Tuesday, June 5, 2007

And the Winners Are...

Seton and Helen!

Please email me at kirstenscott33 @ yahoo. com with your e-mail and snail mail address so Jacquie can contact you and send you your books!!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in and made Jacquie feel at home. I think she had a lovely time and I know I loved having her with us. We'll be watching for Sleepless at Midnight to shoot straight to the top of the NYT Bestseller List!


Anna Campbell said...

Hey, congratulations, Seton and Helen! Lucky you. Waving at my Bandita friends from London where it's gray but fortunately not raining. Yesterday was gorgeous and they've had such a wet summer I really do feel I'm on "England's green and pleasant land."

Helen said...

Thank you everyone I am so thrilled.I will email Kirsten in a moment congratulations to Seton as well I am sure you are as thrilled as me. I am so looking forward to this new series by Jacquie I just know it is going to be fabulos.Thanks Bandita's and Jacquie.
Have Fun

Helen said...

Anna sounds like you are enjoying yourself you can always send that rain back home you know how badly we need it here. Enjoy, let us know how much fun you are having when ever you can.
Have Fun

Helen said...

Hi Kirsten
I have tried to email you a couple of times but it keeps coming back not sure why. My email is rsibbrit@bigpond.net.au or I will try later. Thanks
Have Fun

Kirsten said...


I'm not sure what's up with the yahoo account, so try this one:

kirstenscott33 @ gmail.com

Hopefully that works!

(and hi Anna! couldn't stay away from us, could you? well, we miss you like crazy. hope London treats you well.)

seton said...

Hi, I am having trouble emailing that yahoo address. I hope you got my email at the gmail address.

Congrats Helen!