Sunday, March 25, 2007

So Many Questions....

The most pressing of which it 1:00 EST yet? No? Jeeeeeeeez.
Since I can't do anything about the passage of time, slow though it is I thought I'd blog with ya'll. Et Voila, Aunty C and Mme. C have given me the perfect thing to do instead of nail-biting. Answer questions and pontificate thereon. Ha.
Meanwhile, what about YOU? Life in general inspires me. Blue skies, great coffee. I get ideas at stoplights, like Aunty C said. Too many ideas, tooo little writing time....grins. Someone else's great story. Reading the HEA classics. Laughing w/ ya'll.
What inspires you (besides half-dressed hunky cabana boys)? The half-dressed hunky cabana boys only inspire me if they are indeed hunky, and not tooooo young. :> Music does, a lot of times. Fairy tales, both well-known and obscure. Ancient artifacts - I love museum trips, because I find myself wondering "who wore that? what were they like?" My children inspire me to be myself, and to push it to the limit so I set an example of being all you can be and Playing Full OUT.
Where do you find your story ideas? The same things that inspire me spark story ideas, most of the time. Sometimes though, its just a passing comment from a stranger or an overheard conversation, or watching an interaction between people who don't know they're being watched. An overheard arguement is usually good for a chapter or two. Heehee.
And are you sure you're not related to an Irish prince? Pretty damn sure. My dh may be, but if any royalty is in my blood, its Scots. :> But the Ferguson we've traced back to came off of the boat with 12 other John Fergusons, and 6 of them had wives named Nancy or Polly (which was a common nickname for Nancy back then, for some reason.) So our research on that line stops at the boat. Oh, that's another inspiration, BTW. Genealogy research is a hobby. Learning about how they lived and died, loved and lost often sparks a story.
What was the last wild thing you did?
The last push-the-envelope wild thing I did was a firewalk on 40 feet of fire, and a spirit-jump off a 30 foot telephone pole. (in a harness) Mildly wild? Hehe. Let's just say it involved a few cocktails, the fire in the outdoor fire pit, and a lot of giggling.
What is the next wild thing you're going to do? Crank up the firepit and make cocktails. Heehee. Hell, I don't know. I usually don't know I'm going to do something wild and crazy until I do it.
Name the last three books you read Mercedes Lackey's Fortune's Fool, JD Robb's latest, Amy Knupp's The Boy Next Door, and I just started a book by Leanne Banks.
Favourite first line of a novel? There are so of my favorites is "The seller of lighting rods arrived just ahead of the storm..."from Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes
Famous last words/Most satisfying ending to a novel? Jane Eyre
Bronte or Kinsale? Bronte
Most boring read? A book I got in the Daphne Pubbed judging. It was self-pubbed and horribly in need of an editor. Even an musical idiot savant editor or a blind moronic copyeditor would have helped.
Most times you've read one novel? I've read Tarzan the Ape Man and Conan the Barbarian about 32 times each. I've read LOTR (Lord of the Rings for those of you who aren't fans) somewhere around 15 or 20 times. I've read Swiss Family Robinson around 25 or 30...should I go on? Heehee
The writer you'd most like to be and why. I want to be a better than Michael Crichton, HEA, sexy version of Michael Crichton, not because I want to switch genders anytime soon, but because he is a superb writer, incredibly prolific in multiple genres, writes for TV and movies, and some of his movies/movies from books have action figures. I want action figures. :> And multiple NYT listings. And to go to the premiere of a movie made from at least one of my books...don't think small, do I? Snork
Paranormal Romance or Historical Romance? Both, but Paranormal first.
Linda Howard's Son of the Morning or Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code? Oooh, tough call. Can I do a switcheroo and say Dan Brown's Angels and Demons? :>
Can't wait to read everyone else's lists! Okay, it's one...the waiting begins...

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