Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whose Shoes Were Those?

by Jo Robertson

Hi, readers, just so you won't stumble in shoe ignorance forever, let me tell you who's wearing what shoes in the photos from Annabelle's Bistro.

Scroll down to the bottom of Wednesday's blog. In the top photo, Bandita Kim, aka KJ Howe, is wearing red patent leathers with an ankle strap. Tres chic!

Next, we have Tawny Weber wearing beautiful red strappy shoes. These actually look quite comfortable!

And finally, there's Vrai Anna Sugden in a gorgeous pair of black and white wedged shoes with a peep-toe and a running-stitch ribbon around the edges. Rumor has it that VA chose the shoes to match the restaurant's tile flooring, but we couldn't confirm that. However, Vrai wore a lovely hot pink polkadot pair of shoes to the Bandita Bash Wednesday night.

Everyone looked beautiful in her shoes, but by the end of the day, I envied those conference attendees who'd worn sensible and sturdy tennis shoes. My blisters have blisters on them!


Helen said...

Thanks for letting us know who had what shoes on Jo I guessed them all wrong LOL

Keep having fun


Pat Cochran said...

Thanks, Jo,

I WAS still puzzled about the shoes!
Now we know, and I for one, would
love to see those hot pink polka
dot shoes!

Pat Cochran

Helen said...

I am with you Pat I want to see the hot pink polkadot shoes they sound amazing.

Have Fun

flchen1 said...

Ooh, those are lovely shoes! And congrats again on the GR, Helen! What are his plans today? ;)

Carol said...

Hi, Wow I actually guessed one right! 1/19...well! no stack of autographed books on our guesses!

I too want to see those polkadot can't disappoint your loyal camp followers Jo...

Cheers Carol

Helen said...

Well 2 year old Jayden is staying tonight so he will keep him busy he is already running around the house with his pirate hat and eye patch on chasing him the GR keeps looking over his shoulder at him LOL.

Have Fun

Carol said...

Helen...if the GR has been at your house WHO was this?

Joan reported:
The chook has been going wild here in SF and I've noticed him running with wild abandon to Susan's room...a LOT>

I don't know, but I think he's playing favorites.

One of them is an Imposter!!!
Do you think your one could be the GR's cousin/younger sibling! Perhaps you may need to check his credentials.I suggest trick questions!

Or is the GR at the conference some sort of con-chook, fooling everyone ...(especially Susan by all accounts)
My Goodness there is trickyness afoot!

Cheers Carol

Carol said...

since there has been no new post...ladies all exhausted with the conference, no doubt!
I'm assumming you still have the GR with you! (hopefully the "real"one.

Now I've chatted with the cabana boys and they happy to have a change of pace...
Here's what they have come up with!

VIENNA SOOTHER (non-alcoholic)

• 4 oz. coffee
• 2 oz. cream
• 1/4 oz. chocolate syrup
• 1/4 tsp. Cinnamon

Mixing instructions:
In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add strong coffee, cream, cinnamon and chocolate syrup. Shake and strain into a tumbler. Top with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

CINDERELLA (non alcoholic)
• 2 oz. Club Soda
• 1 Dash grenadine
• 1 oz. lemon juice
• 1 oz. orange juice
• 1 oz. pineapple juice

Mixing instructions:
Mix all juices with ice, shake well and pour into glass. Add Club Soda and then add grenadine. Decorate with slice of pineapple and/or orange.


Now PJ...what can you suggest to go with these?
Cheers Carol *clink*

Buffie said...

Wow, guess I was off base! I think I would probably be one of the gals in the sensible, comfortable shoes.

Hope Jayden has a great time with the GR!!!! I'm currently reading a book where Jayden is the name of the hero.

PJ said...

I just watched the RWA segment on The Today Show. They had footage from Wednesday night's booksigning and I saw Bandit Donna! Too cool!

terrio said...

Now I know I was tired Wednesday, I didn't even notice Vrai Anna's shoes!

Hello everyone from a Bandit Buddy who is on cloud nine and still sailing on her Tim Tam sugar high. These ladies are just as awesome as I knew they'd be. Though that Christine Wells is a total chocolate pusher. You have to watch her.

Carol - that Cinderella drink sounds pretty good. I love that y'all have worn those poor boys out so much they're begging for non-alcoholic drinks. LOL!

I have seen the rooster over here. He's an interesting fellow but AC is keeping him in line with her crop. Seriously, it's quite intimidating.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

See??? I told you all the GR was still into his covert operations mode. He may have had himself cloned just for the the conference. Will the real GR step forward please??

I knew one of those pairs of shoes had to be Tawny and red just suits her to a "T"

limecello said...

Thanks for letting us know about the shoes :)
You poor thing, Jo - grab some bandaids!

Joan said...

Oh good...the BB's left in the lair are already on top of the {deep booming voice} The Mystery of the Two GR's,

I'm leaning toward the evil twin hypothesis. Hm. Maybe we should ask Susan...

I suggest we get p226 to help in our ahem, investigation. Quick! Someone send up the Badita signal to get him to come!

BTW, all of us Banditas were so happy to finally meet our BB's. Terrio, Terry Odell and I MISSED louisa!!! Though I hear congratulations are in order.....

And how cool that Donna was on the Today show! Man, I'd loved to have seen that....but that entails getting up early doesn't it? Ugh.

Well off to a few workshops!

jo robertson said...

The pink and white polka-dotted shoes were gorgeous, Pat, and Vrai Anna assures me that if shoes are well made, they are comfortable no matter how high the heels are.

jo robertson said...

Carol, thanks for keeping us entertained with the delicious-sounding drink recipes.

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Helen.

Great shoes. I would definitely need a foot massage after a night of partying in heels.

Helen said...

The GR here with me is the real one I am sure I think as someone suggested that he has been cloned and has probably got built in devices for spying on the Bandits in SF LOL
Jayden has kept him busy they are just about to have breakfast weet-bix and banana and some chocolate milk.

Carol I am loving these drinks you are getting for us can't get enough of them.

Terrio sounds like you are having a ball and I am sure the GR you have with you is cloned !!

Buffie must be a good book with Jayden in it my Jayden is a red head and in to everything at the moment !!

I agree Joan you may need p226 to question the GR that is with you girls in SF.

Have Fun

Carol said...

Helen you are doing a marvelous job keeping the GR Downunder!

Yes I think you have the real Imposter surely would not happily have weetbix...

The one in SF must be a Blow In...saw a chance for the limelight, a bit like that movie with Leonardo...Catch me if you can!

Joan your experience with the Romans has given you extra powers of detection!

Have another great day/evening Banditos!
Cheers Carol

Pat Cochran said...

I'm in agreement with Joan and Helen's suggestion to solicit p226's
assistance in the GR investigation.
I would prefer knowing whether we are
allowing either a rascally GR or an
evil GR into our homes! (LOL)

Helen said...

I am sure the rascally one is here at my place Jayden has just gone home so he is resting at the moment the one in SF really needs to be watched !!

Have Fun

Keira Soleore said...

Here's the online link to The Today Show segment.

Keira Soleore said...

It was very nice seeing fellow buddies Amy Andrews, Louisa, Terri, and TerryO.

I don't think I've heard as many Australian voices at National before. Sure makes for a fun audio adventure around each corner.

Tomorrow night are the RITA/GH awards for which many of the Banditas are nominated. Let's all cross our fingers (toes, eyes, legs, feet, everything possible) and pray for them all to win.

Natalie Hatch said...

I want Sudgeons shoes... they look fantastic, throw back to the forties... I'm in a forties mood at the moment, where did you get them?

Natalie Hatch said...

Oops sory Vrai, didn't spell your name right... but you all know who I meant.