Friday, March 23, 2007

Talking about Education

First off, GREAT cover Donna! Isn't it so cool to see your name on a book!

I haven't experienced that....yet but fully anticipate doing so in the future.

Christine posed the question "What was the best thing about being a GH finalist". I would echo her sentiment of discovering a new group of friends. Friends who KNOW what it is like to receive the honor of having their manuscripts recognized on a national level.

From the moment I received the call 1 year ago today, I began learning. Learning how this credential can open a doors a bit more. Can get your work considered maybe a wee bit faster. Can stroke your ego when someone congratulates you at National. (I never will forget Caren, sitting across from you at the President's Retreat lunch and you reading my name and saying "Joan Kayse! I read THE PATRICIAN'S DESIRE and loved it." At that moment I loved you too :-)

My education continued (not nearly as exciting as Ms Brimly's....DRAT) when I had to learn to endure professional jealousy from very close friends. (et tu Bruti).

But through it all were you ladies of the '06 Packers. I've looked, I've listened and I've learned. Thank you

Joan who now is going back to revising!

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Anna Campbell said...

Joan, you're so right about the best thing about the GH final was meeting the other GH finalists. But I think that's true about my journey as a writer as a whole - it's the friends I've made along the way who have been the most precious reward for all that hard work. And Donna, how cool to have your cover up there! You go!!!