Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome Anna Louise Lucia and her Secret Guest

by Anna Sugden

We’re sorry for the extra security in the Bandita’s Lair this morning, but when you meet our special, secret guest, we’re sure you’ll understand why. I hope the hockey hunks and the sexy Romans weren’t too enthusiastic in their searches (and for P226 and our other male visitors, the elite team of RB security gals)! Flag down a cabana boy for a drink and make yourselves comfortable.

I’m thrilled to welcome my dear friend, super-talented Medallion author Anna Louise Lucia, whose debut novel Run Among Thorns is out this month (don’t forget you can order from Amazon by clicking on the book cover). It’s a thrilling read, that grips you from page 1 and won’t let you put it down until you’ve reached the end. RT gave Run Among Thorns a well-deserved 4.5 stars.

Welcome Anna

Thank you, Anna, *g* I'm delighted to be here! Thank you for giving me, and Run Among Thorns, such a great welcome!

Please tell us about Run Among Thorns.

Ah, well, Run Among Thorns is my first book – the first I finished, the first I submitted, and my first to be published. But it's by no means the first draft! It's been through a lot of changes (I put it aside to write several others before coming back to it and trying again) but there's one true constant: Kier McAllister, the hero.

You see, Run Among Thorns is my, "what happens if you fall in love with your enemy?" book. There were times I was tempted to tone McAllister down, make him less uncompromising, less overwhelming, a bit... well, softer. I'm glad I didn't, because if I had the heroine, Jenny Waring, wouldn't have had a hero worthy of her own strength.

Jenny gets involved in a hostage situation and kills three armed men. It's Kier's job to break her, to find out how and why she did what she did, but Jenny finds herself drawn to her enemy, and Kier, for the first time, begins to question himself more than his subject...

The reason for all the extra security today, is that you’ve brought a very special guest with you. Would you like to introduce him?

He's not much of a man for introductions. Folks, this is Kier. He's taken a moment after accepting this mission, before he heads off with Jenny.

Kier, welcome to the Lair.


Can you tell us a bit about the mission you’re on?


Ah. I should have explained we've been granted clearance–

Let me see. Okay. For the record, I don't think this is a bright idea.

We understand. This is in complete confidence, you can trust us.

I don't trust anyone. I just won't tell you anything you can do any harm with.

It's a straightforward job of the type I'm best at. We've caught CCTV footage of a woman taking out three armed men. The Agency want to know how she was able to do that, and more importantly how she caught them napping. They're supposed to know when highly trained agents are on their patch. She got through.

It's my job to question her. To break her cover and find out what makes her tick.

What makes you the perfect choice for this job?

I have... a knack. It's not a bamboo splinters under the fingernails job, I'm not a torturer, I'm an interrogator. Given enough time, I can find anyone's break point.

What makes me perfect? I'm the best there is. It's not a boast, it's just the way it is. Doubt, compassion, uncertainty – those are the weaknesses that can get you killed. I don't have 'em.

This is not a job for a man with a conscience.

Now that you’ve had a chance to meet Jenny, what are your impressions of her?

She's good. Great offensive moves, clean kills, and a great actress. The idiots here have been questioning her for thirty-six hours or so – I've seen tapes of the highlights. Her performance is consistent, designed to convince and provoke pity.

I've been studying her and she seems to radiate this fragile courage. If I wasn't certain it was an act, I'd worry... but I am certain.

Yeah. She's good.

I'm better.

So, is this a pretty straightforward case. Or is there something unusual about it?

Every case is different. You underestimate a subject and you put yourself at risk.

The only unusual thing about this case is the way Agency staff seem to be improving on their usual level of anxious incompetence. The sooner we're out of here the better.

I suppose you could say Jenny's unusual, too. English, no good reason for firearms or combat aptitudes, and that sense of...

No. Like I said, she's good. But I can break her.

After you leave us, I understand you’re heading off to Scotland. Do you have a place there and what’s so special about it?

The way I operate relies on isolating the subject. Denying them any privacy, any respite, any control over the most basic aspects of their lives. I find that easiest on my own ground.

The longhouse – that's a traditional, one-storey cottage - in Scotland is very basic. One room, stone floors, no road, no telephone. It puts things on my terms. And puts her under my control.

Many thanks for joining us today, Kier. I know you’re keen to get on with your job, but I hope you’ll be able to stick around a little bit longer to chat with all of us in the Lair. Good luck with your mission.

There's no luck involved. But sure, I can stick around, while they're sorting out the paperwork.

Anna, thank you for bringing Kier with you. He certainly is an exciting hero. I hope he and Jenny get through their adventure together safely.

Can you tell us more about Taking the Pith and Waggledance? And about the fabulous prizes you have for some of our lucky visitors today.

LOL! Well, one of the character's Kier meets in Run Among Thorns is Alan, Jenny's brother. Alan's a Brit, and a real-ale fan. Poor Kier's a bit confused by all the strange-named beers in Alan's house, but I promise you that every one is real – I haven't made up a single one! I'm not Taking the Pith!

But now it's your turn to do just that – make up a beer name. I might even be able to include it in Alan's story – Dangerous Lies – which is out next year. I haven't done edits yet, so I should have the opportunity to immortalise your made-up-beer in my next book!

Some of the beers I've used have come from a local brewery called Jennings. Their offerings include Sneck Lifter and Cross Buttock.... but can you do better?

Make up a beer name and post it in comments, I will pick the winner and:
1) Include it in my next book (subject to publisher's editing!)
2) Send the winner a signed copy
3) And include some bookmarks and Jennings beer mats in the package

I'll also choose a runner up, and send another signed copy, bookmarks and beer mats.

You can find out more about Anna at her website .


Joan said...

Golden Rooster Ale?

Joan said...

Ha! I know that that one's a given.

Hmmmm...let me think.

Selkie's Bone Beer?

That might be a bit much even for a guy like Keir...who btw I cannot wait to see taken apart by the heroine. His kind are always fun to dismantle :-)

Your book sounds great, Anna! Major congrats!

Anna Campbell said...

Legless in Gaza, Aldous Huxley's fave ale?

Anna Lucia, great to see you here. Can you tell us your call story? We ask all our guests to tell us about the day they sold. We can't get enough of those tales!

Actually, perhaps Tall Tales Ales?

Anna Campbell said...

Whoops, that was meant to be Anna Louise, not Anna Lucia!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Anna, welcome to the Lair.

Uh, I have a question for Kier -- can you interrogate ME?

Beer names, that's a good one. I don't drink so I'd be completely bad at this. Potable Potents?

jo robertson said...

LOL, Anna C. I was ready to burst into the song "Annaaaaa Lu cheee ee aa"!

Congrats on the rooster, Joan. I do think there should be an ale named after our mascot.

Joan said...

Potable Potents?

LOL, sounds like a Jeopardy category.

Yes, Anna. Tell us your call story.

Anna Campbell said...

For the GR, Eggless in Gaza?

Hey, Joan congrats on catching the bird!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Welcome to the Lair, Anna Louise!
And HUGE THANX to our V. Anna for inviting you and the taciturn Kier, who can interrogate me any ole time. Is there a line forming for said interrogation?

WTG on the GR, Joanie! Golden Rooster Ale is a GREAT NAME! Or Cock-O-The-Walk, or Far Flung Feathers. Okay, okay, I'll stop, except I must remind Jo-Mama that it's Santa Lucia she needs to be warbling about. ;-)

who thinks that cottage looks a lot like one I've visited in Ireland.

Lady Kate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine Wells said...

Oh, dear. That Lady Kate has been at my laptop again. SOrry!

Welcome to the lair, Anna Louise! Congrats on your new release. I love the sound of Kier. And thanks for a great interview, VA!

Snorked at that Cross Buttock beer. What about Sweaty Socks or Love in the Sand? (Banditas, remind me to explain that one to you later:) Or maybe Bandita Bitter. No, that just sounds wrong.

Congrats on the GOlden Rooster, Joanie!

flchen1 said...

Hi, Anna Louise! Thanks for coming to the Lair, and for bringing Keir--I agree with Joan, I can't wait to read how Jenny takes care of him :)

Beer names? I'm with Jo--not much of a drinker, so beer's pretty much a chili additive at our house. The ol' Trader Joe's special :)

Congrats on the GR, Joan!!

Louisa Cornell said...

Great interview, Anna and Anna! I LOVE the bit with Keir. Where is that interrogation line forming again, Jo?

Great Rooster Nab, Joan! Golden Rooster Ale sounds great!

Hmmm. Beer names from a woman who has NEVER had a sip of alcohol in her life. However, IF I make that first sale there is a bottle of champagne with my name on it and I will drink some from each of my finalist tea cups!

I love the sound of this book, Anna L. I love those stories where you have a guy, a girl and a remote location. Anything can happen!

Beer Names -

Bladder Buster Beer

Night Night Ale

Doghair Stout (as in "hair of the dog that bit you")

For the writers - Golden Muse Ale

or how about Black Moment Beer?

LongWayHome Ale


Jane said...

Welcome, Anna. If Kier's going to interrogate the Banditas, I want to be there, too.

Beer names: Full Moon Pale Ale

Minna said...

Blue Mountain Beer

Helen said...

Congrats Joan love that beer name and I am sure he will love having a beer named after him

Great interview Ladies the book sounds fantastic.Must get this book
As for a beer name how about Bubba's Brew (Bubba was my fathers nickname) and he loved a good drop.

Have Fun

Carol said...

Great snatch of the GR Joan!

Anna Louise um... how did Keir get into the interrogation business?
Sounds like another great series for the TBR pile...

My son got his dad a bottle of beer in Melbourne and it's simply called...

I'll go for

British Bulldog Beer (or BBB)
Lollylegs Lager for Ladies
Scottish Thistle for your Whistle

Cheers Carol

Maureen said...

Hi Anna,
I enjoyed your interview of your hero. My husband has brought home some beers with strange names over the years so my name is: Black Hog Beer

Caren Crane said...

Ack, JT! Have you built an extra room for the GR, you sneaky thing?

Anna L., welcome to the Lair! And Anna S., good job on, luring her in. *g* All I have to say about Kier is OH, MY!! We have discussed our penchant for alpha males before and Kier sounds Mighty Alpha. And Scottish! *thud*

My husband's suggestion for a beer name is "Closing Time", which I like. My suggestion is "Pants On Fire". *g*

I can't wait to get my hands on your book, Anna. Thank you for stopping by!

Caren Crane said...

Hey, Jo. My younger sister's BFF in high school had parents who owned a bar in Charlotte, NC. It was named Potent Potables. *g* Great minds!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, Anna Louise, it sounds like you really know your way around an alpha male! Our last guest said she lives with them and that's how she knows them so well. Where do you get your alpha male inspiration? Or perhaps do you have your own little cottage in Scotland, where you your heros? ;-)

I love the beer names, and I should be much more creative than I am, living in Oregon, the home of the microbrew. But not being much of a beer drinker myself, all I can think of is-

Light Weight Pale Ale

(describes me to a t!) :-)

Anna Lucia said...

LOL! Joan, yes, Kier was a lot of fun to take apart and put together again, under Jenny's influence. Thank you!

Oh LOL @ Legless in Gaza... and Tall Tales! Oh, gosh, my call story. Okay - let me respond to some comments, and come back with that, Anna, if that's ok?

You know, I had a bit of a wrestle with myself, writing Kier for Jenny... I wanted to keep him for myself!! Loved your rendition of that song *g* It's great being a Lucia - I have a saint, an island, and at least one mountain named after me... honest!

It's a very celtic kind of cottage, Aunt Cindy (do I call you that), so there are houses like it in Ireland, too... love Cock of the Walk! :-D

Sweaty Socks! LOL! The funny thing is, Christine, that Cross Buttock actuall comes from a wrestling throw. Cumberland (the old name for Cumbria, where I live) Wrestling is an old, traditional sport, which looks kind of wrong to modern eyes... men in tights with their underpants over the top, grappling with each other to achieve a throw! One of the throws is, "a cross buttock," so that's where it actually comes from. ;-)

It's funny, Flchen, because I really can't stand beer myself. Husband had to help me with that research (he's so selfless... ggg).

Louisa, for someone who's teetotal so far, you've definitely got the hang of this beer name business! Love them, especially Bladder Buster and Doghair Stout!

(A quick review reveals Husband's favourite so far is Sweaty Socks.... ;-) )

Full Moon Pale Ale sounds rather refined and delicate, Jane - lovely! :-D

Blue Mountain's one of my favourite coffees, Minna - wonder if I could make it a beer too? Don't see why not! :-D

Thank you Helen - I like Bubba's Brew, and I'm sure your Dad would have got a chuckle from it! :-)

Carol - ROFL at Piss! AHAHAHAAHAAAAA!!! Kier started out in the Marines, then got in to intelligence work. He was a bit of a prodigy, someone with an unexplainable knack for cracking open someone's mind. Each step took him closer to being the best in the business... and further from his own conscience.

Ah, Maureen, Back Hog sounds like a good, thick, winter beer... :-D

I like Closing Time, Caren! Sorry to say, Kier's not Scottish, although he does own property there. Sorry! But he is completely Alpha - and was utterly delicious to write!

Now, someone's going to have to explain about the golden rooster? I'll have to go digging... ;-)

Back soon, with my call story!

Anna Lucia said...

*sigh* I'm always cutting bits off my own posts while not paying attention.

That was SUPPOSED to start with...

Thank you everyone for the comments so far and the lovely welcome! I really feel like I've found a fun place to hang around.

And people who can really appreciate Kier McAllister.... ggg

There. That's better. ;-)

Anna Sugden said...

Good morning everyone (well, it's good afternoon to Anna L and goodnight to Anna C!)

Three Anna's on the blog! We're taking over the world!

Congrats to Joanie on the GR - it's her prize, Anna L, for being first one to post today. He's a well-travelled post. Selkie's Bone beer - like it!

Anna Sugden said...

Legless in Gaza - LOL, Anna C!

Jo - I think there's a fairly long line of Brit Packers ahead of you awaiting Keir's interrogation. Potable Potents is a fab name.

Anna Sugden said...

Snork - Eggless in Gaza. LOL.

Far-Flung Feathers - nice one AC.

Sweaty Socks - excellent, Christine. Rugby, one presumes ;). Do tell about Love in the Sand.

Anna Sugden said...

Flchen 1 - you're in for a treat with Run Among Thorns, I promise. Don't tell Keir, but he's totally delish all the way through. He earns Jenny by the end. *grin*

So, in the interrogation line - the one just for the Bandita's Lair - we have Jo, AC and Louisa.

Louisa - Bladder-Buster ROFL. That one is so true. And naturally we need Bandita Booty!

Anna Sugden said...

Like Full Moon Pale Ale - as Anna said - sounds very classy!

Adding Jane to the line.

Blue Mountain Beer ... sounds like the kind of beer Keir would like, Minna.

Like the sound of Doghair Stout - that one sounds totally genuine!

Helen - Bubba's Brew will go down well in the Southern USA!

Anna Sugden said...

Carol - great question about how Keir got into the interrogation business. Wonder if Keir would like to tell us, himself?

Lollylegs Lager for Ladies - perfect for the Lair!

Anna Sugden said...

I wonder which Black Hog you've named your beer after, Maureen? Is there a story there?

Caren - excellent beer names from you and your hubby! You know, I think Keir would get a big head, if he wasn't so cool and alpha *grin*

LOL Kirsten on Lightweight - it's a beer I know certain of my friends would definitely have to drink.

Anna Sugden said...

Anna L - tell Husband, he's such a good man for helping you so selflessly with your beer research! I'll even buy him one next time I see him.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Name for a beer?? Not a beer drinker myself but I have often seen the effects of it.
Hillbilly Home Brew
Appalachian Lightning Effect (A.L.E.)

Anna Lucia said...

Right, I took a moment to go get some coffee and a biccie, and now I'm settled back in... Cleo Kitty is on top of the stack of in-trays over my desk, and Minnie-Kitty is purring throatily on the windowsill beside me. I've an idea Pippi-Kitty and Chrissy-Kitty are on the bed in our bedroom...

My Call Story...

Well, let me tell you about that day. It hadn't been a good one. I'd been running late almost all day, trying to fit too many things in. One of those 'things' was a hospital appointment, and it hadn't gone well. Nothing serious, but frustrating and upsetting. When I got home, all I wanted to do was cuddle the kitties, and curl up in bed waiting for Husband to get home.

Writing-wise, I was pretty down. I'd had some near misses a couple of years before, but then it seemed like nothing I did went right, and, worse, I was failing to follow up good chances. I had a couple of things out at publishers, but they'd had them well over a year, and I wasn't holding my breath.

I'd always heard it said of writers, that if you can give up, you should. Well, in September 2006, it felt like I really could give up.

Then I got home after that awful day, checked my messages, and heard an American accent tell me that she was an editor at Medallion Press, and could I call her back?

I'd like to say I was overjoyed and ecstatic. Mostly I actually had hysterics! Complete, hyperventilating, running round in circles hysterics. I called a CP who pointed out that calling the editor back would be a smart move..

So I did.

They wanted to buy the first book I had written (though I'd written more since), which they'd requested after it did ok in the Romance Junkies contest in 2004.

Through my own slowness, and some staff changeovers at their end, the MS had taken 18 months or so to get to the right person. When it did, she said, "I've been waiting two years for this book."

The funny thing? I NEVER enter contests. I entered the GH once, didn't final, and entered the Romance Junkies contest because I wanted to support the site.

Wish I had the words to tell you how it felt to sell that book I loved so much. I really don't. I cried. A lot. I still do, if I'm honest, at milestone moments like seeing my author copies, holding my book for the first time, getting a great review. I'm crying now, as it happens. *sniff* I've been so very lucky!

My first 'near-miss' was a very, VERY near miss. One of the worst things about that was feeling like I'd let everyone down - everyone was expecting me to sell, and disappointed I hadn't.

One of the very best things about selling this book, seeing it published, and getting good reviews, is the wild excitement and pride it's generating in other people. That feels FANTASTIC!!!

There's a bit more about my sale on this wonderful, inspiring site for writers -

Feel free to ask questions!

Anna Lucia said...

Annas rule the world! ;-)

Oh, of course, I remember now the Golden Rooster! Neat first post, Joan! :-D

Love Appalacian Lightning Effect, Diana! (Did I spell that right??)

Amy Atwell said...

Hey, Anna!

I just finished reading Run Among Thorns (curse you, I literally woke up at 3:00 am and had to turn on the light and keep reading until I finished!) FABULOUS characters--and I even loved the John Dawson subplot.

Here's my two beer entries:

Sackbut Ale
Ruck & Scrum Ale

Anna Lucia said...

Thank you Amy! :-D In my first draft, John Dawson was a throwaway character, just serving a plot point. I really enjoyed working him up into his own sub-plot - I became really fond of him!

I love Ruck and Scrum!

Cheri2628 said...

Beer names?

Hmmm...Burpalot ;)

Ok, get serious, how about Rogue's Red?

Anna Lucia said...

Ooooh Rogue's Red has a ring to it, Cheri! I like it!

Louisa Cornell said...

The reason this T-totaler comes up with good beer names is because I have disreputable friends !!

Another name that comes to mind is

IDidWhat? Beer (Something I heard frequently after a long weekend in New Orleans after my friends had partaken of more than their limit of hurricanes and Voodoo Beer. I am sorry, but if the beer is BLACK coming out of the bottle, you KNOW what is going to happen!)

Louisa Cornell said...

Or how about WhoAreYou? beer for those mornings when one wakes up with a less than perfect stranger!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Anna L, OF COURSE you can call me Aunty Cindy! Everyone in the Lair does. ;-)

I LURVE your call story! It brought tears to yer olde aunty's eye too.

I'm totally loving these beer names. Sweaty Socks, Madame? (snorks) and Lollylegs Lager is sure to be popular here in the lair, along with Bandita Booty... Maybe Bountiful Bandita Booty? Not speaking from personal experience or anything. hahahahaha!


Anna Campbell said...

VA, we need an ANNA BANNA over the blog today, don't we?

Carol, I love the thistle in your whistle line!

Anna Louise, you're fitting right in! Of course, someone who talks so freely about alcohol mingles well with the empty margarita glasses on the floor. Speaking of which, isn't Demetrius on washing up duty tonight, Joan?

Anna Campbell said...


Anna Campbell said...

Anna Louise, what a gorgeous call story. To be so close to giving up and then finally selling? That's fantastic! Congratulations!

Do you live in the States? I only ask because I've been to the UK several times and just love it so I wondered if I'd been anywhere near where you live if you're a Brit.

Joan said...

Anna C said: isn't Demetrius on washing up duty tonight, Joan?

Uh, yes Anna but dishes. ("Yes, D I want the cherry blossom bubbles" (giggle) )


Anna Campbell said...

Joan, you wicked woman, you!

Beer names? What about Gladiator Gas? Or do we get a bit too much of that in the lair anyway?

Joan said...

What about Gladiator Gas? Or do we get a bit too much of that in the lair anyway?

Demetrius takes umbrage to that statement.....

Only when he's had too many olives.

Helen said...

Loving these beer names everyone I wish I had an imagination like you all have. There is a boutique brewery here in Australia that make all types of beer they even have chili beer not sure what it tastes like.

Love that call story Anna Louise. Keir really sounds so alpha and strong and Jenny sounds like just the right heroine to melt his heart.
Have Fun

Anna Lucia said...

AAAAHAHHAHAHAHHAAAAA!!! I love that, Louisa! I've heard that from people the morning after, too... ;-)

Hey, Aunty Cindy, all good Banditas have Bountiful Booty. And try that after a few pints of Lollylegs Lager... ;-)

Ooooh I'm enjoying myself here!

Hey! How come I missed the Margaritas??? I love Margaritas... *happy sigh*

I'm coming to San Francisco for RWA Nationals this year. From past experience, I'm guessing my cocktail consumption in a few days might well exceed my cocktail consumption for the rest of the year... ggg Of course, I'm a terrible lightweight, and don't drink much when not in the company of writers and romance fans!


I live on the edge of the English Lake District, Anna, up in the north west of Cumbria. Right now it's persisting it down with rain and the winds are gusting high, ravaging the sycamore and birch trees opposite me. There's an elder tree in the garden of the old house over the road, and the wind has rustled it so much, it's shed much of its creamy blossom, scattered like fairy's confetti over the gleaming wet road.

:-) I love where I live.

But I've also lived in the south, on the edge of London, and I know south west Scotland, the Northumberland Coast and York quite well, which is why Kier and Jenny turn up there.

*Averts her eyes* I'm not sure I should be looking at what Demetrius is doing with Joan over there. Demetrius! I'm sure she's clean by now!

Huh. Maybe not.


Louisa Cornell said...

Our Demetrius is nothing if not thorough, Anna Louise!

Someone once told a friend of mine that the reason I don't drink is because I get too much of a kick out of watching what others do while "in their cups!" I plead the fifth on that. A fifth of Bountious Bandita Booty, perhaps?

I am SO jealous of your location! I lived in England for three years as a child, Suffolk in a little village called Kelsale. The Lake District sounds fabulous!

Anna Lucia said...

Thank you Helen! You're right - Jenny is perfect for Kier. She doesn't so much melt his heart and force him to reconstruct it. He thought he was the best, but she challenges him to be better - a man with talents and conscience in full working order.

LOL Louisa! I quite like the drinker watching thing, too! And we have friends in Suffolk... their farm was where I learned to fire a shotgun, drive a 4WD and NOT dismantle a barn with a JCB... ;-)

Now, I'm afraid you ladies have beaten me. It's 10pm here, and I'm tired and wanna go to bed! But I'll be in in the morning (our morning), and again in the afternoon (your morning) and will pick the winners some time on Tues or Weds, to catch all the entries.

Anna S, is that ok?

Good night! And do let Demetrius out of that bath before EVERYTHING goes wrinkly....


Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Anna Louise, what a lovely place to live! Looking forward to meeting you in San Francisco!

Pat Cochran said...

Aussie Echoes Ale

Texas Tall Texan Brew

Golden Rooster's Dark Draft

Anna Louise, thanks for visiting
with us today. I'm looking forward to reading your book!

Pat Cochran

MaryF said...

Anna, I remember reading your remarks on eHQ, and what a struggle you went through with this book! My copy is on its way from Amazon - can't wait to read it!

Trish Milburn said...

Hi, Anna Louise. I keep thinking of the character Anna Lucia who was on LOST for awhile. :)

Let's see -- a beer name. I'm not a drinker, so I'm not up on crazy ale names. But I immediately thought of ones that could be named after a couple of real towns in Kentucky -- Monkey's Eyebrow and Possum Trot. :)

Anna Sugden said...

Hi all - I'm back - sorry I had to abandon Anna to you all ;) but visitors rrived who had to go into Manhattan. Thank you for looking after her so well.

Hrdwrkmom - love A.L.E.

Anna Sugden said...

Isn't Anna's call story so inspriational for us still-to-be's?! It still brings a happy tear to my eye.

Hi Amy - you're so right - Run Among Thorns is an all-nighter! And I loved John's sub-plot too. Ruck and scrum - love it!

Anna Sugden said...

Cherie2628 - ROFL - Burpalot goes well with Ruck and Scrum - or is my naughty past catching up with me *grin*?

Louisa - ahahhaaahahaha! Maybe it should be IDidWho? brewed by the Coyote Ugly brewery.

Anna C - Your travelling bias is coming through ;) We should have a pic of the three Anna's in SF - if you two talented ladies will let a wannabe hang out with you.

Anna Sugden said...

That Demetrius! Wasn't security duty enough for him, Joanie?

Louisa - we have two ends of England covered with Anna L in Cumbria and me (about to be) in Cambridge.

Anna L - it's persisting here in NJ too.

Pat - very creative - the GR will be honoured.

Hey all - found a great pair of GR ear-rings in Manhattan today. Will have to wear them in SF.

Anna Sugden said...

Mary F - your sale (especially of Hot Shot ... out now!) is another one that brings a happy tear to my eye.

Trish - Possum Trot! LOL. Love it!!!

Anna Sugden said...

Even though Anna L is snoozing, I'll be up for another few hours, so feel free to continue to add your beer suggestions.

And she will be back to answer any more questions before the GR crows!

Can't wait to see who wins the prize - so many awesomely creative beer names.

Cassondra said...

Anna Lucia, welcome to the lair. Sorry I'm late to the party today.

Hmmmm. Beer names....

Okay, I'll play.

Hey, Watch Me Do This!"

Good times in Grozny
(an oxymoron for those who don't know--this one would be popular with Special Forces and Agency types I'm guessing)

Lust In A Bottle

That's probably more appropriate for rum or tequila, but I'm not much of a liquor drinker....

Joanie, you had the Gladiators distract the GR while you grabbed him now didn't you? Fess up.

Joan said...

Cassondra, yes he was horrified, er I mean mesmerized by the sight of Demetrius scrubbing away....

Stunned the poor chook just long enough :-)

Anna Sugden said...

Hey Cassondra! Sounds like Good Times in Grozny is a suitable beer for Keir to try!

You'll notice me and my hockey hunks are keeping ... quiet.

Joan said...

Oh now, Anna S. I'm thinking your hockey hunks have had their share of beer and would have some great names to share....

Cheri2628 said...

In honor of this site, I think the beer should be called the Lusty Bandita. Can't you imagine someone at a bar saying, "I'd like a Lusty Bandita, please." ;)

Anna Sugden said...

Cherie - are we getting a rep? Rowdy and lusty?! LOL. Like it.

Joanie - you know now I'm going to be up all night ... researching beer names from those hockey hunks. Or is it the hunks who will be up all night?

Cheri2628 said...

Anna, you KNOW that this is one of the rowdiest places on the web! That's why I visit so often! :)

If we don't call the beer Lusty Bandita, it should be one of our signature margaritas...Lusty Bandita Margarita(it has a nice ring to it, don't you think?)

Carol said...

today, it's been such fun to read the Posts. Lol, Lol,
Asking for a Lusty Bandita!, well ROTF!

Everyone has been wonderfully inventive and sooooo Funny!

And um... LIE BACK AND THINK OF ENGLAND would work ok for the Ladies , But I think the guys would want their money back!

Cheers to all Carol (*g*)

Anna Lucia said...

Thank you, Anna C! I'm looking forward to meeting you, too! :-D

Thank you, Pat, and I love your beer names... especially the Tall Texan... mmmm ;-)

Oh, thank you so much for ordering, Mary! That makes my day. :-D eHarl was such a support to me - I learned so much there!

LOL Trish, yes, I kept tripping over her when I was setting up my website. It's one of the reasons I'm Anna LOUISE Lucia (although that's my real middle name, and Lucia is my maiden name, so it's still me *g*) LOVE Monkey's eyebrow... LOL!

Pffft, Anna S, any photo, anywhere! ;-)

Cassondra, Hey Watch Me Do This is brilliant! Sounds like you're speaking from experience, hmmmm?

You have a point there, Cheri - and there are so many lust banditas to choose from... :-D

Hasn't it been fun, Carol? :-D

Right, I have to go to work, but I'll be back later to choose the winners!

Anna Sugden said...

Cherie - we're thrilled you enjoy visiting us so much. We do try to make sure it's the best place to hang out ... even though we're really shy, retiring, demure gals LOL.

Lusty Bandita Margarita sounds like the perfect Lair drink.

Keep your eye out for the Bandita Booty post to see who has won Anna L's prizes.

And a big thank you to Anna for such a fun day.

jennybrat said...

Hmm, how about Bare Naked Buns?

Anna Lucia said...

LOL Jenny! I like that one, too!

Thanks, Banditas, for a great day (and a bit!). I'll be back...


Karin* said...

Ack, Anna I forgot you were over here this week! Bad, Karin!
Just wanted to say I'm very much looking forward to reading Run Among the Thorns! I know it's getting rave reviews. Much luck with it!

MaryF said...

Aww, thanks, Anna S! I need to hold your hockey books in my hand, though!