Friday, June 13, 2008

Elizabeth Bevarly Makes an Interesting Discovery About the Nature of the Romantic Hero

by Joan Kayse

Back in 2000, I was a naive, wet behind the ears, dazed and confused newbie writer. I joined Romance Writers of America because I thought it was important to belong to the professional organization of my newfound fledgling career. (When I say fledgling, I mean barely cracked out of the egg, LOL)

I attended a local chapter meeting and was introduced to my first published author. I listened enraptured as she discussed some of the ins and outs of her career. I punched the girl next to me and whispered "Wow, she's smart! Um, who is she?" Well it was Elizabeth Bevarly, a woman who wrote with humor and fun and hot sensuality. And she lived in MY hometown! My own writing and (echoing) "Journey to publication" has benefited from her insights, her sharing of craft and her friendship.

Although Elizabeth's career spans nearly two decades now, she's not quite ready to be put out to pasture. With more than five dozen books for a half dozen publishers, she got her start at Harlequin/Silhouette where she wrote for four different lines, then moved into single-title, most recently with Berkley. The second book in her Derby trilogy, Ready & Willing, will be published in November 2008, with the third, as yet untitled, following in spring of 2009. Liz, her husband and son live in her native Kentucky...just a stone's throw away from a number of Thoroughbred horse farms.

Without further ado, I give you Elizabeth Bevarly! Take it away Liz!

So I've spent the last year and a half working on a trilogy for Berkley that takes place in my hometown of Louisville during the two weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby. And as I've been writing, I've discovered some things I never realized before. Number one, that it's way cool to not have to do research for the locale, since I know Louisville like the back of my hand. Number two, that I can hang out in places I normally wouldn't hang out for the sake of giving my book that authentic feel, and then take the expenses off of my taxes. And three, that romantic heroes and Thoroughbred horses have a lot in common.

What? You say you never realized this before, either? Well, pull up a chair. Auntie Liz is here to point a few similarities out to you.

Their names. When was there ever a Kentucky Derby winner named Blue or Misty? Similarly, when was the last time you read a romance novel where the hero was named John Smith or Mike Jones? The same way Thoroughbreds have names like Da' Tara and Tale of Ekati and Recapturetheglory, heroes always have unlikely names. I cop to that myself, since the hero of FAST & LOOSE, released in April, is named Cole Early. (Which is at least better than Big Brown Early.)

Their physiques. Like Thoroughbreds, our heroes are always sleek and muscular, and more often than not, they're brunettes. Fortunately, unlike Thoroughbreds, our heroes don't have hair all over their bodies--at least, they haven't since the '70s. Possibly the early '80s. But horses and heroes both are often described as as powerfully built with silky dark hair. (Thankfully, the similarities end with the legs, since I can't imagine any romantic hero walking around on those spindly things.)

They need major pampering when they're hurt. Romantic heroes seem to get shot at an alarming rate. Often, they're shot someplace where there's no one around but the heroine to encounter them and take care of them. Just like in all those horse books we read when we were kids, where there was only the young female rider to care for the injured animal she finds out in the middle of nowhere and nurses him back to health. Heroes, however, show their gratitude to the heroine by doing more than just winning the big race. A lot more. Whoa. And on that note...

They're studs. Unless there's some major problem with the bloodline, Thoroughbreds aren't usually gelded. Thankfully, neither are our heroes. 'Nuff said.

They can't be their best without the right trainer. And, it goes without saying, the romantic heroine is always the right trainer. She takes the hero from being a raffish, headstrong animal prone to wildness and impetuousness in some ways, and turns him into a confident, headstrong animal prone to wildness and impetuousness in other ways. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

So see? Thoroughbreds and romantic heroes have a lot in common. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take my new hero (named Finn Guthrie) and describe his physique (powerfully built with silky dark hair), then give him a boo-boo the heroine has to tend to (though I won't be responsible for any shooting during Derby, so I'll just skin his knee or something), then show how very ungelded he is (ahem), and then have my heroine train him to full capacity. If you know what I mean.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

I think one of the funnest things to do is name my characters, especially my heroes. What are some of your favorite hero names from books? Or if you were a Thoroughbred, what would your name be? Me, I think I'd call myself Destinations South, after my very first book.

Liz is giving away TWO sets of the OPUS trilogies and TWO autographed copies of her latest book Fast & Loose. Hm, she didn't say how we'd decide on winners but I'm going to say that the F&L books go to the poster with the best "Thoroughbred" name.


Carol said...


Carol said...

Oh...heart pounding, he's come back, the girls up at the school will be exstatic (spelling?)
cheers Carol

jo robertson said...

Liz, a big hearty whooping welcome to the Lair.

I love your extended metaphor of handsome hero as studly thoroughbred. Or handsome stud as thoroughly bred hero. Or, sheesh!

We're so happy to have you here today.

jo robertson said...

Carol, you sneaky girl. I was just ready to yell, I got him! when I got caught up in Liz's very clever post!

Congrats anyway. I was just going to take him to Chucky Cheese to the tune of twelve grandchildren. He might NOT have survived the trip.

Carol said...

um maybe enthralled... I can find the spelling fot that! (g)
Cheers Carol

Joan said...

Woohoo, Carol!

You were fast out of the gate!

Carol said...

Gosh I was so excited to see no comment...I haven't even read the post! (bad person- slap wrist)

I think he may enjoy a trip over to the hen-house a little more than the Chucky Cheese!
Wow I've got to put the chicken kiev's back in the freezer...

Natalie Hatch said...

darn, I thought I'd get to him ,but then got distracted by emails.... as you do.

jo robertson said...

Hmmm, thoroughbred names. I'd choose Big Brown, but I think he's thoroughly kicked some major butt!

Joanie, how lucky you are to have been "trained" by someone so funny and so willing to share her trade secrets.

Liz, I love short, snappy names for my heroes. They sound so masculine -- Jack, Jake, Max.

Would you might sharing with us the story of your very first sale? I still get all tingly thinking of the new thrill of getting that first editor who says, "I love your writing. I want to buy your book." TINGLES I TELL YOU!!

Anna Campbell said...

Carol, I think he wants to come back to Oz for the Tim Tams. Not that I'm dissing your amazing charms, or anything!

Anna Campbell said...

Hmm, chicken Kiev with garlic? Where is that rooster? I'm HUNGRY!!!!

Carol said...

Thanks Joan,
Wow I think I really will have heart palpatations ...George Cloony one of my favourite guys...what a photo too!

re we say here in Aus... sheer arse!

Do you use this term in USA?
Here it means sheer luck to be in the right place at the right time!
Cheers Carol

Anna Campbell said...

Liz! Liz! LIZZZ!!!!! Major fangirl squeal here.

Ahem, sorry! I'm letting down the dignity of the Banditas. Unhand that gladiator, Joanie T! We've got an image to maintain!

Liz, I sat here giggling my head off at your post. I've got to say I've been champing at the bit for your visit. Um, my experience of thoroughbreds is that they can be highly strung which is a kind way of saying bloody difficult. Do you think there's a similarity with the romantic hero there too? Mind you, I was brought up with Harlequin Presents so cranky just came with the territory.

I'm lucky in a way with writing Regency historicals. There's only so many names that they used. I mean, have you ever heard of Darren, the Earl of MacDisco? Or Sir Puff Diddy Rapperrock?

By the way, thanks for the picture of Daniel Craig. Or was that you, JT? He's my latest stalking vic...uh, research model. I only saw Casino Royale a few weeks ago and hubba, hubba!

Anna Campbell said...

Liz, now let's get down to the serious stuff. Like many people, I have missed Squawk Radio. But what I've MOURNED is your music recommendations. I used to just love them and you introduced me to some fantastic new music. What have you been listening to? What should we be listening to?

Also, seeing I'm talking about Squawk, you guys got an amazing response to your blog. Can you tell us your secret?

Carol said...

Hi Anna
Hey maybe tomorrow he can just pop up the Bruce Hwy. for those choc bickies!

Can I cheat and say my Thoroughbred
could be Fast and Loose...better not!
umm...I think I'll go for
'The Fast Lane'

Cheers to all
ps( My friend Storm is waiting I'm late today- I ask the bird if he'd like to meet Storm)

Cassondra said...

Okay, 14 posts in about two minutes...I SEE how this day is going to go.

Welcome to the Lair, Liz, from just south of you (Bowling Green). Thank you for joining us and LOVE your....comparisons.

Is Keira still tending bar from yesterday? If not, I'll pour. What's your poison?

Cassondra said...

Okay, my thoroughbred name is....

Hot For It

Ha! The Chenin Blanc is doing its evil work....

Cassondra said...

Anna (Fo)said:

Liz! Liz! LIZZZ!!!!! Major fangirl squeal here.

Ahem, sorry! I'm letting down the dignity of the Banditas. Unhand that gladiator, Joanie T! We've got an image to maintain!

Oh, my YES we do, and Fo, you're nailing it precisely. ;o)

Anna Campbell said...

Hmm, Cassondra, perhaps I could be your less speedy stablemate, Hot to Trot?

Keira Soleore said...

(((Liz))) Welcome thee to The Lair. How very exciting to have you here. I loved chatting with you briefly at eHarlq.

For old times sake: Do you have a music recommendation? :)

JoMama wrote, "When I say fledgling, I mean barely cracked out of the egg"

Would you say you were a squawking chicken then? :)

Carol: Heart-pounding excitement, eh? Righto! Congrats on the GR.

flchen1 said...

Woo! Today's commentors are fast out of the gate! Congrats, Carol! The GR's saved from an up-close-and-personal experience with a Rodent-Of-Unusual-Size ;) (Maybe tomorrow, Jo?)

Hi, Liz! How exciting to have you in the Lair today! I've read and enjoyed a bunch of your categories and a few of your single-titles :) Sadly I have a terrible memory for names, but I agree with Jo--I tend to prefer somewhat classic/middle-of-the-road guy names for the heroes--nothing too foofy or unpronounceable, although at the end of the story (at least for me), the hero sort of makes the name. For instance, Sebastian's not one of my top picks for a name, but Sebastian St. Vincent in Kleypas's Devil in Winter is one yummy hero and one I remember.

As for Thoroughbred name, I confess a gaping lack of knowledge about horses and such--are there rules about naming? Are the names supposed to be descriptive? Evocative? Or is it a free-for-all, anything-goes sort of thing?

Keira Soleore said...

Stablemate, Foanna? You're the wolfhound to Cassondra's piratical mein.

The only things hot here are LizB's HAWT heroes. Wowee!

Keira Soleore said...

Liz, c'mon, 'fess up. What was the diameter of the derby hat(s) you were wearing when you went down there for research and noshing with Terri?

Joanie, you're a lucky gal to have such a fab mentor!!

Liz, who was your mentor?

Clooney and Craig in the same post????? Anyone seen Clooney in a swimsuit like the one Craig's sporting? I think Clooney skates by a lot on his face alone. I'd like a gander inside.

Keira Soleore said...

Liz, c'mon, 'fess up. What was the diameter of the derby hat(s) you were wearing when you went down there for research and noshing with Terri?

Joanie, you're a lucky gal to have such a fab mentor!!

Liz, who was your mentor?

Clooney and Craig in the same post????? Anyone seen Clooney in a swimsuit like the one Craig's sporting? I think Clooney skates by a lot on his face alone. I'd like a gander inside.

Keira Soleore said...

Fo...Since you brought up TimTams in another context here, I'd like to nab this moment to remind you that one of the TimTam packets in your suitcase will have my name on it. Funny that. I can look into the future, and ohm-nom-nom I can see four boxes, but one of them has a sticky note on it that says "Keira" on it.

Anna Campbell said...

Gosh, Miss Keira, you're a pushy so and so! A whole packet of Tim Tams? For you???!!! You'll have to be extra nice to me until the 25th July when I fly out and then we'll see...

Speaking of which, didn't you hate it when you asked for something and your parents said, "We'll see," meaning "We don't want a fight, but NO!"

A wolfhound, huh? Mind you, I rather fancy Carol's wolf. Carol, why did you pick a wolf as you avatar? I think he's an extremely cool dude but VERY un-Aussie!

Actually if I were a racehorse, I think I'd be called Wombat Wonder!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Liz, WELCOME WELCOME to the Lair!

Let us bring you a cabana boy or three and the libation of your choice while we all gather round for the pearls of wisdom you're imparting. (Aunty sits with rapt attention.)

Oh and congrats Carol for luring the GR back DownUnder. Given the broiling hot weather here in California, I'm not surprised he didn't want to stay with Jo today.

Oh, and I think my thoroughbred name would most appropriately be Never Enough. MUAHAHAHAHA!


Jane said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I loved "Her Man Friday. I'm looking forward to reading "Fast and Loose." My favorite hero names are Damien, Sebastian, Tristan, Gabriel, Jake, Nick and Colin. My choices for my thoroughbred name are Sky Scraper and Mystic Runner.

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Carol.

Cassondra said...

OOOO. I think Wonder Down Under is a good name.

It USED to be (long ago and far away when I was an equine science major...LORD I'm old) that thoroughbreds had a bit of the Sire's name, and a bit of the Dam's name--in THEIR name--thus the strange mixture that resulted. "Hot to Trot" and "Run For It" would have a son named "Hot For It". Or the stable name was included somehow. But now I think sometimes that's true and sometimes anything goes.

It'll be cool to hear Liz's inside take on it.

Cassondra said...

Fo said:

Gosh, Miss Keira, you're a pushy so and so! A whole packet of Tim Tams?

I just wanna taste ONE Tim Tam.

Just to say I've had one and all. Vrai Anna brought me Aerobubbles and I'm hooked.

Helen said...

Way to go Carol I hope the weather is a bit warmer up in Queensland for him it is really cold down here in NSW at the moment I am loving it.

Great interview Liz and Joan I love the way you describe a hero like a thoroughbred true likeness. I am loving some of these names I would have a name like Hells Bells. I love to watch race horses in a race the vibration of the ground and the noise is awesome and they are so strong.
I always enjoyed your music recomendations over at Squawk Radio as well what have you been listening to lately.

Have Fun

Cassondra said...

Aunty Cindy said:

Oh, and I think my thoroughbred name would most appropriately be Never Enough.

Aunty cindy that's a GREAT name.

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Miss Keira (in the spirit of my thoroughbred personality!). Now you're trying the pathetic card. Hmm, it might even be working...

Helen, another LB music recommendation fan! Liz, what I loved about your music recommendations is that they could come from absolutely anywhere. I tend to listen to most things too so it really suited me!

Keira Soleore said...

A southern comfort coming up. Going once... Going twice...

Keira Soleore said...

Cassondra, you pour. No one is interested in the classic derby drink, the southern comfort. I think I'll take that single pour and lie back and finally reading Joanie's and Liz's interview. Then it's beddie bye for me.

PJ said...


I had forgotten this was your day to hang out in the lair! What a wonderful surprise to find at 3:01am as I wait for the dog to finish sniffing and get down to business outside!

Loved FAST AND LOOSE! Cole was one terrific hero. You have an abundance of books coming out this year. That's quite a treat for those of us who have been reading you for two decades and just think of all the fun in store for those readers who are only discovering you now!

Like the others, I too have missed your music recommendations. I have a mp3 player now. I need to know what to put on it so dish, Miss Liz. What tunes should we be listening to these days?


PJ said...

Hero names? Well I love Cole, Gabriel (Gabe), Sebastian, Jake, Luke, Rafe...the list is endless.

A thoroughbred name for moi? Hmmm. I'd have to go with We're Cookin' Now.

Liz, how's the house selling going? Are you officially on the market? Any nibbles?


PJ said...

Congrats,Carol! Way to snatch that GR! He'll love you forever once he discovers that you've saved him from the hoardes of screaming munchkins at Chuck E. Cheese! LOL

Keira Soleore said...

Dang, I forgot to come out with the name of my thoroughbred.

Swift Heart

But since he has been raised in The Lair's stable, perhaps his name should be

Wulfric Racer

Then again, following in grand ole bandita tradition, I should call him:

Never Late

How about a thoroughbred filly? She'd be:

Always Comes First or First Comer

With that name, Always would be close to hitting the limit for allowable name size (18 character).

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Keira, all jokes aside, I like Swift Heart! I thought you were going to bed? And PJ, I hope that dog has come inside!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Elizabeth and welcome to the Lair! Looks like this party's rocking already. Thanks for kidnapping--I mean coaxing Elizabeth along, Joanie T!

Ah, any day is a good day for posting a pic of Daniel Craig on the blog! Snorked at your post about horses and he-men, Elizabeth. Fabulous! And so true. It's particularly apposite for me because my first book cover featured the heroine with--you guessed it--a horse. My dh and his friends made many jokes about that.

Good idea to call your thoroughbred self after your first book. Think I'd do the same and call myself Scandal's Daughter. That has a nice ring.*g* Adding your books to my ever tottering TBR pile. They sound fantastic!

PJ said...

Actually, Anna, the dog is now curled up with her head on the pillow next to mine, sound asleep. I, on the other hand, am sitting at the computer. Wide awake!

PJ said...

Oh Christine, I think Scandal's Daughter is the perfect name!

Anna Campbell said...

You should move to Oz, PJ! Our hours would obviously suit you ;-) And I must admit I had an awwwwww moment at the idea of the dog snoozing away!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, PJ, if you're looking for something to fill the long dark hours, I'm over at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs today talking about cover art.

Only if you get a chance but it's always lovely to see you.

Oh, and Aunty Cindy is on The Romance Writers Revenge talking about her debut release. We'll keep you busy!

Mind you, this blog seems to be firing so you might find enough to keep you amused just by staying put ;-)

Eva S said...

Welcome Liz, what a fun post! I'll have to find some of your books..

My favorite hero seems to be Alex, it's funny, most of my "keepers" are Alex or Julian or Cole.I could name five Alex, someone else likes him too...

As thoroughbred, I have no experiences but I'd like to be Fast and Furious (you can't tell who my favorite actor is, LOL!)

Anna Campbell said...

Eva, I really like Alex too. It's one of those names that seems to work equally well in a historical or in a contemporary. I could handle Sir Alexander MacDisco.

PJ said...

Thanks for the links, Anna. I'll check them out later. For now, I think I'll crawl back into bed and try to get some sleep...if only the other dog would quit snoring. lol

Anna Campbell said...

Perhaps we should name a romance hero Sir Snorting Snoralot! Goodnight!

Carol said...

Helen, I saw on the news, the first snow fall for the season down your way. Brrrrr

I used this lovely wolf as an avatar from the days of Black Isle computer games message forums. Used to find hints, cheats and spoilers!and Tech help when my video card was fried!

Later Black Isle went bust (OH No!)
and the new company Bioware wouldn't allow us to have our own avatar.
So when I joined Blogger and Gather (to read Carens Book) I brought out Woolf again! I've had him for 8yrs.

Ladies did you know the GR has a very handsome Armani
'Bag of Holding!'
This is a magical bag where he carries his vast array of stylish gear.
Anna... he had a packet of your Tim Tams in there! he offered one to Storm! Whom I might add graciously accepted as any well bred Anglo-Arab would!

Heroes names, William, Jamie, Patrick,Daniel,Robert, these were commonly used in the 18/1900's, I like them, they are good strong masculine names!
Cheers Carol

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Wow, this is what I get for sleeping! The lair is a 24-7 kind of place.
Congrats on the GR Carol, I hope he is a good little rooster today.
Very interesting blog I never noticed but you are quite right Elizabeth. Our heroes and race horses do have a lot in common.
Hero names I like have pretty much been mentioned already, I do like Wulfric and Sebastian as well though. I prefer one I can pronounce without thinking about it.
My name would be something like..Gotta Have It or Getting There

Caren Crane said...

Liz, in case you're wondering at the kerfuffle, we have a competition each midnight to see who will snage the Golden Rooster. That is the "he" and the "GR" you hear so much about. Carol was the lucky nabber today, so the GR is spending the day in New South Wales. Lucky fellow!

And now: Welcome to Romance Bandits! We are all thrilled to have you here. Liz, I think you were one of the first published authors I met outside my home chapter. My very first conference was Moonlight & Magnolias in 2001. It was so special to me and the authors I met there are dear to my heart.

I love the gorgeous men to thoroughbred comparisons. I think it's fair to say that they are both HIGH MAINTENANCE. 'Cause the more "lived in" and comfortable men are more like work horses. Give them a meal and a bed at the end of the day and they'll get up and keep going the next. Let that pretty boy break an ankle and he is DOWN for the count. *g*

I never thought of a thoroughbred name for myself. It would probably be "Highly Opinionated". *g*

Buffie said...

Um, um, um. Do you really expect me to be able to be creative with a name after looking at Daniel Craig in wet, warm water and then seeing George's face???!!??!!??! How freakin' fair is that!!!!!!!

Liz, great to have you here. I loved the way you described Finn. That's exactly what I like :)

Now as for a name, I have to repeat . . . it is darn hard to concentration with Daniel & George calling my name. But how about Passion's Jaunt. Or Want To Be. Or Madcap's Love. Oh darn it, I can't think right now!!!!

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Good morning, everyone! Wow, I thought by reading the blog by 8:00, I'd be able to stay on top of things. You guys are FAST (but hopefully not dum BUM.) :oD Let me go pour another cuppa coffee, and I'll start answering questions. But thanks for hosting me, Banditas! It's so nice to be here!

Tiffany Kenzie said...

I love names too. Bey is one of my favourites.
And a thoroughbred---moi-- :) Astride ... I'll laugh if someone else put that one down. haven't read comments yet.

Your interview was great fun to read in the morn... and I miss Squawk too.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Okay, here we go.

First off, THANK YOU, JOAN, for inviting me today. And thanks, everyone, for the warm welcomes. I think it's going to be fun. :o)

Wow, Jo, for my first sale, we're going to have to travel back to the year 1988, when the publishing world was totally different from what it is now. I was living in New Jersey (hubby in the Coast Guard was stationed in Philadelphia), and working in management for The Limited at Cherry Hill Mall. I wrote my first book in six months, at odd hours when my husband had duty, or early in the morning, in the food court, before the mall opened. (We only had one car, and he had to be at work at like 7:00, so he'd drop me off, and I'd write among the mall walkers and janitors.)


I wrote the book for Silhouette, and queried them first, and got a standard form rejection letter that told me they hadn't even read it. So then I tried to get an agent. I bought a WRITER'S MARKET for that year, which, back then, included agent listings. I circled every agent who handled romance with one color ink, then circled the newly formed agencies with another color, thinking they'd be hungrier. I was then rejected about thirteen times before landing a tiny one-woman agency about 2000 miles away from NYC.

I actually remember that first call from the agent telling me she was taking me on as a client than I do the one where she told me my first book had been bought--by the very publisher who originally rejected it. My hubby and I had just returned from a long overdue honeymoon to Maine, and literally, the phone was ringing as we walked in the door. The first thing the agent said was, "With your first advance, you need to buy an answering machine. I've been trying to reach you all week. I've already sent your manuscript to Silhouette. I hope that's all right."


ANYway. She said she was absolutely positive it would sell, and that was when my heart started racing. I do recall that they day I DID get the call that the book had done just that, my hubby and I had planned to pick up a pizza for dinner, so we stopped a got a bottle of champagne to go with. And I remember looking over the roof of the car at him in the wine shop parking lot, smiling and saying, "I'm gonna be a WRITER." :o)

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

And, dang, I'm not proofing any of this stuff before posting, so I hope it makes sense...

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Anna, I think "high strung" (i.e. bloody difficult *G*) is definitely up there in the romantic hero list of qualities. But it's what makes them so endearing. Like they actually believe they control the environment they're in. So quaint!

Good point on the Regency names. I think I read somewhere that, back in the middle ages, 75% of men were named either Henry, Richard, John or Edward. That had to get confusing.

Oh, and that was me who provided the Daniel Craig eye candy. I just LOVE that guy.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Oh, and Squawk, Anna. I miss it, too. A lot. It's funny, but the music blogs just sorta happened as a lark, and I think I got more e-mail and chatter about those than anything. Let's see, the artists I've most recently added to my iPod are Allister, Vampire Weekend, Anti-Flag, Sum 41, Noisettes... Those are all pretty fast, alternative bands, though. Some slower stuff would be... Hmm. I just checked my list, and I haven't downloaded any slow stuff lately. Must be summer :o)

The secret to Squawk, I think, was the fact that the six of us had been e-mailing regularly for a couple of years before launching the blog, so we were all very, very good friends (and still are). The affection and intimacy between us all made it possible to poke fun in a way that wasn't snarky (well, not TOO snarky), and the fact that we knew each other so well made it possible for us to comment on each others' blogs in ways we might not, had we not known each other so well.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Hi, Cassondra, fellow Kentuckian! Gee, normally my poison would be Johnnie Walker Black and water, but it's a tad early for that, so... Just another cuppa coffee would be swell. :o)

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Hi, Keira! Good to see you! Okay, here's a couple more music recs. Dandy Warhols and Beck. :o)

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Hi, Fichen1. I love Lisa's Sebastian, too. And, of course, Loretta Chase's. As for naming horses, I think a lot of times they combine aspects of the dame and sire's names, but I think sometimes they just pull them out of thin air. I heard Big Brown was named after UPS, because UPS was a client of BB's owner or something? I always said if I kept racehorses, I'd name them all after my books. But since I'm kinda skeered of them, that isn't likely. (Not to mention those five- to seven-figure price tags they come with...)

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Keira, believe it or not, I went hatless this Derby. I have this freakin' enormous head (no comments please! *G*) that is extremely hard to find a hat for. No lie--I can wear men's hats better than women's.

As for mentors, alas, I had none. When I started writing my first book, I didn't know anyone who even READ romance, let alone wrote it. I didn't find out RWA existed until after I'd started my third book. And there was no Internet to use back then. So I wrote in my little vacuum, hoping for the best.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

I'm loving reading all these Thoroughbred names. You guys are pretty, um, creative. And Cassondra, I see you beat me to the sire/dam thing. It did used to make for interesting names.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Oh, Helen, cold sounds lovely right now. We've had temps in the 90s for the past week, and it's only June. At this rate, August will be unbearable. And it's already always unbearable!

Okay, another music rec. Atreyu. But they're fast, too.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

No, Keira! No Southern Comfort for Derby! It MUST be a mint julep! (Which, frankly, I'm no big fan of, but I'll suffer Bourbon for Derby. Said the Scotch drinker. *G*)

Tiffany Kenzie said...

Atreyu---like the neverending story?

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

PJ! Hi! Long time, no chat. (Though that's my fault for not being around. Sorry about that.) Thanks for all the nice words about F&L. And yep, this is a major year, book-wise. Four new ones, and three reissues. Yikes. (The last OPUS book, OVERNIGHT MALE, is out this month, for anyone who's been following that series, FYI.)

And for you, more music recs (I'm going to go through my whole iPod list before this day is up). Astor Piazolla (tango) and Willie Bobo (cool old stuff).

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

And, oh, the house selling, PJ. Yep, we've been officially on the market since April. A couple of nibbles, but no offers yet. It's not a good time to be selling, that's for sure. But we're still hopeful. In fact, the house selling is why I haven't been on line much. It seems like every day, we discover some new "project" that needs completing (meaning it needs to be fixed). Today, for instance, we have guys coming to fix the chimney outside. And the painting never ends...

Beth said...

Welcome to the lair, Liz! I can't wait to read Fast & Loose! What a great post. I have to admit I never realized the similarities between romantic heroes and Thoroughbreds before *g*

For my Thoroughbred name I like:

Living The Dream (for my writing)

At Wit's End (I blame this on two things: summer vacation and my two teenagers)

Romance Bandit (for obvious reasons *g*)

Pouffy McChipmunk (for my daughter, poor thing had her wisdom teeth removed)

You mention hanging out at places in Louisville where you wouldn't normally hang out. Can you tell us where some of those places were? What was the most fun thing you did while researching your trilogy? Did you discover anything really surprising in your research?

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Hi, Caren! Thanks for the explanation about the Golden Rooster. I had heard of him before, of course, but didn't realize he went to the first poster. Man, I bet that guy really gets around.

Y'all are definitely getting into the naming spirit here. I'm loving all of these. Gee, how to pick a winner (or two)... Then again, I have all day to decide...

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Is that where Atreyu comes from, Tiffany? I confess, when I saw it, it was bugging me why it looked familiar when it was so unusual.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Hi, Beth. Well, there's an entertainment complex in downtown Louisville called Fourth Street Live that I probably wouldn't have spent much time at if not for the book. It's THE most happening place in town, and the crowd is generally way more partying than I've been for, ah...some years. :o) But it was cool to visit and relive that vibe.

For the second book in the series, I took a walking tour of Old Louisville (which is where the heroine lives), and that was great fun--probably the most fun. Such a cool neighborhood. For the third book, which takes place in an area called Crescent Hill, I'm going to do some in depth exploration of the Frankfort Avenue area.

Not many surprises, really. Just lots of nice reminders. I actually live just outside Louisville, so I don't get into town as much as I'd like. Researching the books has given me the opportunity to see a lot of the city that I haven't seen for a long time. (And since all of these neighborhoods are the ones we're hoping to move to, it helps me scope out houses. *G*)

Joan said...

Good morning Banditas and all our BB's! And really do like our GR, don't you, LOL

Ok, wow on the 67 comments ALREADY! See, Liz? I told you we were rowdy.

Liking some of the horsie names ya'll are coming up with. "Comes a Lot"....yes, my mind went to the gutter with that one but I was alreay on the floor LMAO

Here are a few select names from horses running at Churchill today

Tactical Candy
Sparkles Plenty
Shoot it (only if he doesn't win)
Hark, Menia

So see Anna....Sir Puff Daddy Rapperock would be a GREAT name!

There often is no rhyme or reason to them. As Cassondra said, some do combine the dam and sire's names but there are a lot of syndicates who own horses and they make up their own. (Hey, Banditas! Let's take up a collection)

I confess to having visited Squawk only a few times so I didn't know about the music recommendations. I'm a country music fan through and through though I have taken to a band called Maroon 5. I'm suspecting it's not near as hip as as yours Liz.

And Daniel Craig (swoon)As I posted the pic Liz sent and read her blog the only comparison between him and a thoroughbred that came to my mind was how you have to wipe down the stallion after the race....with water....with your hands...rubbing and strok....Sorry, went to my happy place.

Joanie T whose current thoroughbred name is SpiderPig's the Boy :-)

terrio said...

People! It's only 9:20am EST (or are we EDT now?) and there are 74 comments! I have a busy day and will never catch up. Dang it.

Love this blog. Oh, Liz, this makes me miss Squawk all the more. I always looked forward to your blogs giving me a smile. Not that the others didn't but you know what I mean.

For hero names I've always loved the names Royce and Clay. Those were the first heroes I fell in love with from McNaught and though they are out of fashion now, I still love them. Also love Cyn, Luce, Wulfgar, and Rothgar. Basically any name that sounds naughty or intense. :)

My thoroughbread name would have to be Controlled Chaos. I stole that description of my life from Caren sometime back and I'm sticking with it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz! Thanks for visiting with the Banditas today! We are HONORED and THRILLED to have you here! I just read my first OPUS book last week and am completely hooked. Thank you thank you for writing such wonderful stories!

Now I am not nearly so witty and clever as the others who have come before me. And perhaps a little too honest. If I were a racehorse, I'd be something like

Runs Like Turtle, or
Molasses Dreams, or maybe even
Faint Hope

or something like that. Let's just say my 10K time aint that impressive!

By the way, I'm a huge Vampire Weekend fan. Lately I've been hooked on Tristan Prettyman. Oh, and for something totally obscure, you should try Thomas Dutronc. He sings French pop. It's absolutely addictive!

Thanks again for stopping in, and putting up with the madness in the Hotel California...I mean the Lair! You'll be able to leave tonight, really!

Elyssa Papa said...

Hi Liz! I bought your book a couple of days ago and am so excited that you're here! Like everyone else, I miss Squawk. :-(

I wanted to learn how to ride a horse so badly when I was a young girl--definitely loved Black Beauty way too much--but never did. But, if I were to have a racehorse, I like this name:

Wallflower No More

As to heroes, I have to ditto the ones already mentioned: Gabe, Alex, Sebastian and add a few more: Noah, Gideon, Griffin, and Jesse for a contemporary.

Can you tell us what's next in store for you, Liz? What are some other books we can look forward to?

PJ said...

Another reason to love you, Liz! Glad to know I'm not the only large-headed, hat-challenged person out there.

I'm hoping to find OVERNIGHT MALE at the store today. My Walmart is notoriously late in getting new books. This has been a terrific series. I'll be sorry to see it end.

louisa said...

Wow!! What a bunch of night owls! This place is rocking. Way to nab the Rooster, Carol! I think Chucky Cheese would have done him in for sure.

Hello, Liz!! I've been reading your books for years, as has my Mom.

I LOVE the analogy of hero as Thoroughbred. Perfect! A hundred years ago when I was a a pre-teen and our family was stationed in England I was lucky enough to get a job at a local racing stable. I mucked out stalls, etc BUT I also worked as an exercise boy and it was FABULOUS! For the most part I just sat onboard and steered. Kind of like handling a headstrong man, yes?

Some of my favorite hero names have to be the ones in my own novels (finished and WIP) - Marcus, Tristan, Sebastian, Wesley, Dylan, Rhys, David, Gabriel. Of course I LOVE Mary Balogh's Wulfric!

How about a Thoroughbred named UNTOUCHED, La Campbell?

A few others that come to mind are-

First Sale
The Call

Sweeping Romance
Duke of Desire

Devil's Cub
Lord of Scoundrels

or maybe -

Best Seller
Revision Hell

BICHOK (Butt in chair, hands on keyboard!)

of course mine would be

Running from Wal-Mart!!!

Gillian Layne said...

Already almost 80 posts, this early in the morning? Good Heaven's, ladies! :) Congrats on that GR, Carol!

What a great post! I miss you ladies; I've been trying to log on and read during the week even if I can't post a reply; it's been a difficult spring so far with so many storms and my internet doesn't care for them!

Elizabeth, I miss squawk radio as well, but hope you all have more time to turn out awesome books for all of us! ;)

My thouroughbred's name would be:

Last Plum Nickel

We're doing (never-ending) renovations on our home, so dwindling funds are the first thing that comes to mind...

Gillian Layne said...

Hey Louisa! We were posting at the same time ;) Love your names!

Joan said...

Alas, I'm like Terrio and have to run out for a few hours. Dangit x 2

Liz, you didn't mention the one place you might have went that you didn't usually..ah, the DERBY?

Then again, you are fantabulous and probably have a reserved seat in Millionaire's Row. While I, poor, poor Louisville girl who only lives 5 miles from the track, have never set foot or head there on the first Saturday in May.

Did you go last year?

Tell us the scoop.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Oh, thanks a lot, Joan--now I have the "Spider Pig" song stuck in my head. :oD And I LOVE Maroon 5. I have quite a bit by them on my iPod.

Thanks for the nice words, Terrio. Hmm. Controlled Chaos. That sounds a lot like my life lately. Only without the "controlled" part. :o/

Yay, I got Kirsten addicted to OPUS! :o) I'm glad you're enjoying the books. I confess, they were some of my all-time favorites to write. And thanks for the music recs! I lovelovelove French pop, actually.

Elyssa, I'm currently at work on the third book in the Derby trilogy that will go in late this summer and be out, I hope, next spring. After that... I have no idea. I'll be up for contract renewal, which is always an, um, exciting time. Yeah, exciting. That was the word I was looking for. Not terrifying. No way. I'm also dabbling (and I DO mean dabbling) with a multi-generational mainstream that may or may not ever get finished. Sometimes I think it's brilliant, and sometimes I think it's unbelievably bad. So we'll see how that goes.

Thanks for looking for the book, PJ! And never say never. ;o)

Thanks for the nice words, Louisa! And you've definitely got the flair for naming T-breds. I especially like BICHOK. :o)

Gillian your life (and spring) seem to mirror mine. LAST PLUM NICKEL is pretty much where we are, too. I could really use an interesting house buyer.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Ah, the Derby, Joan. Now comes confession time. I've only been once in my entire life, and that was when I was in college. I went with a gang of friends, and we--of course--were relegated to the infield. I would LOVE to go, of course, but with ticket scalpers asking upwards of $1000 per person, it ain't likely (even if I could write it off). I do watch faithfully on TV every year, though. We keep the TV on all day and watch the goings-on.

And we used to live within a few miles of the Downs, too! Close enough that the stretch limos would park in the parking lot of the middle school across the street from us after dropping off their fares. We'd look out the window and see them all lined up out there, some of the chauffeurs playing cards together or reading books until it came time to go pick up their customers again. I always thought there was a book in that somewhere...

Susan Seyfarth said...

Hi, Liz--Welcome to the Lair! I love your work & am so excited you're visiting us today!

The rest of you girls (boys? Any boys with us today?) are cracking me up with your thoroughbred names! If I had to come up with one for myself, I think I'd go with...

Well, let's see. Let's assume my Dad is Blue Streak (as in "curse a" because his job puts him on a lot of construction sites where the f bomb is a rite of passage) and my Mom is Home Fires (because she's like the Platonic Form of stay at home moms.)

This would make me, um, House of Blues?

Then I'd have to add a dash of my own personality & we get:

Chatterbox Blue's House A-Fire

Huh. I like it. :-)

Cheri2628 said...

Thanks for the pictures of the studs...the men, not the horses! LOL

My thoroughbred horse would have to be called Romantic Hero...or Lord Scandalous...or Gentleman's Folly...or Prince of My Dreams...or Renegade Rogue..or Viking Warrior... I sure have romance on the brain! I need to go read a book! ;)

jo robertson said...

Oh, my, what wonderful names ya'll have suggested for thoroughbred horses. Is there a gift attached LOL?

Caren, ROTFL about comparing our husbands to work horses. There's nothing worse than a high maintenance man. All the women in our family are high maintenance and the men who marry them are forewarned. No room for skittish men in our lives!

jo robertson said...

Liz, that call story (or agent call story) gave me chills. I LOVE to hear those damned stories! "I'm gonna be a writer!" Best five words. Ever!

jo robertson said...

Okay, let me enter my thoroughbred name even though we Banditas are not eligible to win.

How about Endurance? Cause that's what it takes to win -- in racing and in writing.

Cheri2628 said...

Crap! I can't get studs and romance off the brain! How about Dashing Devil, Surrender in Silk, Wicked Warrior, Natural Born Charmer, Unforgettable, or Rebellious Desire?

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Man, you guys are GREAT with the naming. I don't think I could be that inventive--that's why I'd stick with my book titles. (Half of which I didn't come up with myself, anyway. *G*) As for high-maintenance men, I love to look at them, but when it came to marrying, I chose a man as low-maintenance as myself.

Even my high-maintenance heroes don't spend much time with their maintenance. At least, not on the page. :oD But man, who remembers all those high maintenance heroines from the early days of romance? The ones where we read page after page of their clothing and makeup and hair?

MsHellion said...

Favorite names from books: Tristan, Gabriel (Julie Garwood and Teresa Medeiros come to mind), Sebastian, Nathan, and Ash. Oh, and I mustn't forget Lucien/Luke. Good name.

I don't care as much about the women's names, so long as they're not Jennifer or Stacey or Jessica, because everyone was named those names when I was a kid--and they were ALWAYS getting the guy! Give someone named Prudie or Ruthie a chance!

My horse name? Hellion Wheels OR perhaps Hot to Handle. (Original, I know. *LOL*)

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Liz!

If I named me after my first book, I'd be Mrs. Brimley. Not exactly a heart-stopper. So I'll steal from my second book and be Moonlight Trouble. I just hope they don't go to a photo finish during a night race.

Keira Soleore said...

Donna, your thoroughbred would then be Trouble aBriming.

Susan, loved your inventiveness in coming with your name. Very cute.

((LIZ)) Thank you for visiting (once again, have to gush at least a couple times). And thank you for those recs. I'm compiling my list.

Yikes. $1000??? No wonder they use up all the limos from the entire state.

Pat Cochran said...

Thank you, Ms. Elizabeth, for your visit to the Lair! I know the
Ladies of the Lair have been eagerly awaiting this day!

Congratulations, Carol!

Ms. Anna, my prize package has
arrived! The package of Tim Tams
has pride of place on my buffet.
I sit and gaze at the unopened package lovingly. Being a
good mother and grandmother, I
plan to share the biscuits with
the family on Father's Day.

My thoroughbred name: Patrician Paladin, a heroic name for a
heroic champion!

Pat Cochran

Keira Soleore said...

Here's a mint julep for Liz.

Anyone for a bourbon? Whiskey and soda? Scotch on the rocks?

I do mixed drinks, too. Bellinis, margaritas, mimosas (it's still morning here folks), you name it, I can do it. Sidecars are my speciality, while my husband's known for his sangria.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Ms. Hellion, I had a heroine named Prudence once. And I'm toying with Hazel for the next one. I like that.

Hi, Donna! It was good seeing you last weekend, though I'm sorry we barely got to say hi. :o)

Okay, I'm gonna have to go Google these Tim-Tam things y'all keep talking about. Very intriguing...

Keira, my brother and s-i-l do EXcellent sangria. It was one of the things we always looked forward to on our family vacations.

And thanks again for all the nice welcomes and words, you guy's. I can see why the Lair is so popular!

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Liz! Waving at you from NJ (up north, though). I've been a huge fan of yours since your Silhouette days (and I'm talking the Special Editions ... Moriah's Mutiny!)

Fab blog - I lol at your comparison between thoroughbreds and men ... so true. And thank you for the yummy pic of Daniel Craig (pause for a moment to enjoy the pic again)

Hmmm thoroughbred names ... Bad Boy's Gal, Puck Bunny ;), It's All About the Shoes, Heidi's Cowboy (in honour of my first GH finalist - the one about a Texas cowboy who inherits an English sheep farm ... and a minx of a sheep called Heidi) and, for all my fellow Banditas, Meet Me in the Baaa!

Anna Sugden said...

Oooh one more Devil's Lady (or should that be Devils' Lady - as it's a team?)

beadlizard said...

Liz, I think a chauffeur series would be very interesting!

I loved Destinations South. It's great to see your wikipedia entry expanding. All my friends I've recommended your books to have enjoyed them immensely.

Horse names. We just moved again and I came across my box of model horses, including Cavalier, whom I named after a famous 1800's thoroughbred. If you go to allbreedpedigree dot com you can search for horse names.

Good luck selling your house. It usually happens about three days after you completely run out of patience. --Sylvia

flchen1 said...

Ah, so there is sometimes rhyme and/or reason to the naming, and sometimes not so much, eh? Thanks for the tips, Liz and Cassondra!

Hmm... Kirsten, I think you and I might be chips off the same block when it comes to racing... maybe Slow and (Un)steady? Or Keep Trying or Never Lose Hope? One Step At A Time?

Or maybe What a Mess ;) Not Hot to Trot? (Oh No) Summer's Here!

And Pat, you are SUCH a better person than I am--I've got my packet from Christine hidden away from hungry kids and husband :)

limecello said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for visiting with us today! Wow, is it busy here! Hmm.... a thoroughbred name... :P I need some of this right now, so thought it's silly, I'm going with "Double Espresso." ;)

Maureen said...

My whole family goes to watch horses race and that's how my daughter picks the horses she bets on, by the name. So some great horse/hero names would be: Freakinfabulous, Imfastandfree, Beautifulbeau

Joan said...

Oh, thanks a lot, Joan--now I have the "Spider Pig" song stuck in my head.

Oh you're welcome Liz! That is Bandita Suz's FAV *BEG* Now let's see...what was the second verse? Oh, yes.."Does whatever a SpiderPig does"

Anna S. said: It's All About the Shoes,

LOVE IT! I've got you entered in the 4th race tomorrow. Actually, Regis and Kelley are having some type of contest that involves running in stillitos....go to their website. Maybe you'll win some Manahlo Blaniks??sp.

And as to your house, Liz. I think if you bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in the corner of your yard, your house will sell. Tonini's on Breckinridge Lane would have plenty.

And just is NOT natural to leave Tim Tams unopened.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Carol, thanks for explaining the Woolf connection. He really is a handsome beast. As I'm sure Storm is - I love Arabs! Just make sure the Rooster doesn't push him into this magic bag and get in some horse rustling as a sideline!

Hey, Tiffany!!! The hero in Tempt the Devil has a horse called Bey! I don't know why, but that feels kinda spooky that you picked that out of all the gin joint names in all the world!

Liz, welcome to the party. We had quite a time last night, as you can see!

Anna Campbell said...

Liz, I loved your call story! How fantastic to sell your first manuscript! Did you always want to be a writer or was it an ambition that snuck up on you?

Anna Campbell said...

Liz, thanks for those recommendations. I'll check them out. I can see I wasn't the only person who used to hang out for your latest list of music must haves! And thanks for the advice on the blog - I really think Squawk was outstanding.

Hey, this gives you some idea of my un-assisted music tastes, but Astor Piazzolla is the only one of all those (apart from the DWs and Beck) who I've heard of! Love that tango stuff. Way cool! There's a fantastic film by an English director called Sally Potter about an Englishwoman who starts tango lessons and discovers a new life. It's about ten years old but it's so romantic and passionate and the music's to die for.

rebekah said...

I like all of the names everyone came up with. If I were to name a through bred I would want it to be something fun like "Clumsy Lady". Have a great Friday!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Pat, thanks for letting me know the TTs turned up. Hmm, maybe we should buy a racehorse jointly and call him Tim Tam! I think you're very generous sharing them with the family ;-) And don't forget to report back to Miss Keira on how they taste! We like to torture the poor wee thing!

Loving the horse names!

Leah said...

Hey Liz and Bandita's! Been ages since I've been able to stop in.

Liz it was great seeing you at the Lori Foster event. You look great as usual.

I bought your newest book yesterday. Looking forward to reading it.

Love your comparisons to the thoroughbreds. Didn't realize they had so much in common.

Looking forward to having you come to the store for a signing soon!

PS Don't be fooled by the log in name.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Wow, Anna, that DOES go back. That was my fourth book! (Back when I was still homesick for the Caribbean, where I lived as a newlywed.) Thanks for sticking with me. And congrats on the GH! Very exciting. :o)

Hi, Sylvia! Thank you for all the nice recs. And gee, if that's the case about selling the house, it ought to be happening in about three days... ;o) Actually, we had the realtor here earlier today giving the house a once-over and trying to figure out why we haven't had any offers yet. And she's scratching her head as much as we are. Sigh. Just not a good market.

You know, Joan, you're the second person to recommend that stature thing. Gonna have to get up to Tonini's.

Anna, I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was twelve. Majored in English and all that. Started writing when we were living in Puerto Rico, then really got serious in NJ (writing about the Caribbean, natch. *G*) So it's worked out well. :o) Ooo, and I'll check out the movie. I love stuff like that. Gotan Project is another good band for Tango music.

Hi, Deb! It was great seeing you last weekend, too! Wish we coulda talked more. Thanks for buying the new book! And I promise to e-mail soon about setting up a signing. I'm just swamped right now. (With like 300+ e-mails in the in box. Oog.)

You guys are having too much fun with these horse names. And so am I. :oD

Pat Cochran said...

You are so welcome, Anna! I'm so
proud of me in that I am resisting
the TTs! I've read so much from
all of the Ladies about how simply
wonderful they are! I will report
back on Monday to let Ms Keira
know how the family liked the TTs.

Love the idea of buying a horse,
a thoroughbred, of course, and
naming him Tim Tam!!

Pat Cochran

Suzanne Welsh said...

WOW! A girl comes home from work, sleeps a few hours, (5.5 today...whoohooo) and wakes up to find 111 freakin comments on the blog. (wait...can we say feakin?)

It's a pleasure to have you here in the Lair with us Elizabeth!!

I love your comparisons of heroes to thoroughbreds! They really are tempramental creatures, aren't they? Even when you're writing, sometimes they have to be led gently into the plot, and sometimes dragged kicking and screaming, hehehe.

I've been reading the new JR Ward book this week, and the names always, always crack me up. Rhage, Phury, Zadist, Tohrment. Definitely not guys ya want to meet in a dark alley...or maybe you do! :)

As for my characters, in my new book I have two main hero guys, Quinn Halliday and Hawke O'Keefe. (Those names just popped out on the page at me.) And my sheriff in my small town contemporary is named....Gage Justice. Yep, that would be Sheriff Justice. (cracking myself up here...but lack of sleep does that to me)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh I get a thoroughbred name? hmmmmmmmmm

Cranky Labor Mama

Yep, that's me!

Suzanne Welsh said...

JOANIE!!! Come a little closer so I can SMACK that song out of your head!! ARGH

Suzanne Welsh said...

Jo said: How about Endurance? As the mother of seven, that name really, really, really fits you!

robynl said...

Hi Elizabeth, you are new to me so I looked up the OPUS books and I like the titles very much; intriquing sounding books.

How about:
Clancy of Dover
Drew of Beaumont
Mason D'Ville

Tiffany Kenzie said...

Anna C.... Bey from Jo Bev's Mallorens... I lurve him, he's one of my fav men. And his name tops it off. :)

Keira Soleore said...

Bey is The Malloren! I loved his story is Devilish. I recently re-read it, and fell in love with him all over again. JoBev's a master and (be very jealous) I LOVED meeting her and listened to her talk Tuesday evening.

J Perry Stone said...

I have missed your guts, Elizabeth Beverly!

Lovely to "see" you again. Hey, how about you come to the M & M conference in October? Teresa's going to be there. I'm going to be there. I can vouch for at least 5 Squawk alums being there ...

I'll buy you a drink (had to bring out the big-gun bribes)

Okay, first off, I love Fast and Loose. I cannot read your books without laughing out loud and then getting a heart twist not a few pages later.

Secondly, if I were a horse, I'd be "What the hell?" And if I won a big race, I'd just call myself "the hell" because I'd be too big for the "what," you know, sorta like Beyonce and Madonna are too big for last names.

And you mean to tell me Big Brown was named after UPS? That's yuck. I hate that-advertising at every turn. Why don't we just name the next Derby crop:

"Finger licken' good"
"Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz"
"Snap, Crackle, Pop."


As for hero names, you know, I couldn't really get into the regular joe schmoe names for heroes, but I believe I could appreciate the irony of a hottsie totsie hero being names a typically nerdy name.

And seriously, have any of you seen the other picture of Daniel Craig in a bathing suit? It's black? He's holding onto something?

Holy Mama!

Keira Soleore said...

Oooh, Liz. I just checked out "Gotan Project." Perhaps I should send ABC a complimentary DVD so that when they do their next season of Dancing with the Stars, they'll actually have good tango music for the tangoes, instead of the crap that masquerades as mood music.

Pat: Your name of a thoroughbred (Tim Tam) had me busting a gut laughing.

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

I love JR's character names, too, Suzanne. And I once had a motorcycle cop whose last name was Lawless. :o)

Robyn, I wish I could take credit for those titles, but the first one was actually the brainchild of an editor at HQN. Though the other two did fall into place after that. Kinda obvious choices, though. ;o)

J! A massive hug for you! Depending on how the house sale goes, I may very well brave M&M this year. I went a few years ago and had a FABU time. And I can drive there. Hm. Hmm. Hmmmm.... Are you going to be in SanFran for RWA?

Thanks for the nice words about F&L! You are so funny. I love your horse name. And hey, listen, there was talk here in Louisville not long ago about actually doing that with the Derby. Like for Visa or something. Talk about hacking off the public!

Keira, I've always wondered how they choose the music for DWTS. Sometimes, it's spot on, but more often than not, I'm going, "WTF...?" :oD

I love it that there are so many Daniel Craig fans among us. We are obviously women of good taste.

Keira Soleore said...

Joanie, I thought you were funning when you told V.Anna about running in high heel for Regis and Kelly. So, I had to go look. And believe it or not, IT IS TRUE. On July 9, you and your stiletoes can participate in a High Heel-a-thon.

Pat Cochran said...

Ms. Keira,

Must clear this up right away: the
suggestion to buy a thoroughbred and
name it "Tim Tam" came from Herself, Ms. Anna Campbell! My comment was
me agreeing with her! I love the
idea and this is me calling dibs
on that name for our horse!

Pat Cochran

Anna Campbell said...

Goodness, you're not just fighting over the biscuits! You're fighting over the mythical thoroughbred. I think you gals would make great horse trainers! Actually if I had a horse called Tim Tam, he'd have to be a brunette. I couldn't face a white chocolate version of such a classic!

PJ said...

One of these days I'm going to have to get my hands on some Tim Tams. Any Aussies planning to come to RWA in DC next year? I'll swap you for some of my homemade chocolates! :)

PJ said...

Hey Liz, are you coming to Moonlight & Magnolias this year? Some of us former Squawkees in the area will be there.

PJ said...

Oops! I just read J. Perry's post so. Hey, JP! Did you count me among those alums going to M&M? I'll be there too!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, PJ, I think you just made a DEAL!!! I usually turn up burdened with copious numbers of Tim Tams (for special people like, all right, I'll admit it, MISS KEIRA!) and Caramello Koalas which I give away at the signing to make sure I'm not Nigella No Friends there. I'm sure I can manage to squeeze in another packet for you in Washington. Wish you were coming to SF!

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Cool! Look what I just found out about Tim Tams via Google: "Tim Tams were first launched in 1963. They were named after a horse that ran in the Kentucky Derby in 1958." So there ya go. There's already been a horse named Tim Tam. :o)

And I can vouch for PJ's candy! It is soooooooo yummy. Gee, PJ's gonna be at M&M, too? Now I'm doubly tempted. Hey, PJ, are YOU going to be in SanFran?

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Oops. X-posted with Anna. So you won't be in San Francisco, PJ? Bummer. :o( Who else is going to be there? I can't believe it's almost here!

Joan said...

And believe it or not, IT IS TRUE. On July 9, you and your stiletoes can participate in a High Heel-a-thon.

LOL, Keira...MY high heels are comfy tennis shoes.

Did I just hear my CP partner TL shriek?

You want to talk about a race, go designer shoe shopping in NYC with Ms. TL....Wow!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Liz, how interesting about Tim Tam already being a horse! Whooda thunk it? Thanks for that!

PJ said...

Liz, I really wanted to go to SF but it just didn't work out for me and, believe me, that does not make me a happy camper. It's been way too long since Atlanta!

I am definitely planning to be at M&M. You really should come down!

Joan said...

It's been another great day in the lair. A great big Bandita thank you to Liz for joining us! We were honored, the cabana boys were honored, the margharitas were just right and Spiderpig? Well, he did whatever it is a....


We'll be announcing winners of Liz's fabulous prizes this weekend. Stay tuned...your horse just might come in!

Caren Crane said...

Liz, you should have been here when I did my crazy music blog post! Lots of discussion of alternative music that day. We share some faves! Currently giving love to The Mountain Goats and LCD Soundsystem. Love them!

In deference to Bruce Campbell, I think a thoroughbred should be named "Bubba Ho-tep". It has great potential.

Other contenders:
As You Wish
Long Kiss Goodnight
Trailer Trash
Hard Day's Night
Redneck Rodeo
Montezuma's Revenge
Kemosabe's Woman
Sting Operation
Giant Eggroll

See, late at night isn't a good time to do this. It starts getting a little wonky. Especially if you lead off with Bubba Ho-tep...

louisa said...

Hey, PJ! I am seriously considering attending M&M this year!

And I can attest to the fact that TimTams are FANTABULOUS!!!! Thank you, Christine Wells!

I am NOT ashamed to say that I ate the ENTIRE package myself!!

Dina said...

Sorry I'm late. I'd make my thoroughbred name Sassy Siren. :)

Caren Crane said...

Smoov, I see how it is now. The father and mother blend. Hm. My father: Whiskey and Soda. My mother: Sassy Mouth. I guess that would make me Sassy Soda or Whiskey Mouth...or maybe just the victim of a cruel celestial joke...

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

Oh, I can tell it's getting late. :o)

Dina, it's never too late to join in on fun!

Caren, you need to get together with Connie Brockway in San Francisco to discuss Bubba Ho-Tep. :o) Must check out Mountain Goats and LCD Sound System. I still have lots of room on my iPod. ;o)

A HUGE thank you to everyone for a fun day. And thanks, Banditas, for the invitation to blog. I had a wonderful time. Banditas rock!

Carol said...

'My thoroughbred name: Patrician Paladin, a heroic name for a
heroic champion' certainly show Paladin qualities yourself by saving the Tim Tams to share with others!

Anna Sugden...
'Meet Me in the Baaa!'that was a LOL for me! Love it!

Anna (Campbell)...
Luckily Anna, Bags of Holding usually don't hold live objects! mainly for swords, armor, jewels and tuxedoes...
cute little bathers too(Christine mentioned those one day!
So Storm...ummm can't hitch a ride!

Cheers Carol
ps. I have to learn how to do italics?

Ann M. said...

I'm not good with names... I guess I'm out of the running for Fast & Loose. I've loved the direction of your OPUS books. :)

Anna Campbell said...

Liz, thanks for a fantastic day in the lair. You've been such a fun guest, I hope you'll come back and see us again. And thanks for the music recommendations! Good luck with the new book - not that you'll need it! Sounds fantastic!

Keira Soleore said...

It getting to be that time of the day/night again. Pick up the GR, and pass him over to me, nice and easy, nice and easy.

Um, Louisa. Do you I know you?? The things you write are awfully familiar as is the voice, but perhaps I'm mistaken.

Liz, you've been such a MARVELOUS guest. I'm chatting with Barbara Samuel on Facebook right now. Are you two rooming together for the conference?

Keira Soleore said...

Joanie, I have some news for you.

Released: April 2008
Centurion Marius is a tough leader to his men, despite the shame that drove him from Rome. Delia is sister to an uncaring Corieltauvi tribal king, warrior queen to her people. The last thing she expects is to find herself craving the touch of an enemy. Thrown into the clash between 80,000 angry Bretons and 10,000 Roman soldiers, they find themselves on opposing sides, in love, and unable to stop the future. The revolution that sparked their desire...could now destroy them.

Keira Soleore said...

One final post on this thread...

Liz, I can't believe how well-behaved everyone was in The Lair today for your visit, especially given how rowdy (putting rugby hooligans to shame) they usually are. :)

Anna Campbell said...

Keira, you missed the metamorphosis of our Doglady. She's now Louisa!!! Yay!!!

Elizabeth Bevarly said...

I wanted to post a final goodbye last night, but thanks to storms, our Internet went out. So...

THANK YOU AGAIN, EVERYONE! For a Very Fun Day. (And, Keira, if Barb is going to National, she'll be rooming with me and Christie Ridgway, as usual. But I'm thinking she may be taking a pass this year. Tell her I said hi!)

Santa said...

I know I'm late and I know this you've all moved onto bigger and better things but I just wanted to say how much I adore Elizabeth Bevarly and her fabulous books!

This is my first visit to Romance Bandits but, rest assured, it won't be my last!