Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Wild Weekend! What good snorking fun!

SNORK! (It was there, I had to do it) Just got back from a party and had a liiiiiiitle too much wine. Not enough to make me jump in the pool naked - it happend and there is just NOT enough wine for that, for me - but enough to make me totally soppy and sentimental when reading Jo's post. Sigh.
As I've no doubt mentioned ad nauseum, I was in a plotting workshop with four pubbed authors from Washington Romance Writers this time last year. I got the GH Call and couldn't plot for S**T for the rest of the two-day get together. One of said authors reminded me of that today at said party. She commented, "Boy, you sure were out of it." All I remember is that I kept thinking, gosh, I'm usually so good at plotting, where has my brain gone? (This is your brain on Golden Heart - naaaaaah-naaaaaaaah, OMG-OMG, Naaaaaa-naaaaaah, OMG, OMG) They took loving pity on me, being former GHers and Rita nominees themselves.
Just think, there are a whole crop of unsuspecting people out there - 65 or more - who have no idea how much their lives are going to change with one little phone call. I hope they DO know to make the MOST of their GH year, and I hope they get blessed with as wonderful a group as the Packers. Of course, I want to get a call tomorrow too, so that I can float and giggle and grin again for about four weeks. BTW, as you all know, this grin is totally unexplainable to anyone who isn't an aspiring writer and member of RWA. Even if I don't get the call, I'm going to be happy-dancing for my fellow Packers who DO. I can't wait for the news, so POST IMMEDIATELY to the loop if you get called. I'm also SO looking forward to who will be the next to post that they got THE Call - the REAL Call that says "I want to buy your book." I wish that call for all of us, even more than I wish for the 2007 GH call. :> So tonight, we can all take our walk down the runway before passing the crown to next year's crew.
Better yet, let's lurch drunkenly from side to side, stumbling down the virtual street, our crowns askew, arm in virtual arm, laughing like loons at how much punning, giggling, male-anatomy-discussing, snorking fun we've had (and will most assuredly CONTINUE to have) for this year and all the years to come! Long Live the 2006Packers.
Jeanne, AKA The Duchesse

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Aunty Cindy said...

Madam Duchesse,
As Jo so poetically pointed out: There never was, nor ever could be a group like the Packers!!!

Yes indeedy! They jest don get any more spechial than usn!

This is Aunty C's virtual brain after snorking down too much cyber bubbly and lurching down the cyber runway with her Packer Pals, tiara askew.



Aunty C