Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Day After ...

by Anna Sugden

No, I'm not talking about being hung-over after a wild night ;) I'm talking about the day after Twelfth Night.

Here in England, it is tradition that all Christmas decorations be down by midnight on the 6th. If not, it is believed that bad luck will live in your house ... or gremlins will set up home (and we know how dangerous they can be!)

Anyway, for me, the 7th is always kind of blue. No more twinkling lights. The decs are all packed away in boxes for next Christmas - which seems sooo far away. The Christmas music has been put on its special shelf in the cupboard.

Of course, I don't think it helps that the nights are long - it's dark until late in the morning and dark at 4pm. And it's cold! Somehow, cold seems more romantic over Christmas!

Plus, there's that general post-holiday, 'drunk too much, eaten too much, got to get back to normal' malaise.


This year, I followed my usual tradition of watching one of my DVD presents while I take down the decs. My choice was Mama Mia! What a difference it's made! All that bright light and exuberance ... not to mention all the songs you can bop along to. Somehow, Twelfth Night didn't seem quite so bad when you've been jiggling along to Abba *g*.

A new tradition has been started - always play Mama Mia for taking down the decs! It works!

So, for all those of you suffering from the post-holiday miserables, the winter doldrums and cold, dark day grumps - not to mention the back-to-work blues, I thought we could have a little Mama Mia fun on the blog today. (I know our friends Down Under or in the southern states have been basking in glorious heat and sunshine, but play along!)

Abba is on the turntable, here in the Lair. We're going to don our favourite and most outrageous Glam Rock outfits (for today we all have the body of a super-model - except for P226, who may not want that *g*) and as Dancing Queens (again, except for P226!) we're going to Voulez Vous and Chiquitita the blues away.

For one day only, you can squeeze into those skin-tight silver body suits and fluorescent mini-skirts. And you can totter around in those sky-high, glittery platform soles.

The cabana boys, Romans and hockey hunks are ready with the drinks (and to ease away any post-holiday aches!) ... so get ready to party!!

Tell me what your outfit looks like and which your favourite Abba song is ... then grab a drink and a partner and ... go for it!

As an extra bonus, I have a prize for the best/most outrageious/most fun outfit! You can win a copy of our very own Anna Campbell's Tempt The Devil!


Virginia said...

Is he spending the day with me again. I think he likes my cookies!

Virginia said...
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Keira Soleore said...

Missed again! Virginia has the awesomesauce.

Keira Soleore said...

Why stop short with silver? I'm gold lame (acute 'e') all the way, baby. I shine, I glitter, I should hie myself off to bed.

Target called. Much excitement. TTD is on hold for me. At our house, Target is second only to Disneyland. Glory be.

danie88 said...

So if I lived in England right now I would so be in trouble because we still have our christmas decorations up... :/ sad i know lol

okay so I wasn't even born yet when ABBA was "hot" and i hardly know any of the songs... the only ones I know are "Mama Mia" and "Dancing Queen"... so I'm just gonna wing it on the whole outfit description... forgive me if don't get it right...

since we all get "model bodies" today (woohoo go us!)im gonna go with the go-go boots in white with a hot pink mini dress with the long... i think they're called fan sleeves... with a BIG white belt to match the gogo boots... oh and a lot of big bracelets and some necklaces too... oh and a white head band too... :D

my favorite song... hmm... Dancing Queen... love that song :D

Natalie Hatch said...

Rock Me and Does Your Mother Know... The girls were given SingStar ABBA for Christmas so we've been singing and singing and singing. I love it, my husband thinks it's time for him to move out. That's only because we beat him every time he takes a turn.
As for my outfit. I have to go with the white shirts with kitten emblazoned upon it. Baby when they originally wore those I was sooo excited (i was only 4 at the time). I wanted that outfit with the high legged boots, short shorts and long white t-shirt sooo badly. My mum said no. Darn it all.

limecello said...

Congrats again, Virginia!

Heh - dancing queen - and considering it's 2:27 am... my outfit is tame. PJ's all the way! And if I could get away with it I'd wear them in public. :P Sadly, that's only "ok" in college.

Helen said...

Congrats Virginia he does like sweet things

This is going to be fun Anna I took my decorations down on 2nd Jan and they are all packed away the Chrissy CDs are away as well and I went back to work today after having just over 4 weekes of work and it was sad I really missed picking up my book and playing with the grandkids never mind I need to earn money.

Abba, I was around big time in the glam rock days of the 70's and loved them but I gotta say Abba was never one of my favourite bands now slade big time favourites but as I have got older yes I do enjoy Abba's songs they bring back lots of memories one of my favourite Abba songs is Fernando and Money Money and as for an outfit I used to wear flared denim jeans that I had sewn sequence all over and sparkly T shirts and the make up was Yardley pot o gloss with glitter all over it as well black nail polish with silver glitter on top.
This is going to be a fun party

Have Fun

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Virginia.

If we're all going to have a supermodel body today, my outfit would be Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman outfit. I'm not sure about the headband/tiara, but I am definitely wearing the flag cape and the bullet deflecting bracelets. I will also complete the outfit by carrying the Lasso of Truth. My favorite ABBA songs are "Fernando" and "Dancing Queen."

Anna Sugden said...

Congratulations, Virgina - I'm LOL at the two attempts to ensure our golden rascal is with you!

Anna Sugden said...

Pipped to the rooster again, Keira - you need a quicker trigger finger, methinks! *g*.

Yes on the gold lame (acute e) - so is it a micro-mini or skin-tight leggings?

Yay on TTD - the pigeon bringing mine is still flapping somewhere.

Anna Sugden said...

Watch out for those gremlins, Danie! LOL.

(sticking fingers in ears so I can't hear that you weren't even born when Abba was around!)

Love the outfit - sounds perfect. The hot pink mini-dress with the fan sleeves is great. The belt and the go-go boots are groovy *g*.

Anna Sugden said...

Aww Natalie - mums can be so down on fashion, can't they. I remember a pair of black patent leather shoes (Mary Janes) with a pink rose on them that got the thumbs down from my mum.

Hey, even then it was all about the shoes.

Cute outfit - perfect for the party!

Anna Sugden said...

PJ's work limecello - but they have to be glitzy! What about the cool shoes or boots? Come on Dancing Queen - spill the beans *g*

Anna Sugden said...

Ah, my fellow Glam Gal, Helen. I'm so glad to know there is someone here who remembers those days!

Funnily enough, I wasn't a big Abba fan back in the day either (too polished) - I liked Slade and Sweet ... and of course I was big into Punk. Abba have crept in over the years and I love them now.

Love the flared jeans with the sequins and the sparkly t-shirts - very glam.

Hugs on missing your grandbabies.

Anna Sugden said...

I LOVED that Wonder Woman outfit, Jane. LOL. It was so cool. Especially the boots and the bullet-repelling bracelets.

I'm putting Gimme Gimme Gimme (a man after midnight) on the turntable - so grab a hunk and boogie!

Christine Wells said...

LOL, too funny, VA! Well, since we're taking down tree decorations and all, I think I'll have a costume of tinsel in strategic places;) (We are talking supermodel bodies, right?) and a cape made from Santas fur-trimmed jacket and a head band made from an angel's halo and my shoes will be Christmas stockings with platforms carved from yule logs. Can you tell I've been drinking red wine with my Peking Duck tonight? Seriously, not a great combination...

I'm sorry to be unoriginal, but Dancing Queen is definitely my fave ABBA song.

Looking forward to reading what everyone else has to say!

Anna Sugden said...

Oooh Christine - fab outfit and very seasonal too! Have some more red wine!

I'm going for the dual patriotic look with a sequin-studded Union Jack micro-mini dress, silver glittery hold-up stockings and Stars and Stripes platforms. Maybe I'll add a glitzy headband with a bejewlled koala on it, in honour of all of you Down Under.

Caren Crane said...

Virginia, snaps on another day with the Golden Rooster!

Anna, I adore ABBA and have tormented my family with my ABBA Gold CD for many, many years. It was THE music when I was a little girl and I adored it. I still do!

I didn't actually get to wear any of the cool disco-era wear, but I had dreams about it. I would go strictly Solid Gold Dancer: Flared, spacesuit mini, thigh-high gold boots with platform heels, an orange shiny nylon halter and a midriff-baring gold mesh jacket with long, flared sleeves, no closures or collar, with tiny ties to cinch it around my svelte waistline.

The hair would be hot rolled until it was about a foot high, teased and shellacked! Add saucer-size hoop earrings, peacock blue eyeshadow, outrageous fake eyelashes, lip gloss and gold dust on the cheeks (my mother had gold dust - it was the coolest!).

I would be ready to get my disco on to "Man After Midnight" and my personal favorite "Waterloo". *sigh* Must I go to work?

Caren Crane said...

And Anna, the decorations are still up. We wait until Epiphany...and then for the weekend after Epiphany!

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi VA!

I took my decorations down early, because we were going on a trip and I couldn't bear the thought of coming back to face the job!

I love ABBA. Waterloo and Does Your Mother Know both land high in my list. And Chiquitita, too. My outfit? Hmmm, the hair is big, natch! The skirt is high and the boots are higher. Maybe something in a sparkling blue?

This could be the brightest party ever in the lair! What will Joanie's Roman boys think?

Anna Sugden said...

Ah Caren - we are sisters under the gold dust!

The outfit is awesome - and will so suit your tall svelte body! I can see the influence of the Incomparable Claudia Dain in your whole co-ordinated look - make-up and jewellery too.

I think you should call in sick. I'm sure one of the hunks can admninister to you *g*

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Deb!

I can sympathise - somehow having to take down the decs when the holiday is long past is even sadder than normal.

The sparkling blue definitely suits you!

Joanie's Roman boys should appreciate all the gold and glitter and bare flesh ;) My hockey hunks certainly do.

Anna Sugden said...

Caren - I think the Jan 6th tradition comes from waiting until Epiphany - but I'd guess that now all most people know is that they have to get the decs down by midnight. There's even a reminder on the evening news!

Louisa Cornell said...

It's definitely the cookies, Virginia! Watch out! Keira may go stealth on you and snatch him away!

Good heavens the air is thick with the scent of Aqua Net and Charlie cologne today!! Someone please turn off that ceiling fan before it catches my hair - teased, spiked, moussed and sprayed to the max.

Blue and white eye shadow and enough mascara and eye liner to make a raccoon run away in fright that's me!

Purple spandex jump suit with a bra that pushes everything up and almost over the zipper at the top. Big gold belt to match the gold studs on the spandex. Platform gold boots with purple leather fringe at the top. HUGE bell fan sleeves slashed to show the 20 bangle bracelets on each arm. Earrings - Golden Roosters of course, life-sized. And a shoulder wide capelet of faux Golden Rooster feathers. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that BLING!

Favorite songs ? Waterloo and Winner Takes It All!

Anna Sugden said...

OMG Louisa - English Breakfast Tea all over the monitor! Life-size Golden Rooster ear-rings and the capelet of faux GR feathers! ROFL

jo robertson said...

Wow, Anna, if my decs were supposed to be down by January 6, I'm in big trouble! Actually, they're down, just not UP (specifically in the rafters in their specially marked boxes). For some reason Dr. Big can get them down just fine, but has the devil's own time getting them back in their proper boxes.

Okay, ordinary as it sounds, I'm wearing the perfect fit of jeans, the kind that make your tummy flat and hug your butt with a tiny pucker beneath hips. Oh, and a sleeveless. I haven't worn sleeveless for decades!

Yay, Virginia, the rooster definitely likes your cookies!

Treethyme said...

I purposely left mine up late because I put them up late -- we were out of town the first two weeks of December.

And this year I am going to get some clear bins to pack away everything, so next year I won't have to dig through a million boxes to find what I'm looking for.

Didn't get any DVDs for Christmas, but my husband and I went out and bought Love Actually when we realized the copy we had watched in the past belonged to our daughter, and is now in Florida with her. That's a great movie to watch over the holidays (or any time).

Also rented Christmas in Connecticut which so did NOT live up to my memories of it. Everything about it grated on my nerves. Needed to go read a Christmasy romance (Christine Merrill's A Mistletoe Wager was my pick that night) to recover my perspective.

I don't care what the reviews say, I loved Mama Mia! My husband and I had seen it in Vegas a few years ago, and it was a lot of fun. But it was a lot MORE fun to see the movie with a bunch of my girlfriends, after going out for fancy umbrella cocktails first.

We all thought it would have been even better if we'd come in costume, a la Rocky Horror Show, and had a whole theater full of woman "of a certain age" sipping cocktails while wrapped in feather boas and tottering in ridiculously high heels while we drooled over Pierce Brosnan et al.

Beth said...

All of our decorations were put away over the weekend except a few outside lights. I'll venture out when it's not quite so cold *g*

Not sure what my outfit would look like but it'd probably be red and sparkly and of course, I'd need a pair of gorgeous boots that went up to at least my knees and had platform heels :-)

My youngest and I watched Mama Mia over the holiday vacation and loved it! I'd say my favorite ABBA songs are Take A Chance On Me and Does Your Mother Know.

Anna Sugden said...

Hmm, I'll have to check the rules for gremlin invasion. I think you're okay as long as they're down, Jo. *g*.

I know how Dr Big feels - the decs never fit into the same boxes they came out of.

And who invented the carton and plastic gizmo for Christmas lights?! I've never yet been able to get them back in that stupid device - they always wind up wrapped around the box.

To paraphrase, we can put a man on the moon, but we can't find a decent way to store Christmas lights?!

Anna Sugden said...

Good thinking on the clear bins, Treethyme! I wish I'd thought of that. I used left-over packing boxes from our move and fluorescent stickies.

I adore Love, Actually - what a fab feel good movie that is.

I'm sorry you didn't like Christmas in Connecticut - it's still one of my faves. Which version did you rent? (I can't stand the remake with that awful Dyan Cannon!)

What a great idea to have everyone turn Mama Mia! into a cult movie like Rock Horror. I'm all for the platforms and feather boas (though I wouldn't inflict the micro-mini on the rest of the audience LOL).

Anna Sugden said...

Red and sparkly - oh yes, Beth.

I can see that Tawny and I are luring you over to the dark side - or is that the cool boots side LOL.

Susan Sey said...

Hey, Anna! What a great idea! I've been feeling kind of punk lately (feeling-wise, not style-wise), & a day full of silver lame & leg warmers might cheer me right up!

I think I've go full eighties--assymetrical haircut, bat-wing silvery shirt, an armful of gummy bracelets & heck, a big day-glo bow in my hair. Polyester pants full of zippers, too.

Mmm.. I feel better already!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WOW! The Lair is rocking with platforms and glitz! (AC dusts more glitter over Demetrius & Company)

I saw Mama Mia on the plane and didn't care for it. Or maybe it was the screaming toddler two rows over that I didn't care for...

On our last cruise, the ship's company did a tribute to ABBA that was a TON O FUN! So I'll just borrow my outfit from their costume closet... Glittery white spandex pants, silver-white lame (acute e)top with the HUGE bell sleeves and enormous silver belt to pull the pieces together. Platform white boots tall enough for me to ALMOST look my 6'5" DH in the eye. And the finishing touch, a GINORMOUS NEON PINK afro wig!!!!

Favorite songs: Money Money ('s a rich man's world!) and Take a Chance on Me

Oh Cabana boys! I need to refresh my silver white eye shadow!


Cassondra said...

Hmmm...Could I go a combination of 60's and 80's and punk?

Lessee..I think maroon purple stripes in my hair, my bangs spiked and hairsprayed into pointy daggers....

clothing....hmmmm....I think I want silver lame and death metal leather with silver spike things on bracelets and boots--except the leather bracelets and boots would be WHITE and shiny. Patent leather. Silver sparkly powder dust all over my skin. Silver lipstick...oh yeah...and I already wear hoop earrings the size of saucers, so I'm right there.

Abba never was my favorite, but they're okay.

As to the decorations...I've never followed the "get them down quickly" tradition. They're too dang much trouble to put up. We generally don't put the tree up til Solstice and take it down on Groundhog day. The lights are so pretty and make me feel better through long, dark January.

Love your glitter party Anna!

limecello said...

Anna - SHOES? with PJ'S? Well actually that could be fun. Cute little kitten heels... I have a pair of PJ pants that look like real pants - unless/until you see the waist/drawstring :P

How about I glam up the comfy pj pants w/ a cute little sports coat? And... a glitzy top. Which, yes, I have done before. Oh college, how I miss the "dress code."

Pat Cochran said...

When Abba reigned, I was already a
wife and mother with three children! My children loved Abba! My daughter had several of their albums. As to an outfit, I'll describe apparel that is currently in my closet, but could have been seen back in the day. The jeans
are slim with bell bottoms, but
what makes them fit "the day" is the glittery roses that cover them.
They are teamed with a glittery gold lame tank-top and jacket. I
would wear my gold strappy sandals
(which would be good whatever the
day) with this outfit. I've never
worn this clothing because it was
too small. It was my "reward"
and encouragement in my weight
loss program. A few more pounds
and I'll fit into it, even if
just to vacuum the living room!!

Pat Cochran

Kate Carlisle said...

Ooh, I love the silver platform boots but gold is more my color. So gold boots, matching hot pants and teensy tiny matching vest, big hair -- sprayed gold? Yes!

That's enough, I think. Hate being overdressed when I'm dancing. To Dancing Queen, I'm afraid. It's my song.

Fun party, Anna!

Virginia, I hope you brought enough cookies for everyone! :-)

Virginia said...

The GR has been wild all day, I have stroked his feathers and everything, but nothing is calming him down. I think its because he has ate all of the cookies!!

I am like Helen, the 70's was back in my day. I still listen to 70's music right now. I worn the bell bottom pants and tie died t-shirts.

I wasn't big into Abba either so the songs I would choose would be Dancing Queen and Take a Chance On Me.

I will be wearing a white very mini dress trimed in black with a wide black shiny pat and leather belt. I will have on white net thigh highs with white go go boots that lace up to the knees with big 4 inch heels. My hair will be long and pulled back with a black hair band. I will be the Dancing Queen!!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Susan how could anyone not be cheered up by silver lame and legwarmers?!

You sound like you're in full Flashdance mode (what a great movie that was) - dance away!

Anna Sugden said...

Oh yes, AC - now that's an outfit that will make the cabana boys sit up and take notice. Especially the wig LOL.

I'm not sure Mama Mia! is best watched on a plane (certainly not with a screaming toddler!) - you need to be free to sing along and jiggle to the music. *g*

Anna Sugden said...

Oh yes, Cassondra, I'm all for combining the glitz with punk *g*. Love the hair! Oh and the death metal leather with the spikes - saw a fab pair of boots with those on once - only 'slightly' out of my price range or I'd have bought them.

For me, taking the lights down in the worst. Twinkly lights at this time of year are so cheerful. Bloody gremlins!

Anna Sugden said...

Limecello, Sweetie - I can put shoes with any outfit LOL.

Oh yes - glitz away. Nothing like glitter to doll up an outfit.

Dress code? Oh yes, remember that - just wish they'd had Victoria's Secret in my college days. Actually, it's one of the things I really miss over here in England.

Anna Sugden said...

Love the sound of your outfit, Pat. Especially the jeans with the glittery roses.

When you lose the weight, you'll have to have pics taken of you in it so we can all celebrate with you.

Helen said...

I am loving these outfits and the 70's were the best days.

I saw Sweet live here in Sydney in my teens they are a great band I also went and saw T-Rex. I went to some great concerts during the 70's and the clothes everyone would wear with all the glitter added to everything great time.

Have Fun

Anna Sugden said...

Oh yes, Kate, I can see from the subtlety of your outfit that you don't like to overdo. Can there ever be too much gold?

Dancing Queen seems to be a big hit at the party. Bring on the girl power!

Anna Sugden said...

Oooh Virginia - I think I once wore an outfit very similar to yours - except the thigh highs were black net!

I definitely wore the hip-huggers with the flared bottoms. It's why I can't stand them now. Once I switched to the skin-tight drainpipes of the punk era - I never went back. Loved the skinny leg jeans that were fashinable a year or so ago.

Anna Sugden said...

Lucky you, Helen! I loved Sweet - Ballroom Blitz is one of my all-time favourties!

And you saw T-Rex too?! Wow!

Joan said...

Hey Anna!

Great post!

I thought I was the only one with the mid-winter, post holiday "blahs". I did get my last decoration down Sunday so "whew" on sidetracking the gremlis.

I enjoy ABBA. I would be twirling to "Take a Chance on Me" directing it a NYC and the publishing professionals who REALLY want my Romans.

I see me in a royal blue sequin spandex, curve hugging dress with a halter top and platform sandels in silver.

Demetrius and Lucien are in matching loincloths :-)

Oh! Oh! My! Boys! Don't go into arena mode! D I'm sure Lucien did not mean to call you a sissy boy...Stop...

Um, be back in a while...


Anna Campbell said...

Oh, no, I'm late to the party and my devil has been dancing with someone else! He is certainly NOT a dancing queen! Mamma Mia!

Hey, what a fun idea, VA!!! Let me get my breath (and my devil out of some Swede's traitorous arms) and I'll be right back!

Virgina, cool on the chook! He looks just the thing in that tight white catsuit! Oh, no, I said catsuit. Now he's looking scared!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Fun post, Anna! And it's been so dreary and cold down south that I needed a pick-me-up!

I have to pick Dancing Queen for my favorite. I did love that song. And I'm thinking dark green tights, gold lame(') and sequin dress. White go-go boots, as anything with spiked heels would have me flat on my a**!

Anna Campbell said...

Keira, I LOVE Target ;-)

Oh, no, my Christmas tree is up! I'll have to take it down pronto! Especially as it's the 8th here! The gremlins will be taking over! EEEEEEK!!!

Christine, watch out. Your tinsel is slipping!

Ooh, Helen, now you're talking. "Foxxxxxxx on the run!" LOVED the Sweet and T-Rex! And Bowie in his glam rock days? How sexy was he? Every so often I catch the video for Sorrow on cable here and I go, wow, for a boy who looks like a girl, he sure rings my bell!

Trish Milburn said...

I love ABBA, though I've not seen Mamma Mia yet. It is on the Netflix queue though.

Had to laugh at the "warm in southern states" ref though. I'm in the South and it's cold! And it's so windy today. It's whistling around the corners of the house and make all the timbers in the house creak. Bleh.

Maybe I'll go put on my ABBA's greatest hits CD. :)

Okay, Danie just made me feel old with that "not being born when ABBA was big" statement. Wah!

Christine Wells said...

Foanna wrote: Christine, watch out. Your tinsel is slipping!

Oops! Let me just... There!

Hmm, maybe I'd better borrow some hot pants and a boob tube just in case.

Anna, love your patriotic outfit. You would look fantastic in that!

Anna Sugden said...

ROFL Joanie - just goes to show, you have to watch men in spanhgly loin cloths ... very closely ;)

I'll join you in singing towards NY (and towards Toronto) for those editors who really want my hockey hunks too.

Let's hope 2009 has us partying due to sales!

Anna Sugden said...

Your poor Devil has been tempted by all that lame, FoAnna. Easy to understand him being led astray with all these super models in the Lair today. And all that glitz and bling and big hair.

One Voulez Vous and off he went!

Anna Sugden said...

But it's such a trim and svelte a**, Suz. Or maybe that's a problem - I remember (just) what it was like not to have so much padding on my rear *g*.

Anna Sugden said...

Oh yes, Fo - David Bowie in any of his various guises *sigh* *drool*.

I saw him for about the fourth time a couple of years ago when he came to NY - the man can still rock! he had all the women at MSG drooling too.

Anna Sugden said...

Brr Trish that sounds chilly! You need a hockey hunk to warm you up - you have some nice ones in Nashville!

You'll love Mama Mia! It's one of those movies where you know all the people involved are having a blast. Watch the extras too (yes, I'm a DVD extras geek) - it's such a giggle.

Anna Sugden said...

OMG hot pants and a boob tube, Christine! That was a dream outfit when I was a kid. Unfortunately, the tube didn't stay up as there wasn't much boob.

Can we be super models with decent cleavages? This is the Lair, after all.

Trish Milburn said...

Anna, I like DVD extras too, especially blooper reels.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Okay, if we're gonna be super models, then I want to be Cindy Crawford from the 90's.....please?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Ooooh, Virginia! You got him again!

Oh, my Anna, the music is ROCKIN' the Lair today! You've already played my fav, I guess, since a ton of requests were already put in for Take a Chance on Me. :>

As for the outfit, how do you like mine? Red leather pants, flared out to split bells with black satin linings on the split to show off my fab-o black spike dominatrix boots. :> Nice wide black leather studded belt, red leather-and-silk vest with sheer poet sleeves, some fab jewelry and a killer red and black bag to complete the deal. Oh, and since it's a party and the bod's how I want it, I get keep the upper bounty in my figure that having kids gave me, and lose the OTHER flabby parts! SNORK!

Great party, as always. Hey! Demetrius! Thanks for the margarita, did you bring your shield?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

(Notice that my answer to the clevage question is an unequivocal YES!) Ha!

BTW, watched Love Actually over the holiday. Fav character? Natalie when she meets the P.M.


Joan said...

Hey! Demetrius! Thanks for the margarita, did you bring your shield?

{Straightens scrap of royal blue spandex. Deep purring voice}

"Only for you, Mistress Jeanne. Please forgive the dents..."

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Dents? Oh, my! VBG THat should make sheild sledding in this outfit a bit...bumpy.


flchen1 said...

Woo!! Well, my thanks to Hi-5, my current favorite ABBA tune is Take a Chance on Me ;) If I'm going to look like a super-model, I might as well enjoy it! I think some sparklies are in order--maybe a silver halter top with swingy fringe, and a coordinating short-shorts (maybe some fringe there, too!) with some high shiny boots! My mile-long hair will be glossy and perfectly straight, but I might need a little accent of some kind--a sparkly flower? Too fun, Anna!

And congrats on the GR, Virginia! Is he glammed up, too?

Virginia said...

I forgot to mention that the Golden Rooster has on purple paisley bell bottom pants, with a bright yellow shirt with a peace sign on the front of it.

Nancy said...

Virginia, have fun with him! Keira, better luck next time.

By the way, Keira, I really enjoyed your blog about your trip to India.

Anna, I will subscribe to the model body theory and go with red flared pants, a red halter top, and Farrah Fawcett hair. My favorite Abba song is "Beach Baby."

Cassondra said...

Virginia said:

I forgot to mention that the Golden Rooster has on purple paisley bell bottom pants, with a bright yellow shirt with a peace sign on the front of it.

Now THAT I would like to see! (grin) Got him drunk and dressed him up, did ya?

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL - Anna - You do realize I'm the true dancing queen - right? At least that's what my ring tone keeps telling me *g*.

If I can have a model's body I'm going for a short, short, short electric blue number with a cape. And high boots - gotta have the boots.

Sorry I missed posting earlier - I was taking down the Christmas decorations. Wish I'd have read your post before I started because I would have put ABBA on the DVD player (got it for a Christmas present).

Keira Soleore said...

Banditas and Buddies, thanks for the sympahties and better-luck-next-times.

Louisa, I'm as stealthy as a herd of elephants.

Nancy, thanks much for your kind comments regarding my blog. Pictures are now up. :)

I'm here!
GR, where are you?

Anna Sugden said...

Yay - Trish is another sister under the skin!

Suz - you can be who you want to be - this is the Lair!

Anna Sugden said...

LOVE the outfit Jeanne - especially those dominatrix boots. And all in my fave colours of red and black.

My fave bit of Love, Actually is Hugh Grant's dancing. Oh and the scene where Emma Thompson is talking to her kids about the Nativity Play - and her son says he is a lobster!

And I'll just take a moment here to drool over Liam Neeson. *drool*.

Anna Sugden said...

Ah, so Fedora is into fringes! Love them too - they swing so nicely when you dance!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Virginia - good to see you got the recalcitrant rooster to enter into the spirit of the party!

Anna Sugden said...

OMG Nanacy I'd forgotten about the Farrah Fawcett hair. When we lived in Virginia I spent hours trying to capture that look!

Great outfit!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Yes, Donna - you are truly the Dancing Queen.

Glad you were able to make it to the party - remember for next year to take down those decs while jiggling to Mama Mia! That and a nice glass of wine and it doesn't seem so bad.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Keira - stealthy as a herd of elephants - but you look stunning in that gorgeous sari.

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks everyone for joining in the fun - I will post the winner of Tempt the Devil later today.

ddurance said...

I have an artificial purple 'fro, hot pink spandex bellbottoms, and a silver sequined tank top on and don't forget my black and white tiger striped platforms.