Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Do you remember your first?

Romance, that is?
posted by Tawny Weber

Mine was in first grade. His name was Alfred and he was the preachers grandson. Our first date was to the movies to see Disney's Robin Hood. We played the roles of Robin and Maid Marian for weeks afterward. *sigh* Our first (and only) kiss was in the playshed, eyes squished closed and the count of three LOL. Just the memory of it is sweet, like a bright spring day filled with innocent promise.

This sweet boy definitely colored my view of relationships, and probably played a hand in my future as an avid romance reader.

I remember my first heartbreak, too. *sigh* It was definitely a learning experience, complete with leftover feelings of mistrust and anger that still surface to this day (well... it was a really UGLY heartbreak.)

Lucky for me, I had years of reading romances under my belt by this time. They were my salve, my hope during the time it took my heart to recuperate. I read voraciously, using books and the happy-ever-after promise to assure myself that yes, true love did exist.

And when I found my own true love... I was in pretty good shape. I'd read plenty of romances. I knew that communication was key to a good relationship. I knew, through the brilliant skill of my favorite authors, to be true to myself. I'd learned alot, actually.

I realize life isn't as tidy as a romance novel, but there are plenty of lessons in those pages. I know romances, the reading of them, the experience of having them myself, and the writing of them, have had a major part in shaping my life... how about you? What influence have romances had on YOU?

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Joan said...


What a great post.

My first was a blind date with a friend of my brother's. Nice enough guy but certainly no great chemistry there.

But he was my first kiss. The kiss itself was particularly memorable but what WAS was that he bestowed it on me at the back door of my house under the porch light, neither of us realizing that my Daddy was walking up from the garage!GASP!

And I echo what you said about our wonderful stories instilling hope. I STILL believe I can find the other part of my heart!

Beth said...

My first romance was with a very sweet boy from 3rd grade until the end of 5th grade. No first kiss, but we did hold hands and talk on the phone :-)

Romances taught me what I wanted and didn't want out of my romantic relationships. Reading stories of strong women and the men who not only loved them, but encouraged them to be independent, smart and capable, showed me the possibilities of romance. No, being in a relationship is not always easy, but all those happy endings proved to me that the work is definitely worth the reward *g*

Your contest looks great, Tawny! I love chocolate cake ;-)

Jill James said...

My first kiss was in the second grade. He was an early bird and I was a late bird. That meant he got out of school at 2:10 and I got out at 3:05. He would sit in my walnut tree until I got home, watch Speed Racer with me until my mom got home, and kiss me good-bye. Ahhh, young love. It was a toss up between young Ronnie and Speed Racer. LOL

Romances taught me to search until you find the right one, don't settle. Prince Charming is out there, just gotta kiss a lot of frogs first. :)

Caren Crane said...

My first "boyfriend" was named David. I don't recall why we ever got together, but it was seventh grade and we had homeroom together or some such nonsense.*g* I know we talked on the phone every afternoon and he played records for me to hear. I also remember that the romance ended when I found out he did not vote for me for Student Council, but voted for a male friend of his. Oh, the betrayal!

Caren Crane said...

Oh, and I meant to say that romances taught me the type of loyalty I should expect from a man - like his vote in an election! *g*

hrdwrkdmom said...

My first was third grade, his name was Alvin. Blond hair, blue eyes, cute as a button, until he kissed me and I decked him.
I have learned that it isn't really love until they can accept you just as you are.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Tawny. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than think about romance... :-)

I didn't have a boyfriend until I was a sophomore in high school--not because I didn't want one, mind you, but it never seemed to happen for me. Even then, it was short lived, and I didn't really have a serious relationship until I was a junior in college. Reading romance made me yearn so badly for that first kiss, the first love, the first...(grin) in a way, I think it actually made things harder when none of those things came.

But then when I DID find the man of my dreams (a few years after college) I knew enough to snap him up in a hurry. And now that I have my own HEA, I think I cherish it even more because I had to wait to find it, and because I believe so strongly in the power of love.

Kate Carlisle said...

Great post, Tawny!

My first love was Stephen in third grade. Naturally, he was one of the bad boys, LOL. So tough and so cute, with freckles and sandy blond hair. I still remember how intense our feelings were for each other despite the fact that there was no first kiss, no hand holding, just true devotion! Then I moved away and I still wonder what became of him.

And PS, I'm the world's worst baker but I can't wait to check out the chocolate cake recipes on your website!

Helen said...

My first was in 2nd grade his name was Neil and he used to ride his push bike around to my place to see me after school.Then a couple of close male friends in high school then at 15 I meet my really first boyfriend I married him 5 years later and we have been happily married for 30 years this past April. Reading romace since the age of about 20 has made me think a lot about what I really want and like if only I could him to read them LOL. Great post.
Have Fun

Deb Marlowe said...

If more people read romance, the world would be a better place! Every day we write about people facing their demons and overcoming obstacles in life. We write about people who fight for their HEA. I LOVE that about romance!

Oh, and I have a recipe for "Better than S*x Chocolate Cake". I think I'd better high tail it over to your site, Tawny!

Aunty Cindy said...

Dear me, in kindergarten there were 2 boys named Eddie and Lee who used to fight over which of them got to hold my hand when we walked out to the bus stop. Then in 6th grade Dougie Ferguson and I "LIKED" each other, which meant that for any boy-girl activities (like the dreaded square dancing in PE) we picked each other for partners. But in 6th grade I also experienced my first MAJOR CRUSH... on Paul McCartney. I wasn't sure exactly WHAT I wanted to do with him, but I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING.

Reading romances always makes me remember that rush of excitement on hearing or seeing that certain someone. It's a GREAT FEELING and one we should all be allowed to experience again and again!

Thanx for a great post, Tawny! And thanx to everyone for some great stories!

danetteb said...

Thanks for sharing your memories Tawny.
I don't remember my first romance.I was kind of a tomboy in school,I hung out with the guys but never really dated. My husband is the first person to break me away from being a party girl.

Tawny said...

ROFL Joan - bet your daddy was just as surprised as you and the boy, huh? I believe, too - we all get HEA!!!

Beth - You're right, the work is definitely worth the reward. I won't even comment on two years with a boyfriend and no kiss. OMG.

Jill - LOL at kissing all the frogs. Ribbet.

Caren - OMG he didn't vote for you?! Geeze. But the playing records part is really sweet LOL.

Tawny said...

hrdwrkdmom - Exactly. They have to accept us as we are (and, I suppose that means we have to accept them too... *sigh*)

Kirsten - the power of love is so magical, isn't it? I love reading about how happy you are with your dream guy :-)

Kate - A gal after my own heart going after the bad boys!!! LOL there is something so enticing about them, huh?

Helen, I had to give a deep sigh. What a lovely romance story you are living!!

Tawny said...

What Deb Said!!!! And yummy cake recipe, thanks :-D

So... Aunty C is has the guys fighting over her, huh? Go baby ;-) ROFL on figuring out what to do with Paul McCartney.

Danette, a guy whose worth giving up partying for is a keeper, for sure. Gotta love em.

Thanks everyone for sharing your first love stories with me :-D I'm touched by them all.

Christine Wells said...

Ohh, great post, Tawny. My first romance was in first grade, too, with a boy called Danny. My father used to sing "Oh Danny Boy" all the time to tease me:)

First heartbreak--ack! I don't think I was ever really in love with anyone until I met my husband when I was 19, so mostly those early break-ups hurt my pride, not my heart. Funny how it didn't feel like that at the time!

Hmm, I think romance novels have taught me that all those touchy-feely things that anti-romantics tend to scoff at are actually the most important things in the world. Love, family, friendship, commitment (and great sex!) are what makes a full life.

KJ Howe said...

Tawny, great post. I love strolling down memory lane. My first boyfriend (at 14) was definitely a bad boy, but the chemistry was so memorable that I dove into romance novels headfirst to relive the alpha male over and over again! I still can't get enough, although now my heroines are more than equipped to deal with them (sniper girl and such!). Still, that butterfly feeling in the tummy is irreplaceable. The only thing comparable is chocolate cake! LOL

Suzanne Welsh said...

Tawny, what a great post!

I hadn't thought about Brian in years. I was in the first grade. He sat next to me in class and had a new bike with a banana seat. Think Harley for kids!

Well, he held my hand all the way to the bike stand, then helped me climb on behind him, (OH baby!), then he rode me the six blocks home and kissed my cheek.

Alas, it was a short lived romance, as when he left, my older brother and his friends caught him down the block and gave him a black eye. (Darn protective older brothers!)

I was heart broken, but he looked rather dashing with his black eye at school the next day.


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