Friday, March 23, 2007

Place in the Sun

I'm Australian, so while Aunty Cindy's spring has sprung, I'm holding on to the last dregs of summer, season of beach holidays and falling asleep watching the cricket, even though officially, summer ended almost a month ago. I guess it's a bit like our current Golden Heart finalist status--soon to slip away through our grasping fingers like the pure white sand on that pristine beach.
But we've taken away something more important than split ends and tan lines from this experience. A few of us have sold our books and others are nervously swigging their pink cocktails, awaiting this year's 'call', but we've also made lasting friendships among our fellow finalists, something you need on this crazy journey to publication. Plus, we have so much fun together! That's why we decided to take it to a blog.
Soon, we'll be popping the pink champagne to congratulate the new crop of GH finalists. So I'd like to ask the others of the '06 Pack, what was the best thing about your GH experience?


Anna Campbell said...

Christine, have you been raiding my holiday snaps AGAIN??!!!

Aunty Cindy said...

OH MY! Thank you, Christine!
You Aussies know how to build a cabana boy! WHOOT!
And yes, Anna, I did think that blonde waiting to be served looked suspiciously like YOU. LOL!

As for the best thing about being a GH finalist, NO QUESTION: the OTHER finalists!

bleary-eyed but still calling for my cabana boy,
Aunty C

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Miz Diehm! I love your cabana boy! Share, please do! Heehee. I say DITTO to Aunty C's comment. Best thing by far is the other finalists and the relationships.