Thursday, June 14, 2007

Counting the Blessings

posted by Tawny Weber

For all it's ups and downs, I feel so blessed to be able to consider writing my career (not exactly a lucrative career... yet, but its getting there *g*). After all, I get to tell stories, have the incredible excitement of sharing my stories with others, seeing my name on a book - and that book on a shelf! All blessings!!!

But one of the biggest blessings, the most inspiring things about writing is the friends I've made. In times of frustration, I swear, its my friends that keep my going. If I hit a wall, can't seem to write or focus on the story, they are right there wth me-- understanding, encouraging, nagging *g*.

The perfect example is last night - I haven't been writing much the last couple weeks. I have excuses (and they are just that -excuses). Beth assures me that this is simply "my process" --the insane headgame I play with myself for each and every book (and she'd know, since this is the 5th she's held my hand through). Around 9:30 I got a phone call - its one of my plotting partners - she whispers in this deep voice "Tawny, this is the writing angel, I don't think you're writing like you're supposed to." Too funny! She informed me that I had an hour to finish whatever I was doing and we'd meet online to write. No excuses. So - an hour later, I wrote. And it felt great. I'm still "in process" in that I don't know that the direction I am heading is right, and I'm concerned with pacing, but... I wrote.

Inspiration is a nebulous thing, sometimes. For me, I love the story I'm working on. The characters are solid, they feel great. I'm happy with my career direction and love what's happening. But sometimes, it takes that late night phone call or that friend who holds my hand and assures me this is "my process" or playmates who "get me" and are always there to cheer and hold my hand, to take the inspiration for a story and give me that final shove to turn it into actual pages.

How about you? If you could give a shout out to your writing buddies, your backup, what would you say?


Beth said...

Wonderful post, Tawny! I feel the same way! And you know what I'd say since I tell you often -- I don't know what I'd do without you and my other wonderful friends who hold my hand *g*

I'm so lucky to have friends that not only get me, but also get my writing enough to point out when my voice is lacking or if something needs strengthened, tightened or tweaked :-)

Jo Davis said...

Great post, Tawny!
I couldn't make it without my writing buddies, either. We cheer each other through our ups and downs, offer advice when it's needed, sometimes over a margarita or three. Most important to me, these are the friendships that will last a lifetime. We have a common goal and love of story, and we enjoy spending time together.

Right now, I'd scream to them, "Get me through this WIP so I can get it to my editor!!"


Jill James said...

I am blessed that my writing buddies think I can do this thing called writing. Some days I have my doubts, but they just push me a little bit harder.

Anna Sugden said...

You said it brilliantly, Tawny.

Making it through the ups and downs of this crazy game wouldn't be possible without my wonderful writer friends. They cheer the successes and provide hunks and hugs for the setbacks.

Best of all is getting to see them in person!

Aunty Cindy said...

My CPs and I have a saying, "I cared enough to bleed all over your chapter." That's a reference to the red ink we use when critiquing, and it is sooo true! My CPs care enough about my story, my characters, and most of all my writing to spend the time and energy going over it line by line and giving me their honest opinions. And vice-versa. Ours is a very special relationship and I'm very grateful for it.

I can't imagine struggling through my WIPs without CPs and other writing buddies here to help me along. Thank goodness I don't have to!

jo lewis-robertson said...

Great post, Tawny, and so true. My family supports me in a tremendous way, but there's nothing like someone who's been down the same road as you. Family loves you. They HAVE to like your work (although my daughters are amazingly honest--LOL)

Most of you know that Auntie Cindy is my critique partner, and while she has a number of CP's, I only have her. I rely a great deal on her support and advice. I'm a little bit of a CP snob and I waited a long time to find the right one for me!

I love how we RB bloggers do this dance of highs and lows. When one of us is down, another Bandita is sure to give encouragement.

Christine Wells said...

Actually, Jo LR, that's so true. The banditas are always there to rally round when one of us is going through a rough patch. The great thing is we're all at the same level, so we understand exactly what each other is going through.

And I'd like to send a huge smoochy kiss to my crit partner extraordinaire, Denise Rossetti for believing in me no matter what and to our own Anna Campbell, for her wonderful support and her POD (pen of death). They are the best friends and critiquers a girl could wish for.

Joan said...

There is definately a different "aura" when it comes to writers. I felt it at my first RWA conference. The conference center in New Orleans PULSED with it.

And those fellow writers who support us and work with us to make our stories better are a great blessing.

Keira Soleore said...

Tawny, what an inspiring post and a wonderful way to thank the naggers in your life. :)

Since I just hitched myself to a bunch of naggers, I now know what I have in store for me--disembodied voices in the dead of the night, threatening and cajoling by turns.

Jo D, *hi* to you here from Romance Novel TV. I give fabulous advice over margaritas, I'll have you know.

V.Anna, you provide hunks to your CPs??? WOW, can I be yours?

Christie Kelley said...

Great post, Tawny. I owe my critique partners so much for all their patience with me. My shout out to them would be "You Rock!"