Saturday, March 24, 2007

Aghhhh....the angst!

Ok, Aunt Cindy said to come on over and get wild.

I'm going crazy, crazy I tell ya, at the idea that I have to go work 12 hours at the hospital on the day the calls get made! It's not fair, I tell ya. I want to be at home...staring at the phone, having a heart attack whenever it rings. IF I get a call I want to run to my crit partners house and jump up and down with her and her dog Buckarudi and just sit and grin all day and drink Sangria all day in celebration.

If I DON'T get a call I want to go over and let her talk me out of the notion that last year was just a fluke. and drink whatever she has :-)

I've developed a sudden fear that I'll forget to forward my phone to my cell. That I won't feel it vibrate (:-0) in my pocket. That cell reception will suck in the hosptial or that I'll get a sudden rash of telemarketers calling.

Ok. Deep breath.

Thanks for listening


PS My local chapter had a field trip to a museum here in Louisville called the Frazier Arms Museum. Weapons on loan from Britian's Royal Armory from 1000's to America's Wild West. Instead of The Louisville Romance Writers coming, our docent thought he would be guiding The Louisville Roman Fighters (a sign? LOL). Then he made the mistake of saying someone had corrected him that we were a group of "older ladies". We bared our teeth at him and he saw fighters allright.


Anna Campbell said...

Hang in there, Joan!!! The waiting is the worst part, isn't it? If your phone starts vibrating, it's because of all the energy I'm sending from Australia!!! No, it's not, it's because it's GOOD NEWS!!! And loved the idea of you all being the Roman Fighting Force! More power to your right arms!

Aunty Cindy said...

LOL, Joan!
Love the Roman Fighters!
"Older Ladies" INDEED! Aunty Cindy should have loaned you her riding crop so you could thoroughly thrash the rascal!

As for tomorrow...Sangria and a dog named Buckarudi?!?! You definitely have the makings for a VERY WILD WEEKEND! :-P

jo lewis-robertson said...

Joan, working on the day of the GH call totally sucks! And I understand the idea that the first finaling might be a fluke. I felt exactly that way and thought, no way there would be a fluke two years in a row :-D jo

Tawny said...

NO Flukes!!! To final in the Golden Heart means you impressed 5 savvy judges with your talent - thats not flukable (is that a word?) Thats talent!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow :-)