Thursday, June 7, 2007

Beth's Eight Random Facts

A while ago, fellow Bandita Donna MacMeans tagged me to share eight random facts about myself (see, Donna, I didn't forget *g*) So here goes:

1. I have a very large family. Between my husband and I we have 7 sisters, 3 brothers (and various in-laws) 30 nieces and nephews and 28 great-nieces and nephews -- not to mention our own 3 kids. Holiday gatherings are interesting to say the least ;-)

2. I've never read the Harry Potter books. I know, you're all gasping in shock, right? I meant to and since I adore the movies, I really want to, but I just...haven't. Maybe I can make that into a summer reading goal *g*

3. Another shocking random fact: I don't like the Wizard of Oz. I've never admitted it for fear of public humiliation but that movie scares the panties off of me. Those flying monkeys are freaky (shudder).

4. I love trying new things and/or going to new places even if it's just a local restaurant I've never been to before. So in the spirit of I Want To Try Something New, I've decided to try all varities of Samuel Adams beer (I think there's 21). I'm not even crazy about beer but when I saw the commercial I thought "Hey! Something new to try!" and haven't been able to get the idea out of my head *g*

5. I'm extremely stubborn. Once I get an idea in my head that I want to do something, it's almost impossible to dislodge no matter how illogicial or impractical it may be. (See above)

6. I have a love/hate relationship with my gas grill (if it's possible to even have a relationship with a gas grill). I love it because really, to me, food just tastes better cooked outside on the grill *g* I hate it because...well, let's just say that we have a history that includes a small explosion, a tiny fire ball and singed hair and eyelashes. Which is why you're supposed to lift the lid BEFORE you light the darn thing so the gas doesn't build up and the lid doesn't just sort of EXPLODE open (No matter what my husband says it was a very small explosion. Sort of like a mini-explosion.) and singe your hair and eyelashes. (In my defense, this happened 15 yrs ago when I was a young, brand new mother. I blame sleep deprivation).

7. My newest addiction is Sunny Seed Drops chocolate sunflower nuts. Basically, chocolate covered sunflower seeds (no shells). So yummy and the chocolate is colored so they're pretty too!!

8. I'm one of those annoying people who is always humming or singing. Doesn't matter where I go or what I'm doing. And I also have a weird memory. I forget to pick up milk but I have the lyrics to what seems like a gazillion songs memorized *g*

Okay, that's it! More than you ever wanted to know about me :-) Thanks for the tag, Donna!!


Anna Sugden said...

Loved your 8 facts, Beth! I'm sitting next to you in Dallas for some of those chocolate covered sunflower seeds!

As for Harry Potter - I've only read the first (in my teaching days and to a class of 7 year olds). I highly recommend listening to the audio books. And, if you can get the ones from England which are read by Stephen Fry - they are awesome! Ihave the early ones on tape and the later ones on CD if you want!

And my memory is like yours *grin*

Buffie said...

Here I thought I was the only one on earth you hasn't read a Harry Potter book. What a nice surprise to know I am in good company! Of course, I have never even seen one of the movies either!

Buffie said...

Oops sorry for the typo -- YOU should be WHO. But that happens when you have a 5 year old jumping on the arm of the computer chair chanting SpongeBob lines!!!! It's gonna be a looonnnnggggg summer.

Anna Campbell said...

Beth, I've always been ashamed to admit it too because it was like raining on someone's parade, but I HATE THE WIZARD OF OZ! I watched it first in my thirties. Maybe I was just too old for the magic to work. Love your eight facts. Goodness, my eyes are crossing when I think about a family reunion in a few years by the time all the next generation have their own children.

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG! The Wizard of OZ scared the bee-jeezies out of me as a kid. I was six the first time I saw it, and even though I loved the ending, I had nightmares about the green witch. (Shivers!)

I've not read any of the Harry Potter books, but my son-in-law has. I've seen the movies though and loved those.

As for memories, it's a common fact in my household that I can never remember lyrics and spend half the time making up my own! :)


Joan said...

Personally, I think there should be a support group for those who HATE the flying monkeys!!! Even one of the soldiers I corresponded with told me how much HE hated the flying monkey's (Ok, little bell hop uniforms?? It's not natural) and I retorted "Yeah, but at least you have weapon against them!"

As to Harry Potter. I watched partials of the first and second movies but have not read the books. I don't want to fight the crowds of kids 5 and up to buy one LOL.

And Beth, don't worry about the humming/singing. I've been trying that out at work recently, grasping at anything that will help with the stress. Of course, having never done so before, I now have staff looking warily at me...they probably think I've taken that step over the edge :-)

Aunty Cindy said...

Suz, I'm with YOU!
I was also about 6 or 7 the first time I saw WoO on TV and I had to LEAVE THE ROOM because I was so scared of the Wicked Witch. I don't think I was able to watch the entire movie for about 10 years. Beth and Joan, I didn't like those flying monkeys either. You are so right about how CREEPY they are!

As for Harry Potter...LOVED the first 3 books and movies. Could NOT get into the 4th book and didn't like the 4th movie much either. Haven't even attempted the 5th and 6th books but will probably watch the movies. However, I do believe ANY book that gets sooo many kids reading can't be all bad.

who now feels very much in common with the Wicked Witch

Beth said...

Anna, I'd love it if I could get a tape of you reading HP with that gorgeous accent of yours *g*

Yes, Buffie, isn't it nice to be able to admit these things? And LOL on the Spongebob quoting five year old. My 15 year old still quotes Spongebob so don't hold out hope of it ending any time soon ;-)

Anna, I watched the WoO as a child (my family watched it every year) and have never liked it so I don't think it has to do with age :-)

Beth said...

LOL, Suz! My husband's the one that makes up the lyrics. I hope yours aren't quite as imaginative as his ;-)

ROFL, Joan! Hope the humming/singing works for you! I'm afraid my family thinks I stepped over the edge long ago *g*

AC - You a wicked witch? Never! HP isn't for everyone - my youngest never got into the stories although her brother and sister loved them *g*

DMacMeans said...

Ha - Ha - Ha....I'll get you my pretties. I loved the Wizard of Oz especially the soundtrack - like when the mean MRs. Crachet rides the bicycle (was that her name?). Life simply wouldn't be the same without that movie.

In the latest AARP magazine, (Hey - I'm old! THat's why I write historicals) they list the four books you should read before you're 50. Any Harry Potter book was one of the four. War and Peace, The Fountainhead, and Ulysses rounded out the list.

Keira Soleore said...

Beth, no, not nearly enough info. :)

For example, where would I find those delicious-sounding sunflower-seed chocolates?

Sadly, singed hair and eyebrows haven't put my husband off camping--the kind where there are no flush toilets.

Jumping, jumping, jellyfish!!
Holy Shrimp!

I know that Harry Potter books look intimidating doorstoppers, but the first one is just so much fun, because of the world-building, that it's definitely worth a read. How about a summer project for you three??? :)

Donna: I simply couldn't stop chuckling over the fact that HP is listed in the august company of War and Peace, The Fountainhead, and Ulysses as a must-read-before-you-die kind of book.

Tawny said...

Love your 8 facts! And now my mouth is watering for chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Um... on the HP thing, I just finished re-reading the first 5 books this week. The 6th is buried somewhere in my daughters room. As soon as I find it, I'll read it too LOL.

Beth said...

Donna, Keira and Tawny you've convinced me I need to read HP! But I'm not tackling War and Peace ;-)

You can check out the chocolate covered sunflower seeds here:

And my youngest's favorite saying is: Oh, Barnacles! LOL!

Buffie said...

My 5 year old's favorite line "Oh tarter sauce!"