Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gwyn Cready in in the Lair

by Christie Kelley

Today we welcome Gwyn Cready to the lair. I met Gwyn at my first booksigning in Lancaster where I picked up her first book Tumbling Through Time. It was such a funny and wonderful time travel, I just had to invite her into the lair.

Hi. Thanks so much for letting me blog in here. I've never guest blogged before, so be gentle.

Seducing Mr. Darcy is the sexy, funny story of Flip Allison, an ornithologist at the Pittsburgh Aviary who, by way of a massage in which one can imagine oneself in one's favorite book, finds herself launched not just into Pride and Prejudice, but right into the arms of Darcy himself. She awakes from her massage restored and refreshed only to discover her fling with Darcy was not just a dream and, in fact, has changed everything about the book. She's forced to enlist the help of Magnus Knightley, an imperious, Darcy-like British scholar, to undo the damage before legions of Jane Austen fans revolt.

Do you have to be a Jane Austen fan to love this story? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt, but as long as you think having a quick fling with your favorite literary hero would be a hot prospect for an unscheduled afternoon (Oh, Jamie Fraser, why don't you ever call?), I think you'll be pretty happy.

My books tend to be funny, sexy and romantic, and this one is no different. I'll admit it did feel a little odd borrowing someone else's characters--and, believe me, there are pluses and minuses to dipping into an author as beloved as Jane Austen--but based on the squeals of delight I hear when I tell women the plot, I think I've hit on one of the mother lodes of female fantasy.

Here's a sexy
excerpt to whet your appetite. Trust me, you'll never think of Scrabble the same way again. I'd also like to invite you to visit the picture section of my website. I like to offer photos related to each story so that readers can see what was in my mind as I was writing.

People ask who I'd cast as the hero, and for me the answer is Colin Firth. Probably no surprise. He is who I had in my mind as I wrote both the Mr. Darcy and Magnus Knightley characters. What might surprise you, though, is that Firth was also who I had in mind when I was writing the two heroes from my first book, Tumbling Through Time, as well the hero in the book I'm writing now (working title, Stripped Bare.) One man, three books, five heroes. I really need to drop the guy a thank-you note.

I'd like to offer my own little contest. The first person to use the word of which I'm thinking, an everyday word but a word found in Regency or Jane Austen novels and usually associated with the hero, will win an autographed copy of Seducing Mr. Darcy. But you can't just add a comment with your single-word guess. You have to post a sentence that contains the word. Feel free to post as many guesses as you want into one post, so long they're all in sentences. If you guys don't get it by noon, I'll start giving clues.

Enough about me. Time for a hero!

Gwyn Cready: I'm lucky to have been able to arrange an interview with Magnus Knightley, one of the male leads of Seducing Mr. Darcy-- What is it, Magnus?

Magnus Knightley: I'm a little put off by the title.

GC: Any particular reason? Seems like a great title to me.

MK: It's… You know they didn't last.

GC: They? You mean Flip and Darcy?

[MK growls.]

GC: I think we'd better clue our readers in to the fact that our heroine, Flip Allison, has a brief relationship with Fitzwilliam Darcy before she meets you.

[MK growls again.]

MK: Is it really necessary to dreg up the past?

GC: It's going to be hard to sell any books if we don't. Why don't I start with an introduction? Magnus is the Isabella W. Reed Visiting Professor of English Literature at the University of Pittsburgh, on leave from Cambridge University. He is the author of five books on early 19th century novelists, including three on Austen. His latest, Jane Austen: The Pleasantness of an Employment, has been shortlisted for a National Book Critics Circle Award. It is a truth universally acknowledged that he is the world's foremost expert on Jane Austen and her times.

Is that about right?

MK: That's it.

GC: And I, of course, am the author. We can't give away too much, of course, but what do you think Jane Austen would have to say about someone upending her story the way Flip does in Seducing Mr. Darcy.

MK: I feel certain she'd been none too happy about it. I myself was horrified.

GC: Yet it brought Flip into your life.

MK: [smiling] There were upsides.

GC: You had trouble believing her story at first, that the book had changed.

MK: Wouldn't you? Besides, she conveniently forget to mention that she'd joined the action of the story herself--although, if she had I'm sure my strong suspicion she was barking mad would have moved to full-fledged certainty.

GC: Flip Allison is an ornithologist, a tree-climbing, bird-poop-wearing field ornithologist. You're a scholar writing in a proverbial ivory tower with not so much as a particle of lint on your freshly-pressed trousers. Did the sparks fly when you met?

MK: Fourth of July on steroids.

GC: Flip berates you for your infuriating British reserve. Why makes British reserve so infuriating, do you think?

MK: By infuriating, do you mean provocative? Flip might say she doesn't care for someone else getting the upper hand but I think one would have to agree that Scrabble scene suggests a somewhat different interpretation.

GC: You do have very large hands.

MK: Hm.

GC: How would you describe Flip Allison to our audience?

MK: Gorgeous, apocalyptically maddening, stubborn, intoxicating, pliant-thighed, smart as a whip and achingly kissable.

GC: Wow.

MK: Oh, and worth fighting for.

GC: I guess so. There's a whole part of the story where you and Flip are trying to mend the relationship of the other couple whose love story is played out in the book, Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Was that part fun?

MK: Fun? You Americans clearly have a different definition of the word than we do.

GC: Still, seeing the characters come to life you have studied for so long must have been fu--

[MK gives GC a sharp look.]

GC: Informative.

MK: I will admit it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. [templing fingers] Please God, let it have been a once in a lifetime opportunity.

GC: Any last words for our readers?

MK: Yes. If you're going to be borrowing a character for your own amusement, please return him in the same shape you found him.

GC: Thank you, Magnus. A treat, as always.

I'd like to offer my own little contest. The first person to use the word of which I'm thinking, an everyday word but a word found in Regency or Jane Austen novels and usually associated with the hero, will win an autographed copy of Seducing Mr. Darcy. But you can't just add a comment with your single-word guess. You have to post a sentence that contains the word. Feel free to post as many guesses as you want into one post, so long they're all in sentences. If you guys don't get it by noon, I'll start giving clues.

Gwyn Cready


Jennifer Y. said... it mine again?

As for the contest..hmm..."The dashing Golden Rooster and I have been having a grand time lately."

Is the word dashing?

By the way, I really want to read these books...they sound great!

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I was just telling people here in the lair that I wish there were more time travels and I am thrilled to see you here Gwen.

Gannon Carr said...

Curses! Foiled again by Jennifer and that naughty rooster!

I love time travels, Gwen, and I look forward to reading yours. They sound so interesting. "Diverting", in fact. Is that the word?

Jennifer Y. said...

Sorry, Gannon.

But please, don't rake me over the coals for nabbing the bird. I am doing my best to turn him into a reformed gentleman, but the little rogue is doing his best to foil my plans. So it might come down to a duel between me and the charming brains against his brawn.

I thought I'd throw in a few more guesses in bold...ROFL.

Helen said...

Well done Jennifer are you training him for something special

Welcome Gwyn great post thanks Christie.
I just read the excerpt and boy does this book sound good very different from what I normally read but I will be looking for it.
Magnus sounds very DEBONAIR and dashing a hero that appeals to me.

Have Fun

Kirsten said...

Intriquing contest Ms. Cready! I love it! :-) And the books sound fabulous!

I'd like to hear about your writing process. Are you a plotter or a pantser, or somewhere in between?

flchen1 said...

Ooh, extremely clever, Jennifer! How's that GR doing? You make quite a striking couple :)

I'm very glad to learn about your books, Gwyn! Thanks, Christie!

Elyssa Papa said...

Oh my god, I just read the snippet. That scene was hot.

And you're right, I am never looking at Scrabble the same way again. *g*

My mind is drawing a blank right now on the word... I'll think on it some more.

Helen said...

Mangus is oviously a RAKEHELL with a passion for scrabble and Ladies.

Have Fun

Christie Kelley said...

Jennifer??? What are you doing to that bird? Congrats again.

Christie Kelley said...

Jennifer...LOL. I loved your sentence.

Christie Kelley said...

Kirsten, I'm with you about learning her writing proccess. Her first book had so many plot twists I figured she must be a plotter.

Christie Kelley said...

Helen, good choices for the contest. Gwyn didn't tell me so I have no idea what word she's thinking of.

Christie Kelley said...

elyssa, isn't that excerpt great!

Gwyn Cready said...

No not "dashing," "diverting," or any of the other words so far, but I like all the ones you've come up with. I am a plotter. I guess it's sort of required anymore--I don't know about you, Christie--but my publisher, Pocket Books, requires me to submit a 5-10 page outline as part of the contractual process. I'll admit that's the hardest part for me. I think about every scene in the book and how they'll fit together for me. It takes about a month (I'm very slow), but when I'm done, the writing of the book is actually quite a bit easier.

Christie Kelley said...

Wow, a real outline? I just have to submit a synopsis for the next book. And my editor seems to know that the story may vary from the synopsis as needed. I'm more of a pantser and just plot out the big stuff-- first turning point of the story, first kiss, first love scene, and black moment. I don't think I could seriously do a formal outline and stick to it. :)

Gwyn Cready said...

Well, to be fair, Pocket probably only requires what you describe. I actually write a 20-25 page, single-spaced, scene by scene outline. A story comes to me as a hook ("Don't forget Oreos at the store. Hey, what if there was a guy who owned a bakery and wished he could duplicate ancient recipes of the emperors and ends up back in time?"

Donna MacMeans said...

Gwyn - Your book sounds fabulous - and fun - a great combination. I can understand the Colin Firth motivation. He does a great Regency hero. I haven't a clue to the magic word but will love to see it revealed.

Louisa Cornell said...

Jennifer, the Bwakarazzi are circling your house in helicopters! Can you feel the breeze? I can see the headlines "Feathers fly as Jennifer and Gannon fight over the dashing Golden Rooster's favors."

Great interview, Gwen, and Magnus sounds like one hot alpha male! I love the idea of messing around with Mr. Darcy! Was it fun to play with Jane Austen's characters?

Once you do an outline, do you tend to stick to it more closely than you would a synopsis? Does it make the process easier for you?

How did Flip manage to get through Mr. Darcy's RESERVE and PRIDE? Did her hoydenish modern ways incite any PREJUDICE in him?glorysmom

Louisa Cornell said...

Please excuse my misspelling your name, GWYN!! How could the daughter of a Welshman make that mistake???

Dina said...

Gwyn, your books sound great, I want to read them. :)

He was such a refined gentleman, the ladies stared shyly as he walked past.

Kirsten said...

Verra, speaking of synopsis, in the twelve minutes I have left before the kids wake up, I better git to workin' on mine!! :-)

Gannon Carr said...

My apologies for misspelling your name, Gwyn. I'll use being tired as an excuse. ;)

I find a BROODING hero very INTRIGUING.

jo robertson said...

Welcome to the Lair, Gwyn. What a clever and innovative premise you have in SEDUCING MR. DARCY! I love the whole idea of a modern-day women becoming embroiled in Austen's world.

Congrats AGAIN, Jennifer! And sneaky way to show off your word submissions!

Knightly sounds just like my favorite kind of hero, unbending and proper until he meets the feisty heroine.

rebekah said...

The only thing I can think of is in Sense and Sensibility when the sisters are talking and one is saying how she feels about Mr. Edward Ferrars. I find him quite AMIABLE.

Christie Kelley said...

Sorry I was gone for away. I had a real estate crisis come up out of the blue.

Donna, you area so right about Firth making a great regency hero.

Christie Kelley said...

Louisa, I can't wait to hear Gwyn's answer to your question about playing around with Jane Austin's characters. Knowing the regency readers as I do, it would scare me to death!

Gwyn Cready said...

Okay, here's the deal with stealing Austen's characters. I'll admit I was VERY nervous about it. People adore Lizzy and Darcy and have very strong feelings about them. I decided it would be okay under two circumstances: first, whatever I wrote had to grow out of love for the story. I hope that's come through clearly. I adore Jane Austen, re-read all the books every few years and I watch the movies, especially Sense and Sensibility (the Emma Thompson version), Emma (the Gwyneth Paltrow version) and P&P (I think you can guess which version) every year. So I felt like I checked that box.

The second condition was that if I was going to have my heroine mess around with Darcy, it better darn well be before Darcy and Lizzy have even met.

Actually, I guess there was a third condition. I needed to ensure I'd left the lovers as Jane Austen had, happy forever after.

The story I had in mind met those conditions, so I gave myself permission to proceed.

Okay, as for the contest. I love the words you're using. Here's a hint. The word is a thing. The word represents something used by the hero. And maybe it's just me, but the thing has alwasy struck me as kinda sexy.


catslady said...

Oh my. I'm never going to think of the Pittsburgh library the same way again. I live in Pittsburgh!!! I sure hope he doesn't have to Whip her into submission lol.

Sara Lindsey said...

Jen, congrats on nabbing the COCK. (Hey, it's something the hero uses, right?!)

Gwyn, this sounds like a fabulous book. I shall have to grab my FEATHERed quill to jot it down on my TBB list.

That Scrabble scene was so hot I had to use a CRAVAT (I keep them lying about the house) to wipe my brow.

The thing is the KEY, huh? I suppose I shall have to rack my BRAIN further (okay, hopefully that's something the hero uses) to come up with an object suitable for this NOVEL BOOK.

Gwyn Cready said...

Oh, you're getting warm. The thing is not quite as, er, dramatic as a whip (it's really nowhere near as dramatic.) It's a regular thing that would cause no comment, even if left on the coffee table. Okay, maybe you wouldn't want the thing on the coffee table, but not because your friends would look at each other and raise their eyebrows.

Are the rest of you Jane Austen fans out there? If so, I want to give you guys first peek at a lovely thing a site called DesignHerGals is doing to mark the launch of Seducing Mr. Darcy. It's not quite ready to go yet, so you really are getting an early first look., if you've never been essentially offers online paper dolls for grown-up gals. You create a customized image of yourself or a friend, choose clothes for your online "gal" to wear and select fun stuff like skis, pets, books, hats, etc. to finish the look. Then you can use the image for free in ecard you send from the site. You can also buy notecards and stationery (which I have done) with your image. A portion of their proceeds go to women with Stage IV breast cancer. They're a great place.

To celebrate the launch of Seducing Mr. Darcy, they will be offering a Mr. Darcy to stand next to the gal you create as well as Regency outfits for your gal to wear and, if that weren't enough, they'll be offering a little copy of Seducing Mr. Darcy for your gal to hold (though I can imagine, somehow, the Mr. Darcy being somewhat more popular than my book : ). When I checked last night, the book was available, and Jeanne Fitzmaurice, the lovely woman who runs the site, said the other items were coming momentarily.

It's very exciting. Should you choose to purchase Seducing Mr. Darcy, let me recommend you do it through their site as about $0.25 from every sale will go to help women with Stage IV breast cancer.

So check the site out. It's totally, totally fun, and they really do nice things for people that need help.


Gannon Carr said...

Hmmm, I must remember to use my RIDING CROP the next time I'm on a horse.

LOL, Sara on the cock comment!

Dina said...

My, didn't he look handsome in his SPENCER jacket and CANE?

Gwyn Cready said...

Ooooo! I just checked! Mr. Darcy is there! If you make a gal for yourself at DesignHerGals, click "Outfits," instead of "Tops" or "Bottoms," and you'll see the first outfit is a Regency dress and the second is a Regency dress with Mr. Darcy standing next to it. Woo hoo!!! I'm looking at my image, right now, standing next to Darcy. TOO MUCH FUN!


P.S. Riding crop is another good one. It certainly is a hot choice (whew! I go for Scrabble. You go for whips and crops, but I gotta admit, I like the way you think.) This is a more staid thing. It's actually less a thing than things. There's another hint : )

Jennifer Y. said...

Hmmm...a thing.

Sorry the GR distracted me as he rode by on his steed, which I believe might be a careful with that riding crop, Goldie!

That crazy bird has gone all out today in honor of this contest and is dressed in his Regency wear complete with knee breeches, gloves, a cravat, cloak and Hessians boots. He also has taken to using a monocle to view things through.

Silly bird.

Christie Kelley said...

Jennifer Y, you're cracking me up this afternoon and I need it.

Christie Kelley said...

I have a thought on the word but I'll wait until much later to see if anyone gets it.

Melissa said...

I just love the title, Seducing Mr. Darcy. I can't wait to pick it up. Great comments too. Right now I am finishing up on 3 Aces by Richard Ide and can't put it down just yet, but I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance/suspense.

Gwyn Cready said...

Jennifer Y has won!!

The answer is boots! I just love boots, and I especially love heroes who wear boots and nothing else, which, if you're in to that sort of thing, actually happens with Darcy in my story.

Jennifer, if you'd like to email me privately at with your address, I'll pop a copy of Seducing Mr. Darcy into the mail to you.


Dina said...

congrats Jennifer. :)

Jennifer Y. said...


Thank you so much! I'll e-mail you know.

Uh oh, I got so excited that I scared the poor horse, Goldie was riding on. The silly bird is foxed and when he fell from his horse, his secret was revealed...he is padding his calves and shoulders. He's taken this Regency thing just a little too far.

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh, and I can definitely see the appeal of boots.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Gwyn, WELCOME to the Lair! I heard a lot of great buzz about Tumbling Through Time.

Christie, thanx a bunch for kid... er, um INVITING her!

I too would like to know how much Gwyn varies from that very detailed outline. I've managed to do 6--11 page "synopses" for a couple of my books. Yes, it was torture for this pantser. And no, I did not stick to them once I got rolling with the story. So enquiring minds would like to know...


Christie Kelley said...

Congrats, Jennifer!! You deserve it with those witty posts.

AC, I'm with you and synopses being torture for those who prefer to be pantsers.

Buffie said...

Good Grief!!! It's not even 3 p.m. and Jennifer Y has kidnapped the GR again and won the contest!!!!! What's up with that girlfriend??!!??!! LOL

Gwyn, your book sound very interesting to me. I love time travel stories. Boots and scrabble bring to mind some very intriguing scenes :)

I'll definitely be searching out your book during my next stop at the book store.

Now, a question for you. What is the last book you read that you just couldn't put down? Oh, and it can't be one of yours :)

Beth said...

Hi, Gwyn! Welcome to the lair *g*

Great post - I love character interviews! Your books sound wonderful. Will you be at the Literacy Signing in San Francisco?

And who better to cast as a hero than Colin Firth? I can't wait to see him in Mama Mia ;-)

Congrats on winning the conest, Jennifer!

Gwyn Cready said...

Believe it or not, the last book I read I couldn't put down was the last book I read. Stephen King's On Writing. I've only read a couple of his books--It and Misery--but I can tell you that his thoughts on writing were excellent. He has a firm vision for how a writer should work. It should definitely be story driven (and you pantsers out there will like the fact he never works from an outline), and he likens the writing of a story to uncovering a fossil. He believes stories already exist, a writer finds them, and how the story turns out depends on the tools the writer uses to uncover it.

No sex in the book, but it's clear he's deeply in love with his wife, who's his first and best reader. He also talks about meeting her for the first time in college and being very enticed by the fact she wore garters (it was about 1970, after all.)

Anna Campbell said...

Jennifer! Seriously, people are talking! And you won Gwyn's book as well, you lucky duck! Congratulations!

Gwyn and Christie, what a great interview. I adore a good time travel. This book was already on my radar. It sounds like such a lot of fun. What a clever idea, Gwyn!

Louisa, the bwakarazzi? Snort! Or perhaps that should be bork!

Gwyn, I too love the boots in a Regency. I have a theory that's at least half the appeal of the period for writers and readers! Hmm, so if he's only wearing one boot, does that make it a quarter of the appeal?

Anna Campbell said...

Buffie, I've had some great books lately. I really enjoyed the Kathleen O'Reilly O'Sullivan brothers books (still got the third one Nightcap waiting for me as a reward). Loved Nicola Cornick's The Last Rake in London. Had a wonderful Madeline Hunter binge a couple of weeks ago reading Lessons of Desire and Rules of Seduction. Can't wait to see what I pick up in San Francisco!

Gwyn Cready said...

Oh, and in answer to the question on how much I vary from the written outline, the answer is almost not at all. I feel completely able to if I wanted, but I've just spent four weeks doing hard, scene by scene, twist by twist, plotting in my head that gets me from my hero and heroine's conflict at the beginning to the ending I have in mind from the minute the story drops into my head. I could deviate, and for a good reason I would, but when the outline's done, I have the bones of a great story. That's a pretty comfortable place to be.

limecello said...

Haha - too late for the prize, but not for the party, as usual. My first thought was "dashing" - but then I saw how that was wrong- and then that it was an article of clothing, and I immediately thought "boots" - but wasn't sure because I thought you meant it was a way to also describe the hero too [which I found odd] - so I thought "fob" - but that's not really a... very positive term?
Haha. Fun post.

Jennifer Y. said...

Okay, so I have a question...where did the name Flip come from? It's not a name you'd usually see for a heroine, but I like it.

Buffie said...

Gwyn, it is too funny that you mention Stephen King's book on writing. My father-in-law gave me that book a couple months ago. He keeps pushing me to write the children's book series that is floating around in my head, and he is always giving me writing books of one kind or another.

Did you do anything special to celebrate this release?

Buffie said...

Jennifer Y -- I think I know the reason why you keep getting the GR. You have already adjusted your body and sleeping habits to San Fran time. LOL!

Jennifer Y. said...

Jennifer Y -- I think I know the reason why you keep getting the GR. You have already adjusted your body and sleeping habits to San Fran time. LOL!'s funny you say that...someone told me that I needed to be prepared for the time adjustments going from the east coast to the west coast...but then I pointed out that I keep west coast hours anyway...LOL...I always have.

Christie Kelley said...

Jennifer, I forgot to ask that question earlier about Flip's name. It's such a different name I was thinking it might be a nickname.

Gwyn Cready said...

Flip is short for Philippa. Funny story. I had entered the building in NYC where my agent's located. The building is not large by NYC standards, and the agency I work with takes up the entire sixth floor. I step on the elevator and a man follows. He watches me hit the "6." He says, "You must be going to Sterling Lord." I nod. He says, "You work there?" I say no but add proudly (for I've never said this out loud before, especially to a decent looking stranger in New York), "I'm a writer. They represent me." "Ah," he says. "You must know Flip Brophy." I gaze at him blankly. My guise of being an important author is crumbling. " Is she an agent there?" He laughs. "She runs the joint. I'm her brother."

At that moment the elevator door opens and without stopping at the desk of the receptionist, who looks, by the way, like's she's about to have a heart attack, he strides across the waiting room and flings open what I presume to be Flip Brophy's office.

I look at the receptionist. "He's her brother," I explain.

And that's where the name Flip came from. I checked my contract. She'd signed it. Her name's Philippa. Philippa. Flip. Perfect name for someone who upends Pride and Prejudice, eh?

Helen said...

Congrats Jennifer you really deserved it

I loved the story about the name Flip.

Have Fun

Nancy said...

Gwen and Christie--thanks for the fun interview! Welcome to the lair, Gwen. Like Jennifer, I miss time travels, and this one sounds great!

Jennifer, this really, truly, is beginning to look suspicious. Now you're calling him dashing? What's up with that?

Gannon, better luck next time!

Congratulations on winning the contest, Jennifer! Gwen, I like boots, too. Besides looking cool, they're emblematic of an era in which heroes usually carried swords and confronted trouble at close range.

I would never have thought of Flip as a nickname for Philippa, but it's great. :-) Thanks again for stopping in, Gwen.

Jennifer Y. said...

I thought that might be the name it was short for...I really like it. Cool story!

I love when characters have interesting or fun names...and especially love when there is a story behind the name.

Christie Kelley said...

I love the story of the name Flip!

Darcy Burke said...

Really sorry to have missed the contest. Gwyn, I'm so intrigued by your book. Can't wait to pick it up. Your Flip story is hi-larious.

Gwyn Cready said...

Speaking of time travels, I think we're going to re-watch 13 Going on 30 tonight. That's one of my favorite guilty pleasure movie, and it always makes me cry when XX explains to Jennifer Garner, who's mysteriously popped back into his life and who doesn't understand (because she failed to live through it) that she dumped him as a buddy when she fell in with the cool kids in high school, "We're not friends anymore, Jenna." Oh, the heartbreak in her eyes, realizing the sort of person she'd have to have been to say good-bye to her best friend, and the pain in his eyes as he admits something that clearly still breaks his heart.

My top five time travel movies are:

13 Going on 30
Back to the Future
Groundhog Day
Field of Dreams

I'm also eager to see The Time Traveler's Wife when it comes out. What are your favorite time travel movies?

Gwyn Cready said...

Make that Mark Ruffalo, not XX.

Anna Campbell said...

Gwyn, my favorite time travel movie is SOMEWHERE IN TIME with Christopher Reeve. It's just heartbreaking and SOOOOOO romantic.

Love the Flip story!

Christie Kelley said...

I haven't seen 13 Going on 30 for a long time. I enjoyed that movie.

My favorite time travel movies:

Somewhere in Time
Back to the Future (number 1)
and I like the Philadelphia Experiment

I'm sure there are others but I can't think of any right now. Probably the paint fumes from painting the guest bedroom closet.

Pat Cochran said...

Oh, Amen on Somewhere In Time, Anna!
It and Love With A Proper Stranger
(Steve McQueen & Natalie Wood) are
among my favorite romance movies of
all time!

Thanks for joining us today, Gwyn, and Congratulations, Jennifer.
PS. Keep a close eye on your that
chocolate stash! Someone close to you (and we know who that is! LOL)
is a closet chocoholic! And, as I
must admit, so am I!!

Jennifer Y. said...

Frequency is one of my favorite movies. I just love that movie and how it shows how altering the past can affect things...because when I read time travels, I sometimes wonder what ramifications someone altering time would have on the world today. If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend it.

Kate and Leopold is another that I enjoy...classic time-travel romance.

jennybrat said...

Love 13 Going on 30 and Frequency too. Congrats, Jennifer!

Christie Kelley said...

Oh Jennifer, I competely forgot about Kate and Leopold. That was a great movie!

Gwyn, thanks again for joining us in the lair!

peggy said...

how about beau

Nancy said...

Gwyn, apologies for misspelling your name! I have a friend Gwen, and I think habit took over my fingers.

Gwyn and Buffie, I really liked Stephen King's book on writing, too.

On Time Travel movies, I liked Somewhere in Time and Kate and Leopold,, too, though I thought Meg Ryan needed a better haircut.

peggy said...

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for me.
this meeting is about debutante

Kate Carlisle said...

Welcome to the Lair, Gwyn. Sorry I'm late but it looks like the party's still going on! Sven, I'll take a pina colada, please. :-)

Gwyn, I can't wait to grab a copy of SEDUCING MR. DARCY and start reading. I haven't even read the excerpt yet but the plot sounds like my cup of tea. I love time travel!

Jennifer, congrats on winning the contest and snagging the bird once again! Hey, wait a minute. Are those feathers sprouting on your head? Hmmm...

I'm off to read that hot excerpt!

M. said...

Ha ha!....on the post and also on the unusual comment invitation! I'm all about the unusual. So here goes:

"His HESSIANS were the only ones not polished to a mirror shine, and his CRAVAT the only one whose folds were neither SNOWY nor in the MATHEMATICAL."

"He tried to look DEBONAIR but ALAS, did not succeed due to the PRODIGIOUS amount of ALE QUAFFED."

I'll admit I have no idea whether any of those terms are stricly Regency but it was fun anyhow.