so the only reality shows I watch are The Biggest Loser (which is inspiring) and Deadliest Catch (just because those guys are funny and quite possibly nuts). Oh wait, I watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition too, though it's not a "must watch now" kind of thing. I can let it sit on the TiVo for awhile.

Deb said...

P.S. I'm like Gannon--I am on Facebook w-a-y too much.

Kirsten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna Campbell said...

Anna, that de-de-decore jingle was brilliant. Louie the Fly was pretty good too - my poor parents had to listen to that one for hours on end when I was a kid. I wonder why they didn't drown me in the nearest lake!

Vanessa, like the Bold and the Beautiful addiction was a SECRET, girlfriend!!!!

Oh, think I forgot to mention foods I'm addicted to. Smith's barbecue chips. Just love em!

runner10 said...

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

MsHellion said...

Happy Sweetest Little Sin Day!

My guilty pleasures and sweetest sins are:

Music: The Twilight and New Moon Soundtracks. Right now, I esp like the songs: Possibility (Lykki Li) and Slow Life (Grizzly Bears), which aren't remotely upbeat and I apologize.

Books: I can't pass up anything by Lisa Kleypas or Eloisa James. Otherwise, my current addiction is books with Indians in them. (You can rightly guess I'm a Team Jacob fan.) So I've got to read Catherine Anderson's Comanche Moon and Comanche Heart lately--and they were great. Am loving Kathleen Eagle's Ride a Painted Pony.

TV Shows: DWTS is my guilty sin this season. Let me say: I *hate* reality show tv. But this season had a Pussycat Dolls girl as well as Pamela Anderson, so I tuned in. It's been awesome. That move that Erin did last night with Maks is almost enough for me to tune into every new season they have of this show if they're going to do that! LIFE UNEXPECTED is another favorite show (totally in love with Base); and CASTLE, because he is so darned hilarious! Oh, and MODERN FAMILY. Damn, I watch too much TV.

Food: Chinese food. Not sure I can get specific...I'll eat just about anything I'm not allergic to. Currently trying to overdose myself on brownies. I don't know what it is about store-box brownie mix, but they make the best, chewiest, awesomest brownies ever. Topped with a little Breyer's Triple Chocolate ice cream and we're good.

Karyn Gerrard AKA~Drew said...

Popcorn, with melted butter.
Supernatural and Fringe.
British TV shows Like 'Being Human' and 'Ashes to Ashes'
Hard rock like my native Canadians, Nickelback!
Dark, tortured heroes that make me drool!

Strawberry shortcake with tea biscuit, not that sponge cake crap. And lots of whipped cream, the real stuff, not the spray can crap.

Peanut butter and crackers, (soda crackers a must) I am a cracker hound, I must admit, will take it over bread every time.
Mugs of Lady or Earl Grey tea. Hot.

Ah yes, sweet sin!

Beth said...

I hate to admit it but I watch Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood almost every night. Without a doubt the two most vacuous shows on tv, but I can't help myself.

Pat Cochran said...

I'll tell, but let's just keep this
between us! OK?

Peppermints and chocolates! When I
was diagnosed as a diabetic I was
sure I'd have to give them up! Then
Honey found sugar-free versions of
each! I can't go overboard , but I can at least have them!!! They are
truly my "Sweetest Little Sins"!

Pat Cochran

jo robertson said...

Great topic, Christine! I love my sweetest little sins, the list of which grows longer each day.

Dairy Queen blizzards! If I tell myself enough times that they're about 15 points on Weight Watchers for a small one, I might be able to resist.

Might. Be. Able.

Right now I'm addicted to FX's new show with Timothy Olyphant -- JUSTIFIED. He's such a rebel-hero and his nemesis' name is Boyd.

Christine Wells said...

Hiya, V! Thanks again for the congrats. This is turning into a fortnight long party!

Oh, wow, The Bold and the Beautiful was the only soap I used to watch when I was at school. The mad thing is that some of the characters are still on the show and they haven't aged! Do they preserve them in some mummifying potion and dig them out for each episode or something! LOl

Have to check out that site you mentioned!

Christine Wells said...

Btw, V, you've left me wondering what B&B themed gifts you were given! I can't begin to imagine...

Christine Wells said...

Deb, I think Castle is pretty popular among writers! I love the dynamic between him and the detective. OK so Big Bang Theory isn't a geek show, then? I must look it up to see what that's all about. Ooh, you're a reality show nut, aren't you? Project Runway is fabulous, isn't it? I love watching other people's creativity in action. Not so keen on the catfights, though!

Hey, great going on resisting the lure of those beautiful foodie sins! I'm sure your body is thanking you for it!

Christine Wells said...

Actually, Deb, entourage is a great study for romance writers on the dynamic between male friends.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it:)

Christine Wells said...

Deb, much as I hate to admit it, I'm partial to quarter pounders myself. Gah! Only once is a very long while. Thanks for the congrats:)

Christine Wells said...

Blasted thieving Amazon pigeon! LOL Thanks for ordering SLS Anna. I'm always nervous about you reading it because you're English and most likely to pick up glaring gaffes but you've been so supportive, thank you!

Ah, footie chants! Can understand that would be irritating to have in your head.

It sounds like as a reader you're really into suspense. I didn't know that! It's amazing how much you find out about people you know with these little quizzes!

Speaking as another writer, glomming is definitely *not* a sin, VA!

You should do a blog on your bobbleheads, VA. Actually, how cool would it be when you sell your series to act out a book trailer with your bobbleheads?

Yes, yes yes to all those foods! And Pimms...makes me think of summer.

Christine Wells said...

P226, great to see you here!

So you're not in the Krispy Kreme camp, then? Do you actually dunk your donuts or is that just a brand thing?

Christine Wells said...

Hi Suz! I wish they'd outlaw the BEP song at my son's school! I was hoping they'd get a new song for the new term but noooo...

Oh, I cannot watch those Real Wives shows. I find them so embarrassing!

You're right about books. I really shouldn't have included them there, should I?

Ooh, cheeseburgers! Yum!

Christine Wells said...

Jeanne, I'm with you on reality shows that have a point beyond embarrassing all concerned!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Joanie! So...who did Cricket vote for?

Christine Wells said...

Haha, Duchesse on the harmony ABC song! Reminds me of the time Les Miserables toured and everyone at work was singing Master of the House!

I love sophomoric stuff like that! We're all far too serious these days.

So... who's Paolo? Hmm? Another SLS?

I don't know what the fish song is but I love the thought of your boys singing a duet.

Christine Wells said...

Okie, I adore Indian food! For some reason, there are 4 Indian restaurants within a mile radius of my house, and they all do the same dishes differently. There's also a place near where we go for holidays (OK, it's about an hour round trip) that has the best curry I've ever tasted. Worth the trip! But it's terribly fattening, or at least the dishes I love are. Butter chicken. Mmm.

Christine Wells said...

Gannon, I think they need to have a Real Wives face off competition! I have a feeling the Jersey girls would win!

I'm sorry, but salted dark choc caramels sound disgusting to me.LOL btw, You have a lovely figure, don't worry!

Yes, I think we're all guilty of being on the internet far too much. But I've made so many wonderful friends cyberly that I don't regret it!

Chocolatecello? Sounds divine! Yes, it is potent stuff!

Christine Wells said...

Christie, glad you share the How I Met Your Mother penchant. I love the way every episode ends with him not getting the girl. So close... But I missed the one where he actually *does* get the girl, so I'm a bit sad about that!

Yay on coming out of the closet!

Christine Wells said...

Hiya PJ! I'm working on getting to National. It's a possibility because the whole family can come and be occupied and happy while I do my National thing. I'll let you know when I do!

Have fun with your guest!

Christine Wells said...

AHHHH NOOOO!!!!! VA, those are the catchiest jingles in the universe!

Bryce Courtenay did the Louis the Fly one and he's a very successful novelist now.

Christine Wells said...

Kirsten, as sins go, those are pretty tiny! Snorked at the idea of buying an eco magazine that has to be recycled. I suppose at least it can be recycled, right?

If I had a Blackberry I'd be the same. Which is why I don't have one. Humph! Covet the iPhone something terrible!

Christine Wells said...

Julia, you make me laugh! Kylie is such a party girl it's hard not to like her songs. A lot of good memories come back to me with her music.

Bay City Rollers? woohoo! That's a good one.

Yeah, but if you order poached fish with the chips it makes the chips go all soggy and you wouldn't want that! I'm pretty keen on fish & chips too!

Christine Wells said...

Trish, I'm going to have to try one of these Blizzards, aren't I? Are there Dairy Queens in Mickey Land?

Oh, wow, you're into the reality TV aren't you? Is Deadliest Catch a fishing show?

Christine Wells said...

Deb, Facebook is something you need to experience to understand. I couldn't get what it was all about until I joined. Now I love it!

Christine Wells said...

Hello, non-Bandita Kirsten :)

Shoes... no, they're a necessity not a sin. You're good.

Ah, I love cheeses too! Fatal to the figure, aren't they? So yes, you can have that as a sin. That's the only one I'm prepared grant you, actually. Romance novels? Puhlease! Required reading around here, dear! Katherine Hepburn is a goddess. So your life seems sweetly sinless to me!

Christine Wells said...

Fo, now I know why your parents bought that house next to the lake--so they could drown you if you sang Louie the Fly again!

Yep, the decore ad was to the tune of Duke of Earl, which I had on this Solid Gold tape my mother won somewhere or other. It had some fun songs on it. Wonder where it went.

Christine Wells said...

runner10 you won't get much disagreement over chocolate in the lair! Have we introduced you to Tim Tams yet?

Christine Wells said...

Hi Hellion! Great to see you here and thanks for the congrats!

Actually, I noticed the soundtrack to Twilight when I bought the DVD (didn't see the movie in theatre and haven't seen New Moon yet) I loved it and have been meaning to buy the CD. Very atmospheric, isn't it?

Team Jacob, huh? I really don't know which team I'm on. Can I play for both?

I think almost everyone has mentioned Castle. Can you tell a lot of us are writers?

Ooh, Chinese food and brownies. Now that's a menu right there!

Christine Wells said...

Ooh, Karyn, I LOVE Ashes to Ashes!! The tension between the two leads is amazing, isn't it? And I love all the 80s stuff!

Ooh, you're making me hungry with all that food! Stop it!

Christine Wells said...

Beth, thank you for that confession, it's good for the soul, isn't it?LOL

I have been known to get sucked into ET. Actually, it is good to see what's coming up in the world of movies. Often I get ideas for books because I find all the concepts stimulating. Yeah, that's what I tell myself:)

Christine Wells said...

OK, Pat, your secret is now locked in the Lair vault, which is the safest place on earth for secrets...

So glad you can still indulge in your favourite foods in moderation. That Honey of yours is a gem!

catslady said...

There are so many to chose from lol. I'm going to say sneaking books into the house - the one thing I don't always tell my husband about hahaha.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Jo! It sounds like DQ Blizzards might be giving chocolate a run for its money here!

LOL on the nemesis being Boyd. I haven't come across that show. Will have to check it out when it comes out here.

Christine Wells said...

Yay, catslady! Sneaking books is a great little sin to have. I hope your husband isn't reading this! Maybe the Bandit lair is his secret little sin:)

chey said...

My sweetest little sins are Chocolate and books.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

oh I love the Ace of Cakes, if his sous chef Geoff was any more laid back he would be dead.

My sweetest little sin?? Books don't count because we all share that one or we wouldn't be here. I think my biggest weakness of late is buying stuff and the grocery store and trying to get a little fancy. Not that my boy won't eat it, he seems to be enjoying it actually and when BF is here he almost hurts himself so I guess it isn't a bad thing....except we are overweight and really need to cut back and I just keep tempting us.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Chey, you're in great company here! Thanks for commenting.

Christine Wells said...

Hey Dianna! Another Ace of Cakes fan! Geoff is laid back but he has a wicked sense of humour, really dry. I love that.

Dianna, I admire you for getting fancy! I usually go to the store with all these good intentions and then the fennel or Egyptian artichokes or whatever just sort of festers away until I throw it out. My motto in the kitchen at the moment is KISS!

Louisa Cornell said...

Goodness! All these sins confessed. There is a priest somewhere with a serious case of shock and dismay and he's fanned all of the pages out of his Bible with some of those sins, girls!

I don't get television here in the boonies, but when I did The Amazing Race was my sweet little sin. Loved all of the disgusting food episodes.

I DO, however, have a large DVD library so my telly watching has not abated. I spend a great deal of time watching Richard Armitage get his heart broken in North and South. And I do tend to watch 300 quite a bit as my other sweet little sin is my addiction to Gerard Butler's a... abs! Get your minds out of the gutter!

Songs : The little music box type tune from the last Pirates of the Caribbean film tends to pop up in my mind at the oddest times. And Dies Irae from Mozart's Requiem. And that silly little song from All Things Considered on NPR. Oh and Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 from the film.

Food : Red twizzlers (licorice for those who don't know) and Cadbury's chocolate, especially Fruit and Nut (as La Campbell well knows!) and Lay's Barbecue Potato Chips. I keep telling myself not to buy the bag because in no time I am emptying the crumbs at the bottom of the bag into my mouth!

Serious Addiction ? Regency era research books. Got four new ones in the mail just this week!

Reading guilty pleasure ? The Sebastian St. Cyr series. (I blame La Campbell) and anything by Annie West (keep the AC on high when you read her stuff!)

mariska said...

Am i too late ? to be the lucky one ^_^v

i can list some of my 'little sin'

Music: 'Drowning' from BSB..and 'Lucky' from Jason Mraz..."I'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend, Lucky to have been where i have been, lucky to be coming home again"...

Books: i just can't get enough with Harry potter (i happened to re-read till 5 - 6 times for each book !)

Food: Devil's Cake and Pasta ! Yummo!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Ms Hellion, I love the Twilight and New Moon soundtracks too. And the Grizzly Bear song is one of my favorites.

Drew, I've seen Nickelback in concert twice and would totally go back again. I'm hoping the rumor I heard is true -- that they'll be coming back here soon with another favorite band, Breaking Benjamin.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Christine, there won't be a DQ in Disney World, but I'm sure there's got to be one in Orlando. We must find one for you. And I'll have my car. :)

Deadliest Catch is about crab fishermen on the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. Here's the thing -- I don't fish, but I love that show. In fact, it's on tonight and I just realized I'm wearing my Deadliest Catch T-shirt.

s7anna said...

I'm addicted to cartoons...Spongebob, Simpsons, Family Guy, Phineas & Ferb and so many more.

This year I started watching DWTS (Dancing with the Stars)...I gotta say that it's reeled me in and I watch every episode now.


Pam P said...

Right now I'm hooked on Nalini Singh's Psy series, CS Harris Sebastian St.Cyr mysteries and Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series.

TV it's Lost, 24,The Closer, Burn Notice and White Collar,a few more, too.

Food - An authentic cappucino with an Italian cream puff, and I'm in heaven.

Miranda Neville said...

Congratulations on your new book, Christine. And what a great topic. I love confessions (must be the convent girl in me)

I am thrilled to see so many fellow Project Runway and Top Chef fans (tho the former isn't what it was IMHO).

Music: I've always loved ABBA (happy times driving around singing Waterloo at the top of my voice) and Patsy Cline.

Food: everything is better with butter. Also heavy cream.

Keira Soleore said...

Christine wrote, " I can't go past an Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley mystery. I just have to know what happens next in the saga of Inspector Lynley, even though I don't care an awful lot about the murder mystery itself."

What a brilliant coincidence. I finished Elizabeth George's latest The Body of Death and complained loud and clear on Twitter yesterday. I like her characterization of Lynley and Havers very much. Even all the secondary characters from Nkata down to Haddiyah. I have followed her stories through every difficult bend in the road. But the involvement of children in progressively horrible stuff has become very difficult for me.

(And also Lynley's Capt Kirk tendencies of being unable to keep his pants zipped. Really, not every female who comes in his orbit needs the Lynley special.)

limecello said...

Christine - I usually just follow a limoncello recipe, and add maybe one or two extra limes as they're smaller. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/drink/views/Limoncello-201215 Should be a good one :)

Keira Soleore said...

TV: Count me as another fan of Project Runway, Top Chef, and Dancing with the Stars on American TV and MI-5/Spooks and Foyle's War on Brit TV.

Food: If I were to be abandoned on a desert island, I'd ask for Nutella, oranges, and yogurt for company. (Oh, and a live baa-ing goat, so I can continue to make that yogurt.)

PJ said...

Christine, there's a DQ on International Drive in Orlando which is less than 10 miles from Disney World.

Louisa Cornell said...

Look out, Miranda! I made a fairly decent living in undergrad school singing Patsy Cline songs in some completely tasteless country and western bars. Had my voice teacher known she would have KILLED me!

NUTELLA !!! Keira, you are so bad. Now I have to have some NUTELLA!

Christine Wells said...

Hiya Louisa! Lovely to see you here.

Actually, the sins have been on the tame side ;) I was hoping for better, let me tell you!

Ahhh, I've just finished watching North & South once again and every time I watch it I fall a little more in love with RA. Do you have the audio book of him reading Sylvester? It's fabulous! My only quibble is that it's abridged and a lot of the fun stuff like Edmund with the Button has been edited out.

Oh, you're another Cadbury's fiend? We'll have to bring you some--will you be at RWA this year?

Oy, I can identify with the research book sin. And unlike yours mine probably is a sin as I often don't read them once they're here. I am going to read my entire library cover to cover soon. I swear!

Yes, I blame Foanna for my St. Cyr addiction and nearly mentioned it except I don't feel at all guilty about that addiction! You're not wrong about Annie's books! Luscious, aren't they?

Christine Wells said...

Hi Mariska! I'm a Potter fan, too! Those lyrics sound great--I don't recognize the song, though. Which is probably just as well because I now have Louisa's 9 to 5 in my head:)

Thanks for commenting!

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Trish, you're on for a DQ Blizzard! Ah, I see about Deadliest Catch. One of those things you have to see for yourself, right?

Christine Wells said...

Hey, s7anna, it sounds like you'd get on really well with Jeanne. She loves all those shows! What's that Duchesse? It's your boys who like them? Surrrre, whatever you say!

Christine Wells said...

Pam, aren't Nalini's books spectacular? And totally identify with the St Cyr addiction. Reminds me I must find out when the next one is out. Maybe as we share an agent, I can get hold of an ARC...*G*

I saw an episode of Burn Notice and there was a lot of stuff blowing up. I must check out those other shows. They're mentioned a lot.

Mmm, cream puff sounds delish!

Christine Wells said...

Yay, Miranda! Thanks for dropping in.

I haven't seen Project Runway for a long time but I'm a big fan.

Haha, have you told Anna Campbell you love ABBA? Don't get her started!

Butter and cream... 2 of my downfalls and as I'm trying to lose weight, I'm not thanking you for reminding me! You're so right, though. Sigh.

Christine Wells said...

Keira, I haven't read it yet! I totally agree with the characterization (actually I think she writes a great romance, don't you?) The children thing sounds a bit dire but I'm still going to read it, I think.

Hang on just a minute! Lynley not keeping his pants zipped? Are we reading the same series? Looks like I'll have to wait for the next one to find out. No more spoilers, please!!

But just quietly... he's got SO much more going for him than Captain Kirk. :)

Christine Wells said...

Hey, thanks for the recipe, Lime!

Christine Wells said...

Keira, you and Nutella. Match made in heaven!

And you'd have a goat for company, too:)

LOVE Spooks/MI5 Cannot wait for the next season. It must be coming out on DVD soon!

Christine Wells said...

Hi PJ, thanks for the DQ info. I'll be there!

Christine Wells said...

Snork, Louisa! Sounds like your teacher would have sent you into DE-Cline.

Yes, that was a pun worthy of Foanna, wasn't it?

Ooh, I thought of another jingle.

Ahhh Nutella! We always say YES to Nutella!

Christine Wells said...

OK, here's my worst sin--at school I used to spread nutella on a jumbo choc chip cookie and eat it!

Yes, this blog should come with a health warning.

Anna Sugden said...

Forgot to mention my other sin - Trish's note about Deadliest Catch reminded me. I used to LOVE 'Trick my Truck'! I have no interest in trucks or cars, but this series just caught my imagination and I have all the old series on my iPod!

Keira Soleore said...

"LOVE Spooks/MI5 Cannot wait for the next season. It must be coming out on DVD soon!"

*sobs* Season 8 doesn't come out on DVD in the U.S. till sometime next year. There isn't even a date on it. And it played live on British TV last fall.

No more spoilers for you for Elizabeth George. We'll talk more about what you think about the book and Lynley after you're done.