Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Setting Goals

Hi Packers!

Well, I mentioned I've been swamped lately, and part is work related, and part is...well...self-inflicted. I decided a few days ago to begin training for a triathlon in June. Over to the right is a pic from the last tri I did, in July 2005.
I'd love for you all to think this is very impressive, but the truth is, I'm about the slowest thing on wheels (literally--I ride an old cruiser for the bike part). I do the "sprint" length triathlon, which is approx. 1/2 mile swim, 13 miles bike, and 3 mile swim. This is VERY different from the Olympic level (double all those distances) or the Ironman (which includes a marathon for the run). It's a great goal to set, but very "doable" as these things go.
Which is not the point. The real point is setting (and achieving) the goal. I'm one of those folks who love setting goals. They give me purpose, something to strive for, and a fabulous sense of achievement when I get to the finish line.
I need this when it comes to writing, too. If I don't have something to strive for, I'll waddle around in a fog. Or worse, I'll keep working, but lose that sense of joy. It all becomes hum-drum. I could accomplish the exact same thing, but somehow reducing it to a tangible GOAL makes it all the more satisfying.
Anyway, I just wanted to share my new goal. I'm going to keep editing my current WIP, but not start on the new one for a little bit (perhaps until after the tri, though I'm not sure I can wait that long!!).
Anyone else a goal setter? Love the challenge of aiming high and then achieving it? Would love to hear about it.
See you at the finish line!! --Inara


Christine Zampi said...

Congrats on your goal, Inara. I'm also a goal setter (probably comes from always having deadlines when I worked in technology). My current goal is to finish my wip by the end of the month. I'm starting to regret that goal because it now means I must write 12-15 pages a day. Yikes! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by that.

Anna Campbell said...

Inara, in Oprah speak, you go, girl! And Christine, good luck with the wip. I've got a similar aim at the moment. End of this first draft by the end of April!

Christine Wells said...

Inara, you're a legend! Best of luck with your training and the event itself. Writing is such a sedentary occupation, it's great that you're getting out there and competing. I so admire people who set goals and achieve them.

As for me, goal-setting isn't my thing. I do try! I write lists of goals, then never look at the list again. I suppose I often have an end goal in mind but I just sort of muddle along until I get there. I'm a Libran, what can I say? Christine and Anna, best of luck with your goals!

Inara said...

Christine, don't panic, you can do it! :-)

anna (gosh, what should i call you? anna? foanna?) hope you're doing swimmingly on the draft.

wells, i can't believe you were a lawyer without goals. i thought the profession turned us all into list making monsters. then again, you escaped, while my brain is still under the influence...

Beth said...

Good luck reaching your goal, Inara! I adore setting goals, however I'm not always that great about reaching them. My goal right now is to have my revisions finished by the end of the month. Wish me luck :-)