Sunday, June 1, 2008

Loretta Chase Coming On June 9

by Christine Wells

The Banditas are breaking out the cabana boys once more because the fabulous Loretta Chase is coming to the Lair on June 9 to talk about her new release, Your Scandalous Ways. (No rest for the big, blond and gorgeous, eh, Sven?)

This is your chance to chat to Loretta about her wonderfully witty, deeply emotional, impeccably researched historical romances. Can I think of more superlatives? Tune in on June 9 and see!

But today, I want to ask: Are you a fan of Loretta Chase's novels? And if you are, what is your favourite LC moment?

Don't forget to visit the Lair on June 9 when we talk with Loretta Chase!!!


Jennifer Y. said...


Jennifer Y. said...

Forgot to share my fave moment...I love Lord of Scoundrels, so I might have to go with that one as my fave book by her.

One part that stands out is when Jessica shot Dain. Plus I really felt for Dain in that book.

jo robertson said...

Yay, can't wait for Loretta to visit us. How fortunate we are! Thanks for bringing her, Bandita Christine.

Carol said...

Hi, Jennifer... the GR in Georgia again...he must love it down there!

I love LC books...I love Lord Perfect 5/5... in fact I won my own copy on the Word Wenches blogsite...

Thank you for having Loretta on this site too, how wonderful!

Lord of Scoundrels 5/5... and I cried and LOL in the first chapters!

Also I won the bid for those lovely earrings on Brenda Novak's auction...have had a great day *g*

Loretta Superlatives? Well...
'simply the best' (now who sang that song?...of course Tina!)

Cheers Carol

Helen said...

Congrats Jennifer on the GR

I have read Lord Of Scoundrels and loved it totally agree with you Jennifer when Jessica shoots Dain. That book had me in tears and all I am slowly but surely getting all of Loretta's books I have the new one on order and am waiting for it to arrived hopefully withing 7-10 days and I have another 2 of her books on my TBR pile.

Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Hi all! Thanks for commenting! I forgot to share one of my favourite moments (I have so many!) When Jessica and Dain stand in the rain in Paris and she beats him with her bonnet until he kisses her. But then pretty much everything about that book is classic.

What about Mr. Impossible, when he tells her she can look after the brain stuff and he'll just break heads and toss people out of windows as required. Loved Rupert!

Jane said...

My favorites are "Lord Perfect" and "The Last Hellion." I guess my favorite moment is when Vere is giving Lydia a gift and he gets embarrassed and tries to pretend that it's not a big deal.

Christine Wells said...

Jennifer, congrats on the Golden Rooster! Hey, there are going to be a lot of spoilers in these comments, but I hope they'll be intriguing to those who haven't read Loretta's books yet.

Isn't the shooting scene in LOS fantastic! I'm sure that's going to get a lot of votes.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Jo! I'm going to gloat and say I've already read Your Scandalous Ways and I can say you're all in for a treat! This is up there with Loretta's best.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Carol, wasn't Lord Perfect fun? And congrats on nabbing those earrings. I'm sure you'll look fab in them.

Christine Wells said...

Helen, I'm constantly amazed at Loretta's range. She can have you in stitches one minute and weeping buckets the next. I envy you with more of LC's books yet to enjoy.

Natalie Hatch said...

Hi Christine, I have to admit, I'm one who hasn't read any Loretta Chase, at least I can't remember reading them. So perhaps I'll have to add her to my TBR pile. Oh congrats on your second novel. When I met you at Bris Writers Festival last year you'd just released the first, man are you busy.

Caren Crane said...

Congrats, Jennifer! I hope you and the GR have a wonderful day together. *g*

Fan girl SQUEE!!! for us hosting Loretta Chase. She is THE BEST. My fave scene ever is where Dain is unbuttoning Jessica's glove in public. Most sensual scene ever!

I loved "Mr. Impossible". The heroine's daughter was the most exasperatingly clever girl! I have raised some of those, so I felt her pain!

I'm so excited!

doglady said...

Jennifer loves LC and the GR loves Jennifer!!

SQEEEEEEEE!!!! Huge fan of Loretta Chase here! Lord of Scoundrels is my absolute favorite. Of course the scene where she shoots him is one of the most amazing things to ever appear in a romance novel. Amazing! But there are so many scenes in that book that are truly amazing - when Jessica gives Dain the icon. When Dain has Dominick up on the horse with him and realizes he loves his son. Every time Jessica tells him he is high strung I laughed out loud. It is just such a wonderful, wonderful book.

I have to say I love Rupert in Mr. Impossible too.

Can't wait to talk to her! Squeeeeee!

jo robertson said...

Okay, confession time -- I haven't read Loretta yet -- Shhhhhh!

BUT, big BUT here, last night I ordered Her Scandalous Ways and Lord of Scoundrels from Amazon. I think they're shipping out right away so I can read at least one before Loretta visits and I sound like a total ignoramous LOL.

So, any suggestions on which one I should read first? I read both excerpts on her website and actually LOS appeals to me more.

What do you LC experts think?

Anna Campbell said...

Jo, I'd read LOS first. But the books aren't linked so really, it's whatever appeals to you at the time. I'm going to mention some favorite moments from other books of hers -

The toboggan scene in The Sandalwood Princess.

The last scene in Knaves' Wager.

The scene upstairs at Lydia's courtesan friend's place in The Last Hellion.

The first love scene in Captives of the Night.

I could go on - needless to say I'm a huge fan and I'm delighted Loretta is visiting us!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

At this moment Lord of Scoundrels is my favorite.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Natalie!! Lovely to see you in the lair. How's the writing going? Anna and I are hoping to offer another workshop at the BWF this year, so keep an eye out, won't you?

If you'd read Loretta Chase's novels I'm sure you'd remember! Lord of Scoundrels is generally agreed to be her best (it's consistently voted the most popular Regency historical romance of all time) but her others are wonderful too.

Drop us a line and let us know how your writing is going, won't you? Thanks so much for dropping in.

Christine Wells said...

Sorry, Jane, I missed your comment about The Last Hellion in there. I loved that one, too! LC writes heroes so well. And I adored the way he called the heroine by her last name, as if she were another man.

Actually, the openings of LOS and TLH are very similar, in that each of them shows the reason the hero is such a difficult character. I think I was only a couple of pages into The Last Hellion and I had tears in my eyes. Sigh.

Christine Wells said...

Caren, that's my favourite scene, too. Just amazing to see this debauched, experienced hero panting at the sight of a lady removing her glove.

Loved the way Daphne kept calling Rupert a blockhead in Mr. Impossible. They were such a great pair. I always imagine the couple out of The Mummy when I think of them.

Christine Wells said...

Pam, the icon is one of those lump in the throat moments, isn't it?

I read an interview with Loretta where she said LOS just played out in her head like a movie and she almost took dictation. I wish something like that would happen to me!

Christine Wells said...

Jo, it's an embarrassment of riches, but if I were you I'd save LOS for last. It really is in a class of its own.

Christine Wells said...

Anna, you've picked some of my favourites, too. That scene hiding in the Courtesan's bedroom is so hot and funny--loved it.

One thing I love about LC's stories is that her heroes and heroines challenge each other almost equally. She writes incredible heroes and her heroines match them perfectly.

doglady said...

Christine, it truly is that kind of scene. You find out so much about Dain in that seemingly simple scene. There were so many "lump in the throat" scenes in that book! Wow, I wish I could take dictation like that! As I said - Amazing!

Thanks for reminding me of all those wonderful scenes La Campbell! I feel an LC reading binge coming on!

Jo, I envy you reading her books for the first time! And I would have to agree with Christine - read LOS last as it really is in a class all by itself.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Dianna, I'm sure you're not alone!

Christine Wells said...

Yes, Pam, don't you think LC has this amazing ability to make you laugh and cry at once?

What about the scene with Daphne and Rupert trapped in the sandstorm?

Miss Wonderful, when he sees her for the first time.

The Last Hellion, when Grenville socks Vere.

The gondola scene in Your Scandalous Ways (and yes, I'm gloating!)

Natalie Hatch said...

Hey Christine, I have one mss just finishing the edit stage, two more in production. Now I just have to go through the do I enter it into a contest or try and send queries to publishers first...
I will definitely be there for your workshop. I'd love to learn more about creating conflict in a romance. (just a little hint in case you're still thinking of what to talk about).

flchen1 said...

Woohoo!! Congrats, Jennifer!!

And squeee! Loretta Chase!! After hearing TONS of glowing recommendations, I've finally started with Miss Wonderful--it's fabulous, of course, and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the series. I know she's got some other unrelated books, too, and I've got some serious shopping to do :)

doglady said...

Thanks, Christine! Now I have to move Your Scandalous Ways to the TOP of the TBR pile! I am supposed to be finishing my Daphne finalist book NOT reading Loretta Chase to the wee hours of the morning!

The sandstorm. SIGH!

Pat Cochran said...

Like several others already who
have already posted, I have to go with Lord of Scoundrels! I am
looking forward to Ms. Chase's visit
to the Lair!

Congratulations, Jennifer!!

Pat Cochran

Christine Wells said...

Hi Natalie, wow, I'm so impressed at how much you've achieved. Congratulations and good luck!

I'm sure if the workshop comes off we can chat about whatever you like. The emphasis is going to be on selling your romance, but that can cover writing a good romance with heaps of conflict, can't it?*g* Sounds like a good blog topic, actually.

Christine Wells said...

Fedora, I'm so jealous of you discovering these wonderful books for the first time! Happy reading:)

Christine Wells said...

Pam, work hard, play hard--that's my motto. Enjoy! And let Rupert inspire you:)

Christine Wells said...

Hi Pat! Sounds like LOS is the winner. Not surprising, but I can tell you, with Your Scandalous Ways, you're in for a real treat!