Friday, March 2, 2007

Who am I? 24601!!! Hmm, Les Mis tragic moment emerging there

Sorry, Cindy and everyone, I'll come back and read everything soon! Got some contest judging to do this afternoon.

1) When did you start writing? Or if you've been writing all your life, then when and how did you decide to pursue publication?

As I've said quite often lately - sorry if it's becoming repetitious - I decided to become a writer as soon as I realised what a book was and that I, Karen Schwartz, could write one! My journey to publication then took the rest of my life. Clearly I'm a slow learner!

2) What books/authors have influenced you?

Oh, too many to mention. I was a book kid and I'm slightly obsessive so put the two together and you get quite a graphic picture. Enid Blyton, Barbara Cartland, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Dorothy Dunnett, Loretta Chase, Laura Kinsale, Anne Stuart.

3) Describe your writing process.

Definite pantser! Wish I wasn't. Isn't the most efficient way to proceed.

4) Tell us about your current Work In Progress and what is next for you?5) Any advice for others or personal observations?

Current work in progress is third book for Avon (I hope). I'm pitching it as a Regency noir Affair to Remember. It's another courtesan book although these characters are much older and more cynical than any of the others I've written. They're people who've done everything and seen everything and felt nothing and falling in love is the greatest risk they can take. What do you think? That's my byline when I tell people about it!

5) Any advice for others or personal observations?

Write from your gut. Unless it's hurting, it's not working. Oh, dear, that sounds like I write BDSM books!

Aunty Cindy, you're a marvel and thank you for letting me be involved in this!!!


Aunty Cindy said...

Anna, luv, how could I have possibly left you out?!?! Especially after you promised to make me a character in your Regency noir and gave me this nifty riding crop!

Aunty C

Trish Milburn said...

LOL! Karen, you're a hoot.

Cassondra said...

THAT is absolutely brilliant. "felt nothing--falling in love is the greatest risk they can take"...incredible back cover copy. Sold.

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Cassondra. Affair to Remember was my mum's favourite movie and she got to a stage where she couldn't follow a story but she could still enjoy watching that. So I can't tell you how often I ended up watching bits and pieces with her. I had an old video I'd taped off TV and I had to go in and zap the ads for her. I started thinking that once you'd taken the romantic gloss off the story, he was basically a gigolo and she was a kept woman. And falling in love destroyed these lovely comfortable plans they had for their lives. Also they were such intrinsically attractive characters, for all that, witty and beautiful and with their own moral compass, even if it wasn't everybody else's. And they used that wit and that beauty to keep the world at bay. Strange where the inspiration for our stories comes from - perhaps we could include that in our blog, Aunty Cindy.

Christine Wells said...

You, obsessive? Never! I think that Regency Noir Affair to Remember sounds fabulous! It's one of my all-time favourite movies. Can't wait for the end of March, when Claiming the Courtesan hits the shelves!