Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow...where's the darn snow?

By Jeanne Adams
Let me say right off the bat that I adore Winter. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, followed quickly by Spring.

What about Summer, you ask? Its my least favorite. I hibernate in summer because I just wilt in the heat. I'm a mountain girl, I like it cool. I adored Romance Writers of America National this year in lovely, cool San Francisco. Ahhhhh.

(Usually, I dread National because I have to dress up and be professional in the heat. And summer RWA in DALLAS? There are not enough fans and AC made to make that bearable. Urg.)

Okay, that's off track. Back to Winter and snow. Snow!!! I so want it to snow, snow, snow. It's been sleeting, we got a mild ice storm on Tuesday - bleech on ice storms - and we've had a dusting of flurries, but no snow. Where is it? It's 32 degrees farenheit. C'mon!!!

Blame global warming or the melting glaciers or something, but personally I am going to indulge in a serious pout.

I want to sled, and make forts (I think I'll make it a bit bigger than the one pictured with the cats!) and have a wicked, wild, crazy snowball fight with my sons. I want to throw the snowballs into the air and get the dogs to chase them. Back in '96, just prior to my move to DC I got caught in a blizzard in Virginia. (I lived in NC at the time) It was an absolute blast. I was at a dog show and there were about twenty of us stuck in the hotel along with a skeleton hotel staff, a night manager who'd been on when they shut the major roads, and a whole lot of dogs, large and small, who were ready to have a blast in the snow.

Have a blast we did. We built snow forts and snowball fights with perfect strangers who quickly became allies or enemies over the walls of two, four-foot-high forts. Snow diving by the dogs - Dalmatians - quickly became a game of spot-the-spots. Trust me, it's REALLY hard to see a Dalmatian in the snow! If you don't believe me, check out this YouTube video of Bailey, whom I believe is a Dal crossbreed. :> You'll LOL.

That same year, I'm told, there was cross-country skiing on the mall in DC. The monuments were all snowbound and my friend, also with Dalmatians, loosed her dogs on Capitol hill to romp in the snow. A LARGE time was had by all. She has pictures of them running up and down the capitol steps. Wheeeee!

I also want to see my new dog, Diver, the Irish Water Spaniel (IWS) in the snow. A fellow IWS afficianado, Jeremy Kezer took these fabulous pictures of his girls, Fiona and Selchie, in the Massachusetts snow right before Christmas. (Maybe I should move to Massachusetts. After all, the Adamses are originally from Boston...and they had snow BEFORE Christmas.) IWS don't care if it's wet, cold, snowing or sleeting. If there's play to be had, they are THERE. Grins. They are a fabulous fun breed and I am loving being an IWS-mom. Ha! BTW, you can check out more wonderful pix of Jeremy and Kim's dogs here: (Jeremy was kind enough to give me permission to use these cool shots. If you'd like to see more of his work, check out

Anyway, I want to play with my kids and dogs in deep, wonderful fluffy snow. The real stuff. I know Banditas Tawny, Kirsten and Susan had snow at the holiday, as did many others. Alas, DC had none. (Can you tell I'm pouting again?) The saving grace here is that the "real" winter in DC doesn't start until February. President's Day snowstorms are common. Snow for the Ides of March? Oh, yeah. Then, like flipping a switch, April becomes Spring and before you know it, it's hotter than a...well, let's use a phrase I first heard in a little store in my North Carolina hometown:

DC in Summer is hot as the devil's doorknocker. (Do I need to mention hibernation again? No, didn't think so.)

So what's all this got to do with writing?


HAHAHA. Just kidding. In some of the best stories I've ever read, the weather, the seasons and even the landscape play a huge part in how the character's feel, how the story evolves, and even the ways in which the author twists the tale to heighten the emotions of the characters. Nothing like a good blizzard or wicked storm to throw your hero and heroine together. Then again, nothing like a good stormy power outage or icy roads to heighten the fear when the villain is on the loose either!

What's the best book you've ever read where the weather played a part? Any good snowbound books? Any good ice storm books? Are you writing one where the weather plays a part? Or, better yet, are you looking forward to a storm to get some writing DONE? Ha!

Since it's nice and cold and I can mail chocolates without them melting...I'll pick a random winner to get a box of Godiva! And that's S'no joke


p226 said...

Hmm... do I have good timing?

danie88 said...

wow you are quick p226! have fun with the GR!

p226 said...

Hey! I was in that storm in '96! That rocked! My wife and I were cooped up in an Arlington apartment for three days. There was nothing to do but... er... yeah. Pleasant memories. *g*

I can't remember reading any good books where weather played a part. In this ... thing ... I'm writing, weather does play a huge but subtle part in the opening scene. Have you every tried to move quietly in a hardwood forest when it hasn't rained in a week? Talk about a challenge...

This actually reminded me that I haven't touched that thing in months. I might even feel a little guilty about that.

danie88 said...

First off... sorry to say this Jeanne, but I hate winter... I think it's beautiful and all when the snow falls and sticks to the trees... as long as I'm warm and cozy inside my house. :D It's also fun to go out and make snow men and have snow ball fights, but I hate driving in it and walking in it. I hate being cold period. I swear my family and I are pros at falling on our butts during the winter... we have a contest where we keep track of how many times everyone has fallen and who ever has fallen the least amount of times wins... we seriously do this LOL no joke...

I can't recall the best book I've ever read where the weather played a part... when I read I tend to focus more on the characters and what's going on with them then on the weather in the book. Is that bad? :S

ohhhh Godiva chocolate... I bet I'm not the only one who's craving chocolate right now... am I? :D

limecello said...

Congrats on the GR, p226!
As for books and weather... I've read a number of them where the hero/heroine are trapped in a cabin because of snow - that's always fun. A few natural disasters, as well, though no single title is jumping out at me.
We're getting a lot of snow now, and I'm kind of over it - wanted it for Christmas and that's it. I like all seasons, but it's no fun to have six months of winter - so you'd love the weather here, Jeanne :P
I'm dog sitting a Great Pyrenees now - so... he would be hard to spot, other than the fact that he's gigantic :P

p226 said...

Oh, in case anyone was wondering, the GR and I are going to be practicing range estimation and precision marksmanship on the unknown distance course. We'll be spotting and engaging targets from 200 to 1100 meters. The GR's a lot better than me at this. Precision marksmanship at long distances requires a lot of simple math done quickly. He's better at the math than I am. I suck at math. But since I'm instructing, I'll probably cheat and use a laser rangefinder.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, P226, is that really you? I'd kinda decided you were a mythological character! You know, like Zeus or Cupid ;-)

Congratulations on the chook. He's been running wild lately - dressing up in lame, eating Tim Tams, you name it. I think it's time for some serious discipline! In fact, why don't you keep him for a week?

Jeanne, loved the post and especially the animal pictures! How gorgeous is that?

When I was a little girl growing up in Australia, I loved books set in England. I think one of the attractions was the weather! It seemed so exotic to someone from endlessly sunny Queensland (apart from the monsoon season when it's just wet and humid and bleuch!). Anyway, then when I lived in England, I realized that all that weather could be highly inconvenient. When it snows somewhere like London, it just turns into treacherous ice. Dirty treacherous ice. And the rain can be a pain. But nonetheless, I still think that variable weather is one of the charms of the place.

Because my entire ancestry is north European, I must say I prefer cold or at least cooler weather. At the moment, we're suffering a scorcher of a summer and I'm thinking longingly of winter on the other side of the world. Mind you, I didn't like how it was dark nearly all the time.

Guess I'm like a cat, wanting to be outside whenever I'm in and inside whenever I'm out!

p226 said...

Hey, P226, is that really you? I'd kinda decided you were a mythological character! You know, like Zeus or Cupid ;-)

Sure, it's me. I've been sick as a dog for three days. I've taken three full days in a row off of work. That's the longest string of sick consecutive sick days I've taken in my ten year tenure with my employer. I've been hating life. Ugh.

And as for Zeus or Cupid, I have to say I find the idea of hurling lightning bolts more a lot more attractive than heart-tipped arrows.

ZZZZOT! BOOOM! Muahahah, yeah. That'd be fun.

jo robertson said...

Beautiful piccies, Jeanne! I love snow too, just to look at though, not to play in. I'm a California gal through and through.

P226, it's been a while since the rooster's had some military training. I'm sure he needs to be whipped into shape!

Two writers who do a blast-up job of using the weather to enhance their books are Thomas Hardy and Louis Lamour. I know, I know, most of ya'll wouldn't touch Hardy with a ten-foot pole LOL.

Helen said...

Well done p226 he will need some training after the trips he has had lately.

Great post Jeanne and I am with you all the way I too love winter and autumn and am not a lover of summer it has been really hot here in Sydney the last couple of days up to 41 degrees celsius YUK but today is nice overcast and coolish the way I like it.

I loved the pictures with the dogs they are having so much fun I wish I was there.

I love books set in winter especially regency and Scottish stories were the hero and heroine get snowed in on country estastes and up in the mountains of Scotland one book comes to mind Claiming The Courtesan and there have been many more but I can't think of the titles off hand at the moment I love them

I am about to start reading Tempt The Devil looking forward to it.

Have Fun

Tawny said...

Wow - go p226. Way to sneak up and nab the rooster.

Let me preface the rest of my response by saying that I'm not used to snow. I'm a CA girl. I love warmth. I love summer. I love no school. And winter, here where I live, is usually like summer, just not so hot. So we had to travel to play in the snow this holiday. That was my gift to my children. The joy of snowmen, sledding and snowball fights. Hot cocoa by the fire. Watching the scenery as the dogs romped in the drifts.

That said, I have no idea how people actually LIVE in that stuff. Drive to and from work? The ugly shoes and the even uglier mess it makes of your pants? OMG no way! I couldn't do it for an entire season. Heck, I could barely do it for 2 weeks. By the end, I was browsing shoe sales and trying to imagine my toes in something pretty again instead of ugly snow boots (which were actually quite cute when I got them, but after 2 weeks... ick)

I don't recall any weather related books, but I did take Nora Roberts last trilogy on the trip with me as my holiday gift to myself. Now that I think about it - it did have some mighty intense snow storms in it.

PJ said...

I grew up in a snow state. By the time I followed the rest of my family to Florida I was ready to leave it all behind for sunshine and tropical temps. Now that I'm living in SC, I love to have one good snowfall per winter. The dogs and I romp in it, the neighbor kids make snowmen, we have snowball fights and make snow angels. Then the temps warm and within a day or two all the snow is gone. Exactly the way I like it!

I can't think of any snow books right now because my brain is filled to the brim with the delicious brilliance of Tempt the Devil. I started it about 8pm last night and turned the last page with a smile and a sigh about a half hour ago. (That's 2am my time) Once I started reading, Erith and Olivia absolutely refused to turn me loose. In truth, they still haven't and probably won't for awhile. :)

Minna said...

I have read some good books where the weather played a part. One of them was Sara's Angel by Sharon Sala.

Carol said...

Congrats p226... don't get in front of the GR when he's sighting a weapon, his sense of mischief might get the better of him!! lol

One book that comes to mind is Mary Balogh's Slightly Wicked where
the H and H are stuck in a snow storm ...I love that book!
Won't say more in case there is anyone who hasn't read the book.
I felt the cold weather reading it!!
Cheers Carol

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WTG, p226!

Glad to see you here even if you are puny. I'm sure you won't give the GR a break, even in your weakened state.

LURVE those doggie piccies, Duchesse! But as for snow, no thank you. Aunty MUCH prefers a sunny tropical beach and all those scantily clad, sweaty male bodies...

Um, What was the question again? Oh right, weather in books! Actually, fog plays an important part in a particular scene in The Wild Sight. And the opening of my current WIP has a rather nasty rain storm. So yeah, Aunty likes weather-related scenes a lot. ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Hmm, somehow I knew that already, P226! You were looking so puny, I thought I could get away with teasing you about Cupid!

Hey, PJ, mwah to you!!!! Thank you! Honestly, I wasn't joking when I said I felt the pressure and now I'm all floppy and happy ;-)

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, p226.

I enjoy reading stories where the hero and heroine are stranded because of the weather and forced to be in close quarters. One of my favorites is a Linda Howard novella titled "White Out." The hero and heroine are trapped at a resort during a blizzard.

Carol L. said...

I just finished Kendra Leigh Castle's "Call of The Highland Moon" where a severe snowstorm keeps the hero and heroine housebound for three days. Great read, great book and just loved the character Gideon.
Carol L.

Sue A. said...

Jeanne you sure know how to enjoy the snow. It looks like you had a blast in it.

It's been a crazy January and December here in Vancouver. We were just short 0.7 cm of snow needed to break the December 1964 record. The snow is just starting to melt this week with all the rain we had. So now we only have to contend with flooding. While I think snow is pretty, I prefer it on the mountains and can do without the mayhem it's caused.

Seize the Fire by Laura Kinsale comes to mind. While the whole book is not set during winter, there’s a good section where the leads get stranded on a deserted island by themselves and have to deal with winter weather involving snow, winds, cold and surviving it. There’s even a penguin in the mix believe it or not. I love winter settings because it always brings the couple closer together, physically at first then emotionally as they lean on each other and learn to trust also.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh yeah, you have good timing indeed p226, take of picture of the GR holding the rifle this time.

We had a little snow in WV Wednesday night. School was closed but I don't know why really, I remember going to school when it was a lot worse than that.

The only time I have been stopped by snow was when we had two feet in two days, I was heating the house with a wood burning fireplace at the time and I had a tunnel out to the wood pile and was so sick, turned out I had strep and couldn't get to the doctor. A neighbor finally used her 4-wheel drive to take me and my daughter to the urgent care and got us some meds.

The most current book I can think of is Snowy Night with a Stranger, romance of course.

Virginia said...

WTG p226, congrats on nabbing that rooster.

I do enjoy reading snow bound books, but I don't like being snow bound. We have not had much snow this year mostly ice. I would reather not have either. I don't like the cold. It is 17 here this morning and I have to go out. I don't like going out in the cold.

Snow is pretty and I love to look out the window and see it hanging form the trees, but I don't like having to drive in it. I don't drive in it unless I have to.

When I was a child I loved it. We would get out of school and spend hours sleigh riding and building snow men. I didn't mind the cold then but now I don't like it at all. Give me spring and fall year round and I would be very happy.

p226 take care of the GR today he is pretty spoiled right now!

p226 said...

Hahah, you guys made me go search for the slang definition of "puny."

I was quite confused.

Gannon Carr said...

Jeanne, I'm sorry you haven't had any snow yet. Fall is my favorite season, followed by winter. We had several snowfalls in late fall, here in the mountains of NC, but none for Christmas. :( I knew that as soon as the kids started back to school, we'd have snow. And I was right! It snowed a few inches Wed. night and yesterday, so they had a snow day. I took my younger two so they could go skiing--the ski resorts here give discounts on snow days.

The snow is still on the ground, but no doubt it will melt soon, but it looks like we'll get more next week. My dogs absolutely love the snow! My Golden wants to go out all the time; I think he's part snowman.;)

As far as books where weather, particularly snow, plays a part, TO SCOTLAND, WITH LOVE by Karen Hawkins comes to mind. The hero and heroine are trapped by a snowstorm, that the hero caused. The entire MacClean family was cursed and when they are upset, they cause different weather disturbances. When Gregor gets angry, it snows... a lot! I love a good book when the h/h are trapped by a snowstorm, and then things heat up! *sigh*

Dina said...

Hi Jeanne,

The snow is coming here again today, about 6 inches at least, want some? ;)


Gannon Carr said...

Oh, yeah....congrats on the GR p226! Sorry you've been sick, but I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Wow! P226, you nabbed the bird! Go you. Danie, you just missed him by a feather.

Crianlarich said...

Ha ha ... a theme close to my heart! I, too, much prefer colder climes. Did I say 'much prefer?' let's change that to MUCH prefer.

I, too, am suffering - read SUFFERING - through winter temps pushing 30 c nearly every day. Blaring sunshine, people in shorts and Tees. They're all grinning ear to ear because most are snowbirds down here for a few months to avoid the snow and ice up north. Or they are snowbirds who now live here permanently, having settled here to forever avoid the big freeze of their native states.

I am miserable and feel cheated out of the (very few) months when it usually gets at least a bit chilly. Not this year. With a few exceptions, this entire winter so far could be summer. Grrrr....

Give me brittle air, frosty nights, snow and mist. Or rain and mist. Chill afternoons and mist. Are you seeing a theme? I do love mist....

Book with neat (my kind of) weather? Hands down it was an old classic. Jamaica Inn by Du Maurier. Typical of my luck is that the one time I made it to the actual inn was a glaring hot August day with nary of cloud in the sky. Grrrr again....

Hope this makes sense. I am just now recovering from wrapping up a recent pressing work matter and then - horrors - immediately being hit by another rash of urgent-must-get-done-now similar work matters. Nothing like not being able to catch your breath....

And re the cold, lest anyone in the chillier climes I yearn for, say I'd feel differently if I lived in a freeze-box place... well, I did, and still miss it. Fifteen years living in the Alps is ample time to get up close and personal with freeze-your-breath temps and tons of snow and ice. I gloried in it. Heat wilts me and always will.

Oh, well ... here's wishing the Banditas a splendid soon-to-be-upon-you weekend.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Now P226, don't feel guilty about not writing. YOu've had a few things going on, seems like. :> The important thing is to get back to it.

Having tried to move quietly in the woods during a dry spell, yeah, that's really challenging.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Danie, 'round here, chocolate cravings pretty much go on 24/7/365 Grins.

I'm totally okay with you hating winter. More for me. Hahaha! I'm so LOL about you keeping score of the fall-on-bum incidents.

My DH shakes his head over it too. He mourns when he has to put away his shorts. I rejoice and race for the sweaters and sweatshirts.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oooh, Limecello, I adore Great P's. The only problem with them is that, like St. B's and Newfies, they drooooooool when it's hot. Now, granted, I feel like sighing and drooling sometimes, but photos of Hugh Jackman are usually involved. SNORK. Those heavy-coated breeds are so hard to manage in high summer 'round here.

I'd love where you are, if you've got snow. I spent a few winters in Cleveland, OH and it snowed and snowed. I adored it.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

BTW P226, I heard that a LOT of people spent that '96 snowstorm involved in those "other" activites. Can you say baby-boom?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, P226, rangefinding? How cool. The GR gets to do such interesting stuff!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey, Anna-cat! Its weird about the weather in England isn't it? Rain, mist, ice. Then again, I'd love it I think because the 80's is a scorcher for them. I happen to agree. Ha! Here, there's 90s and 100's and people just suffer through it.

So what about books, Anna? Do you remember any with the weather playing a big part?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

P226 said: ZZZZOT! BOOOM! Muahahah, yeah. That'd be fun.

He's baaaaaaaack!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Jo! You're right! I'd so effectively blocked Thomas Hardy from my mind, I'd forgotten his penchant for using muck, mud, weather, torrential rains, etc. to clog up the works. I swear, that man could devote two whole pages to describing the rain rolling down the glass and creating ruts in the road.

Not that that's bad, but he's so looooonnnngggg windeeeeeeed. And somewhat depressing. (Sorry, Jo! But it's true!)

Now Louis L'Amour, he's another story altogether. (Pun intended) I love his descriptions of the west and the "gully washers"

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Helen! You said: I loved the pictures with the dogs they are having so much fun I wish I was there.

Isn't that so true? One of the reasons I asked Jeremy if I could use the pictures was the sheer sense of fun and wild abandon his dogs personified in those shots. They were just having a blast, you could tell. As soon as I saw them, I wanted to go play too.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

OMGosh, Tawny, I was LOL about the shoes. Snork. Did your kids love the snow, or were they as ready to get home as you were?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey PJ! *Waving at SC* I know what you mean about it snowing and melting within a few days. That's the way my DH likes it too. Of course, driving in DC in weather makes him crazy. ha!

Ooooh, another TTD "victim" - 2 a.m., eh? THat happened to me with CTC. I haven't dared to start TTD yet...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Minna! Did you ever get snow this last week? I know you said it was expected.

Sharon Sala, eh? I'm guessing since it's an angel book that the weather's snow?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, hey, Carol! You're right on both counts - not getting in front of the GR w/ a weapon, and about Slightly Wicked. I'd forgotten about Mary B's book. :>

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey AC! I thought about the fog in TWS. That was some pea soup, right? Grins. I had pretty much guessed you would be a tropical girl rather than a snow diva.

But aren't the pups-in-snow fun?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Jane! Welcome. Do you know which anthology that Linda Howard story's in? I've not read that and I love her stuff.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Carol L! Ooh, great call on Kendra's book. *note to self for next B&N trip* Get Call of the Highland Moon

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Sue A! beautiful! Wow on the snow record. And ouch on the flooding. I have a friend out west in the US who's dealing with that.

*noting Laura Kinsale* Sounds like a good book. Penguin, eh? Grins. I like penguins.

Trish Milburn said...

Okay, Jeanne, you and I are opposite on our weather preferences. I loathe being cold and get cold so easily that I'm yearning for April right now. I'm tired of sitting on my ice-cold hands to warm them up so I cay type.

I'm a bit of a weather junkie. I actually like all those weather shows on The Weather Channel when I happen to catch them. I'm fascinated by weather chasers, though I'd be too chicken to do it myself.

Books that include weather -- what I can think of off the bat is Rachel Caine's Weather Warden urban fantasy series.

When I talked to my sister the other day (she lives in Washington state), she had three feet of snow in her yard. Now, she likes snow, but she's sick and tired of it already this winter. They've had more than 70 inches so far. That's my idea of hell.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Dianna! Urg on the strep. I remember being at school in Mars Hill - near Asheville, NC - and having to slog through the snow to the health center for that sort of thing. Bleeeh.

Then again, I love slogging. I have a friend and she's a snow lover too. We used to walk our dogs on the C&O canal in all kinds of weather, much to my DH's annoyance. We got stuck there one famous, icy day. (Famous in the annals of my marriage since my DH got called to rescue us) The third or fourth day of twenty-one degree day weather, it was gorgeous down by the river. However, desite a clear forecast, it was snowing and sleeting by the time we left the canal. headed up the one-lane hill exit? Oh, yeah, sliiiiiiding back down. Took us three or four hours to get out of there, introduced us to a hunky Highway patrolman, and several burly highway workers and their salt truck, Bessie. (Seriously, a la Cassondra's post yesterday, they had named the truck Bessie)

BTW, the dogs had a blast that day.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Virginia! It's awful when you get ice, isn't it? I have to confess I like the cold temps, though. I remember those days of being out of school, sledding and all that. Wish I could do that today, but no snow. Ha!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Gannon! It must be a mountain girl thing, loving the fall and winter. Ha! Do you ski at Wolf Laurel or go over to Sugar or Beech to ski?

I have a friend with Goldens and they DO love the snow. Ha!

I love the premise of Karen Hawkins book with the snow thing. Is it a historical or contemporary?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oooh, Dina! *Jumping up and down* Oooh! Send it my way!!! I want it! Snowwwwwwww!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Crianlarich said: Give me brittle air, frosty nights, snow and mist. Or rain and mist. Chill afternoons and mist. Are you seeing a theme? I do love mist....

Ahhh, frosty nights...Yep. :> Sorry about the tropical temps where you are now, I'm presuming Florida?

Oh, Jamaica Inn. I haven't thought about that book in years. I burned through all of her books one year when I was about twelve. I remember that one. :>

See, I'm right with you too on the Alps and cold. No wonder you love the Grampians in Scotland too! :> I've lived in cold climes, in the mountains, and in hot places too - you can play golf in Raleigh and Atlanta in December - and I SO prefer the cold. Yep. Nothing like "Snuggle weather"

I always maintain that you can put more on - sweaters, blankets, etc. - but there's only so much you can take off in the summer when it's hot and even then it's STILL hot. Bleeech.

So, Crianlarich, Gannon and I will take the snow...right, ladies?

(Glad you got through the spate of work with your sanity relatively intact...sort of....Happy weekend to you too!)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Trish said: I'm a bit of a weather junkie. I actually like all those weather shows on The Weather Channel when I happen to catch them. I'm fascinated by weather chasers, though I'd be too chicken to do it myself.

I love this stuff too! They're such interesting programs! Then again, I'm sur there are people who think its like watching paint dry. (Sort of how I feel about watching golf on TV)

Oooh, Washington State has 3' of snow? *searching Expedia for a flight deal* I'd love to go play...

I'm sorry you're cold, Trish. :> Well, sort of. I'll send you all DC's summer heat. Not that you don't get plenty of heat in the summer where YOU are!

You need to get yourself a bunch of tulips at the grocery store. I saw them at mine yesterday. I figure the bunches are to remind cold haters that Spring WILL come. Ha! I got some just because they're beautiful, even as I hoped for snow...

flchen1 said...

Hi, Jeanne! I've never been snowbound (knock wood), and it's fun reading about snowy situations, but I imagine the reality to be much less exciting ;) (It might depend a bit on what company you might have!) I can't remember the specific stories, but there are a few Brava anthologies with snowbound stories--those are always hot ;)--and I think Jill Shalvis' Get a Clue is partly snowbound (that was a fun read!) Anyway, happy writing, whether or not you all are trapped by the weather!

Congrats on the GR, p226! Keep that bird in line!

M. said...

Ms. Adams, to answer your post title question - Fear not for the snow being lost. All of it has safely arrived in my (north of Toronto) driveway.

As for snowy books, many years after reading the book two scenes in Christine Monson's Hungarian book (Surrender the Music? something like that) stick out in my memory, with a snowtrack horse race and a romantic encounter atop a mountain.

I really miss Ms. Monson.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Fedora! Alas, I have no snow. The few times I've actually BEEN snowbound were pretty fun. :> Then again I was in good company. (Wiggles eyebrows suggestively)

The worst is when you're stuck in because of hurricanes or floods. In Durham, after Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Fran, I couldn't get out of my neighborhood for the downed trees. No power, of course, and hot as blue blazes. Bleeeech. And 'newer' houses aren't built for going with out AC. Now that's misery. Can't keep anythign cold - food that is - and batteries were in short, short supply.

Trust, me, I'd rather be snowed in.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi M! Oooh, snow north of Toronto? *checks Expedia again* Wonder if I could pop up there for the day?

Christine Monson? Hmmm. Gotta go look that one up. I may have read her stuff. I seem to remember a snowtrack race...

Is she passed on, or just not writing?

Maureen said...

If I didn't have to shovel it or drive in it and if it wasn't so cold then I might like the snow more but right now I'm glad we haven't had much snow this year yet. One of my favorite stories called Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand by Carla Kelly has the hero and heroine riding a horse through a blizzard to get married in Scotland and you could just feel how frozen they were from the great writing.

terrio said...

I'm afraid I'm the opposite, Jeanne. I hate winter. Hate being cold and am no fan of the snow. BUT, this actually made me want to play in the snow. LOL! How did you do that?

I grew up with snow but haven't seen much of it since defecting below the Mason Dixon Line in '94. I live in the Va Beach area now and it's weird but for some reason we don't get any snow. None. They get it in Richmond a little over an hour away. But not here. Not that I'm complaining.

My BF is taking a snow mobiling trip to NH in February and I'm trying to figure out how I could go. I don't have enough vacation time. But it might be worth taking the time off without pay. Hmmm...I need to look into this.

Congrats on the GR, p226. I'm not sure it's a good idea to arm (wing?) the bird, but I'm sure you know best. :)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Maureen! So you like the snow from INside the ski lodge, right?

Riding through the snow to get married is good...

Gannon Carr said...

Jeanne, funny you mention it being a "mountain girl thing", loving the snow. I've only been a mountain girl since last year. I grew up in Florida, but I've never liked the heat and humidity. That's why I like the summers here in the mountains, it's rarely gets super hot and the nights are always cool.

I took my kids to ski at Sugar, but not me. I haven't been on skis since I was 20 and I don't want to end up in a cast! The fun thing here is my younger kids actually have school field trips where they go skiing. How cool is that?!

Karen's MacClean series is historical. You should give them a try--lots of humor and very hot heroes.

Christie Kelley said...

Okay Jeanne, I'm right here pouting with you in Maryland. Only I'm a little farther east of you so we only got rain. No ice, no snow, just flipping cold rain.

I'm so sick of it, I could scream. I want some snow. And tonight and tomorrow when PA and NY are supposed get several inches of snow, what are we supposed to get??... snow showers turning to rain by late Saturday morning. YUCK!

I love the pictures of the dogs in the snow. It's really funny to watch a cat because they hate to get their paws in it.

I can't think of any good books about weather so I'm off to write.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Terrio said: BUT, this actually made me want to play in the snow. LOL! How did you do that?

Bwah-ha-ha! I have snow powers! Grins.

I'm jealous about the snowmobiling in NH in Feb though. I hope you get to go so you can tell me about it. :>

As to no snow in VaBeach, I think its that ocean wind thing. Kind of like the lake-effect snows on the great lakes. Right on the water? No snow. In the suburbs about 15 miles out? Dumped on. :>

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Well Gannon, sometimes being a Mountain Girl is a state of mind rather than a state of birth. Grins. If you hate the heat...yep, mountain girl.

Sugar's a fun ski area. Then again, if you can learn to ski in NC, you can ski anywhere. Ha!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Christie! Amen, sister! *waving hankie* Fie on the cold rain. Where's our darn SNOW???

Enjoy the writing time...

limecello said...

Jeane... O_O *looks over shoulder suspiciously* - haha I'm actually house sitting in Cleveland now! (Well, Cleveland Heights) - and yes, there is a lot of snow on the ground. And we're expecting a winter storm tonight/tomorrow and inches and inches of snow. :P If only I could direct it your way!

Minna said...

Did you ever get snow this last week? I know you said it was expected.

Yeah, and it's snowing again. Still, there isn't quite as much snow as there usually is this time of year.

Another snow book I can think of is Man Without a Memory by Maura Seger. And hey, there's this Calvin and Hobbes comic book called Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Snow Goons.

Bogart Co. - Princess

Beyond The Invisible

David Copperfield - Snow Dream

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Well, well, well, Limecello! I was transplanted to No. Royalton for high school. Culture Shock.

I wish you COULD send the snow to me....sigh.

p226 said...

Congrats on the GR, p226. I'm not sure it's a good idea to arm (wing?) the bird, but I'm sure you know best. :)

Darned bird just cut down the range flags with his rifle.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Minna, you got snow! Yeah!!

I love Calvin and Hobbes. The snow goons make me LOL. For the rest of you, if you've not seen them...prepare to shudder...and laugh. :>

Great links, Minna. I particularly like the David Copperfield one. I STILL have a huge crush on him...he's too skinny, but oooh, that face. :>

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

P226 said:Darned bird just cut down the range flags with his rifle.

Wow. You know, that bird is just down right scary sometimes. Glad that, when he's armed, he's NOT near DC...Esp. right now near inauguration time.

catslady said...

I'm not so much a snow person. I hate being cold lol. I do like snowstorms though when I don't have to go out in them. I love being inside and watching it come down - it's so peaceful and beautiful. And if we lose power - it's the perfect chance to snuggle up with a good book and not feel guilty that I should be doing something else lol.

Keira Soleore said...

Jeanne, the snowfall that I missed over the holidays had some people stuck at home for two weeks. They were in great danger of runnning out of food. The snowfall that I missed over the holidays in '06 had many people out of power for eight days and running gas fireplaces for warmth and generators for a couple lamps. I've been lucky to miss both these times, and I've been very grateful. I love snow over Christmas, but not the incapacitating kind.

Keira Soleore said...

p226, great timing!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Catslady! You said:it's so peaceful and beautiful. And if we lose power - it's the perfect chance to snuggle up with a good book and not feel guilty that I should be doing something else lol.

There you go! I love that peace and hushed beauty. I even love it once its been plowed. its unpleasant when it gets black, but otherwise, I'm loving me some snow.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Keira! You MISSED it? You missed the chance to get snowed in? TWICE? Ah, what a pity. No, you say? You'd rather not make weenies over a gas flame? Where's your sense of adventure?

Grins. Again, I have to say that I'd much rather be without power in the winter. I've gotten that no power, no hot water thing in summer with the hurricanes and believe me...winter's better. :>

Gannon Carr said...

Terrio, we lived in Va Beach two different times (Navy duty) and it snowed a few different times. As crazy as the weather is lately, you just never know what will happen. There's nothing stranger than looking at the ocean and watching it snow. :)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

That would be strange, Gannon. Then again, one of the most gorgeous, mystical sights I ever saw was New Bern, NC in the snow. Back when I lived in Durham, it made the news, big time. I drove all the way down from Durham and back in one day just to see it. It hadn't snowed in New Bern in over a 100 years, then one day...poof, 8 inches of snow. It was GORGEOUS.

Minna said...

I STILL have a huge crush on him...he's too skinny, but oooh, that face. :>
You're not the only one. I WISH I could get his shows on DVD one of these days.

ddurance said...

It was actually a short story that was part of an anthology by Linda Howard. The story was titled White Out and it was part of the Strangers in the Night anthology. The heroine is stranded in her cabin when an injured and freezing stranger shows up. She takes care of him, starts to fall in love, but finds that he may not be who she thought he was. It's a really good story to read when you're inside, warm and toasty.


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Thanks Deirdre! *noting it down* I'll go look it up on Amazon.

Minna said...

Anna Sugden said...

Congrats P226 on nabbing that pesky bird. Glad you're feeling better. Nice pic too. BTW did your son enjoy his pressie?

Jeanne - having read category romances for years (since Nora was but a newbie!) I've enjoyed many, many weather-influenced romances. Can I remember a single title? Umm no.

One of my favourites is one where a bunch of people are stranded at a house in the middle of nowhere - I think their cars have gone off the road - and the owner is ahermit and Grinch rolled into one. It's so cute how the characters all develop and the romance comes together.

Crianlarich said...

Yep, Jeanne, its the subtropic zone here, for sure. Small island in the Gulf of Mexico. Lovely where I am ... lots of nice live oaks with dripping Spanish moss, walking and cycle trails shaded by the said trees. Huge banyans throwing shade everywhere, too. Tropical lush in all directions. Bay on one side, white-sand beach on the other, both a five minute walk tops. But I'd still rather be somewhere hilly and cold and full of blowing mist!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna, I'm so glad someone else has that problem - I can remember so many snippets of books, esp. Harlequins I've read - where they remember the gist but not the title. I know there have been TONS where the weather played a part.

How's the weather today in your neck of the woods?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Crianlarich, I'm with you. Let's head where there's snow. Alps anyone? Gannon? :>

Your island sounds beauteous for a visit. Its not that I don't LIKE tropical vacations. Its just that Winter means SNOW, cold, ice, me, FUN!

Anna Sugden said...

Jeanne - two words - bloody freezing! The frost makes everything look beautiful, gilded with crystals, but five minutes outside and you can't feel extremities! A freezing fog has settled in the field opposite. Brr.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oooh, Anna! Brrrr, but beautiful! :> Stay warm.

Anna Campbell said...

Sue, I love Seize the Fire. Especially the penguin!

terrio said...

Gannon - We had a surprise ice storm in '05 and it nearly did the place in. But that's really the only winter weather I've seen since moving here in '04. I bet it would be cool to see it snow over the ocean. I only live 7 miles from the beach, so if we get anything in the next couple months, I'll have to travel on down there.

Jeanne - I'll let you know if I make it. It'll take some fenageling (NO idea how to spell But I'll take pictures and let you know if I make it!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, yeah, Terrio, I want pictures. :> You on the snowmobile. The snow itself. The Green Mountains. (This is NH, right, so it would be the Green Mountains?)

Karen H in NC said...

First off, I'm from Michigan and I moved to North Carolina in Dec '99 to get away from the snow and uber cold weather...I am NOT a snow bunny! Well, what do you suppose happens in Jan '00 in NC? We get hit with a snowstorm that dumped about 20" of snow in the Raleigh area! Talk about being pi**ed off big time! But, as only NC weather can be, it didn't last long..only about 3 days and it was gone.

I just spent a couple of days back in Michigan with my kids for the weekend before Christmas. Had to wait out the ice storm passing over Northern Ohio then had to put up with 12" of snow in MI (at least), blowing & drifting snow, single digit high temps and double digit sub-zero wind poor old bones are still shivering from that cold shock! Reminds me exactly why I left there. I'll just visit, thank you!

Books with a snowy, wintery theme? How about 'Snowy Night with a Stranger', an anthology with Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries and Julia London...three great stories by three great story tellers. I highly recommend it.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Karen H! Great recommendation. I love Sabrina, so I know it'll be good. :> I remember that snow in '00. My dad and stepmom are still in Durham and they were stuck inside. Ha! And did it snow up HERE? No. I leave NC and it snows. Sigh.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Wow, Jeanne, someone who loves winter as much as me...and dang if I'm not living in Dallas where it's currently 79.7 degrees....grrr (guess I'll go for a walk).

Anyways, this was an easy question for me. My favorite book where weather plays an important character in the story is "White Out" and anthololgy story by Linda Howard. Sigh. (Fans self.)

Premise: Woman alone in remote NY lake area closing up vacation cabins for the winter as a snowstorm hits. She finds a man half-frozen in the snow. She drags him into her cabin. He's nearly frost bitten, she strips him by the fire, wraps him in blankets, he's still a popsicle. What to do? He's handsome, virile.....What to do?

Well, thinking quickly, she stips and climbs on top of him, dragging the blankets around them both.

She falls asleep.

She dreams she's having sex.

Wakes up to find....well.....

Ahem, yes, love that book!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention in "White Out"the man she found may or may not be a wanted criminal or a policeman? hehehe

*waves madly at p226*

Drink lots of tea with whiskey and tea. It may not cure you, but you'll feel better in no time!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Allrighty then! I'm gonna have to get that one. I love Linda Howard and you're the second to recommend that story...and I was already hooked on the FIRST recommendation. Now, I'm REALLY hooked! Ha!

Seventy-nine degrees? UGH. (Why I will never live in TX)

Suzanne Welsh said...

High-fives ddurance...."White Out" was a great read, wasn't it?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Bwah-ha-ha on the tea/whiskey combo. Turned a friend on mine onto that when she had a cold. Knocked it right out. Then again, at least for that night, it knocked her out too! Ha!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh yeah,'s in my keeper re-read pile!

And the 79 degrees? It's WHY I can't get hubby to move back to Ohio...that and the fact our kids are making homes for themselves here.

Tawny said...

OMGosh, Tawny, I was LOL about the shoes. Snork. Did your kids love the snow, or were they as ready to get home as you were?

They loved it the first few days, they were eh about it the last few days. The days we were trapped and couldn't leave because of the snow, they were about as happy as their ugly-shoe-wearing momma *g*

PJ said...

had to put up with 12" of snow in MI (at least), blowing & drifting snow, single digit high temps and double digit sub-zero wind chills,

KarenHinNC, it was a day exactly like that that convinced me to leave Michigan and join the rest of my family in southern Florida.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

See, that kind of snowdrift day, even above the Mason Dixon line, would thrill me. :> I loved living in Asheville because this time of year, the roads are clear but there's always snow on the Mountain. Right Gannon?

Jane said...

Hey Jeanne,
It's from "Strangers in the Night." I think someone already mentioned it. All the stories are good, but "White Out" is the best.

Susan Sey said...

Hey, Jeanne! I'm totally a snow girl, too! If it's going to be cold, then let's have it! Bring on the snow! This attitude has only worsened since I quit commuting to work to be a stay at home.

In fact, we're been forecast for 3-5 inches a couple times these past weeks, & have been missed every time. I'm getting to the point where I'm actually sort of miffed. Don't tell me snow is coming if it's not. That's teasing & it's not nice. :-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Susan said: Don't tell me snow is coming if it's not. That's teasing & it's not nice. :-)

See? This is it exactly. Grrr. I want the SNOW, not the promises with no delivery.

Jane, thanks for the cue in on the title. I went to B&N and ordered it. :>

Christine Wells said...

Jeanne, lovely post and I so envy you snow at Christmas! In Oz, of course, we have blazing heat and humidity.

Went to New Zealand recently, though and tromped through a bit of snow. My 5yo got a huge surprise when I threw a snowball at him. He'd never seen snow before. Well, ok this was more sleet (I think) but the little ice particles still made balls.

Your description of being snowbound in that hotel reminded me of the setting for a cozy murder mystery until you got to the part about the snowball fight!LOL I love a romance where the hero and heroine are stuck somewhere together due to weather. There was a lovely Mary Balogh story where they fell in love while snowbound.

I like the heat, though. I suppose it's just what you're used to.

Congrats, P226! Great, just what the GR needed--more training in lethal arts:)

Pat Cochran said...

Good job, p226, on capturing that
golden feathered fellow! Glad you
are feeling better, you would need to have all your faculties since the rooster is with you! Take care!!

Jeanne, you asked about snow, LOL!
We live in Houston! We had Ike
visiting in September, then three
months later we had what passes
for a snow storm here. We had
snow that actually stayed on the
ground! Children built little
snowmen and enjoyed snowball
fights. Twenty-four hours later,
it was as if it never happened!
That's our snow story for the next

Pat Cochran

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Christine! Alas, we didn't have snow for Christmas. Sigh. wish we had. I envy you the trip to NZ. I've always wanted to go there. Its always so weird to hear that Oz is hot this time of year. :>

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Pat, that's so cool that you at least got SOME white stuff to play in. :> How lovely.

Beth said...

I am used to snow - a lot of snow. We've already had 75 inches of the white stuff this year (our average is 80 inches)

I. Am. Sick. Of. Snow.

And of course, I read this after shoveling the dang stuff off the walk for the second time today.

So, if you want snow, Jeanne, come up my way ;-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

*packing bag* On my way, Beth. I'll even shovel for my keep...


Nancy said...

Congratulations, p226! Glad you're feeling better. There's a nasty bug of some kind going around.

As for weather books, Jeanne, one of the earlier Dark-Hunter books--I think it was Dance With the Devil features serious snow. Alaskan winter snow. Penny McCall's Tag, You're It opens with the hero and heroine stranded in a snowstorm but not trusting each other one little bit.

Laura Anne Gilman's Retrievers novels use lightning as part of the magic system. It plays a big role in the first book, Staying Dead and the most recent, Free Fall. So storms are pretty prominent.

I like snow but only for a few days. After that I'm tired of it. It melts, freezes on roads and power lines, and creates icy disasters. Besides, as you may remember, native Tar Heels outside the mountains have no clue how to drive in it! Many people seem to think driving a big, heavy SUV means you can drive like the street is dry when it really means you need way extra room to stop on ice!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Nancy! Hope you've had a good day. :> I'd forgotten that Laura Gilman used the lightning. Very powerful imagery that.

You're right about the flatlanders and their SUV's. I remember that and thinking, 'Idiots, it's ICE!' Never even knew how to turn into a skid either and ended up in the median or into the ditch. Sigh.

Carol said...

Apologies Ladies and Gent(1 I think!)

Earlier(yesterday) I posted a fav book with snow !...duh...wrong title/wrong H&H
Instead of Slightly Wicked should have been..(get this!)
Simply Unforgettable This one has Lots of Snow!
However both books are wonderful!
Cheers Carol

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Thanks Carol! :>

Cassondra said...


Sorry I'm late posting. Two days from hell at work.

And speaking of work....THAT is when I stopped liking snow and hoping like crazy that weather goes around us and doesn't come here.

I used to LOVE snow. And I can drive in it just fine (although ice is a bit trickier--I still do okay, but it's nerve-wracking).

BUT carrying mail in snow is hell. So I watch the big pink and white weather systems coming across the country in the winter (on radar) and start praying for wind from the south to blow them up where Donna is. (grin)

It aggravates me that instead of liking snow now, I dread it. Snow is one of God's most beautiful creations I think.

I admit that the older I get, the less I like the cold. I don't like to shiver, I hate the piles of clothing necessary to keep me from shivering, and I've even begun to dislike the bite of the cold on my exposed skin. I think a palm tree is growing in my soul--Warm sun. Sand. Gentle waves washing into shore. Seashells. Seafood. Sundresses. Floaty skirts and sun-bleached hair. Yeah...I'm turning into a warm weather girl. Though I DO like fireplaces very much.

Lessee...I HAVE read a lot of books with weather in them. Strange that right now I can't put my finger on many in particular.

I do remember that (I don't think this is a spoiler) in Fo's first book, the weather played a role because the approaching winter weather forced Kylemore and Verity to leave their hideout and venture back into public, which was the push to the climax of the book. I liked the way she did that.

The Barefoot Princess--isn't that Christina Dodd? In that book, a monster storm plays a major role. She foreshadows the storm and the role through the entire book, and the book's climax depends on, and is brought about by, the weather.

There are a bunch more but I'm too whipped to think.

The thing I've noticed is that some people use weather in their books extremely effectively by making it truly believable--part of the setting and sometimes almost a character unto itself--so it's not just "a convenient storm." You really believe it would happen that way.

I've used weather--in particular a snowstorm/blizzard in one book--and the winter weather warming into the spring thaw allowed the ending of the book to play out as it did.

That's the thing about weather. No matter where you are, it IS, so I guess it's....handy maybe?